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The Hale Pack: Wise Men Say

"So, Kira." Boyd began with a smile. "Care to tell us a little about yourself?"

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"When is a door not a door?" Derek asked incredulously from their bed, looking at Stiles, who was sitting at his desk.

"When it's ajar, apparently." Stiles retorted as he typed on his laptop, he looked up when he felt Derek's gaze on him and found his mate giving him an unimpressed looked. "I don't know, okay? I don't know why my subconsciousness is telling me riddles, or why it's telling me them in languages that I don't even know, and had to have Deaton translate. Hell, I don't even know how my subconscious knew what it meant." He sighed, and tried to force himself to focus on the document loaded on his laptop. "What I do know is that we need to close these doors in our minds, somehow."

"We'll figure it out. What are you working on?" Derek asked, changing the subject as he stood then walked over to the lanky boy.

"The Malia Tate case." Stiles told him as Derek stood behind him, a set his hands down on Stiles' shoulders. "So far though, I haven't found much." Derek hummed to confirm that he was listening, rubbing soothing circles into Stiles' shoulders. "I was- hmm-" Stiles hummed in pleasure as Derek's actions eased some of the tension he had built up. "I was thinking about checking out the crime scene. Dad said that the wreckage was still there, so there might be something to find, or follow. Maybe we can find out what happened to Malia."

"So, the other day, you were getting annoyed at me for 'encouraging' dad, now you're helping him solve the case?" Derek asked with a chuckle as Stiles allowed his eyes to flutter shut, and sank back in his chair.

"I didn't know the stakes at first." Stiles replied, letting out another hum. "I won't let Asshole McCall get my dad fired."

"I think you should tell Scott." Derek said, looking down at Stiles. "He deserves to know what his dad is really doing here."

"Yeah." Stiles mumbled as his breathing slowed, but before he could fully drift off to sleep, Derek stopped his actions and picked Stiles up in bridal style. "Wha-"

"You were about to fall asleep in the chair, Stiles." Derek informed him quietly as he carried him to their bed.

"Eh, I've done it before." The boy muttered his protest, but pressed his face into Derek's chest anyway. Derek just chuckled as he set Stiles down on their bed, then pulled off his own shirt before climbing in next to him.

"As long as I'm here, you won't again." He promised in a whisper as Stiles snuggled against him before drifting off to sleep. He couldn't help but wonder how many times Stiles had done that, rather than sleeping in their bed, while Derek was… away.

The elder male barely suppressed a shudder as the memories of his time with Jennifer pushed to the forefront of his mind. His stomach twisted uncomfortably as he remembered kissing her, holding her, sharing small, intimate moments with her, moments that were meant for him and Stiles only.

Derek didn't understand how Stiles had forgiven him so easily. Sure, it wasn't really him, per se. He hadn't, in his right mind, chosen her over his mate and Pack, but it still happened. Derek left his Pack alone, without an Alpha. He forced Stiles to go through the pain of mate separation, and lead the Pack, as well as continue with his Pack mum duties.

Derek knew that he would never get over how strong Stiles was, how much he was capable of taking on, and remain standing. Stiles dealt with being attacked and bitten, turned into a werewolf against his will. He coped incredibly with the change, taking to it easily, far better than most. Where most would deny and fight the change, when it came on suddenly like it had for him and Scott, Stiles embraced it, and used his abilities for good. He tried to help people whenever he could, even when it meant risking himself.

He was paralysed and left to watch a man die, he was held captive by a psychotic classmate, he was kidnapped and tortured by a renowned, ruthless hunter, he was beaten and left for dead by a Pack of Alpha's, had his mate taken from him by a spell, and was forced to watch Derek be with someone else, and he went through a dangerous ritual, that ended with his death, even if it was temporary. Now he was dealing with the side effects of that death, and he was still trying to help others, specifically Malia, a girl he didn't even know.

And all of that was after being turned, before that he'd had struggles, like watching his mother slowly lose her mind and become riddled with delusions, convinced Stiles was out to get her, then he watched her jump to her death. Then there was his father's drinking, bullies, school, and through it all, Stiles remained standing. He didn't give into his pain, he didn't give up when he had so many reasons to. He saw so much darkness and suffering at such a tender age and he didn't let it rule him, kept his smiles and his sarcasm.

He kept his light.

Yes, he had his difficulties at times, and he went to see Morrell weekly, but he kept fighting. He never gave up.

Derek smiled down at the sleeping male in his arms, his mate, his beta, his everything. He didn't deserve him. Stiles was far too good for him, but there was no way he was going to be able to convince Stiles of that, and Derek didn't have the strength to leave him. So Derek would have to better himself, strive to become the person Stiles deserved.

Until he became that person, he'd settle for being there for Stiles, and comforting him when he needed it. Whether Derek deserved to be there for him or not.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

In the room that they used as a library in the Hale house, not the one in the basement, Lydia, Danny, Erica and Allison were sitting around one of the tables, each focused on a task relating to Stiles and Derek's conditions. Danny and Erica each had their laptops out, and Allison and Lydia were reading old books, Lydia's written in Archaic Latin, and Allison's in French. The door was left open in case anyone needed to talk to them, because the room became soundproof when the door shut, unless the coms were pressed on.

"I heard that!" Erica yelled suddenly, startling the other occupants of the previously silent room. "Jackson just called us the 'Nerd Squad' when Scott asked where everyone was." She explained in response to the questioning looks.

"Hi Scott!" Allison called with a smile.

"Isaac's back too."

"Hi Isaac!"

"Jackson, honey," Lydia began with a faux innocent voice, without lifting her eyes from her book. "Call us nerds again, be it maliciously or jokingly, and you'll learn what a month without any sex feels like." Erica cracked up at that, and Allison and Danny also chuckled, imagining the look on Jackson's face.

"He said he's sorry." Erica told the redhead after she'd caught her breath. "Oh, also, we shouldn't yell because Derek and Stiles have gone to bed."

"Oh, good, they both need to rest." Danny spoke as he returned his attention to his laptop. "Let's just hope that we can figure out a way to help them soon."

"We'll figure it out." Lydia said confidently. "They're our family, our Pack, and I know that I won't give up on finding a way to help them."

"Neither will I." Allison stated firmly, determination clear in her features. "I also have my dad collecting any information he can find that could help, he's gotten in contact with other, honorable, hunters and they've agreed to look for information for us. Mum's still in Mexico with Peter looking for answers on this, and whatever 'artifact' it is that Derek and Peter were talking about."

"Has anyone heard from them yet?" Erica asked curiously. The pair had gone to talk to the Calaveras family, a group of hunters who had cooperated with the Argents in the past. They had sent Victoria as she was the Argents matriarch, and Peter went with her for backup if necessary. Most of the Pack had protested sending two wolves there, but the Sheriff and Deaton both had duties to attend to in town, and Chris needed to deal with any hunters that still passed through on occasion. The treaty with the hunters council had a clause that they could send hunters to make sure that Chris was doing his job. They weren't allowed to hunt anything or anyone whilst they were there, though, so it wasn't too bad. It just meant that Chris couldn't leave town whilst they were visiting until Allison turned twenty one and could take over as the Argent matriarch. Until then, she couldn't be seen as eligible for the role of town protector, and because Victoria was a werewolf, she couldn't either.

"Not yet." Allison frowned. "But the check-in isn't scheduled until tomorrow night, so there's no need to worry yet." She tried to convince herself, with little success.

"Well, how about the council?" Lydia asked curiously. "How do they feel about the notorious Argent family changing their code after all of these years?"

"They're actually happy about it." Allison stated, surprising the others. "Apparently more than a few members of the council thought the old code wasn't as prominent as it once was. And with everything that happened with Gerard and Kate, they agreed that a new code, and a new way of hunting could be beneficial to the community. None of them want innocent blood on their hands, which is why they agreed to the treaty in the first place, and why they were more than happy to approve the code."

"What is the new code, anyway?" Erica asked curiously.

"Nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger eux-mêmes."

Lydia smiled, then translated what the brunette had said. "We protect those who cannot protect themselves." She nodded approvingly.

"I like it." Erica grinned and reached over, squeezed the elder girl's shoulder gently then pulled her hand back.

"Me too." Danny nodded in agreement before changing the subject. "Deaton and I have been searching through old texts and lore." Danny told them as he typed on his laptop. "He gave me the links to some accurate websites on the supernatural, run by real emissaries and supernatural creatures. It's incredible how few there are compared to the masses, and they just fly under the radar because people tend to think it's all fake, or based on fiction, like Supernatural and Twilight and all of that."

"You've been talking to Deaton a lot lately." Erica observed, tearing her eyes from her screen to look at him. "At first I just thought it was for the house, and mixing the magical security with the electrical, but now…" She trailed off as the other two girls also looked to Danny for an explanation, and the Hawaiian shuffled in his seat slightly before speaking.

"He thinks I have the potential to be an Emissary." Danny confessed as he looked at them, trying to gauge their reactions. "He's been giving me information and advice, and he might even train me, if I can handle everything. He thinks, and I agree, that, if I do in fact become a druid, and can handle the responsibility, I'd be a better option than him for the position of Pack Emissary. He has no issues with being our Emissary, or anything, but I do have a greater bond to you guys, obviously, therefore, I'd be more inclined to make decisions that benefit the Pack, whereas he'd lean towards benefiting the town. Of course, I'd still ensure that the town was safe and protected, but I would also consider the Pack, more than he would." Danny explained, trying to make sure that they understood that Deaton wasn't disloyal to them, or trying to just pass them off, but was genuinely thinking of what would be best for the Pack. Fortunately, they seemed to understand this. "Besides, learning all of this gives me a way to defend myself and you guys without having to fight or hurt anyone."

"That's wonderful," Allison beamed happily. "Deaton is a great man, and a good Emissary, but I agree that you'd be the better option for us. You know us, and what we'd want in a difficult situation, better than he ever could." Danny couldn't contain his smile at that, but before he could say anything Lydia beat him to it.

"It's true, besides, you already know the basics. Add that to your computing capabilities and I can't imagine that we'd be safer with anybody else." The Banshee told him honestly, causing Danny's smile to widen. "So, we already know that you can handle mountain ash, and create circles with a handful and everything, but what else does it take to be a druid?"

"Well, this, for one thing." He stated, before he stood up, and moved a few paces away from the table. He held up his hand, showing that he wasn't holding anything, then closed his eyes and focused, then through his hand up, and a circle of mountain ash was suddenly surrounding him.

"Woah!" Erica gasped, rushing over and reaching out to the boy, a wide grin spreading across her face when the blue shield appeared. Quickly, Danny flicked his wrist again and a small line appeared, and her hand went through. With a gasp, Erica pulled her hand back and Danny repeated the motion, and the circle was complete again. "You created that out of nothing!" She gasped, a look of awe on her face as Isaac, Jackson, Scott, Cora and Aiden walked in, looking at Danny in awe. "Danny's a wizard!" She announced cheerfully, bouncing on the spot excitedly.

"I'm not a wizard." Danny corrected with a chuckle.

"Yer a wizard, Danny." Erica made a poor attempt of impersonating Hagrid, but she did succeed in making the others laugh.

"But I'm just Danny!" Danny joked in a high pitched voice, before continuing in his normal tone. "I just have the potential to be a druid."

"And you didn't tell me this, because?" Jackson asked with a raised eyebrow and his bitch face on point.

"Because it wasn't certain." Danny told him with a shrug. "I wanted to be confident about it first, before I got anybody's hopes up."

"And you're confident about it now?" Lydia prompted curiously.

Danny hesitated for a moment, before he slowly nodded. "Yeah, I really think I can do this."

"So Merlin," Cora began teasingly with a grin "care to show us what else you can do?"

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

The next day, Noah pulled up to the Tate residence with a solemn expression on his face. He was about to tell a man that the death of his family may have not been an accident, and potentially set him back miles in his grieving.

The man let him into the house easily, and led him to the living room, where he was unpacking boxes of animal traps. "I've been having a coyote problem." The man told him as he opened one of the boxes and pulled a trap out. "The population is up around here, they get into everything."

"That doesn't exactly look big enough to catch one."

"It's a rat trap. Take away the coyote's source of food and they leave you alone. And these days, to be honest, I'd prefer to be left alone." Mr Tate explained, giving Noah a pointed look. Noah nodded, knowing how that felt.

"I understand. Just a couple of questions and I promise I'll leave." Mr Tate sighed and nodded slightly, unaware of what was going on on the back porch.

Scott and Stiles carefully stepped over rat traps and made their way to the back door of the house which led into a bedroom. Stiles reached the door first, and cautiously turned the handle, and pushed the door open, cringing when it squeaked loudly. He paused, shared a look with Scott, then tried again, and the door groaned. Realising that they wouldn't be able to do this quietly, Stiles pushed the door open quickly, rushed inside, and motioned for Scott to do the same. Once they were both inside, Stiles closed the squeaky door, then set to work. The pair immediately began sniffing pillows and cushions, but couldn't pick out any human scents.

"All I'm getting is some animal smell." Scott sighed in frustration as Stiles through a stuffed animal onto the bed.

"Yeah me too, like a-" He was cut off by a low growl. Both wolves turned to see a dark furred dog standing in the doorway.

"Dog." Scott finished for Stiles, looking at the dog warily. Stiles quickly hid the toy horse he was holding under his jacket, as if that would appease the animal.

"Hi, puppy." Stiles tried, hoping to appear friendly, but the dog kept growling. "Get rid of it." He whispered to Scott.


"Yes, you. Glow your eyes at it, something." Stiles ordered, staying as still as possible.

"Why not you?"

"I can't. I don't have control." Stiles reminded him, and Scott sighed before slowly approaching the dog with one hand held out. The dog snarled and opened its mouth wide, so Scott flashed his eyes in warning. The dog stepped back slightly, before sniffing the air, then tilted its head, looking confused. "Shift!" Stiles ordered his best friend quietly.

"What?" Scott asked in confusion, looking at Stiles like he'd lost his mind. "Why?"

"To make the dog understand that you're not some human burglar. Do it!" Scott sighed, then pulled off his clothes quickly, handing them to Stiles before shifting into wolf form. The dog, startled, let out a single bark, but his owner yelled for him to 'shut up' and Scott flashed his eyes again, and it relaxed. Slowly, the dog approached him, and began sniffing him.

Stiles rolled his eyes when Scott began playing with the dog, but left Scott to it as he continued sniffing different objects, searching for a scent. After a few minutes of searching, he gave up with a sigh. He took a picture of the photograph of the two girls on the dresser before whispering to Scott. "Dude, I can't find anything let's go." Scott looked up at him, and man, his kicked puppy look was bad enough when he was a human, but as a wolf? There was no way Stiles could say no to that. "Fine, but when you hear my dad leave, you have to go. Alright?" Wolf-Scott nodded, his mouth curling in an odd reminiscent of a smile. "Can you close the door in this form?" Wolf-Scott nodded again, on the way out, he'd only need to pull it shut, and he was tall enough in this form to wrap his mouth around the door handle. "Okay, have fun. I'll wait in the car with your clothes"

Back in the living room, Mr Tate had a heartbroken look on his face as he spoke to the Sheriff "Murder? I spent eight years thinking that it was an accident and now you're telling me that it could be murder? Who the hell would want to murder my wife and girls? My whole family?" He asked in a choked voice as tears swelled in his eyes

"That's what I want to find out." Noah told him with a slight stutter.

"I don't." Mr Tate stated, shaking his head firmly. As he went on, Mr Tate's voice grew louder and angrier. "I don't want to redefine this entire nightmare as an unsolved murder. Just leave me alone with 'tragic accident'. Because that's what I've spent eight years getting used to. Accident. Not murder." He sat down in an armchair, hiding his face in his hands.

"I apologize."

"Just go!" The man yelled angrily, so Noah nodded slightly, and apologised again before showing himself out.

A few minutes later, Stiles and the now fully dressed human Scott met up with the sheriff near the entrance to the preserve.

"I'm sorry. We tried as hard as we could." Stiles apologised sadly.

"If it wasn't so long ago, we might have been able to do it." Scott said and the Sheriff smiled softly at them. "But the only scent we could find was the dog."

"It's okay." Noah assured "It was a long shot. In fact, it was a pretty terrible idea. I think I just ripped a wound open in that poor man. I never should have brought you guys here. I don't know what I was thinking. Thanks for trying, all right?"

"Yeah." Scott nodded apologetically and Stiles attempted to smile at his dad, but it wasn't convincing. The man climbed into the police cruiser, and started the car.

"See you at home." With that, he drove off, heading back to the station.

"Aren't there a lot of cases that go unsolved?" Scott asked, hoping to cheer Stiles up.

"Yeah, I just think this is one he felt like he could've figured out right now." Stiles explained, staring at his dad's car until it was out of sight.

"Why is it so important now?" Scott asked curiously, and Stiles hesitated for a second before answering.

"He wants to be able to solve one more while he's still Sheriff."

"What do you mean, 'still Sheriff'?" Scott asked both confused and concerned, Stiles placed a hand on his best friend's shoulder and looked him in the eyes, a regretful smile on his face.

Later that evening, Melissa came home after work to find her ex husband and son arguing in the living room.

"I'm trying to help." Rafael declared, keeping his voice as even and diplomatic as possible.

"That doesn't make any sense, Dad. Who are you helping? Just get out!" Scott yelled, pointing to the front door.


"What?!" He demanded with an angry glare on his face, silently daring his father to come up with an excuse. When the man said nothing, Scott continued "I can't believe that you'd do this to my best friend."

"I'm not doing anything to your friend. I'm doing my job." Rafael explained calmly as he saw an opening to defend himself, and hopefully ease Scott, but he just riled the teen up even more.

"Your job sucks." Scott all but sneered at the man who merely shrugged in response.

"Some days I can't argue that."

"Can somebody tell me what the hell is going on?" Melissa asked urgently and the two males turned to her.

"He's trying to get the Sheriff fired." Scott told his mother, his voice softer than when he was arguing with his father.

"No. That's not true." Rafael protested immediately.

"What are you doing?" She asked in shock, knowing that Scott wouldn't just make up something of that measure. Her ex-husband appeared nonchalant as he responded.

"Conducting a case for impeachment."

"That sounds a lot like getting him fired." Melissa glared at her ex, who stared back at her unflinchingly.

"The lack of resolution and ability to close cases is what's going to get him fired. My job is just to collect the information." He turned to look at the furious Scott again, hoping his words would get through to his son "And it's the job my superiors have given me."

"Your job sucks." Melissa repeated her son's words.

"It's not the Sheriff's fault!" Scott growled at his father as if his mother hadn't spoken, shocking the man and concerning Melissa. "And he's solved loads of cases! Even the ones that seem impossible! The Kate argent case, the Matt Daehler case, the Jennifer Blake case-"

"In the Argent and Blake cases, the suspects ended up dead outside of police custody!" Rafael argued. "Blake escaped custody, during an improper and unexplained visit to the hospital, and was found dead in the preserve! That's not the work of a good Sheriff."

"He is a great Sheriff!" Scott yelled, and purposely turned his eyes amber causing Rafael to stagger away from his son in fear, and Melissa to look at Scott in worry. "You see this?" Scott demanded, gesturing to his eyes. "I'm a werewolf, and I'm not the only one! And werewolves definitely aren't the only supernatural creatures in town, either! Jennifer Blake was a dark druid who sacrificed people for power! She magically poisoned a member of my Pack! The Sheriff had to take her to the hospital to save the life of an innocent person! Yes, she escaped, and yes, she died, but that is not the Sheriff's fault! And he couldn't reveal the supernatural in his reports, because he needs to protect me, my Pack and our town!" Scott roared angrily, as Melissa placed a hand on his shoulder, hoping to calm him down. It didn't work.

"So don't you dare call him a bad Sheriff, when he is the best Sheriff ever. He has done what very few others would do." Scott continued, locking eyes with his father, making sure that the man was paying attention. "When some would flee and hand the job off to someone else after finding out about all of this, he stayed, he made sure that his deputies knew the truth about the town and how to defend themselves. When some people, like Kate Argent, who was a werewolf hunter, wouldn't hesitate to kill someone like me because of what we are, he tried to help. He protects us and helps us make sure that we don't hurt anyone." Scott allowed his eyes to fade back to their normal colour, and took a step away from his father, causing Melissa's hand to fall off of his shoulder. "He is an amazing man and an incredible Sheriff, he's even going over old cases that may have connections to the supernatural, in the hopes of finding new evidence, and bringing closure to the families of the victims. Maybe he doesn't have a 100% closure rating, but he tries. He can't always catch the bad guys, because the bad guys are sometimes supernatural, and have to be put down. That's not his fault, that's just the way it is. So when you're 'investigating' him and questioning his capability as Sheriff, keep that in mind."

With that, Scott sent his father one last glare and his mother a small smile, before heading towards the front door, removing his jacket and shirt along the way. "Where are you going?" Melissa asked, biting her lip in concern at the look of complete and utter shock of her ex's face.

"To see my Pack." Scott told her as he kicked off his shoes and stripped down to his boxers. "And let them know about him." He nudged his head towards his frozen father. "I'll be spending the night there, I'll see you tomorrow." With that, Scott pressed a kiss to his mother's cheek then shifted into his wolf form, just to freak his father out further. Melissa barely refrained from rolling her eyes at him as she opened the door for him, then Scott left, not even sparing another glance to his father.

"So, Raf," Melissa began, bringing the agent back to reality as the front door closed."When did you plan on telling me that you're investigating my boyfriend?"

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Stiles, Aiden, Isaac, Allison, Jackson and Lydia were sitting in the living room, listening to Scott rant about his father. The rest of the Pack were scattered around the town, either working, or on dates. "Do you think Derek will be mad that I told him about me?" Scott asked worriedly after he'd finished explaining what happened.

"No." Stiles assured immediately. "You had every right to tell your dad about you."

"Though he might be a little concerned that you revealed it the way that you did." Lydia added thoughtfully. "Although you didn't lose control, your anger did get the best of you, so he might worry that you'll regret telling him."

"Are we talking about Derek or you?" Scott asked with a knowing smile.

"I just want to make sure that you're okay with him knowing." Lydia told him with a soft smile, and the others nodded in agreement.

"She has a point." Isaac agreed, sending Scott a mildly concerned look. "Are you sure that you're okay with this?"

"Well, even if I wasn't, it's too late now." Scott shrugged. "But I don't regret it. I'm glad that he knows. Knows that he has missed out on so much, that I am not the same shy little boy who would desperately fight for his father's approval. I'm glad that he knows that I'm strong now, and I've got my own family that doesn't include him." Scott scoffed suddenly, rolling his eyes at himself. "I can't believe that I bought that bullshit excuse of 'wanting to reconnect' I knew that it wasn't completely true, I just hoped that it was. I'm so stupid."

"Hey!" Allison glared immediately. "You are not stupid! You wanted to believe that your father had changed, that he really wanted to get to know you. That doesn't show a lack of intellect, it shows that family is important to you and there's nothing wrong with that!"

Scott nodded and sighed in resignation. "You're right." He then clapped his hands and changed in demeanor completely. "Alright, anyway, I'm going out, who's coming with me?"

"Where are you going?" Stiles asked cautiously, he had known Scott long enough to know that when he suddenly switched moods like this, he had found something to focus on, and nothing could get him off of that path. In some cases, he was worse than Stiles with his stubbornness.

"To find a body." He told them determinedly. "A dead body."

A little later in the evening, the seven Pack Mates were walking through the preserve, searching for the wreckage. "Y'know, if my dad's right, that means that there's another werewolf in town that we haven't met yet." Stiles stated as he stepped over a fallen branch easily. "If it turns out to be something like triplets that form into, like, a three-headed hound of hell, I'm seriously not up for that."

Aiden rolled his eyes with a chuckle. "Don't worry, apparently what Ethan and I can do is pretty unique."

"That doesn't mean it's not possible." Jackson countered. "Being a true Alpha is unique, but Derek isn't the only to ever exist. Hell, a year ago, I didn't think that werewolves were possible, let alone two werewolf twins merging into an uber wolf."

"Can you still do that?" Isaac asked curiously. "You haven't done it since The Incident."

"We haven't tried." Aiden admitted with a frown. "Ethan hasn't said anything, but I think he's afraid that we won't be able to, like I am, so we've been putting it off."

"If you don't want to try it's fine, but it would be beneficial if this is a werewolf." Stiles told him with a frown. "We don't know what they're capable of."

"We may not necessarily need to fight a werewolf." Lydia countered as she white-knuckled the flashlight that she was holding. "It was years ago, if it was a werewolf, they could be long gone by now. Either they skipped town, or they could be dead."

"Hopefully" Allison added, looking around cautiously, clutching her bow in one hand, the other prepared to spring for an arrow. "Though, personally, I would rather find a werewolf than a coyote."

"What's wrong with coyotes?" Aiden asked the huntress with a hint of amusement.

"They're creepy."

"I agree." Stiles nodded. "They always sound like they're mauling some tiny, helpless little animal." As if on cue, a distant coyote howled, startling Stiles. The boy stumbled, and fell onto Scott causing him to drop his phone. The device rolled down a dirt hill, and landed in a puddle. "Sorry, buddy."

Scott rolled his eyes at his best friend. "Deja Vu." Stiles furrowed his brows in confusion. "Inhaler." Scott said in explanation, and realisation hit Stiles, causing him to laugh.

"What?" Jackson asked with a raised eyebrow. "How does dropping your phone in a puddle remind you of your inhaler?"

"The night we were bitten." Stiles began nostalgically, smiling slightly to himself. It may not have been the most pleasant memory but it led to all of this, so it was worth it in his mind. "We were out here looking for Laura's body, and Scott ended up dropping his inhaler."

"Ah, no! You fell into me when the deer came running and my inhaler got knocked away! That was so not my fault" Scott argued with a laugh as he went to retrieve his phone.

"When the deer left and I asked what you were doing, you said, and I quote 'Looking for my inhaler. I dropped it.' So don't go blaming me or the deer for your pre-wolf butterfingers."

"Whatever." Scott rolled his eyes, but couldn't keep the smile off of his face as he picked up and checked his phone. "It still works!" He announced happily as the others followed him.

"Good, and by the way I still find it hilarious that you were wearing your red hoodie that night." Stiles told him with a chuckle. "Maybe you should be Little Red Riding Hoodie, not me."

"Says the guy currently wearing a red hoodie." Jackson pointed out with a smirk.

"Shush you, Scott's wearing a red shirt!" Stiles protested half heartedly.

"That's not the same though." Aiden countered, sharing a grin with Jackson.

"Hey, I think this is it." Stiles said suddenly, charging forward.

"Why wouldn't they move it?" Isaac asked curiously as they approached the wreckage that had become intertwined with nature. "Isn't it evidence?"

"It's probably just too much of a pain in the ass to tow out." Stiles shrugged as he inspected the vehicle. "Hey, look at this. Lydia, could you-" Lydia shone the light on the wreckage, focusing on where Stiles was gesturing to. Thanks to the light, they could all see the claw marks carved into the vehicle, Stiles traced the marks with his hand.

"If it was an animal, the claws would be closer together, right?" Scott asked, though he already knew the answer, he just needed to hear somebody else confirm it.

"Yeah," Lydia nodded sadly. "A lot closer. It was a werewolf."

"What's that?" Jackson asked, reaching out for something in the car. When he pulled back, he was holding a doll. They all stared at it for a second, before an electronic voice sounded.

"I'm hungry." The voice said, and Jackson dropped the doll as Lydia, Stiles and Isaac yelped (Screamed) in surprise.

"Well, that was sufficiently terrifying." Isaac gasped out, staring at the doll as if he was expecting it to come to life.

"I think I just had a minor heart attack." Stiles gasped as they all panted for breath. Before anything else could be said, they all heard a dangerous growl.

"Please tell me you guys see that." Stiles whispered, eyes fixed on something in the trees.

"I see it." Aiden nodded, as the others all turned to look, then Scott ran off.

"Scott!" Stiles yelled, chasing after his best friend. "Scott wait!"

Scott chased the creature through the preserve, his Pack Mates following closely. The wolves, except Stiles, followed Scott in the jump across the hills, Stiles, Lydia and Allison stayed behind. Scott flashed his eyes at the coyote as they stared at each other, and the coyote's eyes turned blue. "Malia?" Isaac asked in shock. The coyote seemed surprised before she ran away, and the Pack was too shocked to stop her.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

In a dark, weapon filled room somewhere, Peter and Victoria were strung up against metal fencing, being electrocuted. On a table a few meters away, Victoria's phone buzzed with frantic texts from her husband and daughter. As the electricity pulsed through her, Victoria turned to glare at Peter.

"Why are you looking at me like this is my fault?" The man asked incredulously.

"Because it is your fault!"

"Yeah you're probably right." Peter agreed, before the voltage was increased and the both thrashed in pain. In the room with them, a man sat in front of a set of equipment.

"You see this equipment? Very old. The settings are not quite accurate anymore. So it's hard to tell just how far to turn the dial." The man told them tauntingly. His voice was deep, and held a strong accent.

"I think it's a little high." Peter informed him, so the man, obviously, turned up the dial. Victoria glared even harder at Peter as she dug her teeth into her lower lip, the other wolf gritted his teeth as the pain intensified.

"I've seen some crack their teeth." The man continued, not even glancing at them "Others, they just shake and shake even after their heart stops. Sometimes we don't even know they're dead." He turned off the electricity and moved towards them at a tormentingly slow pace until he was standing in front of the two wolves "But nobody wants to play a guessing game. So, why don't you just tell us? Where is la loba?"

"We don't know where la loba is." Victoria stated.

"No?" The man asked, walking over to them "Maybe you need a different method of persuasion? Maybe we cut one of you in half, the other talks?"

"I would love to be the helpful volunteer," Peter spoke as he panted for breath, "but we really don't know what you're talking about. And honestly, isn't bisecting people with a broadsword a little medieval?" The hunter chuckled in response

"Broad sword? We're not savages." Peter felt a moment of relief, before the hunter looked at one of his colleagues, and the other man powered up a chainsaw. Victoria glared at Peter once more, as the hunter spoke again. "We all wonder how far your little healing trick goes. What do you think? Can you grow back an arm? We're pretty sure you can't grow back your head." He taunted, moving the tool towards Victoria's throat.

"Boys." A female voice called, in the same accent as the man. The woman, who Victoria knew to be Araya Calavera, walked into the room through the beaded door confidently. She spoke again, this time in Spanish, and the hunter reluctantly turned off the chainsaw and set it down.

"No hablo espanol." Victoria tried, but Araya chuckled at her.

"Tu hablas mucho idiomas, loba. You know exactly what I'm saying." Victoria gave no response, but apparently, the huntress didn't need one. "And you know exactly who we're looking for, so tell us. Where is the she-wolf?"

"Maybe if you gave us a few more details, we'd be able to help. I am a loba, but clearly it's not me you're looking for." Victoria told her, trying to keep her voice as even as possible. She had prepared for situations such as this, so she knew she had to keep a level head and try to negotiate. "In fact, we know a few she-wolves, so perhaps a description would help."

"Well aren't you the negotiator, Victoria?" Araya chuckled "If only you were still human, we could have gotten along."

"Human or not, I'm still the Argent Matriarch until my daughter comes of age." The redhead reminded the huntress as she held her head high, trying to not let her pain show. "I came to you to request your help, I contacted you beforehand and I explained why my husband couldn't come in my place. The only reason I brought him" She nudged her head towards Peter. "with me, is because, as a Hale, he has the right to the box, as it is, technically, his."

"Ah, the box." Araya smirked at the woman. "Tell me, Victoria, why should I give you both the box and the information you require, for nothing in return?"

"Who said you get nothing in return?" Victoria countered, intriguing the woman. "The duffel bag." She nodded to the bag in question, that was sat on the table, next to her phone. Araya nodded to the man who was sitting at the table, so he opened it, revealing several blocks of money. "Fifty thousand. Count it and check its authenticity, if you must. " The man immediately set to work, as another man left the room, presumably to find something to confirm that the money wasn't counterfeit.

"And what did you plan to spend this money on?"

"Well, originally, that was going to buy us the information, and we were going to take the box." Victoria told her honestly. "But it's clear that you won't just give us our rightful property back, so we'll make you a deal. The money for the box and its contents, and we will tell you everything we know about your La Loba in exchange for the information we want." Araya looked thoughtful for a second, before turning to one of her hunters, who was standing in the corner.

"Let her down and take her to my office." She looked back at the two wolves in front of her as he walked over to the control system to turn down the electricity first. "However, Hale stays here until our arrangement is done." Peter looked annoyed, but didn't say anything, as he knew it would only cause him more pain. Victoria nodded in agreement, and had to bite back a sigh of relief when the electricity was turned off. The hunters were not gentle in getting her detached from her confinements, but she said nothing to them.

"Try to keep your mouth shut." Victoria cautioned Peter before she was led out of the room. "Your voice has a habit of compelling people to hurt you." The born wolf rolled his eyes, then groaned in pain when the electricity began coursing through him again, though thankfully at a lower voltage.

"I doubt he will stay quiet, this one loves the sound of his own voice." Araya chuckled.

"You should hear me sing." Peter smiled flirtatiously

"I want to hear you scream." The hunter who had just finished counting the money told him with a sinister grin.

"No one ever wants to hear me sing." Peter complained as he frowned at Victoria, she just rolled her eyes at him.

"There is fifty thousand, señora." The hunter confirmed and Araya smiled.

"Then please bring me the box, Severo. Now, Victoria, let's see if we can benefit each other." She said as she led Victoria out of the room with a smirk. "Behave, boys."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

The next day at school, the Pack were walking down the corridors between classes, discussing the events of the previous night and trying to think of a way to help Malia. "I can't believe him." Scott complained, referring to his father. The night before, the man had arrived at the crime scene/coyote den, with Mr Tate. He had apparently left the McCall house shortly after Scott had, and decided to visit Mr. Tate when he heard about the discovery over the police scanner. "Why can't he just back off? He had no problem staying away these past few years"

"Because he's your father, Scott." Stiles said softly. "He may be an asshole, but he's still your father. In his messed up mind that gives him a right to control you and your life whenever he feels like."

"Well he needs to realise that he doesn't." Scott all but growled. "How are we supposed to help Malia, or anyone, if he keeps getting in the way?"

"Can't we just use our connection to the Nemeton?" Cora asked. "I mean, shouldn't we be able to feel her if she's in town."

"It doesn't quite work like that." Lydia explained, in her tone of voice that was reserved for educational lectures. "When we first established the connection we felt everything and everyone in town because it was so raw. The Nemeton was focused on establishing the bonds, so it didn't restrict that ability from us, now it has."


"Because it's too dangerous." Stiles took over. "If the Nemeton didn't shut us off from that ability, we'd all be in a lot of danger. We'd feel everything, and I mean everything. Every time someone stubbed their toe, broke a bone, had a baby, died, we'd feel it all. Their pain, physical and emotional, we'd feel the grief and heartbreak of everyone in town." The Pack listened, staring wide eyed at Stiles, then did the same towards Lydia when she picked up the explanation again.

"All of that, feeling it all on top of our own emotions and pain, it'd overwhelm even the strongest of us. At best, we'd die."

"That's the best option?" Erica gasped in horror, eyes wide in fear.

"The alternative is our bodies shutting down." Lydia told her, eyes downcast, a shudder going through her at the thought, even as she tried to remain neutral. "We wouldn't be able to talk or move, or do anything. We'd be paralysed from the pain, trapped in our minds, feeling it all, screaming out for it to stop but not being able to make a sound." A chill ran through them all at the thought, and Erica almost wished she hadn't asked, but Lydia wasn't finished yet. "After a while, we wouldn't be able to differentiate between what we were feeling and what others were feeling. We'd lose all thought and reason, lost to the agony. Completely insane."

"It's similar to what happened to Peter." Stiles continued. "During his coma, he was trapped inside his own mind. Body paralysed but brain fully functional. Unable to properly grieve for his lost Pack, while at the same time, feeling the grief of the survivors. All he could do was lie there and think of them. His thoughts then turned to revenge, it consumed him. Changed him. That's why he was the way he was when he woke up."

"Right." Erica nodded slowly, before looking up at the ceiling. "Thank you, Nemeton, for saving us from insanity!" A gentle warmth overcame her for a moment, which she interpreted as a 'You're welcome'.

"Anyway." Danny cut in, unaware of what the blonde was experiencing. "What about Malia?"

"Well, we found her den." Stiles pointed out.

"She won't go back there now." Lydia stated as she walked. "When we went in our scents would have gotten everywhere. She won't feel safe there anymore."

"And Coyotes don't like wolves." Allison added. "They're really smart too, if they don't want to be heard, they actually walk on their toes."

"Coyotes tip-toe?" Stiles asked in surprise, with a hint of amusement in his voice. Allison rolled her eyes at him fondly, but nodded.

"They tip-toe."

"If she won't go back to the den, where will she go?" Aiden asked with a frown.

"The den was right in the middle of a hiking trail." Allison pointed out. "That could narrow it down as Coyotes usually travel on fixed trails."

"If you tell me where the trail was, I could bring up a map of all of the connected trails." Danny offered, gesturing to his bag. "I have my laptop with me, so I could get it done during class."

"You're such a nerd, when don't you have your laptop with you?" Jackson asked teasingly at the same time Isaac spoke.

"Alright, that's all great, but what do we do when we find her?" Isaac asked. "How do we turn a coyote back into a girl, when she hasn't been a girl for eight years?"

Jackson put on a mock scowl. "Oh, fine just talk right over m-"

"I think Derek howling is our best option." Scott stated with a shrug, so caught up in his own thoughts that he didn't even realise he'd spoken over Jackson, who was looking at his Pack Mate in utter betrayal. "He's an Alpha and an Alpha can force someone to shift, right?"

"Have I gone mute or something?"

"Though that is true, Derek isn't her Alpha." Lydia countered Scott with a pointed look, deciding that messing with her mate would be fun. "And she's not even a werewolf, she's a werecoyote, it might not even work."

"Et Tu, Lydia?"

"We should still try." Scott argued, determined as ever to help someone in any way he could.

"Are you all going to ignore me today?"

"No one is saying we shouldn't." Stiles assured his best friend, resting a hand on his shoulder. He also opted to ignore Jackson, deciding it would be funny. He also wanted to see how long it would take before one of the Pack caved and spoke to the beta. "I think that what Lydia is trying to say is that it might not work, so we shouldn't make it our only play." Stiles explained and Lydia nodded in confirmation.

"Alright, I get what you're saying." Scott told them understandingly.

"But apparently nobody gets what I'm saying." Jackson grumbled bitterly, glaring at the Pack.

"Right, this is us," Stiles announced, gesturing to himself, Erica, Scott and Cora as the Pack paused outside of their history class. "We'll continue this conversation later." Just as he said that, the bell rang so they exchanged quick goodbyes before heading their separate ways. Jackson being teasingly ignored the entire time.

Inside the classroom, Kira approached the group as they prepared to take their seats. "Hey, I'm Kira." She greeted with a nervous smile, before her face dropped and she shook her head. "You knew that. I knew you knew that, I don't know why I just told you that again." Scott and Erica smiled at her, whilst Stiles looked amused, and Cora rolled her eyes but couldn't help the smile tugging at her lips. "Anyway, I have something for you guys."

"Us?" Scott asked, tilting his head slightly.

"Yeah, about the Bardo." She told him, the smile returning to her face. "My explanation was kind of all over the place, so I did some research for you and printed it out for you."

Erica chuckled at the girl, "You didn't have to do that."

"It only took a couple hours." Kira told her, trying to be reassuring, as she searched through her bag.

"Wow, then you really didn't have to do that." Scott told her with wide eyes, shocked that she'd give up a large portion of her free time just to help a group of people she barely knew.

"I swear I printed it out!"

"Kira," A voice interrupted and the girl turned to see her father holding a stack of paper. "You forgot all of that research you did for that group you want to befriend." He told her simply, causing her to look at him in disbelief and embarrassment as she took the papers from him and gave him a pointed look. Mr Yukimura simply sent a smile and a small wave to the group behind his daughter before turning and walking away. Kira slowly turned to face the Pack again, to find them looking at her in a mix of surprise and joy.

"So…" Erica started slowly, unable to keep the grin off of her face. "You want to befriend us?" Kira nodded sheepishly.

"Oh, good!" Scott all but yelled in exaggerated relief, drawing curious looks from the other students in the room, but the Pack mates ignored them. "Because we totally want to befriend you too."

"Really?" Kira blinked in surprise. "Why?" She asked without thinking, then panicked slightly when she realised what she had said. "I mean, why me? I'm not cool or popular or-"

"Stop!" Cora interrupted with a firm glare fixed on the girl. "First of all, don't talk badly about yourself. There are plenty of strangers out there who will do it for you just to make you feel bad, so why add to it yourself?" She asked rhetorically with a raised eyebrow. "Second of all, you are the first person outside of our social circle to not judge us for the decisions, over relationships or otherwise, that we make. I mean, it's clear that you're curious about how it works for us, but we can all tell that you aren't judging us for it, and you're not gossiping about us, so it's cool."

"Also, you're wearing Marvel leggings!" Stiles pointed out with a grin before Kira could say anything in return. "I'm more of a DC fan myself, but I am no hater to the Marvel universe."

"We're all total nerds." Erica informed Kira with a grin. "And you're not scared of us, so that's a plus." At Kira's confused look, Erica explained. "We weren't always friends, and we didn't always dress the way that we do. Before everything changed, I always wore baggy clothes. I never wore what I do now, because I didn't have the confidence, but thanks to my friends, I do. And because of the sudden change, not only with me, but most of our group, the rumor mill started turning. With the leather," She gestured to her jacket. "the red," She gestured to her lipstick. "and the tattoo's," She gestured to her wrist. "people became convinced that we were in a gang or mafia or something," Erica chuckled as she rolled her eyes "and started to avoid us. Sure, you're new and probably haven't heard all of the rumors yet, but you're not avoiding us because of how we look, and that means a lot to us."

"I'd never judge a person based on how they look." Kira told them honestly. Scott smiled, and opened his mouth to say something, but before he could, Kira's father called out, telling everyone to take their seats. He closed his mouth again and gratefully accepted the research that Kira was holding out

"Thank you." Kira nodded in response then gave them all one last smile before sitting down.

"Alright, everyone, let's get started." Mr Yukimura began once everyone was seated "We were just talking about internment camps and prisoners of war. There's a passage in our reading that I'd like to go over in more detail. Who would like to come up and read aloud for us?" When no one volunteered, he looked around for a second, before settling on Stiles "Mr. Stilinski, how about you?"

Stiles looked up in surprise and shuffled uncomfortably in his seat. "Oh, m-maybe someone else could."

"Everyone participates in my class, Mr. Stilinski." Although he didn't actually say the word 'no' it was pretty clear that Stiles wouldn't be getting out of it.

"Okay." Stiles sighed in defeat and rose to his feet. Mr Yukimura moved out of the way and allowed Stiles to stand by the wooden podium that held the book. Stiles tried to focus on the page in front of him, but the letters wouldn't stay still. They rolled down the page as Stiles gripped the podium, feeling the all too familiar clutches of a panic attack. He gasped for breath, trying to force himself to calm down as his Pack mates stood, and cautiously approached, having picked up on his emotional state.

"Stiles," Scott began softly as he, Erica and Cora approached Stiles. "are you okay?" Stiles attempted to stand up straight and nod, only to stumble. He tightened his grip on the podium momentarily, until he felt his claws begin to slip out. He immediately let go and closed his hands into fists. Without anything to hold onto he fell to the ground. Within seconds, Erica, Cora and Scott were around him. "Hey, Stiles." Scott called again, looking at his best friend in panic. "Look at me man, is this- is this a panic attack?" He asked, he was right next to Stiles, but the lanky boy barely heard him.

Scott's voice was unclear due to Stiles' heartbeat pounding in his ears. His head was throbbing and his hands tingling due to slowed circulation caused by his hyperventilating.

"We should take him to the nurse's office." Erica said, looking up at the startled teacher who nodded in response. However, as they tried to help him to his feet, Stiles' legs gave out beneath him. His Pack mates tried to keep him standing but didn't want to grip him too hard in fear of hurting him while in this vulnerable position, they also didn't want to show too much strength in front of their classmates. So, Stiles ended up back on the floor.

"It's a dream." Stiles whispered to himself, but the room was deathly silent, so everybody heard him. "It's a dream. This is just a dream."

"No it's not." Cora told him, trying to get him to look at her. "This is real, you're here, in school." She said glancing warily at the students staring at them. "You're here with us."

"Okay what do you do?" Scott asked his Pack mates, ignoring everyone around them. "I mean, like, how do you tell if you're awake or dreaming?"

"Your fingers!" Stiles gasped. "You have extra fingers in dreams."

"Okay, Stiles, look at me!" Erica ordered as she held up her hands. "Count with me, okay? Count my fingers. One," She began, lifting one finger.

"T-two" Stiles gasped, they counted together, up to ten. Stiles' eyes darted to and from both of Erica's hands, making sure that what he was seeing was true, before his breathing began to even out.

"Can we still take him to the nurse, to calm down?" Cora asked Mr. Yukimura, and the man nodded rapidly.

"Of course. Take all the time you need." He assured and watched as the three teenagers helped Stiles to his feet and supported him as they left the room, leaving their bags behind.

The group headed to the nurse's office, where Melissa was filling in for a while. With Victoria out of town, there were no adults of the Pack at the school, which made them all a little uneasy after the events with both Gerard and Jennifer. Add that to all of the new staff, many of whom were from out of town, and the adults of the Pack were all cautious of the teenagers being without a trusted authority figure who could help them with supernatural problems in school.

Morrell was currently working at Eichen House, and would continue to do so for at least a few weeks, and Natalie Martin wasn't that well adapted to the supernatural yet, nor did she have much knowledge of it. So, Melissa volunteered to step in. She originally planned to be the receptionist, but as she was more qualified than the actual school nurse, she took over there, and the regular nurse went to reception. After explaining the situation to her superiors at the hospital, they agreed to allow her to count those as part of her logged hours, as it also helped them in that most injuries that occurred at the school -usually a sprained ankle or something similar- could be handled by her, rather than spending extra money on ambulance fuel whilst picking up the student and taking them to the hospital. It also helped the school in that they didn't have to keep calling ambulances, because the nurse was actually qualified to treat such an injury. All in all, it benefited everyone.

When they arrived at the office, Scott quickly explained the situation to his mother, who ordered Stiles to lie down. "What the hell is happening to me?" He asked as he lay back on a medical bed.

"We'll figure it out." Scott promised unwavering as Melissa gathered the required equipment to check his vitals.

"You're going to be okay." Erica added with a soft smile.

"Am I?" Stiles asked with a raised eyebrow. "Is Derek? Neither of us can transform, Derek is being haunted by a demonic version of Laura and I… I'm straight up losing my mind." He shook his head at himself. "We can't do this, we-we can't- We can't help Malia, we can't help anyone." He whispered as he shook his head in defeat.

"You're right. You can't." Cora agreed, earning her disbelieving and slightly annoyed looks from the McCall's and Erica. "Not alone." Cora added before anything could be said. "But you're not alone. You have us, your Pack, and we won't give up on you, or this town." She promised, looking Stiles in the eyes. "When I first met you all, I thought that you were all a bunch of stupid, teenaged wanna-be-heroes. Running around, thinking you could stop people from getting killed. I believed that all you'd do was show up late and find the bodies." She admitted softly, and Stiles hung his head in grief over those that they hadn't saved along the way. Then, Cora spoke again, causing Stiles to look at her as she spoke with great determination. "But, you proved me wrong. You showed me that we can make a difference. We can help people, we can save people. We've saved so many. And even though we have lost a few good, innocent people along the way, we haven't let them die in vain. We made sure that those who killed them could never hurt anybody else. We will help Malia, and we will help you and Derek. I am not losing any more of my Pack. You set me down this hero path, Stiles, and I can't see it through without you. So, either sit here, feeling sorry for yourself and stop trying to help others, or you can get up and finish what you started."

After a few seconds, Stiles nodded slowly. "Okay." He said finally. "I'll try."

The remainder of lesson time was taken by Melissa checking over Stiles, and the other three Pack members trying to help him find ways to focus on reality. When the bell rang, Melissa finally released her patient.

"Lunch time!" Stiles announced with a grin jumping up off of the medical bed eagerly. "Where's my bag?" He asked as he looked around rapidly.

Erica groaned and smacked her hand against her forehead in frustration. "In the classroom, with ours." She sighed. "I'll go get em, and I'll meet you guys in the cafeteria."

"I'll go with you." Scott stated with a small smile before hugging his mum and leaving with the blonde.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"Do not forget the chapters on President Carter and the Commission on Wartime Relocation." Mr Yukimura reminded everyone once the bell went and the students began to get up.

Kira took her time leaving, and her eyes fell on the bags left behind by Scott, Stiles, Erica and Cora. She hesitated for a second, before putting all the belongings into the correct bags, then gathered them all and scurried out of the room.

Kira wandered the quickly clearing corridors, opting to search for the nurse's office, rather than heading to lunch, in order to return the bags. It wasn't long until she froze in shock.

After passing through a doorway, she saw a set of steps in front of her and at the top of those steps, stood a coyote. She stopped her movements when she saw it, but it had already noticed her.

It slowly moved closer to her, sniffing the air as it did so. Then, it's mouth stretched open as it snarled at her and it's eye's seemed to glow. "Oh my god." Kira gasped, cautiously stepping backwards. The coyote suddenly leapt forward and ran towards her. Kira dropped two of the bags in place, then turned and pushed open the nearest door. She quickly shut the door behind her, and dropped the two other bags, as well as her own. Kira looked around and realised that she was in a locker room. Her first instinct was to hide behind a locker and hope that the coyote wouldn't be able to get through the door. So that's what she did. She hid behind a row of lockers, pressed her back to it and sank to the floor, knowing that her legs wouldn't hold her for much longer. So she tried to calm herself and listen for if the coyote got in.

It did. The coyote leapt through the glass panel in the door shattering it on impact. The animal landed easily, unharmed, and began searching.

Kira stayed in place, her heart was racing rapidly in fear as she listened to the coyote searching for her. The coyote's growls increased in volume as it grew closer to her. After a few moments, Kira peered around the locker, and saw the coyote looking directly at her.

She gasped, and turned away. She slowly rose to her feet and back away as the coyote continued growling. She crept quietly, but soon gasped in surprise and horror when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She spun around to see Scott and Erica. Scott wrapped an arm around her protectively as Erica slammed a single hand against the lockers, sending the row tumbling, taking the other rows with it in a domino effect.

The growls faded, until Kira couldn't hear them anymore, and Erica and Scott cautiously lead her around the room. Kira sighed in relief when she didn't see the coyote, but the pair with her didn't seem as relieved. Erica looked concerned and battle ready as she continued looking around the room, and Scott was fixated on something just visible in one of the bags in the corner.

Looking closely, Kira saw a part of a doll's face.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Victoria was carrying the box when she was taken back into the room where Peter was being held, with Araya by her side. She instantly smelt blood. Then she noticed the single, severed, claw-tipped finger, with blood flowing down it stabbed into the table, it was then she noticed that Peter was missing a finger. "Boys," Araya called out sharply, "yo te a comportarse dije!" She snapped in annoyance.

"He wouldn't stop talking." A hunter, Severo, shrugged in response.

"Not that I don't appreciate your hospitality," Peter gritted out, trying to keep the pain out of his voice. "but do you think it would be possible to put that on ice? Maybe something for my hand? Extra-large Band-Aid? Perhaps some antibiotic ointment?"

"You may do that yourself." Araya told him, then turned to the hunter. "Let him down." She ordered. "They are both free to go. Victoria has told us what we need to know." It was then that Peter the dark, haunted expression on Victoria's face, so he stayed quiet as he was let down and retrieved his finger. "I will show you out."

Within minutes, they were outside of the compound with all of their belongings, except the fifty thousand, and heading to the vehicle they had arrived in. "What did you find out?" Peter asked as he wrapped some of the fabric he'd ripped off of his shirt around his hand. "Do you know who that she-wolf is? The one who they're after?"

Victoria didn't look at him as they walked, keeping her eyes fixed on the vehicle ahead of them. "Kate."

Peter froze.

"That's… not possible." He protested after a moment, then jogged to catch up with the woman. "Kate's dead!" He hissed. "I should know, I'm the one who killed her!"

"Well, clearly, you didn't do a very good job." Victoria sneered, unlocking the car then put her belongings in the boot. "She came back, the Calavera's took her body from the morgue, brought her here and gave her a blade to take her own life. She faked her death, and when they came in to take her body, she killed everyone who got in her way and escaped." Victoria explained as she opened the driver's side door. "She's a shifter now. Your claws turned her." The woman leaned over him and pulled the first aid kit from the glove box, then handed it to a shocked Peter. "And now, you're going to help me kill her for good."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

The police had arrived at the school to investigate the coyote attack. Derek was checking the perimeter of the school with Parrish, searching for the Coyote, whilst Tara and another deputy interviewed students, and the sheriff told his son what they'd learnt so far.

"A couple of students said they saw it running across the field and back into the woods." Noah told Stiles as they walked down the school corridor, passing several Animal Control workers along the way. "Thank God, nobody got hurt."

"What happens if she does hurt someone?" Stiles asked, causing his father to sigh.

"Most likely they'll have to put it down."

"Put her down?" Stiles demanded, emphasising the word 'her'. "Dad, try not to forget there's a girl in there, one that you'll be killing." Stiles reminded his father who gave no response. "Come on, you aren't suddenly not believing, are you?"

Noah signed again, then turned and stood in front of Stiles. "I believe there are a lot of things I still don't understand yet. But that doesn't mean that everything and anything imaginable is suddenly possible. Now, are you 100% sure that this is a girl and not an animal?"

"Yes." Stiles stated without a moment's hesitation. "She responded to her name and her eyes glowed, dad. If it was just me who'd seen it, I'd be questioning it, just like you are, but it wasn't just me. Scott, Isaac, Jackson and Aiden all saw it too and they all believe that Malia can be saved, just like I do." He told his father firmly. "Malia is trapped in there, she doesn't know how to turn back and she probably feels a hell of a lot of guilt over what happened that night. Derek told me that born wolves don't start shifting immediately. They experience all of the heightened senses all of their lives, but the shifting doesn't occur immediately. For girls, it usually starts between the ages of six and fifteen, like puberty, but not always at the same time, though it's more common- never mind. Malia was eight, it fits. That was likely her first shift."

"But her parents weren't supernatural, right?" The sheriff asked in confusion. "So, how could she have been born a werecoyote?"

"We did some research. Mrs Tate was only ever pregnant once, with the younger girl." Stiles told him. "Malia was adopted."

Noah sighed again and ran a hand over his face, then nodded reluctantly. "All right, let's get this figured out. Come on." With that, the Stilinski's made their way to the locker room where the attack took place and found that Derek had just finished interviewing Kira, and then Melissa was checking her for injuries as she spoke to her father.

"Dad, seriously, I'm okay." The girl assured the man, not that it did any good.

"Why were you not headed to lunch like everyone else?" He all but demanded with a stern look on his face.

"They left their bags. I was just trying to do something nice." Kira defended herself with a shrug "You do something nice and you make friends. Or so I've heard."

"Hi," Erica's voice cut in as she walked over to the girl. "Sorry, I couldn't help but overhear what you guys were talking about," She shared a secret smile with Kira, who recognised the words as what she had first said to the group. "and I just want to say something. Kira, we really appreciate your thoughtfulness, but like we said earlier, we already want to be your friend. It'd be kinda hard to be friends with you if you're coyote food."

"Trust me, had I known the coyote was going to be there, I would have taken a different route." Kira told her, in an attempt at comfort. Erica chuckled and shook her head.

"What I'm trying to say is that you didn't have to get our bags. Not only must it have been rather difficult to carry five bags at once, but it also put you in danger. None of us want to see you hurt. Scott and I were actually on our way to get the bags when we heard the glass break, had we decided to ask our others friends to get them, or get them five minutes later, then you could have been really hurt. I'd hate to see you hurt." Erica told her honestly, causing Kira to blush. "So, if anything like that happens again, please, either just leave the bags, or go to the cafeteria where the others will be. Alright? I'd hate for you to be put in danger again because of us." Kira smiled at the blonde and nodded.

"Alright, I promise." Kira stated and Erica's smile widened. Mr. Yukimura glanced between the two curiously, before smiling to himself.

Across the room, Stiles walked over to Scott, who had been listening in on the conversation. "Scott." He began, drawing his best friend's attention to him. "I think I know what she was looking for." He said, and pulled the doll from out of his bag.

"You took the doll from the car?" Scott asked in annoyance, as Stiles had confirmed his suspicion as to why Malia had gone to the school, and why she had followed Kira.

"Yeah," Stiles nodded, unashamedly. "I thought you could use it, you know, for like her scent." Before Scott could reply, Mr. Tate's voice cut in

"Where did you get that?" He demanded and the pair turned to see him staring at the doll as he angrily marched over to them. "Where did you find this?" He asked louder this time as he snatched the doll from Stiles' hands, drawing attention from the people around them. "It belonged to my daughter." He spoke softly that time, looking at the doll longingly.

"I'm sorry," Stiles apologised honestly. "I found it last night. My friends and I found it in the car wreckage just before we found the den." He told him. "I-I didn't think much of it, and I completely forgot it was in my bag until now." He lied convincingly and Mr. Tate simply nodded but didn't say a word as the Sheriff walked over to them.

"Mr. Tate, I don't know how you heard about this. If you got your own police scanner or what but you can't be here." He said as he reached out for the man, who tried to move away before realising his mistake. He sighed and allowed the sheriff to move his jacket, revealing the gun on his hip.

"I have a permit." He said, but he knew it wouldn't do any good.

"California schools are gun free zones, permit or no permit." Noah told the man firmly, but quietly, as to not alert the crowd of students outside the door. "You need to leave, Mr. Tate. Now." He all but ordered, and Mr. Tate stammered for an excuse to stay, but the look on the sheriff's face left no room for argument. When a deputy moved to grab Mr. Tate's arm, the man gave up, and looked at the sheriff angrily.

"You find that animal. You find that thing." He sneered before turning and making his way out of the school.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

That day after school, Scott, Stiles and Isaac went to the animal clinic to get powerful tranquilizers from Deaton, as they did, Allison and Cora went to Allison's home to pick up a special rifle that would shoot the tranquilliser dart. Meanwhile, Chris, Lydia and the twins were trying to help Derek regain control, so that he could roar and, hopefully, turn Malia back to human.

"Xylazine." Deaton announced holding up three vials. "It's a tranquilliser for horses. For a werecoyote, expect it to work within seconds." He informed the wolves as he set the vials down on the metal table. "I only have three, so whoever's shooting needs to be a damn good shot."

"Allison's a perfect shot." Scott announced proudly, as Isaac nodded in agreement.

"She is." The curly haired beta confirmed, sharing a loving smile with Scott as they thought of their mate.

"Then you just need to figure out how to turn her back to human."

"Derek can do it." Scott said confidently. "He's done it to all of us before, on full moons and back when he first became an Alpha."

"This is a werecoyote, Scott." Deaton reminded him. "Who knows if it'd even work?"

"And besides, it's different now." Stiles argued. "He can't even shift into just a werewolf! How the hell is he supposed to Alpha roar, when he can't even reach his Alpha side?"

"That's why he's with the twins right now." Scott pointed out.

"They're not Alpha's anymore." Deaton reminded him, with a hint of confusion. "After what Jennifer did, almost killing them, it broke that part of them."

"But they know how to do it." Stiles said as realisation hit him. "They know how to reach that side and they were taught how to do it. Derek could do it, but he said it was more instinctual than anything else. Maybe that part is just… out of reach because of what we did. Maybe if he knows how to do it, it'll help."

"See." Scott grinned at Stiles' calculating look. "It's good to be optimistic."

Stiles rolled his eyes. "Shut up."

At the loft in a building Derek owned, the True Alpha was being tossed around like a rag doll. They'd chosen there as that was where he stayed whilst under Jennifer's influence, and hopefully those memories would anger him enough to help him transform. "I thought you were going to help me roar." Derek half groaned, half growled at the twins as he wiped the blood from his mouth.

"We are, you do it by giving in" Aiden stated, looking down at his Alpha.

"Giving in and letting go, that's how Deucalion taught us control." Ethan added, in a softer tone than his brother as he helped Derek to his feet.

"Huh, it's funny." Lydia commented from the sidelines. "Stiles and I actually tried something just like this with Scott, using a heart monitor and Lacrosse balls. But you're right, beating the hell out of him is probably a lot better." She commented sarcastically.

"That's the plan?" Derek asked in disbelief. "You kick my ass?"

"You're afraid to turn."

"So we make you."

"You turn, then you kick our asses."

"And then you roar!" Aiden told him, before turning to face him in beta shift, and letting out a loud roar.

"You think you can't let go of this?" Ethan asked, shoving Derek towards Aiden.

"You think you're gonna hurt us?" Aiden continued tauntingly, shoving Derek right back to Ethan. The taunting and shoving continued for a few minutes, but with no signs of Derek shifting, Chris decided to step in.

"This isn't working." The hunter sighed, deciding to play his best card. If this doesn't work, he doubted anything would. "I'm calling Stiles."

"Why?" Lydia asked curiously as Derek's head shot towards Chris, the Alpha clearly wondering the same thing.

"Because if Derek getting the crap kicked out of him isn't working, maybe seeing it happen to Stiles will."

"No!" Derek growled immediately, and behind him the twins smirked, realising Chris' plan.

"That might work." Ethan commented with a shrug. Derek turned to glare at the boy as Aiden took over.

"Yeah, clearly Derek isn't going to defend himself. Maybe he'll defend his mate."

"Don't you dare touch him!" Derek growled in warning, not realising that his fangs were slipping out, but the twins did.

"Or what?" Aiden asked as he advanced on Derek.

"There's no Alpha command in your voice, Derek." Ethan added.

"What's to stop us?" Aiden asked before he punched Derek in the jaw, trying to send the Alpha over the edge. "We've done it before."

Derek snapped and charged at them, with his eyes glowing and his claws on display. He swiped at Ethan and blocked attacks from Aiden. Despite all of his efforts and partial shift, he still failed to fully access his Alpha side, and ended up on the ground again, bloodied and pained, the four who were trying to help him were looking down at him sadly.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Not long after, a familiar car drove up to the Hale house through a clearing of trees. Victoria and Peter were back.

"What happened?" Jackson demanded immediately when he smelt Peter's blood, as the older pair got out of their car.

"Peter couldn't keep his mouth shut." Victoria stated as an explanation as they approached the three teenagers. "But we got the box, the information and something else we didn't plan on." She stated as she handed over the triskele box to Boyd.

"What 'something else' exactly?" Erica asked warily as the group made their way into the house to help Peter.

"Someone who's supposed to be dead isn't." Peter told them through gritted teeth, clutching his injured hand to his chest. "Can't anyone in this town stay dead?"

"We were kinda hoping you would." Melissa jumped in as they entered the living room.

"Hey, Mel, can you grab the first aid kit?" Danny asked politely from the couch, noticing the bloodied bandages on Peter's hand. "Peter bandages need replacing."

"Actually," Peter began as he held up what used to be a bag of ice, but was now just cold water, with a finger floating in it. "I need my finger sewn back on." Melissa groaned in disgust but moved to get what she needed anyway.

Within five minutes, she was carefully sewing the finger back onto the freshly opened wound, ignoring Peter's winces of pain. "Don't you have any anesthetic?" He asked hopefully.

"Yup." Melissa grinned at him, then continued sewing, making it clear that he wasn't going to get any.

Peter sighed. "I don't know why you're so hostile to me, I never did anything to you."

"You bit my sons against their will." Melissa reminded him with a glare. "You also bit Jackson, Lydia and Tammy, turning Tammy into a vicious homicidal lizard who was forced to kill people and now she has to live with that guilt. You also killed your own niece, attacked my sons and their friends multiple times. You forced Lydia to bring you back to life, and nearly killed Derek in the process. And you're the reason all of this craziness in town has happened." She pointed out, adding unneeded pressure to Peter's wound, causing him to groan in pain. "Maybe some of your actions caused something incredible, like the Pack, but you've also caused misery and destruction. You may not have done anything to me directly, but you hurt people I care about and I won't forget that. Maybe I can forgive you, someday, but not without good reason. You may have fought alongside the Pack, and protected them, but you haven't outweighed the bad with good yet, not in my eyes. When you do, I will stop being 'hostile', as you put it, but not now. Not until I'm sure you deserve it."

"Understood." Peter said with a nod. There was no sarcasm or mocking in his response, he was being genuine. He may have a tendency to treat things like a big joke, and pretend that nothing affected him, but truthfully, it hurt. It hurt that the Pack didn't trust him yet, but he did understand why, and he didn't resent them for their attitude towards him. He doesn't resent them for it because he knows that he has a lot to prove. He knew that he couldn't just say that he'd changed and expect them to believe it. He needed to prove himself. He needed to show that he was a better man than before his death, and during and just after. He no longer wanted to be an Alpha again, he didn't want to be that powerful again because he couldn't handle it. He didn't have what it took to be an Alpha, he knew that now. He knew that Derek was far more suited to that role, even though neither of them were trained to be Alpha's, Derek certainly made for an impressive one, impressive enough to rise to a 'True Alpha' status.

Peter, upon returning from the grave, had initially sought to regain his Alpha status. However, when he saw how well Derek had taken to it, and seen how close and secure the Pack was, he realised the truth. He wasn't fit to be an Alpha, and he had no chance of taking over Derek's Pack. So, he abandoned his original plans and came up with a new one. The new plan included joining the Pack and earning their trust and their affections.

Seeing how well they worked together reminded him of his late Pack and family. He longed to have those connections again. He longed to feel secure and connected in their Pack. The new Hale Pack. He knew in his heart that that's where he belonged, and though he wasn't Pack yet, he knew he'd do anything to protect them without thinking. He'd lay down his life for them.

He just needed them to realise that.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Near the Coyote Den in the woods early the next morning, Scott, Stiles, Allison, Isaac, Lydia, Jackson, and Derek were gathered by their vehicles, dressed ready to fight, preparing to go through with the plan to save Malia. Erica, Cora, Boyd and Chris were all set up at different points, near the edges of the woods for if Malia evaded the others and tried to get away. The rest of the Pack were sitting that one out, taking the time to analyze the information they'd received from Kira and the Calaveras and try to find something to help Stiles and Derek, but were all prepared to step in if necessary.

"Anyone else think we might be doing more harm than good?" Lydia asked and an edge of nervousness and uncertainty could be heard in her voice as she looked around at the others.

"We're trying to keep a father from killing his own daughter." Scott stated determinedly sounding very confident and assertive, unfortunately not everyone shared his view on the situation.

"Actually," Isaac began to correct his mate with an apologetic look. "We're trying to keep a guy from killing a coyote, who is actually his daughter, who we don't know how to change back from a coyote to his daughter."

"Okay what is the point of him?" Jackson asked bitchily before anyone else could reply. "I mean seriously, what is his purpose? Aside from the persistent negativity and the scarf." Isaac rolled his eyes at the other wolf "What's up with the scarf, anyway? It's sixty-five degrees out!"

"It's called fashion, Jackass, look it up." Isaac retorted, the rest of the Pack seemed frustrated with them and Stiles sighed and ran his hands over his face.

Meanwhile, at the Tate residence, the sheriff slammed an animal trap down onto the table in front of mr Tate. "A jogger on her early morning run almost stepped right into this." Noah gritted out, trying to contain his anger. "Now, you wanna tell me exactly how many of those you put out there?"

Mr. Tate stared at the other man, remaining silent. Under the Sheriff's scrutinizing stare, the man shifted in his seat and made the mistake of glancing at another room. "Sheriff, hold on." He tried as the man moved past him and marched towards said room. Noah looked around in horror at the dozens of empty trap boxes.

"Oh god, some kid could get trapped in one of these!" He sighed, then turned and yelled at the grieving father who had followed him through. "Some kid could die in one of these!"

"My kid died!" Mr Tate reminded the Sheriff unnecessarily as tears swelled in his eyes. "Mine." Though Noah was sympathetic towards the man due to his loss, he couldn't bring himself to be comforting at that moment. Not when lives were at stake.

"You and me, we're going out there right now, and we're going to disarm every single one. I don't care if it takes all night." Mr Tate sighed before something caught his eye. Part of the back door was broken, as though something had charged through it,

"It's in the house." He hissed angrily before storming away and grabbing a shotgun. Noah followed the man through the house, and also pulled out his sidearm as a precaution. Soon enough, Mr. Tate saw the coyote and his anger flared when he noticed his late daughter's doll hanging from it's mouth. He chased after the animal in a fit of rage, the Sheriff chasing after him, but he wasn't fast enough. By the time he got out of the house, neither Malia nor her father were to be seen. Then, two shots were fired, the horrifying sound echoed through the woods.

Over where the portion of the Pack were gathered, they all turned to look in the direction of the sound. Scott immediately climbed on his bike and drove away, Isaac and Allison ran after him whilst the others desperately called his name.

Stiles immediately dug out his phone and called his dad. Noah finished barking orders to his staff through his radio before answering the call and filling Stiles in on what happened.

"She took the doll again?" Stiles asked incredulously whilst turning around to look at Lydia, hoping she'd have the answer to his next question. "What the hell is so important about this doll?"

"I don't know, but listen to me; There are traps all over those woods. Near the trail, probably near the car crash, and Tate is out there with a rifle. I want you to stay out of those woods. You got me?" Noah ordered , but Stiles wasn't listening due to the thought that had just occurred to him. "You hear me? Stiles?"

"It's the doll." Stiles announced suddenly, looking around at the others.

"Stiles?" Stiles quickly hung up the phone and looked around to make sure everybody was listening.

"It's the doll?" He repeated, this time looking confused.

As this unfolded, Isaac and Allison continued chasing Scott, but soon, he was too far ahead, and they stopped to catch their breaths. Suddenly, another shot rang out and they changed direction and took off again.

"Okay, but why would she go all the way to the school, then all the way back to the house for a doll? One that was in the car wreck in the first place?" He asked aloud as Lydia paced behind him, whilst their respective boyfriends shared a look. "We didn't find it in the coyote den!"

"It likes the doll!" Lydia sighed in frustration. "Who cares?"

"Yeah, she likes the doll a lot."

"What kind of doll is it?" Lydia asked thoughtfully after sighing, running a hand through her hair, deciding to go along and see if Stiles' instinct paid out, which it usually did.

"I don't know, it's a doll! It's got little arms and little legs, and-" Lydia rolled her eyes behind him, as he went on about the doll's 'big head' and 'soulless eyes'. "Actually, I took a pic." He remembered suddenly, and started searching through his phone for the picture. "Here." He said as he scrambled to show her.

"That's Malia?" Lydia asked, pointing to the older girl in the photo.

"Yeah." Stiles confirmed with a nod.

"Stiles!" Lydia repeatedly tapped the tall boy on the shoulder frantically. "She's not holding the doll!" Stiles' eyes widened for a second.

"That's Malia's younger sister." He stated aloud in realisation. "It's her doll."

"So, what does that mean?" Derek pressed, walking over to his mate and setting a hand down on his shoulder. He watched as Stiles' eyes darted back and forth, a sign that Stiles was thinking, and waited until Stiles was ready. A few seconds later, Stiles looked at his mate with a look of revelation on his face.

"I know what she's doing." He told him, but seemed rather grim about it. "I know where she's going." He made quick work of telling the trio with him about what he'd realised, then ordered Jackson and Derek to go on ahead whilst he and Lydia tried to contact the others before catching up.

Elsewhere, Isaac and Allison were running through the woods, but the huntress was having trouble keeping up with the werewolf, thanks to the rifle in her hands, and her lack of supernatural speed and stamina. She called out for her mate, but he didn't slow down . He did however, get distracted and ended up springing one of the animal traps and getting his foot caught in the steel clamp.

Isaac let out a howl of pain as he collapsed to the ground. The sound echoed all through the preserve. Jackson and Derek froze for a moment and looked towards each other.

"Go make sure Isaac is okay." Derek told Jackson, his voice held no Alpha command but his tone left no room for argument. Jackson nodded, leaving somewhat reluctantly as Derek continued on to find Malia, Meanwhile, Scott ended up skidding off of his bike before getting up and running in the direction of his mate, forgetting all about Malia and her father. The other wolves of the Pack froze what they were doing, then rushed to get any medical supplies, and tried to call to see what happened.

Allison rushed over to Isaac immediately, feeling her heart clench at seeing him hurt. "Allison," Isaac gasped as she crouched at his side. "There he is." He told her, nodding his head towards where Mr. Tate was standing with his own rifle. Allison stood and aimed her weapon, unfortunately, the shock of seeing one of her mates hurt and bleeding rattled Allison, and caused her hands to shake. "Hit Tate!" He all but ordered. "Use the tranquilliser on him."

"Okay." She nodded, before whispering to herself "Come on."

"Allison." Isaac spoke in a steady voice, noticing her nerves. "Breathe."

Allison nodded again and took a deep breath. "Nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger eux-mêmes." She whispered, reminding herself of why she was out there and forced herself to focus on Tate rather than Isaac. Then, she pulled the trigger and shot the man with a tranquilliser dart, on the left shoulder. The man dropped his rifle then passed out. The pair shared a quick, victorious smile, before Allison looked through the scope of her weapon again, only to find that Malia was gone.

"Scott, it's me, you gotta call me back as soon as you can, alright?" Stiles ordered down the phone as he and Lydia walked through the woods, heading to the car wreck. "It wasn't Malia's doll, it was her sisters. Malia left it in the car for her sister, okay? It's like… bringing flowers to a grave. Okay, and we stole the flowers. So that's all she's trying to do, alright? Bring the doll back to the grave- to the car wreck! Derek and Jackson are heading there now, meet them, okay? The car wreck!"

"Stiles!" Lydia called out suddenly as Stiles hung up the phone, a clear edge of panic in her voice. Stiles immediately looked at her, freezing in horror when he saw how still she was, and realised that her left foot was pressing down on an animal trap. "Stiles!" She called again, though more frantically this time as the trap's steel jaws twitched as Lydia unintentionally began to shift her balance.

"Lydia, don't move!" Stiles ordered sharply, trying to not let his fear show.

"Look for a warning label!" Lydia told him quietly, as if she was afraid that speaking too loudly would spring the trap. "It contains instructions on how to disarm it."

"Lydia, why the hell would they put instructions on the bottom of a trap?" He asked in disbelief, eyeing the device fearfully.

"Because animals can't read!" The redhead reminded him, and he nodded before lowering himself to the floor to look for the label, and soon enough, he found it.

"Lydia, we got a problem." He told her as he stared at the label. "I can't read either."

Lydia pulled in a shuddered breath as panic surged through her. Then she reminded herself to stay rational and think of a solution. After a few seconds, she spoke again. "You don't need the instructions." She told Stiles honestly and she couldn't but giggle through her tears as something occurred to her. "When is the last time you have ever used instructions?" She asked rhetorically with a watery smile. "Like, when we were assembling the furniture for the house, you didn't even glimpse at them, and you got it done. You don't need them, because you are too smart to waste your time with them." Stiles looked up at her in awe at her words, and she smiled down at him. "You can figure it out." She said confidently, even as the tears rolled down her face "Stiles, you're the one who always figures it out. So you can do it." Stiles broke their eye contact and looked down at the trap again. "Figure… it… out." Stiles quickly wiped away a tear that was rolling down his cheek before drawing in a deep breath and focusing on the trap.

Suddenly, he noticed it. He quickly brushed the twigs and fallen leaves aside to get a better look. Yes, it was what he thought. A small wheel that connected to the spring of the trap. "Okay." He whispered. "Okay, here we go." He told Lydia in a louder voice as he reached out a shaking hand to the wheel. "Ready?" He asked, looking up at Lydia, who nodded in spite of her fear. "Okay, here we go." He repeated before turning the wheel, standing up and pulling Lydia off of the trap and into his arms. A single second later, the trap jaws snapped shut. "Are you okay?" He asked, looking at the redhead cradled in his arms.

"I'm fine." Lydia assured her best friend with a nod, then gestured towards the trees. "Go."

"What? No, you almost lost your foot like five seconds ago!" Stiles protested immediately.

"And you saved me." Lydia countered firmly, folding her arms over her chest. "I have no doubt in my mind that Jackson picked up on my distress and is on his way, Derek, however, is now on his own, going after Malia. He'll need you." As if to prove her point, the sounds of someone running became audible as the person drew closer. Within seconds, Jackson, having foregone going to Isaac as he'd seen Scott heading that way before he felt Lydia's fear, emerged from the trees and ran straight to Lydia and wrapped her up in his arms.

"You should go to Derek." Jackson informed Stiles as he nuzzled his mates neck and inhaled her scent. He then confirmed what Lydia had theorised "He needs you. He's still not shifting."

"You think I don't know that?" Stiles unintentionally snapped in response. "But how the hell am I supp-"

Lydia interrupted, told him exactly what he needed to do, as she had a theory. A theory as to how to save Derek.

Stiles listened, mentally kicking himself for not figuring it out himself, then nodded, then turned and took off, taking all of the shortcuts he knew in the hopes of finding Derek before the elder male reached the car wreck.

Derek kept chasing the coyote through the woods, as this went on, eyes fixed on her until he felt a presence beside him and smelt a familiar scent. Turning his head, he looked at Stiles, who was staring right back at him with an oddly calm expression. "You can do this." Stiles stated confidently, despite panting for breath as he ran. "I believe in you Derek. Just let go." Before Derek could respond, Stiles increased his pace.

"When we were trying to get him to turn." Lydia had told Stiles before he'd run off. "He reacted to Chris saying that he'd call you and use you as motivation."

Stiles didn't even care that he didn't have control over his wolf, he pushed himself to as fast as he could go, he leapt over branches and ducked under trees, using as many tricks as he could to catch up to the coyote.

"The thought of you getting hurt made him react far more than anything else."

Derek's brow furrowed in confusion as Stiles fell into line with Malia but didn't stop her, instead pushed himself even more to get in front of her.

"So you need to get hurt, Stiles."

As he was passing her, Stiles reached over and snatched the doll from Malia's mouth resulting in a furious snarl from the werecoyote.

"It won't take much"

Derek noticed the very second that Malia leapt forward towards his mate, jaws spread wide.

"His wolf wants to come out, it's just suppressed."

Her teeth dug into Stiles' ankle, sending him tumbling and let go of the doll, it went flying from his hands. Derek felt his rage spike to great levels.

"At this point, I believe that even a papercut from you would work."

He didn't realise that his eyes were glowing as he pushed himself faster, he swept Stiles up into his arms before he'd even hit the ground. Malia having released him in favour of going after the doll.

"Get hurt, Stiles, and Derek will turn."

Stiles looked up at Derek, who easily continued running with his mate in his arms, albeit slower than before. "You okay?" Derek asked, panting slightly, glancing down at Stiles who'd already started healing.

"Yeah, I'm good." Stiles assured him with a grin, causing Derek to glare down at him.

"What the hell were you thinking?"

"I was thinking that my pain would help you shift." Stiles stated simply and grinned as Derek's glare somehow gained intensity. "And here you are with glowing eyes."

Derek blinked in surprise, suddenly becoming aware that he was in fact seeing red, literally.

"Trust me."

Stiles maneuvered himself, flipping himself over Derek and landing just beside him, ignoring the pain in his leg, he ran. Derek shook his head at the younger male, before deciding to talk about Stiles' self preservation skills, or lack thereof, once the current situation was resolved.

"He'll turn"

As they ran, Derek began to shift further, allowing his wolf to take over and didn't fight it anymore. Stiles simply grinned at his Alpha as Derek noticed Malia running not far from them. Knowing that he had to go faster if he wanted to get there first and stop her from getting caught in a trap, Derek made an impulsive decision. Derek turned and leapt over the car wreckage, and landed in a crouch. Malia stopped when she saw him and snarled. Derek looked up at her with glowing red eyes, then, he let out a powerful roar.

All across Beacon Hills, the wolves of the Pack heard the roar, and felt the power and command behind it surge through them. The three wolves pacing the perimeter of the woods all froze simultaneously, all looking with glowing eyes towards Derek, even though he was out of their line of sight. Chris too heard the howl, filled with power that even he could feel, and allowed a smile to grace his face.

At another part of the woods, Scott had just arrived at where Isaac and Allison were. The two wolves felt the power flow through them and their eyes glowed and Isaac suddenly ripped the trap off of his leg with a cry of pain.

Lydia and Jackson turned when they heard the sound, and Lydia smirked, feeling proud that her hypothesis had been proven correct.

At the Hale house, the twins heard Derek and felt their eyes glow in response to their Alpha. Danny noticed and allowed a hopeful grin on his face, looking between the twins for confirmation. "Was that-?"

"Yeah." Aiden nodded with a genuine smile.

"Derek's back." Ethan finished with an excited grin on his face.

"Now that's what I'm talking about." Stiles exclaimed excitedly, pausing next to the car wreck, watching as the roar faded off and Derek's eyes returned to their natural colour.

Moving to stand by his mate, Stiles and Derek watched as the coyote shifted back into a (Very naked) teenage girl right before their eyes.

The girl looked at them both in shock as Derek stood up again, and Stiles removed his jacket, holding it out for her, and she appeared to become even more confused and looked down at herself. She held up one of her hands in front of her face and stared at it in awe.

Not long after, Noah, Stiles and Lydia were in Noah's police cruiser, taking the now dressed Malia to the Tate house. They were taking her home.

"Okay, Malia, I know that this must all be very confusing, but once you've settled and everything, please come and find us." Stiles requested gently from where he was sitting next to Malia in the back seat, and the girl tilted her head.


"Because just because you're human again now, that doesn't mean you're not a werecoyote anymore." Lydia explained gently from the front passenger side seat. "That's still a part of you and we can teach you how to control, and, if you want, shift back."

"I can… change back?" Malia asked curiously with wide eyes.

"Yes, once you know how, you can switch back and forth at will." Stiles stated. "You can also go into a sort of in between state. Well, we can but I'm sure you'll be able to as well." Stiles explained and the girl nodded.

"Okay." She agreed, after a slight hesitation. "How will I find you?" She asked and Stiles quickly picked up his back. He pulled out his notebook and pen then opened it to a clean page. He was about to hold it out to Lydia when he noticed it, the writing on the pen. The writing he could actually read. He looked up with a grin, and Lydia gave him a curious look. Stiles said nothing, simply showed her by writing on the paper and Lydia smiled when realisation hit her. Soon, Stiles ripped the page out and handed it to Malia.

"I'm Stiles, Derek is the Alpha of our Pack, the one who roared and turned you back, obviously my dad there is the Sheriff." Stiles explained as he pointed at the paper and his dad. "This here is Lydia, those are our phone numbers. This is the number for the police station and the address for it, if you didn't want to meet up with us at our house or didn't want to call us directly, and this here is the address where the majority of us live."

"How many of you are there?" Malia asked curiously. "Are you all… werewolves?"

"No, not all of us." Stiles informed her. "Overall, there are seventeen people who are like, central Pack, then there are another five people who are also Pack, but not as involved with the supernatural, then there's another person who is almost Pack, but not quite, then there are a couple of other people who we are close to and have a bond with, but not in the same way as Pack. Out of all of those people, twelve are werewolves, ten are human, though one of them is a druid-in-training, two people are druids and one is a banshee."

"That's a lot of people." Malia commented looking slightly dazed, though might have just been the whole being-human-again-after-eight-years thing.

"Yeah, but- uh, there'll always be someone to help you with anything you need." Stiles grinned easily, causing the girl to giggle slightly. "But, seriously, Malia, whatever you need, you can come to us. And if you want another female there are five adult women in our Pack, and another woman we know who is aware of all of this, who's also a therapist. Then there's four teenaged women in our Pack, if you want someone your age to talk to, well, your physical age at least."

"Thank you." Malia smiled genuinely, and the journey continued in a comfortable silence until they arrived at the Tate home. Malia's breath hitched as her eyes fell on her childhood home. She had just been there in her coyote form, but this was different, somehow. Looking at it then, it felt like the first time she'd seen it since she, her mother and her sister left that day.

"Malia?" The sheriff called gently, and suddenly, the girl realised that the car had stopped, and that the car door beside her was open. The sheriff looked at her in concern. "Are you ready?" She said nothing, simply nodded and undid her seat belt, before climbing out. As the Sheriff walked her to her house, she tugged the oversized jacket tighter around herself. Malia's heart raced as she walked (on two legs) up the porch steps. The sheriff gave her a reassuring smile before knocking on the door. After a few seconds, her father opened the door as Noah gently pulled Malia closer. "Mr Tate," The sheriff greeted, but the man was focused on the young woman before him.

He blinked a few times, trying to figure out if what he was seeing was real, and what he thought. Tears welled in his eyes with the more similarities he saw in the girl before him and the child he lost eight years before. "Malia?" He asked in a choked voice, barely above a whisper. The girl nodded with a grin as tears spilled down her cheek. Henry Tate pulled the girl into a tight hug, which she easily melted into. In the police cruiser, Stiles and Lydia shared a smile as Noah stepped away from the father and daughter.

The next day, Noah and his employees took the Tate case files to storage triumphantly as Rafael McCall watched from the corner. Noah slammed the door to his office shut with a smirk then turned to look at the FBI agent and waited for the other man to speak.

"How long have you known?" The agent asked quietly. "About… everything?"

"Since late January-early February of this year." Noah replied with a shrug. "Just after the death of Laura Hale, when Scott and Stiles were turned."

"Stiles?" Agent McCall asked with wide eyes, "He's a w- one of them too?"

"Yup." Noah replied casually, trying to keep the smug grin off of his face. Stiles had wanted to go and wolf-out in front of his best friend's father, but Noah had convinced him that him taunting the agent, with the Pack watching from home via the security camera that Danny had a line into, was a better idea. So, here he was. "They were bitten on the same night, by the same Alpha. But there's a new Alpha now, a great Alpha, a-a True Alpha, even. Stiles' mate, would you believe?" Noah scoffed , pretending that he didn't notice the colour draining from the other man's face. "Don't get me wrong, the age difference did bother me a little at first, but then I saw how much Derek truly cares about Stiles, and I got over it. He's a great guy, Derek, a great deputy and I really hope that I can call him 'son-in-law' some day, well, I already call him 'son' but you know what I mean."

"Stiles is gay?"

"Well, technically, he's bi, but I honestly can't imagine him with anyone but Derek." The sheriff smiled honestly, and sent a quick glance to the camera before returning his attention to McCall.

"Can you- uh- c-can you tell me about this… Pack?" The FBI Agent asked uncertainty clearly written all over him, as if he wasn't sure that he actually wanted to know, regardless, Noah nodded and gestured for the other man to take a seat, before delving into a very detailed, very complimentary, description of the Pack, McCall asking questions here and there.

Once the Sheriff had finished speaking, Rafael nodded slowly, trying to process the information "Okay, and Scott, he's… he's happy, right?"

"Yeah he is." Noah stated honestly with a smile. "I'm sure you've noticed how much more confident he is nowadays." Rafael nodded and the sheriff continued. "He didn't get that way until after he turned, but personally, I don't think it was solely because of the new abilities he gained from the bite, but the new friends, family even. They helped him find himself, and gain confidence. He has grown so much and that has a lot to do with the Pack and the support they've given him, don't get me wrong, Scott was the one who turned his life around and made himself the incredible person that he is today, but they inspired him to get here, they all inspired each other to become better people, hell, they even inspired me. I wouldn't have been able to cope with all of this stress and craziness of this job if I didn't have the Pack. They're crazy and eccentric, but they're also the most incredible group of people that I've ever met."

"But they're not people, right?" Rafael asked without thinking. Noah's expression darkened and he sent an impressive glare at the man, who quickly back peddled at the sight. "Not all of them, I mean, they're... werewolves and werecoyotes and banshees…" He rambled erratically, looking slightly confused and overwhelmed. "I mean, sure some of them are human, but the rest? The rest are more than that, right? They have better reflexes, senses and a far superior healing rate. So, what's to stop them from… overpowering us- us as in humans? Sure this Pack is good, but what about others? From what you've told me, this town has a hell of a lot of attacks by the supernatural. What's to stop t-the supernatural creatures of the world from taking over and treating humans like slaves, or even killing us?"

"You mean, what's to stop supernatural creatures from doing to humans what we've done to each other all throughout history? Hmm, I don't know McCall." Noah hummed faux-thoughtfully. "Maybe the Pack? Or our allies? Y'know, the hunters council, rogue hunters that we have an alliance with, then there's the various Packs and emissary's that we've helped out-"

"Alright, I get it." Rafael cut him off with a sigh. "These hunters, they're human?" Noah nodded. "And they can defend themselves against the… Supernatural?" Noah nodded again. "How?"

"Tomorrow night, wear something to work out in and go to the preserve entrance at six, a few deputies will be there too, for training." Noah stated just before someone tapped on the office door and they both turned to see who was there.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Two days later, the entire Pack were all the Hale Home, enjoying the unusual peace and quiet that didn't often occur in Beacon Hills. The entire Pack were there, taking some time to relax before Victoria and Peter were to set off and search for Kate, and before the next inevitable crisis occurred. So though they were hopeful for a relaxing day, none of them were surprised when they received alerts that someone was approaching the house.

"Who is it this time?" Erica groaned as she reluctantly paused the x-box game that she, Isaac, Stiles and Jackson were playing.

"Hang on, just a- huh." Danny looked surprised as he brought up the security camera feed on his laptop. "It's Malia."

"Malia?" Chris asked curiously from an armchair in the corner as he closed his book. "As in Malia Tate? The werecoyote?"

"One and the same." Danny confirmed. "She's coming to the door." Chris stood, and made his way to greet her. He opened the door just as she was about to knock, surprising her for a second.

Malia looked him up and down, then, without warning, punched him in the face. "Hello Peter." She sneered, glaring at him as he groaned in pain and lifted a hand to his bleeding nose.

"Chris!" Victoria called out, rushing over to her mate in concern. "Oh god, are you okay?" Chris nodded and moved his hand, showing that his nose didn't look broken, but it was swelling already and bleeding heavily. The majority of the Pack were gathered in the entrance hall now, most of them glaring at the wide-eyed Malia as Melissa rushed over with a first aid kit.

"Wait, Chris? You're not Peter?" She asked in shock.

"No," Chris groaned, tilting his head back and allowing Melissa to look at the damage to his nose. "I'm not."

"Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you were Peter." She apologised immediately. "My da- uh adopted dad said that he lived here. Peter Hale?" There were collective sighs from the group in front of her, and Cora turned towards the stairs.

"Peter, what the hell did you do this time?" She yelled in annoyance, before returning her attention to Malia, whom Allison had begun to speak to.

"Okay, I forgive you for punching my dad, because I can't blame you for wanting to punch Peter." She told the girl, ignoring her father's raised eyebrow. "What did he do?"

"I haven't done anything." Peter drawled as he made his way down the stairs. He looked at Malia with a mix of confusion, amusement and wariness. "I do not even know this girl."

"No, but you knew my birth mother." Malia told him as she stepped into the house, keeping her eyes locked on his. "The Desert Wolf." Peter's eyes widened in surprise as the gears turned in his mind, but before he could say anything, Malia spoke again. "Hi dad."

A few hours later, Malia had told them everything her father knew about Malia's birth parents and Lydia used Talia's claws, which were in the box Peter and Victoria had worked so hard to get, to find the memories the late Alpha had taken from her brother. That's when she found the truth. Malia definitely was Peter's daughter. Once the Pack had filled her in on her new found family, and introduced her to the Pack, she asked to be trained.

"It's only been two days, but I don't feel right, I kinda feel crazy." She had explained when Derek asked why she was so hurried to learn. "I need to know that I can still do it. I need to know that I can change back if I want to."

Derek had nodded in understanding and told everyone to change into workout clothes, the other girls agreed to lend Malia clothes. Then they went to the training clearing to teach Malia. The girl caught on quickly, easily accessing her claws, then excitedly showed the others, and nearly cut a few of them in the process. "I'm so sorry!" She apologised genuinely, despite the large grin on her face. "I did it!"

"Yes you did." Derek smiled at her excitement. "Now, you need to learn how to control it." Malia nodded seriously as Derek taught her to retract the claws, then lengthen them again. After that, she was taught how to shift her face, and some basic self defense maneuvers before the night was through.

While they were training, a far bit deeper in the woods there was a figure obscured by the darkness, they approached the Nemeton, pulled out a branch that was growing from it, tossed said branch to the ground, then walked away. Seconds later, hundreds of fireflies flew up and out of the tree, then moved together to form human-like shapes.

Over in the clearing, Lydia, Stiles and Derek all froze. "Something's coming." Lydia whispered. Everyone else froze and looked at the Banshee, then to Stiles and Derek.

"Who?" Jackson asked, walking over to his mate.

"Not who," Stiles corrected, voice barely more than a whisper. If the wind hadn't carried it, he doubted the humans would have heard him. "what." Lydia then began to walk towards the trees, allowing the voices to direct her feet on where to go.

The rest of the Pack followed, Stiles and Derek the only ones falling in line with her, not needing the Banshee's guidance as the Nemeton was telling them where to go. To it.

They arrived at the Nemeton within five minutes, and Malia's eyes immediately glowed. "Woah." She gasped, sounding breathless. "What is that?" There was a pause as everyone expected either Lydia or Stiles to answer, but they, and Derek, were staring at the same spot on the Nemeton, unblinkingly.

"It's called a Nemeton." Allison informed her, quietly, keeping her eyes fixed on the trio. "It's a beacon for supernatural creatures, it's tethered to our Pack now though."

"So, did this happen to any of you guys when you first saw it?" Malia asked, looking around at the wolves.

"No." Cora told her honestly, causing a bolt of worry to shoot through Malia. "But it did when Stiles and Derek completed the ritual to tie us to it. We also felt an increase in power, it was like-"

"Like you just got a bunch of energy from nowhere?" Malia asked hopefully. If that happened when the Pack connected to the Nemeton, maybe it meant she was connected to the Nemeton now too, and if she was, that meant she was Pack, right?

Cora smiled at her and nodded. She opened her mouth to say something, but Lydia let out a gasp, stopping Cora in her tracks. Stiles had leant forward and picked up something from a crack in the stump. A dead fly.

Stiles allowed it to drop from between his index finger and thumb, into the palm of his hand, and stared at it. "Ew." Allison muttered, and Lydia and Derek came out of their trances, but Stiles didn't.

"Stiles?" Derek called softly, but his mate didn't react. "Stiles." He repeated, louder this time, but still received no response. The next time, he put Alpha command in his voice, still nothing. Five minutes passed, and Stiles was still staring at the fly. Derek, beyond worried, and even more on edge thanks to the Pack surrounding him, also freaking out, decided to howl. Around him, Malia and the wolves all had their eyes glow in response, but Stiles' eyes remained their natural whiskey colour. He did look up at his mate though. "Stiles? Are you okay?"

Stiles looked back at the fly in his hand, then looked up at Derek, then blinked and dropped the fly back onto the Nemeton. "Yeah, I'm fine." He glanced around and could easily see that the Pack weren't convinced. "Really, I just got a little lost in my head. Anyway, there's no one here, whatever the Nemeton wanted us to see, it's gone now." He nudged his head in the direction of the clearing. "Why don't we get back to training?"

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

The following Saturday evening found Malia sighing in frustration as yet another pen snapped in her hand and growled at the page before her. "I don't get it!" She announced to Mr Tate. The father daughter duo were trying to get Malia caught up with her school work so that she could join her new friends in high school. Mr Tate had been surprised that she had been so quick to get back to school, and concerned as she refused to talk about what happened to her. She was going out at odd times, sleeping on the floor in her room, curled up in her blankets rather than on her bed. Asking for food like deer and rabbits, growling at things, breaking pens with little effort, shattering glasses just by holding them too tight and not once getting hurt by the shards.

The night before, Malia shattered a glass again and her father could have sworn he saw some shards sticking into her palm and blood pooling around them. Before he could look, however, Malia rushed off to clean the mess up, not stopping until all the shards were gone, and when she finally let her father look, there wasn't so much as a scratch on her. It was all strange and the man didn't know what to do or how to help.

"Okay," The man began slowly, trying to think of a better way to explain the solution to the mathematical problem. They were now up to 6th grade work and Malia just wasn't getting it. It had also been a long while since Mr Tate had been in school, and he was pretty sure that he wasn't doing equations like that in the 6th grade anyway. "Why don't we-"

"I'm calling Lydia." Malia announced, shooting up from her chair and marching towards the landline phone that hung on the wall. Her father frowned in confusion as Malia pulled a crumpled sheet of paper from her jeans pocket.

"Who's Lydia?"

"She's one of the ones who found me, she gived me some clothes and offered to teach me stuff." Malia explained quickly as she lifted the phone to her ear.

"Gave." Her father corrected gently, "She gave you some clothes." Malia nodded in response, making a mental note of the correction before talking into the phone.

"Lydia? It's Malia. I need your help." Mr Tate cleared his throat, drawing Malia's attention, and sent her a well-practiced pointed look. "Please." Malia added, earning her a smile of approval and a small nod. The girl grinned back as she listened to Lydia. "No, nothing like that" She assured the redhead after a moment. "School work. I want to join you guys in high school, but I need to catch up first. I'm up to 6th grade work but I don't get it. You offered to help when I- when you found me. That's great, thank you so much, alright, see you then." She hung up the phone, looking happy and relieved. She turned to her father with a grin and explained the situation to him.

"Lydia's coming over to help and she's bringing Allison, Danny, Stiles and Erica." At her father's confused and slightly concerned expression, she elaborated. "Allison and Stiles were a part of the group who found me, Danny and Erica are their friends. Stiles is the sheriff's son by the way. They're the ones who are the best at teaching in the group and know more about certain subjects than the others, so." She shrugged, unable to think of anything to add.

Mr Tate was skeptical about allowing a group of strangers, who seemed to spend their free time searching the woods for coyote dens, into his house to tutor his formerly lost daughter. However, if it wasn't for these individuals, he may not have his eldest daughter back. Malia, the girl he and his late wife took in and looked after as their own. Losing her hurt just as much as losing his other daughter did, they gave him his child back, so they couldn't be that bad. Plus, the sheriff's son, he's got to be responsible, right?

Maybe this group was the reason Malia was going out so much, too. So getting to know them may help him reconnect with his daughter. His relationship with her is strained now compared to the relationship they once shared, after all this time apart and telling her about being adopted. He'd hoped that telling her the truth would help her reconnect with him, he thought that maybe, him opening up with her would help her do the same with him. It didn't.

That's when she started going out, disappearing without a word, and Mr Tate was terrified. Terrified of losing his little girl again. Terrified that she could get hurt again. It used to be so easy for him, being her father, but now he's too scared of saying the wrong thing, of driving her further away that he's not being the father she needs, the father that he is. He just needs to find a way to find a new normal with her, he just doesn't know how.

The pair sat together for a few minutes in silence until the group arrived. The group were very polite and well-mannered when he answered the door for them. They introduced themselves one by one, explained how they were going to arrange the session for the night, who was going to help her with what and quickly arranged a schedule for the evening. They were patient with Malia when she didn't get things, or forgot things that they'd previously explained. Four hours later, Malia was feeling much more confident in her ability to complete the work, hugging the group goodbye one by one, with a large, grateful smile on her face.

Mr Tate gave his own farewells and informed them that they were all welcome over anytime for anything. Stiles was the one who smiled and politely declined, stating that there were a lot of people in their group, and it wouldn't feel fair to leave the majority of them out of something more social. He did, however, continue to assure Mr Tate that they'd still help Malia study, and that both he and Malia were welcome over to the main house. Mr Tate did find it odd that a group of teenagers lived together in a secluded house in the middle of the woods, but some of their parents lived with them, apparently, and it did explain what they were doing out there that day. Plus, the pleading look Malia sent him showed that she really liked these people. So, he'd give them a chance.

The man accepted the invitation with a smile, and exchanged numbers with Stiles, then the group left with kind farewells.

Once the door closed behind them, Malia turned and pulled Tate into a large, strong hug. The man let out a noise of surprise as the action as the air was pushed from his lungs, causing Malia to quickly let go. "Sorry, I forget my strength sometimes."

"It's okay." Tate assured his daughter with a soft smile. "So, are they who you've been visiting when you sneak out?" He asked curiously. Malia's eyes widened. "What? You thought I wouldn't notice?" The girl opened and closed her mouth a few times, unsure of what to say. Her father sighed and led her back to the living room where both of them sat down.

"Listen, Malia, I know this must be difficult for you. I can't imagine what you went through out there, what you had to do to survive, but whatever you did, whatever you had to become, you're still my daughter. You're still the little girl who would come running down the stairs each morning, making as much noise as possible trying to get the first plate of breakfast. You're still that little girl who climbed up the drainpipe, onto the roof of the house, terrifying your mother and I, just to get her little sister's kite back and cheer her up. You're still my little girl, Malia, and I want to get to know you again" Both he and Malia had tears in their eyes, some of Malia's had fallen and begun rolling down her cheeks, which she quickly wiped away. "I'm not going to ask you to spend all our time with me rather than your new friends, because I can see that they're helping you. But, I was hoping-"

"Dad." Malia cut in, wiping more of her tears away. "Before you say anything else, there's something you should know, about me." Tate looked at her and nodded for her to continue, gripping her hand in an attempt of comfort. "There- there's a reason no one found me before now, a reason why I was gone for so long. I wasn't like.. This. I changed, in the car." Tate opened his mouth to say something, but Malia wouldn't let him. "Mum had upset me, over… something, I can't even remember what, and I lost control, I-It was a full moon, and I didn't know what I was then, I didn't know that I would-" A sob broke from her lips and her father's grip tightened on her hand. She looked up to see him looking at her in confusion and concern.

"Malia? What are you talking about?"

"I transformed." She all but yelled, standing suddenly, pulling her hand from her father's grip. "I couldn't stop it, I was so scared and it just… kept happening. Mum and Kylie were screaming, they were terrified of me. I was terrified too but I couldn't stop it, the car swerved and… and I lost control, I tore the car apart trying to get out then I just ran."

"Malia, I don't understand. Transformed?" He asked in confusion. "Whatever happened, it wasn't your fau-"

"Yes it was!" Malia cried, pulling off her jacket and throwing it on the couch next to the man. "Because of what I am!" She tugged off her shirt too, and her father immediately looked away.

"Malia, what are you-?" He began to ask, but Malia cut him off.

"Look at me!" She ordered and her father obeyed. She was standing in only her underwear so her father kept his eyes locked on hers, and Malia allowed them to glow a bright blue, causing her father to gasp out loud. She then shifted her whole face, then, when her father still hadn't run away screaming, fully transformed into a coyote, shredding her remaining clothes in the process. That's when Tate finally broke down, the tears that had built up finally fell, Malia hung her head as the man let out a heart wrenching sob. She closed her eyes, not wanting to see the disgusted look on his face or watch her father, biological or not, walk away from her.

Arms wrapped around her, and a face pressed against her neck, dampening her fur with tears. "I'm so sorry." Her father sobbed, confusing Malia. "I tried to kill you. I tried-" Malia let out a soft whine and nuzzled her father's head. "I'm so sorry"

About an hour later, Stiles and Lydia returned, this time with Derek and the Sheriff. Malia had called them after they had both calmed down to explain the situation to her father in more detail.

"Hello again Mr Tate," Noah greeted kindly, holding out a hand. "How're ya doing?"

"Confused." The man admitted as he shook the sheriff's hand. "And please, call me Henry."

"Noah." He replied. "And don't worry, we're here to explain everything the best we can."

"Thank you, please, follow me to the living room, something tells me I'll need to be sitting for this."

Once everyone was comfortably sat in the living room, each with a drink provided by Malia, the explanation started. Derek began, telling the story of Peter's connection to Malia, and his family including the fire that killed most of them, then led up to Laura's demise, and the night he returned to Beacon Hills. That's when Stiles took over, explaining how he and Scott were turned. The story was then split between the four of them, told seamlessly over the following two hours. Stiles and his father ended the story with how Noah had begun re-evaluating cold cases that could have been connected to the supernatural.

"Thank you." Was all Henry could think to say once the information settled in. "Y-you- you've all been through so much and you- you put in all this effort to save my daughter, a girl you don't even know. If you hadn't- if you- she might have- I could have- I- I just- Thank you."

Stiles smiled softly as the man stuttered, trying to get a grip on his emotions. "You're welcome."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

The next night, an ambulance pulled up outside of Beacon Hills hospital and Rafael McCall jogged over to talk to the driver. "Bring him round back, and keep it quiet, no-one needs to know except for the people who absolutely need to know." The driver nodded, then took off to take the patient to the back entrance of the hospital.

Melissa was positioning a carved pumpkin on the reception desk of the hospital when she noticed her ex-husband, then her boyfriend flanked by Parrish and Derek, and she immediately knew something was up by the looks on their faces.

"Oh, here we go." She sighed as she approached them. Before she could say anything, Noah spoke to Rafael.

"Hey!" He began sternly, glaring at the agent. "He is not coming in!"

"This is the only hospital that'll take him." Rafael shrugged, as Melissa glanced between them warily.

"What about County?" The sheriff suggested.

"You'd be surprised how fast things fill up when a guy like this needs surgery." Rafael retorted.

"They turfed him to us?" Melissa sighed, knowing exactly who they were talking about.

"Yeah." Noah confirmed, sending her an apologetic look. "If the county doesn't want to operate on him-"

"Then somebody has to." Rafael finished for him just before the paramedics walked by. They were pushing a gurney with a man strapped to it, the criminal who needed surgery.

"Somebody needs to do the pre-op interview." Melissa stated out loud as she stared at the man.

"Who usually does that?" Rafael asked, and Melissa sighed once more and paused for a moment before replying.


Later, after the clock hit midnight and it was officially Monday, Stiles, Isaac, Jackson, Cora, Erica, Boyd, Ethan and Aiden were spread out around the school, setting up pranks. As he worked, Isaac was on the phone to Allison, trying to get her to come to the school. Jackson was doing the same with Lydia, as did Ethan with Danny and Stiles with Scott.

"Get your ass down here now. We have a job to do." Stiles ordered down the phone as he made his way to his gym locker.

"Dude, I'm already in bed." Scott complained. "And aren't we getting a little old for this?"

"We do this for Coach." Stiles argued as he walked through the locker room with his flashlight.

"I thought we did this to Coach." Scott countered with a chuckle and Stiles rolled his eyes.

"Whatever, okay? You know he needs this. He lives for this stuff. He loves it."

"But it's the middle of the night."

"Which means it's after midnight and officially Mischief Night/Day, and, by perfectly awesome coincidence, it also happens to be Coach's birthday." Stiles reminded him with a grin as he retrieved what he needed from his locker. "So if you are not down here in five seconds, I will destroy you. Okay? And I mean five, four, three, two-" He turned around to see a figure looming in the shadows with glowing amber eyes. Hey let out a yelp of surprise as he jumped back and dropped everything he had been holding. Scott stepped out of the shadows and looked down at his best friend with a huge grin.


"I hate you." Stiles grumbled without heat as he pulled himself up from the floor. "Now come on, we've got a lot of pranks to set up."

Soon enough, all of the teenagers of the Pack were reunited to set up the big prank in Coaches office. "Okay, so, what we're going to do is remove all the screws, bol-" Stiles ramble on, going through the details of the prank eagerly and soon enough, they all set to work, whispering to each other excitedly.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

The next morning, the teens of the Pack walked into the school and were immediately met with a roll of toilet paper flying at them. "That's my face!" Stiles yelled in annoyance and his Pack mates chuckled. "Okay, so quick reminder that Derek and I have a date tomorrow night, and the adults are having a 'Grown ups' night at the Reyes' so you guys will have to make your own dinner."

"Aww, c'mon!" Scott complained with a half-joking whine. "You of all people know how bad I am in the kitchen!"

"Yeah, c'mon mum," Jackson joined in with a grin, causing Stiles to roll his eyes. "don't let McCall poison us."

"Really mum, do you want us to die?" Isaac added with a faux sad expression.

"Hey, guys, you're overthinking this." Erica cut them off with a wide smile. "This just means that we can order take-out!"

"Or hunt for some deer." Cora told them. "We can barbecue it, lounge by the pool and let our wolves out a little without them here to hold us back or stop us sparring for fun." She grinned and sent a mischievous look to the others about sparring. They were only allowed to spar for fun on full moons, as it help calm their wolves, somehow, but both Derek and Stiles were very protective over their pups. Therefore, they didn't want them play-sparring very much as it often got rough, and someone usually got hurt. Only mildly, and they always healed in minutes, but it was enough to make Stiles and Derek wary, and say sparring was only for training and full moons.

"Yeah, let's do that!" Ethan agreed with a grin, and Aiden nodded along. All of them were trying to get a small rise out of Stiles, but he refused to give them what they wanted.

They were all concerned for him, although he had regained the ability to tell when he was awake, and read, he hadn't shifted at all. He hadn't even flashed his eyes, not even when Derek howled. Getting a rise out of him increased the chance of him shifting again. Sure, it wasn't the best idea to try it in school, but they were feeling desperate. He appeared to retain his enhanced senses and healing though.

"Then the three of us," Lydia joined in, gesturing to herself, Allison and Danny, trying to finish the job. "can order our own take-out, cause, I don't know about you two, but cooked or not, I don't really want to eat deer."

"Hey, look, there's Kira." Stiles pointed out suddenly as a distraction, pointing to the girl who stood at the opposite side of the corridor, opening her locker.

"Should we go talk to her?" Scott asked semi-nervously. "Do you think she'll want to talk to us?"

"Scott, buddy," Stiles sighed, grabbing his best friend by the shoulder and looked him in the eyes. "literally just last week, she told us that she wanted to befriend us. She carried four additional bags through the school for us, and even after being cornered by Malia, she still wanted to be our friends, and said she'd do it again, just avoiding the coyote." He reminded the crooked-jawed boy patiently. "So don't be nervous to talk to her, okay? You're a werewolf, an apex-predator, you're like the hot girl almost everyone wants."

"I'm the hot girl?" Scott asking, tilting his head adorably.

"You are the hottest girl!" Stiles assured, then winked at his friend before allowing his hands to slip from his shoulders, and stepping away and walking to his locker and few paces away.

"I'm the hot girl." Scott repeated, a tone of realisation to his voice.

"Yes you are." Allison and Isaac agreed in unison, surprising some people walking past. Their mate, however, looked overjoyed and a happy grin appear on his face, and a light blush dusted his cheeks. He adjusted his bag straps in a way that somehow looked insanely cute, before strolling over to Kira happily, some of his Pack mates following behind him, and the others walked over to Stiles, who was putting cartons of eggs, toilet paper rolls and other pranking supplies into his locker.

"Hey Kira." Scott greeted with a smile, Allison, Isaac, Erica, Lydia, Cora and Danny following with similar greetings.

"Hey." Kira smiled back, closing her locker. "How's it going?"

"We're good thanks, how about you?"

"I'm good, thanks."

"No more run-in's with coyotes?" Erica asked with a soft smile.

"No, none at all." She assured. "I did nearly get eaten alive again, though." She joked, causing concerned and confused looks to cross over her new friends faces. "My mum was livid when she found out. Going on and on about how I should be more careful." Kira stated as she rolled her eyes, the school bell ringing just after. Wordlessly, she and the group started to walk towards their first class of the day, which they all shared.

Cora snorted at Kira's response. "Right, like you knew the coyote was gonna be there when you took that route."

"Her mother was probably just worried." Allison defended. "Her daughter could've been eaten alive, it was probably just the fear of losing her." Kira went to speak, but Isaac spoke up.

"I get what you're saying, I do, but her mother should have been more focused on the fact that Kira was unharmed and been grateful over that, rather than getting angry over the situation." Allison smiled sympathetically, understanding why Isaac felt they way he did, but thought Kira's situation was different, and she voiced that opinion.

"You have a good point, but I don't think the situation was like that." She looked to Kira and asked: "Was your mother's anger directed at you?"

"No." Kira assured immediately, there was a look in Isaac's eyes that she recognised. A late friend of hers had had the same look. "She was more upset at the situation than anything. She tends to yell when she's upset, that's her way of coping, but it's never personal, and it's never more than that. She doesn't say anything hurtful either, it's basically just ranting about what happened in a shout."

Isaac nodded, a relief spreading through him. He didn't want anyone to experience even a fraction of what he went though with his father, not even his worst enemies. He liked Kira, so he definitely didn't want her to go through that. Thankfully, what she described was very different, when his father yelled, it was hurtful, and demeaning and the blame was always on Isaac himself. "That's good then."

Kira smiled, then changed the subject. "Right, so, speaking of the coyote… this is a little embarrassing." She blushed at the thought of what she was about to ask before continuing. "So, my dad told my mum about the whole thing, including how you guys saved me." Kira told them, looking at Scott and Erica as the rest of the Pack joined the group in walking to class. "And mum decided that she wanted to invite you both over for dinner as a thank you, then my dad went and told her about the rest of you guys and how Erica said that you all wanted to be my friends, so now they want to invite you all over. My dad is going to ask you, Scott, after class today, but I thought I'd ask first so that if you don't want to, you can prepare an excuse."

"Well, we can't go over to yours." Stiles said before Scott could reply. "We're having a meal tonight with the entire p- family. So, Scott, when Mr Yukimura offers, counter-offer them coming over to ours. Tonight, 7 o'clock. Okay?" Scott nodded without question, Stiles pulled out his phone and fired off a quick text to the Pack group chat about the potential change in plan, so that everyone who wasn't currently with him was aware.

"Just, don't mention that I told you, please." Kira requested sheepishly. "They didn't actually tell me, I overheard them talking in the kitchen last night and wanted to give you a heads up."

"Of course."

Malia text back first from the phone Derek had brought for her. The only numbers in it were for the Pack and her father, but that was all she needed.

Group Message: Pack
From: Wild Child
Message:  Does this mean we can't have deer for dinner?

Group Message: Pack
From: Wild Child
Message:  Dad told me it's not the usual human meal.

Stiles chuckled at the reply, and began typing out his own answer.

Group Message: Pack
From: Pack Mum
Message:  Sadly no :( But my cooking is gr8! ull luv it!

Group Message: Pack
From: Wonder Pup
Message:  Besides, we can have deer anytime, Stiles makes big meals a lot too, but as we're trying to impress Kira and her family, he'll go all out, which is something that doesn't happen often, and is always amazing when it does.

Stiles looked over to Isaac, who just smiled in response. "Anyway, do you want to sit with us at lunch today?" Erica asked suddenly, surprising Kira, before she could answer, however, Jackson took over.

"We have been meaning to ask for a while," He clarified, then sent a look over to Scott "But some people were worried that'd you'd say no and insisted that we only ask if you talk to us first."

"Until today, when he finally grew a pair." Cora teased, ignoring Scott's indignant 'Hey' and just smiled at Kira's giggle.

"If you do say no, that's completely fine." Danny told her with a gentle smile. "We're not going to shun you or anything, but it would be nice if you sat with us."

"I'd love to." Kira replied honestly with a pleased smile, which was returned by everyone in the group.

No more than five minutes later, Coach Finstock cautiously entered his office, glancing around rapidly, showing clear suspicion at everything around him. Before stepping through, he checked the door frame for trip wires or fake cobwebs. He cautiously flicked the light switch then scrambled back quickly, almost fearfully. The lights buzzed on and nothing happened, so he cautiously made his way into the room, looking and sniffing around for any traps or pranks, then, his eyes fell on a small box, decorated with shiny blue paper, and a light blue bow. He poked it with a few objects from a distance, then took a chance and crept over to it slowly. Once he reached it, he flicked the lid up a few times then carefully removed the lid.

He blinked in surprise at the box's contents as he set the lid down beside it. Screws and bolts… The box… was filled… with screws and bolts? He laughed as he dipped his hand into box and pulled out a handful of the objects. "Is that all you got?" He laughed aloud as he allowed the screws and bolts to slip between his fingers and back into the box. "That's it?" He asked, sounding slightly annoyed this time. Then he chuckled again, and slowly lifted the box from the desk, not noticing the zzp sound of a trip wire being pulled. Until, the box couldn't be pulled any higher, and the pictures on the wall behind him all fell to the floor. Shortly followed by many other objects around the room. In frustration, he dropped the box and slammed his fists down on the desk, causing two of the legs to fall out of place, leaving the table slanted, sending everything on it sliding to the floor. Coach groaned before dropping to the seat. A second later, the chair collapsed.

Coach's shout of "Son of a bitch!" could be heard by everyone in the adjoining classroom, causing them all to chuckle. Stiles sent a mischievous grin around at his Pack, all of whom were hiding their own mischief, some better than others, but he knew them all well enough to know their expressions.

It wasn't long until Coach stormed in, looking very angry. "Mischief Night, Devil's Night, I don't care what you call it, you little punks are evil." A few people in the class, including Erica, laughed again as Stiles looked very proud of himself. "You think it's funny every Halloween my house gets egged? A man's house is supposed to be his castle. Mine's a frickin' omelet!" He proceeded to yell at the class, before his eyes fell on a second present box, wrapped differently than the other. He then continued to yell, "Oh, this? We're gonna do this again?" he asked picking up the box and shaking it, causing Stiles' grin to widen further, if possible, and Scott to look at his best friend in questioning. "I don't think so." as he threw the box to the ground and stomped on it, until he heard a smash. He froze, then slowly lifted his foot from the, now crushed, box. Soon he held the broken remnants of a novelty mug with a picture of him on it along with '#1 Coach', and read out a happy-birthday note from Greenberg.

As he proceeded to look guilty, Danny noticed Lydia swatting the air around her. He stared in confusion until she noticed him. "What are you doing?"

"There's a fly!" She replied in a hushed voice, confusing the wolves.

"No there isn't." Erica countered, looking at the redhead with a half-confused, half-curious expression.

"You don't hear the buzzing?" The others shook their heads as Allison, who was sat directly in front of Lydia, leant back in her seat and whispered to her.

"Do you think it's something Banshee related?" Lydia frowned thoughtfully as Coach began the lesson. This hadn't happened in a long time, being unsure if something was banshee related or not. Usually, she could simply tell without having to think or focus. This was different, and that worried her. Lydia tried to block out the sound and focus on making her notes, but the buzzing only intensified.

Not long after, at the hospital, Barrow attacked a doctor and escaped, and Melissa was feeling quite shaken up. "Noah, I need to talk to you." She rushed out as she strode up to the sheriff as he spoke to Parrish and Derek, "All three of you." She added when she noticed the two deputies, ignoring her ex, who was thankfully on the phone as the three walked over to her. "These dead flies everywhere? They came out of Barrow. Out of his tumor."

"Is that even possible?" Parrish asked with a disgusted look on his face and Melissa shrugged.

"Maggots can come from the body, it's called myiasis, but from the stomach? It's not likely." Melissa stated, then looked all three of the in the eyes, one at a time to make sure they were listening before continuing. "And there's something else. Last night, he told me why he killed those teenagers."

"I know, I read the report: Glowing eyes." The Sheriff sighed before running a hand through his hair.

"Please tell me you're joking." Derek all but begged as Parrish looked concerned.

"He's specifically after people with glowing eyes?" Parrish asked with a worried frown, shooting a glance at Derek.

"Yeah, and we all know a few people who fit that description." Melissa added, also looking at Derek, who was pulling his phone out of his pocket with a frown. As he did this, agent McCall called out to everyone.

"Listen up, everyone. The stolen ambulance has been spotted. Corner of Truman and Spaulding." Noah swore under his breath.

"That's three blocks from the school." He stated out loud and Melissa looked panicked. He turned and charged towards the door, Derek and Parrish following closely by, and Derek called Stiles on his phone as he went. "Let's go. Go!"

Back at the school, the Pack were gathered in a secluded part of the school during their lunch break with Derek while the sheriff and multiple other deputies scoured the school, looking for Barrow. Derek had just informed them about everything he knew about The Shrapnel Bomber.

"He went after kids with glowing eyes specifically?" Isaac asked for clarification, with wide eyes, and an edge of a sigh in his voice, as if he couldn't decide between being worried or annoyed about the threat.

"Yeah," Stiles confirmed, decidedly annoyed over the situation. "And no one knows how he woke up from anesthesia, just that when they opened him up, they found a tumor" He shifted his gaze to Lydia "full of live flies."

Lydia sighed as the rest of the Pack, except Derek who looked confused, exchanged looks varying from panicked to curious to excited, depending on the person. "What?" Derek urged, looking put out at being the only one not in the know.

"All day I've been hearing this buzzing." Lydia told him, letting her frustration at the incessant noise known. "I was convinced it was a fly until the others told me that there were no flies around."

"So what does this mean?" Aiden frowned, folding his arms over his chest.

"I think," Lydia began, pulling in a shuddered breath to calm herself before continuing. "that it means that Barrow is here, in the school." She confessed honestly, and Cora frowned tilting her head curiously.

"What makes you so sure?" The brunette asked.

"Because usually, when I get these feelings, I feel the urge to go somewhere, to where the death is going to take place, but not this time. This time I feel like I need to stay here." Lydia explained and the others nodded, trusting in the Banshee and her abilities. There was also an air of panic around the Pack however, as like Lydia said, the Banshee in her is drawn to death, so, the question is: Who was Barrow going to target?

"Alright, Stiles, Allison, I want the two of you with Lydia, in case anything happens." Derek half asked, half ordered. "Jackson, Boyd, I'd like you to stick with the sheriff, keep vigilant for any signs of Barrow. Danny, I want you to look for him using any and all security cameras that you can get into, Ethan, stick with him just in case. The rest of you, I'd like to come with me to the basement, is everyone okay with that?" The Alpha asked and there was a mostly agreement from the Pack, except for Erica.

"Um, yeah, just give me a second, I need to text Kira." At Derek's raised eyebrow, Erica explained as some Pack members cursed as they remembered. "I asked her to sit with us at lunch today."

"No," Derek ordered immediately. "Stick with her, keep her safe."

"Safe?" Scott asked curiously, looking at Derek in slight confusion. "Why would she need protection?"

"I don't know." Derek admitted honestly, a small frown on his face. "It's just a feeling I've had since that day in the locker room with Malia." The Pack simply nodded, accepting it and willing to trust their Alpha's instincts. "Right, so Erica, Isaac, I want you to stick with Kira and come up with some excuse as to why the others aren't at lunch if she asks. Scott, Cora, Aiden, I'd like you to come with me to the basement, alright?" The trio nodded, and Derek smiled. "Okay, Parrish is on his way with Barrows prison uniform, so we can get his scent, then we'll get started."

Less than a minute later, the deputy in question arrived with a bag in hand. Each wolf made quick work of familiarising themselves with his scent, then split up to search the school.

"Alright Lydia, you getting anything?" Stiles asked as the trio walked through the oddly empty corridors of the school, sniffing for Barrow's scent, the Banshee listening to the whispers of the other Banshees and the buzzing noise, and the huntress kept her hand hovering near her bag, ready to reach in and grab the first weapon she came to. Her eye's darting about the corridor, analysing every aspect of her surroundings, fully prepared to fight.

"The buzzing is getting louder." Was Lydia's only response as she continued leading her best friends through the school, trying to focus on finding Barrow before he could hurt anybody else. They continued searching in silence for a few minutes until suddenly Stiles dropped into a faux relaxed stance and spoke.

"There's a group of students coming this way." He warned, and both of the girls dropped into seemingly relaxed stances. Allison reluctantly let her hand swing by her side, though her instincts were screaming at her to prepare to grab something. Lydia forced herself to act like she wasn't listening to anything other than Stiles and Allison, and fall in line with them, acting like they all knew exactly where they were going. The students passed, not giving the trio a second glance. They continued searching without trouble for another ten minutes when they finally made progress.

Suddenly, Lydia stopped dead in her tracks, Stiles and Allison quickly doing the same. The brunettes watched as Lydia turned slowly to look at the door she'd stopped outside of. Coach's office door. "Here." She whispered, and Allison quickly gripped the folding crossbow that lie in her bag while Stiles moved in front of Lydia and reached out to open the door. He gripped the handle tightly then looked to his companions one at a time in silent questioning, both of who nodded in return. Yes, they were ready. Yes, they were armed. Yes, open the door.

Stiles turned the handle and went to open the door, when "Hey!" Coach called out from behind them. The trio spun around wide eyed, Allison letting go of the crossbow and pulling her hand from her bag.

"Coach!" Stiles blurted in panic as he rapidly tried to think of an excuse. "We were, uh, we were just-"

"I know exactly what you were doing, Stilinski, one prank wasn't enough so you decided to ruin my office some more. Well tough luck kid, I caught you. It's you two that I'm disappointed in," Coach stated, shaking his head at Lydia and Allison. "profoundly disappointed. I thought better of you than that." He then gestured towards the corridor. "I'll let you off just this once though, go on get to lunch."

"But Coach-"

"Lunch or detention Stilinski." Coach Finstock barked and the lanky boy gave in reluctantly, then walked away with Lydia and Allison, all three glancing back at the man worriedly as they did so. Coach shook his head again, waiting a moment, before walking in the same direction to make sure they didn't double back. Moments after he was out of sight, the door to his office opened. William Barrow looked out at the corridor warily, looking for any signs of potential witnesses. Feeling confident that no one was there, the Shrapnel Bomber left Coach's office silently, while pressing down on his wound and made his way through the corridor, looking for somewhere else to hide and patch himself up.

It wasn't until Barrow had long left the office that Stiles, Allison and Lydia were able to return, this time with the Sheriff and Parrish. "I don't smell him." Stiles frowned slightly as Lydia sighed. "I'm sorry, all I smell is chemicals."

"He's not here anymore. The buzzing isn't as loud here, he must have left after we almost caught him." She sighed in frustration, a slight growl edging her voice. "We nearly had him."

"Hey, it's okay." Parrish spoke up to comfort the Banshee before either of her Pack mates could. "We'll get him, and just because he's not in there, that doesn't mean we won't find any clues." He reminded her softly with a kind smile, then gestured towards the door. "Shall we?"

As they searched for any evidence towards where Barrow may have gone, Stilinski received a call from agent McCall regarding Barrow. "We got a tip that puts Barrow at the train station." He informed them, then looked to Parrish. "We gotta go."

"He's not there." Lydia told him before either of them could make a move to leave. "I know he isn't. He's still here in the school."

Noah sighed, running a hand over his face. "Look, Lydia, I believe you, I do, but as part of my job, I have to follow up on this, if I don't, someone'll say something to someone and I could get in a lot more trouble. McCall may know the truth now, but I'm still being investigated because he can't tell his superiors the truth about Beacon Hills." Lydia nodded in response as Stiles frowned sadly at his father. "Look, the best I can do is leave Derek and send Tara here, and you guys can continue looking, but I have to go, and I'd like Parrish to come with me. The school is now on lockdown, nobody'll get in or out until 3 o'clock. That's the best I can give you."

"We'll get this taken care of." Stiles promised, and they all knew that he wasn't only talking about the Barrow situation."Oh, and dad? You need to get Allison out of the school." Stiles told him, gesturing to the huntress who nodded.


"I need to check the bestiary." Allison told him. "It's at my house and neither of my parents can bring it as they're both busy. Plus, it's literally a thousand pages long, if I'm going to find anything about flies coming out of people's bodies, it could take me all night."

"Alright." Noah nodded. "We'll say you're ill, get Melissa to sign off on you going home early. You two," He said, gesturing to Stiles and Lydia. "If you do find this guy, be careful, okay? Please don't flash your eyes, Stiles, we don't know if he has any idea if any of the students here actually have glowing eyes, let alone if he knows it's you, so be careful, okay?"

"Okay." Stiles promised seriously, looking his father in the eyes to show his sincerity. Besides, it had been so long since he'd been able to shift that Stiles was pretty much convinced he'd lost that ability for good.

"Good, right, Allison, let's go. You two, we'll see you later."

"Remember, we have dinner with the Yukimura's and Tate's tonight, and Allison, the Archaic Latin word for 'flies' is 'Musca'" Lydia responded firmly, Allison nodded then left with the Sheriff and deputy.

Following their departure, Stiles and Lydia continued their search. They were looking in an empty classroom when Lydia's eyes fell on a poster stuck to the wall. Thoughts were rapidly flying through her head when she asked "Cora and Derek are in the basement, right?"

Stiles turned and looked at her, then nodded. "Yeah, with Scott and Aiden. The plan is they meet in the middle, in the boiler room."

"Four of the wolves." She said in a low voice as the thought occurred to her. "Four of the ones with glowing eyes are in the basement at the boiler room?" Stiles blinked, then his eyes widened.

"Oh, my God!" He gasped, standing up straight and swinging around to face her. "An engineer could use a boiler room to blow up the whole school."

"We have to get them out of there!" She stated unnecessarily, panic and fiery determination burned in her eyes.

"We have to get everyone out." Stiles added.

"How do we do that? The school is on lockdown" Despite the situation, Stiles grinned, a wild and slightly manic grin, but a grin nonetheless.

"My time has come!" He announced, then took off in a sprint, Lydia blinked in surprise, then followed. Down in the basement, the wolves were searching for Barrow when the fire alarm began blaring. Cora and Derek stopped, looked at each other, silently debating whether or not to ignore it and keep searching. Derek shook his head slightly, then they made their way out of the basement, finding Scott and Aiden along the way.

Upstairs, Stiles was grinning as he watched everyone evacuate the school, his finger still on the fire alarm. Lydia was also smiling victoriously as she looked around, only to stop when she looked at Stiles again. Stiles continued to smile for a moment before he noticed her expression, then the scent caught him. His own smile dropped, and he turned to look behind him, flinching back when he found Coach closer than expected, staring at him.

Coach grabbed Stiles by his ear, and proceeded to practically drag him from the building, Lydia following silently. "Wow. Pulling a fire alarm on Mischief Night is one thing. Doing it when there's a mass murderer spotted nearby is insane!" Coach yelled before finally releasing Stiles, "If I was four years younger, I-I'd punch you." Stiles blinked rapidly and tilted his head in confusion - their age gap- even four years wouldn't-

"Coach, that doesn't even make sense." Stiles told him, flailing his arms slightly as usual.

"Oh, well, it does to me." Coach told him, mimicking the students' actions. Stiles and Finstock exchanged looks before the elder man walked away.

Stiles rubbed his aching ear while Lydia came up beside him, then they spotted part of their Pack. "Hey." Stiles called out, jogging over to his mate. When he reached Derek, he gave him a short kiss, then pulled back. "Find anything?"

"Nothing." Derek replied, shaking his head.

"No scent, no trail." Aiden added with a frown. "We did find some guys making out though, one of Danny's ex's and someone from the swim team."

"Ray. The guy who cheated." Scott told Stiles and Lydia, without them having to ask. "And the guy he was with is not his current boyfriend. Don't worry though, I got a picture."

"Wait cheated?" Aiden asked with wide eyes. "That dick cheated on Danny? Why would anyone cheat on Danny?"

"We think he might have suffered from a mental break." Lydia told him as she folded her arms over her chest. "You'd think being paralysed by a Kanima would make him think about changing his way, but no, still cheating on all of his boyfriends."

"Why does anyone still date him?" Aiden asked rhetorically. "Wait, what's a Kanima?"

"Better question," Stiles interrupted. "It's 3 o'clock, so school's over. If Barrow had planted a bomb, wouldn't he have set it off by now?"

"So, does that mean everyone's safe?"

"I don't know." Lydia replied, shaking her head slowly, mentally wishing for the buzzing to end. "I just don't know."

"Hey!" A voice called out, turning, Stiles saw Erica, who had spoken, with Kira and Isaac. "There you guys are."

"Hey." Scott greeted, giving Isaac an affectionate kiss, then turned to Kira. "Sorry that we didn't join you guys for lunch we-"

"Don't worry about it." Kira assured. "Erica explained the situation." Her eyes then fell on Derek, "Hello deputy Hale."

"Please call me Derek." The Alpha insisted with a smile. "So, I understand that you and your parents are coming over for dinner tonight?"

Kira blinked, clearly confused as to why Derek would be there. "Yeah." She replied anyway, not wanting to appear rude.

"Derek is my boyfriend, by the way." Stiles informed her, chuckling at the look of realisation crossing her face.

"He's also my brother." Cora cut in.

"Okay that makes sense." Kira said with a nod. "I just assumed that you were a good friend of the sheriff's or something." She explained with a smile. "Not that there's any reason that you couldn't be friends with these guys,or dating any of them, or related to someone, like you are with Cora." She blurted with wide eyes, as usual, worried that she'd said something wrong. "Just because you're older- Not that you look old or anything, it's just that you're a deputy and with all the training in the police academy and stuff, you have to be a couple of years older. Unless you're like a prodigy or something, in which case-" She cut herself off when Derek let out a chuckle, some of the other Pack members doing the same.

"You're going to fit in well with us." He told her honestly. Kira beamed at Derek, who smiled in return. Small talk was made easily amongst the group and it wasn't long until the rest of the Pack who were currently at the school joined them. They stood talking for a good half an hour until Kira's father exited the school and made his way to his car, spotting the group along the way.

"Kira?" He called out, gaining her attention. Kira held up one finger, signalling for him to wait a moment.

"Sorry, I've gotta go." She apologised, disappointment clear to even the humans.

"Don't worry about it." Boyd assured. "We'll see you tonight anyway, you know the address?"

"Yup." Kira confirmed, happier than she had been. "Erica told me."

"I gave your dad directions as well." Scott told her kindly.

"Thank you." Kira smiled before her father called for her once more. "Sorry, I'll see you guys tonight." Farewells were exchanged, then Kira walked away, to get a lift home with her father.

"You gave him directions?" Stiles asked Scott who replied in confirmation, then Stiles sighed. "They're so getting lost."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Later that afternoon, Derek and Noah returned home to find the teenaged Pack members arguing with Stiles. Stiles was clearly irritated as he tried to grab his phone back from Scott, who was protected by the rest of the Pack, as they all talked over each other saying that Stiles couldn't do something. Melissa, Peter, Hayley, Sheila and Jake watched on in amusement, and Malia and Mr Tate sat on the couch looking a mixture of bewildered, amused and concerned.

"Hey!" Derek yelled with an Alpha edge in his voice, effectively silencing the Pack and gaining their attention. "What the hell is going on here?" He all but growled, sure they had all had a rough day and were all frustrated and worried because they hadn't found Barrow, but that didn't explain or excuse this. The teens all started talking at once. "One at a time!" Derek ordered, causing them all to fall silent as they impatiently waited for Derek to decide who would speak first. "Scott, you first." He decided, given that the crooked jawed boy had been doing the least yelling and was the first to fall silent at Derek's command.

"Stiles is trying to cancel your date, so we took his phone to keep him from calling the restaurant, and tried to talk him out of it, but things got a little… heated." Scott informed him dutifully, waving the phone in question for emphasis.

"Give Stiles his phone back, Scott, of course we're canceling the date." Derek stated firmly, causing the Pack to protest, they had barely started speaking, however, when the sheriff spoke over them.

"No you're not." Noah told him firmly, confusing the Alpha and his mate. "I've told you time and time again, you can't keep putting your lives on pause because of the craziness in this town. We can all take care of ourselves, you don't have to worry as much as you do. The Pack'll be fine whilst you're on your date, we" he continued, referring to the adults of the Pack and himself. "will be fine and close enough to run over if anything happens." The adults decided that they should all get to know each other and Mr Tate better, so they miraculously found a night where they all had the night off from work and were going to spend it at the Reyes House. Well, they all had tonight night free too, but that was for Pack dinner. "You two are going out tomorrow, it'll be fine."

"But-" Stiles tried, looking at the Pack in concern, but his father sent him a look, and he promptly shut his mouth. "Fine, but if anything happens-"

"We'll call you and you can say 'I told you so' as much as you want." Noah promised without a moment's hesitation.

"Is it always like this?" Mr Tate asked Malia in a hushed tone, forgetting that most of the people there could hear him anyway.

"No." Malia replied. "The arguments usually last longer and involve at least someone flashing their eyes. Usually Jackson. He has a short fuse."

"No I don't!"

The Yukimura's arrived for dinner a little late, though they had been driving through the woods for about fifteen minutes, searching for the house. After it was clear to the Pack that the family were struggling to find the house, Isaac and Erica went out on a 'run', they took a few laps around the house before heading through the woods. They looped around so that it looked as though they were just heading back to the house from a run when they spotted the Yukimura's

"Hey." Erica greeted with a smile as she panted for breath. "And here we were trying to think up an acceptable apology for being late to dinner."

"Direct us to your house, and all is forgiven." Mr Yukimura smiled in return, then nodded his head to the back seat. "Hop in, save you running all the way back."

Isaac smiled in relief "Thank you." He said as the rear passenger side door opened, revealing Kira smiling at them somewhat nervously as she shuffled over to allow them in. "I'm exhausted from trying to keep up with Blondie over there." Sure, Isaac was a werewolf with advanced Stamina and speed, but so was Erica, and the girl was faster and in better shape than him, and trying to keep up with her could tire almost anybody out.

"Loser." Erica teased with a grin, causing Isaac to stick his tongue out at her in response. "Thank you for this."

"Of course." The teacher responded, "Thank you for inviting us over."

"Well, you invited us first." Erica reminded him kindly as Isaac made small talk with Kira. "We just didn't want any of our friends to be left out."

"That's very considerate of you." Kira's mother stated, speaking for the first time.

Erica shrugged. "It's just how we work, we don't like leaving anyone out." The family looked… impressed? Neither Erica nor Isaac thought there was anything that impressive about it, it was just Pack instinct. Had he thought about it more, Isaac would have later realised the there were many people in his biological family that he'd happily leave out of gatherings.

"Oh, it's a left here- middle fork- turn right at the elephant's butt-"

"It's a rock, Blondie."

"It looks like an elephant's butt!- Okay and another right- left here- and, here we are." The car drove out from the trees, onto the grassy clearing of the Hale property. "We'll be in the biggest house for dinner today." Erica informed them happily as she swung the door open before the car had stopped moving, then hopped out of the car, landing easily. "I'm just going to go to my house, well, it's my parents house, but I live there." The blonde pointed to the house in question. "The other house belongs to Boyd's parents by the way. Anyway, Isaac'll show you to the p- main house and I'll just be a minute, if that's alright?" Quick assurances were made before Erica jogged away to change back into the outfit she'd planned to wear that night and Isaac led the family to the Hale house.

Half an hour later, all introductions had been made, Isaac and Erica had changed, and the majority of the group were sitting around the dining table, as the others collected the food from the kitchen. Stiles walked through first, holding a tray of freshly made Tonkatsu in one hand and a tall pile of twenty-eight plates in the other.

"Okay, so we weren't sure of what you liked, apart from the fact that Kira loves Pizza, so we decided to make a little buffet style meal with various foods from various places, hopefully you like at least some of it." He grinned as he leant over Melissa and Chris to place the tray in the centre of the table. The Yukimura family watched warily as the pile of plates wobbled slightly, however, no one else at the table seemed even slightly concerned. "We would've just made Japanese food except Mrs Reyes is allergic to fish and Boyd just doesn't like it, Cora hates rice, Mr Tate can't eat anything with starch in it, and Peter is the world's fussiest eater." Stiles explained as his fellow Pack members walked through and started setting food down on the table. He carried on speaking as he set the clean plates down, one by one.

"Besides, we weren't sure if you all actually liked those foods. I have this online friend who's from Scotland but she doesn't like most traditional Scottish food, and-" Stiles rambled on as the food was brought out. By the time he'd finished speaking, all of the food had been laid out and everyone had a plate.

"Okay, If you want anything that's out of arm's reach, don't be shy, just say the word and someone'll pass it down. We have more of everything in the kitchen too, so if it's running low, feel free to finish it off and I'll go refill the plate afterwards." Stiles smiled before taking his usual seat next to Derek.

"Have you considered opening a restaurant?" Mrs Yukimura asked with a soft smile. "I have a feeling you'd be quite good at it."

"Aww, thank you, that's so sweet." Stiles gushed, as a blush coated his cheeks. "But, no, I plan to go into law enforcement-"

"No you're not." The central Pack members all called out at once.

"Sorry, they're very protective." Stiles told the Yukimura's, Tate's, and the adult Boyd's and Reyes', all of whom were shocked as they'd never heard the Pack reject something Stiles wanted to do so suddenly, including his more reckless plans.

"It's too dangerous, Stiles." Isaac told him, before eating another piece of Sushi.

"None of you have any problems with my dad or Derek-"

"Your dad has been working for the BHPD since before you were born, and has been Sheriff for years, and Derek, we do have a problem with, but he'd already been to the police academy before we met him, and joined the BHPD without telling any of us, except you and your dad, until the night before he started, so we couldn't stop him." Scott reminded him around a mouthful of lasagna. Ignoring his mother's call of 'manners' "You, however, we can."

"Besides, opening a restaurant could be awesome!" Erica grinned as she stared at her plate, trying to decide what to eat next. "Allison and I can be the mixologists, you, Danny, Isaac and Lydia can work the kitchen, Cora can be the person who sees everyone in, whatever you call them, Boyd, Ethan, Aiden, Scott and Jackson can be the waiters! We'll call it 'Hale's' and we'll have an hour each night for our band to play!" She finished, without even glancing up at anyone, before stabbing her fork into a sausage.

"You have a band?" Mr Yukimura asked with a big grin, as Kira groaned in preemptive embarrassment. When he received nods in return, he continued "Kira is an amazing singer, maybe she could-"

"Dad!" Kira sighed, shaking her head at him. "Stop!" However, her mother decided to get in on embarrassing Kira, and pulled out her phone and began playing a video of Kira singing a breath-taking cover of Elvis' Can't Help Falling in Love with You.

"Please join our band!" Scott all-but-yelled no sooner than the final note died. "You are so much better than me!"

"She is amazing." Lydia agreed. "But she can't be our only singer as we still need you for our Blink and MCR covers and the like." The redhead reminded him before turning to Kira. "Saturday, why don't you come over? We're having a jam session and we'll see how you fit in with our style."

Kira barely got out her agreement before Erica was rambling in excitement.

That conversation soon came to an end, but it wasn't long until a new one began. Started, by Hayley Reyes "So you guys moved here from New York?"

Ms Yukimura nodded and smiled at the woman. "I have family ties here. Several generations."

"That's cool," Danny grinned "Anyone we may have heard of?"

"I doubt it."

"Yukimura is Japanese, right?" Scott asked curiously, trying to learn more about Kira's family.

Ms Yukimura nodded once more and hummed her confirmation as her husband spoke. "Yes, but I'm actually Korean. When my wife and I married, I took her name, as she was the only surviving member of her family."

"You didn't want to take both names?"

"We were married in Japan, where the law says that the couple must share the same name. To belong to the same koseki." Mr Yukimura explained, using the same tone he used when he explained things in class. "My wife's lineage is quite unique. I was actually going to discuss it in class."

"Please don't." Kira practically begged, giving her father great puppy dog eyes that could rival Scott's. Her father frowned in disappointment and shook his head at her.

"You should be proud of your heritage, Kira." Her father stated.

"Hey, can someone pass the mash?" Stiles asked suddenly. Kira smiled as the bowl of mash was in front of her, she picked it up and passed it down the table.

"Could someone please pass the lasagna?" Kira asked in return, rather than responding to her father. "Thank you." She smiled at Erica gratefully, who had been the one to hand it to her.

"You're welcome," The blonde replied, then remembered something. "Oh! The trailer for the new season of Supernatural came out this morning!"

"You watch Supernatural?!" Kira asked excitedly with wide eyes. "Oh my god, that finale!"

"Oh, I know!" Allison took over with a huge grin. "We were all shocked, half of us literally gasped aloud when that happened."

"Well," Stiles countered, sharing a smug look with Lydia. "Not all of us were shocked."

"It was obvious something like that was going to happen if you think about it." Lydia continued. "With Amara's infatuation and capabilities, plus the show's history with that sort of thing, it was easy to figure out what they were going to do."

"Yeah, yeah, the two of you are psychic, we know." Scott grumbled in mock annoyance.

"Nope," Stiles beamed, popping the 'p' "I'm just really clever. Lydia is the psychic."

"Banshee, not psychic there's a difference." Lydia corrected automatically, rolling her eyes at him, earning her raised eyebrows from the Yukimura's.

"Banshee?" Kira asked curiously. No one panicked at the slip, just took it in their stride.

"Just wait til you hear her scream." Allison responded with a grin, not giving away in the slightest that it wasn't just a nickname or joke. "You'll understand."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Later that evening, Stiles and Lydia snuck away from the group, who were spread around the living room watching a movie that Kira picked, and locked themselves in the Library/Planning Room in the second basement.

"So," She began as she flopped backwards onto the sofa they kept in there. "Did you get detention for pulling the fire alarm?"

"Yup." Stiles replied with a sigh as he began pinning up pictures of Barrow to the glassboard they affectionately dubbed the 'Murder board'. "Everyday this week. It doesn't matter though, we were onto something."

"Were we?" Lydia retorted with a raised eyebrow, self doubt sinking in. "No scent, no bomb, we couldn't find any proof of him being there."

Stiles aborted what he was doing and turned to look at the Banshee. "Hey, Lydia. You've been right every time something like this has happened, okay? So don't start doubting yourself now." He all but ordered, his tone firm. Lydia nodded slowly.

"Okay, but," Stiles groaned, throwing his head back. Lydia narrowed her eyes and continued. "But, I still got you in trouble and we're no closer to finding Barrow." Stiles grabbed Lydia's hands and pulled her to her feet. "What are you doing?"

"We are going back to the school and we are going to follow your Banshee instincts and find Barrow." He explained as he pulled her towards the door.

"No, we're not!" Lydia argued, but allowed Stiles to direct her anyway. "Derek said to take the night off. You know he won't let us go out for this."

"So we sneak out through the tunnels." Stiles suggested with a grin. Lydia hesitated for a second, not wanting to go against her Alpha, but she did want to find Barrow, and she also wanted to use the tunnels.

"Fine, let's go."

They made their way to the 2nd tunnel as it led to the Hale Vault under the high school, grinning like Christmas came early. Lydia had never been this excited to be rebellious before (Well that wasn't really true, planning and developing the house probably took the lead, but this is a close second). They paused by the armoury along the way and changed into more breaking/entering and fighting appropriate clothes. Plus, Lydia always felt safer when she had at least three weapons on her person.

Across town at the high school 20 minutes later, Lydia suddenly stopped next to a classroom door, Stiles, who was holding the flashlight, froze too. The redhead looked to him and received a nod in return, she slowly turned the handle, then pushed the door open. "He was here" She stated, voice barely above a whisper. She moved slowly as she made her way to the closet at the back of the room, the buzzing sound a crescendo the closer she got.

She pulled open the door quickly, behind her Stiles gagged. "God, did he take a bath of chemicals in there, or something?"

"Or something." Was Lydia's muttered reply as she looked around the room. "Hey, Stiles, come look at this." She knelt down and shone the flashlight at the floor, illuminating a small pool of blood, and what appeared to be thread and a bloodied needle.

"So he was performing very minor surgery on himself." He commented, then looked up at Lydia. "You were right, he was here."

"Why don't I feel good about this?" Lydia responded rhetorically, but Stiles replied anyway.

"Probably because he was here to kill somebody." He shrugged, tone completely casual. Lydia just stared at him, so he continued. "So he was probably using the chemicals to make sure the wounds didn't get infected." Stiles theorised, looking around the small closet, trying to see any evidence that could lead them to the escaped criminal. "But the chemicals I smell… They're really strong, there's no way he needed all of that. So-"

"So either he spilled some, of which there'd be some sign or-" Lydia took over, mind running on the same train of thought.

"Or he was covering his scent." They locked eyes, both of them feeling their panic spike.

"He knows that there are werewolves in Beacon Hills." Lydia realised. "He knows that there are people here who can track him by scent."

"The question is, does he know who they are?" Stiles wondered out loud. As he thought, Lydia left the supply closet to think, the stench of chemicals was giving her a migraine. She couldn't fathom how Stiles could stand it in there. As she paced the room, her eyes wandered as she subconsciously looked for anything that could hint as to Barrow's location.

"Stiles." She called out and the lanky boy turned to look in her direction. "Come look at this." Lydia walked over to the blackboard at the front of the classroom, eyes fixed on the sequence of numbers written on it in somewhat familiar script.

"Numbers?" Stiles asked, furrowing his brows in confusion, squinting slightly at the numbers, as though he wasn't sure if he was seeing the correct thing. "What about them? Is it a formula or something?"

"Atomic numbers," Lydia corrected as she wrote their correspondents on the board. "and not really. The first two make Potassium Iodide, though."

"Potassium is 'K'?" Stiles asked in confusion and Lydia nodded in confirmation without looking at him.

"From Kalium, the scientific neo-latin name." She informed him as she wrote the letter 'I' on the board.

"So, what's Radium?" Stiles asked as Lydia paused, hesitating to write the letters down. "Lydia?"

The Banshee sighed in sadness as she wrote down the letters. "R-A."


Meanwhile, the Yukimura's were leaving the Hale house and exchanging goodbyes with the Pack. "Thank you again for having us." Ken Yukimura said as he shook Derek's hand on the porch of the house. "The food was incredible."

"Thank you." Derek responded, returning the smile. "And thank you for coming. I'm sorry that Stiles and Lydia ran off somewhere."

"Do they do that a lot?" Noshiko asked curiously, wanting to learn more about this group her daughter had befriended. Not far away, Kira and Malia were hugging goodbye. They'd had an emotional talk, during and after the movie, somehow forming a close bond with each other.

"No." Allison responded with a pout. "They don't."

"At least," Isaac took over, unable to contain his grin at his mate acting so childishly when she was usually one of the more mature ones. "not without Allison."

"I just don't get why they didn't invite me along." Allison responded, showing no hint of her internal pout, before her phone pinged to signal a text. She pulled her phone from her pocket, unlocked it, read the text, replied, a response came through almost immediately, to which she replied, then re-pocketed her phone and said nothing. Nobody thought anything of it, so carried on exchanging farewells with the Yukimura's. Soon enough, the Yukimura's left and the Pack returned to the house. Derek immediately tried ringing Stiles' phone, as did Jackson for Lydia, as Danny tried going over the town's security camera footage to see where they went. During this, while everyone was worriedly trying to think up where the pair had disappeared to, Allison used the distraction to sneak out. She smiled as she crept down to the basement, quickly changed, then took off through a different tunnel to the one Stiles and Lydia had used.

From:  Banshee Bestie
Message:  Stay neutral! Heading to Kira's house, she's the target. Sorry we didn't tell you we were sneaking out to investigate, you were with Scott. Stay with her. Don't tell the others. This'll require stealth. Dress to kill.

From: Archer Ally
Message:  She and her parents are just leaving now. Can't follow without tipping off the others. I'll change and meet you at her house. If I use tunnel 5 I should beat them there. Hopefully, Barrow will be scouting out the house too.

From:  Banshee Bestie
Message:  Okay, see you there. Bring weapons and a tracking arrow.

From: Archer Ally
Message:  Of course I'll bring weapons, you shouldn't even have to ask, what do you take me for? xD See you there.

When Allison arrived, Stiles and Lydia were already there. The pair immediately approached the huntress and began discussing their plan. "So, we've talked it over," Stiles began animatedly, "We don't know why Barrow is going after Kira, so, we believe our best bet is hiding somewhere and see what he does. If he tries to kill her, we stop him, if he tries to kidnap her, we let him."

"Wait, what?"

"And follow him." Lydia added, sending Stiles a pointed look, silently telling him to behave. "If she does have glowing eyes, it means she's supernatural. Clearly she's not a werewolf or werecoyote, otherwise somebody would have smelt it by now. We can find out now, though."

Allison nodded and the trio went over the plan in greater detail until the Yukimura's drove around the corner. Allison moved so that she was across the road from their house, Stiles was hiding around the side of the house, just visible behind the bins from where Allison stood. She didn't see Lydia, but knew the banshee was hidden somewhere nearby. As the vehicle drove closer to the house, Allison looked around for somewhere to hide before deciding that up a tree was the best option. She made quick work of climbing and found a sturdy branch to perch on.

Pulling out her collapsible crossbow, the huntress prepared herself, looking through the scope for Barrow as the family pulled up outside of their home. The family were discussing the Pack and the two adults seemed to approve of Kira's new friends. Kira volunteered to be the one to grab the leftovers that Derek insisted they take from the boot of the car. As she did, her parents went into the house. They had been inside less than a minute when Barrow came charging out towards Kira.