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The Hale Pack

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Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf or any of it's characters. If I did, Sterek would be canon.

The Hale Pack: The Beginning

There was no denying that the Hale Pack was the most well respected Pack globally. Though not the most powerful, by far, in the beginning they were known for their kindness and diplomacy. For centuries, the Hale Pack has been blessed with good Alphas. Respected by all in their pack, along with the citizens of the town they protected, and all who met them. It seemed at one point in time that Talia Hale would be the last to operate in Beacon Hills. After a fire took her life, and the lives of most of her family, the Alpha power went to her eldest daughter, one of the few survivors. Laura Hale left soon after the tragedy with her only remaining brother. Their uncle was comatose in the hospital, so they couldn't take him with them. They packed up their few remaining belongings, gave the hospital staff specific instructions to follow regarding Peter's care, then left for New York City. An Alpha friend of their mother's had offered them a small portion of his territory to call their own until they were ready to return to their true home. Derek swore to himself and his sister that he would never go back, but his Alpha had other plans. It took six years for Laura to go back but she did it, Derek followed her a few days later.

And that is when the Hale Pack finally began to rebuild and eventually became something legendary.

It began shortly after the Alpha returned to her home. Two nights before the full moon, on the rural outskirts of a small California town called Beacon Hills, Police Officers and State Troopers gathered on a dirt road. At their sides, search dogs barked and whined as they pulled their leashes taut.

One by one, the Officers clicked on their flashlights, then glanced to the Sheriff for his signal. Finally, he gave a nod and seconds later, a dozen streaks of light tore through the shadowy woods.

A desperate search had begun…

Not far from those dense woods on that same night, a two-story home lay hidden under a canopy of trees. A gentle wind had drifted into the open window of an upstairs bedroom where two hands worked quickly to thread the laces on the head of a lacrosse stick.

The fingers worked fast and precise, expertly pulling each lace into a diamond mesh pattern. Knotting the last loop, sixteen year old Scott McCall stood with the re-threaded stick. Dressed in only a pair of athletic shorts, his lithe frame may have still had some filling out to do, but it was easy to see that he'd soon grow into a strikingly handsome young man, with deep black eyes designed to melt the hearts of hopeful young people.

Scooping a ball up from his bedroom floor, Scott gave the lacrosse stick a spin, testing his handiwork.

A moment later, the re-threaded stick landed next to a school backpack, while Scott pumped out a few chin-ups at the bar mounted in the doorway of his closet.
He worked through his evening routine, with a few additions to prepare for the first day back at school the following morning. He was almost prepared for bed when, toothbrush in his mouth, he reached for the window sill to pull it down. However, he stopped when he heard a noise. He tilted his head, so his ear was closer to the open window, to listen again. Under the whispering wind, he heard movement, a strange shuffling noise.

Less than a minute later, the door to the porch opened. Now armed with a baseball bat, Scott started moving toward the yard. Breath held tight, he moved cautiously off the porch steps.

The sound of movement stopped him cold. Holding still, he peered left and right as he white-knuckles the bat, ready to swing. When he reached the railing, before Scott even knew what was happening, a figure swung down, hurtling toward Scott, who hollered in terror as an upside down face appeared in front of him. When the person screamed back at him, he almost swung the bat before realizing who it is.

"Stiles, what the hell are you doing?" Scott demanded angrily, whilst gasping deeply for breath.

"You weren't answering your phone." Stiles answered, gesturing with his arms wildly. Feet caught in the trellis, Stiles hung in front of Scott. The sixteen year-old with boundless energy continued talking upside down, as if this were a perfectly normal way to have a conversation.

"Why do you have a bat?" He demanded incredulously, gesturing to the object wildly, causing himself to swing slightly.
Scott glanced at the bat in his hand then back at his best friend, "I thought you were a predator" was his defense, to which the elder boy rolled his eyes.

"A pre-" Stiles cut himself off with a shake of his head and slight scoff "Look I know it's late, but you gotta' hear this. I saw my dad leave twenty minutes ago. Dispatch called. They're bringing in every officer from the Beacon department and even State Police."

"For what?" Scott asked feeling his curiosity begin to stir against his will, lowering the bat.

"Two joggers found a body in the woods." His voice carried a trace of excitement, there's a slight grin on his face as he reached up, or down from his perspective, and pulled himself free of the trellis, proceeding to land on his feet in front of Scott.

"A dead body?" Scott asked with a slightly confused look on his face, leaning over the railing to look down at his best friend.
Stiles stood full, leaning closer to the railing "No, a body of water. Yes, dumbass, a dead body." He announced with his trademark sarcasm. The pale boy climbed up over the railing, onto the porch in front of Scott.

"You mean like murdered?" Scott inquired, brows furrowed as he tried to figure out why Stiles was so excited about the situation

Stiles stood with his hands on his hips. "Nobody knows yet. Just that it was a girl," He made a gesture with his left hand. "probably in her twenties." he repeated the gesture with his right hand.

"Hold on. If they found a body, what are they looking for now?" A seemingly ever-present confused look was glued to his face

"That's the best part." Stiles announced, gesturing wildly, barely able to contain his excitement "They only found half. We're Going."

A little later on, a beat-up jeep skidded to a halt just beyond the heavily wooded entrance to the Beacon Hills Preserve. Stiles got out with a flashlight in hand. Scott following him.

"Are we seriously doing this?" Scott asked Stiles incredulously.

Placing a hand on his friend's shoulder, Stiles replied "You're the one always bitchin' that nothing ever happens in this town." Before charging on to the hiking path.

Standing in place with a slight shrug, Scott informed the hyperactive boy,"I was trying to get a good night's sleep for practice tomorrow." Scott then proceeded to follow Stiles.

"Right, because sitting on the bench is such a grueling effort." Was the sarcastic response.

"No, because I'm playing this year." Scott insisted, "In fact, I'm making first line."

Stiles put a sarky cheer in his voice to respond "That's the spirit. Everyone should have a dream. even a pathetically unrealistic one."

"Just out of curiosity, which half of the body are we looking for?" Scott asked, deciding to ignore Stiles' previous comment

"Huh. I didn't even think about that."

"And what if whoever killed the girl is still out here?" Scott asked with little conviction

"Also something I didn't think about." Was the response.

"Comforting to know you've planned this out with your usual attention to detail." Scott gasped out between breaths, whilst climbing a dirt hill. Scott's breath begins to shorten. "Maybe the severe asthmatic should be the one holding the flashlight."

Scott leant against a tree taking his inhaler out of his hoodie pocket, shaking it several times before following Stiles up the rest of the hill.

Stiles dropped to the ground quickly when he reached the top of said hill. Scott followed suit seconds later, when he noticed it too. Several law enforcement officers with flashlights and dogs scouring the woods.

Scott took a hit from his inhaler, when Stiles tried to get up and run forward. Scott just managed to pull him back down.

"Dude!" he whispered, forcing his inhaler back into his pocket. "If we go that way we'll run right into the search party, led by the sheriff. Also known as your dad! We're better off heading back."

Stiles went to protest when he heard his dad's voice call out to a deputy. He nodded before whispering "Fine, but you owe me big time!" Stiles hauled himself to his feet, then helped Scott up.

"For what? Savin' your ass?" Scott asked jokingly, playfully punching the lanky boy's shoulder.

Starting back, the friends tried to find their way out of the woods, when the flashlight started to flicker, before going out completely.

"Shit," Stiles stated squinting at the object in his hands willing it to work.

"Do you have any spare batteries?" Scott asked looking at his friend hopefully, who looked back at him like he was insane.

"Oh, yeah! I keep them in my pocket with my wilderness survival kit!" Stiles responded in his patented acerbic manner, flailing his arms around. "Let's just try to retrace our steps." So the best friends took off, but with each step it became increasingly difficult to see in the pitch black.

Stiles stops suddenly holding his arm out, forcing Scott to stop too. "Did you hear that?" There was a rustling among the trees. The pair held still and shared a nervous look.

Scott's breath tightening more from fear than asthma, he reached into his pocket and pulled out his inhaler again.

Before he could do anything more, there's an odd rumbling. The sound of sudden and ferocious movement increased in volume and velocity until a dozen deer came charging out of the darkness. The shock sent both boys tumbling to the ground and Scott's inhaler was flung away. The deer came soaring past them with the thunderous beat of hooves trampling the ground.

Then, once again, it was just the two best friends alone in the dark, Scott stood before crouched down, eyes scanning the leaf-covered ground in search of his inhaler. Pulling out his cell phone, he lit the display and guided the phone's light over the ground.

"What are you doing?" Stiles asked, staring at Scott like he's grown a second head.

"Looking for my inhaler." He snapped "I dropped it."

Without another word, Stiles joined Scott in his search. The pair didn't find Scott's inhaler but did manage to briefly illuminate a face. A pale, dead face, with glossed over, unseeing eyes peering up at them. The head was connected to half a body.

Crying out in shock, Scott lurched up, tripping on his own feet, and tumbled over Stiles, pulling the pale boy with him. Suddenly, they were propelled down a leaf-covered slope, rolling head over heels, hitting each other several times before they finally landed in a heap, on top of a pile of leaves. Groaning, Stiles and Scott both stood, wordlessly deciding to leave the inhaler for the night and get out of the woods.

Suddenly, a low growl kept them from moving. Stiles held his breath, he knew Scott was doing the same. Something crouched in the shadows right near Stiles. Something very large. Scott slowly began to turn around when something hurtled towards them. It pinned Scott first, there was a flash of red eyes and razor sharp teeth before Scott twisted forward, crying out.

"Scott!" Stiles leapt forward without thinking, determined to help his friend, which only drew the attention of the... thing to him. He stumbled backwards, landing on the ground with a thump. He held his arm in front of his face in a feeble attempt at self defense, as the red eyed creature lunged at him. The creature dug it's horribly sharp teeth into Stiles' thin arm so deep that Stiles thought it had bitten all the way through.

The creature ran away after that. Scott helped pull Stiles up by his uninjured arm before they rushed to get out of the woods.

Crashing out of the woods and into the road, Scott and Stiles whirled around simultaneously to face an oncoming car. The driver swerved, almost clipping Scott. Horn blaring, the car hurtled past.

Breathless, Scott backed away from the woods, pulling Stiles with him. With the world spinning around him, Scott pulled up his now torn hoodie, over a deep and vicious looking bite.

"Fuck, dude" Stiles gasps, looking at Scott's injury with deep concern in his whiskey eyes. "That looks really bad"

"Speak for yourself." Scott breathed out with a wince, staring at Stiles' right arm and watched as the blood flowed over his jacket sleeve and dripped to the ground. Before Stiles could reply, the pair froze at the strangest sound. The howling of a wolf.

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Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf or any of it's characters. If I did, Sterek would be canon.

The Hale Pack: Meeting Derek

Before Stiles could reply, the pair froze at the strangest sound. The howling of a wolf.

"Okay, what the fuck?" Scott asks. Eyes wide with fear. Hands shaking. "Was that a wolf?"

"I-I, no- no fucking way dude. There is no way that just happened! We were not just attacked by a freaking wolf , you know why? I'll tell you why Scott, because there are no wolves in California haven't been for like sixty years, okay? So there's no way that just happened." Stiles was gesturing wildly despite the pain in his arm.

"Look, l-let's just get to the Jeep, we need to get patched up." Stiles said using his left hand to cradle his right arm. Scott nodded in agreement, the pair started to walk when they heard a car driving behind them.

Turning to get a better look, the friends gained twin looks of awe when a sleek black Camaro pulled up beside them with heavily tinted windows. The passenger side window was rolled down and an attractive man was leaning across to look at them. His skin was pale, contrasting his deep black hair. He was well built, muscles were very noticeable through the parts of the tight black t-shirt that they could see through the open leather jacket.

"You two hurt?" The beautiful man asked in a smooth voice that caused Stiles' heart to skip a beat. The man's gaze turned to him, as if he heard.

'He is gorgeous' was the first thought in Stiles head.

The next was 'This is Derek freaking Hale!'
"Yeah," Stiles answered, barely suppressing a shudder "We were attacked by..." He faltered "Something"

Scott didn't seem to be affected the same way and simply stated "We think it was a wolf," ignoring Stiles' glare. "We heard a wolf howling."

Derek's face remained blank, but when he spoke, his voice was tense. "You're lucky that you're alive." His voice getting lower with each word "That thing has already killed. Multiple times" Derek's voice was almost a growl by the time he had finished speaking.

"You mean, i-it killed that girl? Tore her in half?" Scott asked shakily, colour draining from his face. Stiles could feel his heart racing at a mile a minute and subconsciously clutched his injured arm closer, thinking how fortunate he actually was to still have it. To still be alive.

"Yes. Now get in." Derek demanded pushing open the passenger side door, pulling the seat forward so one of them could climb in the back, sharing a look the friends decided that, if they were to get in the car, they'd both go in the back.

"We don't even know you! For all we know you could have killed that girl." Stiles accused him, although he didn't really believe it. Although he knew wolves hadn't been in California for years but he couldn't deny what had happened, what he had seen and heard, no matter how much it went against logic. "And we have my car, it's by the entrance to the preserve."

"You know it wasn't me and you're in no state to drive," Derek stated, raising a single eyebrow easily, and gestured to each boy's injuries. "Let alone walk to the car itself." The dark haired man gestured to the back seat of the car, "if it makes you feel better you can both sit in the back, but you're better off coming with me and letting me take you home. I'll drive you tomorrow morning to pick it up. You're both still in school, right." It was more a statement than a question but apparently Scott felt the need to answer Derek anyway.

"Yeah, We're Sophomores" Scott wheezed out, clutching his abdomen in pain

"Good for you, now. Get. In." He said with a firm nod to the back seat. His frustration clear in his tone and body language.With a soft sigh, Stiles nodded and climbed into the car without a second thought, Scott following immediately.

"Where are you headin'?" He asked, shoving the passenger seat back in place and slamming the door shut.

"Uhh, yeah where?" Scott asked, turning to his best friend curiously.

"Yours? My dad's gonna be out all night on the search, then doing paperwork. I can call, say I got bored and went to yours. 'Sides your mum's got the best first aid kit. It makes sense." Stiles babbled out with various one handed gestures.

Scott nodded in agreement, whilst Derek glanced at Stiles in the rear view mirror. "You're the Sheriff's kid" Another statement.

"Yeah, I'm Stiles. This is Scott." Stiles said, wincing as the adrenaline started to wear off, the pain flooding his arm, setting his nerves on fire. Glancing to Scott and realised the same was happening to him, noting as Scott placed more pressure on his wound.

"So are you going to tell me the address or am I going to have to guess?" Derek asked sharply, his eyebrows jumping halfway up his forehead.

"Oh, yeah, sorry," Scott replied quickly, telling the elder male his address, before settling into silence. The laboured breathing from the injured teens and the purr of the engine being the only sounds they could hear on the journey.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

When the sleek sports car finally pulled up outside the McCall residence, it was just after 11pm. Derek got out of the car quickly, moving to the passenger side door, opening it, pulling the seat forward and helping the teens out, trying to make it as easy as possible for them.

"Do you need a hand getting cleaned up?" Derek asked as the three reached the front door, Scott unlocking the door. Stiles and Scott exchanged a glance. 'Well, he hasn't tried to kill us yet and that car is pretty hard to miss.' Stiles thought, 'and it would be useful to have help.'

"Yeah. Yeah, that'll be good, thanks." Scott said, apparently coming to the same conclusion as Stiles. The three made their way through the house, up to Scott's bedroom. Along the way, Stiles stopped by the bathroom to grab Mrs McCall’s first aid kit.

"Let me see," Derek demanded, taking the kit from Stiles. Scott quickly removed his hoodie and t-shirt, whilst Stiles simply rid himself of his jacket and plaid shirt but left his t-shirt on. Derek glanced at both wounds before pulling out several items from the kit. "You both okay to clean 'em while I sort out the dressings?" When both boys nodded, he held out several packets of antiseptic wipes, which each accepted gratefully.

Stiles placed his right hand on the back of his neck, in order to elevate his arm and inspect the wound better. He cringed at the sight, several deep punctures surrounded by partially dried blood, you could barely see the white skin underneath. That which was still visible was quickly being covered by the blood, still oozing from the wound.
Stiles opened the wipe packet with his teeth, cringing when some of the taste got into his mouth. Struggling with one hand, Stiles eventually managed to get the wipe out of the packet and started to clean the wound.

Hissing, Stiles dabbed around the punctures and removed as much blood as he could, he winced whenever the wipe touched the wounds. When he'd almost finished cleaning the wound, Scott and Derek approached him.

Scott had a fresh antiseptic wipe in his hand, took the now bloody one Stiles was holding, tossed it in the bin while proceeding to clean the wound. Stiles noticed the neat dressing on Scott's abdomen, patches of blood were starting to seep through, but for the most part it looked better. Stiles realised he must have taken a long time trying to clean his arm, but hey, his wound was in a more awkward place, okay! And on his stronger arm.

Derek was sorting through dressing and medi tape next to him only glancing up every few seconds to check Scott's progress at cleaning Stiles' injury. Once Scott was done, Derek quickly got to work. His hands were strong and firm, but at the same time, tender and careful, looking after the injured teen. Stiles couldn't explain why, but he felt safe with Derek and that didn't happen often.

In fact, the only people he had ever felt this safe with were his dad, Scott, Mrs. McCall and... his mum. So what was it about Derek?

Stiles was pulled out of his thoughts when Derek stepped away, eye's glancing over his handiwork. "Okay," Derek announced, ensuring he had the attention of both teens "I know you are confused about what happened tonight and you'll have a lot of questions tomorrow. I'll pick you up here tomorrow morning at 7 to take you to your car, then after school you'll meet me at the preserve and I'll answer all of your questions."

"We have Lacrosse practice," Scott said quickly, apparently forgetting his injury and the fact that they barely knew the guy, yet he was ordering them around.

Derek, however, simply glared at Scott "Fine," He growled "After practice." Then he left. Not just the room, no, the house. By opening the window on the left side of the room and jumping out of it.

"Woah," Stiles said, he and Scott rushing to see Derek land perfectly, then walk out of sight. Seconds later, they hear the unmistakable sound of the Camaro start then drive away. "That. Was. Awesome!" Grinning wildly at Scott, who then decides to finally have some common sense. Kind of.

"Dude, what the fuck's going on around here? First, there's a dead body. Then we get attacked by a wolf. Then we meet a weird guy, who just happens to show up just after we get attacked. Then he says he has answers to questions we haven't even asked and then he just jumps out of a second story window without even blinking. I mean seriously dude! It's really..." During Scott's monologue, he had walked away from the window and started pacing, before stopping in front of the bed and dropping onto it with a wince. "Crazy"

"I know," Stiles sighed, rubbing his left hand over his face and the back of his neck. "But it wasn't a wolf," Scott tried to interrupt, but the lanky boy quickly continued. "I mean not a regular wolf, it was way too big for one and it's eyes... Dude, it's eyes were glowing red! Like freaking glow sticks!" He paused slightly as Scott's brows furrowed, a small frown forming, before his face quickly became a mask of recognition and shock. "Yeah! And I'm pretty sure that it killed that girl, but I don't think it wanted to kill us. Hear me out okay. It went for non-fatal injuries. Sure they hurt like a bitch, but not fatal." Scott nodded slightly as his best friend ranted, paced, and flailed his uninjured arm. "It could have easily overpowered and killed us. Ripped our throats out, torn us in half, anything! But it didn't. Add that to the eyes and size... I don't know, you're right, it's crazy." Stiles sighed and walked to the bed and sat down next to Scott.

"What about that guy though," Scott started looking at Stiles. "I mean, he didn't even give us his name, we don't know anything about him."

Stiles' head turned to Scott so fast, the elder boy was surprised he didn't get whiplash. "Dude, that was Derek Hale!" He exclaimed, eyes widening at Scott's confused look. "You remember right? He's only like a few years older than us. His family? They all burned to death in a fire like 6 years ago!" Suddenly Stiles' eyes widened "The fire! Scott grab your Laptop. " He demanded.

"Why?" Scott asked, once again confused, but stood to do as his best friend said.

"Th-the fire! There were three survivors! Derek Hale, Laura Hale and Peter Hale. Peter Hale is comatose with severe burns, Laura and Derek moved out of town. A few days ago, a few people saw a girl around town, at a motel and heading up to the preserve. Normally people wouldn't notice but apparently she had a really nice car. So nice, I heard Jackson bitchin' about it, meaning it rivals his precious Porsche! Search for the Hale fire." Stiles said the second Scott sat back down next to him. 

"Please." he added at Scott's glare.

Sighing, Scott searched and clicked on the first link. The pair gasped when the paged loaded, an image being the first thing to appear.

The image had a caption 'The Hale fire survivors' and featured a man who looked to be in his early to mid twenties lying unconscious on a hospital bed. What caught their attention though, were the two teens beside the bed. The younger being a boy who was unmistakably a teenaged Derek Hale, same features just more guilty and grief stricken than brooding. The girl was the most shocking, despite being younger and more tanned, she looked exactly the same, yet at the same time, completely different to who they saw. This was her.

The dead girl they found in the woods was Laura Hale.

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The Hale Pack: New Abilities

The dead girl they found in the woods was Laura Hale.

After initially freaking out, the boys calmed down enough to decide to try and sleep before school and just ask Derek about everything the next day. It was times like this that Stiles was glad he kept spare clothes and supplies at Scott's house.

After changing into clean sweats and t-shirts, Stiles called his dad, who was relieved his son wasn't alone, so would be out of danger. (At least that's what he thought) The boys decided to treat themselves to sandwiches and water before heading to bed, hoping to get some sleep before they had to wake up at 6. Seriously, why did they agree to meet Derek at 7?

*The Next Morning*

When Stiles woke up on his best friends bedroom floor, he wondered what he was doing there on a school night. Then it all came flooding back. The body. The woods. The wo-Thing. Derek. Laur-Derek! Derek was going to pick them up! Fumbling to his feet, Stiles looked at the alarm clock that sat on Scott's desk. 6:04. Okay, he can work with that. Picking up the pillow he'd been using from the floor, Stiles lifted it above his head with both hands without thinking and slammed it into Scott's chest.

"DUDE!" Scott yelled, shooting up in bed, taking care to give Stiles his most threatening glare. He didn't look very threatening, more like an angry puppy, but point's for effort.

"Get up, Derek's picking us up at 7." Stiles announced, grabbing a set of clothes from 'his' draw and claimed the bathroom before Scott could even stand.

"Dere- oh" Stiles just knew that Scott was currently poking at his wound through the dressing. Wound. Wait. Why didn't his arm hurt? He examined it in the mirror and saw that it was still bandaged and that the dressing itself was stained with dried blood. He shrugged and figured it'd start hurting later on. He removed the dressing, cringing at the dried blood, before turning off the shower and stripping.

Stiles showered and dressed quickly, quickly put on fresh bandages without paying the wound much attention and left the bathroom so Scott could use it.

"Finally!" Scott exclaimed, rushing past Stiles and into the bathroom. 6:22, cool, he had time to make breakfast. Grabbing a red hoodie from Scott's closet, he didn't need anyone else seeing the bandage on his arm, Stiles left the room and made his way towards the kitchen.

Passing Melissa McCall's room, Stiles heard the nurse humming a tune he didn't recognise, meaning she was awake. Huh, usually he and Scott only heard her humming when they pressed their ears to the door trying to figure out their chance of sneaking downstairs to play video games at 2 in the morning. They weren't very good.

'She must feel like humming louder today', Stiles thought to himself whilst going downstairs, ignoring the nagging voice in his head telling him that he knew it wasn't true.

Helping himself to the ingredients in the McCall's cupboards and fridge, Stiles set off making pancakes. Blueberry for Melissa and Chocolate chip for himself and Scott. Halfway through cooking the first pancake, he heard Melissa's bedroom door open, and the woman came rushing downstairs in her pajama's "Scott why do I sm-!" Melissa froze at the kitchen door when she saw Stiles cooking instead of her son, then sighed in relief "Stiles, it's you, good, I thought Scott was cooking!" Stiles chuckled at that, it's a big mistake to allow Scott to use anything other than a kettle or microwave, though you should be wary when he uses a microwave. His chuckle was cut off when Melissa's expression changed from relieved to suspicious "Why are you here? On a school day? Does your father know? Why didn't I know?" She shot off quickly, placing her hands on her hips.

"I thought Scott called you when I called my dad, but apparently not." Stiles started, expertly flipping the pancake. "Last night, dad was called out because two joggers found a body in the woods, please don't tell him that I know! I plan to be shocked and appalled when it appears on the news. Anyway, at around 11 I got bored so I invited myself over here." Melissa rolled her eyes at that, but had a soft smile on her face as she made her way to the kitchen table. "Of course half way here, Roscoe decided to break down. I got help, and dropped off here, with the promise that Scott and I will be picked up and taken to the Jeep at 7. So all is good." Stiles felt bad about lying to the woman, but if he told her the truth... It wouldn't end well. He distracted her from the holes in his story by sliding a blueberry pancake onto a plate and placing it in front of her. That pancake was followed by five more before he started on the chocolate chip ones.

Stiles had received praises on his cooking from Melissa and served up two plates with half a dozen chocolate chip pancakes each when Scott finally walked downstairs, bag slung over his shoulder, Lacrosse Stick firmly attached.

"Morning mum," Scott greeted, kissing Melissa on the cheek. "Ooh pancakes." He snatched a plate before sitting opposite his mum at the table. He stuffed a pancake in his mouth, moaning at the taste. "M'm c'n sti'es wiv wif us?" he asked while chewing the food.

"No Scott, you need manners and apparently you don't have them when he's around" Melissa stated, cringing at her son. Stiles chuckled softly, turning off the stove and sitting at the table before stuffing himself with pancakes. His thoughts rapidly turned to the previous night and Derek, distracting him from his food.

"So, you boys still trying out for Lacrosse today?" Melissa asked, glancing at the Lacrosse stick on the floor, already knowing the answer. Thankfully, Scott remembered to swallow his food before replying this time.

"Yeah, I'm not going to be on the bench this year either mum, I'm gonna be first line." Scott announced proudly, smiling at his mum.

"That's great honey, I can't wait to see you play." Melissa beamed at her son, pleased with his confidence, she just hoped he wouldn't be let down. "How about you Stiles?"

Scott and Melissa looked at Stiles, surprised when he didn't immediately reply. They were even more shocked to see him staring at the table, a thoughtful expression on his face. His plate still held four pancakes, but he wasn't making a move to eat them.

"Stiles?" Scott asked carefully, leaning toward his best friend. The lanky boy continued to stare at the table intensely, mind working at a mile a minute.

"Stiles!" Scott yelled to him, finally gaining the boy's attention.

"Huh, what?" Scott looked at him in concern, eyes flickering to the uneaten pancakes, then back to his friend. "No, Scott you can't have my pancakes!" Stiles huffed out, pulling the plate closer to himself and proceeding to munch on another pancake. Stiles knew that his friend wasn't after them, but it was the best way to keep the McCall's from being concerned about him.

By the time Stiles had finished his breakfast, without any other incidents, it was 6.57. Derek would be there soon. Quickly, Stiles and Scott gathered up the plates, pans and other utensils and placed them haphazardly in the dishwasher. Just as Stiles turned it on, a car pulled up outside the house.

"That's our ride, see you later mum" Scott said, giving her another kiss on the cheek and grabbed his bag.

"Later Mrs. McCall." Stiles called, making his way to the front door with Scott.

"Bye boy's, have a good day." The door slammed shut before she'd even finished speaking.

Scott and Stiles made their way to the Camaro, the passenger door was open and waiting for them. Once again they both climbed in the back.

"Hey" Scott greeted as he fastened his seatbelt, Stiles repeating his best friend's actions.

"How are the bites?" Derek asked while he pulled out into the road and drove towards the preserve.

"They're..." Scott started, his signature puzzled expression appearing on his face. "They're fine." He looked to Stiles "Does yours hurt?"

"N-no," Sure it's one thing for his wound not to hurt right now, but Stiles couldn't ignore that Scott's was the same. Both of them suffering deep bite wounds and neither of them hurting the next day? Sure, it could be a coincidence, but his instincts screamed otherwise. "Not at all."

Stiles shrugged off his jacket and quickly peeled off the bandages. He was half expecting the wounds to be gross and deep, possibly oozing a little. However Stiles wasn't completely surprised to see that the bite on his arm was smaller than before, not as deep or wide, looking to be a few days old. How was this possible?

Looking up at Scott, he saw that his wound was also smaller. The best friends exchanged puzzled and awed looks.

"How is this possible?" Scott asked, looking from Stiles to Derek in shock. Shaking his head, Stiles subconsciously ran his right hand, again with no pain, over his buzz cut.

"I-I don't- Fuck, I don't know" He replied, looking to the stoic man driving the car, he asked "Do you?"

"Yes." Was the short reply, and Derek made no move to elaborate.

"Care to tell us?" Scott asked incredulously

"Later," Derek informed them, pulling up next to Stiles' Jeep, 'huh, that was quick' Stiles thought "Meet me here after Lacrosse." He spat the word like it had personally offended him. He shoved the passenger door open and yanked the seat forward. "Don't be late."

"Dude, you can't jus-" Stiles' protest was cut off by a steely glare from Derek, "See you after practice!" He said scrambling to get out of the car, quickly followed by Scott. The second the door shut, the sports car sped away, heading further up the path.

"Dude. What. The. Hell?" Scott's eyes were wide as they flickered back and forth from Stiles' face to his arm. "What the hell is going on?"

"I have no fucking clue, man." He walked towards Roscoe, quickly glancing in the back seat to make sure his School supplies were still there, they were, before opening the door and climbing into the Jeep with ease. "Get in dude, we gotta get going." Scott did as he was told and climbed on to the passenger seat.

By the time they had reached the school, the best friends were rambling theories. From radio-active spiders to government conspiracies.

"I still say it's something to do with whatever attacked us last night." Stiles informed Scott whilst flailing his arms around. Scott nodded in agreement.

"Yeah that wolf was freaky" As they walked past the bike racks that Scott usually used, Jackson Whittemore pulled up and proceeded to hit Scott with the car door.

"Dude," Jackson hissed, glaring at Scott "Watch the paint job!" As if it was Scott's fault. Leaving when a friend called out to him.

"Douche" Stiles muttered. Scott and Stiles proceeded to walk in silence until they stopped beside an empty bench. "Okay, let's get a better look at these things" Stiles rolled up his right jacket sleeve and Scott pulled up his shirt.

"Dude" They muttered in unison. Although the injuries were smaller, they were still rather deep. Showing just how badly they had been bitten. Covering their wounds, Scott and Stiles walked closer to the school.

"This is insane dude." Scott told Stiles, as he walked in front of him, ten turned to face him. "I mean, we find a dead body, get attacked by a freaky red eyed wolf, now we both have weird healing powers! It's just-"

"-freaking awesome!" Stiles interrupted, finishing the sentence for his friend, despite knowing that Scott was going to say something else. "This is seriously going to be the best thing to happen to this town since" Stiles noticed his long time crush walking towards them "Since the birth of Lydia Martin! Hey Lydia, you look... Like you're gonna ignore me"

Scott resisted the urge to laugh as Stiles turned to him accusingly. "You're the cause of this, you know."

Scott simply nodded "uh huh."

"Dragging me down to you're nerd depths" The bell rang and the best friends began walking into the school

"Uh huh." Scott repeated, knowing his friend didn't mean what he was saying.

"I'm a nerd by association. I'm scarlet nerded by you."

The conversation continued in that manner until they reached class and had to separate to go to their desks. They each took out their supplies and half listened to the teacher. Then an interesting topic came up.

"As you all know, there indeed was a body found in the woods last night." Scott turned to look at Stiles, who smirked and winked at him. The two grinned at each other. "And I am sure that your eager little minds are coming up with various macabre scenarios as to what happened. But I am here to tell you that the police have a suspect in custody." Scott shoots Stiles a confused look, who in turn, raises his hands in a defensive 'don't ask me' motion. "Which means you can give your undivided attention to the Syllabus on your desks" Many students groaned "Outlining this semester."

A shrill sound rang out as someone's phone went off, loudly. Scott and Stiles looked around the room, searching for the culprit, sharing shocked looks when they realised that nobody else was, as if they were the only ones who could hear it. A single beep cut off the ringing, then a girl's voice sounded, just not in the room. Looking out the window, both boys noticed a pretty brunette girl sat on the bench near the car park.

"Mum, three calls on my first day is a little over doing it." She spoke into the phone that was sandwiched between her head and right shoulder, both of her hands searching through her bag. Scott and Stiles exchanged a startled look before returning their attention to the girl. "Everything except a pen! Oh my god, I didn't actually forget a pen!" She sighed as the person, apparently her mum, replied, the said "Okay, okay, I gotta go, love you." She stood when the principal approached her apologised for 'keeping her waiting'.

Both boys followed the voices and footsteps as they grew louder, approaching the classroom door. The door opened and the new girl walked in behind the principal, looking shy and uncomfortable. "Class, this is our new student, Allison Argent. Please do the best to make her feel welcome."

The girl, Allison, doesn't say anything, simply walks in and sits at the empty desk, right behind Scott. He turns around and gives her a pen, she looks confused, but smiles gratefully, accepting the pen. "Thanks." She says with a smile. Scott smiles dopily back at her before turning back around, not noticing Allison's face turning back to confused and slightly suspicious as to how he could have known.

Stiles looked between Scott and Allison, thoughts coming and going quickly, from 'way to blend in dude' and 'that's not weird at all, Scotty!' to 'Scotty's got a crush' and 'If she wasn't so out of his league, they'd be cute together'.

Maybe he could help Scott win her over, but only after she had been interrogated, Stilinski style.

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Chapter Text

The Hale Pack: We're Werewolves! Grr

Maybe he could help Scott win her over, but only after she had been interrogated, Stilinski style.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

At the end of the day, Scott and Stiles were standing by Scott's locker, waiting until the time arrived to head to Lacrosse practice. Scott looked up and noticed Allison at the opposite side of the corridor. They looked at each other until Queen Bee, Lydia Martin strutted up to Allison and started up a conversation. Scott and Stiles listened in easily, but Stiles was more subtle, by pretending to check his phone.

"That jacket is absolutely killer. Where did you get it?" Lydia asked, both boys knew well enough to know that Allison was being tested right now. To see if she was 'suitable' for Lydia's clique.

Allison seemed a little startled at Lydia's approach, but answered the question anyway "My mom was a buyer for a boutique back in San Francisco."

Lydia smiled approvingly "And you are my new best friend." She let out a giggle when Jackson approached and wrapped an arm around Lydia's waist "Hey Jackson" She greeted and kissed him.

Stiles decided to tune out at that, which was made easier when Tammy, a girl who was in multiple classes with him and Scott, approached and started a conversation. "Can someone tell me how New Girl is here all of five minutes," She looked over her shoulder at the group. "and she's already hanging out with Lydia's clique?"

"Because she's hot." Stiles stated simply while Scott continued to stare and listen in. At Tammy's annoyed look he elaborated. "Beautiful people herd together."

Scott continued to ignore Stiles and Tammy, opting to instead listen to the conversation between Lydia, Allison and Jackson.

"So, this week-end, there's a party." Lydia informed Allison.

"A party?"

"Yeah, Friday night, you should come." Jackson said, using his right arm to lean against the lockers, left arm holding Lydia.

Allison feigned disappointment "Oh, I can't, it's family night on Friday... But thanks for asking." Stiles' new hearing picked up on that, mainly because of the way Allison's heart stuttered over 'family night'. She was lying. Forcing himself to keep up his argument of Batman vs Superman with Tammy, Stiles idly wondered if Scott picked up on it too.

Scott, in fact, did not pick up Allison's heartbeat. He continued to listen and stare as Jackson tried to talk Allison into going to the party "You're sure? Everyone's going after the game."

"You mean like football?" Allison asked.

"Football is a joke here." Jackson laughed "Are you kidding? The sport here is Lacrosse. We've won state championship for the past two years."

Lydia looked up at Jackson and played with his hair, openly bragging "Because of the team captain!"

Jackson allowed a smug grin to take over his face "We practice in a few minutes. If you don't have anything else to do..."

Allison started to protest "Well, I was going to-" When Lydia cut her off.

"Perfect! You come!" Allison gave Scott another smile as Lydia grabbed her hand and led her in the direction of the field.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Stiles was pointlessly trying to talk Scott out of playing. "But if you play, I won't have anyone to talk to on the bench! Are you really gonna do that to your best friend?"

Scott regarded Stiles with annoyance "I can't stay out again. My whole life is sitting on the side lines. This season I make first line." There was no stutter or blip in Scott's heart beat. His voice was determined and steady. He was serious about this. So Stiles just nodded and headed to the bench in resignation. He might bitch about Scott leaving him on the bench alone, but at the end of the day Stiles would support his best friend no matter what. Well, unless he was being a complete dumbass, then Stiles would attempt to talk some sense into him.

Scott noticed as Allison sits on the bleachers with Lydia. When she spots him, the two share yet another smile. Stiles rolls his eyes at the exchange 'If they ever get together, half of their relationship will just be sitting and smiling at each other'.

Scott's eye's finally left Allison, when the coach called to him "McCall!"


"You're in goal!" Coach informed him while tossing multiple items of equipment at him.

Scott looked at Coach in confusion. "I've never played..."

"I know," Coach states simply "scoring some points will give the boys a confidence boost. It's a 'first day back' thing! Get 'em energised! Fire it up!" Stiles clenched his fists. How dare Coach talk to Scott like that? A low growl left Stiles' throat, startling him. He unclenched his fists and took a few deep breaths, attempting to calm himself down. Stiles was aghast by his own anger. He never gets worked up like that! Sure he gets annoyed, but he was ready to stand up and punch Coach!

"What about me?" Scott asked, a trace of hurt in his voice.

Coach patted Scott's cheek "Try to not take any in the face." He turned his back on Scott to face the rest of the team. "Let's go! Come on!"

Allison kept her eyes fixed on Scott, who now stood in front of the goal, and asked Lydia "Who is that?"

Following Allison's line of vision to Scott, Lydia tilted her head slightly "Him? I'm not sure who he is..." Not that Scott or Stiles were surprised by that answer "Why?"

Allison still didn't take her eye's off of Scott, wow she was crushing on him as badly as he was on her! Seriously? They just met that day! "He's in my English class." She said with a smile.

If either girl said anything else, neither Scott nor Stiles heard it over the amplified sound of the whistle. Both teens cover their ears with their hands, desperately trying to block out the awful sound. This distraction caused Scott to get hit in the face by a ball, sending him to the ground. Coach and the rest of the team laughed. Disappointment was clear on Scott and Stiles' faces, but for Scott that quickly transformed into determination.

The next player ran up, and shot the ball to Scott's right at a high speed and Scott... Caught it. Stiles cheered for his best friend, in slight surprise. Shot after shot, Scott caught them all. Stiles designated himself as Scott's personal cheerleader, letting out various shouts and whoops.

Allison watched as Scott played spectacularly "He seems pretty good."

Lydia watched Scott in slight awe and agreed, "Uh, very good!"

Jackson attempted to intimidate Scott by kicking up dirt and glaring at the boy before charging forward and shooting a spectacular and powerful shot. A shot that Scott caught with ease. Everyone applauded Scott, impressed and awed, except for Jackson who was glaring daggers at him.

Stiles followed his own cheering with a brag of "That is my friend!"

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Scott and Stiles were walking through the woods, splashing in water and climbing over logs, while Scott tried to explain how he pulled off the incredible saves in practice.

"I don't know what it was! It was like... I had all the time in the world to catch the ball! And that's not the only weird thing. I hear stuff I shouldn't be able to hear, I smell things-"

Stiles interrupted at that "You smell things? I mean the hearing things, I got too, like, I heard Allison's phone call to her mum. Coach's damn whistle made me feel like my ears were about to bleed! And apart from a smell that's been lingering all day, I haven't noticed anything. What do you smell?"

Scott looked at him, "For one, the mint mojito gum in your pocket."

Stiles shoved his hand in his pocket "What mint mojito gum?" A few seconds later he pulls a wrapped piece of said gum out of his pocket "Dude, thank you, that smell has been bugging me all day! So all of this is because of these bites, right?"

"What if it's like an infection? Like... our bodies are flooding with adrenaline before a shock or something?!" Scott asked worriedly

"We can ask Derek, who we're supposed to be meeting at the entrance. Right now, by the way." Scott ignored him and kept walking "You know what, I actually think I've heard of this... It's a specific kind of infection."

This caught Scott's attention "Are you serious?"

"Yeah." Stiles nodded "I think it's called 'lycanthropy'."

Scott's eyes widened in concern "What is that? Is that bad?"

Stiles nodded seriously "Oh, yeah, it's the worst! But only once a month."

"Once a month?" Ah, there was the classic confused Scott McCall look.

"Uh-huh. On the night of the full moon."

He imitated a wolf howling. Scott, who was very serious, hit him and continued walking.

"Come on, that was funny" Stiles laughed

Scott glared at Stiles "It's not funny, there could be seriously something wrong with us!"

"I know! We're werewolves!" He growled playfully, making claw shapes with his hands "Okay, obviously I'm kidding. But if you see me gathering up as many chains as I can find, it's because Friday's a full moon"

Scott chose to ignore Stiles. He stopped in place, looking at the spot that had held a body the night before. "I could have sworn it was here. I remember the stags running, I dropped my inhaler, the body was there. This is it, right?"

Stiles nodded "Yeah it was definitely here. Maybe the killer moved the body." He suggested with a shrug

Scott crouched down to search among the leaves "If he did, I hope he left my inhaler, those thing costs like eighty bucks"

"I don't know why you're even looking for it, whatever's causing these awesome new abilities of ours clearly cured your asthma. You haven't needed it all day dude!" Stiles turns around to see Derek staring at them, looking pretty pissed off. "Dude" He smacked Scott's shoulder in warning as Derek approached.

"What are you doing here? Huh? This is private property! I told you to meet me at the entrance, not trespass!" He stated in annoyance.

"Hum... Sorry, man, we didn't know. This is where we were attacked last night, Scott dropped his inhaler" Stiles explained, rubbing his buzz cut nervously.

"Yeah we were just looking for it, but it doesn't look like it's here anymore." Scott said, disappointment clear in his voice as he tried to think of how to explain the loss to his mum.

Derek promptly pulled an object out of his pocket and tossed it at Scott, who caught it with ease. "Found it this morning" He then turned around and began striding deeper into the woods "Follow me"

The teens do as instructed, but of course Stiles had to question the man "I thought you said this was private property?"

"It is." Derek states "It's mine"

The walk was silent after that. Weaving through trees, hoping over logs and ducking under branches with complete ease. Like it was a second nature to them. Stiles was confused, usually he would have stumbled or fallen multiple times by now. Along with his new abilities, his reflexes must have improved. Well, hey, who was he to argue with a good thing?

After several minutes, the three males approached a clearing. In the middle of said clearing, the burnt out ruins of what used to be a house stood. The Hale house.

Derek stopped three feet in front of the house, body tense, eyes fixed on what was once his family home.

"Six years ago, someone lit my family's home on fire," Wait, someone? Wasn't it ruled an accident? "After making sure that there were people trapped inside. Children were trapped inside, the youngest was my six month old cousin!" Anger was clear in Derek's voice as he spoke. "Innocent people died in agony, just because of what some of us are!" What they are? "They hate us for something that isn't our fault. We were born like this. They never hurt anyone." His voice had turned venomous by this point "My family was innocent. Hunters killed them without remorse, just because of what we are."

"What do you mean 'what you are'?" Stiles asked, although a voice in his head was screaming the answer. They were, Scott and Stiles were becoming-


This apparently annoyed Scott, who huffed and snapped out "Seriously, did you two plan this together or something?" He asked gesturing between Derek and Stiles in annoyance. "Whatever, I gotta get to work, let's go."

Stiles didn't follow, looking from Scott to Derek in uncertainty. "I don't know dude, I think we should hear him out!"

"Are you seriously doing this?! Ugh, whatever. Give me the keys, I need to get to work." At Stiles' hesitation, Scott said "Look it's up to you, either drive me to work, or let your new pranking buddy take you home!"

Much to Scott's surprise, and his own, Stiles tossed the keys to Roscoe to Scott. "Don't crash him!" Scott sighed at Stiles, then walked away.

"Look dude," Derek turned to face him with a slight glare at being called 'dude' "I don't know what's going on or what's happening to me, but I know it's more than just adrenaline. So I'm going out on a limb here. But I'm gonna need proof for what you're saying. Not about the fire, your version actually makes more sense. But about werewolves and hunters. I'm open minded but I do need-" Derek chose that moment to shift. "Proof..." Stiles took in every detail of Derek's shifted face. Ridges appeared on his forehead, his eyebrows completely disappearing. Hair had appeared on his cheeks, fangs in his mouth, his ears had grown and became pointed. But it was his eyes that really drew Stiles' attention. They were glowing, freaking glowing! And were now blue, a piercing blue that drew Stiles in.

Without thinking, Stiles stepped closer and closer to Derek. Eye's scanning his new face. He raised his right hand and softly pressed it to Derek's cheek. Thumb running over the newly grown hair. His breath caught in awe. He moved his hand to feel the ridges on Derek's forehead. Then to the point of his fangs. Then to his chin as he ran his thumb over Derek's lower lip, before settling back on his cheek. Stiles' eyes returned to Derek's, which were searching his face, looking for a sign of fear or disgust, he was shocked as he found not even a trace of either. They stared into each other's eyes for what felt like hours. Stiles' heart sped up when Derek's eyes melted back to their regular colour. Stiles felt the hair recede under his hand and idly noticed as the ridges disappeared and his eyebrows re-appeared. He could hear Derek's heartbeat picking up, just before he turned away, snapping Stiles out of his trance.

Stiles quickly pulled his hand away, looking at the ground in embarrassment. "S-sorry, um, I di- I'm sorry."

Derek cleared his throat "That enough proof for you?" he asked, ignoring Stiles' apologies while taking subtle but deep breaths through his nose in an attempt to slow his racing heart.

"Ye-yeah" Stiles nodded "So, what attacked me and Scott last night, that was a werewolf?" Derek nodded "But it was different to you, it was an actual wolf. And it's eyes were red, not blue."

"That's because it was an Alpha. I'm a Beta, so are you and Scott. But your eye's will be amber, not blue." Derek told him. "Unlike you, I was born a werewolf. most of my family were too, though some were human."

"Your family, dude, I don't know how to say this, b-but the b-body it was-" Stiles started, wringing his hands nervously

"Laura. I know." Derek refused to meet Stiles' eyes. "After I left you two last night I followed your scent's to where you were attacked and found her."

"Wait, did you move her?" Stiles asked in shock.

"Yes." Derek replied "She's buried the way she should be."

"What are you, stupid?" Derek glared holes into Stiles, who kept rambling "She'll be found eventually dude, and when she is,you'll be the cops number one suspect! Seriously? But wait, was she a werewolf too? If so, why would this Alpha kill her?"

"If they find her, the cops will eventually rule it an animal related death. I will be let out. And yes, she was. It killed her for her power. She became the Alpha when our mother died. When a werewolf kills an Alpha, they become the Alpha."

"So does that mean we're a part of it's pack? Because, I don't really mind being a wolf, but I don't want to be in a pack with a psychotic murderer." Stiles told him, waving his arms about.

"No, it'll try to get us to join it's pack, but we can say no. Although from what I've learnt about this Alpha, I don't think it'll take rejection well." Stiles nodded in understanding.

"Will we have to kill it?" Stiles asked, biting his lip lightly.

"I think we will, but that'll mean one of us will become Alpha."

"That should be you right? I mean you've been a wolf all your life, you'd be better at it than me or Scott." He pointed out, shrugging slightly.

"Not necessarily." Derek informed him, shaking his head "I was trained to be a Beta, not an Alpha. So it depends on how you and Scott take to the change. It'll be a struggle at first. You'll find yourself angrier, more irritable. The shift can be caused by anger or anything that raises your pulse, so you need to learn to control it, it's possible to real it in. Difficult, but possible." Stiles nodded, soaking in all the information.

"What else do you want to know?" Derek asked, raising an eyebrow. Stiles grinned allowing his head to flood with all of his questions, Derek instantly knew he was going to regret asking.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Later that night, Scott was at the Animal Clinic, closing up for the night. His boss had already left, so he took the opportunity to check his wound again. When he lifted his shirt, his eyes widened when there was nothing there. Not even a mark!

Shaking his head in disbelief, he dropped his shirt and set to work. Dragging a bag of cat litter, Scott made his way to the cat area of the clinic. "Hey kitties," He greeted, walking backwards into the room. The cat's started meowing and hissing at him, jumping around in their cages. Scott looked around the room in shock and slight fear, backing out and slamming the door behind him.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the clinic door, Scott looked to see who was there. Allison.

She was soaked from the rain, a panicked look on her face as she looked over her shoulder, knocking again. Scott walked up and opened the door. Looking at Allison, Scott notices that she's crying "I didn't see it," She sobbed "I took my eyes off the road for like two seconds to change the music on my Ipod and then this dog, it just came out of nowhere!"

Scott tried to console her with a comforting tone "Hey, it's alright, it's alright, it's alright... Do you remember where it happens so I can send animal control to find?"

Allison shook her head "No! I mean, yes, I remember where I hit it, but the dog is-"

"Where? Where is it?"

"It's in my car." Allison led Scott back to her car. When she opened the trunk, the dog barked at her, causing her to flinch and back away.

Scott looked to Allison and put his hand on her arm in an attempt to comfort her. "You okay?" She nodded "She's just frightened." Scott informed her.

"That makes two of us." Allison said softly, shivering at the cold.

"Let's see if I have any better luck." Scott said and bent down so that he was at eye level with the dog. When he looked at her, Scott's eyes turned amber, without him realising. The animal immediately calmed down and allowed Scott to pick her up so he could carry her into the clinic, with Allison close behind.

Scott soon had the dog lying on a metal table calmly, while he assessed her injuries. "I think her leg is broken." He told Allison "I've seen the doctor do plenty of splints, I can do it myself and give her a painkiller for now.

He looked at the wet shirt clinging to Allison and finally noticed that she was shivering from the cold. "I have a shirt in my bag."

Allison smiled at him gratefully but shook her head "Oh, I don't want to trouble you.."

Scott turned and picked up the shirt anyway, giving it to her without a second thought "Here."

Allison smiled in gratitude once more before leaving the room to change. Scott could see her naked back through the window of the door. The dog looked at him and whined softly in what seemed like disapproval.

Scott looked at the dog "What? I didn't see anything." The dog laid back down and Scott began preparing the splint.

Allison strolled back into the room adjusting the oversized shirt "Thanks for doing this. I feel really stupid!"

Scott beamed at her and asked "How come?"

Allison shrugged slightly "I don't know... Because I freaked out like a total girl."

Scott grinned at her while working on the splint "You are a girl."

"I freaked out like a girly girl and I'm not a girly girl." She chuckled softly, looking down at the table.

"What kind of girl are you?" Scott inquired curiously, wanting to know more about the girl he was already crushing on.

"Tougher than that." Allison looked at him with her chin up high "At least I thought I was."

Scott simply continued smiling at her "Hey, I'd be freaked out too." He looked back at the dog, and worked on the splint "In fact, I would probably cry. And not like a man, like the biggest girly girl ever." This pulled a laugh out of both of them. "It'd be pathetic."

Allison giggled some more, "Yeah, right."

"So... It looks like she's gonna live." Scott informed Allison, satisfied with his work. "And I'm pretty sure she'll let you pet her now, if you want."

Allison shook her head "I don't think so." a guilty expression plagued her face

"Oh, come on. You don't want her to sue. I hear this breed is very litigious." He jested causing Allison to roll her eyes slightly but pet the dog anyway, who stays calm.

"You see? She likes you." Scott said, staring at Allison.

Allison noticed his staring and looked up at him "What?"

Scott shook his head, snapping himself out of his stupor. "Oh, sorry, you have a eye-lash on you cheek"

Allison nodded in realisation "From the crying" She wiped the shirt sleeve along her cheek but didn't manage to get rid of the eye lash, so Scott reached over and gently wiped it away with his thumb.

Allison smiled shyly at him "Thanks." He smiled before looking down only to steal a quick glance at her a second later.

No long after, Scott walked with Allison to her car. "So, um, I was wondering, I mean... Is it really family night on Friday? Or you think maybe you'd like to go to that party with me?" He smiled nervously at the beautiful girl in front of him.

"Family night was a total lie" She admitted looking both sheepish and hopeful at once.

"So is that a yes, you'll go?" Scott asked hopefully. Delight flooded him when Allison graced him with a beautiful smile.

"Definitely yes." Allison confirmed then climbed in her car and waved at Scott before driving away.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Later that night Scott fell asleep on his bed, with a smile on his face... And woke up in the woods, wearing nothing but his sweatpants. He tried to find his way home but didn't get very far before he found Stiles, who also looked confused, wearing his batman pajamas.

"Dude, what's going on, why are we here?" Scott demanded hoping that Stile would have the answers, but that hope was quickly crushed.

Stiles flailed his arms around while shaking his head, shooting Scott an incredulous look. "I don't know man, I fell asleep at home last night, then woke up here!"

"Me too." The best friends shared a look of unease, then they heard a noise. Looking around Stiles saw a shape through the fog, and his consternation increased when he noticed a pair of glowing red eyes.

"The Alpha," He whispered and two pairs of eyes zoned in on him.

"Wha-" Scott started to ask before he also spotted the red eyed wolf. "Shit."

Stiles grabbed Scott's bare arms pulling him away "Run!" and so they did. They eventually came to a fence, which they jumped with ease only to find themselves landing in a swimming-pool. A man who was watering his flowers observed them with confusion.

Scott greeted the man politely "Morning." and Stiles waved nervously.

Chapter Text

The Hale Pack: Confrontation

Scott greeted the man politely "Morning." and Stiles waved nervously.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

About 15 minutes later, Stiles approached his house, dripping wet. Man, he hoped that no one saw him. Apart from that guy who's pool they had jumped into at least.

The guy was kind enough to not call the police once he and Scott had promised to leave his property and stay away. Now Stiles had to figure out a way to sneak into his house without his dad catching him.

"Have a nice swim?" A voice called out from behind him. Spinning around in panic, Stiles sighed in relief when he saw Derek standing there.

"Dude, you scared the crap outta me!" Stiles snapped, waving his hands in annoyance. "What are you doing here?"

"I think a better question would be, what were you doing in the woods this morning?" Derek asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I don't know man, Scott and I just woke up there!" He explained, flailing his arms for emphasis. "Then we saw the Alpha, ran away and ended up in some guy's pool."

"You saw the Alpha?"

"Yeah, but I didn't get close enough to catch it's scent. I just grabbed Scott and ran." Stiles looked at the ground shamefaced.

"You did the right thing, you're not ready to face it yet. Tonight's the full moon, you need to get ready." Derek informed him"You'll be irritable today. Be careful. Keep an eye on Scott too. You both need to come to my house tonight. They'll be hunters out tonight, so get there before sunset."

Stiles nodded, he was about to respond when his enhanced ears picked up on his dad moving around inside the house. "Shit look, can we talk later? I need to find a way to sneak past my dad and get to my room. Hopefully without soaking the enti-"

"The window" Derek interrupted Stiles' rant.


"You're bedroom window. You can easily make the jump." Derek told him seriously.

Stiles made his way around to his bedroom window. Looking up at it in disbelief. "Don't think too much. Let your wolf take over. It'll guide you." Stiles closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Embracing his wolf.

He opened his eyes, his vision red as he focused on his target. With amber eyes and ears sharpening to points, he took several steps backwards. Paused. Then took three quick strides forwards. Leaping up, Stiles gripped his window sill with ease. He pushed his window open with one hand and swung himself through the gap, landing silently in a crouch.

Stiles broke out his daze when Derek leapt through the window, gliding over him and landing just as silently. "You did good," He informed Stiles as the two stood up, then turned to face him with a grin. "I was expecting to have to catch you."

"What?" Stiles demanded in a hushed voice. "You said I could easily make it!" He glared at the elder wolf in annoyance.

"You could, and did, but most don't make it on the first try, especially with such a short run up. You're a natural." Derek praised him, in a steady tone. Trying not to show just how impressed he was.

Stiles blushed, looking at his bare feet sheepishly "Um, I-I should, um, I should get ready for school, so..."

"Yeah, of course." Derek headed back towards the window, starting to climb out, while Stiles started to grab a new set of clothes. "Oh, and one more thing." Derek stopped, leg's hanging out of the window.

"Yeah?" Stiles turned to him and Derek's eyes raked over his body.

"I like your pajamas" Derek smirked at him and jumped out of the window.

Stiles stared at the window in awe and embarrassment for a second, then shook his head, gathered his clothes and a towel and went to take a shower.

15 minutes later, Stiles was dressed and heading downstairs, when he heard his dad's voice. "Wolf hair? Are you sure? You're telling me that a wolf killed that girl and ripped her in half?" Stiles couldn't hear the reply, just a slight static noise. "Okay, okay, let me know if you find anything else." He heard a beep as his dad hung up the phone followed by a frustrated sigh.

Stiles continued making his way downstairs, making his way to the kitchen where he knew his dad was.

"Mornin' dad." He greeted, his dad was sat at the table, coffee in one hand, case file in the other. "Whatcha got there?" Stiles made a move to look at the file, even though he knew most of the information, but his dad would be suspicious if he didn't. As expected, Noah moved the file away from his son, placing it face down on the table.

"Something you're not allowed to read." He stated. Stiles raised his hands in defense, backing away from his father and towards the fridge.

"Okay, okay! What do you want for breakfast? Oatmeal? Fruit? Rais-" He asked while searching through the fridge.

"Bacon? Eggs? Pancakes?" Noah interrupted, looking at Stiles with a raised eyebrow.

"That's not healthy, we're eating healthy!" He told his dad, head buried in the fridge. With the sheriff under the illusion that he was looking for ingredients, Stiles took the opportunity to get used to the new, surprisingly different, scent of food. In some cases, such as eggs, fruits and vegetables, the scent was relatively the same, just stronger. but processed food was a different story. He could smell each individual chemical. It made his nose itch and eyes water. Blinking, he pulled his head out of the fridge as his dad protested.

"Come on, Stiles! This is a really stressful case! One good breakfast won't kill me!" The sheriff argued.

"True," Stiles nodded in agreement. "But add it to the stress, and all of the greasy food you eat at lunch that you think I don't know about, and it might."

"Stiles.." The Sheriff sighs. Stiles huffs, resigned, picking up on his dad's exhaustion and stress.

"Fine, you can have an omelette." His dad smiled at him. "But, you're having vegetables in it!"

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Scott was in a corridor going through his locker, when Jackson came to him, a threatening air surrounding him, and slammed the locker door shut.

"Alright, little man, how about you tell me where you're getting your juice?"

Scott was both startled and confused by Jackson "What?"

Jackson stared at Scott, putting more threat into his words this time "Where. Are you. Getting. Your juice?"

Scott looked around confused, as if expecting to see someone filming him as part of a prank, why was Jackson asking him about juice? "My mom does all the grocery shopping..." He informed him.

Jackson looked at him like he was an idiot, before deciding that Scott was probably just trying to throw him off. "Now listen, McCall, you're gonna tell me exactly what it is and who you're buying it from because there's no way in hell you're kicking ass on the field like that, without some sort of chemical boost."

Scott's eyes widened in realisation "Oh, you mean steroids!" His look turned accusing "Are you on steroids?"

Jackson turned annoyed at his lack of answers and pinned Scott against a locker "What the hell is going on with you McCall?!" He demanded angrily.

Scott yelled right back at him "What's going on with me? You really want to know? Well, so would I! Because I can see, hear and smell things that I shouldn't be able to see, hear and smell! I do things that should be impossible, I'm sleepwalking three miles into the middle of the woods and I'm pretty much convinced that I'm totally out of my freaking mind!" Scott sighed in relief at letting everything out.

Jackson let out a chuckle "You think you're funny? Don't you, McCall? I know you're hiding something. I'm gonna find out what it is. I don't care how long it takes." Jackson slammed his fist against a locker, right next to Scott's head, before walking away.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Stiles ran up to Scott on the Lacrosse field before practice started. "Scott! Scott, wait up!"

Scott looked at Stiles in annoyance "Stiles, I'm playing the first elimination, man. Can it wait?"

Stiles shook his head, placing a hand on Scott's shoulder. "Just hold on, okay? I overheard my dad on the phone. The fiber analysis came back from the lab in L.A. They found animal hair on the body from the woods!"

Scott picked up his gear, ignoring his best friend "Stiles, I gotta go."

Stiles yelled, chasing after him "Wait, no, Scott! You're not gonna believe what animal it was!" He stopped, staring as Scott ignored him and walked away. Lowering his voice in resignation, Stiles said "It was a wolf."

Coach hollered at the team as they herded around him "Let's go, gather 'round! Come on, come on!"

Scott spotted Allison making her way to the bleachers, when she noticed him looking her way, she smiled softly and waved to him. Scott grinned, waving back.

Coach happened to look towards Scott at that moment and noticed his hand up. "You got a question, McCall?"

Scott looked at him confused "What?"

"You raised your hand, you have a question?"

Scott shook his head "Oh, no, I was just, er... Nothing, sorry."

Coach nodded "Okay." He turned, looking around at the rest of the team. "You know how this goes. If you don't make the cut, you're most likely sitting on the bench for the rest of the season. You make the cut, you're playing! Your parents are proud. Your girlfriend loves you! Everything else is, uh, cream cheese. Now get out there and show me what you've got!"

The team cheered, making their way to the field and soon the game began. Scott quickly got the ball, only to be knocked to the ground by Jackson. Which made him angry. When the whistle sounded again, Scott and Jackson were in the middle of the pitch, ready to fight for the ball. Scott took possession of the ball and gave an amazing performance of skill. Spinning and sweeping past the other players, flipping over a wall of three, before shooting the ball into the goal with perfect precision. Everyone watched him with dumbfounded eyes and applauded him in amazement.

Coach called out to Scott with wide eyes "McCall! Get over here!" When Scott reached him, he continued. "What in God's name was that? This a Lacrosse field!" Scott looked at Coach in shock "What, you're trying up for the gymnastic team?!"

Scott shook his head "No, coach..."

Coach pointed to the goal "What the hell was that?"

Scott mentally shrugged, looking at Coach with wide eyes "I don't know... I was just trying to make the shot."

"Yeah, well you made the shot." Coach said, a grin forming on his face "And guess what... You're starting, buddy. You made first line!"

Everyone applauds again, except Stiles who seemed worried.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Stiles needed to talk to Scott about everything. They needed to get to Derek before sunset. Stiles tried to tell Scott about the wolf hair, hoping it would get him to accept the possibility, but he was too busy making first line. That was part of the reason why Stiles needed to convince Scott, so he could try to blend in. Before he got bit, Scott could barely stand up straight and would literally trip over his own feet, and now he can do flips and move swiftly and it's not right. No one became that good and fit overnight, others would pick up on that too. So Stiles was in his room looking up information about lycanthropy to show Scott. Trying to find the most accurate information, based on what Derek told him, knowing it'd be easier to persuade Scott with proof.

Stiles could hear Scott making his way into his house and up to his room, but he forgot to tune out when Scott knocked on his door. A loud knock that hurt his ears, causing him to flinch a jump. "Get in here," Stiles demanded when he opened the door to see Scott. "You gotta see this, dude. I've been researching since I got home, reading, websites and books, all of this information." Not really a lie, most of his information he got from Derek, then gathered resources as prop's to back it up.

"How much Adderall did you have today?" Scott asked bemusedly.

"A lot," Stiles answers as Scott chuckles, though it didn't seem to work. Maybe it was a werewolf metabolism thing? He'd ask Derek later. "Doesn't matter, just listen."

"Is this about the body and who did it?" Scott inquired as he tossed his bag to the ground and sat on Stiles' bed.

"No, they're still questioning people; even Derek." Yup, he heard from his dad that Derek was in for questioning. Stiles hoped Derek would be let out in time to help them.

"The guy who helped us out, then tried to convince us that we're werewolves in the woods yesterday?" Scott asked, only for confirmation, while rolling his eyes.

"Yes." Stiles exclaimed. "But I think he was serious Scott" Stiles told him, continuing before Scott can protest. "I'm serious Scott, this isn't a joke anymore. The wolf, the bite in the woods. I started doing all this reading. Do you even know why a wolf howls?"

"Should I?"

"It's a signal," Stiles replies. "Okay? When a wolf's alone, it howls to signal its location to the rest of the pack" Stiles stands up from his chair, flailing. "So we heard wolf howling, it means others could be nearby, maybe a whole pack of them."

"A whole pack of wolves?" Scott asked, seemingly forgetting the starting point of the conversation.

"No," Stiles sighed "Werewolves."

"Are you seriously wasting my time with this?" Scott stood up angrily, ready to storm out. "You know I'm picking up Allison in an hour."

Stiles puts his hands on Scott's shoulder to stop him from walking out. "I saw you on the field today Scott and what you did today wasn't just amazing but impossible."

"So I made a good shot," Scott responded, ready to leave but Stiles stopped him, moving Scott's bag from the floor to the bed, preventing Scott from grabbing it.

"You made an incredible shot. I mean the way you move, your speed and reflexives, you know that people can't suddenly do that overnight. And there's the vision and senses and I've already mentioned that you never use your inhaler anymore." Stiles tried to get through to Scott, to no avail.

"Okay, dude," Scott yells. "I can't think about this right now. We'll talk tomorrow."

"Tomorrow?" Scott yelled, his eyes widening "What? No, the full moon's tonight!"

"What are you trying to do?" Scott thundered, feeling betrayed that Stiles was seemingly trying to ruin the good days he's been having. "I just made first line, I've got a date with a girl, who I can't believe wants to go out with me and everything in my life is somehow perfect, why are you trying to ruin it?"

"I'm trying to help." Stiles replied, a hurt look etched on his face. Scott should know Stiles well enough to realise that he's not trying to hurt him, only help. "We're werewolves, Scott and the full moon doesn't just physically change us but also increases our bloodlust."

"Bloodlust?" Scott glared at him.

"Yeah, the urge to kill."

"I'm already feeling the urge to kill Stiles."

"You have to hear this," Stiles grabbed one of the books. "The change can be caused by anger or anything that raises your pulse. Alright? I haven't seen anyone raise your pulse like Allison does. You have to cancel this date."

Stiles moved over to Scott's bag and searched for his cellphone. Once it was in his hand, Stiles turned to walk back to his desk "I'm calling her right now."

"What are you doing?" Scott demanded fiercely.

"I'm canceling the date."

Once the words left his mouth Scott pushed Stiles against the wall and yelled "No, give it to me!" Scott raised his fist, ready to punch Stiles. Scott and Stiles had had their share of arguments over many years of friendship, but not once had they ever gone to intentionally hurt each other.

Stiles felt his fear call to his wolf to protect him. It did. Stiles wasn't in control as his eyes turned amber or as his own voice roared out "Stop!"

Scott recoiled at the sight of his best friend. Stumbling backwards until he was sat on Stiles' bed again. "How- how did you? What? I..."

"I told you dude, we're werewolves." He stated, walking towards Scott. His eyes were still glowing when he handed Scott his phone. "Now cancel the date, we need to get to Derek. He can help us control it."

Scott shook his head, determined to repudiate Stiles' claims, "No you need to get to Derek, this is happening to you not me! He turned you, not me!" Stiles sighed in annoyance and disbelief.

"First of all: Derek didn't turn us, that was a different wolf, an Alpha. Second of all: It's happening to you too! You can't honestly believe that you just happened to become amazing at everything the day after you got bitten by a werewolf, and not be turning!" Stiles exclaimed.

"I-I don't know dude, but I've gotta go get ready for the party. Scott said as he grabbed his bag and marched out of Stiles' room.

"Dude, you can't jus-"

"I've got to go." Scott said, slamming the door shut behind him. Sighing in frustration, Stiles flopped on to his chair and flung his head back to stare at the ceiling. Shit. He needed to talk to Derek.

Chapter Text

Shit. He needed to talk to Derek.

Stiles sat wide eyed for a minute, before springing into action. Stiles stood and grabbed his own phone. Half way through scrolling down his contacts list, he realised that he didn't have Derek's number or anyway to contact him. Double shit. Wait. He's at the station, being questioned, by the Sheriff, his dad. Nodding to himself, Stiles stood.

He packed his laptop, laptop charger, phone charger and a spare set of clothes into his backpack, then he noticed Scott's inhaler on his bed. It must have fallen out of Scott's bag. He pulled on his red hoodie, shoved the inhaler and his phone into the pocket then made his way to the kitchen.

Stiles prepared a delicious, yet healthy, lunch for his father. He packed it neatly in a plastic tub and placed it delicately in his bag.

Less than twenty minutes later, Stiles was pulling up outside the police station. The first thing that caught his eye was the sleek black Camaro parked opposite him. Sighing in relief, Stiles gracefully jumped out of his jeep and locked it behind him, he made his way into the station.

It was easy to get past the front desk and to his dad's office. Through the glass, he saw Derek sitting on a chair opposite his father's desk. Tapping into his wolfy hearing, Stiles listened in to the questioning.

"So, do you have any idea as to why your sister was out there that night?" Sheriff Stilinski asked. 'Ah, so the cops found out that the victim is Laura.'

"Probably out for a late night run and to visit the wreckage." Derek said, eyes downcast to the floor.

"Was that a regular thing for her? Late night runs?"

"It used to be, it was a family thing. When we moved to New York, she stopped, going in the morning instead. Less danger." Stiles heard Derek's heart jump at that as he looked up at the Sheriff. "We grew up in these woods. We always felt safe there. But now..." Anger and grief was rolling off of Derek in waves, hitting Stiles full force. He had enough of listening, so knocked on the door. Both occupants of the room turned to look at him, but he knew that Derek had known he was there. The sheriff opened the door allowing Stiles in the room.

"Hey dad, I brought you lunch!" He announced cheerfully, putting his bag on the desk and pretending to just notice Derek. "Oh, am I interrupting something?"

"No, we're just about finished here. Mr Hale, this is my son, Stiles." Sheriff Stilinski said, indicating to his son. Derek's face contorted into a 'what the hell?' expression.

"Your name is Stiles Stilinski?" His voice was dripping with disbelief as his left eyebrow crawled up his forehead. However, the light of humor and mischief in his eyes gave him away, at least to Stiles.

"No, s'just a nickname." Stiles winked at Derek, who nodded in understanding.

"So what's your real name then." Curiosity was etched on Derek's face. Legitimate this time, he really wanted to know.

"Don't I wish I knew!" The sheriff scoffed, earning him a confused look, so he elaborated. "We named him after his mother's father, who's Polish. I can't even begin to pronounce it! His mother was the only one who ever could. Stiles is a family nickname, my father used it and his father, I didn't. But Claudia said if we were gonna give him her father's name, we'd also give him my father's nickname, so at least people could refer to him with butchering the pronunciation." Derek nodded, taking in the information.

"You're so full of it, you can pronounce it perfectly. Okay, now that we're done with my life story, I brought you lunch." Stiles said, looking to his dad. "Are you gonna be home tonight? Cause' I probably won't. There's this party at Lydia's house that Scott is determined to go to." Stiles pulled the plastic container out of his bag, handing it to his dad. He could feel Derek's eyes on him, now focusing on his every word since the mention of Scott. "I tried to talk him out of it, but he won't budge. He's just ignoring every bit of logic that I throw at him, so I decided to be a good friend and keep an eye on him. We'll probably spend the night elsewhere, rather than risk driving all the way back." Stiles spoke fast enough to keep his dad from picking up on the absence of certain details, such as where they would be spending the night.

"Right, it was Scott's idea to go to the party." Stilinski said sarcastically. "Fine you can go, but only because it's the weekend and Lydia's party. She may have a lot of big parties, but we never get called to them. The second that changes, you're home-bound, got it?

"Got it!" Stiles said beaming at his dad, but worried prickled in the back of his mind. What if the cops were called to the party tonight for something other than underage drinking? What if Scott, or Stiles himself, did something? What if they hurt someone?

"Okay, well thanks for lunch, but I got a ton of paperwork to do, I'll see you tomorrow. Thank you for your time Mr Hale." The sheriff leant over to shake Derek's hand and patted his son on the back.

"Thank you for your help, sheriff." Derek said before turning to leave the room.

"Bye dad" Stiles waved, then followed Derek out of the room.

"What you said about Scott, was that true?" Derek asked when the pair reached the front doors of the station.

"Yeah," Stiles nodded, sighing in annoyance. "He's convinced that I'm turning but he's not. My eyes flashed at him, which convinced him of werewolves, but not that he is one."

"You flashed your eyes?" Derek asked abruptly.

"Yeah, don't worry, it was in my room! And it only happened because he was mad, he slammed me against the wall and went to punch me. I was scared and it felt like something else took over me. Protected me."

"It was your wolf." Derek explained as the two came to a stop in front of Stiles' jeep. "You and your wolf are two different beings sharing the same body. Your wolf is like your subconscious, only you feel it more. It's part of what improves your instincts and reflexes. It'll help you when you need it. The only issue is that you have to reel it in sometimes. It's short tempered, which'll make you short tempered. Your wolf is an animal. When the full moon comes it has the basic desires of an animal. Hunt, mate, kill. So you need to find an anchor. Something that'll help you hold on to your humanity. Keep you from becoming a monster. I can teach you, but first we need to get Scott.

Stiles stared at Derek then blinked. "Wow, I think that's most I've heard you say ever, let alone in one go!" Derek glared at Stiles who grinned and waved his hand dismissively "Come on, don't be such a sourwolf!" Derek's glare intensified. "Okay, okay, I gotta get ready for the party, give me your phone." A mischievous look appeared on Stiles' face as a thought occurred to him.

"Why?" Derek narrowed his eyes in suspicion.

"Because I need a way to contact you, one that doesn't involve hiking around town or waiting for you to sneak up on me. Phone!" Stiles held his hand out expectantly. With an exaggerated eye roll, Derek pulled his phone out of his pocket and handed it to Stiles.

Stiles programmed his number into Derek's phone and sent himself a quick text. "Thanks," Stiles beamed. Handing Derek his phone back."I'll see you at the party." Stiles said walking around and climbing in the drivers side of the Jeep. Derek moved out of the way, allowing Stiles to drive off, then headed to his own car. Once he was ready to leave, Derek decided to check what message Stiles had sent himself.

A chuckle left his lips when he saw that Stiles had set his contact name as 'Lil' Red Riding Hoodie' and the text read 'Wat a big mouth u hav.'

A minute later a reply came in, while Derek was driving back to the preserve. Keeping one hand on the steering wheel, Derek fished his hand in his jacket pocket and pulled out his phone.

From:  Lil' Red Riding Hoodie (17:58)
Message:  The better 2 babble with.

To:  Lil' Red Riding Hoodie (17:59)
Message:  Please don't tell me you've saved my number as 'Big Bad Wolf'

From:  Lil' Red Riding Hoodie (18:01)
Message:  Of course not! Wat do u take me 4?

Well that was a relief. Derek kept glancing between the phone and the road, thankful that he was driving up the road to the preserve, where there were no cameras. But before he could enjoy the relief, another text came through from Stiles

From:  Lil' Red Riding Hoodie (18:02)
Message:  It's Big Bad  Sourwolf . Duh!

Derek groaned, slamming his head back against the headrest. He drove to a remote area close to the preserve and parked his car.

To:  Lil' Red Riding Hoodie (18:09)
Message:  When/where is the party?

From:  Lil' Red Riding Hoodie (18:11)
Message:  4get the address. Ur picking me up at 7 ;)

Derek raised an eyebrow at that, it wasn't a request, but a statement. Sighing, Derek got out of the car, locked it then made his way to his old house while replying to Stiles.

To:  Lil' Red Riding Hoodie (18:12)
Message:  Oh, am I now?

From:  Lil' Red Riding Hoodie (18: 13)
Message:  Yes, bc u need 2 help me stay in control nd I need 2 help u help Scott. We need each other 4 this nd u no it!

To:  Lil' Red Riding Hoodie (18:14)
Message:  Fine.

From:  Lil' Red Riding Hoodie (18:15)
Message:  Great, c u then. Wear something pretty ;)

Derek didn't bother replying to that, instead, stuffing his phone into his jacket pocket. The kid had a good point though. Clearly Scott wasn't as level headed as Stiles, it would take them both, and probably a close call tonight, to get the floppy haired boy to take this seriously. Why did the Alpha turn both of them? Why not just turn Stiles and leave it at that?

Derek sighed, he knew why, but he didn't have to be happy about it. It would be so much simpler if only Stiles had turned. He hadn't seen much of Scott, but his seemingly constant confused expression, combined with his denial about the change, despite proof, and all around stubbornness, did not inspire confidence in Derek.

Soon, Derek reached the burnt out ruins of his childhood home. Navigating his way through the wreckage to what used to the living room, Derek knelt down beside the blankets he used as a makeshift bed and started searching through his duffel bag. He eventually settled on white t-shirt and black jeans, a nicer pair that were a little bit tighter than the ones he was currently wearing. He set the clothes on the blankets and dropped his jacket next to them.

Ridding himself of his tight black t-shirt, Derek went on to work out. Several chin ups, sit ups and push ups later, Derek took a near ice cold shower. Because the only working shower in the house had one temperature setting, apparently. Fortunately, his werewolf body temperature helped keep him from freezing. Toweling off and getting dressed, Derek left the house at 18:45 to pick up Stiles for the da-party.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Scott McCall walked out of his bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist, only to find his mother stood next to the door.


Melissa just smiled and asked her son, "Is this a party or a date?"

"Maybe both," Scott admitted sheepishly.

"And her name is?" Melissa couldn't keep the smile off of her face.

"Allison." Scott informed his mum with a dopey smile on his face.

"Allison. Nice." Melissa held out the car keys, which Scott took gratefully.

"Thank you."

"We don't need to have the talk, do we?"

Scott rolled his eyes and replied; "Mum, I'm not having the safe sex talk with you!"

Melissa gasped, eye's widening. "Oh-oh my God! No! I meant about keeping the tank full! Give me those back!" She demanded, snatching the keys back from her son.

"Are you serious?"

"You bet your ass I'm serious! I'm not going to end up on some reality television show with a pregnant 16 year old!"

It took some convincing, but soon, Scott was pulling up outside Allison's house. About 5 seconds later, the front door opened and Scott smiled when he saw Allison there, nervously tugging her hair behind her ear.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Derek looked around at the partying teens in annoyance and detest. He was standing behind a small fire, out of the way of the party.

"Oh, come on Sourwolf, dance a little!" Apart from a glare in response to the nickname, Derek didn't react to Stiles' demand.

"Please? Come on, you look like some creepy stalker getting ready to kill someone! Scott isn't here yet and I need a distraction!" That got a reaction from Derek.

"Is the moon affecting you badly?" He asked urgently

"No it's just a dull itch at the moment." Stiles continued at Derek's confused look. "It's my ADHD. My Adderall isn't working and I feel... jittery. Restless. Ya know?"

Derek nodded in acknowledgement. "Your metabolism is a lot faster now. You'll get hungry more, medication won't work, you can't get drunk-"

"I can't get drunk?!" Stiles groaned in annoyance. "Fuck." Derek rolled his eyes at that. "Whatever, just dance with me!" Stiles demanded, hopping in place. A dog chose that moment to start barking at them from behind a gate.

"Fine!" Derek gave in, purely to get away from the dog and make the boy shut up and hopefully calm down. He didn't want to. Not at all.

The pair found a space to dance and Stiles easily got into the rhythm of the music. Derek, on the other hand, was rigid and uncomfortable. Stiles chuckled at him before placing his hands on Derek's hips, pulling the older man closer and guiding him to the music. He was hesitant at first, but soon got into it.

Stiles outright laughed when a song he knew started playing. Derek's hands tightened on his hips "What?"

Stiles shook his head and used his arms, that were now around Derek's neck, to pull them closer together."Nothing, just this song." Derek raised an eyebrow, "It's 'Animal I have Become' by Three Days Grace. Kinda fitting, don't you think?"

Derek rolled his eyes but couldn't help feeling amused. After two more songs, Scott and Allison arrived. Derek noticed and informed Stiles. Scott didn't notice either of them and just kept walking with Allison until they stopped to dance, right next to them. Derek and Stiles kept their eyes locked on each other, pretended not to notice Allison and Scott until they felt Scott's eyes land on them.

"Stiles?!" Scott demanded in shock. Allison looked at the pair as they looked at Scott.

"Oh hey Scotty!" Stiles greeted cheerfully. It was then that he noticed just how close he and Derek had gotten. Their chests were pressed together, as they faced Scott, their cheeks almost touched, Stiles could feel the heat radiate from Derek. To distract himself, Stiles looked to Allison. "And you must be Allison!"

"Yeah, it's nice to meet you, Stiles." She smiled at him kindly then looked to Derek. "And your.. boyfriend?"

"Yes," Derek said quickly, it'd be easier to explain than anything else. "Well kind of, we can't make it official until he's 18, but the feelings are there all the same." It was a lie. Completely. No feelings at all. If Stiles and Scott didn't hear a skip in his heartbeat it was because they weren't paying enough attention. "I'm Derek by the way."

"Allison. That's sweet of you to be willing to wait!"

Stiles nodded and unwrapped his arms from Derek's neck and turned to fully face his best friends and Allison. Derek stood behind him and wrapped his arms around Stiles' waist and smiled at the pair as Stiles leant against him with ease. For appearances.

"Yeah, he's kind of a prude." Stiles grinned, winking at Allison as Derek glared down at him.

Allison giggled. "You two are cute together!" Derek and Stiles smiled at her in response. Neither of their wolves yipped in happiness or responded in any way. No sir!

"I know, right?" Stiles agreed, tilting his head back to look up at Derek. Derek smiled down at him, until they noticed it. The confused and angry scent rolling off of Scott, paired with the rapid thumping of his heart.

The change can be caused by anger or anything that raises your pulse. Shit. They raised his pulse. With their little act.

"Scott?" Allison's voice rang out in concern, as the boy doubled over, clutching his head. Stiles immediately leaped forward.

"Scott, bro, have you got your inhaler?" He asked for Allison's benefit, giving her a reason for Scott's sudden condition. Scott shook his head no and was about to say something but Allison cut in first.

"Wait, do you think he's having an asthma attack? Because this isn't like any attack I've seen." Allison said, shaking her head in panic.

"No, it's probably not an asthma attack," Derek said, "But sometimes, during other situations, using their inhaler as a placebo can help asthmatics calm down enough to explain what's wrong and give others an idea of how to help them." His voice was calm and steady as he led the girl though the house and out towards his car, While Stiles led Scott to his car. "Wait, Stiles!"

"Yeah?" Stiles asked, looking at Derek in panic.

"Why don't you take Allison home? I'll look after Scott and you meet us afterwards?" Stiles realised Derek's logic, he'd know how to handle Scott better and the moon was still just a dull itch to him. He'd be able to take Allison home.

"Yeah, sounds good. Scotty, give me your keys!" Stiles demanded. Scott immediately handed them over. Too disoriented to fully realise what was going on. Derek and Stiles exchanged passengers before heading in their separate directions. "So, what's your address?"

Allison told him before going quiet. After a few minutes she spoke up again in a slightly suspicious tone. "Why did Derek take Scott home if you're his best friend?"

"Multiple reasons." Truth. "1) Derek is better prepared to handle this" Truth. "His sister was also asthmatic, so he's had a lot of experience." Lie. "2) Would you really be comfortable with somebody who's older than you, that you just met that day? Or with someone who is your age, the trusted best friend of your date and is absolutely awesome?!" This caused Allison to giggle.

"Definitely the awesome, trusted, best friend!" Allison agreed, still giggling.

"Damn right!" Stiles hollered excitedly. "And 3) How would your parents react to you leaving with one guy and coming home with another, who is older and has a much nicer car?"

"Not well, that's for sure!" Allison admitted nodding her head in understanding "I'm sorry. It's just that I move to yet another new town, thinking it'll be the same as all the others. Then on my first day I meet this really sweet cute guy, who is also athletic, but not a jerk about it, and he works at an animal clinic! He saved this poor dog that I accidentally hit in the rain. I'm just not used to that. I was kind of worried that he changed his mind and was trying to just hang me out to dry, so to speak. I kind of thought that you wer-"

"Recruited to deliver the dump-o-gram?" Allison blushed.

"It's stupid, I know." She said sheepishly, looking down at her lap.

"Not at all." Stiles said softly. "But just so you know, you don't have to worry about that with Scott. He's a good guy, a bit of a ditz at times, but he's not a jerk. He's the loyal kind, if anything, I'm gonna have to come after you for breaking his heart. That's just not Scott. Unless you do something extreme, like, try to kill all of his friends and family, he won't just up and dump you. So don't worry about it." He gave her a friendly smile, pulling up outside of her house.

"Thanks Stiles, I wish I had a friend like you." Allison said honestly.

"Stick around long enough and you'll be stuck with me. I'm like a fungus- no, wait, that's not right- A tattoo, you think you want me, but then when I'm there you get sick of me and want me gone, but too late, you're stuck with me! Sure you could laser me off, but that takes time and money so you think aww, screw it. I'll keep him! Then the more you live with me the more you get annoyed by me before you realise that all you need to do is feed me Reese's and curly fries to shut me up and we'll get along just fine." Allison looked dazed. She wasn't used to hurricane Stiles. Poor thing.

"Reese's and Curly fries, huh?" She asked once she caught up with what he had said.

"Yup." He popped the p and smiled at her

"I'll stock up." She joked with a grin.

"Please do, Ally!" Her face dropped to a look of shock

"What did you call me?" She asked.

"O-oh, I'm s-sorry, do you not-"

"No don't! Go ahead! No one outside of my family has given me a nickname in a long time." Allison looked down with a blush coating her face. "I-it's nice."

"No problem Ally." She smiled at him softly. His phone cut through the silence, signaling a text.

From:  Big Bad Sourwolf (20:03)
Message:  Where are you?! Need help with Scott. We're almost at the preserve, HURRY!

"It's Derek. I gott-"

"Yeah of course" She said, unbuckling her seat belt. "Thanks for the ride!" She climbed out of the car.

"No problem, see you on Monday."

"See you Monday," She smiled and shut the door behind her.

Stiles waved farewell before driving off, mind set on the preserve.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

When Stiles got to the preserve he immediately started making his way to the old Hale house. Halfway there he heard Scott's voice, but it was deeper, darker.

"Where is she?" Wait. Who? Did he mean Allison? Did he not remember?

"She's safe," Stiles heard Derek's voice reply. "From you."

Stiles could hear the sound of someone being tackled, then what he could only assume was the two wolves wrestling. Stiles picked up his pace to find them. Hopefully before they killed each other.

"What did you do with her?"

"Shh quiet!" Derek demanded in a hushed voice so low that Stile almost didn't hear it. Was it Stiles Derek heard, or someone else? Stiles froze and heard several sets of feet stomping through the woods heading in Scott and Derek's direction.

"Too Late." Derek growled, "They're already here. Run!"

Stiles could hear Derek run towards him, so he went to meet him. God, he hopes Derek doesn't try to kill him, mistaking him for a hunter.

Stiles squinted at the dark for a few seconds before everything went red. Literally. It made it a lot easier to navigate his way through the woods and he quickly found Derek, who didn't attack him. Most likely because of the glowing eyes.

"What's going on?" Stiles asked in an urgent whisper. Though he was fairly certain that he already knew the answer, he just wanted Derek to confirm it.

"Hunters." Yup.

"Where's Scott?"

"I don't know, I told him to run."

Through the trees they both saw a blinding flash of white light. Then heard Scott cry out in pain.

"Guess he didn't run far enough" Stiles said running in that direction.

The two wolves stopped a few meters away from the action, behind the hunters. Stiles almost lost it when he saw Scott pinned to a tree by an arrow through his arm and three armed hunters in front of him.

The eldest lowered his crossbow looking at Scott, focusing on his eyes. He looked slightly disappointed. Stiles then realised that they must be after the Alpha. Stiles looked to Derek who nodded, as if he knew what Stiles was thinking.

Crouching and ready to pounce, Derek whispered to Stiles "You take the one on the left then run to the right, I'll get the one on the right and Scott." Stiles nodded, lowering himself into the same crouch. "Ready?"

"Yeah." He whispered.

"Take him." The eldest hunter said to the two behind him.


Stiles reacted purely on instinct. He leapt forward, landing on all fours and almost immediately swung his body around, sweeping the hunters legs out from under him. Stiles disarmed the hunter, throwing his rifle into the trees. He jumped to his feet, grabbed the hunter by his collar and pulled him to his feet, before gaining a better grip on the back of his shirt and tossing him into a nearby tree behind him, rendering him unconscious. Then took cover in the trees to his right. The eldest hunter looked behind him at the commotion. Stiles watched as Derek used the distraction to run to Scott, pull the arrow out of his arm and drag him towards Stiles. When the pair found him, he joined them in running away from the hunters.

When they were a fair distance away, Scott collapsed against a tree, his eyes finally fading to their regular colour. "Who were they?" He asked looking up at Stiles and Derek.

"Hunters." Stiles stated. His vision went back to normal, so he knew his eyes were no longer amber.

"The kind that have been hunting us for centuries." Derek continued, looking around to make sure there weren't any more lurking nearby.

"Us?" He asked angrily, glaring at Derek. "You mean you! You did this to me!"

"He's not the one who bit us." Stiles protested as Derek tried to appeal to Scott.

"Is it really so bad, Scott? That you can see better, hear more clearly, move faster than any human could ever hope?"

"He's got a point man." Stiles agreed

"You've both been given what the most humans would kill for. The bite is a gift"

Scott simply shook his head "I don't want it."

"I do." Stiles informed them both, not that they were listening to him.

Derek smirked down at Scott knowingly. "You will. And you're gonna need me if you want to learn how to control it. So you've gotta face it Scott, we're brothers now." Stiles wasn't sure why he was so disappointed at that statement. He was in love with Lydia, right? Why should he be bothered that Derek sees him as a brother by default?

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

At midnight, in the old Hale house, Stiles started to really struggle to stay human. He tried to focus on things that mattered to him, his dad, his mum, Scott, Derek, Melissa, Lacrosse, star wa- wait. How did Derek creep in there?

His distraction caused him to let slip more of his humanity. He didn't even realise he'd transformed and started growling until Derek had pinned him to the floor. "Stiles! Calm down!"






"Stiles!" Derek roared out


"Yeah, Stiles, Focus."

The commotion had caused Scott to struggle against the restraints that Derek had been forced to put on him.

Stiles helped Derek calm Scott again, before being handcuffed to a pipe, 'as a precaution'.

"You're doing really well. You already found your anchor?"

Stiles nodded. "Yeah, though, I wasn't really trying. I just couldn't stop imagining accidentally hurting those that I care about and it terrified me." He admitted shamefully. "And I wouldn't say I'm doing well. I totally lost it back there."

"But you pulled through!" Derek insisted, a hint of pride in his voice. "Most bitten wolves are like Scott on their first full moons! Or worse. I've never seen anyone show the amount of restraint and control that you are right now." Without thinking, Derek lifted his hand and caressed Stiles' cheek. They both ignored their heart beats rising and the hitch in Stiles breath.

Stiles' eyes roamed from Derek's eyes to his lips. Both of them slowly leaned closer together until their lips were a mere inch apart.

Growl, growl, snarl, chains rattle, growl.

Derek jumped back like he'd just been burnt. He gestured to Scott "I should..." He turned his back on Stiles and walked towards Scott.

Stiles wasn't sure if he should hug Scott or kill him, although he was leaning towards the latter.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Stiles led Scott to Melissa's car the next morning after they'd camped out at the Hale house and began to drive them to Scott's house.

Scott sighed from the passenger side seat "You know what actually worries me the most?"

"If you say Allison, I'm gonna punch you in the head."

Scott ignored him, and whined "She probably hates me now."

Stiles rolled his eyes. "I doubt that. But you might want to come up with a pretty amazing apology for being stupid enough to forget your inhaler. That's a pretty good excuse, by the way, you're welcome. Or you know you could just... Tell her the truth and revel in the awesomeness of the fact that you're a freaking werewolf." Scott shot Stiles an extremely unimpressed look. "Okay bad idea... Hey, we'll get through this. Come on, If I have to, I'll help Derek chain you up on full moon night, which I did last night, fyi. And hey I'll even feed you live mice as a treat." He announced with a grin. "I had a boa once, I could do it!" Scott stared at him for half a second before chuckling, shortly joined by Stiles.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Scott decided to wait for Allison after school on Monday.

"Hey, Scott, you okay? I was really worried about you!" Allison called out in concern when she spotted him.

"Yeah, but I... I'm really sorry about... well leaving."

Allison giggled, "Scott, It's okay, really. Stiles explained it to me and said some stuff that made me less mad."

"So, is that a yes on a second chance?" Scott asked hopefully and Allison smiled.

"Definitely yes" A car honked, interrupting whatever was going to happen next. "That's my dad. I'd better go."

She smiled at Scott before walking to the car and Scott headed towards the school for Lacrosse practice. Then a horribly familiar scent hit his nose and he turned to face the car. Stiles walked up beside him, patting him on the shoulder, but his eyes remained on the car.

"Dude come on, we're gonna be l-" Stiles suddenly caught the same scent and his head shot towards the car that Allison was climbing into. "Holy shi-" The older man caught their stares, paused for a second then grinned at them.

"Uh-huh." Scott nodded numbly. "Allison's dad is a hunter." They were so screwed.

Chapter Text

The Hale Pack: Panic! At the Hunter

"Uh-huh." Scott nodded numbly. "Allison's dad is a hunter." They were so screwed.

Stiles muttered curse words under his breath as Scott panicked. When they finally got to the locker room they let the panic fully set in. Scott removed the top half of his uniform while Stiles removed his gloves, searching through his belongings for his phone.

"He didn't recognise you, right?" Stiles asked urgently, as Scott leant back against a post, freaking out.

"I don't think so and what do you mean me? Us!" Scott yelled, pulse rapidly rising and Stiles was grateful that all of the other players were now out on the field.

"I don't think he got a good look at me!" Stiles said honestly and shook his head. "But he definitely saw you! Thank God you were wolfed out, there's a chance he doesn't. Dude, does Allison know about him?"

Scott really freaked out then. "I don't know, what if she does? Oh my god..." Scott started sobbing, nearing a full fledged panic attack "He's gonna kill me..."

"Shit." Stiles quickly shot off a text to Derek. "Just calm down okay." He puts his phone away and hands Scott his equipment "Just focus on lacrosse, okay? Lacrosse! Yeah! Here. We. Go!" Stiles pulled his own gloves on and ran out to the field.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

From:  Lil' Red Riding Hoodie (15:43)
Message:  Gt a prblm, gt 2 skwl now! Allison's dad is the hunter frm last nite! REPEAT! PAPA ARGENT HUNTER! Scott freaking! Hurry!


-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"Let's go!" Coach yelled as he blew his whistle. "One on one from up top!" he turned to Jackson "Jackson! Take a long stick for today!" Jackson got into position and when the whistle blew, sprung into action, easily sweeping past the other players one by one.

"That's how you do it, Jackson, That's how you do it!" Coach praised, "Greenberg! Take a lap. Let's go. Faster Greenberg!" Scott almost felt sorry for Greenberg, but it was his turn against Jackson.

"McCall! What are you waiting for?" Scott snapped to attention, trying to push any and all thoughts of Allison, hunters, werewolves and Jackson's threats, out of his head. 'Focus on Lacrosse!' He thought to himself.

The whistle blew. Scott ran to Jackson, only to be taken down easily. "Hey McCall!" Coach yelled, walking up to Scott, who was staring at Jackson in anger, who in turn, simply smirked.

"You sure you still wanna be first line, McCall?"

Scott stood up and tried to control his anger. "My grandmother can move faster than that, and she's dead!" Coach leaned down to speak into Scott's ear. "Do you think you can move faster than the lifeless corpse of my dead grandmother?" He asked in a taunting voice.

"Yes coach." Scott said, looking at Jackson with amber eyes.

"I can't hear you."

"Yes coach!"

"Then do it again!" Scott ran back to the starting position as coach's taunting voice called out, "McCall's gonna do it again! McCall's gonna do it again!" Scott started running the second the whistle sounded. He smashed straight into Jackson, who landed on the ground in pain as Scott doubled over.

'Shit!' Stiles thought as he ran to Scott. He could sense his best friend shifting as the rest of the team ran to Jackson. "Come on get up!" Stiles pulled Scott to his feet, and lead him towards the locker room.

"I can't control it Stiles, it's happening!" Scott groaned.

"I know, just keep walking." They made their way to the locker room, not noticing Derek stood by the bleachers.

When they finally made it to the locker room, Scott collapsed to the ground. Stiles took a step closer before Scott looked up at him, fully transformed. "Get away from me!" He roared out before losing all control and lunged for Stiles.

Stiles reacted on instinct. Jumping up onto a row of lockers, staring down at Scott. Scott growled and also jumped, only onto the beams above him. Stiles immediately started moving and jumping from locker to locker, Scott close behind. Stiles' eyes searched for something to force Scott to change back as he ran from the wolf trying to kill him. Soon, his eyes fell on a fire extinguisher. His now amber eyes locked on his target, and he jumped.

A sharp pain shot through his leg as Scott's claws dug into him. Slicing through just below his knee, all the way down to his ankle. A long howl of pain echoed through the room as Stiles fell to the ground.

Scott landed next to him and Stiles was sure he was done for, but then Scott took his helmet off, revealing his completely human face. "Stiles? What happened? Did I do this?!" Scott asked in horror and confusion.

"Yeah. You tried to kill me." Stiles hissed angrily.

"Dude, I'm so s-!" Stiles shushed him in panic. Rushing footsteps were heading towards the locker room. The two tensed. Then, Stiles latched on to a familiar scent and relaxed.

"Derek." He sighed in relief as the door opened. Then turned back to Scott "I told you before, it's the anger, your pulse rising. It's a trigger!"

"But that's Lacrosse! It's a pretty violent game if you haven't noticed!" Derek crouched down beside Stiles, examining his wound.

"Well, it's gonna be a lot more violent if you end up killing someone on the field! You can't play Saturday, you're gonna have to get out of the game." Stiles told him, wincing slightly as Derek poked at his injury.

"But I'm first line!" Scott protested.

"Not anymore."

"He's right," Derek said. "You haven't got enough control to play. You're not just risking yourself, you're risking me, Stiles and everyone else on that field." Derek looked Scott in the eye's "If they find out about you, they find out about all of us, thanks to your girlfriend. Then it's not just hunters after us, it's everyone. "

"What do you mean?" Stiles asked in confusion.

"I didn't know she was an Argent, if I had I wouldn't have let you go on that date, Scott!"

"Is she a hunter too?" Scott asked sadly.

"I don't know," Derek admitted, "But the Argent's are notorious. They've been one of the biggest hunter families for centuries. They're dangerous."

A realisation hit Stiles, causing him to laugh. The other two wolves looked at him in confusion. "It's funny how lore twists facts over time." Derek smiled realising that Stiles had figured it out. "Argent. It's french for silver, right?"

"Yes, it is." Derek agreed as Scott finally realised what they were saying.

"It's not the metal silver that kills werewolves," Stiles started.

"It's the family." Derek finished. Stiles smiled before wincing. "Here, give me your hand." Stiles raised an eyebrow in confusion, but did as he was told. Mere seconds after Derek grabbed his hand, black veins appeared on his arm, and Stiles felt his pain lessen.

"Did you jus-" Stiles started in awe.

"I took some of your pain away. You'll both be able to do that, soon." Derek said before looking at Scott. "Get something to clean up the blood." Scott nodded, rushing off to do so.

When Scott returned, the other two wolves had moved. Derek was now behind Stiles, chest pressed to his back, supporting him, whilst his hands were on Stiles arms, pulling pain from him. Stiles' leg was healing quickly, the wounds almost completely gone.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Later that night, Scott flopped face first onto his bed, completely stressed. His mum knocked on his door, looking at him in concern. "Hey, late shift again for me but I am taking Saturday off to see your first game."

"No mum, you can't!" Scott protested, but Melissa would have none of it.

"I can and I will!" She stepped further into his room. "Come on one shift isn't gonna break us... Completely." She stopped by Scott's bed and looked at him closely. "Hey what's wrong with your eyes?" Scott sat up in concern. "You look like you haven't slept in days!"

"Oh, it's nothing, I'm just stressed" Scott said, using his arms to support himself.

"Just stress? Nothing else? I mean it's not like you're on drugs or anything right?" Melissa chuckled nervously and Scott raised his eyebrows.

"Right now?"

"'Right now?'! I'm sorry, what do you mean 'right now'. I mean have you ever taken drugs?" Melissa asked in shock and anger.

"Have you?" Scott retorted.

"Get some sleep!" Melissa demanded walking out of the room.

After a few minutes of moping, Scott heard his laptop beep, signaling an incoming video call. Stiles. Scott accepted the call and was greeted with Stiles spinning around to face him, blasting a toy gun.

"What'd you find out?"

"Well, it's bad, Jackson's got a separated shoulder." Stiles said

"Because of me?!" Scott asked in horror.

"Because he's a tool!" Stiles corrected.

"Well, is he gonna play?"

"Well they don't know yet, now they're just counting on you for Saturday." Scott sighed at his lap in despair.

When he looked up, Stiles was staring at something on his screen in shock and slight fear. "What?" Stiles glanced at the camera before looking back at the screen. Squinting slightly. Then the computer froze on Stiles' confused face.

"What?" Scott, hit several keys, hoping to make the laptop work.

"Derek?" Stiles asked in confusion when the call connected again.

"Hello Stiles." Derek's voice called out from behind Scott, causing him to jump up in horror.


"I didn't have time to talk to you earlier, I was busy helping Stiles. But I saw you on the field. You shifted in front of them."

"I'm sorry, but they didn't see anything I swear." Scott began, fear evident in his voice.

"No, Scott. And they won't. Because Stiles is right, you can't play that game on Saturday. If you try, I'll kill you myself."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"What do you mean you can't play the game tomorrow night?" Coach asked Scott, leading him into his office.

"I mean that I can't play the game tomorrow night." Scott said simply

"You can't wait to play the game tomorrow night!" Coach corrected

"No Coach, I can't play the game tomorrow night!"

"I'm not following." Out in the locker room, Stiles rolled his eyes at the conversation. How do some people even survive in this world?

"I'm having some personal issues." Scott said awkwardly.

"Is it a girl?" Coach asked.


"Is it a guy? Ya know, our goalie Danny's gay!"

"Yeah, I know Coach, but that's not it."

"You don't think Danny's a good looking guy?" Stiles had to stifle his laughter at the conversation, leaning against a locker.

"I think he's good looking, but I like girls! And that's not it anyway. I-I uh"

"Is it drugs? Are you doing meth?" Coach asked urgently. "Because I had a brother that was addicted to meth, you should have seen what it did to his teeth, they were all cracked and rotted. It was disgusting!" Coach rambled.

"Oh my god, what happened to him?"

"He got veneers" Coach said, then a triumphant smile appeared on his face. "Is that what this is about? Are you afraid of getting hurt, McCall?"

"Yes, say yes." Stiles said quietly enough that only Scott would hear.

"No," Scott said pointedly, obviously talking to both Stiles and Coach "I'm having some issues dealing with aggression." Stiles rolled his eyes, that was the worst excuse!

"Well, here's the good news, that's why you play Lacrosse! Problem solved" Coach said.

"Coach, I can't play the game tomorrow night!"

"Listen, McCall. Part of playing first line is taking on the responsibility of being first line. Now, if you can't shoulder that responsibility, then you're back on the bench until you're ready." Coach informed him and Stiles beamed. That's perfect! Scott needed to be on the bench.

"If I don't play the game, you're taking me off first line?" Scott asked, in a hurt voice.

"McCall. Play the game!" Fuck. Stiles shook his head, and left to go to his next class.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Walking through the school corridors, Scott thought over his conversation with coach. Then his conversations with Stiles and Derek. His phone buzzed as he received a text from his mum.

From:  Mum (Work) (10:45)
Message:  Got the night off! Coming to see you play! So excited!

When Scott looked up from his phone, he saw Allison walking towards him.

"Hey," She greeted happily, and Scott completely forgot about her father and the fact that she might be a hunter too. Or at least know about him.

"Hey," He beamed.

"Busy?" She asked, stopping in front of him and glancing at his phone.

"No, it's just my mum, she's nothing! I mean it's nothing!" He corrected with wide eyes. "Never busy for you."

"I like the sound of that," Allison admitted, a smile appearing on her face. "I have to run to French class, but I wanted to let you know that I'm coming to see you play tomorrow!"

"You are?"

"Yeah, and we're all going out afterwards! You, me, Lydia, Jackson, it'll be great! Tell Stiles to come too, if he wants, he can bring Derek. I mean I get that Derek might not want to hang out with a group of teenagers, but if he does, he's more than welcome! I was gonna ask him earlier when I saw his car, but I had to get to class. Speaking of which, I gotta go. Save me a seat at lunch!"

Scott stared after her in shock, his brain finally catching up as he muttered "Oh god."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

In maths, Scott stood next to Lydia, writing on the board.

"Why is there a rumour going around that you're not playing tomorrow?" Lydia asked without looking at Scott.

"Because I'm sort of not," Scott said in a resigned voice.

"I think you sort of are!" Lydia said angrily, looking at him before returning her attention to the board, writing quickly. "Especially since you brutally injured my boyfriend by ramming into him."

Scott looked at the red head in annoyance "He brutally injured himself ramming into me!"

"Jackson's gonna play tomorrow. But he's not gonna be at his peak." She looked Scott up and down, "And I prefer my boyfriend at peak performance."

"Okay..?" Scott said confused

"I date the captain of the winning Lacrosse team." Lydia stated, "And if they start the season losing, I date the captain of the losing Lacrosse team. I don't date losers!"

"Losing one game isn't gonna kill anyone!" Scott snapped. "In fact, it might even save someone." He muttered

"Fine! Don't play!" She put on a faux thoughtful face "We'll probably win anyway. And we'll go out after like we were planning and I'll introduce Allison to all of the hot players on the team." Her tone was too innocent, knowing it'd get a reaction out of Scott. "And Scott McCall will stay at home, surfing the net for porn."

Lydia finished her problem and sauntered back to her seat triumphantly.

"Mr. McCall, you're not even close to solving your problem!" The teacher informed him.

"Tell me about it." Scott muttered.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Scott had just turned away from his locker when he noticed Stiles eavesdropping on his dad and the principal.

He was about to walk over to him when he noticed Allison talking to Lydia and another member of the Lacrosse team.

"Hey," Allison greeted him when he approached, causing the other two people to walk away.

"Hey, so Lydia's introducing you to everybody?" Allison nodded happily.

"She is being so incredibly nice to me!" Allison was beaming, clearly pleased.

"I wonder why..." Scott said suspiciously.

"Maybe she gets how much being the new girl can suck!" Allison suggested naively.

"Maybe." Scott didn't believe his own words. But his mind was too busy to notice.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

After school. Stiles pulled up his jeep by the entrance to the preserve. "Hey Derek." He called hoping out of the jeep, smelling Derek's scent grow stronger behind him and spun around to be face to the leather clad wolf.

"Stiles." Derek said, his body tense.

"Something wrong man?" Stiles asked, concern seeping into his voice.

"I'm fine. What are you doing here?"

"I came to talk." Stiles said grabbing his backpack from the Jeep and shutting the door, in order to communicate that he wasn't going to leave without talking.

"Fine," Derek growled out. "But not here. Follow me."

Soon, the two were standing in the remains of Derek's living room. "What?"

"Okay Sourwolf. Calm down. I just wanted to tell you that Scott's having a hard time getting out of the game, I'm not even sure he wants too, so I may need your help with that. Also, my dad is issuing a curfew for everyone under 18. So if you need me.. or Scott, after 9:30, you're gonna have to sneak in through the window for a while."

"Is that it?" Derek asked in annoyance.

"No." Stiles said, voice full of confidence. "One more thing," Stiles lunged forward, wrapping his arms around Derek's neck. Pressing their lips together. Derek immediately responded, grabbing Stiles' waist, pulling him closer, then lifted the younger boy up. Stiles in turn, wrapped his legs around Derek's waist.

Stiles ran his tongue across Derek's lips, the elder boy parted his lips in response. Their tongues battled for dominance. Derek eventually won, exploring the lanky boy as he pinned him against the wall.

Derek let out a breathless moan "Stiles..."

"-Stiles!" Derek yelled, snapping his fingers in front of the boy's face.

"Huh?" Stiles asked in confusion, returning to reality.

"I said 'is that it?' and you started daydreaming!" Derek's tone and expression were annoyed, but his eyes and scent gave away his concern.

"S-sorry yeah t-that's it s-sorry." Stiles stuttered, forcing his mind to focus on something else. Trying to get rid of the growing problem in his pants. The problem he knew Derek could smell.

"Derek!" They heard Scott's angry voice yell from outside. Yes, problem gone! They made their way outside to Scott who was looking at something else for a second. "Leave her alone, " What? "Allison told me she saw your car today! She doesn't know anything!"

"What if she does? You think you can just google Werewolves and now you've got all the answers, is that it?" Derek asked, walking towards Scott, Stiles following slowly. "You don't get it yet Scott, but I'm looking out for you. For both of you! You're out on the field, the aggression takes over and you shift in front of everyone!"

Derek picked up Scott's Lacrosse stick. "Your mum, all your friends and when they see you..." Derek used his claws to rip the netting.

"Aw! Come on dude, do you have any idea how much those cost?" Stiles whined at Derek's action, even though it wasn't his.

Derek ignored him "Everything. Falls. Apart." Derek tossed the stick at Scott, who caught it easily. But when he looked up, Derek and Stiles were gone.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

It was Derek, it had to be! He was the only other werewolf around, right? He might have fooled Stiles, but Scott had smelt the blood today. It had to be the other half of the body! Derek bit them and ruined Scott's chances with Allison. So he'd get Derek arrested, have Stiles help him control the shift so he can play the game and go out with Allison. Then everything would be good.

To:  Stiles (16:56)
Message:  Get 2 mine now! I found sumthng!

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Stiles ran into Scott's house without knocking and straight up to his bedroom.

"What did you find? How did you find it? Where did you find it?" Stiles asked, coming to a halt, blinking rapidly.

"How much Adderall have you had today?" Scott asked before shaking his head. "When we were at Derek's today, I smelt blood, there's something buried there. It's probably the girl! We'll find it and have your dad bust him for murder! Then you'll help me figure out how to play Lacrosse without changing, because there is no way I'm not playing this game." Scott announced triumphantly.

"Dude. No! I don't care what you smelt, Derek didn't do it! Okay? It was the Alpha, you know? The one who bit us! You will play Lacrosse again. Just not yet, dude! Be smart about this. Okay? Derek can help us. But not if you falsely accuse him of murder!" Stiles yelled.

"Why are you protecting him?! What has he done for you that is so important?" Scott demanded, enraged that his best friend was turning against him for some guy he'd just met.

"He saved our lives, Scott! On the night of the full moon! He saved other peoples lives by keeping us locked in his house!" Stiles took a deep breath, trying to calm himself so he wouldn't transform "He saved us Scott. He helped us when we had no idea what was happening. He's not the bad guy here Scott, the sooner you realise that. The sooner you'll accept what's happened and live your life."

Stiles turned his back on Scott and left the room, ignoring the hollow feeling in his chest at leaving his brother like this.

Chapter Text

The Hale Pack: Bring Me The Body

Stiles turned his back on Scott and left the room, ignoring the hollow feeling in his chest at leaving his brother like this.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

On the drive home, Stiles stopped by a shop and brought a liter of cookie dough ice cream, several packets of Reese's cups, soda and various sorts of crisps. (A/N: or potato chips to some people) He then made his way home, ready to mope.

Halfway through watching Batman Begins and eating a quarter of the ice cream in bed, Stiles noticed a familiar scent appear, filling his room.

"Derek" He greeted softly, before shoveling another spoonful of ice cream into his mouth.

"Stiles. What's wrong?" Concern seeped into Derek's voice, the man having immediately picked up on Stiles' low mood.

"Scott." Stiles said around a mouthful. He swallowed before continuing. "Scott's being an idiot."

"Is that supposed to be a shock?" Derek asked seriously, earning him a laugh from Stiles.

"No, it's what he's being idiotic about that's a shock." Derek gestured for Stiles to continue. "He's convinced that you are the one who bit us and that you killed Laura."

"Why?" Derek's eyebrow shot up his head.

"Because you're a werewolf and he smelt blood at your house earlier." Stiles said casually, shooting Derek a pointed look. Derek glared in retaliation.

"Don't worry, I've taken precautions." Stiles gave him an 'explain yourself' look. "Trust me, we'll be fine."

There was a short moment of comfortable silence before Stiles held up a second spoon. "I accidentally grabbed two spoons, my ice cream is starting to melt and I don't want to waste it. Help me finish it?" Stiles asked hopefully.

Derek hesitated for a moment before standing and making his way to the bed. Stiles beamed and shuffled up on the bed to give Derek more space.

"Batman Begins. Nice." Derek stated after he'd settled on the bed, grabbing his spoon.

The rest of the night saw the two werewolves eating junk food, watching The Dark Knight trilogy and arguing over which was the best, before falling asleep in each other's arms.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Derek. Derek freaking Hale. He's ruined everything. He needed to go. Then everything would be good again. Just wait and see!

Those were some of the thoughts circling through Scott's head as he made his way through the hospital angry and determined. Quickly making his way to the morgue.

Once there, he searched for the draw containing the bottom half of the body.

Laura Hale (Partial)

Got it!

Cringing, he pulled out the draw and lifted the sheet, Scott proceeded to examine the scent.

Gasping at the back marks on the pale legs and gagging at the pungent scent, Scott pushed the draw back and closed the door.

It was the same scent. Scott escaped the hospital as fast as he could. He needed a shovel.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Later that night, Scott walked up to the Hale house and made his way to where the body was buried. He knew Derek wasn't in. Scott had gone to Stiles' house along the way, to try to persuade him to help, only to see Derek jumping into Stiles' bedroom window! Scott quickly pushed the thought out of his head and made his way to the grave, he needed to act fast.

As Scott grew closer to the grave, he noticed the scent was slightly different. He shook his head and started digging, wanting to get it over with. About an hour later, he finally found what he was looking for. It took Scott a few minutes to untie the knots, and unwrap the body, only it wasn't what he was expecting.

Scott let out a scream as he jumped out of the hole and away from the half a body. Not a human body, mind you. Nope. A wolf. Not the werewolf form he took on the full moon, but a full bloodied, fur covered, actual wolf!

Damn, how was this possible? It's the same scent. Mostly. So it must be the girl, right? Laura? Wait she's Derek's sister, so she must be a werewolf too! Maybe turning into an actual wolf is a skill you eventually learn? Or maybe it's a girl wolf thing? Either way, this won't get Derek arrested. He needs to figure something else out.

Scott made quick work of covering the wolf corpse, then left, planning to figure something else out.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

The next morning Stiles woke up in bed alone. All of the food wrappers were gone, the tv was off and he was under the covers. He couldn't help but feel disappointed that Derek was gone, even though he wasn't surprised by the fact. Stretching out, Stiles stammered out of bed and headed down stairs to make himself breakfast, knowing his dad was still at the station trying to figure out who killed Laura and what happened to the other half of the body. Then Stiles noticed it. Derek's scent. It was still fresh. Not even slightly faded. He was there.

Stiles turned on the spot. Trying to figure out where Derek was. Stiles took a deep breath, closed his eyes, slowly let it out and listened.

It was silent, minus two heart beats, but they were over lapping each other and echoing around the room. He couldn't tell them apart.

Everything was still, And Stiles knew what was happening. This was a test. Derek was testing him. Stiles focused on his hearing and sense of smell. Your eyes can deceive you. Distract you.

Nothing happened for a moment. Then. The air to his left shifted.

Acting immediately, Stiles leapt forward, out of the way of attack, finally opening his eyes.

He spun to face Derek, using his arm to block Derek's fist, which he knew was concealing claws as Derek was fully wolfed out. Stiles caught Derek's other fist with his left and manoeuvred his right hand to grab Derek's forearm. He spun Derek so that his arms were twisted behind his back and he was now facing the door. Stiles jumped up while simultaneously pulling Derek backwards and kicking his legs out, full force, hitting Derek's lower back. Stiles used the force to propel himself into a backflip, landing in an easy crouch, right hand on the floor, left hand out to the side and head down. He looked up, eyes glowing amber and studied Derek, who was looking at him from the floor with a mixture of shock and pride.

Before Stiles could analyse it too much, Derek was back on his feet and charging towards him. Stiles stayed crouched, waiting for Derek to get close enough for Stiles to sweep out his feet, only to have Derek leap over him.

He was momentarily stunned, giving Derek the upper hand. Derek grabbed Stiles by the back of his shirt, pulling him off of the ground, flipping him and sending him to the ground on his back. Stiles immediately grabbed Derek's ankle and pulled, causing Derek to fall to the ground. He felt relief as Derek's head narrowly missed hitting the corner of the desk. However, Stiles now knew better than to hesitate or pause, so quickly jumped on top of Derek, pinning his, very nice, thighs with his knees, held Derek's hands above his heads on handed, by the wrists and used his other, clawed, hand to threaten Derek's throat.

"I win!" Stiles said triumphantly.

Derek smirked. "Do you?" Derek spread his legs (Bad thoughts, Stiles! Bad thoughts!) causing Stiles to drop, he moved both of his hands to either side of Derek's head to support himself, without even thinking. When he realised what he'd done, it was too late.

Derek wrapped his legs around Stiles waist and flipped them over. He straddled Stiles, sat on his lap, knees forcing Stiles legs together. Derek's strong hands gripped Stiles' wrists above his head, Derek lowered his face to Stiles' until their noses were touching, both of their faces had returned to human. Stiles' eyes flickered from Derek's eyes, to his lips. He knew that this was right.

This wasn't just some sparring accident, it was instinct. Stiles' mind flickered back to the night Derek explained everything.


"So mates are real?" Stiles asked intrigued.

"Yes." Derek stated with a nod. "We mate for life, once the mate bond is completed, there is no going back. Some wolves have two mates, but never more than that and the two mates are also mated to each other, regardless of if they're wolves, humans or something else."

"How do you know?" Stiles asked eagerly. "When you've found your mate, I mean?"

"You just know. It feels right, to both you and your wolf. You feel safe, relaxed, when you're with them. They feel like home and even if you've only just met, you can't imagine the rest of your life without them." Derek explained, earnest and wistful "You know that they are yours and you are theirs. You just know."

~End Flashback~

Stiles felt Derek start to pull away, so voice his discovery. "Mate." He said breathlessly, eye's turning amber as he arched towards Derek. "Mine!" Derek's mouth dropped in shock, not at the fact that they were mates. At the fact that Stiles had figured it out so quickly. "Derek."

Derek lost control at that, eyes glowing blue as he claimed Stiles mouth with his own, eye's fluttering shut at the sensation. It wasn't like any other kiss he'd had before. It was soft, tender but at the same time, passionate and claiming.

Derek moved his hands from Stiles' wrists, one moving to Stiles' hip, the other caressing his cheek. Both of Stiles' hands were buried in Derek's hair, pulling him in, and keeping him from pulling away.

This continued for a few minutes before they pulled away for air, both gasping for breath.

"So.." Stiles gulped down another breath. "Breakfast?"

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Over breakfast, Derek explained to Stiles that although they were mates, they couldn't complete the bond until Stiles turned 18. Well, they could, but Derek wouldn't.

However, Derek explained that he did want to get to know Stiles and had no interest in seeing anybody else. So they agreed on dates. A few group dates with Allison and Scott, and Lydia and Jackson. Mostly to keep their eyes on Scott, Allison too but mostly Scott. Their dates with just the two of them, would take place out of town.

If they ever got caught spending time together in town, their cover would be that Derek is tutoring Stiles in History and Spanish, as Stiles wasn't very good at either, but Derek was great. Same for on group dates, Stiles didn't want to be the fifth wheel, but didn't want to date yet so Derek agreed to tag along so they could go over notes throughout the night.

Everything was perfectly planned! Of course, it was Stiles, so things were bound to go wrong at some point. But until then, they can pretend.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Later that day, the entire Lacrosse team was in the Locker room, getting ready for the first game of the season.

Taking a deep breath, Stiles walked over to Scott. "You gonna try to convince me not to play?" Scott asked in annoyance.

"I just hope you know what you're doing!"

"If I don't play, I lose first line and Allison!"

"Allison's not going anywhere!" Stiles said "And it's one game that you really don't need to play!"

"I want to play! I wanna be on the team. I wanna go out with Allison. I want a semi freaking normal life. You, of all people, should get that!"

"I do get it." Stiles admitted with a sigh, sitting on the bench next to Scott. "But it'll be a lot harder to do that if you're in prison! Or dead!"

"I know. But I can do this!"

Stiles nodded. "Okay, but Derek and I will both be watching and ready to take action if you start to lose it!"

Scott huffed "Why do you trust him?!"

"He saved us Scott." Stiles mumbled, and Scott's eyebrows furrowed.

"No, there's something else. What is it? I know you, Stiles, you don't trust easily. Why him?"

Stiles took a deep breath and looked Scott in the eyes. "He's my mate."

"What?" Scott's mouth dropped open in shock. "Mate? Like soul mates?"

"Yeah. I knew there was something about him when I first met him. Then my wolf started reacting to him. God, it was so happy when Allison asked if we were boyfriends." He chuckled, looking at his lap. "And I started to just know things about him. Like, I knew when he was annoyed or concerned and when he was lying or telling the truth, more so than with anyone else. Then this morning we were sparring and he had me pinned down and I just realised."

Scott listened intently to his best friend. "So I said it. I said 'mate' and... he kissed me." Scott's eyes widened in shock and Stiles looked up at him with a huge smile on his face. "Now we really are boyfriends. But, like the lie we told Allison last Friday at the party, we can't complete the mate bond until I'm 18. But we're gonna go on dates and things, just the two of us, out of town, then group dates and stuff, in town. But to everyone else, Derek is tutoring me in History and Spanish-"

As Stiles continued to babble to Scott happily, Scott realised that he had to give Derek a chance. He'll make it though the game and prove himself, then he'd confront Derek about the body and assess his answer. If he seemed trustworthy enough, he'd tolerate him. For Stiles.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Out on the field, Scott and Stiles walked to the bench, looking for familiar faces in the stands. Melissa, Allison and her father, they could look for anyone else, Lydia walked over to Scott and grabbed him by the front of his shirt.

"Scott! I just want you to remember one thing for tonight."

"Uh, winning isn't everything..?" He asked nervously.

Lydia giggled, patting his shoulder. "Nobody likes a loser." She patted his chest and sauntered back to the stands.

Over on the bench, Coach sat down beside Jackson. "How's your shoulder?"

"It's fine."

"Feel any pain?" Coach asked, looking at Jackson who shook his head in response.


Coach grinned "What if I gave it a big 'ol punch." He said miming punching Jackson, who flinched slightly at the thought. "Would you feel any pain then?"

Jackson nodded nervously. "Maybe."

"Listen. Just go out there, just give it your best, if you feel any pain just- you just-"

"Keep playing?" Jackson asked, slightly confused

"That's my boy!" The whistle blew, and both teams took position on the field.

"Please let this be okay! Please" Scott whispered, waiting anxiously for the game to start.

Over at the bench, Stiles watched Scott nervously until his dad walked over to him "Hey kid." Sheriff Stilinski greeted his son.

"Hey dad."

"So do you think you'll see any action tonight?"

"Action? Maybe." Stiles admitted. an edge of nervousness to his voice.

On the field, Scott kept whispering "Please." until the whistle sounded. The match had begun.

Chapter Text

The Hale Pack: Torture for my Valentine

On the field, Scott kept whispering "Please." until the whistle sounded. The match had begun.

The match was going badly, Beacon Hills was losing, Jackson had ordered the entire team to not pass to Scott, then there was the fact that Lydia and Allison were holding up a sign that read 'We luv u Jackson', the only good thing was that no one had died.

On the bench, Stiles was worried that his best friend would lose control. He could smell Scott's anger on the field. The boy was doubled over, his breath being huffed out in clouds. Many of the other players, and the referee, were looking at him in fear and concern. Stiles just knew that Scott's eyes were glowing. Stiles turned his head to look at Derek, who also looked concerned, Scott was definitely losing control. Shit.

Stiles was using his enhanced hearing to listen in on Scott's heartbeat, when a conversation caught his attention.

"Which one is Scott, again?" He knew that voice. The hunter from the night of the full moon. Chris Argent.

"Number 11, otherwise known as the only one who hasn't caught a single ball this entire game." Lydia said with a bitchy edge to her voice.

"I hope he's okay." Allison's voice was full of concern. Lydia just looked to the scoreboard.

"I hope we're okay. We need to win this." She stood up, holding another sign for Jackson "Allison? A little help here?" Allison stood reluctantly and helped Lydia hold the sign.

When Scott saw this sign, his rage increased and his eyes narrowed. When the whistle blew, the struggle for the ball began and the ball ended up being shot into the air. Scott, not thinking clearly and eager to prove himself, ran jumping over two players and snatched the ball out of the air.

He then proceeded to weave in and out of the other players. Spinning past and ducking under the players rushing towards him. Then shot the ball into the net.

The entire Beacon Hills crowd burst into cheers, except Chris Argent, Lydia and Derek. Stiles did cheer, despite his concern, he needed to support his friend.

"McCall! Pass to McCall!" Coach yelled to the team.

Stiles heard the growl when Scott was facing a member of the other team, and watched as that player passed Scott the ball in fear. Coach walked over and sat next to Stiles.

"Did the opposing team just deliberately pass us the ball?" Coach asked in confusion.

"Yes, I believe so, coach." Stiles said nervously.

"Interesting.." Coach muttered. Scott's next shot was thrown with so much force that it tore straight through the goalies Lacrosse stick's net. The score was now tied. The crowd was cheering, both team coaches were arguing, but Scott was losing any and all control. When the whistle sounded, telling the players to get into position, Jackson came face to face with the other captain.

"What the hell's up with your teammate, man? What's he on?" The captain asked.

"I don't know." Jackson said, determination clear in his voice. "Yet."

The game continued and Scott was seeing red. Pure animal instinct had taken over as he was surrounded and facing the goal.

"You can do it Scott." Which Scott heard as clearly as if she were speaking directly into his ear. Scott's eyes burned amber, scaring the opposing players, but they still charged at him with precious seconds ticking away.

Scott swung the stick, full force and threw the ball, straight into the net.

The timer hit zero. The scoreboard reading 6:5 to Beacon Hills. The crowd was cheering and ran onto the field. Scott removed his glove, revealing claws. Freaked out, he ran to the locker room, not noticing Allison looking for him.

Chris Argent slowly walked on the field, looking thoughtful and suspicious. Stiles watched him carefully, this didn't bode well for Scott. Speaking of Scott, Stiles wondered how he was coping. He knew that Derek had gone on ahead to the locker rooms, just before the game ended so he could calm Scott. Stiles was about to go check on them when he heard his dad on the phone.

"They found it? Are you sure? I'm on my way!" Noah said quickly, and hung up the phone.

"Dad? What's going on?" Stiles asked in worry, jogging up to his dad.

"I want you to stay home tonight, Stiles. They found the second half of the body." Shit. Derek. "It was half buried by the lake." wait, what? "I don't know how we missed it the first time, but we got it and now I need to go in. I'll probably be at the station all night." His tone was apologetic and his heartbeat steady. "Thing is, all evidence points to an animal attack, but the way the body was buried..."

"Animals don't bury their kill like that." The sheriff nodded "I understand, dad." Total lie. "Be careful, okay?"

"Of course, you too." Stiles nodded and hugged his dad, before heading to the locker room, only to see Scott and Allison kissing.

It didn't last long though, and when they pulled apart she said "I gotta get back to my dad."

"Okay," Scott said dopily and Allison kissed him on the cheek before she started to leave. On her way out she noticed Stiles standing awkwardly, looking around at everything except her and Scott. With a blush, she greeted him "Hey, Stiles."

Stiles finally looked at her and waved awkwardly "Hey, yeah." Once she was gone the best friends walked to each other, Scott smiling like an idiot.

"I kissed her." Scott said happily.

"I saw."

"She kissed me."

"Saw that too." Stiles announced. "It's pretty good, huh?" Scott's smile widened, if possible. Then Derek walked out of the shadows of the locker, making his presence known.

"Thank you, Derek, for helping me control it. Once you got through to me, it was almost easy to pull it back! Thank you!" Derek nodded, but Stiles was looking worried, just not about Scott.

"What is it?" Scott asked, looking at Stiles in confusion.

"The cops found the other half of the body by the lake." He shot Derek a look, and he simply nodded. He moved the body, but why? "All evidence point to an animal attack, but the body was partially buried in a way that indicates a human killer. So the cops aren't sure what to think. But knowing what we know, who do you think is gonna figure it out?"

"Hunters." Scott said, eyes widening in fear.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Stiles and Derek were walking through the school car park, heading towards one of the busses. "Where exactly are you taking me?" Derek asked, raising an eyebrow at Stiles.

"Somewhere we can be alone." Stiles said with a grin on his face, winking at Derek.

"We are alone." Derek rolled his eyes, but more out of fondness that annoyance as they stopped in front of a bus, Stiles pressed his back to it and pulled Derek towards him.

"Somewhere we can be more alone." Stiles purred out, arching his body into Derek', who gripped Stiles hips in response. Stiles reached behind him and opened the bus door. "Come on!" He demanded walking backwards on to the bus, pulling Derek with him. Stiles led Derek to a seat near the back of the bus and sat down so that his legs were across both seats and his back was pressed to the window, pulling Derek down with him. The two boys stared into each other's eyes and leaned closer together. Stiles pressed his lips against Derek's and the two wolves started to kiss. It started as a simple kiss that sparked into something more passionate and Derek kissing along Stiles' neck.

The Stiles felt his claws drag along the seat. He broke this kiss and pushed Derek off of him onto the opposite seat.

"Stiles? What's wrong?" Derek asked in concern, standing and walking towards Stiles.

"Get away," Stiles moved away from Derek. His eyes glowing amber, claws on the opposite hand extending, and fangs lengthening.


"I said get away!"

Derek started to back away slowly when Scott turned around and gave him a primal look.

"Stiles, calm down. You can control this, you've done it before, okay? Calm down!" When Stiles simply snarled in response, Derek knew that the best option right now was to confine him. He began to run off the bus but Stiles grabbed his leg making him fall to the ground. Stiles proceeded to drag Derek down the aisle to get him closer.

Derek used his enhanced strength to kick Stiles off of him and into the back door of the bus, which cracked under the force. Derek ran to the front of the bus and started to pry the door open. Halfway through his task, he was hit by a seat that Stiles had broken off of the bus.

"Shit." Derek cursed seeing Stiles lunging towards him, knowing he had no escape now. He jumped over the seat and kicked Stiles. However, the boy barely stumbled this time and quickly tackled Derek. "Stiles, stop!" Derek demanded, but it was too late and Stiles was to far gone. Derek tried to fight back, but Stiles was feral now. All he could do was struggle as Stiles leant in for the kill.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Stiles shot up in bed, covered in sweat and gasping for breath. Glancing at the clock, he noticed he was running late and immediately got dressed.

15 minutes later, Stiles was walking into the school building, desperately trying to reach Derek. The elder male hadn't replied to any of his six phone calls or eleven text messages. To make matters worse, when he arrived at school, he was greeted with the sight of police tape surrounding a school bus that had blood splattered on the windows and was extremely damaged.

Distracted by his phone, Stiles ended up bumping into someone. Scott. "I think I killed Derek/Allison!" The best friends blurted out in unison.

"Dude, I had a dream that I led her onto a school bus! Then I-" Scott started, fear clear in his eyes.

"-Started to lose control and attacked-" Stiles continued.

"-I ripped off one of the seats and threw it-"

"-Dragged him by his ankle through the bus-"

"-And leant over for the kill." Scott finished and both boys were wide eyed. "This is good, right? It means that what happened on the bus wasn't either of us, right? So Allison is probably okay."

"Yeah maybe," Stiles said, running his hand over his buzz cut hair. "But the only way to know for sure is to figure out what happened on the bus and talk to Derek, maybe he has some answers. Only problem is, he's not returning any of my calls or texts!"

"Hey, I'm sure he's okay." Scott said, patting Stiles' shoulder in an attempt to comfort him.

"He better be." Stiles muttered, sending Derek another text before pocketing the phone. "It just felt so real! All of it. Then there's the fact of the school bus being covered in blood and scratches! I just..." Stiles faded off, but before Scott could reply, he carried on "But, if we both had the same dream, just with different people, we should be okay." Stiles shook his head "Well no, it could be a pack thing. Y'know we see each other's kills or something? Or it could be the Alpha trying to convert us to his side, make us think about killing until we do it? I just wish Derek would reply! Let me know he's okay! I just- I just!" Stiles could feel his anger and frustration building up. "Fuck!" He turned and slammed his fist into a locker, the cheap metal bending under the force of his fist, turning disfigured so it no longer protected the items inside.

"Dude!" Scott gasped, eyes wide looking at his best friend in shock. Stiles finally calmed down and turned, resting his back against the next locker, gasping down deep breaths.

"Whoops." Stiles chuckled, pushing off of the locker and walking towards Scott. Scott rolled his eyes and turned to walk towards class, and bumped directly into Allison.

"Oh my god, I'm sorry Allison!" Scott babbled immediately. "Are you okay? I'm sorry!"

Allison giggled and shook her head, "I'm fine, you scared me, that's all."

"Sorry, but you're okay?" Scott asked, relief written all over his face. 'At least he knows he didn't kill someone he cares about last night!' Stiles thought, slightly bitter, if he's honest.

"When my heart starts beating again, yeah." she joked and the two continued to talk and Stiles faded them out, turning as he noticed Jackson walk over to the damaged locker in confusion. Stiles did an internal happy dance as he realised that it was Jackson's locker.

The principal made an announcement over the loudspeaker that classes would continue, despite the wrecked school bus.

"Save me a seat at lunch." Allison said to Scott. "Bye Stiles!"

"Bye Ally!" Stiles called after her with a wave.

"Ally?" Scott asked Stiles in a hurt voice.

"Yeah, I accidentally called her it when I gave her a ride home from the party, she liked it and told me that no-one outside of her family called her that, so it was nice to have a friend say it." Stiles explained walking towards their class.

Scott seemed relieved and Stiles had to fight the urge to roll his eyes. "Okay."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

In Class, Stiles' most loathed teacher, Mr Harris, was writing on the board and the class was silent. Until Scott turned around to talk to Stiles.

"Maybe it was our blood on the bus." He said, an edge of hopefulness to his voice.

"It could have been animal blood." Stiles suggested, "Maybe we caught a couple of rabbits, or something?"

"And did what?" Scott asked in confusion.

"Ate 'em" Stiles said casually and Scott's eyes widened in horror.


"No! We stopped to bake 'em in little werewolf ovens!" Stiles exclaimed in a hushed tone, sarcasm lacing his voice.

"Mr. Stilinski. If that's your idea of a hushed whisper, you might wanna pull the head phones out every once in a while!" Mr Harris announced. "I think you and Mr. McCall would benefit from a little distance, yes?"

"No!" Stiles protested but the teacher moved them anyway.

"Let me know if the separation anxiety gets to be too much." Harris snarked, and Stiles was extremely tempted to punch him.

Shortly after the two were seated in their newly assigned seats, the girl next to Scott noticed something out of the window and announced, "Hey, I think they've found something!" And the entire class rushed to the windows.

"That's not a rabbit." Scott whispered to Stiles.

A man was being pushed on a gurney, towards an ambulance, seemingly unconscious. Suddenly, he shot up, screaming and the class jumped back from the window in shock. Some students screamed in surprise. Scott and Stiles backed away further. Both thinking the same thing. "Did we do that?"

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Scott and Stiles were in the cafeteria, walking towards an empty table with trays of food.

"But dreams aren't memories" Stiles argued.

"Then maybe they weren't dreams!" Scott replied.

"Maybe. Or maybe it wasn't even us" Stiles said trying to comfort both Scott and himself.

"Maybe. But either way, something happened last night and we need to remember what!"

"Well, I would say let's ask Derek, but he's not replying to me! For all I know, I could have killed him!" Stiles said bitterly, sitting down at the table, opposite Scott.

"Dude, it was someone else on the bus!" Scott tried to reason.

"That doesn't prove anything. I mean, maybe I attacked them both and merged the memories together!" Stiles didn't really believe his own words, but he was in the mood for some self pity until Derek was proven alive and could provide a good explanation.

"Dude you don't know that! Besides, I could have been the one attacking that guy!" Scott said, worry creeping into his voice.

"I don't not know it! And we don't know that!" Stiles said, shaking his head firmly.

"We don't not know it!" Scott countered, causing Stiles to roll his eyes. "I can't go out with Allison. I have to cancel!"

"I should agree with you, but I can't let you give up your first date or entire life! Okay? We'll figure it out."

"Figure what out?" Lydia asked, sitting down next to Scott.

"Uh, just, uh, homework" Scott stuttered as the two best friends looked at her in shock. Before turning to each other.

"Why is she sitting with us?" Stiles whispered, leaning across the table to Scott, who shrugged in return. To further the weirdness, Danny and a girl sat on either side of Stiles, while another guy sat at the end of the table. Allison then walked over and sat next to Scott, and things started to make sense.

Jackson walked over to the table and glared at the guy sitting at the end. "Get up!" He demanded.

The guy sighed "Why don't you ask Danny to get up?"

"Because I don't stare at his girlfriends coin slot!" Danny said, sharing a smirk with Lydia. The guy reluctantly stood and walked away from the table. Jackson quickly took the seat. "So, I hear they're saying it's some sort of animal attack. Probably a cougar." Danny said, trying to start a conversation. It worked.

"I heard 'mountain lion'." Jackson said.

"A cougar is a mountain lion." Lydia stated instantly. At Jackson's look, she put a vacant expression on her face and a clueless tone in her voice. "Isn't it?"

"Who cares?" Jackson asked, being his usual douchebag self. "The guy's probably some homeless tweaker, who was gonna die anyway!"

"Actually, I just found out who it is, check it out!" Stile said, holding his phone out for everyone to see the video announcing the victim as Garrison Myers.

"I know this guy!" Scott announced "He was a bus driver that I met when I lived with my dad."

Stiles was about to pull his phone back when it started ringing and a picture of him and Derek kissing, that he had discretely taken, lit up the screen. The four occupants of the table that didn't know about his relationship looked at him in shock.

Stiles cleared his throat, a blush coating his cheeks. "Excuse me," Stiles stepped away from the table, answering the phone. "Thank God! Why the hell haven't you been answering my calls?!"

"You don't remember?" Was the only reply.

"Remember what?" Stiles asked, panic flooding through his body.

"The alpha, last night it attacked the bus driver, it tried using its influence over you to make you and Scott help him kill. Because neither of you have joined his pack, you were able to resist and when I got there, you were trying to protect the guy. I chased the alpha away and have been following him all day. But I lost him." Derek finished with an angry growl. "If you want to remember, return to the site and follow your senses. I'll talk to you later, I'm gonna try catching his scent again."

"Be careful!" Stiles demanded. "I don't mind you tracking him, but please don't attack him on your own! You told me that Alpha's are stronger than us, so.." Stiles knew that Derek was rolling his eyes at him.

"Okay, I won't but I gott-"

"Promise!" Stiles demanded and Derek sighed.

"Fine, I promise!"

"Great, happy hunting!" Stiles beamed.

"See you later." Derek promised before hanging up. Stiles couldn't wipe his smile away at knowing his mate was alive and had promised to see him soon.

"-sounds fun? Stabbing myself in the face with this fork!" Jackson said holding up a fork that Lydia immediately snatched off of him.

"How about bowling? Lydia asked excitedly "You love to bowl!"

"Yeah, with actual competition!" Jackson snarked.

This sparked this competitive side of Allison, "How do you know we're not actual competition?" She then looked at Scott "You can bowl right?" Stiles rolled his eyes.

"Sort of..."

"Is it sort of or yes?" Jackson asked leaning across the table.

"Yes!" Scott said, slightly angry. "In fact, I'm a great bowler!"

"Great!" Lydia smiled, then turned her head to Stiles. "How about you Stiles?"

"Huh?" Stiles asked in confusion.

"Are you and your boyfriend coming bowling?" She asked slowly, enunciating the words as if she was talking to a child, causing Stiles to roll his eyes.

"Yeah Stiles!" Allison agreed. "You should bring Derek!"

"Derek, huh?" Lydia looked to Allison, looking intrigued. "You've met him?"

"Yeah, at your party! Stiles brought him." Lydia hummed thoughtfully and turned back to Stiles.

"Bring him." She demanded.

Stiles rolled his eyes, how did he delude himself into thinking he was in love with her? She'd make a much better partner in crime than girlfriend to him. As long as they're on the same side, they'll get along fine. "I'll ask."

Everyone at the table, except Scott, looked at him expectantly. "What? Right now?"

"Yes. Right now!" Lydia demanded.

Stiles sighed, but did as told and pulled up Derek's contact info. "Big Bad Sourwolf?" Danny asked, confused. Scott's head shot up to look at Stiles while everyone else mimicked Danny's confusion.

"Let me see!" Scott demanded. Stiles showed him the phone that everyone else craned to see. Sure enough, under the picture of the two kissing, was the name that Danny had read out. Whilst everyone else remained confused, Scott burst out laughing. "Oh my God." He gasped out in between laughs. "Does he know?!"

"Yup!" Stiles chuckled, "But he's not very impressed." He then pulled his phone back and addressed the rest of the table. "When we met, he was very grumpy and his only facial expression was a scowl. So at first I started calling him 'sourpuss' but it didn't really suit him, so I tried to think of other names when I found out his favourite animal is a wolf. Thus, Sourwolf was born!" He finished his partial lie dramatically before hitting the 'call' button. Lydia quickly leaned over, grabbed the phone and put it on speaker.

When Derek answered, Stiles spoke quickly. "Hey, Der, you're on speaker." He hoped Derek would get the message and not mention anything wolfy.

"Hey babe, who am I talking to?" Derek asked casually causing Stiles to smile.

"Me, obviously, Allison, Scott, Lydia, Jackson, Danny and.. uhh" Stiles' eyes widened in horror as he realised that he didn't know the girl's name.

"Hi Derek," Allison greeted in an attempt to save Stiles.

"Hello Allison, it's nice to talk to you again."

"You too, Derek" She said with a smile, even though he couldn't see it.

"So Der, sorry if we interrupted anything" Stiles said, knowing that Derek would know he was asking about the Alpha situation.

"No, I just got home from an uneventful run. I'm just about to work out a little."

Stiles felt a smirk tug on his lips as he started to speak, "You know, if-"

"Nothing you're about to suggest will end with me working out."

Stiles' expression fell into a pout and he seemed to forget that he wasn't alone. "It's not like we'd do much with all the damn rules you set in place."

"True, but I know you. So I know that you'd get as close to the line as you possibly can, then try to step over it."

Stiles had an offended look on his face "Hey! I resen- Nah, you're probably right." He admitted rubbing his cheek and nodding his head. Then Lydia cleared her throat and gave him a pointed look, causing him to remember the reason for his call. "Oh, yeah. The reason I called is to invite you to a group date tomorrow night. Bowling."



"...Who's gonna be there?"

"Well I am, does it really matter about anyone else?"


"Okay, fine, Scott, Allison, Lydia and Jackson."




"I won't call you sourwolf for the entire night!" Stiles promised.


"Great, I'll figure out the details and let you know later."

"Okay, bye."

"Bye, I love you." Stiles hung up the phone and noticed Scott gaping at him. "What?" Stiles asked confused.

"You just said..." Scott started in shock and Stiles' eyes widened.

"Oh my God." He gasped in horror. Everyone else at the table stared as they realised that clearly, that was the first time Stiles had told Derek that he loved him. And it was over the phone. And Stiles hung up before Derek could reply. Well, that's awkward.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"You're a terrible bowler!" Stiles exclaimed while walking down the corridor with Scott.

"I know! I'm such an idiot!" Scott cried, throwing his head back.

"Well you're not the only one! I don't even know why I said it. I mean it's true, I think, and it felt right to say. But why now? Why over the phone? Why in front of everyone? Oh my God, I hate my life right now!" Stiles groaned

"It was like a car wreck! First it turns into a group date! Then there's that phrase 'Hanging out'! Then you get invited in, then you say that!" Scott said, cringing slightly.

"What if he hates me now?"

"How did this happen?"

"What if I've scared him off?"

"We either killed a guy or we didn't!"

"What if he doesn't find me attractive anymore?"

"I asked Allison on a date and now we're 'hanging out'."

"Did he ever find me attractive or was it just the mate thing?"

"I make first line and the team captain wants to destroy me, and now"

"Am I attractive to gay guys?" Stiles asked curiously.

"Now I'm gonna be late for work!" Scott said in exasperation, walking faster out of the school, leaving Stiles to yell after him.

"Wait, Scott, you didn't answ- Am I attractive to gay guy-? You didn't answer my question!"

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Later that night Stiles was pacing around his room nervously, like he had been doing for the previous forty minutes. He was pretty sure he was wearing down the carpet, but he didn't stop long enough to check. To make matters worse, Derek had been sitting on his desk for the past fifteen minutes. At least, that's how long ago Stiles had noticed him. The second he saw him, he looked away as if he hadn't and continued pacing.

After another five minutes, Derek finally snapped. "Okay, quit it! We need to talk, Stiles!" Stiles froze in place, sighed, then sat on the edge of his bed refusing to look at Derek.

After a few minutes of silence, Derek spoke again. "Did you mean what you said? Or did you just say it because your friends were there?" Stiles' head shot up, eyes wide in shock and it was Derek's turn to look down.

"No!" He exclaimed. "I mean yes! I mean-" Stiles took a deep breath. "I mean yes, I meant it. I didn't mean to say it, it just slipped out. It just felt right. I didn't say it out of obligation or anything, but because it's true. If I'm honest, I don't really understand any of this, it's all happening so fast and it's confusing and I've never felt like this before. I understand if I've scared you off and you don't want to see me anymore bu-"

Derek cut Stiles off with a firm kiss, pushing Stiles backwards, so that he was lying across the bed and Derek climbed on top of him. Stiles wrapped his arms around Derek's neck, deepening the kiss.

After several minutes of making out they pulled apart for air, and settled more comfortably on the bed, so that Stiles was resting against the pillows and Derek could use the headboard for support if needed.

"I love you, Stiles." Derek said confidently, looking Stiles straight in the eyes to show that he meant it. "I just needed to make sure that you meant what you said before I told you."

"I love you too, Derek." Stiles said with the most beautiful smile on his face, pulling Derek in for another kiss. The kiss became more and more heated. While Derek was kissing along Stiles' neck, they both noticed as a certain part of Stiles reacted to Derek's actions.

"Remember, Stiles, no sex!" Derek mumbled into the boy's neck. Stiles sighed and started to push Derek off of him.

"Tease." He muttered. Derek sat up, straddling Stiles, only to push him back onto the bed and pin him in place.

"I said, no sex." Derek growled out, which made Stiles tingle in a way that it probably shouldn't have, and ground his hips against Stiles's own, drawing a moan from the boy. "I didn't say anything" Derek removed his shirt revealing his perfectly chiseled chest, that Stiles shamelessly ogled and ran his hands over. "About other things." Stiles moaned and pulled Derek down for another kiss.

Chapter Text

The Hale Pack: First (group) date

Stiles moaned and pulled Derek down for another kiss.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Scott and Stiles were both nervous as Stiles drove them to the school later that night.

"So, what? We just go back?" Scott asked Stiles, worry and confusion equally shown in his voice.

"Yeah, I guess, we just have to trust our senses." Stiles told him with a shrug.

"Speaking of senses, what is that smell?" Scott wrinkled his nose in disgust, not noticing Stiles' blush.

"Huh? W-what smell? I-i don't smell anything. I think you're just imagining things there buddy!" Stiles stuttered out, mentally cursing himself for being bad at lying under pressure. Also Scott, for not giving him time to shower!

"It smells like Derek and you, just different, kinda like... Oh." Scott's face twisted into a look of shock and disgust. "Dude! W-what about the rule or whatever?"

"We didn't have sex!" Stiles exclaimed, wide eyed "We just did other stuff." He mumbled.

"Oh my god, that's far too much information Stiles!"

"Oh, please. I didn't tell you anything that you couldn't already smell!"

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

When the jeep pulled up outside the school, Scott had stumbled out before it had even stopped.

"-and there may have been blowjobs... but maybe not! And there might have been rimm-" Stiles' voice called from inside the vehicle.

"Oh my God, please stop!" Scott begged, hands pressed firmly to his ears, though it did nothing to block out Stiles voice as he walked towards the fence. Stiles hopped out of the Jeep shutting the door behind him. He soon caught up with Scott, and went to climb the fence. Scott quickly grabbed Stiles arm "No, just me, someone needs to keep watch!"

"Why am I always the guy keeping watch?" Stiles asked in annoyance.

"Because there's only two of us!" Scott whisper yelled as if it was the most obvious thing ever.

"But I need to know if I hurt him as well! Come on Scotty, I-i gotta know." Stiles' voice cracked at the end and tears filled his beautiful whiskey eyes. His eyebrows crinkled to frowns, and his lips tightened as if he were biting back sobs.

"Y-you're right. I'm sorry, w-we'll both g-go." Scott stuttered guiltily, gesturing for Stiles to climb the fence.

Stiles gave Scott a watery smile. "Thanks man," He said, and started to climb the fence. The second his back was turned to Scott, any trace of tears vanished from his eyes and a triumphant grin lit up his face. It took Scott a few seconds to catch on to what had just happened.

"You tricked me, you little-" Stiles looked down at Scott as he reached the top of the fence.

"No take backs!" He was perfectly balanced, both feet on the top bar.

"I'm Batman!" Stile called in a deep voice, flipping backwards off of the fence, landing in a perfect crouch. Scott didn't act as awesomely, but was still okay. "You can be Robin this time." Stiles said casually.

"Nobody's Batman and Robin any of the time!" Scott said rolling his eyes at Stiles.

"Not even some of the time?"

"Nope, now let's go!" Scott demanded, walking forward.

"Oh my god!" Stiles groaned irritably. The two wolves found themselves increasingly nervous as they grew closer to the bus, willing themselves to remember what happened the night before.



Alpha howling.


They're eyes snapped open and they looked at each other. So far, not looking too good. They walked closer to the bus. As they placed their hands on the door, they each saw a figure pressed to the door. Screaming. Except for Scott it was Allison and Stiles saw Derek.

Scott stepped on the bus first, Stiles quickly following, pushing the door shut.

The man screaming, being dragged.

A bench hurtling towards them.

They each grabbed one of the man's hands.

Alpha claws slashing at them. Catching Scott's chest.

Flashlight. Wait? Flashlight? Shit.

They ran off the bus, back towards the fence. Scott jumped on a red car, running across the hood and roof, before propelling himself into a flip, over the fence, landing and pushing into roll. Stiles on the other hand, opted to jump straight onto the fence, gripping the top bar with both hands, flipping himself over, also landing in a roll. The two wolves sprinted to the Jeep, clambering into their respective seats, and Stiles drove away as fast as he could.

"So we didn't attack him," Stiles began triumphantly, while Scott looked out the back to make sure they weren't being followed.

"We were trying to protect him," Scott continued, turning to look at Stiles. "But from who?"

"The Alpha, I've told you, dude. The Alpha wants us in his pack!" Stiles rushed out, trying to catch his breath.

"Why?" Scott asked "Why go through all this trouble? Why does he want a pack so bad?"

"Because a pack will make him stronger. Also, a lone wolf never survives long. Even if it's an Alpha." Stiles told him automatically, repeating what Derek had told him.

"Wait, aren't we lone wolves then? We can't have a pack without an Alpha, right?"

"We are in a pack, You, me and Derek. I'm not sure exactly how it works, but that's what Derek told me. We will need an Alpha. But hopefully one that's not psychotic! Once this Alpha is gone, we'll have a new Alpha." Stiles explained the best he could, but like he said, he didn't know all of the details.

"How? Will a new Alpha come to town or something?" Scott asked curiously, wanting to know more.

"Maybe it depends on who kills the Alpha." At Scott's confused look, he continued. "If a hunter kills an Alpha, then either the power would be transferred to one of us, or we'd have to hope we don't get killed while trying to find a new one. But if a werewolf kills an Alpha, they gain the power on an Alpha. Laura Hale, the girl who died, Derek's sister, she was an Alpha. She gained the power when their mum died because she was the oldest. When she was killed by a rogue werewolf, an omega, the power went from her to him." Scott nodded, trying to wrap his head around the new information.

So, there's a chance that he or Stiles could become an Alpha. That was a sufficiently terrifying thought.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

The next night, Allison was in her bedroom, searching through her wardrobe. She smiled when she saw a shirt that she liked, taking it off of the rack and holding it up for Lydia's approval.

"Hmm, pass." Allison turned back to her wardrobe, picking up a rather colourful shirt. "Pass!" Lydia said instantly, with a distasteful look on her face. She sighed and stood up from the bed "Let me see." She marched towards the wardrobe in determination.

"Hmm, pass. Pass. Uh, pass on all of it!" She said, shaking her head in disdain, turning to her friend, who looked dejected. "God, Allison, my respect for your taste is dwindling by the second." Lydia chuckled, playing with the girl's hair. She looked at the next shirt and tilted her head. "Huh." She took the shirt off of the rack and walked into the brighter part of the room to get a better look. "This!" She announced happily.

Allison took the shirt out of Lydia's hands and held it in front of herself, looking at her reflection in the mirror. Chris Argent walked into his daughters room without knocking, holding his jacket in one hand.

"Dad, hello." Allison greeted politely, giving him a look that clearly said 'Why the hell didn't you knock?'. He smiled at her and Lydia, putting on his jacket before realising his mistake.

"right, I-I'm sorry, I completely forgot to knock." His facial expression was apologetic, and Lydia hopped onto Allison's bed. Landing on her side, one hand on her hip. the other playing with her hair as she smiled semi-flirtatiously.

"Hey, Mr Argent." She greeted the man. Allison looked at her for a second in disbelief, before turning back to her dad.

"Dad, do you need something?"

"I wanted to tell you that you'll be staying in tonight" He said casually. On the bed, Lydia's look transformed from flirtation to a mix of annoyance, disappointment and something that just said 'of course'.

"What? I'm going out with my friends tonight!" Allison protested and Lydia rolled her eyes.

"Not with some animal out there attacking people!" Chris retorted. Allison started to protest, but Chris wouldn't listen. "Hey, hey, hey, it's out of my hands! There's a curfew, no ones allowed out past 9:30pm!" Both girls rolled their eyes and Allison threw her shirt onto the bed in annoyance. "Hey, No more arguing." He smiled at her then left the room.

Allison sighed. "Hmm," Lydia hummed, "Someone's daddy's little girl." She commented, smirking at her friend.

"Sometimes," Allison admitted before shaking her head. "But not tonight." She walked over to her dresser, looking to the door to make sure her dad wasn't coming back and put on her hat. She then walked to the window. and opened it. She climbed out and walked over to a small platform with ease. Lydia rushed to a window and poked her head out "What are you doing?" She asked in worry, her eyes widening as Allison simply leaned forward and flipped off of the building, landing easily on the ground. She looked up at the window and whispered, slightly out of breath. "Eight years gymnastics. Are you coming?"

"I'll take the stairs." Lydia informed her with a nod.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Later, the three couples were at the bowling alley, Allison was picking out a ball, trying to find the right weight.

"You really look like you know what you're doing." Scott observed, slightly intimidated.

Allison smirked at him and explained. "I used to bowl with my dad. When was the last time you bowled?"

"Oh, at a birthday party.." She smiled at him, then settled on a ball, walking back to their lane, missing Scott's mutter of "When I was Eight!" Lydia was up first, preparing to go, when Jackson came up behind her putting a hand on her waist. He helped her take her shot, but the ball went into the gutter. She managed to hit three pins on her second shot.

"I'm so bad at this!" She muttered angrily, walking back to her seat.

Allison went next, getting a strike. Scott smiled proudly at her and gave her a high five.

"Somebody brought their A game." Lydia declared with a grin.

"Well done, Ally!" Stiles complimented as he stood to take his shot. He also got a strike, earning him a surprised look from everyone except Scott.

"Great job, Stiles! I didn't know you could bowl." Allison said in surprise as Stiles settled himself in Derek's lap.

"Ugh, don't get him bragging!" Scott laughs as Stiles smirks. "He won every time we ever went bowling!"

Jackson also got a strike, but only Lydia cheered. That didn't stop him from smirking, though. "You're up McCall."

"Well that guy seems like a douche." Derek whispered into Stiles ear, causing him to giggle.

"Yup! He's the douchiest!" Stiles whispered back. Scott's small grin gave away the fact that he had heard.

Scott went to make his shot and the ball... went straight in the gutter. Jackson bust out laughing.

"Jackson!" Allison scolded, giving him a look. "Mind shutting up?" He kept laughing.

"I'm sorry." He said between laughs. "I'm sorry. I'm just flashing back to the words 'I'm a great bowler'."

"Maybe he just needs a warm up!" Allison argued.

"Yeah, maybe he just needs the kiddie bumpers!" Lydia laughed at that.

"Just aim for the middle." Allison advised and made an attempt to sound reassuring.

"How about you aim for anything except the gutter!" Jackson snarked.

"Just imagine the pins are Jackson's head!" Stiles countered, causing Derek, Allison and Scott to smile.

"Come on, Stiles!" Derek scolded, causing Stiles' face to drop, and Jackson to smirk "We're trying to get Scott to aim for the pins, not the building!" The group, except Jackson, burst into laughter. Even Lydia, who tried to bite it back, but failed.

"L-" Allison started between laughs. "Let him con-centrate." Unfortunately, Scott got another gutter ball, causing Jackson to laugh.

"Great job McCall! You're a real pro!" Jackson teased as Scott sat down.

"Don't worry!" Allison whispered. "We've only just started." Next it was Derek's turn. As he went to make his shot, he hesitated and his shoulders dropped.

Realising what he was about to do, Scott whispered at a volume that only Derek and Stiles would hear. "Derek, don't, I may suck, but you guys still have a chance to beat and humiliate Jackson!" He noticed Derek's small nod and smiled as the leather clad man took a step back before taking his shot. Strike.

On the next round, the shots stayed the same, except Lydia managed to hit five pins, and didn't complain about being bad this time. Scott nervously stood, preparing to take his shot. After a moment of hesitation, Allison stood and ran over to him.

"Scott, you're thinking too much," She whispered and Scott sighed.

"I know, I'm sorry I'm ruining this!" Scott apologised but Allison shook her head.

"No, no, not at all. But, I wouldn't mind shutting them up! So just clear your head and think about something else." She said with a smile.

"Like what?"

"Think about me." She started to walk away, but a though occurred to her and she turned back. "Naked." She then ran back to her seat, not noticing Stiles and Derek exchange a look, then wrinkle their noses at a new smell.

This time, when Scott took his shot, he got a strike! Stiles cheered, Derek smiled and Allison laughed in shock and happiness. Jackson was not as happy.

"What did you say to him?" Lydia asked, confused and curious.

"Uh, I just gave him something to think about." She said casually.

Later on in the evening, Scott made another strike.

"That is seriously amazing!" Allison exclaimed. "Jackson, uh, how many strikes is it?" She asked tauntingly.

"It's six. In a row." Jackson looked seriously pissed off and Lydia ignored him to face Scott, while Derek took his shot, purposely getting a spare.

"Maybe it's just natural talent." Allison suggested smiling at Scott.

"I could use a little natural talent." Lydia said, smiling at Scott when her turn came back around. "You mind helping me out this time Scott?"

"uh, no, you're good. Go for it." Scott said nervously under the stare's of both girls.

"That girl has no shame!" Derek whispered, pulling Stiles back onto his lap.

"I know! I can't believe I ever had a crush on her." Stiles whispered without thinking, only realising what he said when Derek's arm tightened around his waist and he growled softly into his ear. "Oh, calm down, I love you and only you!" He said honestly.

"I love you too." Derek smiled and pulled Stiles in for a kiss. They continued to kiss softly for a few moments, before Lydia cleared her throat. The rest of the group were looking at them with mixed expressions. Lydia had an eyebrow raised, but was smiling slightly, Jackson was glaring, Allison was smiling and silently 'aweing' and Scott just looked like he was about to throw up.

"Dude! Do you have to do that in front of me? You're my brother, it's gross!" Everyone rolled their eye's at Scott.

"It was a kiss, Scott! No tongue or anything! Don't be such a prude, bitch." Stiles smirked at the end, knowing Scott would get the reference.

"Jerk." Scott responded instantly, smiling at Stiles.

"Anyway," Lydia cut in with annoyance. "Thanks for the vote of confidence." She sent Scott a glare, before going to take her shot.

"Hey, I'll help!" Jackson said, standing to prove himself once more, but Lydia protested.

"How about, I just try this on my own?" Jackson was annoyed at that, but gestured for her to go anyway.

Lydia looked at the pins confidently. Making her shot with a smirk, getting a strike. "Yes!" She cheered triumphantly, clenching both fists in celebration and spinning to face her friends. Jackson looked at her in shock as she sat next to him again. "I think I'm getting the hang of it." Lydia twirled her hair casually, ignoring Jackson's sassy look.

"That was sort of perfect form!" Allison said in shock.

Lydia put an perfectly crafted confused look on her face and asked, "Was it?" But you didn't need supernatural abilities to know that she was putting it on for appearances.

Allison leaned over to her and whispered "Maybe you should stop pretending to suck just for his benefit!" Lydia rolled her eyes.

"Trust me, I do plenty of sucking just for his benefit." She sat up straight and turned to Derek and Stiles "So, Derek. How did you and Stiles meet?" Lydia asked casually, but the look in her eyes showed that she was dying to know. They had prepared for this. It's go time.

"Well, it was uh, what? mid summer break?" Derek asked, looking up at Stiles, who moved his head so he could look at Derek.

"Yeah, around that time, I was on my way home from a long night of video games at Scott's." Stiles chuckled. "Anyway, I was about half a mile from home, 2:30am, when my Jeep brakes down! So I get my phone and I'm about to call for help, when out of nowhere, this guy, fully dressed in black and wearing a leather jacket, knocks on my window-"

"I did not appear out of nowhere! I was stood there waving at you for like five minute, you were just oblivious." Derek cut in, rolling his eyes causing the girls to giggle.

"Hush you, I'm talking!" Stiles playfully demanded. "So he just appears, looking like he belongs to a biker gang! I'm a little freaked out, but I need help so I roll down the window sli-"

Derek cut him off. "Oh, please! You were terrified!" He looked at the group, all of whom were captivated by the story. Even the boys, Scott knew it was fake, but still clung to every word. Jackson tried to act indifferent, but failed. "He literally screamed and jumped into the passenger side seat, flailing his limbs like an octopus!" Allison, Lydia and Scott laugh at that, all picturing the action clearly. Jackson couldn't contain his smirk, and a slight chuckle escaped his lips.

"I did not!" Stiles protested, slapping Derek on the arm.

"I believe Derek," Lydia smirked.

"Me too, sorry Stiles." Allison smiled apologetically. Stiles huffed and crossed his arms.

Derek rolls his eyes fondly, and takes a moment to admire Stiles with a look of pure love and adoration. Stiles meets his look with a blush and the same expression on his face. Without taking his eyes off of Stiles, he continues. "I couldn't help but laugh at this hyperactive teenage boy, flailing about like a spaz. So I'm just stood there, laughing like crazy,while he's freaking out, thinking I'm about to kill him or something."

"Then when I realise that it's not an 'I'm a crazy psychopath who's going to kill you' laugh, but an 'Oh my god, you're such an idiot' laugh, I got angry-" Stiles started, eyes still locked on his mate. Telling the tale of how they wish they'd met. This harmless, weird, funny, cute scenario.

"And he opens the drivers side door, full force, just to hit me with it, then slams it shut again. That's when he finally rolls down the window and yells 'Whoever you are, you better not try anything! My dad's the Sheriff and my death will be avenged!' At the top of his lungs!" Derek continued.

"He rolls his eyes, which by the way, is his favourite action," As if to prove a point, Derek rolled his eyes. "-See!- Anyway, then he's like 'I was gonna offer to help you spaz! But now..' and started to walk away. Without thinking, I jump out of my Jeep, and chase after him-"

"-He jumps on my back yelling 'Nononononno, please help me!' I had half a mind to send him to a psychiatrist. Instead, I do the stupid thing and offer him a ride home. He is apparently even more stupid, and accepts."

"So he drives me home, although I'm a bit hesitant about giving him my address-" Derek cut's him off.

"Though he's only hesitant after accidentally blurting it out. So I take him home and then go back to the hotel. For some reason, I just can't get this boy out of my head. Then two weeks later I saw him in the coffee shop. And I swear too god, my first though was, 'Please, for the love of God, tell me nobody was stupid enough to give this spaz coffee!'" The group burst into laughter at that, even Jackson. "Thankfully, he was drinking hot chocolate, which I found out when I sat with him. I'll admit, I only sat with him because all tables were taken, and he was the only person that I vaguely knew, but I'm glad that I did." Derek's arm tightened around Stiles' waist, pulling him slightly closer.

"And I'll admit, I was nervous at first. This tall, dark and smoking hot guy, who I've met once, walks over and sits with me. But it was just perfect, we just talked for hours, and he gave me his number." Stiles smiled down at Derek, leaning closer to him. "It took me three days to gather up the nerve to call him. When he answered, he sounded all angry and stuff, so I was nervous, thinking it was a bad idea."

"Hey, I thought it was someone from New York, bugging me again." Derek said apologetically, rumbling Stiles' arm. "When I realised it was you, I was a lot happier." He grinned at Stiles, who chuckled in response.

"Tell me about it, you wouldn't shut up!" Stiles chided, a teasing grin on his face.

Derek scoffed and playfully smacked Stiles thigh. "Like you can talk."

"Yes, I can. In fact, I'm very good at it. I'm actually told that I talk too much." Stiles grinned.

"Hmm, true." Derek hummed, tilting his head. Stiles gasped in mock horror.

"You're not supposed to agree with me!" He said, turning so that his back was to Derek, and he was looking at the group, who were watching the exchange in amusement.

"Well, sorry for trying to have an honest relationship!" Derek rested his chin on Stiles' shoulder.

"Oh, you want an honest relationship, prude?" Stiles teased, causing Derek to get defensive.

"I'm not a prude, I just don't want to get arrested when your dad finds out, I'm already preparing to be shot! After I've taken a bullet for you, if I survive, I'd rather spend time with you, than behind bars."

Stiles had a faux thoughtful look on his face. He then beamed and turned to face Derek again. "Fine." He dragged out the word, faking annoyance. "I guess I can accept that. Even though it's annoying."

"Poor you, you're such a martyr!" Derek drawled sarcastically and Stiles sighed dramatically.

"I know, I think that I deserve a reward!" Stiles stated with a nod, leaning closer to Derek.

"Oh really?" Derek raised an eyebrow.


"Okay then." Derek muttered, closing the gap between their lips. Lydia and Allison cooed and awed at the couple, Jackson rolled his eyes, but a subtle smile graced his lips. Scott just looked ill.

"Ally, i-it's your go." Scott announced loudly, searching for a distraction from the couple in front of him.

Allison rolled her eyes, but smiled at the couple one last time, walking away to take her shot.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Jackson was playing on the pinball machine and Scott walked over. "Nice shot man!" He complimented. Glare. "Listen, I know we both didn't want to be here, but, the thing is, we don't have to hate each other."

"I don't hate you." Jackson stated, looking at Scott. "I just don't believe you. You know, you've got everyone thinking everything's fine and normal about you, but... I know something's off. You cheated tonight!"

"How do you cheat in bowling?" Scott asked incredulously

"I don't know. But you did! And I don't know if it's steroids or something weirder, I'm guessing something weirder, since it's pretty obvious you're a freak!" He said, looking Scott up and down. "So, don't think for a second, I've given up on finding out what your little secret is."

"I don't have any secrets!" Scott lied, though it did nothing to dissuade Jackson.

"Yeah, you do! And, here's the other thing. I don't know why, but I think whatever it is you're hiding..." He looked over to Allison, who was talking to Lydia, Stiles and Derek. "You don't want her to find out about it either."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Later, at the hospital, Derek is in the room with the bus driver who was attacked. "Open your eyes. Open your eyes!" He demanded, "Look at me." Meyers slowly turned his head to look at Derek. "What do you remember?"

"Hale." Meyers gasped out, Causing Derek to become confused.

"How do you know my name?" He asked in slight shock.

"I'm sorry."

"How do you know me?!" Derek demanded.

"I'm sorry.." Meyers repeated, before laying his head back on the pillow.

Outside of the room at the nurse station, Melissa McCall walked to get her belongings. "Girl, I am outta here!" She said to another nurse, who smiled at her. "There's a DVR at home, full of unwatched tv, waiting to remind me how ridiculously single I really am. The two shared a giggle, but then the computer started beeping."Rose, call a code, room 137. When she arrived at the room, it was too late. Garrison Meyers was dead.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Melissa walks to her son's room in exhaustion, finally dressed in pajamas, rather than scrubs. "Hey Scott, I'm gonna go to..." She trailed off when she realised that the room is empty. "Sleep." She starts walking down the hall to her own room, "Seriously?" Then stopped when she heard a noise coming from Scott's room. She headed back into the room, and noticed a figure coming in through the window, landing on Scott's bed.

She grabs a bat and goes to hit the intruder with it while screaming, when the person screams back. Stiles. "Stiles, what the hell are you doing here?!"

"What am I doing?!" He retorts angrily. "God, do either of you even play baseball?" The light suddenly turned on and Scott walked in.

"Can you please tell your friend to use the front door?!" She asked Scott.

"But we lock the front door, he wouldn't be able to get in." Scott replied and Melissa nodded.

"Yeah, exactly!" She sighed and looked between the two teens. "And, by the way, do either of you care that there's a police enforce curfew?"

"No." They stated in unison.

"No? Alright then, well, you know what?" She threw the bat on the bed next to Stiles. "That's about enough parenting from me for one night. So goodnight." Melissa then turned and walked out of the room.

Scott pulled his desk chair to the end of the bed and sat down so that he was facing Stiles. "What is it?"

"My dad left for the hospital fifteen minutes ago. It's the bus driver." Scott's eyes widened. "They said he succumbed to his wounds."


"Scott." Stiles shook his head. "He's dead." Scott's eyes widened further, if possible.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

After Stiles had left, planning to go home until he received a text from Lydia and Allison, Scott headed to Derek's house to confront him. Stiles may believe him, but Scott didn't. He tried to, but now that Meyers is dead. Killed by a werewolf... It had to be Derek!

"Derek!" Scott bellowed, rage flooding his body. "I know you're here! I know what you did!"

Derek's voice echoed around Scott. "I didn't do anything."

"You killed him!" Scott was enraged as he made his way up the stairs.

"He died!" Derek corrected, more anger was seeping into his voice.

"Like your sister died?" Scott asked, looking around for Derek, continuing up the stairs.

"My sister was missing! I came here looking for her!"

"You found her."

"I found her in pieces!" Derek bellowed, pain and anger clear in his voice. "Being used as bait to catch me!"

Scott continued up the stairs, ignoring the undeniable pain in Derek's voice. "I think you killed the both!" He announced stubbornly. "And I'm gonna tell everyone! Starting with the Sheriff!" Scott finally reached the top of the stairs. Only to have Derek appear behind him and throw him back down them. Scott looked up fully wolfed out, and turned his head to growl at Derek.

Derek jumped the stairs in one go. Just to be thrown through a wall by Scott. He stood and dusted himself off as if it were nothing. "That was cute" He commented and proceeded to remove his jacket and wolf out. Eyes glowing an icy blue. Scott walked towards Derek and the fight began. Kicking and throwing each other into various pieces of furniture and walls. Flipping and tossing, hitting each other with whatever they could find. The fight ended when Derek grabbed Scott by the throat and repeatedly slammed him into the floor, kicked him over a table when he stood up and punched him one last time for good measure.

They both shifted back to their human forms. "I didn't kill him! None of us did! It's not your fault and it's not Stiles' and it's not mine!"

Scott stood angrily, walking towards Derek. "This? This is all your fault! You ruined my life!"

Derek glared at him, but spoke somewhat calmly. "No, I didn't!"

"You're the one who bit me." Scott snapped, staring Derek in the eyes.

Derek shook his head. "No, I'm not!"

Scott turned confused "What?"

Derek shook his head in disbelief "Don't you listen to Stiles? I'm not the one that bit you!"

Scott remembered the night on the bus. The eyes, the claws. He stumbled backwards onto the sofa in shock "There's another." He finally believed what Stiles had been telling him the entire time.

Derek nodded, explaining what Stiles had already said. "It's called an alpha. It's the most dangerous of our kind. You, Stiles and I, we're betas... This thing is more powerful, more animal than either of us. My sister came here looking for him and now, I'm trying to find him. But I don't think I can do it without you and Stiles."

"Why us?"

"Because he's the one that bit you. You're part of his pack. It's you, you're the ones he wants." Derek stated, staring at the boy in front of him. Unaware that just outside the house, hidden in the trees, the Alpha was watching. Eyes glowing red as it listened to the two wolves in the house.

Chapter Text

The Hale Pack: Gossip Time

Unaware that just outside the house, hidden in the trees, the Alpha was watching. Eyes glowing red as it listened to the two wolves in the house.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"So what's up?" Stiles asked sitting on the end of Allison's bed. Lydia and Allison sat side by side, leaning against the headboard. Lydia had her legs straight out, whereas Allison had one knee pulled up to her chest.

"You and Derek are so cute together!" Allison gushed immediately and Lydia looked as though she was analysing Stiles.

"Thanks? Was that all?" Stiles asked in confusion. "Cause you said that like thirty times at bowling."

"I don't know what you mean." Lydia replied in an airy tone, tilting her head slightly but before she could continue, Stiles rolled his eye and cut in.

"Lydia, come on, you can stop pretending to be a nitwit now." Lydia glared at him but he just continued. "Look, you can glare all you want, but it's just Ally and I here, if you're that worried about your reputation."

"What makes you think that I-"

"Lydia, before Derek came along, I had a crush on you! Like the biggest crush ever, since the third grade, so I know that somewhere behind that cold, lifeless exterior, there's an actual human soul. I'm pretty sure that I know just how smart you really are! And once you're done acting like a complete idiot, you will eventually go off and write some insane mathematical theorem that wins you the Nobel prize. So if you really want to pretend in front of your fake friends, who don't know the first thing about you, fine. But with me, Ally, Scott, hell, even Derek. You don't need to pretend. So just give it up."

Allison and Lydia exchanged shocked looks, but Allison still nodded at what Stiles said.

"A Fields Medal." Lydia corrected softly, thrown off at the revelation that rather than just ogling her all of these years, Stiles had actually seen her. That was something she hadn't expected.

"Huh?" Stiles asked and he and Allison looked at Lydia in confusion.

Lydia smirked at them and explained "Nobel doesn't have a prize for mathematics. The Fields Medal is the one I'll be winning." Lydia held her head high, her usual confidence back full force.

"Damn right." Allison agreed, nudging Lydia with her shoulder.

"That was actually one of the things that I wanted to talk to you about. I'd noticed your crush on me, I ignored it because I used to think you were a loser, no offense." Lydia stated with a shrug.

"None taken." Stiles said, rolling his eyes. "But only because you used past tense."

"So, how is it that one guy can completely obliterate a crush?" Allison asked, resting her chin on her knee.

"Well, the thing is, I'm not sure it was a crush." Stiles admitted and the girls shot him disbelieving looks. He raised his hands in defense. "Hear me out, okay? I think it was more admiration. Like I'd noticed how smart you are and your confidence, how you can be so intellectually brilliant and still remain fashionable, like you don't conform to the socially inept, shy, genius girl, or the dimwitted, selfish, fashionista bitch. Although you like to pretend that you're the latter." He smiled at Lydia's glare and Allison's giggle. "You mix up both and throw in a little something extra. Now that I've met Derek and realised that I am completely and utterly in love with him, I realise that you and I would make amazing friends and unstoppable partners in crime." Stiles finished with a grin.

Lydia stared at him, silently assessing him for a few moments as Allison looked on nervously. After a few minutes of tense silence, Lydia grinned, matching Stiles' own expression. "I agree." Allison squealed and grinned happily, then moved to grab Stiles and pulled him and Lydia into a semi-awkward group hug.

When they pulled away, Stiles was also settled against the headboard, Allison to his right and Lydia to his left.

"So, tell us everything!" Allison demanded. "We know Derek has the no sex rule, but you have to have done other stuff!"

"If you ask me, it's a stupid rule." Lydia stated rolling her eyes, Allison leaned over Stiles to lightly smack Lydia's arm.

"I think it's sweet and responsible." Allison argued, resulting in both Stiles and Lydia rolling their eyes at her.

"Oh, come on, it's not like he can get Stiles knocked up! And Stiles doesn't have any diseases, seeing as he's a virgin. If Derek has any-" Stiles jumped in "He doesn't" "he can just wrap up!" Lydia argued flicking her hair over her shoulder.

"But it's still illegal."

"So is whatever else they're doing, but you're not bitching about that!" Lydia stated with a triumphant grin.

Allison opened her mouth to argue, but closed it then sighed with resignation, before returning her full attention and excitement to Stiles. "So, tell us!"

The three of them proceeded to laugh and gossip until the early hours of the morning. They had shifted so that Stiles lying on his side across the length of the bed, near the end, faced directly opposite Allison. Lydia was now on her stomach, one hand supporting her chin, the other fiddling with the sheets. Allison was pretty much in the same position as she'd been in when Stiles arrived, except both knees were pulled to her chest now, crossed at the ankles.

"Allison!" Mrs. Argent scolded walking into the room in pajamas looking tired and annoyed, eyes narrowing when she noticed, not only Lydia, but Stiles sat on her daughters bed. "Allison, your friends need to go home."

"Aw, mum, come on, five more minutes? It's Saturday night and Stiles is telling us about his boyfriend!" Allison protested putting on her best puppy dog look. Victoria Argent wasn't convinced, however.

"No, Allison, it's 3am." The three teens gained wide eyed expressions of shock, pulling out their phones. Sure enough, it was exactly 3am. "Now, say goodbye to your friends."

"Wait, h-how are you guys getting home? Lydia, didn't Jackson drop you off?" Allison asked in concern.

"Yeah, but he's so not gonna pick me up now." Lydia sighed, feigning disappointment, she wasn't really bothered, but this way, she had a chance at getting an invite to spend the night.

"What about your parents?" Mrs. Argent asked, already catching on to the teenager's plan.

"Divorced." Lydia stated, rolling to her side. "Dad lives with his secretary, mum is on a vacation somewhere. Probably drunk."

"That's awful sweetheart." Victoria said sympathetically, knowing she wasn't going to win the battle. "It's late, why don't you stay the night." She turned to Stiles, "How will you be getting home?"

"I'll try calling my dad, he might still be at work." Stiles said with a shrug, unlocking his phone. He didn't have his jeep as he didn't want his dad to know he'd broken curfew. Derek had dropped him off at home after the date and he had chosen to run to Scott's house when he heard about Meyers, because he could do that now without getting tired, and then ran from there to Allison's house when he received her text.

"Sheriff Stilinski has been working so hard lately." Allison announced, tone casual but it was clear what she was trying to do.

"Do you have your father's personal number?" Victoria asked with a sigh. Stiles nodded and handed her his phone. She copied the number into her own phone, then pressed the call button and put the phone on speaker.

"Sheriff Stilinski, how can I help?" A tired voice answered after two rings.

"Hello, Sheriff, I'm Victoria Argent, my daughter is friends with your son, Stiles?"

"Noah," He corrected "Your daughter is Allison, right? Is everything okay Mrs. Argent?."

"Please call me Victoria, Yes, everything is fine, it's just that your son and another classmate of Allison's came over and seem to have lost track of time, both were dropped off at our house and have no way of getting home."

"Oh, I'm afraid I'm stuck at the office all night. I understand that you might be uncomfortable letting a teenage boy that you barely know stay at your house, but he's a good kid. He won't do anything. And just between you and me, he claims to have a thing for this girl Lydia, but I'm pretty sure he's got a crush on this guy I was talking to the other day."

"Stiles, your dad doesn't know about your boyfriend?" Lydia asked loudly, making sure the sheriff would hear.

"Boyfriend? Stiles why didn't you tell me? What's his name, son?" The sheriff asked, figuring out that he was on speaker.

"I-It's a l-long story d-dad" Stiles stuttered nervously, "I-I'll explain -t-t-tomorrow."

The Sheriff sighed. "Okay, So Victoria, would Stiles be okay to sleep on the couch, or something?" Noah asked hopefully and the teens all shot her hopeful looks.

"He can stay in the guest room, Noah, but I must insist that if he stays over again, I'll need more warning."

"Of course, thank you for your generosity Victoria. I have to get back to work now, but I hope you have a good night. Goodbye Victoria, Stiles, Allison and, uh, Lydia? Was that you?"

"Yup, goodnight sheriff." Lydia called, the other occupants of the room bid farewell to the Sheriff, Stiles taking the longest.

"Okay, Lydia you can stay in here with Allison, Stiles the guest room is down the hall, Allison can show you where. I'm trusting you all. I'm going to bed. You have five minutes to say goodnight, then I want you all asleep." Victoria announced, an edge of warning in her tone before she left the room.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

The next morning, Stiles was rudely awoken to two girls jumping on him. He screamed as they tackled him. The girls began tickling him, Stiles tried to wriggle away, only to hit his head on the headboard, rather hard. "Get off!" Stiles demanded. Both girls laughed, but did climb off of the bed.

"What a wonderful awakening." Stiles drawled sarcastically, then noticed Mr and Mrs Argent stood in the doorway watching in amusement. "Morning Mr and Mrs Argent, do you have any aspirin?" He asked, rubbing his head. It didn't actually hurt, but he needed to keep up appearances.

"Morning," Lydia greeted the Argents, before turning to Stiles. "Come on, don't be a wuss, and must you use sarcasm all the time?" She teased.

"Hey, I'm 147 pounds of pale skin and fragile bone, okay? Sarcasm and D-bear are my only defenses. Okay? And he isn't here right now." Stiles said, raising his hands defensively. Purposely on using Derek's initial, hoping that Allison and Lydia would go with it.

"D, is that your boyfriend?" Victoria asked suspiciously.

"Yup, obviously, that's just a nickname, though." He said with a smile, hoping that the Argents wouldn't make the connection to Derek. "I'm not quite ready to go public yet, which is why before someone" He glared at Lydia while climbing out of bed. "told my dad, only my closest friends knew, and Jackson."

Lydia rolled her eyes and Mr Argent spoke up for the first time that morning. "Okay, so if you kids want to get dressed, separately, then come downstairs, breakfast will be ready in about 20 minutes. Stiles, Lydia, the two of you can't stay long, Allison needs to help get the house ready."

"For what?" Allison asked confused and curious.

"Your aunt Kate's coming to stay with us for a while."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Later that day, Stiles was sitting opposite his dad at the kitchen table. Both Stilinski's were quiet, unsure how to start the conversation.

"Is it Hale?" The Sheriff asked finally, causing Stiles to choke on air. "I saw the way the two of you were looking at each other, that day at the station. Then a little birdy told me that they saw the two of you being all coupley on a group date, bowling? Was it?"

"Yeah, it's him." Stiles admitted softly looking at his hands.

"Is-" The sheriff sigh and looked at his son in concern. "Is he forcing you?" Stiles' head shot up in shock and he shook his head violently.

"No dad, I swear to you! I really care about him and he cares about me. Plus he made a rule about no sex until 18! And if he did try anything, I'd call you straight away, I swear!" Stiles rambled immediately, hoping his dad would believe what he was saying.

After a few moments, Noah nodded "Okay, I wish you had told me yourself, though, son." Stiles looked down guiltily. "Call Derek, tell him to be here at 7 for dinner. I've got the night off and want to get to know him." Stiles smiled and nodded, pulling out his phone. "Once you've done that, you're gonna tell me all about how you met!"

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Stiles and Derek sat next to each other at the table, Noah sat opposite them. Pleasant chatter was held through the meal, Shepherd's Pie, courtesy of Stiles.

"This meal is delicious Sheriff!" Derek praised honestly.

"Please, call me Noah, Derek. And thank Stiles, he's the one who cooked." Noah said, a hint of bragging in his voice. "So, Derek, Stiles told me you two met midsummer? You were helping him out when his Jeep broke down?" Noah asked casually.

"Yeah, that's right." Derek said, nodding in agreement. The sheriff's eyes narrowed.

"Really?" Derek and Stiles exchanged concerned looks. "Because after I interviewed you, I checked your whereabouts prior to the body being found. Standard procedure, and according to several witnesses, your credit card and phone's GPS, ever since you left with your sister 6 years ago, you hadn't stepped foot within a five mile radius of Beacon Hills until a half hour before the body was found. And the coroner says that she was killed at least two hours before she was found. I hate bringing up your sister like this, Derek, but I need to know the truth about you and my son."

Noah shot a demanding look to Derek and Stiles, who both looked nervous. The wolves looked at each other and Derek nodded to Stiles. It was the only way. "Dad," Stiles said softly, looking at the elder Stilinski. "There's something you should know..."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Later that night, it was 2am in Beacon Hills, the town was almost silent, most of its residents were at home, sleeping, unaware that a familiar face was rejoining their community.

A woman drove through the town, listening to the radio, scoffing at the 'Animal attacks' being reported on the nightly news. She switched to a music station and proceeded to check her reflection in the rear view mirror. Getting caught up in the music, she didn't notice the red eyed creature running alongside her car. Hearing noises, she looked around, seeing nothing, she faced the front again, only to find herself on the wrong side of the road and heading straight for another car. Swerving out of the way, and stopping by a stop sign, she gasped for breath.

"Nice driving, Kate," The woman muttered. "Nice."


Something landed on the roof of her car. Kate looked up, startled. She reached behind her, to the back seat, when the window next to her smashed, and a clawed paw reached through. She screamed as the creature gripped her arm. Kate grabbed a rifle from the back seat and shot at the creature. She opened the passenger side door and rolled out of the car. She landed in a crouch and cocked and aimed the gun. Standing up, she looked around for the wolf. "Come on!"

Kate fired a shot into the air and hollered "Come on!"

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Stiles was tucked into Derek's side that night in a makeshift bed on the Hale living room floor, tear streaks staining his cheeks. Both were only wearing their underwear, sleeping peacefully, when the Alpha howled, startling the mates from their sleep. They hurried out of 'bed', pulling on clothes, minds set on catching the Alpha.

Meanwhile, across town, Allison Argent was sleepily confronting her dad about where he was heading off to.

"What's going on?"

"Your aunt Kate just texted, we're heading out to pick her up." He explained calmly, hoping Allison would drop it and go back to bed.

"But it's 2 in the morning, is everything okay?" Allison's tone was filled with concern.

"No, no, she's just having a little car trouble." Chris assured his daughter.

"Not serious is it?"

"No, just a flat tire, go back to bed, sweetheart." Allison complied to her father's request without complaint, satisfied with her answers.

-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-

Derek knelt down, noticing blood on the floor. The Alpha was injured. Derek stood, analysing the scent properly now that he had a better sample. Stiles knelt to do the same while Derek scanned the area. His eyes fell on the Alpha, who snarled at him before leaping away. Unable to control his rage at his sister's killer, he chased after the Alpha without thinking, scaling the building.

"Derek!" Stiles whisper yelled. "Derek get back here!" Derek ignored him and continued chasing the Alpha. Stiles was about to follow when he noticed her. A woman with an assault rifle, aiming her weapon at Derek. Stiles turned to call out a warning, but it was too late. Derek was jumping over a gap between two buildings when the shot went off and he went down. Stiles started to run to Derek, when someone grabbed his arm from the shadows. Stiles turned to attack, claws lengthening when a familiar voice spoke up.

"Dude, it's just me." Scott whispered urgently.

"Scott." Stiles breathed out in relief. Stiles turned his head, noticing a car pull up beside the woman, who was probably a hunter. "You go listen in to what's going on, see if we can figure this out. I need to check on Derek." Scott nodded, rushing over to the fence.

Stiles heard Derek groan in pain and speed up his pace. When he finally reached his lover, his wolf became restless, howling in pain and whimpering at the sight. He knelt down next to Derek and gently pulled up his sleeve, to investigate the wound.

The wound itself didn't look too bad, it was the fact that the bullet was glowing blue that concerned him.

"Wolfsbane." Derek gasped out in pain. Eye's moist from unshed tears, Stiles stared at Derek in shock and fear, aware of what that meant. Derek was dying.

"No." Stiles whispered, shaking his head. "No I can't lose you too!"

Scott ran over to them. "The car, it was Mr. Argent!" Scott gasped. "The woman who shot you is his sister!"

"Kate," Stiles whispered, eyes widening as he glanced from Scott to Derek, just catching the look of recognition on Derek's face.

Scott didn't register that Stiles knew her name and continued "She said that you don't have more than 48 hours! Why? She only got your arm."

"It's a different kind of bullet." Derek gasped, It's poisoning me, when the infection reaches my heart, it'll kill me"

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Allison squealed in excitement, running into her aunt's room. Kate squealed in response and pulled Allison into a tight hug. "Wow, I don't see you for a year and you turn into a freaking runway model?!" Kate gasped in disbelief, Allison giggled, sitting on the bed. "Ugh, I hate you." Kate said but without any heat.

"I haven't even showered yet." Allison groaned and hid her head in her arms.

"Sweetie, you're a knockout. In fact, I hope you have boys knocking each other's teeth out for your attention!"

"I kinda have one" Allison admitted softly with a shy smile and a blush on her face.

"You kinda have one? Well you should kinda have a million!" Kate replied in a whisper, causing them both to giggle.

Allison decided to change the subject and reached for Kate's duffel bag. "Do you need some help unpacking?" Only to have Kate grab her arm tightly.

"No, not that one!" Kate barked immediately. Guiding Allison's hand away, Kate then let go and sighed "See, you turn out beautiful and I end up with this kung foo death grip!" Allison giggled and Kate took a moment of relief.

"Sorry sweetie, I didn't mean to be so rough!" Kate apologised, heading to the bathroom to put things away.

"No worries." Allison assured sweetly. "Hey, is everything okay with your car?"

"Uh, yeah, I just needed a jump start. That's all." Kate called from the bathroom, unaware of Allison's face now taking on a confused and suspicious expression.

"A jump start?"

"Yeah sweetie, everything's fine." Kate assured, returning to the room.

"Okay, that's good." Allison smiled, standing up. "I'm gonna go get ready for school." She announced pointing towards the door.

"Okay, do you need a ride?" Kate asked her niece pleasantly.

"No, Stiles is picking me and Lydia up. He'll be here in an hour and a half though, so I'd better get ready." Allison informed her with a smile, but she was still slightly suspicious.

"Oh, is he the 'the boy'?" Kate asked with a grin, causing Allison to laugh.

"No, Stiles is seeing someone else-"

"That doesn't mean anything sweetie he co-"

"A guy, aunt Kate. He's gay." Allison stated with a small smirk, Kate's eyes widened slightly. Yes, Allison knew that Stiles was actually Bisexual, but she knew that attempting to explain that to her aunt would allow the woman the opportunity to imply something more between them. Besides, Stiles wouldn't mind, he had said as much that night he and Lydia had stayed over. He outright told both girls that they could refer to him as Gay or Bi, as he himself used both to refer to himself, mentally and online.

"Okay then." Was her aunt's response, satisfied that she wasn't getting ideas about Allison's friendship with Stiles, Allison smiled in content then bid Kate farewell as she left to get ready for school.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Stiles fought to control his expression as he drove himself, Allison and Lydia to school. Inserting a comment into the conversation here and there. His mind was elsewhere and he couldn't seem to focus it.

It didn't take long to reach the school, also known as the last place he wanted to be right now. But Derek insisted. Besides Scott and/or Stiles needed to get into Allison's house and retrieve another bullet because, apparently, the wolfsbane in it could be both a poison and a cure, if you used it right.

Stiles smiled at the girls and announced, "Welcome to hell!"

Allison giggled and Lydia rolled her eyes. The three of them climbed out of the Jeep, ignoring the stares from the other students who were clearly confused as to why two beautiful, popular girls were riding to school with Stiles.

They were about to head into school, when Stiles' phone started ringing. "Gimme a sec, guys." The girls nodded and walked a few paces away, chatting idly.

Stiles' heart sped up when he looked at the caller ID. He answered the phone nervously. "D-dad?"

"Hi, son. Look, I don't have much time before work, but I just wanted to apologise for how I reacted."

Stiles shook his head, even though he knew that his dad couldn't see him. "No, I understand dad, it's a lot to take in."

Noah chuckled. "Yeah. I haven't fully accepted it yet, that may take a while, but for the meantime, I accept enough to listen and be there for you as much as I can. I love you son, no matter what."

"I love you too, dad." Stiles said, smiling, while fighting back tears. "Thank you."

Chapter Text

The Hale Pack: Awkward Moments

"I love you too, dad." Stiles said, smiling, while fighting back tears. "Thank you."

Stiles hung up the phone, a brilliant smile on his face. "Hey, ready to go?" Allison asked, as she and Lydia walked over to him.

"Yup, let's go." Stiles announced merrily, holding out his arms for both girls. Lydia was the first to hook her arm with his, smiling happily, shortly followed by Allison. Arms linked together, the trio made their way into the school to start his day.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"Hey, if Derek's not the one that bit us and isn't the Alpha, then who is?" Scott asked Stiles, who was sitting behind him in class.

"I don't know." Stiles sighed checking his phone for any texts or calls from Derek. Scott turned back to the front settling in his seat for half a second.

"Is Derek okay?" Scott asked, turning around to face Stiles again.

"I don't know." Stiles admitted sadly, checking his phone again.

"Dude, are you okay." Scott asked in concern, having noticed Stiles' unusual, though not uncharacteristic, aggravation.

"Scott, my mate is hurt, and apparently dying, my dad is freaking out, there's a psycho alpha werewolf out there killing people, my friends, except for you, have no idea what's going on and I can't do a damn thing about any of it because I'm stuck here, in this pointless class, wasting half my life away, being absolutely useless. So no, I'm definitely not okay!" Stiles had started in a whisper, but gradually grew louder as he went on, finalising his point by snapping his pencil in half, drawing the attention of other students in the class.

The teacher reached Stiles desk and handed him his marked test. A. Well that was one less thing to worry about. Looking up, Stiles noticed that Scott had gotten a D-minus. Ouch.

"Dude, you need to study more." Stiles commented in jest, hoping that the 'fake it till you make it' thing would work well enough to get him through the day. Unfortunately Scott wasn't in the mood for humor at that moment, and Stiles' comment only caused Scott to huff. "That was a joke. Scott it's one test, you're gonna make it up!" Stiles reasoned, trying to comfort his best friend. "Do you want help studying?"

"No, I'm studying with Allison after school today." Scott told him happily and Stiles nodded in recognition.

"Oh yeah, right, she mentioned it this morning." Scott turned to face Stiles once again.

"Wait. This morning? When did you see her today?" Scott asked in confusion, an edge of accusation to his voice, but not as accusing as he would have been before Derek came along.

"I gave her and Lydia a ride to school today." Stiles said with a slight shake of his head. "I've already become the gay best friend. I might as well start hanging out with Danny!"

"It's not that bad, dude! Hey, at least you don't have a crush on Lydia anymore, or that would've been a huge blow." Scott commented and Stiles rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, true, but I'm not overly keen on the idea of being invited over to gossip and talk boys and have my nails painted, every week for the rest of high school!" Stiles scoffed.

"I'm sure that won't happen!" Scott assured with a small smile, before turning back to face the front.

"It already did." Stiles muttered, picking at a stubborn fleck of nail polish that clung to his finger nail.


1.15am Saturday Night/Sunday Morning

"Come on Stiles, it'll be fun! Please?" Allison begged, holding up a bottle of a blue-grey nail polish and Stiles shook his head firmly.

"Nope, no way, nuh-uh. Back away." Stiles warned, backing away to the edge of the bed.

"Oh, for God's sake Ally, just pin him down!" Lydia demanded casually leaning against Allison's dresser, looking at the brunette's selection of makeup.

"Come on Stiles, we'll stop asking about your sex life all night" Allison offered, Stiles shook his head and climbed off of the bed, backing away towards the door. "And I'll help you get Scott to watch Star Wars!" She bargained, remembering the hyperactive boys complaints from earlier, yet Stiles still wasn't convinced. A brilliant smile lit up her face as an idea occurred to her. "And I'll buy you a pack of Reese's everyday for a week!"

Stiles stopped walking, looking thoughtful. "Fine." He relented, dragging out the word with a groan.

Allison and Lydia immediately ran over to him, squealing happily. Stiles sighed as he was pushed and pulled over to the bed and unceremoniously shoved onto it. The girls sat either side of him, each grabbing a hand. Allison painted his thumb, middle and pinky finger nails, as she did so, Stiles noticed that the colour was almost identical to that of Derek's eyes.

He turned his attention to Lydia, who had retrieved a piece of card and used it to mix a gold and a light brown polish, resulting in a colour just like the colour of his own eyes. As expected, she was painting the index and third finger nails. After three coats of polish on Stiles, the girls switched hands. Stiles wondered why they hadn't just switched colours, but he wasn't going to ask. Those girls could be scary when they want to be.

Once they were done, Stiles was tasked with painting Allison's nails a light blue. For some reason, she had multiple bottles of the same colours. Not just blue, but various pinks and purples and reds and ever a nice emerald green. Then there were colours that she only had one bottle off, which was a lot. Some were so similar, that Stiles probably wouldn't notice if it wasn't for his enhanced eyesight. Of course, his enhanced sense did betray him. He'd noticed how strong the smell of nail polish when he was younger, thanks to his mum and Melissa, but now it made his eyes water. Thankfully Lydia and Allison didn't think too much of it, assuming that it was simply because he wasn't used to it. There was a mishap when Lydia 'accidentally' spilled nail polish down Stiles' clothes, forcing him to get changed into the spare clothes he had taken to keeping in his backpack at all times since his first full moon.

About an hour later, they were finally done, but not before Stiles was forced to braid Allison's hair. The girls put away their weapons of torture and sat on the bed once more. Stiles opted to return to the end again. The new found friends ended up talking about movies and ideas for group dates until Allison's mum came and disrupted the fun.

*End Flashback*

"Mr. Stilinski!" The teacher snapped, drawing Stiles from his memories.

"Yes miss"

"A good grade does not mean that you don't need to pay attention in class." Stiles felt his heart rate increasing in annoyance, trying to keep his expression neutral and

"Sorry." Stiles said through gritted teeth.

"Sorry, what?" The teacher taunted.

"Sorry, miss." Stiles growled.

"Now, that wasn't very apologetic, was it Mr. Stilinski? Again."

"Sorry, miss." Stiles' tone wasn't any calmer, in fact it was more aggressive. The pale boy gripped the edge of the desk, while he glared at the object as if it had personally offended him. His vision was red, his heart was racing and he was losing control.

"Again!" The teacher snapped.

"Stiles, come on man, calm down." Stiles heard Scott's voice, at a volume only he could hear. "You can do this man. You can control it, you don't want to hurt anyone, man. Do it for me, your dad, my mum, Allison, Lydia, Derek, you can't save him if hunters are after you, dude. Come on man, pull it back. Pull it back." Throughout Scott's words of encouragement, Stiles could feel his heart rate returning to normal and his amber eyes faded away to their natural whisky colour.

"I said, again, Stilinski!" The teacher snapped, causing Stiles to look up at her.

"Sorry, miss." Stiles repeated, voice void of aggression.

"Good, now pay attention." The teacher walked back to the front of the class and Scott turned to Stiles in concern.

"Thanks man." Stiles whispered gratefully, sending Scott a soft smile.

"Anytime bro." Scott smiled and faced the front again.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

At lunchtime, Derek dragged himself through the school corridors, wincing with every slow step. He paused when he noticed a familiar scent, but it wasn't Stiles. Derek looked up to find the source of the scent. Jackson. Derek shuffled towards Jackson, using all of his strength to keep standing.

"Jackson, where's Stiles?" He gasped out. Jackson looked at him in shock.

"Dude you looked wrecked. What are you on? Dianabol? Hmm? HGH?" Jackson asked.

"Steroids." Derek stated with an eye-roll.

"No, girl scout cookies." Jackson drawled acrimoniously. "What the hell do you think I'm talking about? I know someones selling to McCall and with the way you look, I'm betting that it's you!" Jackson accused, gesturing to Derek's pale and weakened form.

Derek looked down when he felt blood stream down his arm, to his hand. As the blood dripped to the floor, he noticed that it was black. Clenching his fist, he looked back to Jackson. "I'll find him myself."

"He's with Lydia and Allison!" Jackson stated as he rolled his eyes and slammed his locker shut. Derek leant against a wall and tapped into his enhanced hearing to help him find Stiles, when he heard Lydia's voice.

"Scott's coming over tonight, right?" Lydia asked voice filled with intrigue, a suggestive undertone lacing her words.

"We're just studying together." Allison insisted, causing her to receive eye rolls from Stiles and Lydia.

"Ally, "Just studying" never ends with just studying. No matter who it's with." Stiles informed her, placing an arm around her shoulder. "Like, if you and Lydia were to study together, you'd probably end up gossiping and stuff. Whereas Scott and I would end up playing video games."

"Stiles and Derek wouldn't get any studying done at all." Lydia smirked.

"True, I'd be too distracted by his hotness!" Stiles declared with a grin.

"Are you seeing him tonight?" Allison asked curiously.

"Yup, although I won't be getting any sexy-fun time. He's got food poisoning." Stiles explained sadly.

"Oh so that's why you've been checking your phone all day? Checking up on him?" Allison inquired, a tone of empathy to her voice.


"Damn." Lydia hummed "Anyway, back to Allison. As I was saying, it's like getting into a hot tub, somebody eventually cops a feel." Lydia stated with a shrug

"So what are you saying?"

Lydia shrugged slightly and stated. "I'm just saying, you know, make sure he covers up." Allison looked confused and Stiles rolled his eyes. "Hello, snow white! I'm talking about a condom.

Allison looked shocked for a second then laughed. "Are you kidding? After one date?"

"Don't be a total prude. Give him a little taste." Lydia insisted with a slight shrug.

"Only if you want to, Scott won't push if you're not ready!" Stiles assured her.

Allison looked nervous "Well, I - I mean, how much is 'a little taste'?"

Lydia chuckled "Oh, God. You really like him, don't you?"

Allison smiled softly, turning shy under the inquisitive gazes of her two best friends. "Well, he's just different. When I first moved here, I had a plan, no boyfriends till college. I just move too much. But, then I met him, and.. He was different. I-I don't know. I can't explain it."

"I can." Lydia stated "It's your brain flooding with phenylethylamine."

Allison giggled in surprise, still feeling awe whenever Lydia displayed her intelligence, not quite having adjusted to the girl dropping the air-head act. Though she wasn't complaining, as she definitely preferred the real Lydia Martin. "What? What is that?"

"Geez, Ally I thought you were smart." Stiles teased with a grin, bumping her with his shoulder, earning him a playful glare and punch on said shoulder in return.

"I am smart," Allison defended, even though she knew that Stiles wasn't actually questioning her intelligence. Sometimes it was just fun to banter. "I'm just not a genius like Lydia. Besides, I bet you don't know either!"

"Oh, absolutely not." Stiles confirmed candidly before swirling around and holding a single finger up while boisterously proclaiming "But I wouldn't have admitted that if you hadn't called me out, I was just going to wait until I got home and, after tenderly nursing Derek back to health, google it like a normal person."

"You, of all people, don't get to lecture me about doing things the 'normal' way, Stiles Stilinski!"

"I'll tell you what to do." The redhead cut in, completely ignoring the bickering of the two brunettes and efficiently ending it, instead going into planning mode. "When's he coming over?"

"Right after school."

The bell sounded, causing Derek to cover his ears in pain.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Stiles, Lydia and Allison made their way out of the school and walked towards Stiles' Jeep. "So, we'll take Ally home first, then you can drop me off at the store, so that I can pick up the stuff for tomorrow night. And you can do whatever it is that you're planning!" Lydia announced strutting over to the jeep.

As the three teens reached the vehicle, Stiles spotted Derek looking ill and pale, leaning against the passenger side door. "Oh my god, Der." Stiles gasped rushing over to his boyfriend. "What are you doing out of bed?"

"I want- wanted - to - see - you-" Derek gasped out, gripping Stiles' hand.

"Hey, maybe you should get him to a hospital, he doesn't look so good." Allison said in concern.

"No!" Derek gasped immediately, gripping his mate's hand tighter as he pleaded with him. "Stiles you can't take me to a hospital. You can't!"

"Don't worry, Der." Stiles assured his boyfriend, then turned to the girls. "He hates hospitals. I'll take him to mine. If he gets any worse, I'll call Scott's mum, she's a nurse." Stiles partially lied to reassure both Derek and the girls.

"Okay, hey, um, Jackson's still here I can get a ride off of him if-" Lydia started, but was cut off by Derek.

"No, I- I don't wan-t to in'rupt your plans- I'll b-e f-ine." Derek sent the trio a pointed look, that clearly said 'Don't argue with me.'

Allison and Lydia shared worried looks, but opened the door and climbed into the back of the Jeep. Stiles helped Derek into the passenger seat, before hopping into the drivers side.

"Hey, um, I have tons of medication at my house, when we get there, Lydia and I can look after Derek well you grab something for him, if you'd like?" Allison offered, biting her lip nervously. "I-I mean, I would get it myself, but you'd probably know if he was allergic to something, y'know? But if you don't wan-"

"Thank you Ally, that'd be great." Stiles cut off the girl's ramble gratefully, smiling at her in the rear view mirror. He really hoped she wouldn't follow in her family's footsteps, the girl was so sweet and he'd grown fond of her already. Plus, she'd unknowingly made the task of getting the bullet a lot easier.

When they pulled up to the Argent house Scott was already standing there with his bike. Stiles shot his best friend his patented 'Are you freaking kidding me? You idiot!' look, but Scott couldn't see what the big deal was, so Stiles made a mental note to chew his best friend out and remind him of the meaning of the word 'subtlety'. Next to him Derek barely held back a groan and in the back seat, Allison and Lydia exchanged quizzical looks.

Allison shook her head to discard those thoughts for the time being and handed Stiles her house key, "Upstairs, second door on the left," She informed him with a smile. Stiles thanked her before hopping out of the Jeep, greeting Scott on his way to the house.

"Hey," Scott called, drawing everyone's attention. "What's going on?"

Allison hoped out of the Jeep gracefully, glancing back at Derek in concern. "Derek's got food poisoning, so I offered him some medication to ease it a little bit. But I didn't know if he was allergic to anything, so Stiles is heading inside in to get it." Allison explained easily as she strolled over to the boy. As she did so, Stiles jogged to the house and unlocked the door, taking a moment to listen for any extra heartbeats. None. Perfect. He paused at the door way, a strange sensation hitting him. Shaking his head he stepped forward, though it felt odd. Once he was inside the house, he used his sense to track down the bullet. It took a few minutes but he caught the scent when passing a bedroom. He was immediately drawn to a bag under the bed. When he held the bullet, he felt his eyes glow.

On his way out, he grabbed a couple of painkillers and antibiotics from the medicine cupboard in the bathroom Allison had sent him to, for appearances. When he went back outside, Scott and Allison were leaning against the jeep, the windows were rolled down, allowing the couple to talk to Lydia and Derek, not that Derek was talking much. "Dude I got the bullet, everything's cool." Stiles whispered, so that only Scott and Derek could hear him.

Allison noticed Stiles walking out of the house and paused her conversation to call out to him "You get what you need?"

"Yeah, thanks Ally," Stiles said gratefully holding up the pills, before hugging Allison. Who returned it semi-awkwardly due to the books she was holding.

"Anytime," Allison smiled, "I'll, uh, see you guys tomorrow," She said, grabbing Scott's hand. "Bye, Lydia. Bye, Derek, I hope you feel better soon." The three returned her calls and Stiles walked back to the Jeep, idly noting how Scott also paused at the doorway.

Hopping back into the Jeep, Stiles turned to Derek. "I've got what you need." He handed him the pills, so Lydia wouldn't be suspicious, but he knew that Derek, who dry swallowed them all in one go, was aware of what he meant. (Watching Derek take four pills at once without anything to wash them down with, Stiles came to the realisation that he was in love with a psychopath.) Lydia remained silent, so Stiles pulled out of the Argents drive, and headed towards the store that they were to drop Lydia off at.

"Okay, what's going on? Derek, I can tell you're ill, but I know it's not food poisoning. At first I thought drugs, but you would have been a lot more irritable and wouldn't have let us in the car. Furthermore, you were both far too relieved when Allison offered to let Stiles go in the house alone. There was something in that house that you needed, but it wasn't medication." Lydia stated, folding her arms and staring into the rear view mirror, knowing Derek's eyes were fixed on it and that Stiles kept glancing at it. "So what was it?" Derek and Stiles exchanged worried looks.

"Lydia, I-" Stiles started, trying to think of something to say, only to be cut off by the judicious girl.

"Nope, no excuses, I want to know the truth." Lydia demanded, her face was blank and unreadable, but there was an unmistakable gravity in her eyes that gave away her concern.

"I can't Lydia, okay?" Lydia attempted to interrupt, but Stiles powered on. "Right now, I really can't tell you, okay? Please just give me time. I want to be your friend, but I can't do that if you keep pushing!"

"Fine." Lydia relented, for the time being. "But I'm not letting this go, Stiles. I want to be your friend too, but I can't if you keep big things from me, and I can tell that this is big." She stated. By that time Stiles had pulled up outside the store, so Lydia climbed over Stiles and opened the door then hopped out of the Jeep without another word.

"Why'd she have to be so smart?" Stiles asked in annoyance, before pulling the door shut, sharing a look with Derek then driving home.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Scott pocketed his phone after receiving a text from Stiles announcing that the 'medicine' seemed to be helping and Derek should be fine soon enough. It was clear that he'd phrased it that particular way in case Allison read it.

Sitting up from the bed, Scott noticed a photo frame in one of the boxes waiting to be unpacked.

He picked it up and examined the woman in the picture next to Chris Argent.

"Who's this?" He asked, pointing to the woman.

"That's my dad's sister Kate. Except, she's more like my sister." Allison explained with a smile. "She got here last night. She had some car trouble, though, I guess."

Scott nodded, remembering the woman from the previous night. He knew that she'd called Chris her brother, but it could have been figurative, like how he and Stiles refer to each other as brothers. Apparently not. Scott placed the frame on the bed, leaning down and picking up a stack of black and white pictures, flicking through them. "Did you take these?" He asked curiously.

"That's when I thought I was a photographer." Allison explained with a blush.

"They're good." Scott complimented, only to have Allison snatch them away from him.

"No, they're not. I stopped when I realised that I was terrible at it." Allison said, glaring at the pictures. "The framing's off, bad lighting, believe me, not good."

Scott didn't comment further, knowing that she wouldn't believe him anyway, instead he simply pulled a painting of fruit out of the box. "That's when I thought I was good at painting. Uh, terrible too." Allison announced, grabbing the picture from Scott, who chuckled, then grabbed a folder from the box.

"That's when I tried poetry, terrible doesn't even come close to describing that." Having grown up with a single mum most of his life, Scott knew better than to argue.

"What are you good at." He asked curiously.

"I'm gonna show you, if you promise not to laugh." Allison said nervously, before leading Scott to the garage.

"I was nationally ranked as a kid, and my dad wanted me to go on, but I don't know, I just didn't really like it." Allison informed him with a shrug. "Promise not to laugh!" She demanded as Scott looked around the room.

"I promise." Scott stayed, still looking around. When he turned to face Allison, he jumped back in shock. "What the hell is that?!"

"It's a compound bow." She explained with a grin. "And I'm pretty sure it requires an arrow to be harmful." Allison jested as Scott flinched when she continued to aim it at him.

"So that's what you're good at?" He asked nervously and Allison smirked. "Archery."

"You said you wouldn't laugh!" Allison reminded him with a pout.

"Trust me I'm-" Scott faltered when his eyes landed on something across the room. "Not laughing." Scott found himself drawn to the arsenal of weapons and ammunition.

"So, I guess I should explain." Allison stated. "We're not some sort of separatist gun-nut family." Allison explained, walking to the cases of weapons. "My dad sells firearms to law enforcement." There was no skip in her heart beat, she actually believed that.

"Oh, that's good. So, um - Are you planning on joining the family business?" He asked, slightly worried.

"I don't know, you tell me." She purred, grabbing his hands and pulling him closer to her. "Would I look hot with a gun?"

"Hotter without." Scott informed her leaning in for a kiss. The door to the garage burst open and Chris Argent walked in carrying a box. Allison and Scott pulled apart quickly and ducked behind the red car.

"Hey Chris, get your ass out of the 50's and come help with the groceries!" Kate's voice called.

"Be right there!" Chris replied, stopping just before the car and placing the box on a pile. Then he walked and leant against the boot of the car, looking down at the two teenagers. "You two mind helping?" He asked, voice void of emotion.

Both nodded. "Sure." Allison said.

"No problem." Scott stated nervously.

Chris smiled at Scott's obvious nerves. "Great." He then walked out of the garage, shortly followed by the couple.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Scott had just grabbed the last bag of groceries from the car, when Chris came outside. "Thank you." Chris said pleasantly, grabbing the bag from Scott.

Scott's phone chimed, signalling a text.

From:  Stiles (17:37)
Message:  Der's fine now, how's the 'studying' going?

Scott rolled his eyes.

To:  Stiles (17:38)
Message:  I'll tell you later.

Allison walked out of the house "Do you still want to study?" Scott asked nervously.

"I think she'll concentrate better on her own." Chris stated before Allison could reply.

"Umm, I guess I'll see you later then?"

"At school." Chris interjected immediately. Allison rolled her eyes and glared at her dad, when she moved to step closer to Scott, Chris intervened again. "Eh, eh, you," He pointed to Scott. "On your bike. You," Chris pointed to Allison, "Inside."

"Oh, come on, Chris!" Kate chuckled . "Really? They were making out in the garage, not shooting amateur porn." She turned her head to Scott who looked uncomfortable. "You," She placed her hand on his shoulder. "With the adorable brown eyes, drop your bike. You're staying for dinner." Kate stated, causing a pleasantly surprised look to appear on Allison's face. Allison smiled at Scott, then followed her aunt into the house.

"You eat meat?" Chris asked Scott, who smiled nervously and nodded. Then cautiously climbed the porch steps.

"You don't mind?"

"Actually, no." Chris stated placing an arm around Scott. "It'll give us a chance to get to know each other." He smiled and led Scott into the house.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen wolf-Sterek-

"Would you like something else to drink besides water, Scott?" Victoria offered politely.

"Uh, no, I-I'm good thanks." Scott declined politely.

"We could get you some beer." Chris offered casually.

"N-no thanks."

"Shot of Tequila?" Chris offered

"Dad. Really?" Allison snapped in annoyance.

Chris just stared at Scott, "You don't drink, Scott?"

"I'm not old enough to." Scott replied earnestly.

"That doesn't seem to stop many teenagers." Victoria commented.

"No, but it should."

"Good answer." Kate complimented, "Total lie, but well played, Scott. You may yet survive the night." She teased, sending Chris a pointed look.

"You ever smoke pot?" Chris asked quickly, drawing a laugh from Kate.

"Okay, changing the channel to something a little less conservative." Kate announced, holding up a hand to shush her brother, while everyone else looked uncomfortable. "So, Scott, uh- Allison tells us you're on the lacrosse team. I'm sorry. I don't know anything about that. How do you play?"

"Um, well, you know hockey? It's a lot like that, only, um, played on grass instead of ice."

"Hockey on grass is called field hockey." Chris informed Scott, sounding out the name of the game slowly, as though he were talking to a child.

Scott squirmed slightly as a blush coated his cheeks and his eyes dropped to the table "Oh. Yeah."

"So it's like field hockey," Allison informed Kate, sending a glare to her dad "Except the sticks have nets." She finished with an encouraging smile aimed at Scott.

"Exactly." Scott nodded, smiling at Allison in thanks.

"And can you slap check like in hockey?" Kate asked curiously.

"Um - Yeah. But it's only the, uh, the gloves and the sticks." He informed her, glad for the conversation change.

"Sounds violent." Kate commented before adding in a stage whisper "I like it."

Allison used that moment to compliment Scott. "Scott's amazing too. Dad came with me to the first game. Wasn't he good?"

"He was fine."

"He scored the last shot, the winning shot." Allison bragged with a smile.

"True, but he didn't score at all until the last few minutes." Chris pointed out sardonically, frustrating both Scott and Allison.

"His last shot ripped a hole through the goalie's net. It was incredible." Allison pointed out, turning to face Kate again.

"Well, I think the goalie was probably playing with a defective stick, so-" Allison slammed her glass down on the table, furious that her dad was making the dinner so uncomfortable for everyone involved, especially Scott. Her heart was racing, but only Scott could hear it, and her leg was shaking under the table. Scott subtly move his hand and placed it on Allison's, hoping to comfort her.

"You know, on second thought, um, I think I'll take that shot of Tequila." Scott commented, only half joking. Earning him a grin from Allison and a chuckle from adults, including Chris.

"You were kidding, right?" Chris asked, still chuckling slightly.


-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Scott excused himself to go to the bathroom, and called Stiles to check on Derek. "Hey man, how's it going?" Scott asked.

"Fine, he's resting right now, he needs it, dad wants to talk about everything."

"Oh, so he knows?"

"Yeah, and he freaked out a little." Stiles explained sadly.

"Well, I'm sure he'll come around man, I mean it's not like you can help being into dudes." Scott stated, unaware that Kate Argent was standing behind him. Fortunately, his sensitive hearing meant he had to have the in-call volume at the lowest setting, so she was unable to hear Stiles' side of the conversation.

"What? No dude, not that. Well, he knows about that too, but that's not what he's freaking out about." Stiles informed Scott.

"If not that, then what?" Scott asked, confused.

"Well, you know that dad had to interview Derek when they found out that the dead girl was his sister, right?"

"Yeah," Scott stated with a small nod, even though Stiles couldn't see.

"Well as procedure, dad had to check up on if Derek was in town at the time of the murder." Scott was nodding along, even though Stiles couldn't see. "Well dad was pleased to find that since leaving six years ago, Derek hadn't set foot in a five mile radius of town until thirty minutes before Laura was found. Making it an hour and a half after she was killed." Stiles explained, but Scott was still confused.

"So what's the problem?"

"Don't you remember when Derek and I claimed to have met?"

Scott's eyebrows furrowed, "Mid summer break, right? What's that got to do wi-" Scott cut himself off when the realisation hit. "Oh."


"So what happened?" Scott asked in intrigue and concern.

"We had to tell him the truth."

"You mean-?"


"No wonder he's freaked." Scott commented.

"Yup, but he's doing okay, he's calmed down after the initial shock. He's still not 100% but that's to be expected."

"When you say everything..."

"Sorry man."

"It's fine, at least that's one less person to keep secrets from."

"True, good to look at the bright side." Scott was nodding in agreement, when he suddenly became aware of a presence behind him. Knowing better than to look, Scott simply continued with the conversation.

"Yeah, I hope everything goes alright man. Oh, Allison asked me to pass on that she hopes D gets over his food poisoning and feels better soon, and are you guys still on for tomorrow night?"

"Tell her thanks and yes, and ask if I'm staying over again, or will I need a way home?"

"Sur- Wait, staying over? Again?" Scott shrieked.

"Yes, after bowling Allison and Lydia invited me over for interrogation. We ended up losing track of time and I had to sleep in the spare room!" Stiles explained, and Scott just knew that the younger boy was rolling his eyes.

"Right, sorry man, I know that even if you were straight and single, you wouldn't try anything like that. I just really like Allison, it might not work out, especially since her dad hates me, but I want to give it a try. I don't want to mess it up."

"Dude, don't take it personally, it's her dad's job to hate you!" Stiles stated. "This is his little girl, his only daughter, hell, his only child that we know of, that you're dating. He has to be protective and try to scare you off. Just promise that you won't let him scare you away."

"I promise."

"Say it!"

"Fine, I promise that I won't let Allison's dad scare me away and the only thing that I'll allow stop me from being in a relationship with her is her saying she doesn't want to be with me." Scott promised, knowing Stiles would approve of the extra bit.

"Good, now I gotta go, dad'll be home soon and haven't started dinner yet."

"Okay Stiles, good luck man!"

"You too Scotty." A beep signalled the end of the call. Scott pocketed the phone, muttering.

"Right, bathroom, bathroom." His eyes fell on a door with an alarm, intrigued, he took a step closer, only to be stopped short by a voice.

"Does that look like a bathroom to you?" Kate asked him with a raised eyebrow, for appearances he pretended to be startled by her presence.

"N-no" Scott stuttered, turning to face the woman.

"No," She chuckled, then pointed to another door. "You can use the one in the guest bedroom."


-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

At the Stilinski household, two Stilinski's and a Hale sat around the dinner table, silently eating their food. All remembering the disaster of the previous night.


The wolves looked at each other and Derek nodded to Stiles. It was the only way. "Dad," Stiles said softly, looking at the elder Stilinski. "There's something you should know. As you've figured out, Derek and I haven't known each other as long as we've made out to you and our friends." Stiles pulled in a nervous breath and Derek gripped the boy's hand in comfort.

"We met a few weeks ago, the night Laura's body was found." Stiles rubbed his thumb over Derek's knuckles in condolence. "I eavesdropped on your phone call and decided it'd be cool to go out looking." Stiles said sheepishly, squirming under his dad's glare. "So I went to Scott's and convinced him, then we headed out to the preserve. We didn't get very far though, because after a few minutes we noticed the search party and decided to head back to Roscoe and call it a night." The sheriff took on an expression of suspicion and concern, but didn't say anything.

"After about a minute of walking back, the flashlight died, so we had to try to retrace our steps. Needless to say, we quickly got lost. When we were trying to find our way back, a herd of deer came running out of nowhere, and Scott ended up dropping his inhaler. While we were looking for it, we found L-Laura. Out of shock, we ended up rolling down this dirt hill. We were okay, but when we went to walk away, we heard a noise. There was this animal. It attacked us and bit both of us. We managed to escape and run out of the wood, only to nearly be run over. But as we were heading back to Roscoe, Derek pulled up and offered us help. At first we said no, but we were both bleeding and in pain, so we got in." Noah's expression had morphed into one of horror at the mention of his son's injury, his eyes roaming over his son, trying to see any sign of where he was injured. He barely resisted the urge to get up and force Stiles to show him where he was hurt, but his instincts told him to wait until the end of the story.

"Derek helped us clean and dress the wounds when we got back to Scott's and offered to pick us up in the morning and take us to Roscoe." He paused as his father's expression once again changed, this time into one of confusion "The next day was when the weird stuff started happening. First, it started with the wounds not hurting, but I initially wrote it off to adrenaline or something. Then when I walked past Mrs McCall's room, I heard her humming, which she always does quietly! Then, when I checked my wound, it looked about a week old, not a night." The sheriff was looking increasingly confused and doubtful, but remained quiet, allowing his son to tell his story. "Then when I was in class, I heard a phone call from the parking lot! Other stuff started happening, and I freaked out a little, so I went to Derek for help and he told me what was going on."

"Dad." Stiles took a deep breath and looked his father straight in the eyes. "I'm a werewolf."

The sheriff immediately took on an angry expression. "Really, Stiles? I was really concerned then and you jus-Woah!" Noah cut himself off with a fearful yelp, when his son's face transformed and his eyes glowed amber.

"W-what? H-how?!"

"The creature that attacked Scott and I, was a werewolf, a more powerful kind than me or Derek or Scott. It was an Alpha. The rest of us, we're Beta's. You can tell by the ey-"

"No." Noah interrupted, "Just, no, Stiles."

"W-what?" Stiles stuttered, tears welling in his eyes.

"I can't hear this. You being gay, I can handle. But this. You being this thing, this monster. No, I can't handle that Stiles, just go." Noah stated, turning his back on Stiles.

"D-dad, pl-please."

"Go, Stiles, just go." Noah muttered, before leaving the room, slamming the door behind him.

*End Flashback*

"L-look, I'm so sorry for how I reacted last night, I didn't mean what I said, I swear, I just need time to adjust." Noah apologised, a guilty expression on his face.

Derek shook his head. "There's no need to apologise Sheriff. Your reaction is completely understandable."

"I still hate myself for saying those things, Derek. Nothing will change that. The best that I can do is try to make up for it. So I'm ready to know." Sheriff Noah Stilinski had never been more determined in his life. "Tell me all there is to know about werewolves and what I can do to help."

Chapter Text

The Hale Pack: Attacks and Sleepovers

Sheriff Noah Stilinski had never been more determined in his life. "Tell me all there is to know about werewolves and what I can do to help."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"Then she pulled a condom out of her pocket!" Scott informed Stiles over the phone.

"Wow, go Ally! How did her family react?" Stiles asked, while sitting on the edge of his bed pulling on his pajamas.

"Well, her aunt looked a mixture of embarrassed and impressed, her dad just had this murderous expression on his face... Again."

"Wow, you had an interesting night, dude." Stiles chuckled.

"Well, apparently, so did you. How did it go with your dad?"

"Well he apologised about a million times for how he reacted and for kicking me out." Stiles informed Scott with as he rolled his eyes, despite knowing his best friend couldn't see him.

"Wait a second, he kicked you out? As in kicked you out of the house?" Scott asked, clearly appalled. "What the fuck, dude? That is not okay, why didn't you tell me? Where did you go?"

"Woah dude, calm down, I'm back home now, and he feels super bad about it!" Stiles defended quickly. "I stayed with Derek, and I didn't say anything because when I saw you last night, Derek had just been shot. I was going to tell you at school but when I arrived this morning, he called me and apologised and assured me that he didn't mean it. So just don't bring it up, okay? I don't want to make a big thing of it. More than anything, I just want to forget it ever happened."

Scott sounded unconvinced but ultimately agreed to let it go. "Alright, fine, but if anything like that happens again-"

"It won't!" Stiles confidently replied, before adding for Scott's benefit, "But if it does, I promise I'll call you right away."

"Good. So other than that, how did it go?"

"He was pretty shaken up," Stiles told his best friend honestly. "but, uh, he took it quite well, he was a bit- um- overwhelmed, but he's doing okay."

"Does he know about you and Derek, not just the relationship but, uh..."

"Yeah, he knows that we're mates." Stiles stated, then looked up to see his dad walking into his room.

"Good, so he's okay with it?"

"Yup, he's being really understanding." Stiles said, smiling at his dad.

"That's great! Uh, look man I gotta go, I'll talk to you tomorrow."

"Alright, g'night Scotty."

"Night Stiles."

Stiles hung up and placed his phone on his nightstand. "Hey, dad." He greeted with a smile.

"Hey, so how's Scott doing?" The sheriff asked, sitting down on his son's bed, next to him.

"Well, on one hand he's doing well, major sports star, got a girlfriend and he even had dinner with said girlfriend's family tonight. On the other hand the family in question are werewolf hunters, and Scott is a werewolf. Oh, and one of the hunters, Allison's dad, shot him in the arm with a crossbow on the night of the full moon. Then there's the fact that the werewolf that bit us, the alpha, is a psychotic murderer that wants us to kill with him and if we don't, he'll probably kill us. So, he's as well as he can be, considering the circumstances." Stiles stated with a nod.

"Right." Noah sighed deeply, his eyes wide as he ran a hand through his hair and attempted to process both the information he'd been given and the flippant manner in which his son spoke of it all.

"Sorry, it's just nice to be able to tell you these things." Stiles apologised sheepishly.

"It's fine, Stiles. I'm glad you can tell me. Besides, some of the stuff that has happened in this town makes a lot more sense now. Especially the Hale fire." Stiles nodded in agreement. "And, about what I said-"

"Dad, no. I know you didn't mean it, it's fine." Stiles assured Noah but the man just shook his head, refusing to accept forgiveness so easily.

"It's not okay, you may have forgiven me, but I haven't. I promise I'll make up for it, son." The Sheriff stated firmly, Stiles just sighed and nodded, knowing he couldn't change his fathers mind. "I was scared when you... transformed. Suddenly my whole world was flipped upside down and things that I had told myself my entire life couldn't possibly be real were real. And worst of all, I had failed to protect you from it." Noah took Stiles' hands in his own and looked him in the eyes, Stiles' heart broke at the tears that had flooded Noah's eyes. "Now, I know you're happy being a werewolf for the most part, but the fact remains that you were attacked, you could have died, and I wasn't there, I didn't even know you were injured-"

"Now, wait a minute!" Stiles interjected loudly, "I made sure that you didn't-"

"Let me finish, please?" Noah all but begged, squeezing Stiles' hand comfortingly. The young werewolf sighed but nodded in agreement, earning him a grateful smile from his father. "I wasn't there, and you were hurt, and I could have lost you, add that to the revelation that the supernatural exists and that you had become one, and again I didn't notice. In that moment when everything changed, I was terrified, not of you or Derek or Scott, but of everything else. And of losing you. I was so afraid of losing you to something that I couldn't fight, that I pushed you away. In that moment, seeing you like that, all I could think of was your mother." Stiles' breath hitched and it was his turn to tighten his grip. "Of how I slowly lost her, how we slowly lost her to something we couldn't fight. Something outside of our control. And the fear of going through that again... it was too much. What I said was horrific and not even fear can excuse that-"

"Eh, agree to disagree." Stiles gave his father a teary smile.

"-but I swear, it will never ever happen again. And I'll do whatever it takes to make it up to you, Stiles." Noah swore with more conviction than Stiles had ever seen from him. He withdrew one hand to wipe away his tears and Stiles' did the same. Feeling how heavy things had gotten, Noah decided to lighten the mood a little. "I'll even eat that god-awful rabbit food you pack me for lunch, rather than ordering burgers."

"I knew it!" Stiles exclaimed triumphantly, pointing an accusatory finger at his father. The pair shared a laugh before sharing a hug.

"I'm so sorry." Noah whispered, holding his kid tightly.

"You're already forgiven, dad, stop apologising!" Stiles groaned, hoping his father would stop apologising.

Noah shook his head and chuckled ruefully. "I will apologise for this for the rest of my life. No amount of apologies will make up for what I said, but a lifetime's worth would be a good start."

"It's clear where I get my stubbornness from." Stiles grumbled, causing the Sheriff to chuckle into his son's shoulder.

"And don't you forget it, kid." After a few minutes, Noah released his son and stood up. "I'm going to bed, goodnight Stiles."

"G'night dad." Stiles smiled.

Noah turned to face his son's open window. "Goodnight Derek." Stiles' expression turned sheepish and Derek's head slowly poked through the window to see Noah looking at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Goodnight Sheriff," Derek said nervously. Noah flickered his eyes from Stiles to Derek several times before rolling his eyes.

"No funny business." Noah warned. Both of the younger males smiled at him gratefully as Derek climbed through the window.

"Love you, dad." Stiles beamed.

"Love you to kiddo." The sheriff stated and started to leave the room. "Oh and Derek?" He asked, turning to face the man, now frozen halfway between Stiles' window and bed.

"Yeah?" Derek asked, surprisingly timid, and Stiles could smell his mates panic flooding the room.

"Next time, ask." Derek nodded, but Noah wasn't finished talking. "Or, if you don't want to get caught, don't leave your jacket in plain sight. Goodnight boys." Noah smirked then walked out as the two wolves stared in shock at the leather jacket hung on the back of Stiles desk chair.

As Noah pulled the door shut behind him, he heard his son burst into hysterical laughter and just caught Derek's mumble of "Shush you." followed by the sound of bed springs groaning. The Sheriff rolled his eyes fondly, opting for a glass of whiskey before bed while he tried to make sense of everything he'd learnt that night.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

The next day, Stiles woke up with the biggest smile on his face. His mate was sleeping behind him, arms wrapped around Stiles waist as they spooned, his dad knew and accepted Stiles for who, and what, he was and he had great friends. He chose to block out all thoughts of the alpha and hunters and school and simply enjoy lying in bed with Derek for the next 5 minutes.

"Hmm- G'morning." Derek greeted sleepily, kissing the back of Stiles' neck. Stiles smiled languidly and turned his head to look at Derek.

"Morning." He mumbled, and placed a soft kiss on Derek's lips which the elder man deepened, regardless of morning breath. Stiles turned his body without breaking the kiss, so that he was fully facing his mate. As the pair kissed leisurely Derek's hands made their way to Stiles' hips, gripping him firmly but gently, while Stiles tangled his hands in Derek's soft black hair.

After a few minutes of making out, the pair pulled away reluctantly, gasping for breath. "I could get used to this." Stiles let out breathlessly and Derek hummed his agreement in response, burying his face in the crook of Stiles' neck, breathing in his favourite scent. Their legs tangled together as they rested, savouring their small moment of nirvana. Stiles felt his eyes flutter shut, but couldn't bring himself to care at that moment, school be damned. All he wanted to do was stay in his mate's arms, lying in their bed, feeling the warm light of the morning sun peeking through the window bathing his skin.

"Oh no you don't, you've got school, Stiles." Derek stated, pulling away from Stiles, leaving the boy without his personal heater. Thanks to the fact that neither of them had fully woken up, and that they both felt safe and tranquil, neither Stiles nor Derek noticed the bedroom door slowly and silently being pushed open.

Stiles let out a senseless mumble and fumbled to pull Derek back to him. "Aww, come on, 5 more minutes? Please? I just want to snuggle!" Stiles begged and his chances were looking good due to the look on Derek's face and the fact that he hadn't actually left the bed.

"If we do, 5 minutes will turn into 10, which will turn into an hour, which will turn into us falling asleep, which will mean you'll be late for school, or end up deciding to just not go." Derek began explaining to Stiles, both wolves still blissfully unaware that Noah Stilinski was standing in the doorway, having gone to make sure Stiles was getting up for school. "That will damage your grades, attendance and annoy your dad, which means you'll be grounded, then you won't be able to see anyone outside of school, including me. And, because your dad knows about the supernatural, your window will probably end up laced with mountain ash and/or wolfsbane. So I won't be able to sneak in, and you won't be able to sneak out. Do you really want that?"

"No." Stiles mumbled and Derek leant forward and kissed Stiles chastely on the forehead.

"Exactly." Derek stated and pulled the covers off of them revealing Stiles' Batman pajamas and Derek's bare torso and black sweatpants. "Now get dressed."

Stiles sighed but sat up and moved to get out of bed. The sheriff slowly backed out of the room, a soft smile on his face. As Noah walked towards the stairs, he heard Derek ask Stiles, "Hey, wasn't the door closed when we went to sleep?"

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"Hey, Stiles!" Lydia greeted strutting over to the boy in the lunch line. No one dared call out the Queen B on cutting in line, so let it be. "How's Derek doing?"

"Hey Lyd, he's better, still not 100% but alright." Stiles informed her as they moved up the line with their trays. "How are you doing? Did you get everything for tonight?"

"You bet, it's gonna be amazing!" Lydia stated with a smirk, then shrugged "Which is a given seeing as I'm planning it."

Stiles let out a chuckle. "Damn right."

"Oh, before I forget, it's Allison's birthday the day after tomorrow! She's turning 17." Lydia informed him as the two walked over to an empty table.

"17? Oh, probably had to redo a year because of all the moving." Stiles said, mostly to himself.

"That's what I thought, too." Lydia nodded as she sat down at the table, Stiles sitting opposite her.

"I wish she'd said something, then I'd be able to get her a better present. I mean, obviously, I haven't gotten her anything yet, but thankfully I'm a good listener." Stiles beamed proudly.

"Just don't get her the brown leather jacket she's been after, I already did. Oh, and don't get her anything in pastel, it's so for not her!" Lydia commanded with a glare. Stiles nodded, mentally taking note of what she had said. "I'd offer to go with you and make sure that you don't mess up, but I'm spending tomorrow with Jackson."

"I could send you pictures of what I pick out before I buy it?" Stiles suggested before taking a bite of his food. Lydia gave him an approving smile and agreed.

"Good thinking, do that!" The red-head then noticed Allison and Scott approaching the table and changed the subject to her phone call with her mum the night before.

When Scott and Allison reached the table, the four of them exchanged greetings, Allison sat next to Lydia and Scott sat next to Stiles. The group had a brief discussion about their morning lessons before moving on to the main topic. "So, you guys brought your stuff to spend the night at mine, right?" Allison asked Stiles and Lydia with excitement, both of whom gave their confirmations.

"I can't believe you dad is letting you have friends stay over on a school night!" Scott exclaimed, trying to sound happy for them, but they all knew that he was disappointed that he wasn't allowed to join them for the sleepover, being Allison's boyfriend and all.

"Sorry dude, but you have to have a boyfriend before you'll be welcome in the Argent household overnight" Stiles joked, only for Allison to nod sagely in confirmation.

"It's true, back in San Francisco, I had a friend named Amanita who is a Lesbian. Just in case I turned out to be into girls, or even just curious about my sexuality, my parents refused to let us have a sleepover, at my house or hers. When she was at my house, we had to leave the door to whatever room we were in wide open." Allison informed him honestly. "If you're into girls, you may not be alone with me in a room." She stated whist rolling her eyes at her parents' rules. "That's why I tell them that Stiles is Gay instead of Bi."

Scott couldn't help but chuckle at that. "Your parents really are protective."

"Tell me about it!"

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

While Allison and Lydia were grabbing their belongings from their lockers at the end of the school day, Stiles was walking Scott to the bike racks. "Hey dude, just so you know, Lydia told me at lunch that Allison's birthday is the day after tomorrow, so after school tomorrow I'm going to swing by the mall before joining my dad on patrol, get her a gift, y'know? Did you wanna come with?" Scott of course agreed emphatically and thanked Stiles for letting him know. They bid farewell to each other and Scott peddled off to work, while Stiles made his way to the Jeep to wait for Lydia and Allison.

He wasn't waiting long before they arrived. Allison climbed into the back seat as Lydia had called shotgun. Once they were all buckled in, Stiles started the car and began driving out of the car park. "Alright, now before we head to Ally's house, is there anything we need that we haven't got already."

"Ice-cream!" Allison told him firmly. Lydia nodded in agreement, twisting in her seat to look and point at the brunette.

"Good thinking!" She complimented with a grin. "I brought us a lot of snacks last night but couldn't get ice-cream for obvious reasons. We also need soda, as I did not want to carry those bottles home last night."

With that settled, Stiles drove towards the store, the three friends chatting amongst themselves easily the entire way.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"Hi sheriff, is everything okay?" Derek asked as he walked into the Stilinski household, around the same time that Stiles, Lydia and Allison were pulling up at Allison's house.

"Call me Noah, Derek and everything's fine. I just thought that since Stiles is out for the night, and I have a few hours until work, it'd be a good opportunity for us to get to know each other." The sheriff stated, closing the front door and leading Derek to the living room.

"Okay," Derek agreed, sitting on the couch as Noah occupied the armchair.

"So..." Noah started awkwardly. "You like sports?"

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Stiles, Allison and Lydia were all laughing gleefully when they walked into the Argent household.

"You can't be serious" Lydia exclaimed in between her laughter.

"It's true!" Allison insisted honestly. "She just pulled off her shirt and bra, stood on the desk and yelled 'Do these look like milk cartons to you?' She refused to believe that women produced milk in their breasts. Even after the teacher explained that it only happens when a woman is pregnant."

"Oh my God." Stiles gasped out, barely keeping his grip on the shopping bags he was carrying. "That is amazing! Terrifying, but amazing. What happened?"

"She got detention for like three weeks for 'exposing herself' and people were still making fun of her when I moved away." Allison informed them as she led them into the kitchen. "The only reason she wasn't suspended was because she came from a really conservitive family who didn't even teach her about periods and the school felt bad for her."

"Damn," Lydia uttered, suddenly somber as she remembered that a lot of people were denied basic knowledge because of their families. "I hope she managed to learn everything they refused to teach her from somewhere, or else she's in for a shocking journey into adulthood."

At that moment, Kate and Victoria Argent walked into the kitchen. "Ah, you're home, good." Victoria greeted politely. "Hello Lydia, Stiles. Allison, how was school?"

"Good." Allison replied with a smile. "How was work?"


Allison nodded in response before turning her attention to Kate. "Aunt Kate, these are my friends Lydia and Stiles. Guys, this is my aunt Kate." She introduced with a grin.

"Nice to meet you both." The woman smiled reaching out to shake their hands, starting with Lydia who took it easily. "I've heard a lot about you both."

"Likewise." Lydia smiled politely. Stiles kept his expression placid as he shook the woman's hand, barely resisting the urge to snap it off. After all, this was the woman who had shot his mate two nights prior.

"Pleasure to meet you." Stiles managed to force the words out in a pleasant tone.

"So, what are you three planning on doing tonight?" Kate asked, peering into their grocery bags curiously. "You have enough food to feed an army in here, you sure it's just the three of you?" She teased.

"Yes, it's just us." Allison assured. "We're gonna be watching movies, mostly,"

"We're also gonna be painting our nails," Lydia continued, sending a mischievous look in Stiles' direction. For his part, Stiles merely rolled his eyes.

"-and talking about our boyfriends," Stiles added with a grin, "although we can all agree that I win in that department." He bragged, forcing himself to act casually in the presence of the two older Argent women.

Lydia shook her head at the lanky boy "Just because D is-"

"Older? Hotter? Smarter? Nicer? Bi-"

"Uh, no, Scott is way nicer than D!" Allison interjected with a light hearted glare.

"Okay, fine Scott is nicer than D, but I was mainly referring to Jackson with that one." Stiles conceded Allison's point quickly.

"Maybe," Lydia hummed. "But Jackson is way hotter than D."

"No he's not." Stiles and Allison countered in perfect unison, startling them both slightly. "I was gonna say that." they said, still in perfect sync. "Stop it! I'm talking. No, I am!" They both burst into startled laughter while the other three women watched them in amusement.

"Okay, you two have been spending way too much time together." Lydia commented drily.

"If we've been spending too much time together, then you have been spending too much time with us too." Stiles countered as he unpacked their groceries.

"It's true." Allison agreed, still chuckling as she put the ice-cream in the freezer until after dinner. "Whenever Stiles and I are hanging out, you're always with us. In fact, I spend more time with you than I do with Stiles." She pointed out.

"Perhaps, but I haven't started doing the creepy twin-talking-in-unison thing with either of you, so my point is still valid." The redhead countered.

"Yet. You haven't started talking in unison with us yet." Stiles grinned, sharing a look with Allison. "Give it time."

"Never gonna happen." Lydia stated confidently, only to find her two best friends talking with her. "Lucky guess." They both grinned while still speaking in time with her, causing her to glare at the both of them. "Okay, you've made your point. I'm serious, stop it!"

"Fine," Allison sighed, causing Stiles to whine at her, having enjoyed winding Lydia up, especially as it distracted him from Kate. For a moment it felt like it was just the three of them in the kitchen.

"You three are just peas in a pod, huh?" Kate smiled as Victoria left the kitchen, having grown fed up with the teenagers' antics. "Well, enjoy your evening, guys. Ally, your mum and I have some stuff we need to do, your dad will be home in an hour. Can we trust you all to behave until then?"

"Of course!" Allison assured her aunt honestly. "Have a good time. We're just gonna do our homework first, then we're gonna put on a movie."

"Sounds like fun." Kate responded before Victoria called out, informing her that they had to leave. "Alright, I gotta go, but I'll see you guys later."

"See you later." Allison said, as Stiles and Lydia both said their farewells to the huntress. Once she left, Stiles relaxed greatly, an action that did not go unnoticed by Lydia who chose not to comment on it at that moment in time. When they heard a car drive away from the house, the trio grabbed their school bags, the soda bottles and the snacks that weren't at risk of defrosting and made their way upstairs to Allison's room, all ready to have a good night.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

The next night, across town, a worker was changing a bulb in a video rental store.

Lydia pulled up outside the rental store, Jackson arguing from the passenger seat. "Hoosiers is not only the best basketball movie ever. It is the best sports movie ever made."

"No." Was Lydia's only reply.

"It's got Gene Hackman and Dennis Hopper." Jackson explained.


"Lydia, I swear to God you're gonna like it." Jackson promised, frustration seeping into his voice.


"I am not watching The Notebook again." Jackson growled while Lydia simply sat smirking smugly, knowing that she would get her way in the end. After all, 30 minutes earlier she had successfully talked Scott out of buying the hideous bracelet he wanted to get Allison for her birthday, just because it had charms of the letters 'A' and 'S' in the worst font Lydia had ever laid eyes on. At least Stiles picked out the perfect gift on his own, so she didn't have to worry there. Well, six out of seven of Stiles' gift ideas were terrible, but those were back ups if he couldn't find what he really wanted to get her.

"Can somebody help me find The Notebook?" Jackson called out inside the store a few minutes later, searching through the shelves, having caved to Lydia's wishes. Again. "Hello? Is anybody working here? You gotta be kidding me." Jackson sighed, continuing around the store. His eyes soon fell on a pair of feet poking out of one of the isles.

Jackson cautiously grew closer, nerves growing with every step. Before too long, Jackson found himself staring down at the bloodied corpse of the video store clerk. Jackson gasped at the deep cuts on the victims neck. He stumbled backwards in shock.

"Oh my god." Jackson stumbled into the ladders behind him knocking them over. The lights in the store flickered as Jackson looked around with a growing feeling of terror. Freezing at a growl, eyes fixed on the red eyed monster before him. The creature bound forward and Jackson hid in one of the rows, gasping for breath. After a moment of silence, he peered around to where he last saw the creature. Without warning, the creature shot across the isle and Jackson swung back so he wouldn't be seen. After a few more glimpses of the creature running, Jackson was starting to really worry. He heard a series of crashes, but only realised what was happening at the last second.

The creature had knocked over the shelves at the back of the store, starting a domino effect on the row that Jackson was hiding in. When he realised what was happening he dove away from the shelves, but was too slow. The shelf landed on Jackson's legs, pinning the bottom half of his body in place. Jackson's heart sped up as the creature stalked over to him. It crouched down and sniffed him, while embedding it's claws into the back of his neck. After a moment, it pulled back, growling angrily before sprinting away. The creature smashed through the store window and ran past Lydia's car, terrifying her. Lydia screamed and stared after the creature in shock and horror.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Stiles was sitting in the passenger seat of his dad's police cruiser, both Stilinski's munching on burgers. "Did they forget my curly fries?" The sheriff asked, turning to face Stiles.

"You're not supposed to eat fries, especially the curly ones!" Stiles explained, grabbing the drink.

"Well, I am carrying a lethal weapon. If I want the curly fries, I will have the curly fries." Noah stated with an annoyed look.

"If you think getting rid of contractions in all your sentences makes your argument any more legitimate, you are wrong." Stiles retorted, earning him an annoyed look for Noah. Stiles smirked, sipping his drink. "Besides, you promised to eat healthier, remember?"

"I promised to eat the healthy lunches you make me." Noah countered with a smirk of his own. Stiles scowled at his father and opened his mouth to respond.

"Unit one, do you copy?"

Stiles reached for the radio, but was stopped by his father slapping his hand.

"Sorry," Stiles said unapologetically, leaning back. The Sheriff proceeded to reply to dispatch.

"Unit one copy."

"We've got a report of a possible 187." Stiles' head shot up, mouth now filled with curly fries.

"A murder?" Stiles gasped around the fries,losing several of them in the process.

Not long after, the Stilinski's pulled up next to an ambulance outside the video store.

"Stay here," Noah ordered, opening the car door. Stiles sighed, intending to go along with what his dad had said, when he noticed it.

Stiles' hand shot out and gripped his dad's arm. "Stil-"

"No, dad, it's the Alpha, he was here, I can smell him." He took another whiff to be sure, then nodded to himself. "Yeah, yeah, it's definitely him, and it's strong to, he wasn't just passing through, he-"

"He's responsible for what happened." The sheriff finished for his son with a sigh. "Come on" Both men climbed out of the car and walked to the ambulance.

"Paul, let's get this area locked up!" The Sheriff announced, walking beside Stiles to the ambulance.

"Jackson? Lydia?" Stiles called out in concern, he smelt them the second his dad opened the door, but as he grew closer, he noticed the strength of Jackson's scent. He was, or had been, bleeding.

"Hey, what's up, are you okay? Obviously you're not okay, you're at a crime scene in an ambulance. How bad is it?" Stile rambled.

"I'm fine, Stilinski," Jackson snapped, but Stiles could tell that Jackson wasn't actually annoyed, at least not at Stiles. The Jackson turned to Noah. "I don't see why I can't just go home?"

"I hear ya, but the EMT say's you hit your head pretty hard and you've got some deep cuts on the back of your neck there. They need to make sure that you don't have a concussion and that the wounds are clean." The sheriff explained calmly, but it did nothing to sooth Jackson.

"What part of 'I'm fine' do you not understand? I just wanna go home!"

"Dude, we understand that, but you can't yet, okay?" Stiles explained and Jackson started to protest, but Stiles continued. "Look, after everything, I don't blame you for wanting to go home and forget about it, but it'll be kinda difficult if you're concussed! Even more so, if those wounds get infected, okay? Just let 'em do their jobs, chill with your girlfriend for a bit, who is still in shock, by the way." Stiles explained gesturing to Lydia who was sat in the ambulance, completely still and wrapped in a blanket. "Then when they give the all clear, you can go home and unwind. Right now, though, just let them help, man."

Jackson glared at Stiles for a second but climbed into the ambulance, sitting next to Lydia and grabbed her hand.

"Woah, is that a dead body?" Stiles asked, hitting his dad's arm in order to change the subject.

"Alright, everybody back up, back up." Noah ordered the crowd of people gathering around the ambulance. Stiles looked up to the roof of the store and smiled at his mate and best friend.

"Starting to get it?" Stiles heard Derek ask Scott.

"I get that he's killing people, but I don't get why." Scott replied, looking at Derek. "I-I mean, this isn't standard practice, right? We don't go out in the middle of the night killing people, do we?"

"No, we're predators, we don't have to be killers." Derek explained, eye's fixed on his mate, not even glancing at Scott.

"Then why is he a killer?" Scott asked in confusion.

"That's what we're gonna find out." Derek stated, finally looking to Scott, and stepping away from the building's edge. The two wolves walked away, unaware of the spiral pattern lying directly beneath their feet.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"You know, I have a life too." Scott stated as Derek climbed the stairs at the old Hale house, looking for Stiles.

"No, you don't." Derek stated simply, eliciting a chuckle from Stiles, who was somewhere in the house.

"Yes, I do!" Scott argued, ignoring Stiles "I don't care what you say about him making me his pet or-"

"Part of his pack." Stiles and Derek corrected in unison. Stiles' tone was chiding, while Derek's was annoyed.

"Whatever. I have homework to do. I have to go to a parent/teacher conference tomorrow because I'm failing chemistry."

"You wanna do homework?" Derek asked, inclining his head "Or do you wanna not die?" Scott sighed as Derek continued "You have less than a week until the full moon. You don't kill with him, he kills you."

"Okay, seriously, who made up these rules?" Scott asked in annoyance as Stiles called out.

"He's right man, it is sort of barbaric!"

Derek rolled his eyes and continued. "It's a rite of passage into his pack."

"You know what else is a rite of passage?" Scott asked, raising an eyebrow, "Graduating from high school." He yelled, "And you don't have to kill anyone to do it! Why can't you just find him yourself? Why can't you just sniff him out when he's a human?"

"Because his human scent could be entirely different." Derek informed him in annoyance "It has to be you. You have a connection with him, a link that you can't understand. If I can teach you to control your abilities, you can find him."

"So if I help you, you can stop him?" Scott asked, calmer now.

"Not alone. We're stronger in numbers. A pack makes the individual more powerful." Derek explained, but that only seemed to rile Scott up again.

"Right, pack! Why can't Stiles do it?" Scott asked.

"His connection to the alpha isn't as strong as yours." Derek stated simply.

"Why not?" Scott and Stiles asked in confusion, Stiles still somewhere else in the house.

"Because of me." Derek sighed. "We may not have completed the bond yet, but we've accepted each other as mates. That makes our connection to each other stronger than anything else. The second strongest is his connection to you because you were turned together and have known each other for so long, then his family and friends, then the Alpha, then everyone else he knows." Derek stated.

"But you, Scott. Your connections go: Stiles, friends and family, the Alpha, me, everyone else. It's a small difference, but it's enough."

Scott sighed. "How am I supposed to help if I have no idea what I'm doing?"

"Because I'm gonna teach you." Derek stressed in exasperation. "Do you remember what happened that first night you were shot in the arm- Right after you were hit?"

"Yeah, I changed back." Scott stated with a nod.

Derek walked closer to Scott, "And when you were hit by his car, same thing, right?" Scott nodded. "What's the common denominator?" Scott shrugged and Derek grabbed his hand, squeezing it.

Scott cried out in pain and Stiles appeared at the top of the stairs. "What the hell are you doing?" Stiles demanded angrily as Scott fell to his knees in pain.

"It'll heal." Derek stated, releasing Scott's hand.

"It still hurt!" Scott yelled in a mix of anger and pain.

"And that's what keeps you human - Pain." Derek stated while gesturing to Scott's hand, "Maybe you will survive." Derek looked to the top of the stairs, only to find that Stiles had disappeared again. "Stiles, what the hell are you doing?" Derek called out, following his boyfriend's scent, shortly followed by Scott.

"Packing your stuff." Was the casual reply.

"Why?" Derek asked walking to the room that used to be his childhood bedroom.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you, you're moving in with me." Stiles stated, smiling up at his mate while neatly folding a black t-shirt and placing it in Derek's duffel bag.

Derek raised an eyebrow while Scott spoke up. "Does your dad know?"

"Yup." Stiles beamed, despite Derek's suspicious look. "In fact, it was his suggestion."

Both Derek and Scott gave him disbelieving looks.

"Okay, so it wasn't without prompting, but he said he enjoyed spending time with you last night and that you seem like a good guy, then after I told him that you were living here, he offered to let you stay with us. On the condition of 'No funny business' and after we find the alpha, you have to get a job. You don't have to pay rent or anything, but you can't just sit around doing nothing all day. His words not mine." Stiles explained as he placed the last pair of jeans in the bag. "Is there anything else lying around, or is this everything here?" Stiles asked, zipping the bag and standing up.

There was a moment of silence as Derek stared at Stiles. "There's some stuff downstairs. Everything else is either in my car or my storage locker."

"Storage locker?" Scott asked in confusion while Stiles walked over to them.

"I lived in New York for six years, do you really think I only have enough belongings to fill a duffel bag?" Derek asked incredulously with a raised eyebrow.

"W-well, I-I- No." Scott stammered.

"Come on, Der-bear, leave Scotty alone, okay? Now, let's go home."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

The next morning, Kate walked into Allison's room as the girl got ready for school. "Hey. Listen, you know I feel totally horrible about my behavior the other night with Scott, right?"

"Oh, totally forgotten." Allison assured with a smile.

"No, not forgotten by me. Come on. Call me a "horrid bitch" or something." Kate insisted

"You were just.. being protective." Allison shrugged, too polite to tell her aunt what she truly thought about the situation in question.

"I was being a protective horrid bitch." Kate stated. "Who is giving you your birthday present early so you'll forgive her. Kate smiled, pulling a small box from behind her back and handed it to Allison. "Forgiven?"

Allison gasped at the necklace lying inside the box. "Completely. I love it!

"It's a family heirloom." Kate informed Allison, who investigated the necklace further. "And you know me, I hate and loathe all sentimental crap, but that.. Well, look at the symbol in the middle of the pendant. See that? "

Allison nodded "Yeah."

"You ever wanna learn a little something about your family... Look it up."

"You're gonna make me work for it? I thought this was supposed to be an apology." Allison teased with a small smirk.

"Some mysteries" Kate grabbed the necklace and placed it around Allison's neck "Are worth the effort."


-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

At school, Allison walked over to her locker happily. However, that happiness evaporated when she opened the locker and multiple balloons floated out. There were 'Happy Birthday' signs on the inside of the door, along with two cards and two presents, neatly wrapped and placed in the bottom of the locker. Allison fought to get the balloons back inside the locker. When she did so, she noticed the cards and presents.

Allison grabbed the cards first and read them, unaware of Scott walking up behind her. "Stiles and Lydia... Of course..." Allison muttered in annoyance after she'd seen who the cards were from.

"Happy birthday!" Scott greeted cheerfully, making his presence known. She looked at him startled, looking horrified when she saw the present in his hands

"No, no. Uh, no. I mean, yes. Please don't tell anybody! How did you even find out?" Allison begged as she grabbed the present out of his hands and shoved it into her bag along with the gifts from Stiles and Lydia. She then attempted to shove the balloons back into her locker.

"Lydia found out, she told Stiles and Stiles told me." He explained, shuffling his feet in uncertainty "Why didn't you tell me?" Asked Scott, slightly upset.

"Because I don't want people to know. Because... I'm 17." Allison whispered after looking around to make sure nobody was paying close attention to them.

"You're 17?" Scott repeated in shock, Stiles and Lydia had failed to mention that particular fact.

"That's the reaction I'm trying to avoid." Allison said in annoyance.

"Why? I mean, I-I totally get it. Uh, you had to repeat a year because of all the moving around, right?" Allison gave him a shocked look, followed by a soft kiss "What was that for?"

"For, literally, being the first person to ever make the correct assumption. Everybody's always like, 'What - Did you get held back?' 'Did you ride the short bus?' Uh, 'Did you have a baby?'!"

"That's what you hear on your birthday?"

"Oh, yeah. All day long." Allison sighed

"Then - What if we got out of here?" Scott suggested.

"Skip class?" Allison asked, clearly uncertain about the suggestion.

"Yeah, the whole day."

"Well, you're asking someone who's never skipped one class to bail out the entire day, and I don't-"

"No, see, that's perfect. If you get caught, then they'll go easy on you." Scott assured.

"Well, what if you get caught?" She asked, finally succeeding to get the balloons back inside her locker, clicking the lock back in place.

"Let's... try not to think about that." Scott said, leading her out of the school.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"Just a friendly reminder." Mr Harris announced at the beginning of chemistry. "Parent/teacher conferences are tonight. Students below a "C" average are required to attend. I won't name you, because the shame and self-disgust should be more than enough punishment. Has anyone seen Scott McCall?" He asked looking at Stiles, who was hunched over his text book with a highlighter. He was saved from answering when Jackson walked in the room, looking pale and sleep deprived.

Harris walked over to him as he sat at his desk. "Hey Jackson, if you need to leave early for any reason, you let me know." Jackson nodded and Harris headed to the front of the class. "Everyone, start reading chapter 9! Mr. Stilinski," Stiles' head shot up. "Try putting the highlighter down between paragraphs. It's chemistry, not a colouring book!"

Stiles glared at the back of Harris' head before tilting his head back, shooting the highlighter cap from his mouth, into the air, then caught it easily. Stiles leaned forward to talk to Danny.

"Danny, can I ask you a question?" Stiles asked quietly.

"No." Was the reply.

"Well I'm going to anyway." He stated, causing Danny to roll his eyes. "Did Lydia show up in your homeroom today?"

"No." Danny sighed.

"Can I ask you another question?"

"Answers still no." Danny replied in annoyance.

"Why don't you like me?"

"I never said that I don't like you." Danny replied.

"Well it's pretty clear with the way you barely talk to me, get annoyed at me easily, and I know it's personal because you're like the nicest guy ever!" Danny turned to face Stiles.

"It's not- It's- It's not that I don't like you, it's because at first, I thought you thought of being gay as a joke, with the way you'd ask if you're attractive to gay guys." Danny huffed. "Then when I found out that you had a boyfriend, a hot one at that, I was annoyed at myself for not picking up on it." Danny explained honestly, turning slightly to look at Stiles as he explained himself.

Stiles nodded, "I understand what you're saying, but I was honestly just curious if other guy's found me attractive. I only specifically said gay guys so I could find out if I had a chance with anyone. Which, I now realise, was not a great method. But I do have to ask one more question.."

"Yes?" Danny sighed.

"Do you find me attractive? Just here me out. I'm not sure if Derek actually finds me attractive. I mean, I know that he loves me as much as I love him and he likes my personality, somehow. But am I attractive?" Stiles asked, leaning closer to hear Danny's answer.

"As long as your boyfriend isn't going to kill me for my answer.." Stiles nodded enthusiastically.

"You have my word. In fact, he won't even know that this conversation existed!" Stiles promised.

"Yes, you're attractive." Danny mumbled, cheeks turning red.

Stiles beamed and hugged Danny from behind. "So are you." He whispered in his ear as if it were a secret, then returned to his seat, a pleased smile on his face.

Chapter Text

The Hale Pack: A thing called jealousy.

"So are you." He whispered in his ear as if it were a secret, then returned to his seat, a pleased smile on his face.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Outside, in the car park, Scott and Allison were getting into Allison's car, but Allison was looking very nervous. "Uh, maybe this is a bad idea. And my dad would kill me if he found out."

"Do you always follow your dad's rules?" Scott asked with a knowing look on his face.

"Not lately." Allison grinned.

"Good. Start the car." Scott replied.

"Where are we going?" Allison asked, but Scott was distracted by a car driving in behind them

"Uh, I don't know. Somewhere. Anywhere." Scott said nervously, eyes fixed on the rear view mirror, watching the car.

"Nowhere I can be seen, right? 'Cause I could get detention." Allison stated, looking unsure.

"Please start the car." Scott begged

"Or suspended."

"Allison, car, start, now." Scott demanded and she did, pulling out of the school, blissfully unaware of the other car .

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

In the locker room, Jackson stood in front of the mirror, checking out the cuts on the back of his neck. Gasping in pain, he stepped away from the mirror and walked towards his locker, as the seemingly last player exited the locker room and left Jackson with a sense of solitude.

After shutting his locker, Jackson noticed two dot's of glowing red through the steam. He slowly backed away and the lights moved towards him. Remembering the monstrous animal that had attacked just the night before, Jackson felt his heart rate increase until it felt like his heart was trying to beat it's way out his chest. He kept backing away until the red exited the steam, revealing themselves to be lights on a set of headphones. The boy wearing them gave him an odd look, then walked away.

Jackson sighed in relief, but when he turned, he found himself facing Derek. He jumped slightly, surprised at the sight, but quickly relaxed. "I-I don't know where Stiles is."

"I'm not here for Stiles. I'm here for you." Derek informed him.

"Wh-wh-why me? I didn't do anything." Jackson told him defensively.

"No, but you saw something, didn't you?" Derek asked as creepy suspenseful music filled the room.

"No, I didn't- I didn't see anything."

"What was it, hmm? An animal? A mountain lion?" Derek asked mimicking the tone Jackson had used when questioning him about drugs.

"I didn't see anything. I swear. I'm-I'm not lying." Jackson insisted.

"Then calm down and say it again." Derek told him as he stepped closer to him.

"Say what? That I'm not lying?"

"Tell me that you didn't see anything. Slowly."

Jackson took a breath before repeating, "I didn't s-see anything. I'm not lying."

"One more thing." Derek said. "Where is that music coming from?"

"Sorry, my bad." A guy said, moving from the showers, to his locker. He opened it and took his phone out, answering a call. "Hey mum."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Stiles was calling Scott while leaving class. "Finally! Have you been getting any of my texts?" He asked when Scott finally picked up.

"Yeah, like all 9 million of them." Scott hissed.

"Do you have any idea what's going on? Lydia is totally M.I.A., Jackson looks like he's got a time bomb inserted into his face, another random guy is dead, and you have to do something about it." Stiles exclaimed, flailing his free arm around, nearly hitting a girl that was passing him.

"Like what?"

"Track the Alpha dumbass!" Stiles whispered into the phone aggressively.

"Okay, I'll deal with it later." Scott said into the phone and hung up on Stiles. He looked up at Allison. "Left, left, left, left, left." He instructed, leaning forward and pointing.

Allison turned with one hand, slapping the other one to his chest, pushing him back into his seat. "Sorry, sorry. I just totally soccer-mum'd you. I'm sorry." Allison apologised with a giggle.

"That's all right. I'll just pick up my masculinity on the way back." Scott half joked, causing Allison to giggle.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Stiles was walking down the corridor during his 15 minute break between lessons. As he passed the janitor's closet, the door flew open and a hand shot out and pulled him in, shutting the door behind him.

Stiles was about to attack when he caught the familiar scent. "Derek." He sighed in relief. "You scared the crap outta me, are you okay?"

Derek's eyes flashed blue, cutting through the darkness. "No." He hissed angrily.

"What's wrong is it the alph-"

"Do you find me attractive, Danny? I don't think Derek does, Danny. So are you, Danny!" Derek repeated darkly, stepping closer to Stiles with each sentence until he had Stiles pinned against the shelves.

Stiles' eyes widened in horror. "L-look I-I did-didn't mean it l-like that! I-I swear, I-I just-"

"Just didn't think that I actually want you?" Derek growled "That the only reason I'm attracted to you is because we're mates? Not because of those amazing whiskey eyes?" He asked, stroking Stiles cheek tenderly. "Or those full lips?" Derek pulled Stiles into a deep, passionate kiss, tugging the boys bottom lip with his teeth as they pulled away. "Or those damn mole that pepper your skin? The ones that I know can lead me directly to an amazing part of you?" He asked as Stiles shuddered with pleasure. "Or your beautiful pale chest with muscles just begging to be licked?" Derek murmured, nipping and licking at Stiles' overly sensitive neck. "Not even that perfect, round ass of yours? You really think I don't notice any of that? That I only want you because you're my mate?"

"N-no. God no." Stiles gasped arching into Derek.

"No, that's just the icing on the cake. You're just lucky that you told Danny that you love me and I love you. Otherwise, Danny would be in hospital right now and Danny would probably be missing some body parts. We'll see how attractive Danny is then."

"Stop saying his fucking name." Stiles growled, grabbing Derek and kissing him forcefully.

"Good answer." Derek grinned as they pulled away. Slipping down to the floor, on his knees. "How much time do we have?" He asked, undoing Stiles' jeans.

"T-ten min-utes." Stiles replied.

"Not enough time, you're gonna be late to class."

"i'm okay with tha-oh, fu-"

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"You're still not okay with this, are you?" Scott asked as he and Allison walked through the woods, the girl in question checking her phone nervously. Shortly after arriving at the preserve, she had replied to Stiles' text message asking if she was okay and thanked him for the combat boots he'd gotten her and also sent a text to Lydia with a thank you for the jacket and an inquiry into how the redhead was doing after her ordeal the night before, but so far neither had responded. She was currently wearing both gifts, along with the simple, yet beautiful, silver bracelet adorned with a heart shaped charm Scott had given her.

Allison giggled slightly as she returned her phone to her pocket. "I just feel like I need an alibi." She admitted as she ran a hand through her hair.

"Well, if we get caught, I'll just say it was my fault." Scott offered with a shrug.

"You don't need to take the blame for me. It was my choice too." Allison insisted.

"Oh, good!" Scott teasingly called out in relief "'Cause if we get caught, I'm totally gonna blame you."

"Oh, really?" Allison asked in mock offence.

"Hell yeah! And they'd believe me. You know, a totally hot girl asks you to skip the day with her. Like I'm gonna say no." Scott teased.

"So, throw me under the bus, just like that?"

"Throw, push, shove-" Scott shrugged as Allison jabbed him in the chest.

"And what if I decide to drag you down with me?" Allison asked as she pulled him close.

"I'd just yell for help."

"Well, what if I did this?" Allison asked, kissing him softly

"I'd scream for help."

"And if I did this?" she asked, pulling him in for a more passionate kiss.

"I'd beg for mercy." Scott muttered, resting his head against hers before leaning in for another kiss.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

After their experience in the janitors closet, Stiles and Derek decided to skip the rest of the day and check on Lydia, see if she saw anything the previous night.

"Hello." Natalie Martin greeted as she opened the door to them, but before anything else could be said, Lydia's slurred voice called out from upstairs.

"Mu-um" She called, "Is Ally here? Did she bring my Stiles?"

"What the hell is a 'Stiles'?" Mrs Martin asked in confusion, causing the mates to chuckle.

"That would be me, Stiles Stilinski," Stiles introduced himself, holding his hand out for the woman to shake.

"Oh, of course, I'm so sorry! You're the sheriff's son, right?" The woman asked, shaking his hand.

"That's right, and this is my boyfriend, Derek." Stiles announced as she released his hand, and turned to shake Derek's.

"Pleasure to meet you, Mrs Martin." Derek said politely.

"Likewise, come on in, she's upstairs." Natalie said, gesturing for them to enter the house. "She took a little something to ease her nerves. So she might be a little out of it." She warned as they arrived at Lydia's bedroom door.

She knocked on the door softly while pushing it open. "Honey, Stiles is here to see you." Lydia turned and sat up.

"Stiles!" She exclaimed happily, "I need cuddles! Hi Der-Bear." She then flopped back into her previous position as if nothing had happened.

"You can go in." She said.

"Thanks." Stiles said as Natalie left the room, making a point of leaving the door open behind her.

"What are you doing all the way over there? I need cuddles!" She demanded, holding out her right arm, as her left one supported her head. "You to Der-rek" She slurred while beckoning them over.

Stiles chuckled and sat on the edge of the bed. "We wanted to make sure you were okay."


"Because you're my partner in crime Lyd! How are you feeling?

"I feel..." She slowly sat up and placed an arm around his shoulders, hugging him close "Fantastic." She giggled. "Derek, get over here!" she gestured with her free arm for the elder wolf to come closer

Derek walked over and sat next to Stiles on the bed who decided to snoop a little. "Oh. What-?" Stiles leaned over to investigate the bottle of medication on Lydia's bedside desk "I bet you can't say, uh, "I saw Suzy sittin' in a shoe shine shop" ten times fast."

He challenged Lydia who rolled her eyes and tried to prove him wrong, while Derek rolled his eyes at them both. "I saw Shuzy- I shaw-" Stiles replaced the bottle as Lydia got a look of recognition on her face. "I saw-" She muttered as she flopped onto her arms again.

"What? Lydia, what did you see?" Derek asked, moving so that he was knelt in front of the girl on the floor.

"Something." She whispered

"Something like- Like a mountain lion?" Stiles asked.

"A mountain lion." Lydia repeated.

"Are you sure you saw a mountain lion, or are you just saying that because that's what the police told you?" Derek asked urgently.

"A mountain lion."

Stiles pointed to the stuffed giraffe, which Derek proceeded to pick up and hold in front of Lydia. "What's this?"

"A mountain lion." She stated with a firm nod.

"Okay." Stiles announced, drawing Lydia's attention to him as Derek put the stuffed animal back in annoyance. "You're so drunk. Oh-" He said in surprise as she fell asleep with her head in his lap.

"Oh?" Derek growled, causing Stiles to roll his eyes.

"Not like that, I was surprised!" He insisted. "You're the only person that I want anywhere near my dick!" "He exclaimed quietly, so that Mrs Martin wouldn't overhear.

"Oh, really? You mean like earlier?" Derek asked huskily.

Stiles groaned softly, tilting his head back. "No! You're not allowed to give me these thoughts when somebody else's head is in my lap!" He announced, forcing himself to think of other, less pleasant things.

Stiles gently lifted her head from his lap, and moved it to her pillow.

"Okay," he said, standing from the bed and grabbing Derek's hand. "I think that we should get going. We'll let you get back to your PTSD."

"No." Lydia protested drowsily, sitting up. "Stay."

"You want us to stay?" Derek asked incredulously, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, please stay." She begged and reached out a hand towards the pair. "Please Jackson!" Then proceeded to collapse on to the bed, out cold.

"And, we're done here." Stiles said happily, leaning in to kiss Derek. Then Lydia's phone beeped signalling a text. "D'you want me to get that?" He asked the unconscious girl, while leaning to grab her phone.

"Really, Stiles?"

"It might be important!" Stiles insisted, "It's a text," He said, clicking the screen, which caused a video to play. "I don't know how to-Woah."

"What is it?" Derek asked, moving to see the phone. Stiles paused the video on a picture of the Alpha.

"She saw him." Stiles muttered.

"Shit." Derek growled, snatching the phone from Stiles.

"W-what do we do? Should we delete it?" Stiles asked in a nervous whisper.

"No." Derek said firmly.

"W-What? Why not?"

"She could be useful." Derek said.

"How?" Stiles asked in confusion.

"Research, barriers, other things. You see those books?" Derek asked, gesturing to three old looking leather bound books on Lydia's bookshelf.


"My mother used to have a set identical to that, they're all in archaic Latin and have a lot of information about supernatural lore and history, It's completely accurate." He walked over to the shelf. "There's little to no dust here, meaning she reads them regularly." He pulled out the first book and opened it to the middle. "No cut out storage area." He replaced the book and walked back to Stiles, "You said it yourself, she's smart, basically a genius. And she's human, so she can help set traps, such as mountain ash barriers or make wolfsbane bullets for your dad."

Derek grabbed Stiles' hand softly. "She's safer knowing what we are so that we can protect her and teach her to defend herself, and she can help us stay alive." He took the phone from Stiles, and placed it back on the desk. "Leave it be. Let's go home."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Meanwhile, in the woods, Kate Argent and two other hunters approached the wreckage of the Hale house.

"He wants us to wait." The older male hunter said while lowering his rifle.

"So I've been reminded," Kate said dryly, turning to the hunter. "To death."

"And that means we're not allowed to kill him." The other hunter said.

"But it doesn't mean we can't say hello." Kate said walking towards the house. Shortly after, the front door was kicked in.

"No one home." The elder male hunter said, but Kate chuckled.

"Oh, he's here. He's just not feeling particularly hospitable." She stated knowingly.

"Maybe he's out burying a bone in the backyard." The younger hunter joked with a large grin plastered on his face, feeling quite proud of himself.

"Really? A dog joke? We're going there, and that's the best you got?" Kate asked, rolling her eye's "If you wanna provoke him, say something like, "Too bad your sister 'bit it' before she had her first litter. Too bad she howled like a bitch when we cut her in half!" She yelled the last part, attempting to draw Derek out. After a moment of waiting with no results, they split up to search the house.

"Huh," Kate muttered in disappointment as she rejoined the other two hunters by the front door five minutes later. "Looks like the mutt has relocated. Let's go, we'll find him soon."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Stiles was angrily pacing his room, yelling into his phone, leaving Scott a message. "Hey, it's me again. Look, I found something, and I don't know what to do, okay? So if you could turn your phone on right now, that'd be great. Or else I'll kill you. Do you understand me? I'm gonna kill you. And I'm too upset to come up with a witty description about how exactly I'm gonna kill you, but I'm just gonna do it, okay? I'm gonna- ugh! Goodbye." Stiles angrily threw his phone on the bed as Derek watched in amusement from the doorway. Stiles sighed and flopped onto his chair. resting his arms and head on the back rest.

The sheriff then joined Derek in the doorway, which startled Stiles. "Please tell me I'm gonna hear good news at this parent/teacher thing tonight." He said

"Depends on how you define 'good news.'" Stiles replied.

"I define it as you getting straight A's with no behavioral issues."

"You might wanna rethink that definition." Stiles recommended with a guilty look on his face.

"'Nuff said." Noah sighed.

"Hey!" Stiles called out, standing from his chair defensively. "In my defense, I've had a lot going on lately! W-with becoming a werewolf, my best friend becoming a werewolf, trying to cope with all of the aggression and lack of control that comes with it. Then there's the Alpha who wants me to kill with him, or he's gonna kill me. While I'm trying to hide my identity from everyone in town, specifically the hunters. Hunters who just happen to be related to one of my best friends, who is dating my other, werewolf, best friend. And my other best friend was attacked by the Alpha, got a video of him on her phone and I don't know what to do. So I'm sorry if I don't have perfect grades or a perfect life or a freaking clue on how to get through each day! Okay?" Stiles yelled, flopping face first onto his bed.

Derek rushed over to the bed climbing next to Stiles and coaxed the boy into a hug wordlessly. Noah cautiously took a step into the room. "L-look son, I'm sorry, I-I didn-"

"Dad, it's fine." Stiles said, lifting his head from Derek's chest. "I know that you weren't being mean or anything, I just overreacted. I just get a little overwhelmed at times." Stiles confessed softly.

"I know son, I'm sorry. Hey, we'll talk tonight, I promise." Noah assured before pulling a set of pictures out of his pocket. "But-uh we got a situation."

"What is it?" Derek asked urgently, sitting up, shortly followed by Stiles.

"A camera from a different parking lot picked up a few frames of the alpha." Noah said setting out all three photos, the final one showing the alpha walking on two legs, "The problem is, we had everyone believing that it was a mountain lion, but-"

"Mountain lions don't do that." Derek stated with a frown.

"And the others have all seen this, the deputy who found it showed everyone on the force, so they all know." The sheriff explained.

Stiles groaned and rolled his head onto Derek's shoulder, while closing his eyes tightly.

"Sorry kiddo, I gotta go right now, but we'll talk later." Noah promised, patting his son's shoulder.

"It's okay, dad, I understand. I love you." Stiles smiled, before lying back down, pulling Derek with him and nuzzling his head to Derek's chest.

"Love you too kiddo, see ya later Derek."

"See you soon sher- Noah." Derek corrected himself at the elder Stilinski's pointed look. They shared a smile, then the sheriff left. Leaving the two wolves alone in the house.

Chapter Text

The Hale Pack: Training, sort of

They shared a smile, then the sheriff left. Leaving the two wolves alone in the house.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"So, Coach Cupcake is interesting." Sheriff Stilinski stated, sitting at the kitchen table, placing two large pizza boxes on said table.

"Coach Cupcake?" Stiles asked with a bemused chuckle, setting three plates down.

"That's what he likes to be called." The sheriff explained while rolling his eyes and serving up pizza onto the plates. "Derek, son, grab two beers and a coke from the fridge." Noah called out to Derek, who was washing his hands at the kitchen sink.

"Yes sir," Derek complied, drying his hands as Stiles rolled his eyes.

"Why can't I have one?" Stiles asked, in a too innocent voice. Batting his eyelashes and putting on a puppy dog face. Both the sheriff and Derek rolled their eyes at the boy.

"Because you're underage and I'm the Sheriff." Noah stated as Derek approached the table, placing the drinks down, before taking a seat. He sat next to both Stilinski's, who were directly opposite one another.

"Yeah, but, I can't get drunk, so why does it matter?" Stiles asked while claiming a slice of pizza and shoveling it into his mouth.

"It matters bacau- Wait." The sheriff cut himself off, raising his hand with a confused look on his face. "What do you mean you can't get drunk? How can you not get drunk?"

"Our metabolism." Derek began, pulling his plate closer to himself. "It works faster than that of a normal human. So we get hungrier than most, medications and other substances, such as alcohol, are digested too fast for them to affect us." He explained, finishing by tearing a bite from his pizza.

"Then why do you want one so bad?" The sheriff asked Stiles, raising an eyebrow in confusion.

"Because of the principle behind it!"

"Well, at your age, it's still illegal, principle or not." Noah announced, taking a bite of his own pizza, finally.

"Not in dog years!" Stiles argued, a wide grin stretched across his face, while the two elder men looked at him with 'are you kidding me?' looks.

"Fine." The sheriff finally sighed after a few minutes of staring. Before Noah had finished the word, Stiles shot up from the table and made a beeline for the fridge. "How do you put up with him?" The sheriff asked Derek with a raised eyebrow, only half jokingly.

Derek shrugged, a grin tugging on his lips. "I guess, because some higher power out there decided that we have to share a soul, so I kinda have to."

"Gee, thanks, love you too!" Stiles drawled, making his way back to the table. Lengthening his claws and using them to remove the bottle cap.

"You know, we have a bottle opener, son." Noah stated, raising an eyebrow.

"This is more fun and efficient." The sheriff didn't reply, simply held out his bottle, pointing the neck towards Stiles, who removed the cap instantly. He then turned to Derek, holding his hand out in offering.

"No thanks." Derek smiled and lengthened his own claws. "I've got my own."

Stiles grinned and sipped his beer.

Noah suddenly looked up at Stiles in alarm, "Hold on, what about your ADHD? If your Adderall isn't working anymore thanks to your super metabolism, then how have you been coping?"

Stiles froze for a moment, not saying a word. He picked up a slice of pizza and shoved it into his mouth, quickly followed by a swig of beer. He took his time chewing, really testing his father's patience. After a good minute, he finally swallowed and asked "So how did the conference go?"

Noah glared at his son while Derek looked at him in concern. "Stiles!" The Sheriff drawled in a warning tone. "How have you been coping? I can tell that that werewolf super-healing of yours didn't cure you of that, so how have you been handling your ADHD?"

"I just have!" Was Stiles' eloquent reply. "No the Adderall doesn't work anymore, but- I don't know how to explain it, things are different now, I don't- well I do still have trouble focusing on things that don't interest me, and still can't stay still for too long. But thanks to my wolf, I now pick up on things I would have missed before. My wolf helps me focus, sometimes he focuses on the wrong thing, like I do, but still. I'm coping well enough, but I promise that if it gets to be too much, I'll let you both know!"

Derek and Noah shared a look and Derek gave a single nod towards Noah, silently letting the man know that he's willing to rat Stiles out if he believes his mate is struggling. "Okay"

Stiles smiled in relief. "Wonderful! Now, how did the conference go?"

The sheriff hummed, taking a swig of his beer, before replying. "Not too bad, could have been worse." Stiles nodded. "So," The sheriff started, placing his beer back on the table. "The entire history of the male circumcision?"

Stiles cheeks burned red as both elder males raised their eyebrows at him.

"Hey, how about that mountain lion?" Stiles asked, trying to deflect the attention from him.

It didn't work.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Stiles was startled a little after 10pm by his phone buzzing on the coffee table. He, Noah and Derek were watching some football game. Well, Derek and Noah were watching the game. Stiles was lying with his head in Derek's lap on the couch, enjoying their company as the sheriff sat in an armchair. He lazily reached over, grabbed his phone then answered it without bothering to check the caller ID.


"Stiles?" A soft voice asked through the phone.

"Lydia? Are you okay?" Stiles asked in concern, sitting up on the couch, Derek and Noah looking to him in concern.

"No. I need to talk to you. You and Derek. I know it's late but can I come over? Please?" Her voice was level and smooth, but Stiles knew that she wasn't as collected as she made out.

"Yeah, yeah, of course. What's up?" Stiles asked, biting his lip nervously as Derek rubbed his back soothingly.

"I've found something." Lydia announced, "Something that I.. I can't really explain. But I have a feeling that you can."

"Okay, whatever it is, I'll try to help." Stiles promised, nodding to himself. "Did you want me to come and pick you up?"

"Thanks, and no thanks, I'll be there in 10." She announced, then hung up the phone.

Stiles sighed softly, leaning into Derek. They had spoken about what to do when this situation arose. However, they didn't think that it would happen this quickly. Derek tugged Stiles towards him, so that his back was pressed against Derek's chest. Stiles quickly informed his father about what had happened earlier that day and about the picture Lydia had accidentally taken. The three sat in silence for just under 10 minutes. Soon they heard Lydia's car approach and pull up outside their house. Stiles reluctantly left Derek's comforting arms and headed to the door to let Lydia in.

He got to the door as Lydia was about to knock. The girl blinked as the door suddenly swung open, but gave no other indication that she was startled.

"Stiles," She greeted in a confident tone. Stiles nodded and returned the greeting, then stepped back from the door, silently inviting her in. Lydia straightened her posture and held her head up as she walked into the house. Stiles shut and locked the door behind her, then went to the kitchen and grabbed three bottles of water and a beer from the fridge, before leading her to the living room.

They didn't speak on the way, because neither was sure what to say. Derek and the sheriff had moved the armchairs so that they were closer to the coffee table and couch. Noah and Derek were each occupying an armchair, Stiles distributed the drinks, the beer being for his dad, then invited himself to sit in Derek's lap and gestured for Lydia to sit on the couch. The group sat in silence at first, trying to figure out how to start the conversation.

"So," Lydia began after a few moments of awkward silence. "What are you?" She asked confidently, looking calm and collected, but the two wolves could hear the girl's heart pounding in her chest. "I know that you two are not human." She announced to Stiles and Derek. "At least, not completely. It's apparent by Scott's sudden athleticism," The redhead stated then gestured to Stiles "Your sudden change in... interests and," She gestured at Derek next, "Your reappearance in town, right after your sister's untimely demise, and…" then Lydia pulled her phone out of her pocket, unlocked it then held it up so that the two males could see the screen. "This." The screen displayed an image. The image that they had seen earlier that day and allowed her to keep. The picture of the alpha. "That's not a mountain lion, or any other animal I've seen. I'm assuming you know about all of this Sheriff, or they probably would have found an excuse to talk alone."

"So." Lydia locked her phone and placed it in her pocket. "What is it and what the hell are you?"

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

It was exactly 6 am and Derek and Lydia were asleep in Stiles bed, with said boy awake between them. Lydia had, understandably, been skeptical at first, but after being shown proof, she was simply curious. The teenage genius' thirst for knowledge could not be sated, as she fired question after question at the wolves. None of the males minded, however, Stiles was happy, not only to have a non-supernatural friend know about the supernatural aspect of his life, but a friend who actually wanted to learn about the supernatural world as much as he did. Sure his dad wanted to know some stuff specific to Stiles and others like him, but they had an unspoken 'If I don't need to know, don't tell me.' rule set in place. Scott wanted no part in it all, and Derek grew up with it. Lydia being in the know was refreshing. Now Stiles only hoped that if and/or when Allison finds out, the girl will have a similar reaction to the redhead.

The other two were just happy that there was someone who could keep up with Stiles' conversations.

The three younger people in the house were a tangled mess of limbs above the covers on Stiles Stilinski's bed. Stiles was nestled in the middle, lying on his side, Derek, who was shirtless and only wearing sweatpants, was spooning him. One of Derek's arms was tossed over Stiles' waist and resting on Lydia's pale arm. Lydia was facing Stiles, her head nuzzled against his chest. Lydia had a leg tossed over the couple, her foot hooking around Derek's ankle. The girl was clad in an oversized t-shirt that belonged to Derek and a pair of Stiles' sweatpants, she had to cuff them, and pull the drawstring tight, but they were comfortable, so she didn't care. Stiles himself was wearing his Batman pajamas.

"Hey kiddo, Derek, time to-" The sheriff swung open Stiles and Derek's bedroom door, faltering when he noticed the teenage redhead lying on the couple's bed. "Wake up.."

"Good morning dad." Stiles greeted softly, smiling brightly at his dad before gesturing to Lydia, who, along with Derek, was slowly waking. "She got lonely on the couch"

"Right." The sheriff sighed, unconvinced. "I'll go make breakfast."

"No! We don't want Lydia to be poisoned, I'll be down in a minute." Stiles insisted, despite knowing that that's what his dad wanted him to say. The sheriff nodded and turned to leave, but Stiles stopped him. "Wait. it's 6am on a Saturday. Why are you waking me up?"

"You and Derek are going to be training today, and if she'd like, Lydia can learn some basic self defence too." Noah said simply and left the room.

"O-kay." Stiles drawled, stretching out between his pack mates- wait. Pack mates? Where did that come from?- and sighing in content. "You guys up?"

"No." Lydia groaned, pressing her face further into Stiles' chest. Derek chuckled into Stiles' hair and used his thumb to trace shapes on Lydia's arm, specifically a triskele. Silently and discretely claiming her as a part of their makeshift pack.

"Come on Little miss genius, time to get up." Stiles whispered into the girl's hair.

Lydia groaned, but pulled away from her best friend and yawned, stretching her body out. "Fine, I'm gonna need a good breakfast if we're gonna be working out all day."

"Yup, don't worry. I'm a great cook." Stiles announced confidently.

Lydia hummed, flipped her hair over her shoulder and left the room. She paused at the doorway and turned to look at Stiles. "Can we stop by my house before we start, I don't really feel like working out in heels and a skirt."

"Yeah, of course. No problem."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

An hour later, the sheriff, Stiles, Derek, Lydia and Scott (Whom the sheriff had invited over) were sat around in the kitchen, enjoying Stiles' homemade pancakes.

"So you actually got a picture of the alpha?" Scott asked Lydia in shock.

"Mmm hm" Lydia hummed and nodded her head slightly. "I already knew something was up, based on your 'oh so subtle' changes," Lydia drawled sarcastically, causing Scott to turn sheepish. "Then there were other clues that helped me figure out something out of the ordinary was going on. I'll admit, I didn't think it was anything supernatural, because I didn't believe in all of that." The redhead shrugged and shoveled a forkful of pancake into her mouth.

"Just how smart are you?" Scott asked incredulously. He had always thought that the Queen Bee wasn't very smart, just smart enough to pass her classes, and rather clueless. However, it appears that Stiles was right in his proclamations that the girl was a genius, or at least, a lot wiser than she let on.

Everyone else around the table chuckled, well, Stiles burst into hysterical laughter and almost choked on his food, but the others chuckled.

"I've been asked that question a lot lately." Lydia uttered, shaking her head. "I guess I played my role perfectly, huh?"

"Yeah, well, you don't have to pretend anymore. At least, not around us." Stiles assured with a soft smile.

Lydia hummed and continued eating her breakfast. "These are really good, Stiles" Lydia complimented as she mopped some syrup off of her plate with a pancake.

"I kn'w w'ight?" Scott agreed around a mouthful of chewed up pancakes.

"Gross," Lydia commented whilst cringing, pointing her fork at him. "Don't do that." The redhead demanded, taking a bite of her pancake, making a point of closing her mouth as she chewed. Scott just rolled his eyes at her.

"Oh, Lydia," The sheriff started after a moment, wiping his mouth with a napkin. "There are some clothes on the coffee table in the living room that you can wear for working out, they belonged to Stiles' mother. They're clean and look to be about your size, if you'd like? And there's a pair of sneakers that she brought a size too small by mistake, size 7?" He asked hopefully.

Lydia nodded in confirmation and smiled gratefully at the sheriff. "Yeah, that's my size, that'd be great, thanks. It saves me having to go to my house." Truthfully, the teen didn't really have any 'working out' clothes. She had skirts and tank tops for warm weather and a couple of pairs of flats. Only one pair or shorts, but no sweatpants or sneakers. She was definitely going to invest in some, though. Lydia had been interested in fitness and working out more, but, in order to maintain her image, she spent the majority of her free time with 'friends' and Jackson. Now she had another option, she was taking it. It had always been drilled into her head that the only way to get people to like you is to always look beautiful, hang around with the 'right' people, date a hot, athletic guy and don't appear to be too smart. Her life was flooded with fashion magazines, shopping trips, fake friends and dieting. Through all of that time, Lydia wished for true friends who accepted her for who she really was, who could see though her perfectly painted mask and wanted to know the real Lydia Martin. Now, it looks like she has found them. Of course, she's not going to drop her guard completely, that would be foolish, but maybe, just maybe, she can start letting down some of her walls and stop pretending to be someone that she's not.

"So, I was thinking that we could go out to the preserve, it's still private property, so there shouldn't be anyone around. That way, the three of you don't have to worry about letting your supernatural sides slip out a little." Noah suggested whilst finishing off his pancakes. Yes, the sheriff was eating pancakes. Stiles had decided (Been convinced by Derek, Noah and Lydia) that there is no need to keep the sheriff on a constant rabbit diet, as he could hear his father's heartbeat. Stiles can hear it beating strong and rhythmically and would know instantly if something was wrong.

"Yeah, there's -um-" Derek began, placing his fork down on his empty plate. "There's this place, out in the preserve, well it's really just a field, but my mum had it warded by our emissary. We can go and train there and the wards ensure that we can't be seen or heard by any one passing by. The wards will also push people away whilst we're there. Not physically, it just sends out a wave of energy that causes people to subconsciously avoid it, if they're not intentionally seeking it out." Derek explained, fondly remembering full moon nights spent running around the field with his siblings and other family members. Fully shifted into pure wolf form. It was a rare ability that he and both of his sisters inherited from their mother. A few of his cousins and one of his uncles also had the ability, but his brothers, father and other relatives couldn't.

The sheriff nodded, unaware of Derek's thought. "That's perfect, are you sure the wards still work?"

"Yes, they need to be activated by the claws of a Hale, but they work."

"So only you can activate them?" Scott asked for confirmation, thankfully, without food in his mouth this time.

"Yes and no." Derek replied with a slight shrug. At the confused looks around him, Derek continued. "Hale just refers to a member of the Hale pack. For example, Stiles, you and I are a part of the same pack, as we are mates. However, you wouldn't be able to activate the wards for two reasons. 1) We haven't completed the bond yet. 2) The pack isn't complete without an Alpha, so we're technically Omega's, even if we have others whom we consider 'pack'."

Stiles and Lydia both nodded in understanding, absorbing the information, whilst Scott and the Sheriff looked slightly confused.

"Right." The Sheriff drawled, standing up from the table. "Well you guys go get changed, I'll take care of the pots. Scott and Stiles can change in Stiles' room, then it's between Lydia and Derek over who uses my room and who uses the bathroom." Stiles looked like he was about to protest, but Noah cut him off. "No arguing, We're going as early as possible because I'm at work at 6, so we need to be as productive as possible. I don't trust you to not distract Derek as you change. However, I do trust you to keep Scott from lying down and going to sleep, now go." Stiles sighed and muttered something under his breath, then made his way upstairs, Scott trailing behind him.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Stiles groaned as he was tossed to the ground by Derek, Scott landing next to him a second later. Scott flipped up and charged at Derek immediately, only to be thrown down again. Stile flipped to his feet and charged at Derek, preparing to jump over the elder wolf. At the last second, a mere half a meter from Derek, Stiles dropped, hitting the ground and sliding through Derek's slightly parted legs. Stiles didn't hesitate once through, he swung around and kicked Derek in the back of his right knee. As Derek stumbled to the ground, Scott ran over to the pair and sent his elbow crashing down between Derek's shoulder blades, keeping the wolf down long enough for Lydia to arrive. Lydia started to approach the three, the second Stiles got the upper hand. Once Derek was subdued, Scott and Stiles stepped back and the redhead did her part.

Remembering what she had read and been told, Lydia allowed herself to visualise her intended result. Keeping her eyes firmly on Derek, the girl tightened her fist slightly and shot her hand into the air. She released a handful of mountain ash that looked like it would barely fill an ash tray. But she didn't allow herself to think that, simply kept envisioning that perfect circle that would protect her pack.

To her, only mild, surprise, it worked. Derek was trapped in the circle, unable to break free or harm anyone (In the case that he really was a bad guy.) Letting out a gleeful cheer, she high fived Scott and Stiles, both of whom were also looking pleased with themselves and Lydia.

"Great job," The Sheriff complimented, accompanied by a clap of his hands. "Now, Lydia, we just need to train you with some self defense because there won't always be one guy to face."

"And they won't always be subdued by mountain ash." Derek announced, his tone tense and posture stiff. "Speaking of which, can you get me out of here?" It was more of a demand than a request, but with how Derek was behaving, Lydia couldn't bring herself to care.

Scott was half tempted to make a joke about leaving Derek in there, but even he could see that something was up, so he bit his tongue. Something was wrong, but Scott was too afraid to ask.

Lydia quickly moved to break the circle and free Derek from his imprisonment. The second she did, Derek all but leapt out of the trap, all signs of discomfort rapidly draining from his body. "That's how they did it." Derek announced, eyes fixed on the ground as if it was the most interesting thing on the planet. He didn't really want to explain this to them yet, but he needed to get it over with before they started staring at him like a kicked puppy and bombarding him with questions. "The hunters, t-they- fuck." Derek sighed, still refusing to look up. "They trapped my family in the basement by surrounding all the exits with mountain ash. So that they couldn't escape as their own home burnt down around them."

No one knew what to say. There wasn't really anything that they could say that wouldn't sound cheesy, or insincere, or patronising. "Next time, someone else gets closed in by mountain ash." He mumbled before looking up with a face of stone. "Now, time to teach Lydia some self defense. You ready?" He asked the girl, not giving her a chance to reply before starting his 'lesson'.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

8pm that evening, Scott was sprawled over an armchair, wearing a clean pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. The other arm chair was occupied by Lydia's jacket, the girl in question was out of the room, originally getting changed, but the boys heard her phone ring, so she was taking a while. Stiles and Derek were snuggling on the couch, Stiles in his usual Batman pajamas and Derek in only a pair of sweats. Three large pizza boxes sat on the coffee table, two of which were empty, the other one wasn't far behind. Empty bottles of coke were scattered across the table in disarray, a random movie was playing on the TV, but no one was really paying attention to it. They were all exhausted, drained of energy by their hectic day.

Lydia shuffled into the room, her phone clenched in her hand. "So, Allison is close to finding out about werewolves." She announced, gathering the attention of the males in the room while snatching another slice of now lukewarm pizza. "She was just telling me about all this stuff she learnt about her family's history and an old legend that's related to them or something.." Lydia paused, taking a large bite of pizza. Unlike Scott, she actually waited until her mouth was empty to continue. "She asked me about some stuff, thankfully it was all stuff that I could back up with a set of book that I own. Well, I could if Allison knew Archaic Latin." Lydia shrugged and finished her pizza. "Anyway, there was some other stuff but that can wait until the morning. I'm going to bed." Lydia announced, stifling a yawn before grabbing her jacket, leaving the room and heading upstairs.

"She's going to our room, isn't she?" Stiles asked Derek after a moment. "Yes." Was the grumbled reply. Stiles yawned and stretched out. "Guess we're in for another puppy pile tonight."

"Werewolves don't have puppy piles." Derek protested with a slight growl.

"Keep telling yourself that, Sourwolf." Stiles half teased as he stood up to go to bed. "C'mon Scotty, bedtime." Scott stood with a slight wobble and moved towards the stairs. Apparently too tired to fully register what was going on. Stiles and Derek made quick work of turning off the tv and making sure the doors and windows were locked, before climbing the stairs and joining their makeshift pack in what totally was a puppy pile.

The group slept through the night, blissfully unaware of the pair of glowing red eyes, glaring at the house.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"I could feel his anger, like, actually feel it. Not directed at me, just, strong anger, especially when he drew the spiral." Scott babbled on Sunday night, relaying his experience with the alpha to Derek and Stiles who had been waiting for him when he got home. Lydia had gone over to Allison's house to help her learn more about her family history, hoping that helping her find out about everything would make her lean more towards her friends than psychotic family.

Derek and Stiles tensed at the mention of the spiral, Derek more so. "Wait, what? What'd you just say?" He asked for confirmation.

"H-he drew this-this spiral on the window of my car. In the condensation, you know? What? You have this look, like you know what it means." Scott stated.

"It means revenge."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

The next day at School, things were easier for most people. People who embraced the comfort of false security in believing that the animal behind the recent attacks was dead. The same couldn't be said for Scott, Stiles and Lydia. Yet, they managed to keep pretending during the day and kept it together. The three were wearing matching leather jackets. All of which Stiles had 'borrowed' from Derek. "He has four more, he won't care."

"He has seven identical leather jackets?" Lydia asked incredulously and they joined Allison and Jackson at their lunch table.

"One for each day of the week." Stiles grinned.

"The what of who?" Jackson asked Allison with a raised eyebrow, looking very unimpressed as Lydia sat next to him.

"The Beast of Gévaudan," Allison repeated excitedly gesturing to the book in her hands.

"It's the historical name associated with the man-eating wolf, dog or wolf-dog hybrid" Lydia started, earning her a pleasantly surprised look from Allison and a confused look from Jackson. "which terrorised the former province of Gévaudan in the Margeride Mountains in south-central France between 1764 and 1767."

"That's right," Allison nodded with a smile "La Bête was estimated to have been behind 210 attacks; resulting in 113 deaths and 49 injuries; 98 of the victims killed were partly eaten. The beast became so infamous, that King Louis XV sent two professional wolf-hunters to Gévaudan. Over the next four months the pair hunted for Eurasian wolves believing them to be the beast. However, as the attacks continued, they were replaced in June 1765 by François Antoine, the king's harquebus bearer and Lieutenant of the Hunt."

"On September 20, 1765, Antoine had killed his third large grey wolf measuring 31 in high, 5 ft 7 in long, and weighing 130 lb. The wolf, which was named Le Loup de Chazes, was said to have been large for a wolf, like, really large. They identified this wolf as the culprit by attack survivors who recognised the scars on its body, that they'd inflicted by defending themselves."

"The wolf was stuffed and sent to Versailles where Antoine was received as a hero, receiving a large sum of money as well as titles and awards." Lydia took over again, "However on December 2, 1765, another beast severely injured two men. A dozen more deaths are reported to have followed attacks by la Besseyre Saint Mary"

"Interesting, really," Jackson snarked and turned to Allison, "What does any of this have to do with your family?"

"It is believed that the actual La Bête was trapped and killed by a renowned hunter who claimed that his wife and four children were the first to fall prey to the creature. He shot the creature with a blessed silver bullet of his own manufacture and upon being opened, the animal's stomach was shown to contain human remains." Allison recited from the book then looked up at Jackson who was raising an eyebrow. "His name was Argent."

Jackson rolled his eyes and looked unimpressed, "Your ancestors killed a big wolf, so what?" He smirked, "My ancesto-" Allison cut him off whilst turning the page of her book.

"Not just a big wolf. Take a look at this picture." She demanded and held the open book up for him and the others to see. "What does that look like to you?" Lydia's breath caught in her throat and the two werewolves at the table could hear her heart speeding up as her eyes fixed on the red eyed monster in the picture. She vaguely heard Jackson say something about a big wolf. She could hear her name being called, but didn't register it until a familiar hand settled on her arm.

"Lydia?" Jackson's voice cut through her daze. All traces of the asshole were gone, this was the real Jackson, her Jackson was here, making sure that she was okay. Lydia looked up at him and felt comfort at the concern swimming in his eyes. "What's wrong?"

"That picture," She said, glancing at Stiles who gave her a slight nod, understanding her unspoken question. "It looks," She fished her phone out of her pocket, quickly finding the picture of the alpha and holding it next to the picture in the book. "Like this."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"Okay, you ready?" Lydia asked Scott as they stood on the lacrosse field during the second half of their lunch break, her phone in hand and a grin on her face.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Scott asked nervously as his hands were taped together behind his back. Lydia had decided that she was going to make it her personal science project to understand and possibly control the shift. So, she had Stiles steal one of Coach's heart monitors. She hooked said heart monitor to Scott first, as she and Stiles were out for a little revenge.

"Yes." Lydia said confidently, sharing a smirk with Stiles. "Besides, consider this payback." Scott's eyes widened so fast, Stiles wouldn't have been surprised if they had bulged out slightly, like in cartoons.

"For what?"

"For ditching school with Allison." Stiles stated calmly, picking up a Lacrosse stick.

"Preventing us from seeing our best friend on her birthday." Lydia smiled, handing Stiles the first ball, satisfied at Scott's petrified look. "Then getting caught, so now we can't see her outside of school."

"Ready?" Stiles asked, not giving Scott a chance to reply before hurtling the first ball, which hit Scott hard in the gut. Lydia laughed wholeheartedly as Stiles continuously hit Scott with Lacrosse balls, unaware of Jackson and Allison watching them.

After about five minutes, Scott's heart rate was dangerously high, his two best friends could tell that he was close to shifting as he fell to his knees. "Scott?" Allison's voice called out in concern. Immediately, Scott's heart rate began to slow down. Stiles and Lydia shared a surprised, but knowing, look as Ally jogged over to them, as Jackson sauntered behind her. "Are you alright?" She asked, shooting a wide eyed glance to her best friends.

"Yeah, I'm fine. It's not what it looked like, they're helping me." Scott explained dazedly as he stumbled to his feet.

"Helping?" She responded in disbelief


Stile took over, trying to defend himself. "Scotty here, needs to increase his pain tolerance." Stiles flailed his arms around wildly, trying to justify their actions. "We were just helping him out so that during games, he can get through without collapsing in pain every thirty seconds."

"And, what if you hurt him too much?" Allison asked, folding her arms and raising an eyebrow.

"We wouldn't do that." Stiles insisted.

"Besides, we've got him hooked up to a heart monitor, we'd know if something was wrong."Lydia stated with a slight shrug, holding up her phone for Allison and Jackson, who had finally reached the group, to see.

"And, Scott's mum is a nurse and she made sure that Scott and I know basic first aid." Stiles stated and Scott nodded in agreement.

"It's true, she even test's us every three months to make sure that we remember everything." Scott went to move his hands, only to realise that he couldn't. Allison giggled and helped Scott dispose of the tape.

"Exactly," Stiles beamed, ignoring the tape on Scott's wrists, then gestured to Lydia. "Besides, I'm pretty sure that Lydia has probably learned how to help heart attack victims, just because she was bored."

Lydia smirked. "Nope, I wanted to learn about that, it was epileptics that I learnt about because I was bored. Although, I'm glad that I did because a week later, Erica Reyes had a seizure in class, it was actually rather terrifying. I was the only one who knew what to do. Not even the nurse was sure about how to help as we waited for the ambulance." Lydia ended with an annoyed glare at the ground. "After that, I tried to invite her to sit with me at lunch and during class, but she thought I was pitying her, so always said no."

"Don't take it personally, she acted the same way when Scott and I tried to befriend her during middle school." Stiles informed her, sadness and disappointment seeping into his voice.

"Well, I was gonna try to switch so I could work with Scott, but now I'm not so sure." Allison said shyly, and looked around at her friends, who looked slightly confused. "Erica is my lab partner."

In that moment, the group came to an unspoken unanimous decision. They would do everything in their power to befriend Erica Reyes and Allison was the perfect start to that goal.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"You think he's the alpha?!"


"We're about to find out."


"What was that?"

Thump thump


Thump Thump Thump

Red eyes




So much blood



"Stiles! Run!" Arms grabbing him.

Being dragged from his mate.





"Not dead."



-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"Lydia, I'm going alone."

"No, Allison. Something isn't right and Scott is my friend. I'm going, you and Jackson wait here." Lydia insisted as she marched towards the school. She had gotten a text from Stiles earlier asking that she go to the school with some mountain ash, hoping to trap the Alpha. She had just changed into jeans, sneakers, a t-shirt and the leather jacket that she had 'borrowed' from Derek, when Jackson showed up, surprising her, planning on a date night.

At almost half past 8, the couple made their way to Allison's house after learning that Erica had never shown up at Allison's to work on their project. Worried that the girl had been victim to another seizure, they planned to go check if the girl was okay, only to be informed that Scott had requested that Allison meet him at the school.

Immediately, alarms sounded in Lydia's mind, but nothing she could say would convince the other two not to go. She couldn't exactly tell them that there was a psychotic murderous Alpha werewolf who's into teamwork out there killing people and trying to convince Scott and Stiles, who are teenage werewolves, to join his pack. At least, not without them driving her straight to Eichen House.

"Lydia, he asked me to meet him, I'm sure everything is okay. J-just, let me do this. Okay? He's my boyfriend and I'd really like to talk to him alone" Allison practically begged, giving Lydia her best puppy dog eyes.

Lydia smiled sympathetically and placed a comforting hand on Allison's arm. "I completely understand Ally," Allison returned a warm, grateful smile. "But no." The smile immediately disappeared and was replaced with a pissed off look.

Lydia removed her hand from Allison and began to stride towards the school again. Until Jackson called out. "Wait."

She sighed and turned towards him. "What?" She snapped, frustrated that she'd been trying to get to Scott and Stiles for over an hour, only to be stopped at every opportunity.

"Do you see that?"

"See what?" Allison asked in confusion. It was then that Lydia noticed that Jackson wasn't looking at them. "The hood on that piece of crap jeep looks crappier than usual." The three walked towards the Jeep and found that the hood was completely bent with claw marks all over. Jackson traced the claw marks with his hands.

"What is that?" Allison asked. "I thought the mountain lion was dead."

"It's not a mountain lion." Lydia all but growled. "It never was." She moved to the passenger side door of the Jeep and opened the door. "He really should lock this thing." she muttered as she leaned into the vehicle. "But at least now I have more than just magic fairy dust.

"What are you doing?" Jackson asked his girlfriend incredulously,

"Getting weapons." Was the reply Lydia gave as she retrieved a cloth covered box from the glove compartment. The box itself was made of mountain ash, the felt on the inside had been soaked in wolfsbane. The box contained two guns, one was a customised Nickel Taurus PT92 with a Mountain Ash grip. The gun held 18 9mm wolfsbane bullets. 17 in the clip, 1 in the chamber. The cloth around the box was specially designed to keep the wolfsbane and mountain ash from affecting Stiles as he drove. The guns were kept in the car as a backup for herself and the Sheriff. Well, mainly the sheriff if he ever needed it. Lydia was taught to use them both as a precaution in the event she needed a gun desperately. She was sure that this was a justifiable reason.

"Woah." Allison and Jackson gasped in unison as they noticed the gun. Although, Allison's was more admiration than horror.

"Relax, I know what I'm doing." Lydia stated with an eye roll, making sure the safety was on before tucking the gun into the back of her jeans.

"Nickel Taurus PT92, right? Semi-Automatic. "Allison asked with intrigue, "It must be customised though, based on the grip. Can I take a look?" Lydia gave an impressed look and handed the gun to Allison.

"That's right. Mountain ash." Lydia informed her best friend before continuing to search through the glove box. "You know about guns?"

"Yeah, my dad's a firearms dealer, registered of course, he taught me a thing or two." Allison stated with a smirk.

"Perfect, that one's mine, but you can use this." Lydia handed Allison a second gun. "Beretta 92FS." Allison took the gun, giving Lydia her own back.

"Good weight." Allison commented, handling the gun. She checked the clip quickly. "15 bullets. 9mm." She returned the clip and continued inspecting the gun "Double action." She nodded to herself. "This'll do."

"Do I get anything?" Jackson asked defensively.

"Have you ever handled a gun?" Lydia asked incredulously, raising an eyebrow. Jackson started to say something but she interrupted. "A real gun?" Jackson grumbled. "This is not time for games or messing around. My friends are in trouble. If I have the chance to help them, I'm going for it."

"Are you sure that you know what you're doing?" Jackson pressed, in slight annoyance.

"The Sheriff, Stiles, Derek and even Scott have been helping me learn self defense and how to handle weapons, including guns. If I'm going to use that knowledge for anything, it will be to help them!"

"If you're so convinced that something is wrong, shouldn't we be calling the sheriff?" Jackson demanded.

"No. He's working. The only way that he'll be able to help is if he comes with others. That'll just make things worse. Trust me. Please Jacks, if you're ever gonna trust me, trust me now." Lydia insisted. "You can stay here, or you can take this." She grabbed Stiles' wooden baseball bat from the back seat and gave it to Jackson. "And help us save our friends." She grabbed the spare flashlight, a leather pouch and two gun holsters from the glove compartment. "You got a belt?" Allison nodded. "Good, take this." Lydia demanded, handing the girl one of the holsters.

She wrapped the strap of the other holster around her right thigh and secured her gun. Lydia proceeded to attach the pouch to her belt, retrieved the plastic bag of mountain ash from her bag and poured some of it into the pouch. To their credit, neither Jackson nor Allison questioned her this time, just stood back and watched. Lydia sealed the pouch and bag securely, placing the bag in her back pocket for back up. She placed her phone in the other back pocket, pulled a hair bobble from her bag, dumped her bag on the seat, tied her hair back, then shut the car door. "We've got work to do." She stated, turning on the flashlight and marching towards the school.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"Scott?" Allison called out. But was immediately shushed by Lydia. That effort was proven pointless when Allison's phone rang. "Stiles?"

"No, it's me, where are you?" Scott asked urgently.

"At the school, why didn't you answer my calls?"

"Where are you right now?"

"On the first floor."

Lydia snatched the phone from Allison. "Scott, it's Lydia, we're near the science labs. Not far from the pool. Where is he?"

"I don't know, we trapped him, but he got out. Get to the lobby, we'll meet you there." Lydia quickly agreed and hung up the phone, heading to the arranged meeting place.

"Why did you come, what are you doing here?" Scott asked Allison the second he saw her.

"Because you asked me to."

"What?" Allison held up her phone, showing him the message. "Why do I get the feeling that you didn't send this text message?"

"Because I didn't."

"What's going on, if you didn't send this, then who did?" Jackson demanded angrily.

Lydia, Stiles and Scott shared a knowing look as creaking sounded above them. Scott grabbed Allison's hand and pulled her out of the way. "Run." The couple and Jackson took off in a sprint, unaware that Stiles and Lydia had stayed behind, until they heard a gunshot. They spun around to see Lydia aiming her gun and Stiles charging at a large beast with glowing red eyes.

The injured, packless Alpha was quickly overpowered by Stiles. Lydia was able to shoot the Alpha in the leg and stomach, causing the Alpha to collapse in pain, which is when Lydia moved in to create the mountain ash circle. Unfortunately, she got too close and the Alpha's clawed hand grabbed her ankle, and he pulled her to the floor.

"Lydia!" Several voices cried out and she heard footsteps rushing towards her. They weren't quick enough. Lydia cried out in pain as claws and teeth dug into her sides.

Furious howls flooded the school as the Alpha was torn off of her by Scott and Stiles. Despite her pain, Lydia staggered to her feet, and approached the fighting wolves. By the time she was close enough, the alpha had been rendered unconscious.

"Stand back" Lydia gasped out, hand clenched around a handful of mountain ash. Scott and Stiles did as they were told, just in time for a circle of mountain ash to fall around the beast.

"What happened? What is that?" Jackson asked, flooded with anger and fear that left him trembling, though he tried to hide it.

"It's a werewolf. More specifically, an alpha" Stiles stated, standing up and turning to face his friends. "The same alpha that turned me." Stiles was fully wolfed out. Glowing eyes, claws, fangs, everything. Jackson jumped backwards in fear, and Allison stared in shock.

"And me." Scott announced nervously, Allison looked at him with a soft gasp. However, she didn't run away screaming like Scott had expected, instead, she stepped closer, until she was close enough to place a hand on his cheek, eye's drinking in every feature on her boyfriend's face.

"So, that's how you beat me to my house, on your bike." She whispered, causing Scott to chuckle, his nerves melting away.

"Yeah, I guess that wasn't very subtle, was it?" Allison giggled and shook her head, giving her boyfriend a chaste kiss. When she pulled away, Scott's face was normal again.

Stiles and Lydia chuckled at the exchange, whilst Jackson remained horrified and slightly catatonic. Stiles went to make a witty comment, but suddenly his head shot towards Lydia, who was swaying on her feet.

"Something's not right." She breathed out, before collapsing. Stiles lunged forward, catching the girl before she could hit the floor.

"Stiles?" A familiar voice called out. Gaining the attention of all of the conscious people in the room.

"Derek." Stiles exclaimed in relief as his mate staggered into view. He passed Lydia to Jackson, who laid her down gently on the floor, and rushed over to check on his mate.

"What happened?" Eyes fixed on the bleeding Lydia, Derek allowed Stiles to support him as they made their way towards the injured girl. He paused halfway there when a scent hit him. Derek's heart sped up, his eyes flashed blue and his breath caught in his throat. "You caught him."

"Yeah. But he got Lydia. She's been bitten. Sh-she passed out. The bite can either turn you, or kill you. Right? What does this mean? Is she going to die?" Derek ripped his eye's from his sister's killer and looked at the teenage genius he had already begun to care for. Stiles held Derek tightly as they slowly made their way to her.

"I don't know. If her body was rejecting the bite she would be throwing up black blood." By then, they were by her side "If her body was accepting it, we'd be able to smell her scent changing by now." Derek's voice was soft as he knelt down, running his hand through the girls hair.

"W-what the hell is all of this? You're a part of this too? Is Lydia going to become whatever you are?" Jackson demanded in fear and anger. Before anyone could reply, a cold, dangerous voice spoke up.

"Well, well, well, isn't this interesting." Kate Argent stood in the opening to the room, heavily armed, flanked by Chris Argent and ten other hunters. "Turns out that there're more mutt's than we thought, Chris. And our little Ally is amongst them."

Chapter Text

The Hale Pack: This is my Pack.

"Well, well, well, isn't this interesting." Kate Argent stood in the opening to the room, heavily armed, flanked by Chris Argent and ten other hunters. "Turns out that there're more mutt's than we thought, Chris. And our little Ally is amongst them."

Allison took a cautious step closer to Scott. "Dad? Kate? What are you doing here?!" Allison demanded, confused and suspicious.

"I could ask you the same thing." Chris stated, aiming his gun at the Alpha. "You shouldn't be here Allison. You don't know what they are. What that is." He glared at Derek then the Alpha. "They're dangerous."

"You're the ones who seem dangerous from where I'm standing." Allison stated, gesturing to the weapons each hunter held. Some of which were being pointed at her and her friends. "I know full well what they are. No thanks to you." Kate made a move to speak, but Allison didn't let her. "I had no idea that the Alpha would be here. Lydia, Jackson and I were lured here. If it wasn't for Lydia, I would have just walked in here unarmed and probably died. Stiles and Lydia saved me," To emphasise her point, Allison pulled out her gun, and waved it slightly. "She even gave me one of their spare guns."

"It has wolfsbane bullets." Stiles piped in helpfully.

Ignoring Stiles completely, Kate looked at her niece "You rushed in here, without any experience or training, and Lydia got bitten in the process." Kate snarled. "She's a monster now," Kate loaded her assault rifle and nodded to Derek and Stiles. "They already are. Now, they all need to be put down."

"No." Allison and Chris hollered in unison, Allison raising her gun and aiming it at the woman, but she left the safety on. She had no intention of shooting her aunt, she just wanted to scare the woman into lowering her own weapon.

"We live by the code. They haven't hurt anybody. Nous chassons ceux qui nous chassent." Chris stated, and recognition flared in Allison's eyes.

"We hunt those who hunt us." Allison stated, wide eyed, discreetly turning the safety off on her gun as dread filled her, unsettled by the vicious smile on her aunt's face. "So, why are there guns aimed at my friends? None of them have hurt anyone!"

"That one has," Kate smirked at Derek. "He's the reason his family is dead."

"He's not the one who set the house on fire." Allison yelled without thinking, Kate's face contorted to a look of anger and betrayal.

"He told me everything I needed to know, actually believed I had feelings for him. It's his fault that they're dead not mine." She hollered back at her niece, Allison flinched back at that revelation, clearly shaken, as were her father and the other hunters.

Chris turned to Kate in dismay, an expression of horror taking over his face "What did you do?"

"What you were too weak to!" Kate screamed, finally moving her gun from Lydia.

"The Hales hadn't done anything wrong, they were a stable Pack that protected the town!" Chris exclaimed, disgust over his sister's actions was clear on his face. "Even if they had done something wrong, there were humans and children in that house, Kate! You left two teenagers orphaned-"

"I should have made sure they were inside, too!" Kate yelled in anger, she aimed her weapon at Derek and laughed maniacally. "Poor little mutt, got tricked by a pretty face. Your family is dead and it's all your faul-" Stiles let out an angry roar and attempted to attack Kate, only to be held back.

"Don't you dare talk about my mate like that you psychotic bitch! You are nothing more than a murderer who took advantage of a minor. You could go to prison for that alone, seeing as you were definitely, what, 30 when it happened?" Stiles was held back by Scott and Derek as he yelled at the huntress who smirked in amusement at the young wolf. "You call us monsters? We're not the ones who burnt a family alive in the one place they're supposed to feel safest. And you used a minor to do it, knowing full well that he'd have to carry that guilt for the rest of his life. Even though we both know it wasn't his fault." Stiles shook his head in disgust, glaring at the woman. "You are the monster here, just like the alpha." He finally stopped struggling and sank into Derek's arms, shooting an appreciative smile to Scott, who patted him on the arm before moving to comfort Allison.

Kate scoffed, "This little twerp is who you're stuck with for all eternity? Wow Derek I almost feel sorry for you." It was Stiles' turn to hold Derek back. "Maybe if I hadn't done what I did, you wouldn't feel desperate enough to crawl to the arms of a child." Suddenly Kate laughed outright, as Chris and the other hunters watched appalled, unsure of how to respond. The situation was something they had never expected or prepared for. "Oh, wow, you act like I am so disgusting, yet you're doing to him, exactly what I did to you."

"I am nothing like you!" Derek growled defensively. "For one I'm not manipulating him, he is in this relationship because he wants to be. If he wasn't, the Sheriff, Scott, Allison and Lydia would make sure no one would ever find my body."

"I'd help," Jackson stated from where he was holding Lydia protectively. "he may be a hyperactive spaz, but I don't hate him and no one deserves to be raped, or manipulated like that. That's just fucked up."

Stiles smiled at Jackson as Derek continued. "Second of all, I actually love him. I'm not using him for anything, or have an ulterior motive. I am in love with Stiles Stilinski." Derek pulled Stiles closer to his body and kept a glare on Kate. "The only thing you and I have in common is wanting to catch the alpha, which is done. So fuck off."

Kate laughed and turned to Chris. "Can you believe this?"

"No, I really can't." Kate stopped laughing at her brother's tone. "Stiles is right Kate, we're supposed to live by the code. We are supposed to be the ones protecting people." Chris spat at her. "Not killing them. You are not my sister. Not anymore." Chris nodded to the other hunters who approached Kate with restraints.

"How dare you?" Growled Kate, fighting off the hunters as they tried to subdue her. "How dare you Chris! You'll regret this!" She screamed as she struggled in the hold of two hunters. Unnoticed by everyone in the room, the alpha was startled awake by the commotion. One of the hunters lost his grip on Kate's arm, allowing her to attack. Chris tried to help the other hunters, but Kate was already loose and armed with another hunter's pistol. However, surrounded by hunters and werewolves, Kate couldn't use either door to escape.

Kate raised her gun, directly at Scott's head. "Come any closer and I shoot. And we both know how you are about spilling innocent blood, Chris." Kate taunted, a psychotic look etched on her face. The others faltered, unsure of what to do. Kate slowly backed towards the window, and consequently, towards the alpha. Hands ready to pull the trigger and eyes darting around the room, Kate was prepared to escape, even if it meant shooting her way out. She wasn't about to get locked up for doing her job, and definitely not for using some stupid mutt to do it.

Unfortunately for her, while she was busy concentrating on the group in front of her, she didn't notice her foot disturbing the mountain ash, knocking some of it out of place and breaking the circle. Not until several gasps rang out and Kate felt claws digging into her neck. She dropped her gun in shock and immediately tried to pry the hand away. Allison aimed her gun at the Alpha and the hunters followed her example with their own weapons.

Suddenly, Lydia shot up, screaming her lungs out. Scott, Stiles and Derek immediately covered their ears, groaning in pain at the shrill sound. The alpha let out a pained howl and pressed his claws deeper into her neck.

"Lydia? Lydia?!" Jackson asked urgently as the girl thrashed about on the floor, still screaming. "Lydia!" Jackson yelled, concern etched onto his face. He held out the 'a' until the girl finally stopped screaming, being brought back to reality by Jackson's voice.

"Jackson?" Lydia asked softly, looking up at him with tear filled eyes.

"Yeah, I'm here, Lyd, I'm here." He whispered reassuringly, pulling the redhead to his body in a tight hug and pressing his lips to the top of her head.

Lydia looked around her, at her pack, all of whom were looking at her in shock and concern. Her eyes locked on the image of Kate being held by the alpha. Lydia pulled away from Jackson, hands gripping her gun, though she did not raise it, and her eyes turned glassy, her voice turning deep and sinister. "You're going to die." Kate's eyes widened and she continued to struggle in the beast's hold.

Her efforts were in vain, as the beast slashed her throat open. Everyone in the room froze in shock for a split second as the alpha dropped her corpse to the ground and leapt out of the window. At the first movement, the hunters, Lydia and Allison shot after him, but he was gone too quickly.

"I think I clipped him, but I can't be sure." Allison sighed, leaning back into Scott.

"What are the murderers doing here?" Lydia demanded, venom oozing from her voice.

"We're not murderers." Chris countered immediately. "Murder is taking the life of an innocent person. We only hunt those who have killed."

The pack, minus Allison who looked disappointed, scoffed at that. "What about Derek's family?" Lydia asked, raising an eyebrow.

"We had nothing to do with that. That was Kate, had I known, she would have been brought to justice for it a long time ago."

"Is there really any justice to such a heinous act?" Lydia countered, fixing the hunter with a glare.

"No, I guess there isn't."

After a few moments of awkward silence, nobody sure what to say or do, Chris finally spoke up, taking charge of the extremely messy situation. "Right, listen up, here's what happened. Kate lost it. She saw the five of you," he gestured to the teenagers. "Looking into the Hale fire as part of a school project. She started yelling, accusing you of knowing too much, demanded to know how you found out. She pulled a gun on you, forced you to come here with her. How many cars did you bring?"

"Three, Scott and I came in mine, Jackson brought the girls and Derek drove on his own" Stiles informed him and Chris nodded.

"Right, she had an accomplice, he wore a mask, didn't speak. He was in the backseat of your Jeep, he threatened you with something, something sharp and metallic, you think it was a knife, but you can't be sure, remember, don't be specific. Kate was in the back of Jackson's car with the gun. You said Derek is your mate?" Stiles nodded. "Derek came to the house to drop off a book of yours that you needed for the project. When he got there, he saw you all being forced into the car. He called me, I came with reinforcements. When we got here, Kate and her accomplice were arguing about something. They saw us, the accomplice freaked out, killed Kate and escaped. Understood?"

"I do." Lydia stated, "But there are a few loop holes in your story there, like, what's with all the bullet holes? Why didn't you call the police before? What happened to my side?" Lydia glared at the hunter.

"I'm a registered firearms dealer and security consultant, we are all legally registered to carry weapons. I was scared that my daughter could get hurt, so rushed into action. You got cut by Kate's accomplice while fighting to escape. It'll be a little harder to explain your weapons, however."

"We'll slip 'em in my car, or to my dad if need be." Stiles dismissed with a wave of his hand. Chris raised his eyebrow and Stile elaborated, a little. "Where do you think we got the guns? Besides, I can't hide them on myself, wolfsbane bullets, Lydia's has a mountain ash grip and there's no way in hell I'm handing them over to you." Stiles rolled his eyes.

"So, the sheriff knows about the supernatural." It was a statement rather than a question, but Stiles felt the need to reply anyway.

"Yup, has done since just after I was bitten." Stiles shrugged. "Plus telling him that Derek and I are mates was the only way to keep him from shooting Derek when he found out we're together."

Chris snorted in amusement as he positioned Kate's gun in her hand. "If I was your dad I would have shot him anyway out of principle. Especially knowing that he would heal fast enough that there'd be no proof I'd done anything." The teenagers, minus Scott, bit back chuckles, even Derek had a slight smirk tugging on his lips. Scott looked incredibly nervous, Chris noticed this and raised an eyebrow, then, his eyes narrowed. "You're one of them, aren't you?"

"Uhh..." Scott's eyes were wide with fear as his eyes rapidly flickered from Chris, to his gun, to Allison, and back.

Chris sighed. "Allison, you're no longer dating this boy."

"Yes, I am." Allison stated simply, rolling her eyes and grabbing Scott's hand.

"Excuse me?" Chris asked in surprise, giving his daughter a double take.

"Derek, how do you know when someone is your mate?" Allison asked, her eyes locked with Scott's, the boy smiling dopily at her.

Derek smiled softly, and rested a loving gaze upon Stiles. "You just know. For a werewolf, it feels right, to both you and your wolf. You feel safe, relaxed, when you're with them. They feel-"

"Like home." Scott finished, smiling down at Allison as he realised that she was right.

"Exactly." Stiles confirmed, gazing up at Derek with the same loving expression.

"Oh, God. Kill me now." Chris groaned "Call the police," he commanded one of the hunters, who nodded and did as he was told. "Stiles, take Lydia and put away those weapons."

"I need to go too." Allison stated, finally looking away from Scott.

"And, why is that, exactly?"

"Because, I need someone to hold the mountain ash box whilst I wrap it in the cloth that prevents it from affecting Stiles, Derek and Scott." Lydia stated simply.

Chris sighed and shook his head. "Fine, go."

"Oh and dad, if any of our boyfriends are missing, injured or dead by the time we get back, there will be no where on this planet for you to hide." Allison stated with a cheery smile, before leaving with her friends.

"So, Scott," Chris started once his daughter was out of earshot, casually cocking his gun. "What are your intentions with my daughter?"

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"You are so grounded! There's gonna be mountain ash on your window for so long, your grand pups will be stuck in that room! Oh wait, you're not gonna have grand pups because Derek will be sleeping in the guest room! The only time you will see is him is when you stare longingly at each other through a window as you leave for school!" The sheriff yelled at Stiles, who was sheepishly curled up in a ball on an armchair, the rest of his pack, except for Lydia, were spread around the room, taking up most of the space, accompanied by Mr Argent. It was around 2 in the morning, Lydia had been patched up, but had to stay at the hospital. The pack was worried, she wasn't showing signs of accepting nor rejecting the bite. It was as though she was immune. But that's impossible. Right?

"But the alpha broke my Jeep. Scott and I need a way to school while it's getting repaired." Stiles informed him.

"Scott can take his bike."

"Yeah but what about me? I don't have a bike. Besides, what about when the weather is too bad for Scott to take his bike?" Stiles countered, hoping his dad would allow Derek to drive him to and from school. Unfortunately, Mr. Argent spoke up.

"Allison can drive you. She has room in her car and it's not that much of a detour." Chris smiled. "And on the bad weather days, Jackson and Lydia can pick him up. If they absolutely can't, Allison can get Scott too. She'll drive, you'll sit in the front and Scott will sit in the back." Chris stated firmly, leaving no room for argument and the two fathers shared a triumphant grin.

Allison smiled apologetically at Stiles, who shrugged. It was a long shot, anyway. Allison was sitting in the middle of the sofa, Scott to her right, Jackson to her left. Chris Argent sat in the other armchair, keeping his eyes fixed on Scott. Derek was leaning against the wall behind his mate, keeping a passive look on his face in front of the hunter.

"Right, so. Now that that's over," The sheriff turned towards the older Argent, "what are we going to do about the Alpha? We have a little more leniency thanks to your cover story. The theory around the station is that this accomplice got squeamish when Laura came back to town, worried that she'd figure out that the fire wasn't an accident, so he killed her. We've also found that all of the victims so far have been involved in the Hale fire, in some way or another, which helps support the theory. Then Kate came into town, trying to make sure that the accomplice didn't give her away, but things went awry, resulting in tonight's events."

"Wait, isn't it over?" Scott asked in confusion before the hunter could respond. "Lydia shot him in the arm and chest with wolfsbane bullets before you guys arrived, so he'll die soon, right?"

"Unfortunately, the alpha stopped by Kate's car when he escaped and stole some of her back up bullets." Chris explained and Scott groaned, remembering that the alpha could use that to cure himself. Chris then addressed the Sheriff with a stoic look on his face. "We should use that theory as our own angle in searching for him. I doubt that it was a coincidence that all of the victims have that connection. Derek, did anyone else make it out of the fire?"

Derek shook his head, not making eye contact with the hunter. "No, just Laura, Peter and I, Laura's now dead and Peter is comatose." He stated bitterly.

"Are you sure about that?" Allison asked suddenly, drawing everybody's attention to her. "I mean, think about it, it makes sense, the Alpha being Peter or another member of the original Hale pack that survived. The fact of the matter is, you only get that worked up over family. Biological or otherwise. Being driven by revenge is a powerful thing."

"She has a point." Jackson agreed. "If I was comatose for six years after losing my entire family, I doubt that I'd be thinking clearly. First night awake, I find someone with power, a power that can help me get revenge on those who took everything from me." Jackson had a distant look in his eyes, as did the Sheriff. "He might not have realised just who he was attacking."

"Losing family is the worst thing in the world." Noah stated.

"It's different. Losing pack... It's like losing a piece of yourself." Derek sighed, his voice void of emotion, but Scott and Stiles could feel the pain and grief rolling off of him in waves. "I-it's worse than losing family or friends. With pack, you develop a sort of psychic connection, not to the point of hearing each other's thoughts or anything, It's more like, knowing when they're hurt or upset. Even when they're miles away." Derek took a deep breath, barely noticing as Stiles and Scott walked over to him, gripped him gently and guided him towards the sofa. "When they die, it's like that part of you dies with them, there's this emptiness where they were. Going from a huge pack, just there, happy and healthy, to just one other person, who's grieving as much as you are.. I-it's worse than dying." By the time he had finished speaking, Scott and Stiles had gotten Derek to the couch.

Allison shifted to where Scott was previously sat, so that they could put Derek in the middle. Derek didn't put up much of a fight as he was made to sit down, Stiles curled up so that he was half on top of both Derek and Jackson. Allison was lifted slightly as Scott slipped onto the couch, Allison curled so that she was mirroring Stiles' position, only on Scott instead of Jackson. "Lydia is gonna be pissed that she missed out on this puppy pile." Stiles chuckled, curling into his mate's embrace, tangling his legs with Jackson's.

"Werewolves don't have puppy piles, Stiles." Derek muttered, drifting to sleep.

"They totally do." Stiles replied with a grin, following his mate into slumber, the rest of his pack quickly doing the same, all feeling safe and content as they cuddled together.

The two adults looked on in shock "Did that really just happen?" Noah asked in slight shock.

"Yes it did..." Chis responded in the same tone, "Do you have any beer?" Noah nodded in confirmation and led Chris to the kitchen.

'Victoria is not going to be happy about this.' Chris thought as he followed Noah.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"What were you thinking Allison?! You are never seeing any of them again. Do you hear me? How could you let this happen Chris?!" Victoria Argent screeched at her daughter and husband the next day. "I can't believe we've had, not one, but two monsters in our house."

"Mum, they are my friends, my pack, Scott is my mate. There is nothing that you can say or do that will keep me from them." Allison announced, crossing her arms defiantly. She may have only just found out what they were, but she knew how she felt about them all and she wasn't going to allow her family to keep her from them. "And they're not monsters. The real monsters in this town are the Alpha and Kate. Kate's gone, soon the alpha will be too. You might not like it but that's the way it is."

Allison kept eye contact with her mother, silently daring her to argue. Nothing was going to keep Allison from her pack.

"Allison, you will not see those monsters again. If you do, you are no daughter of mine and you will not stay in this house." Victoria announced with a steely glare. Allison and Chris looked at the woman in astonishment. Allison studied her mother, hoping to find some sign that she could get through to the woman, but Victoria was unyielding. Devastation filling her, Allison nodded in resignation, a sad sight slipping from her lips as she blinked back the tears threatening to pool in her eyes.

"Fine." Allison stated and Victoria grinned triumphantly.

"Good gir-"

"I'll go pack my things." Victoria's grin disappeared as she was taken aback by her daughter's declaration, and Chris looked utterly despaired.

"What?" Chris asked in alarm. "Y-you can't leave, you- we- we're your family!"

"And they're my pack, Scott is my mate. I am not giving them up, besides, if this is the way this family really is. I don't want any part of it." Allison stated, looking crestfallen as she shook her head at them, ashamed to know the truth about the people she loved. Without another word, Allison turned and walked up stairs to her bedroom so she could pack her things, leaving her despondent parents behind her.

Once in the privacy in her bedroom, Allison closed her bedroom door and leant against it, trying to force back tears. She tried to swallow the lump in her throat. "Come on, Allison, pull it together." She muttered as tears pooled in her eyes. "You're stronger than this." Tears rolled down her face as she continued to mutter. "You are stronger than this." A quiet sob escaped her lips. "You are strong." She let the tears fall as she slid down the door until she was sitting. Allison pulled her knees up to her chest, trying to muffle her sobs. After around ten minutes, she stopped crying, looked up and nodded to herself. "I am strong." She stated with determination and pushed herself to her feet.

She marched to her closet, and started pulling out her clothes, throwing them to her bed, she then grabbed a suitcase from the bottom left corner. Within fifteen minutes Allison had all of her essential and most prized possessions packed into her suitcase and school bag. She now held her phone to her ear as she waited for her friend to pick up. Unaware that her parents were standing in her now open doorway.

"Stiles? Hey, um I need your help." Allison felt the tears return and her voice wavered. "I-I can't stay here anymore. I was given a choice, give up the pack or leave this house. It wasn't even a choice, I couldn't just walk away from you guy's and I can't stay in a house with liars and killers. Besides, I've always been a firm believer that you should never choose the one who is making you choose, because they clearly don't truly love you if they give you an ultimatum like that." Tears of anger and sorrow streaked her face, as she spoke to her best friend. "Th-they call you mutts and monsters but they don't seem to realise that not all monsters do monstrous things, and not all humans do humane things. You aren't monsters, and you have more humanity than they could ever hope to have from what I've seen tonight. Any way, what-what I'm trying to ask is can I stay with-" Allison chuckled as Stiles told her yes before she could even finish the question, then he informed her that he was leaving to pick her up. She contemplated taking her own car before deciding that she'd rather not, as it was registered to her mother. "Thanks, I'll see you soon." Allison hung up and turned around, finally noticing her parents. Her dad made a move to speak, but Allison raised her hand in a signal to stop and shook her head.

Silently, Allison picked up her bags and walked passed her parents, and left the house without looking back.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"So, I was thinking, me and some friends are off to a diner later, then we're going to nerd around at a comic book store." Allison informed Erica as they sat on the blonde girls bed on Thursday afternoon, working on the last part of their chemistry project. School had been out since the incident with the alpha and wouldn't be back until Monday. Now that Lydia was allowed out of the hospital, the pack were going to be taking advantage of it.

"O-oh, I'm sorry, you can go whenever y-you need to, I'll finish up." Erica stuttered nervously, causing Allison's eyes to widen.

"No, no, no. I was trying to ask if you want to come with us?" Allison corrected quickly. "I've really enjoyed hanging out with you, and you have awesome taste in, like, everything." Allison grinned, gesturing around the room to her posters and book shelves. "I didn't know that anyone other than Stiles had so many comic books. Although, I think he has a couple more, sorry."

"Well, I'll have to fix that," Erica giggled without thinking and Allison beamed happily.

"So you'll come? Yay, that's great." The brunette babbled happily. "So it'll be you, me, Scott, Stiles, his boyfriend Derek, Lydia and Jackson. Oh, Lydia will be in a wheelchair, though. It's the only way they'll let her out of the hospital." Erica had a slightly dazed expression on her face, which caused Allison to chuckle. "Sorry, I've been spending too much time with Stiles."

Erica giggled. "So Stiles has a boyfriend? I thought he was straight?" Erica tried to keep her face neutral, but Allison could tell that the girl was disappointed.

"No, not straight, he's Bi, but he and Derek are hopelessly in love. They don't even have to say the words, when you're near them you can see it just by the way they look at each other." Erica couldn't help smiling at the thought. Being so in love with someone that you can't think straight, knowing that they're the one for you. To have them feel the same way must be incredible.

"What should I wear?" Erica asked softly, sending Allison a shy smile.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"Erica!" Stiles greeted happily, bounding over to hug the girl. "Everybody, Erica's here!" He called happily, pulling the blonde into a hug.

"What am I, chopped liver?" Allison teased as Scott walked over, "Hey Scott." Allison greeted, giving her boyfriend a peck on the lips.

"Hi." Scott smiled, then turned to the epileptic. "Stiles, stop hogging Erica, I know you used to have a crush on her but you're with Derek now." Scott teased, prying Stiles away, only to take his place.

"Uh, crush?" A tall, well built, dark haired guy, who Erica assumed was Derek, asked with a raised eyebrow. "I thought it was Lydia I had to glare at constantly."

"I- uh, Scott, that was a secret!" Stiles whined, Scott chuckled and released Erica, leading her to their booth. "It was the comic books and the doctor who obsession and the high intelligence and the sweet smile and the-"

"Okay, we get it." Derek snapped half heartedly, walking up behind Stiles and wrapping his arms around his waist. "Enough flirting. C'mon" Derek pulled Stiles back to the booth. Stiles giggled before assuring Derek that he had nothing to worry about.

"Hey, Erica." Lydia greeted with a grin, waving from her wheelchair, stationed at the end of the table. "Get over here and give me a hug." She demanded.

Erica shuffled over to the booth, Scott and Allison behind her. Erica was nervous as she leant down to hug the popular girl, being cautious of the girl's injuries. Lydia didn't seem bothered as she gave the girl a tight hug. "Sit, sit." She demanded waving towards the space next to Derek. Erica hesitated, looking nervous.

Derek noticed this and smiled at the girl. "Don't worry, I was kidding about the glaring, unless you try to steal my Stiles." He joked. Erica chuckled and slipped into the booth. There was a bit of shuffling so that everyone was sitting where they wanted to be.

By the time everybody was settled, Erica sat by the window, Stiles next to her then Derek at the end. On the other side of the table, Allison was opposite Erica, Scott, next to her and Jackson at the end. Lydia sat at the head of the table in her wheelchair.

"So- u-um, h-how long do you have to use that?" Erica asked Lydia nervously, trying to start a conversation.

"Just a week, two at the most. I can walk perfectly fine, but the doctors don't want me to accidentally pull my stitches." Lydia explained, finishing by rolling her eyes. "I'm just glad to be out of that damn hospital."

Erica and Scott nodded in understanding and agreement. "Tell me about it." Scott muttered. "The amount of times I had to go in for an asthma attack." Scott sighed. "I swear, that place just gets more depressing every time I go in. There are some good nurses, but a lot of them are so condescending and mean!"

"Definitely," Erica agreed immediately, nodding along. "My regular nurse is one of the mean ones, she isn't comforting like nurses are supposed to be. Although, there is this one nurse that I get to see every now and again. She is so nice, I don't know her surname, but her first name is Melissa, and she is definitely the best. Whenever she takes my blood, she distracts me and makes me smile, so I barely even feel it. She treats me like a person rather than just a patient. Which is more than I can say for the other one. Jennifer."

"I don't know Jennifer, but I know Melissa and she is the sweetest woman ever. Unless you break something of hers, then she's like the hulk." Scott joked as he looked at the menu.

"Oh, is she your nurse?"

"My nurse, my cook, my chauffeur, my maid." Scott joked. "She's my mum."


"Yup, Melissa McCall" Scott nodded as Stiles showed Erica a picture on his phone, which caused her to giggle as she confirmed that was the Melissa she was talking about. "What did you show her?" Scott demanded as Stiles showed the picture to Derek. "Stiles?" Scott's eyes went wide as Derek also chuckled. Allison saw the picture next and she burst into hysterical laughter, Scott craned his neck to see, but Stiles moved the phone away, showing the picture to Jackson and Lydia, both of whom found it hilarious.

"Stiles, seriously?" Scott cried when Stiles finally showed him the photo. It was a lovely shot of a naked, mud covered 4 year old Scott McCall. Scott was standing in his back garden being hosed down by his pissed-off looking mum. Scott had his hands covering his private area, face contorted into a look of embarrassment. At the edge of the photo, a young Stiles could be seen, also covered in mud, but actually clothed, doubled over with laughter.

"Aw, Scott, you were so cute." Allison cooed with a teasing grin.

"Shush, it's emb- wait, what do you mean 'were'?" Scott asked the girl, raising an eyebrow at her.

"Hello Stiles, it's nice to see you again." A kind voice greeted, ending that conversation before Allison could respond. "And you've brought friends." The group turned to see a woman around 50 years of age. Her hair was a rich brown colour and tied back in a high bun. Her face was creased with laughter lines, her deep brown eyes were a sharp contrast to her pale skin. Freckles peppered her skin. She wore a simple uniform and a cream coloured apron. "Who are these lovely folks?"

"Hey Janie, this is Erica, Allison, Scott, Jackson, Lydia, and my boyfriend Derek. Everybody, this is Janie, my personal chef" Stiles introduced with a grin, at which Janie rolled her eye's.

"Such a lovely group, are you ready to order?" Janie asked, pulling out a notebook and pen from her pockets. "I'm assuming you'll be having your usual, Stiles?" Janie had a knowing look on her face.

"Yup, but uh double size it and could you throw in some wings?" Stiles asked hopefully, batting his eyelashes.

"Sure thing sugar, BBQ or regular?"

"BBQ please."

Janie smiled, jotting down the order. "Next?"

Scott was the next to choose. "Uh, yeah, could I have the curly fries, double-"

"Double bacon cheeseburger, extra onion rings, Large double chocolate shake, side of sausage?" Janie asked knowingly,

"Yeah- How'd you-?" Scott asked in confusion.

"It's Stiles' usual. Do you want it double sized and a side of wings too?"

"Yes please, but regular wings, if that's okay?" Scott asked.

"No problem honey." She wrote down the order. "next?"

"I'll get the same as Stiles, but banana shake, please." Derek requested politely.

"I'll have what Stiles is having too, thanks." Jackson stated.

"I'll have the same as Scott, but standard sized and with salad instead of sausage, please." Allison requested with a friendly smile on her face.

"I'll have fries, bacon cheese burger, extra onion rings, medium strawberry shake and a side salad, please." Lydia stated, closing her menu, smiling up at Janie.

"Absolutely," Janie nodded, noting down the orders, then looked at Erica. "And you, sugar?"

"C-can I have the same as A-Allison, but w-with BBQ wings, p-please?" Erica requested softly.

"Of course, sweetie, coming right up." Janie smiled, before walking to the counter.

"So you come here a lot?" Allison asked Stiles curiously, leaning against the table.

"Yeah, after my mum died, dad and I came here a lot because he can't cook without burning half the kitchen down and he didn't want me cooking all of the time. Given that I was, ya know, 10 at the time." Stiles explained with a shrug.

"So, Erica," Jackson stated, "How's the writing going? Allison mentioned that you're a writer." It was slightly forced, but Jackson could see how uncomfortable the girl was and knew that Lydia really wanted to befriend this girl. So, he'd do what he could to make his girlfriend happy.

"Um, I-I wouldn't call myself a writer, b-but I do dabble a little bit." Erica smiled softly "It's mainly fanfiction though.. i-it's stupid."

"Hey, fanfiction is not stupid!" Stiles protested immediately. "I read a lot of fanfiction and sure, there are some pretty bad ones written by people who think using text speak is a great way to write a story, but most are pretty good. And there are some truly amazing stories out there. In fact one that I found yesterday called 'Time Warped' by The tru-"


"Yeah, you've read it?"

"I wrote it." Stiles' eyes widened in amazement.

"Seriously?!" Erica nodded, a blush appearing on her cheeks. "Oh my go- that's amazing. You are an incredible writer! Seriously. I was gripped, I read the first sixteen chapters until Derek told me off and forced me to go to sleep." Stiles sent a small glare to Derek for that. "I read another four this morning then I've got the next eight to catch up on. You're still writing right?"

"Yeah," Erica smiled. "I've almost finished the new chapter, it should be done by tomorrow."

"That's great! I should be caught up by then." Stiles grinned but there was no skip in his heartbeat. He was serious.

"We're not going to have that movie night, are we?" Derek asked knowingly. Stiles and Erica smiled sheepishly.

"We can, I just won't be paying much attention to the movie." Under other circumstances, Derek wouldn't mind that, but he knew that it wasn't him that Stiles would be paying attention to.

"Sorry," Erica smiled, but there was a small jump in her heart beat. She wasn't sorry at all. A conversation was picked up easily after that and everyone was chatting comfortably when the drinks arrived. Well, almost everyone.

"No, no that is so not true. You are completely wrong Jacks," Stiles protested, as Lydia and Erica nodded in agreement with him. "Janie, who's cooler, Batman or Superman?"

Janie scoffed "Batman, of course." She stated , placing the drinks down. Stiles allowed a smug expression to take over his face and held out both of his hands, which Erica and Lydia high fived, shortly followed by Janie and Allison.

"No," Jackson disagreed leaning forward. "Superman has powers, he can fly for crying out loud! Batman relies on his gadgets."

"Superman relies on his powers. Batman can fight hand-to-hand. If his weapons were taken or disabled in the middle of a fight, he'd be able to handle himself. If Superman lost his powers in the middle of a fight, he'd be screwed. Plus, he has such a lame disguise. All he does is slouch, wear glasses and clothes two sizes too big and raises his voice an octave."

The argument continued throughout the meal, turning into a group debate, even when they got to the comic book store, other heroes being added to the mix. The argument was so heated that nobody noticed that Derek had paid the entire food bill, and had slipped out of the store ten minutes before. At least until he reappeared with multiple Hot Topic bags.

"No, that's not ev- Derek? What's that?" Stiles asked in confusion, effectively ending the argument.

"Well I got sick of you, Scott and Lydia stealing my jackets, I thought that I should get you all your own." Derek stated, holding up the bags.

"That's a lot of bags for three jackets." Lydia commented knowingly, raising an eyebrow at them.

"That's because I didn't buy three Jackets. I brought six." Derek informed her simply. "Along with some other stuff. You guys get everything you need?"

"Yeah, we just gotta pay." Scott informed him, holding up a pile of comic books.

"I got it, don't worry about it," Derek assured, walking towards the counter.

"What? No." The group, minus Jackson, protested immediately.

"Wait, you sly dick, you paid the entire food bill!" Allison realised and glared at Derek.

"Yeah, bu-"

"Nope, you're not getting out of this. Now go outside and think about what you've done." Stiles demanded, pointing towards the door. "Go."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Erica walked home happily wearing her new leather jacket, she had a great day. All of her life, Erica had been cautious, she had to be. People either pretended to be her friend so that they could make fun of her. Or were just pitying her.

But today, with the group was just easy. She felt like she fit in with them. They all seemed so cool. Sure, Scott and Stiles had only just joined the 'popular crowd' but they were still down to earth and a bit goofy. Lydia was completely different to what she expected. The queen B was a lot smarter than Erica originally assumed, she was also kinder, funnier and a lot geekier. Allison was the sweetest person ever and Erica was so happy that she had let the girl talk her into going out. Jackson was pretty much the same old Jackson, it just turns out he was also kind of a geek. Derek was pretty cool too. Apart from the fact that he's dating Stiles and had a thing about paying for everything, Erica couldn't really find a fault with him.

Of course, all good things must come to an end. Erica froze in fear when a growl sounded from behind her. The girl's heartbeat sped up, as she slowly turned to see who was following her. She felt like she couldn't breathe when she saw a pair of glowing red eye's staring at her. The man before her stepped closer until she could see burns on his face along with features that weren't human. Razor sharp teeth were gleaming at her through a Cheshire grin.

"Well, you smell just like my dear nephew." The man stated, ambling closer as Erica backed away. Fear took control of her as the stranger's red eye's assessed her every movement.

"W-who a-are you?"

"It doesn't matter, what does is what I can offer you." The burned man stated. "You're ill, I can smell it. What's your killer?"

"I'm epileptic." The man nodded in understanding.

"What if I told you, that it can all go away? The seizures. The medication. You can throw away the thing that is single handedly destroying your life. Not only that, but everything else will be improved. Speed, strength, vision. Everything." The man promised, placing his hand on her arm. "You can be powerful. Like me."

"I can?" Erica asked hopefully, looking up at the man, who smiled at her.

"All you have to do" The man grabbed her wrist and pulled it to his mouth "is say yes."

Chapter Text

The Hale Pack: I'm the Alpha.

"You can be powerful. Like me."

"I can?" Erica asked hopefully, looking up at the man, who smiled at her.

"All you have to do" The man grabbed her wrist and pulled it to his mouth "is say yes."

"Get away from her!" Stiles called out in anger, charging towards Erica and the man.


"Erica, run!"

"C'mon, Erica."


"She's bleeding!"

"Please, help her!"


"Stiles, we gotta go!"

"Stiles, it's too late."

"There's nothing we can do."


Stiles shot up in bed gasping for breath. "Derek! Derek, where are you?"

Stiles stumbled out of bed. "Derek?" Stiles couldn't seem to catch his breath, his heart pounded in his chest. Stiles used anything he could find as support, trying to get out of the room and find Derek. "Derek? Derek!" Stiles made it to the top of the stairs before collapsing to his knees "Derek" Stiles gasped one last time before losing to his panic attack. Stiles gripped the carpet as he tried to force air into his lungs.

"Stiles?" Derek's voice called out, "Are you home?" There was a shuffling sound then he heard his mate's voice again. "Hey Sti- Stiles?" Stiles heard Derek rushing up the stairs.

"Stiles? Baby, what's wrong?" Derek asked in concern. "Is-is this a panic attack? Baby look at me." Stiles met Derek's eyes.

"I can't- I can't- breathe. I-I can't- Der- I-" Stiles gasped, voice flooded with fear,

"Shh, shh, baby, look at me okay. You just need to focus, okay? Focus on my voice." Derek's efforts seemed to be in vain as Stiles continued to hyperventilate.

"But she's, Derek, she's-" Derek cut Stiles off by placing a passionate kiss to his lips. The mates got lost in the kiss and by the time they pulled away, Stiles' panic attack had stopped.

"Hey, C'mere" Derek whispered, holding Stiles tight in a hug. "It's okay, you're okay."

"Am I? Derek, I didn't get there in time, she's-" Stiles sobbed into Derek's shoulder.

"Hey, hey, hey, that's not your fault, you hear me? None of it is your fault!" Derek reassured, rubbing Stiles' back comfortingly. "come on, let's go back to bed."

"Hey, where were you? When I woke up-"

"I was at the hospital. I was checking on her. She's stable, but it was touch and go for a while." Derek informed Stiles sadly whilst helping him up and leading him to their room.

"Is this really the time to sleep? Derek, she's in the hospital, we now know who the alpha is, we should be out there, stopping him before he hurts anybody else!" Stiles protested, pulling out of Derek's arms. Derek reached out and grabbed Stiles arm, halting the younger wolves movements.

"Stiles, believe me when I tell you that there is nothing than I want more, than to stop Peter and get justice for my sister. But right now, at this moment in time, I am more concerned about making sure that the love of my life, my mate, is well rested and healthy. I love you, Stiles, more than anything in this world. You are my main priority." Derek assured, pulling his mate closer to him, until they were pressed together. "Nothing will change that." Stiles wrapped his arms around Derek's neck, and pulled his mate into a searing kiss.

Derek pinned Stiles against a wall as the younger male wrapped his legs around Derek's waist. Stiles groaned as Derek kissed and nipped down his neck. "Fu- I love you to Der, so much." Stiles began to grind his hips against his mate, then demanded. "Bedroom. Now."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"So, Peter has 'vanished' from the hospital." Allison announced as she marched into the Stilinski household the next afternoon, followed by Scott. "So has his nurse, Jennifer." She sighed,dropping her bag by the coffee and flopping onto the couch.

"Jennifer? As in, Erica's nurse Jennifer?" Stiles asked walking over with two steaming mugs of coffee.

"One and the same." Allison nodded, gratefully accepting the mug offered to her. "Thanks. There's more."

"How much more?" Derek asked, handing a mug of hot chocolate to Scott, who sat next to Allison on the couch. Derek sat on one of the armchairs and, at Derek's pointed look, Stiles took the other one.

"The cops searched her locker, found a bunch of stolen medication. Pills, injections, other stuff, most notably epinephrine." Allison stated, causing Stiles' eyes to widen in shock.

"Seriously?" Stiles asked, bug-eyed, Allison nodded in confirmation before sipping her coffee. "Wow, that's... insane."

Scott looked between the two in confusion, unsure as to what was going on. "What's eperni- epinf-"

"Epinephrine." Stiles informed him, placing his, now half empty, mug on the coffee table. "It's an untraceable heart stimulus. It's used to treat cardiac arrest. However, in high enough doses, it can actually cause it."

"Yeah, and after looking through the records, they've found that 75% of heart attack victims died while she was on call. Even patients who don't have a history of heart problems, like Garrison Meyers."

"it makes sense that she's in on it." Derek stated thoughtfully. "She's taken on an angel of death persona, and the chances are, she probably tried to kill Peter, given that he has spent six years in a coma, she'd see him as the perfect target. But his body would get rid of the drug before it could take effect. And she had to have noticed him missing from his room at some point." Stiles nodded in agreement, then a thought occurred to him.

"She's probably the one who used the computer."

"What computer?" Allison and Scott asked in unison.

"When Danny came over to work on our project earlier, I convinced him to trace the text, the one that lured you guys to the school." Stiles started, leaning forwards slightly and making a lot of hand gestures as he explained. "Turns out it was sent from a computer at the hospital. Melissa's computer."

Scott's head shot up, his eye's wide in shock. "My mum? No, m-my mum wouldn't do that." He stated, shaking his head in denial. Allison set a hand on his arm, trying to calm her boyfriend.

"Dude, calm down, we never thought that, not even for a second." Stiles insisted. Scott let out a sigh of relief and relaxed visibly. "Besides, even if we did, she wasn't working that night. At first we thought that it was Peter, but we couldn't figure out how he did it without anyone seeing him. It all makes sense now that we know his nurse is helping him."

"Quick question." Allison said, a thoughtful expression on her face. "How did you convince Danny to trace the text?" Derek immediately glared at Stiles, who looked like a kid who just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

"Yes, Stiles. How did you do that?" Derek asked mockingly.

"Let's just say.." Stiles began nervously, unsure of how to get himself out of this mess. "I'd make a great pimp."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"How did Stilinski manage that?" Jackson asked Allison in the hospital waiting room later that day.

"He 'accidentally' spilt a drink down Derek's shirt, so Derek took off his shirt, planning to get a clean one. Only to find that the closet door was mysteriously jammed. He went to the draws, only to find that none of his shirts were in there. He was able to find one of Stiles' that fit, only to be told that it 'wasn't his colour' by Danny. So he basically just sat there shirtless the entire time." Allison explained with a giggle.

"Wow, I don't know whether to punch Stilinski for manipulating my best friend, or applaud him." Jackson shook his head with a chuckle. "How is everyone? Have they found Peter yet?" Jackson asked as Scott and Stiles approached with a tray of drinks and food.

"Not yet, but we're still looking. His nurse is involved, she was killing her patients with an untraceable drug. We think she tried to do the same to Peter, but she couldn't because of, y'know." She said as a doctor walked past. Scott sat down next to Allison and started dispersing food.

"How's she doing?" Scott asked, gesturing towards a room door.

"She's still unconscious. They, uh, they can't find the cause of it." Allison quickly swiped at her eyes and sniffled slightly.

"So they don't know how to fix it." Jackson's tone was bitter and annoyed.

"Hey, look, we'll figure this out." Scott assured them both immediately. "Trust me, if there's anything you can count on, it's that Stiles always has a plan." Allison nodded in agreement.

"When did either of you last get some sleep?" Stiles asked in concern, taking a bite of a pre-made sandwich, grimacing at the bland, tasteless substance.

"I got a couple hours earlier." Allison informed them, taking a swig of coffee. "One of the nurses promised to let me know if there's any news, but so far, nothing."

At that moment, a nurse walked out of the room Scott had gestured to. She did a double take at the group, before a soft smile appeared on her face. "She's still unconscious, but you're welcome to go in and see her, if you'd like." The group agreed and thanked the nurse and made their way into the room.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Stiles and Allison, were intently staring at the arsenal on Stiles coffee table, less than an hour later. They were assessing their inventory as their respective boyfriends looked on in concern.

"Okay let's go over what we've got one last time." Stiles stated firmly, trying to think of anything they'd forgotten.

"Okay, lethal weapon wise," Allison began and pointed to each weapon as she said it's name. "we've got Nickel Taurus PT92, Beretta 92FS, M1911A1 Colt, Smith And Wesson 5906, Winchester Model 1887 shotgun, Chinese ring daggers, crossbow, compound bow, arrows and self igniting Molotov cocktails."

"Self igniting what?" The sheriff asked in shock as he walked into the room, flanked by two teenagers.

"Molotov cocktails," Stiles stated as if it was the most normal thing in the world, "Lydia made them to use against the alpha." The sheriff just shook his head in disbelief. "Are we forgetting something?"

The two friends shared a thoughtful look before speaking in unison. "Katana."

"We can pick it up on the way. Now, defensive and capture."

"Right, we've got flash bolts, ultrasonic emitters- Also known as the ear murders." Stiles glared at the devices. "Mountain ash, tasers and silver chains."

"Oh, there's something else." Allison stated, picking up her purse and pulling out a canister.

"Pepper spray?" Stiles asked, incredulously.

"Almost, it's basically the same, except Lydia modified it. It's infused with three types of wolfsbane and tiny particles of mountain ash. She just finished it earlier, she got Jackson to pick up the work when he picked up the other supplies. Best part is, because it's got the basic ingredients of regular pepper spray, we can use it on humans too. Rather than starting a fight and risk tarnishing my record." Allison smiled, admiring the object in her hand. She had this smirk on her face that practically screamed 'I can kick the crap out of any fuckboy in this town without breaking a sweat.' and Stiles felt his admiration for the girl grow. Scott better marry Allison, or Stiles will adopt her. Either way, she's a part of the pack now.

"Well, that explains the smell of her room and why I felt ill and light headed when we went to pick up the cocktails." Stiles shrugged. "Um, yeah, holsters, and ammo." He looked up at Allison "Give 'em hell attitude?"

"Absolutely." Allison grinned, picking up an empty duffel bag from the couch.

"Okay, we need to be very specific about the placement of the weapons." Stiles reminded, picking up the crossbow.

"I know." Allison took the weapon from him and placed it carefully in the bag. "Pass me the Winchester?" Stiles did as she asked.

"Uh, where did you get all of this?" Noah asked nervously, unsure if he really wanted to know the answer.

"Some from you, some from Lydia, some from my dad's house." Allison shrugged passively as she and Stiles continued packing. "Speaking of which, they'll be back soon, so we need to get the Katana as soon as possible."

"Do you really need a Katana?" Derek asked incredulously.

"Do you really need all of this?" Jackson asked in the same tone

"Yes." Stiles and Allison stated in unison, wearing matching grins on their faces.

"Don't worry, I know what I'm doing." Allison assured, grinning and walking toward the group, allowing Stiles to take the bag.

"Hurry up Stiles." Scott ordered, nerves taking over.

"I'm going as fast as I can bitch." Stiles replied with an eye roll, knowing his friend wasn't trying to be hostile.

"Sure you are, jerk."

"Quit arguing ya idjits and let's go." Allison grinned, causing Scott and Stiles to double take at her.

"You watc-"

"I have the best girlfriend in the world!" Scott announced happily, then grabbed Allison and kissed her happily. Allison giggled into the kiss and in that moment, they felt like normal people without the threat of the supernatural hanging over their heads.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"Okay, just through here," Allison directed her friends through her parent's house to the weapons room. "I can't believe that I actually bought that bullshit story about fire arms dealing. When it came to the guns, sure, why not? But the compound bows, daggers, knives, swords, katana's. God, I am so stupid."

"Hey, no you're not." Scott assured immediately. "You grew up with all of this, but never knowing the full story. That cover was drilled into your head all your life, who would actually think werewolves?" Scott asked rhetorically. "Except for crazy people. And Stiles."

"I'm not sure those two categories are mutually exclusive, but thanks Scott." Allison smiled lovingly, ignoring Stiles' mock-offended 'hey!' "Although, I will admit that when I was about 13, I was certain that my family was secretly Mafia or something."

"How long is this going to take?" Jackson bitched. "And why do five of us need to go get one sword?"

"We might end up getting more than just the katana." Allison glared at Jackson. "Such as a weapon you can actually handle."

"Wait, your family has bb guns?" Stiles asked in faux amazement. "Woah. Are the little plastic 'bullets' laced with wolfsbane?" He faltered slightly as he smelt wolfsbane, making his skin prickle. He glanced at Scott, who had the same reaction.

"Very funny Stilinski." Jackson sneered as Allison taped on the keypad then opened a door, neither noticing the wolves' reactions. Behind the door was a room, approximately 5 square meters big, filled with various weapons. The right wall was dedicated to archery. Multiple bows, varying in shape and size hung on the wall. Some were simple and sleek, others looked to be military grade. The same went for the arrows. Slightly lower down, crossbows were shown in a display case, along with an assortment of arrowheads, each with the Argent crest engraved into them. There was a large mountain ash chest next to the cabinet. The chest was locked shut with three padlocks.

Stiles couldn't focus on much more though, as the strong scent of wolfsbane hit him. The scent was thick in the air, it was hard to tell if the chest contained all of the wolfsbane laced weapons, or if they were spread around the room. Either way, there was so much wolfsbane in the room and flowing into the hall, that Scott and Stiles were choking on it. Literally.

Scott and Stiles were both doubled over in coughing fits, gagging on the poison. "Scott? Stiles? What's wrong?" Allison asked urgently, stepping closer to the wolves, faltering when she noticed both of them starting to shift. The best friends gestured towards the room with clawed hands. Stiles forced himself to look up at the panicked girl.

"Wol-fs-ba-ne." He forced out, and Jackson sprung into action, slamming the door shut. He took his jacket off and rolled it up, then using it to cover the gap under the door, he rushed to kneel in front of the two wolves, who were now collapsed on the floor. Allison was still unsure of what to do when the other girl crouched down before her friends and pulled Scott's old inhaler from her bag. Scott immediately took a hit from it, then handed it to Stiles who did the same, both of them stopped coughing almost immediately.

Jackson and Allison looked at the girl in slight confusion. "I thought it might come in handy as a placebo or something after you told me about the night of the party."

"Good thinking," Allison complimented as she also knelt, looking at her friends in concern, as they were still trying to force air into their lungs. After a couple of minutes, the scent had mostly gone and Stiles and Scott were able to breath easily again.

"Well, that was intense." Stiles breathed out, causing the others to chuckle. Well, Jackson only smirked, but still.

"Yeah, I think we should wait outside while you get what you need." Scott stated, a slight hitch in his breath. "That reminded me a little too much of an asthma attack. I don't really want to repeat it." He stumbled to his feet, shortly followed by Stiles. Allison went to say something but Stiles held his hand up.

"Allison, if you're about to suggest leaving without what we came for, I swear I will punch Scott in the face. There's no way in hell we're suffering through that for nothing, give us three minutes to get out, then get what you need and meet us back at the Jeep." Stiles stated. It wasn't really an order, but it wasn't a request either.

"I'll go with them, whilst you get what you need." The other girl offered and Allison nodded at the suggestion.

"Great. See you in a few." Stiles stated before grabbing the other two and making his way out of the house.

Jackson and Allison waited the allotted time, before moving to go back into the room. "Well, that was very heroic of you." Allison teased as Jackson picked up his jacket.

Jackson scoffed and rolled his eyes. "I only did it so that I didn't have to watch those two losers die." He stated, his douchebag mask reappearing, but Allison didn't need supernatural senses to know that he was lying.

"Right, that's why you knelt beside them and made sure that they were okay." Allison nodded with a knowing smirk, sarcasm dripping from her voice. "Totally makes sense." She smiled as she pushed the door open.

"You've been spending too much time with Stilinski." Jackson stated, but there was no heat or malice behind his words and his tone was almost teasing.

"And loving every second." Allison grinned. "He's so funny!"

"He talks too much."

"Just feed him Reese's and curly fries." Allison stated dismissively with a wave of her hand. "Works like a charm." She walked over to the left wall, where the swords hung.

"Really?" Jackson asked incredulously.

"Yup. He told me himself." Allison said, fondly remembering the night of the party, her first date with Scott. "The night of Lydia's party was a full moon. Scott mustn't have been in complete control back then as he started to shift and had to leave. Although, I didn't know he was shifting back then, but it makes sense now. Anyway, Stiles ended driving me home while Derek helped Scott. We talked about stuff and that came up." Allison explained, well aware that Jackson was hanging on her every word. As she spoke, she grabbed the Katana, then moved to the front wall and grabbed a smoke grenade. "He's a great friend, Scott is too, but I only witness that, seeing as I went for the boyfriend package." Jackson rolled his eyes with a soft smile as Allison giggled and turned to face him. "Once you get past the grumpy, broody-ness, Derek is a good friend too, he's very protective, as you've already witnessed. He can also be rather funny, when he's relaxed." Allison grabbed a quiver, then made her way to the door. "Erica is a sweetheart and, despite being shy, she's very funny and caring. Of course, you already know how awesome Lydia is." She stated, walking past Jackson.

"I do." Jackson agreed. "But why are you telling me all of this?" He suspected the reason, but wanted to be sure.

"Because," Allison started as she stepped out of the room. "We all see right past the douche facade. We want to be your friends, but we're not going to be friends with the character you play, that guy sucks. If you must, you can keep it up at school, but with us, you don't have to pretend." Jackson looked at the girl thoughtfully before nodding slightly.

Allison reset the alarm, then they made their way out of the Argent house. Noah and Derek were waiting by the police cruiser as Stiles leaned against his jeep, the other two teens obviously already inside. When he noticed the pair, Stiles moved and opened the boot (A/N: Trunk) for Allison, who carefully placed the weapons in.

"We've got work to do." Stiles stated, then slammed the boot shut. He turned to Scott and the two girls with a huge grin on his face. "I've always wanted to say that!"

Allison rolled her eyes fondly, electing not to tell him that Lydia had beaten him to it that night at the school with Kate and Peter. Then again, Lydia hadn't shut a boot full of weapons, so did it still count?

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

They followed the alpha's scent to the old Hale house, although Stiles wasn't too surprised. This was where it all began. Stiles, Derek and Scott set up the first line of attack as the others collected their weapons. As they did so, three figures left the ruins of the house, walking towards them. Peter was now burn free, eye's glowing red as he held Jennifer in front of him, his claws digging into her neck, much like they had done to Kate. Beside him, Lydia stood, eyes blank as she stared ahead. She wore only a hospital gown, she looked far worse than before, her hair was damaged and greasy, her skin was paler than usual, it looked to be almost transparent. Her eyes were sunken and surrounded by dark circles. Her heart rate was slow and her breathing laboured. It was as though the life was being drained out of her.

"Lydia!" Jackson gasped when he saw his girlfriend, he moved towards her, but was held back by Erica and Allison.

"Jacks, it's not her. Physically, yes, but that's not the Lydia we know. It's a trap." Stiles rushed to explain. Jackson looked broken at the words, but he stopped struggling, knowing that it was true.

"Well, had I known you were going to give up so easily, I wouldn't have bothered." Peter drawled, causing the other wolves to growl. Peter, focused on the males in front of him, didn't notice Allison loading and aiming her bow or the sheriff aiming his gun.

"Let Lydia go. Break whatever trance it is you have her under, and let her go. Or spend the last five minutes of your life with an arrow in your eye." Allison threatened, leveling the alpha wolf with an impressive glare. Erica stepped beside her, aiming a crossbow.

"Aren't you going to bargain for her too?" Peter asked curiously, nodding his head towards his nurse.

"She's a murder." Stiles stated, allowing himself to shift. "She isn't our priority. She killed without mercy, without caring. We won't kill her, that's not us, but Lydia is our priority."

"You act all humble, but you will kill, Stiles. We're werewolves, predators, there's no escaping it." Peter growled, pressing his claws deeper into Jennifer's neck, causing small droplets of blood to roll down her neck. The woman gasped in pain.

"You're wrong, Peter." Derek stated, glaring at his uncle. His only living family member had turned his back on everything their family stood for. "We may be predators, but we don't have to be killers. What you're doing is wrong. The Peter that I know, the Peter that I care about would never do this. The Peter I know isn't a monster." Derek reminded him, hoping to reach some part of the old Peter, hoping to spark some humanity in the shell of a man before him.

"I miss him too Derek," The Alpha stated, a stray tear rolling his cheek. "That Peter would always put his family first, he'd spend all of his free time with his pack and family, he'd make sure that his wife and children were safe every chance he got. He'd spend time with his siblings, nieces and nephews and he'd never hurt anyone unless it was to protect his family, he would definitely not be the one to kill them. I miss that Peter so much, but he died in that house, with everyone else." Without warning, Lydia let out a high pitched scream as Peters claws slashed across Jennifer's throat. His eyes turned red first, then he let out a terrifying roar as he shifted into a terrifying beast. The beast that had killed so many people. This wasn't his uncle Peter anymore, which made it easier for Derek to accept what he had to do.

Allison let an arrow fly as Jennifer's body fell to the floor. Peter easily caught the arrow, unaware that a flash bolt was attached. Allison grabbed a new arrow from the quiver as the bolt went off, startling the Alpha, who's sensitive eyes were damaged by the blinding light. Knowing that the distraction wouldn't last long, the sheriff shot three wolfsbane bullets at the Alpha. The other wolves and Jackson ran forward, Jackson immediately grabbed Lydia, who still looked haunted and moved her towards the Jeep, only to have a sharp pain shoot through his leg. He screamed in pain and let go of Lydia as he looked down to find the alpha biting his leg. Stiles ran over and dug his claws into the back of Peters neck, forcing him to release Jackson, "Bad doggy." Stiles taunted as he threw Peter through the remains of one of the walls of the 'house'. Derek and Scott immediately followed the Alpha into the building as Stiles checked on the others. He helped Jackson over to the cruiser.

"Dad, I need you to get Jackson and Lydia to the hospital, then call the station, say that the accomplice is dead and at the old Hale house. Okay? Go." Stiles pleaded, glancing back to the old house, where growls and crashes were sounding.

"No, I'm not leaving without you."

"Dad, I need you to trust me, I'll be fine, but they won't. Please." The sheriff reluctantly nodded, then helped the two teens into the car. He gave his son a bone crushing hug, then left in the cruiser.

Once the cruiser was out of sight, Stiles turned to the two human girls before him. "The only reason that I'm not forcing you to go is that I need you to throw the Molotov's when we get him outside. Okay?"

The girls nodded and Stiles sprinted towards the house. Allison moved back to the Jeep and picked up the Katana. "I'm not going through all the effort to get this, to simply not use it." Allison explained, earning an understanding nod from Erica.

"Fair enough" Erica smiled and picked up an item that looked like a cattle prod. "This is basically a really powerful taser, right?" Allison nodded. "Perfect, let's go." They got to the scene of the fight just in time to see Scott and Derek crash into opposite walls and the alpha loom over Stiles, clawed hand raised high, as his other hand held the boy down.

"Get away from him!" Erica yelled, when Peter turned to her, she shocked him, causing him to howl in pain. Allison then slashed him across the chest with the katana.

"Catch us if you can." The girls taunted in unison, then sprinted out of the wreckage. They heard an angry howl and for half a second, they were worried that he wouldn't follow, then they heard the pounding footsteps. They were about 2 meters from the Jeep, the alpha directly behind them, his claws no more than a centimetre from Erica's back, when Derek appeared, wolfed out and slashed at the back of the alpha's neck.

Scott and Stiles appeared, also transformed and helped Derek subdue Peter as the girls reached the Jeep. "Move!" Allison screamed, causing her pack to jump away from the Alpha, who was too injured to flee. With her friends in the clear, Allison threw the first Molotov at Peter, shortly followed by Erica. There were more pain filled howls as the Alpha tried to shake off the horrifically familiar flames. They soon died down, but it didn't matter, the alpha wouldn't survive much longer. As Derek knelt before the burnt, now human form, of his uncle, the man spoke taunting words to him. The conversation was cut short when Derek slashed his claws across the man's throat, finally ending his life.

The teens watched in shock, unsure of what to say or do when Derek turned to them with glowing red eyes.

"I'm the alpha now."

Chapter Text

The Hale Pack: Dance with me now.

The teens watched in shock, unsure of what to say or do when Derek turned to them with glowing red eyes.

"I'm the alpha now."

"Seriously?" Stiles asked in annoyance, startling the other teens, but Derek seemed unaffected. "You're really gonna do the whole power-hungry, wolf man thing? Really?" Derek continued staring. It was as if he didn't hear Stiles' words, but he did notice when Stiles stomped towards him, if his threatening growl was anything to go by. "Oh, cut it out Sourwolf."

Stiles rolled his eyes as Derek stood up, turned to face Stiles fully and growled. When Stiles was close enough Derek grabbed him roughly and pulled him in, and pressed his open mouth to Stiles' neck, fangs ready to bite in. Erica, Scott and Allison were freaking out, worried for Stiles' life and began to rush forward.

"Stop." Stiles said, loud enough for them all to hear, but not loud enough to startle Derek. "Wait." It was then that other teens noticed that Derek had frozen in place, his nose twitched as if he was smelling Stiles. After a moment, Derek receded his fangs, closed his mouth and nuzzled his face into Stiles neck. His wolf recognising Stiles as his mate allowed him to calm down enough that the animalistic haze, that came from the sudden surge of Alpha power, faded away.

"Uhh, guys?" Scott called out. "As much as I hate to interrupt all of this, I can hear sirens." Derek pulled away from Stiles and flashed his eyes at Scott, then walked over to the group. He reached for Stiles hand, but Stiles rushed past him, towards the Jeep.


"I got a plan." Stiles yelled as he leaned into the boot, searching through the weapons. When he pulled back, he had four chinese ring daggers, a lighter, a cloth and a molotov in his hands. He jogged over to Jennifer's corpse, kneeling beside her. He placed the lighter and cloth in his pocket and the molotov on the floor, then wore one dagger on each finger. He wore them like knuckles, gripping them tight as he lined each blade up with the claw marks in her neck. After a pause of hesitation, he pushed the blades into her neck, tracing and deepening the wounds with a back handed motion. Once he'd done so, he removed the cap from the molotov, splashing some of the liquid on the woman's hands and clothes. He recapped the bottle and gently placed it back on the ground.

"Can one of you put that back in the Jeep, please?" He asked as he ran back to Peter's body. He repeated the process with the ring daggers, but when he was done, he wiped the handles and rings down with the cloth, then placed them on Peter's fingers. He grimaced as he pulled the lighter out of his pocket, and lit it, holding it under the dagger on his index finger. The metal heated and caused the, already burnt, flesh around it to melt and stick to the metal. He repeated this with the others, then rushed back to the jeep, throwing the tools in and shutting the boot as the sirens grew closer.

When the police and ambulances got there, the group were huddled on the ground by the jeep, looking shocked and horrified. Derek and Scott were inches apart from each other, leaning against the Jeep. Stiles was cradled between Derek's legs and against his chest as he held hands with Erica. Erica had her head resting on Allison's right shoulder and her feet tangled with Derek's. Allison sat in Scott's lap, one hand resting on Erica's knee, the other over the girl's shoulders, just touching Stiles' left shoulder.

The sheriff was the first out of the car, rushing over to the pack. "What happened? A-are you okay? Are you injured?" Before any of them could answer, a deputy called out.

"Sheriff, we've got two dead bodies over here, one is the nurse, Jennifer Hodgins, the other is burnt, but I think it's Peter Hale."

The Sheriff sighed. "Okay, who was it?" Derek flashed his eyes. "Right."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"You really don't remember anything?" Allison asked Lydia the next day. The pack gathered in Lydia's hospital room, including Jackson who was in a wheelchair for appearances. Jackson had managed to convince his dad to get him a 'private doctor' so that he could stay on the lacrosse team. Which is basically the Whittemore way of saying 'I want to stay a popular athlete so I need you to pay someone with a medical license to say they're keeping an eye on me so I can keep the actual doctors away.' Which meant no one outside of the pack knew that his ankle was fully healed because the bite had been successful.

"They called it a fugue state, which is basically a way of saying 'We have no idea why you can't remember escaping your hospital room without being seen, after being attacked by a psychotic killer for the second time that week, running through the woods and ending up next to said psychotic alpha whilst wearing nothing but a hospital gown.' But personally, I don't care. I lost nine pounds." She grinned holding out her arms. "And no one I care about died."

The pack chuckled at that, even Derek. Erica stopped suddenly, looking guilty and sombre.

"Lydia, I'm sorry, if it wasn't for me y-"

"Stop right there sweetheart." Lydia demanded, holding up a hand. "This," She gestured to herself and the room. "Isn't your fault. This is because of a psychotic, murderous, feral, alpha werewolf who was into teamwork. It's not your fault that he targeted you and none of us would have blamed you if you had said yes."


"I'm epileptic." The man nodded in understanding.

"What if I told you, that it can all go away? The seizures. The medication. You can throw away the thing that is single handedly destroying your life. Not only that, but everything else will be improved. Speed, strength, vision. Everything." The man promised, placing his hand on her arm. "You can be powerful. Like me."

"I can?" Erica asked hopefully, looking up at the man, who smiled at her.

"All you have to do" The man grabbed her wrist and pulled it to his mouth "is say yes."

Erica hesitated for a second, unsure if she was willing to take a chance on someone who could simply be insane. She was saved from having to choose when she heard a familiar voice.

"Get away from her!" Stiles called out in anger, charging towards Erica and the man. As Stiles approached, the man's face transformed. Fangs grew from his mouth, his eyes turned red, his eyebrows disappeared, replaced with ridges.

"Peter?" Derek asked in shock and horror, but the man ignored him, instead proceeding to draw Erica's wrist closer.

"No." Erica yelled, trying to pull her wrist back as the pack grew closer. "No. I don't want it."

"You're lying." Peter snarled, yanking her arm closer.

"Stop!" He was close to sinking his teeth into her flesh, when an arrow pierced his shoulder and he stumbled backwards, howling in pain. Erica looked to see Allison holding a crossbow and the rest of the pack running towards her, Stiles in front.

"Erica, run!" Stiles screamed as his face contorted into beta form as he tackled the bleeding alpha. Derek and Scott helped subdue Peter as Lydia, who had abandoned her wheelchair, grabbed Erica's arm and pulled her away from the fight.

"C'mon, Erica." Lydia tugged on the girl's arm, successfully getting the girl to start running as Scott was sent flying into a wall, shortly followed by Stiles.

Derek was hurtled through the air by Peter and sent crashing into the two girls, the group collapsed to the ground. Lydia groaned at the weight, but that soon turned to a scream as she was dragged out by her ankles.

Peter crawled up her body, digging his claws into her sides which also caused Lydia's not yet healed bite wound to start bleeding again .

"Help," She gasped as she swung her elbow back. She was satisfied to hear a crunch as she hit Peters nose, unfortunately, it wasn't enough to make the alpha let go.

Allison shot off another arrow, one that hit Peter in his right shoulder blade, followed by the third and final arrow Allison had in her. Less than a second later, Scott and Stiles were pulling on the alpha's arms, trying to pry them from Lydia's flesh. Derek had his arms around his once beloved uncle Peter's neck, and once Scott and Stiles had pried the alpha's claws from Lydia, he jumped backwards, pulling Peter away from Lydia. Derek allowed his claws to dig into the Alpha's shoulder as he lifted him into the air and threw him away from the people he considered a part of his and Stiles' unconventional Pack.

"She's bleeding!" Erica gaped in shock, pressing her hands to Lydia's sides. A few seconds later, Jackson arrived and Erica asked him to take over applying pressure to the wounds.

"What? Why? Where are you going?" He demanded to know even as he did as she asked. "Please, help her!"

"I am, okay." She stated whilst removing her belt. "I'm m-making a tourniquet. But I'm gonna need your belt too. Mine isn't thick enough." She stated, dedicating her attention to working on wrapping the belt around her new friend, she attempted to block out the sounds of the Alpha behind her.

"You have a choice, help her and let me go. Or keep me and let her die. You can't call an ambulance while I'm here without revealing the supernatural to the world. It's up to you."

"Go." Stiles stated with a glare. "But remember, I will find you and you will pay for hurting my pack."

Peter chuckled, "I made a good choice with you Stiles, it's a shame you won't join me yet."

"I'll never join you." Stiles stated firmly.

"You say that now, but you'll change your mind. I know you will." Then Peter was gone and the pack was gathered around Lydia as Scott called an ambulance.

"You're gonna be okay Lyd, you're gonna be okay." It wasn't long until the ambulance got there, Jackson was able to (bribe) convince the paramedics to let him go with Lydia, leaving the rest of the pack standing in the street.

*End Flashback*

"I was going to." Erica stated softly, only just loud enough for the humans in the room to hear, eyes downcast as if she was ashamed. "Before I saw you all, I was going to take the chance, but then I saw how scared you were and I realised it probably wasn't a good thing."

"The Bite itself isn't that bad." Stiles told her, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder. "I mean it hurts, and it doesn't always take. But if it doesn't kill you, it can be a gift. I mean look at me, I love being a werewolf! We were scared because we didn't want you with Peter. As you've learned, Peter wasn't a good guy. He would have manipulated you and used his power over you to turn you into a killer. You deserve better." Erica smiled weakly, glancing up at Stiles, before returning her gaze to the floor. Derek shared a look with each member of the pack in turn, each giving him a small nod, or some or other indication of approval, in response to his unspoken question.

"Erica, look at me." He requested softly and the blonde did as he asked. "If you were given the same offer by someone else, someone who would treat you like Pack, not like a weapon, what would you say?"

The girl looked unsure for a second. "I'd say yes, but what does it matter? Pe-"

"Peter was the only one in town who could turn someone, yes. But that's not because of him. It's because of the Alpha power he held. When he died, that power went to me." Erica's eyes widened in realisation.

"So that means-?"

"Yes, I could turn you, but like I said, it's not a 100% guarantee. It could kill you." He reminded her in a soft but firm tone.

The girl nodded seriously. "I know the risks. I've been thinking about it since that night. I don't want to spend the rest of my life trapped by this illness. My seizures have been getting worse and more frequent, the next seizure could kill me, and I-I can't stand the thought of dying before I have a chance to live but with this, I can't completely live. My parents are scared to take me anywhere, scared to let me do anything and I hate it. I want a chance to stay out all night with friends, do stupid things, travel. I-I want my parents to be able to go out on a date without worrying about me. I want to live." Erica paused suddenly, her eyes filling with tears. "So, yes, if you're willing, I want you to turn me. Please."

Derek nodded. "Okay."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

One week later, on Sunday night, Erica, Lydia and Allison were in Erica's room, picking out clothes for school the next day. Everyone else had gone back the week before, but after the traumatic experiences they had been through, the teenage members of the pack had been excused from class, the sheriff himself had spoken to the principal for them. The girls of the pack were sorting out outfits for the next day, and arranging Erica's new clothes. Derek had decided to spoil his pack, buying all of them a whole new wardrobe, complete with plenty of black and leather. They had all protested, Jackson and Lydia insisting to help with the bill, but Derek refused. Explaining that, as an alpha, he needed to care for his pack. Buying them things that they want and need made him feel like he was doing his job. After a few grumbles, the teens stopped arguing and, to be honest, Erica was so happy that they did.

"I know this sounds vain, but, I look good." Erica said happily as she looked at her new, rather tight, blue top in the mirror. "I've never been pretty before, I like it." She smiled.

"You've always been beautiful, Erica." Lydia smiled from behind the blonde, eyes also fixed on the girl's reflection. "You were just unfortunate enough to have an illness and insecurities that hid it." Holding up one of the girls new dresses. "How about this with your leather jacket?"

"Which one?" Allison asked with a chuckle as she hung up some of the clothes. Derek hadn't just gotten them the same jacket multiple times, like he had. Nope, he brought them so many different styled jackets, some snug fitting, some that stopped at the waist, some in colour, some with badges, some with hoods, Erica could confidently say that she had a leather jacket for everything.

"Hmm, this one." Lydia announced, holding up a jacket, then handed it to the blonde, along with the dress "I'll find you some shoes." Erica smiled gratefully, accepting the items and setting them on her desk, then began removing her clothes.

"So," Allison started with a smile, placing some accessories next to the dress. "Let's talk boys. Anyone you've got your eye on?" Allison grinned, while moving to help Lydia.

"Well, there is this guy in a few of my classes, he's really good looking and nice. One time after I had a seizure, he brought me flowers and came to see me at the hospital. I've always wanted to get to know him, but I was too nervous." She informed her friends as she pulled on the dress. "Maybe now that will change."

"What's his name?" Allison asked excitedly.

"Vernon Boyd." Erica sighed happily, as Allison and Lydia shared a look. "What?"

"He's one of the options." Lydia informed the girl. "Like we told you before, Derek needs to establish a pack relatively quickly. He needs a minimum of three Betas. Yes, he currently has four, but one is his mate and only you were turned by him, so it'll take longer to build a pack connection. Also, Derek grew up in a large pack, so he subconsciously pines for a large pack again." She paused to allow Erica to take in the information, then continued. "Boyd and another boy named Isaac Lahey are the current options. They were chosen because we have determined that they would be most likely to accept and successfully turn. Teenagers have a higher chance of survival than other age groups and Boyd, apparently, reeks of loneliness and misery, we believe that the chance to not only have friends, but pack and family, would appeal to him greatly, enough to say yes. The improved senses and strength will probably just be a bonus to him. Isaac, is a bit more complicated. He is being abused by his father. We know that he's not being bullied in school, but Scott and Stiles have smelt blood on him multiple times, they've picked up on his pain a lot too. All of us have noticed how he flinches at loud noises or when someone gets too close. Jackson has gone to the Sheriff, but so far Lahey has denied the allegations, so they have to wait for a warrant. Jackson's testimony alone isn't enough as a court would question why he didn't come forward sooner."

"Why didn't he?" Erica asked curiously.

"Because, before he realised that he does in fact have a soul, he was a self centred dick." Lydia stated simply. "Now, try these." She demanded, handing Erica a pair of shoes.

"These are nice, but I'm going to wear my TARDIS shoes." Erica decided.

"They're blue, that dress is red. No way. And that dress is so beautiful, the design is so you." Lydia stated, crossing her arms, taking a stand against the girl's choice. "You need to make a statement on your first day back after the change."

"So you want me to wear the dress because of the design, that's the only reason?" Erica asked, smirking as Lydia nodded suspiciously. "Great, I've got the same dress in blue." Erica grinned, then practically tore her current dress off. Allison giggled and held out the aforementioned dress, which the blonde quickly put on, along with the shoes and jacket. Lydia looked from the dress, to the shoes, to Erica and back, then hummed.

"Fine, you could do worse. We'll work on your fashion sense later." Lydia sighed, then grinned "Now, take that off, and get into your pajamas, we can sort out accessories in the morning. For now, let's put all of this away, get as much junk food as we can carry and binge watch stargate."

"SG-1, right?" Allison asked hopefully.

"Of course."

"Good, that's the best one." Allison grinned, pulling her own pajamas out of her bag. The girls changed and put away the last of Erica's clothes, and a few outfits of Lydia and Allison's, which they decided to leave in case of an impromptu sleepover. Within twenty minutes, they were wedged into Erica's bed, buried under piles of junk food.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"You ready for this?" Stiles asked Erica as the pack stood by the Jeep before school started. Stiles had picked up Scott and the three girls and drove them all there. Jackson , and surprisingly Derek, met them at the school.

"Hell yeah." Erica stated, grinning confidently at him.

The group all wore their new clothes, drawing looks from other students and making Derek's wolf yip with pride. Derek looked at each member of his pack with a soft smile on his face. "Right." He began, drawing the attention of his Beta's and mate. "You've all got everything thing that you need?" The teens nodded. "Okay, remember: No fighting, unless provoked. No shifting, unless you're alone. No weapons, unless absolutely necessary. No skipping class, unless it's an unimportant, boring lesson. And no alcohol, it won't help." Lydia went to speak, but Derek cut her off. "None for you two, because it's not fair to the others."

"Do you want us to start trying to befriend Isaac and Boyd today?" Allison asked curiously.

"If the opportunity presents itself, but if not, just have fun today and let people realise the no one is going to fuck with any of you ever again."

"Damn right." Stiles grinned and gave Derek a kiss, ignoring the groans from the pack.

The first bell sounded, and Derek pulled away reluctantly "Okay, try to not be miserable. Oh and don't kill anyone. Understood?"

"Yes alpha." The pack chorused, causing Derek to smile.

"Good, now get to class, I'll see you all after school for training." The pack exchanged farewells with their alpha, then made their way into the school.

Stiles was in front, Erica to his right. Allison was directly behind Stiles, Scott to her left, Lydia to her right and Jackson next to Lydia. The pack turned heads as they walked down the halls like they owned the place, they radiated confidence and ease. Erica had never felt like this before. All of her actions had been second guessed in the past, she'd make herself small and hope to not be seen. Now she had the pack and was free from epilepsy. This was the greatest feeling and she never wanted to let it go.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Lydia laughed at something Scott said as the pack glided into the cafeteria. They turned more than a few heads and ignore each one of them, striding over to Lydia and Jackson's usual table in the centre of the room. The girls took their places at the table as the boys sat down their bags and left to get the food.

The cafeteria was shocked silent around them, most likely at Scott, Stiles and Erica more than anything. The girls knew full well that even if the whispered, half of the room would hear them, so they spoke normally.

"So, when are you gonna ask him to the dance?" Allison asked Erica excitedly. "And no, you can't back out now. You've had a crush on him forever!"

"Geez, thanks Ally, just let everybody know." Erica scolded teasingly.

"It's not like like she said his name, Erica." Lydia rolled her eyes. "Anyway, you have to ask him by tomorrow at the latest. The dance is friday and we have to make sure he has a suitable outfit to match your radiancy."

"Damn right, you've only just realised your own beauty, we don't need some guy showing you up with a uncoordinated outfit." Allison agreed with a nod.

"On behalf of my gender I say 'Hey!' From a neutral standpoint I understand and approve, we don't need anyone showing up Erica." Stiles stated as he approached the table with a tray in either hand. He sat down opposite Erica and kept the other for himself. Scott and Jackson did the same, handing their second tray's to their respective girlfriends.

"So Stiles, have you convinced Derek to go with you yet?" Erica asked, trying to get the topic away from her, but this only regained the interest of the people listening on. Stilinski bringing a guy? Rumours had been circulating since Lydia's party and grew when people claimed to have seen him with a hot older guy at the bowling alley on a group date, but they couldn't possibly be true, right?

"Not yet, he said, and I quote,'I am not putting on a monkey suit and going to a stupid, meaningless high school dance. Prom, fine, but not this.' So, I'm going to need you all to pester him tonight. This is the first school dance that I've had a relationship during, I'll be damned if I don't take my boyfriend. Dad knows about him and approves, you guy's are fine with it, so I don't give a fuck about what anyone thinks." Stiles stated firmly, ending his rant by shoving a handful a chips (Fries) in his mouth.

"Just say Danny asked you to go with him, that'll get him riled up and he won't refuse." Jackson suggested with a grin.

"I heard my name, what's going on?" Danny asked as he walked over to the table, sitting at the end somewhat hesitantly.

"Hey Danny," Lydia greeted happily. "Derek is refusing to go to the dance with Stiles. So, we were thinking that Stiles could say that you offered to go with him,which would get him jealous and make him agree to go."

"Okay, that's cool, I'm in. I'm going stag anyway, if he still refuses to go, I'll reserve a dance for you." Danny joked with a wink.

"Thanks Dannyboy." Stiles grinned.

"Since when are you Jack O'Neill?" Erica teased

"Since always! I have the sarcasm, the humor, and the good looks." Stiles grinned and gestured wildly as he made his points, almost hitting Scott multiple times.

"Actually, I'd say you're more Xander." Scott countered quickly, having put a lot of thought into which characters they were both most similar to over the years.

"Yeah, but a Xander/Willow mix," Lydia corrected thoughtfully. "Scott, you're kind of a Clark Kent, I think, the Smallville version."

"You're definitely Cordelia." Allison informed the red head. "But like, in Angel, when she's more badass."

"Damn right." Lydia grinned. "Now, we can sort out everybody else's roles later, for now, back to Erica."

"Ugh, screw it." Erica growled as she stood up and marched to a table in the corner of the room. She sat down opposite Boyd who looked up at her in shock.

"Hey Boyd." She greeted with a grin.

"Hey Erica, you look.. Different."

"I'll take that as a compliment." She grinned. To the outside world, she was the perfect image of confidence, but the male members of her pack could hear her heart racing. "so, I was wondering if you would like to go to the dance with me on friday?"

"Don't take this the wrong way, but with your change in look and attitude, you could have any guy in this room, why are you asking me?" He asked curiously, raising an eyebrow at her.

"Because none of them ever glanced twice at me unless I was having a seizure, never came to visit me at the hospital afterwards or brought me flowers. And most importantly," She leant across the table and picked up his apple."none of them are the human embodiment of Teal'c" She grinned and took a bite of the apple. Hoots of laughter came from her pack, but she ignored them as Boyd chuckled.

"You picked up on that?" It was more of a statement than a question, but Erica answered anyway.

"Absolutely." she grinned and Boyd smiled slightly back at her. His smile quickly disappeared and he opened his mouth to say something, but Erica quickly spun around as she heard a shift in the air as something flew towards her. She caught a paper aeroplane as it was an inch from her head.

"Dammit." Stiles laughed as Erica flipped him off and turned back to Boyd who had his eyebrow raised at her. She simply grinned as she unfolded the note, giggling at what was written.

She slid the paper over to Boyd. "Here's my number, let me know what you decide." With that she stood and walked back to her friends, giving Stiles a head slap before sitting down.

Shortly after, the noise in the cafeteria picked up again, and the group could talk in private. Just before the end of lunch, Erica's phone buzzed from a text.

From:  Unknown (12:56)

Message:  I'm in, what colour tie do I need? -Boyd

Erica smiled happily, making eye contact with Boyd from across the room.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Erica heard Jackson groan as he landed next to her on the grass. Out of the corner of her eye, Erica could see Allison and Lydia sparring hand to hand as the sheriff supervised, dropping in tips here and there. Scott and Stiles were behind her somewhere, practicing with throwing knives in the case that hand to hand and close quarter contact would be a bad idea. Derek walked over to her and Jackson and helped them up.

"You need to think outside of the box. Surprise me and yourselves with what you do. If you get predictable you will die." Derek stated as he pulled them to their feet then walked away. "Go again." Erica was relieved that Derek had allowed them to change clothes before hand. Werewolf or not, she would not have been able to handle this in leather.

Jackson moved to charge at Derek's back, but Erica grabbed his arm and shook her head then pulled him to the left.

She made a few hand gestured, that Jackson seemed to understand as he made a few back at her. After a few seconds they had a plan. Derek turned and looked at them, waiting for them to make a move and almost rolled his eye's as they started charging at him. Erica was in front of Jackson, when she was a metre away from Derek, she dropped to the ground. Derek sighed and was ready to jump over her, only to realise that she was crouched, hands firmly planted on the ground and making no move to sweep his legs out. Then a foot landed on her back. Derek looked up to see Jackson flying through the air, feet aiming for his face. He caught the foot just in time, only for the other one to hit his stomach, whilst a leg swept out his feet. He let go off Jackson's foot as he fell to the floor. His hands were restrained above his head by Erica, one of her hands at his throat, his legs were restrained by Jackson, who had a clawed hand positioned directly over the Alpha's heart.

"Well done. Good communication with the hand gestures." Noah called out in a proud voice. Derek looked pleasantly surprised that they had taken the time to make a plan. Even if it was only a few seconds.

"Good thinking, you did well. Just remember that you won't always be able to do that, you will have to just rely on your instinct, but well done. You worked as a unit, that's important in a pack, I'm proud of you." The Beta's preened at their alpha's praise as they let him go. Jackson was especially pleased at the approval. Despite all of his efforts, he could never seem to earn the approval of his adopted parents, this was new for him.

"Right, everyone." He called out, raising his voice for the humans to hear. "Take a couple of laps around the field, then I'm going to teach the wolves something new. How to shift. Fully." Derek got a few odd looks as he smirked and shifted. There were collected gasps as the pack ran over to the the black wolf, stood where Derek was just seconds before. Not the weird monster wolf that Peter turned into, but a full furred wolf.

Stiles grouched in front of the creature in amazement. "Der?" Derek flashed his eyes in return. Stiles chuckled in awe and went to pet the wolf, only to be playfully growled at. The wolf nudged his head towards the edge of the clearing. "You want us to do those laps now?" Derek nodded and Stiles sighed. "Fine. Let's go guys." The pack started their laps, glancing back at their wolfed out alpha.

Derek was able to communicate with the Sheriff enough to let him know that clothes he wore were now destroyed. The sheriff had kindly put a jacket over Derek so that when he shifted back he didn't flash the pack. He wore only a pair of joggers when the pack finished their laps.

"Okay, so take off anything you don't want to destroy, because anything you're wearing will get shredded." Derek informed them.

"I got it in my head that once he was potty trained and able to dress and wash himself, I wouldn't have to see my son naked again and I'd like to stick with that." Noah said. "So I'm gonna head back to the house, I'll get dinner ready, let me know when you're on your way back." With a few agreements, mainly from Stiles, Noah left the clearing.

"Do you girls want to stay? Are you all okay with them staying?" There was a chorus of yes' and, of course, Lydia had to take it a step further.

"I don't mind, Ally and I have seen Stiles naked, I've seen Jackson naked, Scott and Stiles have probably seen each other naked, Ally, Erica and I have seen each other naked, Ally and Scott have seen each other naked, Erica and I will probably see Scott naked eventually, same with Ally and Erica for Jackson, might as well get it over with in a less pressured setting." Lydia shrugged, but Derek was glaring.

"When did you see Stiles naked?" He demanded, Derek didn't mean to be so angry, but this was his mate, no one was allowed to see him naked but him. Scott was understandable as they grew up together and if that picture Stiles showed them was anything to go off, they had probably had to see each other naked at some point in order to get clean. But Allison and Lydia? That had to be recent.

"The night he stayed at my parents house and Lydia spilt nail polish all down his clothes." Allison chuckled.

"I still say it was on purpose." Stiles glared. "But I don't know how you managed to get it on my underwear. I'm just so glad I had changed before mrs Argent walked in." Stiles shuddered, causing the pack to laugh.

"So don't worry alpha, it wasn't sexual and we weren't trying to steal your mate." Lydia assured with a grin. "Now, are you guy's gonna get naked or not?" she asked expectantly. Within minutes, the beta's were stripped down to their underwear, deciding not to get completely naked right away even though they all knew that would be when they shifted back. Erica took her bra off too, just wearing panties, which turned out to be batman designs, the same as Stiles' boxers.

"Ha, we're underwear twins!"

"So could everyone in your family do this?" Scott asked curiously as he elected to ignore that comment

"Yes and no. Every werewolf, bitten or born, has the potential to do it, but only some could do it naturally, others have to be taught. Peter never fully learnt how to do it, which is why he turned into a monster-like wolf. He couldn't get past the halfway point between werewolf and wolf."

He spent the next half hour talking them through how to shift. Erica was the first to successfully do so. This didn't surprise Derek as it was easier for girls to learn. Her wolf was a pale blonde colour, not as large as Derek's form, but still larger than an average wolf.

Stiles was next, then Scott, then Jackson. Stiles' wolf was reddish brown and slightly smaller than Derek's, but larger than Erica. Scott's was a rich brown, the same colour as his eyes and the same size as Stiles. Jackson's was a dirty blonde colour, slightly larger than the other beta's but, again, smaller than Derek.

There was something freeing about being in wolf form, a peaceful escape from the chaos of humanity. Just being one with nature and Pack was an incredible feeling. In this form, they could feel the pack bonds. Like threads tying them together.

They stayed in that form for hours, Derek shifted with them. Lydia and Allison took turns to pet them, the wolves played wrestling and a unique version of tag, until the almost full moon rose high in the sky.

A little after ten, they arrived back at the Stilinski household, where they told the sheriff everything, ate pizza and fell asleep in a pile in the living room floor. Reveling in the warmth and safety of pack.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Wednesday morning, Erica woke with a groan, she want to rub her eye's, only to find that she couldn't. With a start, she opened her eyes and looked around. She was in a basement, her hands chained to a wall. She looked around to see Stiles, Scott and Jackson also chained up in some way or another. Then slowly, memories started coming back to her. Monday, back to school, asking out Boyd, training, fully shifting, pack. Tuesday, irritable, angry, full moon. With a groan, she hit her head against the wall.

"Who was the asshole driving the truck that hit me?" Stiles groaned from across the room. Scott and Jackson soon woke up with similar groans. A few seconds later, the door to the basement opened and Derek walked down the steps. "Good morning. Sleep well?" irritated groans were his response.

"That was worse than the first time." Stiles groaned as Derek started undoing Erica's chains. "Isn't it supposed to get easier?"

"It is and it will. Last night was difficult for me too and I'm afraid that it was my fault." He admitted as he moved on to realise Jackson.

"How was it your fault?" Scott asked suspiciously.

"Do you remember that I sent Lydia and Allison home?"

"Yeah, to keep them safe from us." Jackson nodded as Derek moved to Stiles next.

"Well, that was a mistake on my part, I didn't realise the bonds were so strong already. It wasn't until Lydia called to check on how you were doing, and everyone, myself included, calmed at her voice. So I asked her and Allison to come over. Once they were in the house and you could hear their heartbeats and smell their scents, the night was a lot easier."

"Pack keeps you grounded." Erica said knowingly. "And when they weren't here-"

"The pack was incomplete." Jackson finished as Scott was freed.

"Exactly, so from now on, they'll be around during full moons, not in the room though, at least not until you're all in control." They nodded in agreement. "Now come on, Ally made breakfast."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"Hey Boyd, come sit with us." Erica demanded as she tugged the boy to their table. Well, tables. Yesterday, the pack had gotten so much food that they had needed a second table. The wolves blamed the full moon, the humans blamed the wolves claiming that they were trying to make it less weird. Despite the full moon being over, the wolves were still starving, so they pushed tables together again. To save the cafeteria staff, and themselves, they brought their own food. A lot of it. Scott and Allison had also managed to convince Isaac to sit with them. The poor boy looked so nervous.

"So," Danny started, with a curious look at the food. "Last night, people claimed that they heard wolves howling."

"Really? That's interesting, but impossible. There are no wolves in California." Lydia informed him matter of factly, while the rest of the pack tried to stifle laughs, not that Danny seemed to have noticed, but Boyd and Isaac did, judging by their puzzled expressions.

"I know, but so many people complained about it, there were calls to the sheriff station about it and everything." Danny said excitedly.

"M-my dad h-heard it." Isaac stuttered, unsure if he was allowed to speak or not. "H-he was annoyed because it was so loud th-that he couldn't h-hear the TV."

"See," Danny gestured, not noticing Isaacs flinch or the way that the boy rubbed his side. "Now I don't know if it was a prank or something, but people definitely heard it."

"Yeah, definitely." Stiles agreed distractedly, looking at Isaac in concern as his mind worked at a mile a minute.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Isaac sat in the Stilinski living room later that evening, shocked silent as he took in the appearance of the two males in front of him, his mind reeling from the information he'd just been given. Derek sat patiently, eye's glowing red as he looked at the abused boy in front of him.

Stiles had taken Derek to the cemetery where Isaac worked so that they could talk to the teen, only to find the boy trapped in an open grave by an overturned backhoe. They helped him out and took him back to the Stilinski residence, where they told him about everything and offered him the bite. Of course Stiles added that he and the others really did want to be friends with Isaac and still would if he decided not to take the bite. He reiterated his point by informing the curly haired boy that Allison was human and still their friend and pack mate. And Lydia appeared to still be human, despite having been bitten and scratched by an Alpha several times.

"Yes." Isaac stated certainly and braced himself as Derek walked forward.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Scott and Allison nervously sat across from each other in Lydia's guest room, where Allison was currently living. Both wanting to say something, but unsure how. The pair had spent the day with Isaac, trying to get to know him and get him to open up.

Although it had only been a day, Allison felt herself drawn to the boy, the way she had been to Scott. Scott made sense because they were mates, but you can't have two mates. Can you?

"I have feelings for Isaac!" Allison blurted out, at the same time as Scott said the exact same thing.

"Really?" They asked in unison.

"Yeah." Scott spoke first. "It's weird, because I've never been into guy's before. There's just something- I'm drawn to him the same way that I'm drawn to you." He admitted, rubbing the back of his head.

"I was thinking the same thing." She paused for a second."Is it possible to have more than one mate?"

"Yup." Lydia announced, barging into the room, startling the couple. "A werewolf can have two mates, but those mates are always also mated to each other. So, if Isaac is your third mate, then he will feel the same way towards you."

She flopped onto the bed, smiling at the couple. "The bite took, by the way. Derek bit him a few hours ago and he's already starting to show signs of turning and there's no black blood, so it's looking optimistic. Now, tell me all about the crush you have on our new pup."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Isaac strutted though the school with his head held high the next morning, more confident than ever before, with Erica by his side as they headed to their shared history class. He wore a new leather jacket, black skinny jeans and a black button up shirt. He grinned as he turned a few heads walking to class. He'd been given his first 'mission' already, stick by Erica and make sure Boyd is worthy of taking her to the dance. Although, the blonde girl was unaware of this.

They walked into the classroom, side by side, and immediately moved towards Boyd, who sat at the desk in the back right corner of the classroom. Erica sat at the desk next to him, Isaac at the desk in front. "Hey Boyd." Isaac grinned while sitting backwards on his chair and, despite keeping his expression and posture blank, Boyd was startled to see such a drastic change in the shy boy from the day before.

"Hi Erica, hey Isaac." He greeted the pair with a slight nod.

"We still on for the mall tonight? To pick out our stuff for the dance?" Erica asked as she inspected her sharp nails with a blank expression, attempting to hide her trepidation born from the thought that Boyd would change his mind about going to the dance with her.

"Indeed." Boyd confirmed with a twinkle in his eye that contradicted his blank expression, earning him a pleased grin from Erica. Isaac narrowed his eyes at the pair, trying to figure out the inside joke he obviously wasn't in on, before remembering what Lydia and Allison had asked him to do.

"So Boyd. What are your plans for the future? What do you do for a living? What are your intentions with Erica?" Isaac fired rapidly while staring at the, admittedly larger but obviously weaker thanks to his current status as a human, boy with a menacing glower he would have never been able to pull off before the turn.

"Isaac!" Erica hissed, but Boyd took it in stride.

"I work at the local Ice Rink, I drive the zamboni, I plan to take Erica to the dance, and if she decides that he had a good time, I hope to take her on a real date. As for the future, I plan to go to college, I'm not sure what I want to major in yet, but I have two years to figure it out." He stated, smiling at Isaac who studied him for a second before nodding.

"Good answer," He smirked, then turned to face the front of the class as their teacher arrived.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"So Stiles, did Danny ask you yet?" Lydia asked curiously as the pack walked through the mall, leisurely walking in the direction of the first store on their agenda.

"Yup, but I don't know if I'm going to say yes or not." Stiles answered honestly, he didn't know if Derek was going to change his mind about going to the dance or not, so he didn't know if he'd take Danny up on his offer of a dance. Of course, he knew Derek wouldn't be thinking 'dance' but 'date'.

"Yes you do, you're saying yes, because there is no way you're going stag and no way you're not going." Lydia protested. Derek wrapped his arms around Stiles' waist and pulled Stiles to him.

"None of those things are happening, because he's going with me." Derek glared at the redhead for daring to suggest anything otherwise, despite being well aware that it was his own stubbornness that had led to the situation at hand.

"I thought you didn't want to go." Lydia raised an eyebrow to challenge Derek.

"I changed my mind." Lydia rolled her eyes.

"Fine," Lydia snapped at Derek and glared fiercely, convincingly acting as though he had annoyed her by deciding to go. "I'll help you pick out a suit too."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Friday seemed to arrive quickly for the Pack. Scott and Allison grew closer to Isaac in those few days and were able to convince him to go to the dance with them, not that it took much convincing. What did take some convincing was getting the teachers to allow Scott to redo some tests during lunch and after school, bringing up his grades enough that he could go to the dance. It was worth it, the pack was having fun, well most of the pack was.

"Derek, c'mon just dance with me!" Stiles all but growled at his mate and alpha.




"Derek. Get off your cute little ass and dance with me now." Derek just raised his eyebrows as Stiles sighed "If you're not going to dance, why did you agree to come?" He asked, even though he already knew the answer.

"So that you wouldn't come with Danny." Was the predictable reply Derek gave. Stiles was about to sigh again, but the mention of Danny's name made him remember that the boy had promised him something.

"Fine," He smirked "have it your way." Stiles sauntered away from Derek, swaying his hips to taunt the Alpha, and crossed the dancefloor to find Danny. "Hey Danny." Stiles greeted with a grin.

"Hey Stiles, looking good." Danny complimented, then glanced over to Derek, who was glaring at him. "And Derek's here too."

"Yup, but he's being grouchy and refusing to dance with me." Stiles pouted causing Danny to laugh and Derek's glare to intensify. "But, I seem to recall you promising me a dance."

Danny chuckled knowingly as Stiles batted his eyelashes. "So I did." Danny placed his drink down on a nearby table. "C'mon." He grabbed Stiles arm and led him to the dance floor. They made small talk as they danced, they made it through three songs, when a slow song started playing. Denny smirked as he pulled Stiles closer to his body, sensing Stiles' frustration over 'failing' to make his boyfriend jealous enough to make a move, he decided to help and give Derek the final push he needed. They danced chest to chest for approximately three seconds before Danny was roughly pulled off of Stiles, drawing worried looks from other dancers as Derek pulled Stiles against his own body.

"Danny? Are you okay?" Stiles asked in concern.

"Yeah I'm fine," Danny assured, leaning in to whisper to the couple. "Next time just ask me to let go of your mate, no need to go all wolfy on me." He wore a knowing smirk as he winked at the startled pair.

All the wolves in the pack looked at Danny in shock. "Y-you know?!" Stiles asked in shock.

"Dude, it's Beacon Hills." Danny rolled his eyes. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to find someone who doesn't have a jealous boyfriend to dance with." And with that, Danny disappeared into the crowd. The pack switched dance partners every couple of songs and had a great night. Derek had been more than willing to claim Stiles for the final dance, ending it by giving his mate a passionate kiss, right there in the middle of the dance floor, for everyone to see.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

That night Stiles and Derek stumble through the front door of the Stilinski household, lips locked together. They were thankfully alone. The Sheriff would be at the station all night, Erica was telling Boyd about the pack and offering him the bite, they would come to the house in the morning if he chose to accept it. Allison, Scott and Isaac had gone to Scott's house to 'talk' as apparently Isaac had been feeling the pull towards them. Lydia and Jackson were finding out how much Danny knew and making sure he'd keep whatever he did know to himself, then go back to Lydia's. So Stiles and Derek had the whole night to themselves.

They managed to make their way upstairs without breaking anything, although the banister now sported a hand shaped dent from Derek gripping it too hard.

Derek kissed down Stiles' neck, drawing delicious moans from the teen. "So beautiful. Gonna claim you. Make you mine. Let everyone know."

"Wait, d-do you mean?"

"Yeah, if you want it too, I want to claim you. Mark you, let everyone know you're mine. I wanna complete the Bond Stiles." Derek purred into Stiles' skin.

"A-are you sure, I mean I want to, I really want to, but are you sure this isn't just jealousy talking. I mean the rule-"

"The rule is stupid." Derek growled as he started undressing Stiles. "I made it so that I wouldn't be like Kate. That night in the school I realised that even if we completed the bond earlier, I wouldn't be like her, because I love you, Stiles. Maybe it is jealousy that prompted me to act tonight, but that doesn't mean that I don't want it, and I definitely won't regret it. But if you want to wait, I understand and I'll wait until you decide you're ready. Before or after your 18th." Derek promised, looking down at his now naked mate.

"I want to." Stiles said certainly. "I want you Derek."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"Ugh, it stinks in here." Jackson complained as he walked into the Stilinski household the next morning, wrinkling his nose in disgust the next morning, Erica, Scott, and Isaac were doing the same. Lydia and Allison shared a look of fond bemusement while Boyd resisted the urge to chuckle.

"You already knew that it would, so quit whining." Lydia ordered as she set the shopping bags on the Stilinski's kitchen counter.

"Are we seriously making them a 'congratulations for getting laid' breakfast?" Isaac incredulously.

"Well, we were gonna call it the 'Thank you for securing the Pack Bonds and giving us all mad power head rushes' Breakfast, but that works too." Erica shrugged as she searched through the cupboards for pans. "Besides, you're just grouchy because you didn't get laid. Don't bother denying it." Isaac opened his mouth to reply, but Lydia cut in.

"Now, now, children let's not argue or you'll wake mummy and daddy." She teased. The pack worked as a unit making breakfast for their alpha and his mate. Boyd found himself picking up on small things, like how the pack, even the human members, always seemed to know when someone needed something. Erica got a grater from the draw and held it out, just in time for Lydia to turn and grab it. As he chopped some vegetables, Boyd noticed himself picking up another knife and holding out for Isaac to grab. It was subconscious and a little freaky, but he kind of liked it. He has decided to take the bite. He knew the risks and he also knew that he didn't need to turn in order to be a part of the pack, but he wanted to. He wanted the confidence that the others have gained from it, he wants to feel this bond that the others do. He's already feeling it a little, as are Lydia and Allison, but the way Erica described it sounded incredible, and she claimed she wasn't describing it well enough.

Erica. She was beautiful even before she turned, no one else seemed to see it but he did. The way her face would light up when she read a comic book, or that small grin that was always on her face the morning after a new Doctor Who episode. It's always the little things that Boyd notices, but it's the little things that make up the big things.

The teenagers turned in unison as the front door opened, a few seconds later, the exhausted looking sheriff appeared in the kitchen.

"Good morning Sheriff." The girls of the pack greeted in unison. Jackson nodded in lieu of saying anything.

"Morning!" Scott greeted loudly and forced a smile onto his face, trying to act normal. Noah raised an eyebrow but chose not to comment on Scott's behaviour, at that particular moment.

"Mornin'" He greeted instead, then looked at Boyd and Isaac. "Boyd and Isaac, right?"

"Yes sir." Boyd nodded. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

"You too son." Noah shook his hand, then Isaac's. "So you both said yes?" He asked, pouring himself a cup of coffee.

"I have, Derek turned me a few days ago," Isaac stated as he helped serve up the food, he then nodded in Boyd's direction. "he hasn't said yes yet."

"But I'm going to."

"Y'know you don't have to, right? You can still be a part of the Pack and stay human. I'm human, so are Lydia and Allison."

"I know sir, but I want to." Boyd stated firmly and the Sheriff nodded.

"Fair enough, so are those two still in bed?" The teens all nodded, suddenly looking unsure and slightly nervous and a switch flicked in Noah's mind. "Oh god, they did it, didn't they? They 'completed the Bond'." At the collected nods, he groaned. "Dammit, why?"

"Uh, sheriff, I thought you liked Derek?" Scot asked, half confused, half nervous.

"I do, that's the problem!" Noah sighed, earning him confused looks from the teenagers. "From a father's stand point, and as the Sheriff, I should shoot and arrest him for having sex with my underage son. But because I like Derek and know he'd never hurt Stiles,, I don't want to. Plus I know enough to know that 'Completing the Bond' is part of some werewolf thing that I can't even begin to understand, but basically means they're married now."

"Then please don't." Stiles said from the doorway, Derek stood behind him, looking nervous.

"Ugh, get in here and eat, I'm too tired to get my gun right now." Noah sighed, seemingly forgetting that his gun was still in the holster on his hip. He sent Lydia a grateful smile when she set a large plate of food down in front of him.

The pack devoured the mountain of food easily and once the Sheriff went to bed, prepared to turn Boyd.

"Are you sure? You know the risks?" Derek asked the boy, "This isn't something you step into lightly. You can stay human and still be a part of the pack"

"I know." Boyd assured, starting to grow exasperated by everyone reminding him of that fact. "I also know that it could kill me and I know about the hunters, Erica told me everything. I've thought about it. If you want, you can ask me again in a week, but my answer will be the same. I want this."

Derek nodded. "Okay. Brace yourself."

Chapter Text

The Hale Pack: I'm not coming back

Derek nodded. "Okay. Brace yourself."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"With all due respect sheriff, this is my daughter and you can't keep her from me." Chris Argent's voice carried upstairs at the Stilinski house two weeks later, on a Wednesday.

"I can't, but she can choose to stay away and file for emancipation Mr Argent." Noah rebuked.

"She can't be emancipated, there are no grounds for it!"

"Actually, she fits the criteria. She's financially self-sufficient, due to having a job, which she started two days ago. She is currently living apart from you and has made alternative living arrangements. She is definitely sufficiently mature enough to make decisions and to function as an adult, and she is well on track to receive a high school diploma."

"But she is my daughter, it's my job to take care of her!" Chris argued back. Upstairs in Stiles and Derek's bedroom, Allison sighed and pushed herself off of the bed.

"This is ridiculous." She muttered, then made her way downstairs, Stiles, Lydia, Erica and Boyd following behind her.

"Dad, enough!" She snapped, once the Sheriff and the hunter were in her line of sight, drawing their attention to her. "What is this about?" She demanded as she crossed her arms over her chest, keeping her guard up even though her father's appearance made her want to wrap him up in a hug and make sure he was okay. The hunter looked older and far more haggard than the last time they had seen him, his stubble had grown out to a small beard and he had dark circles under his eyes.

"This is about you coming home." Chris had a pained expression on his face as he spoke. He took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down before continuing. "Allison, I'm sorry. Your mother is too. She and I talked things over and have come to an agreement. We won't try to pressure or force you into leaving the pack. As long as none of you hurt anyone, we will make sure that nobody hurts you. I swear. We just want you home sweetie. Please. Just come back home. If after a month, you aren't happy with the way things are and you don't think we're being fair, then you can move out and we won't fight it." He sighed and looked down as the pack nodded to Allison, the hunter was being truthful "I promise that we will support you and try to accept the pack."

The hunter looked up at his daughter again and tried to win her over. "I can help you learn self defence, being a part of a pack attracts enemies, I can train you and the rest of the pack, if you'd like." His eyes glanced at the other four Pack members present. "It's one thing to learn how to fight like a wolf and another to fight against a wolf. I can help you all with how to fight with weapons for when you're unable to shift. I can show you how a hunter thinks, so that if any outsiders who think like Kate come to town, you'll be able to anticipate their moves. I can help you. All I ask for in return, is a second chance to prove myself, Allison, prove that I will be a good and supportive father."

"You are a good father." Allison insisted, stepping closer to the hunter. "You're just stubborn and overprotective." Chris chuckled. "I don't know if I'm ready to move back in yet, but I do miss you and mum." She admitted softly.

"Why don't you and your wife join us for dinner on Friday night?" Stiles offered. "Call it a trial run. You can spend time with your daughter and get to know us. An easy atmosphere, no pressure. We understand that from a young age, you've been taught to hate us, so if you find it too much, then you don't have to talk to us. As long as you don't call us mutt's or insult us, we'll be fine." Everyone looked pleased with the suggestion and Chris nodded.

"Yeah, that's a good idea. We'll bring dessert."

"Ooh, mum's special apple pie?" Allison asked hopefully and Chris chuckled.

"Sure sweetie."

"What was that about pie?" Stiles asked excitedly

"Does your mum sacrifice people to the scarecrow god to grow amazing apples?" Erica teased leaning against Boyd with a grin.

"I hope your apple pie was frickin' worth it!" Lydia proclaimed in a deep voice, earning her a chuckle from her best friends and Pack Mates. Allison, Stiles, and Erica all gave her a high five and Boyd nodded in appreciation.

"Love me some pie" Allison grinned in a similarly deep voice.

"I do not understand that reference." Boyd stated in a deep voice of his own, causing the teens to pause and stare at him for a moment, before bursting into hysterical laughter.

"You - totally - did that - on - purpose!" Lydia gasped out between laughs.


"Uh, what's going on?" Chris asked Noah as he gestured to the teenagers in front of him.

"I have no idea." Noah admitted as the front door opened.

"Supernatural." Derek stated as he walked into the house, causing the two fathers to look at him. He was flanked by Scott, Jackson and Isaac and all four of them were holding shopping bags filled with groceries. The most noticeable thing, however, was Scott's hair. Gone was the floppy mop, now replaced with a short tamed style. "It's a tv show. There was a stargate reference in there too. Stiles, Scott and the girls forced us to watch them. Along with some other shows. Although Boyd immediately handed over season 1 of SG-1 when Stiles said we should watch it. It was just there in his bag ready."

"I like to be prepared" Boyd stated with a small grin on his lips. "Do you need help with the groceries?"

"Yes please, there are more bag's in the car." Derek informed him as he made his way to the kitchen. "That means you two as well." The men just heard him say, but Erica and Stiles heard it clearly, and stifled their laughter as they moved towards the front door.

"Where are you going?" Lydia asked as she stifled her own laughter.

"Groceries." The two wolves replied in unison.

"I'll help." Allison stated.

"I'll go help put away and tell Derek about Friday." Lydia said and went to the kitchen. Minutes later, the pack was bustling about the kitchen, working as a well oiled machine to put the abundance of groceries away. The pack had bought so much food that Noah wasn't convinced it would all fit in the kitchen cupboards and fridge/freezer.

"Are you staying for lunch Mr Argent?" Derek asked politely as he turned on the oven.

"Call me Chris, and no, thank you, I have to finish the arrangements for Kate's funeral tomorrow." He said, a bitter undertone to his voice.

"Oh, I won't be going." Allison informed him without looking up as she chopped up potatoes.

"I wish I could say the same." Chris sighed. "But Gerard, my father, is coming so I have to."

"You're father?" Noah asked warily. "Is he a hunter too?"

"Yes, a ruthless one at that. So try to lay low. I'll bring a photo of him to dinner and I'll try to get something with his scent, to help you avoid him." Chris informed them, earning a grateful nod from Derek. "Alright, I've gotta go, but enjoy your meal and unless we run into each other, I'll see you on Friday, what time?"

"7." The sheriff informed him, "And at some point you and I will need to have a professional talk about boundaries and terms in relation to the Hale pack and it's land."

"Understood, we can arrange a time at dinner, and in the meantime I'll keep my hunters away from the preserve."

"Thank you." The sheriff said, shaking the hunter's hand. Allison gave her father a hug that lasted a full minute and then the man was gone.

"Was there really a need to bring up emancipation, dad?" Stiles asked once the sheriff had locked the front door. The man just shrugged in return.

"Probably not, but just so you know, I think he thinks Allison has been turned." Noah said as he made his way to the living room.

"For when you're unable to shift." Allison repeated her father's words in recognition, then shrugged her shoulders. "Oh well."

"Aren't you gonna correct him?" Isaac asked in amusement as the girl continued chopping vegetables.

"Nah, that way, he can be confused if I ever have the need to hit him over the head with a baseball bat made of mountain ash." She smirked as Stiles raised his eyebrows at her.

"You have a mountain ash baseball bat?"

"I will in 4-6 business days. So will Lydia, the sheriff, Danny and mrs McCall" Allison explained and Lydia nodded in agreement as Scott looked up in surprise.

"My mum?"

"Yeah, Stiles mentioned that it was her go-to weapon, it'd be a good idea for her to have a mountain ash one to fend off supernatural creatures." Allison explained.

"That'll work until she finds out." Derek agreed with a nod.

"You mean that I can tell her?" Scott asked, half hopeful, half nervous.

"Yes, she'll find out eventually, it's better off coming from you in a controlled atmosphere." Derek stated as he placed a tray of homemade burgers in the oven. "Same goes for all of you, except Isaac." The curly haired boy looked up in confusion. "If your father finds out, I will have to kill him. Sorry." His heart skipped over the 'sorry', not that it surprised anyone.

"I'll help." Stiles informed them and the rest of the pack agreed eagerly.

"That won't be necessary." Isaac shook his head as he came to a decision, his Pack's fiercely protective attitude towards him had emboldened him. It reminded him that things were different than they had been for the majority of his life. While he had been alone most of his life, terrified of his abusive father and not overly close to his (deceased) older brother who allowed the abuse to happen and would, before enlisting, often antagonise their father before going to a friend's house, leaving Isaac to suffer from the resulting rage. Now Isaac had a family who would care for him and support him through the hard times that were to come.

His mind made up, Isaac took a deep breath, held his head high and marched into the living room before he could talk himself out of it. He stopped directly in front of the Sheriff, blocking the man's view of whatever reality tv show he was barely paying attention to. "Sheriff, I know that you're off duty, but I need to report something."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

It was the day of Kate's funeral and everybody at school was talking about it. People had the nasty habit of pointing at Allison and whispering things. So, the pack decided to show people what happened when you upset one of their own.

"I say we kill them." Isaac suggested casually at lunch.

"I'm in." Erica announced, raising her hand.

"We can't kill everyone!" Scott protested as he rolled his eyes at his Mate.

"Well, we could, but it would take a while." Jackson chimed in helpfully, which earned him a glare from Scott.

"But if we kill them all, then we'll just have hunters after us." Lydia reminded them to Scott's relief.

"We can kill them too." Erica stated with a devious smirk plastered on her face.

"Then we'll be just as bad as Peter and even Kate." Stiles reminded them as he munched on Doritos.

"And I doubt that even the Sheriff could help you if commit mass murder." Danny chuckled, shaking his head at them.

"You mean 'help us' you're in this too." Jackson corrected, flicking a sour patch kid at his best friend. Danny chuckled, tossing a couple of grapes at Jackson.

"I'm gonna end up hacking the FBI to get you all out of trouble, aren't I?"

"Probably." Scott nodded seriously.

"Hey Allison." Tammy, a friend of Scott and Stiles' greeted as she walked over to the pack. "How are you doing?" She asked in a sympathetic tone, but the wolves knew that she was anything but sincere. Stiles found himself flashing back to the day after Peter bit him, also known as Allison's first day at school, when he and Tammy had been talking about Allison's immediate inclusion into Lydia's clique.

"I'm fine thanks, how are you?" Allison asked happily, earning her a raised eyebrow from the girl.

"You're asking me? My aunt's not the psychotic bitch that killed people." She stated bluntly.

"And I can't choose who I'm related to." Was Allison's reply. Her pack looked ready to attack Tammy, but Allison held up her hand. "You're right, she did kill people and the second that I found out, I turned my back on her. I want nothing to do with her. We may have been related, but she is not my family."

"What ever happened to 'blood is thicker than water'?" Tammy asked snidely, raising an eyebrow at Allison.

"That's a misconception." Lydia announced whilst rolling her eyes at the girl. "The original saying is: The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb. Which basically means: That blood shed in battle, bonds soldiers more strongly than simple genetics. Although we commonly use it to suggest the strength of family ties, it doesn't refer to family at all."

"It's fine, Lydia." Allison assured her best, a comforting smile gracing her lips, then returned her attention to Tammy. "I love my family, but blood doesn't automatically make somebody family. I used to consider her family before I knew who she truly was. When I found out that she mercilessly killed innocent people I realised that the person I loved wasn't real, that made it pretty easy to turn my back on her. She was a monster and I am in no way obligated to support her or pretend to grieve her."

Tammy nodded with wide eyes, somewhat surprised by Allison's response and moved to sit down. "I get it, it mus-"

"No." Lydia stated, stopping Tammy in her tracks. "No, you don't get it and you can't sit with us."

"I can't sit with you because I don't have a serial killer as a relative?"

"You can't sit with us because you're a bitch." Erica growled, her hands curled into fist to conceal her claws. The blonde girl's vision hadn't yet turned red though, so she knew it was safe to glare heartedly at the girl before her.

"And you're treating Allison's misfortune as nothing more than gossip." Stiles glared at the girl. "I thought you were better than that Tammy, unfortunately not. Please leave us alone and if you go whispering about Allison or any of her relatives, we will know."

"Really Stiles? You join the popular clique and suddenly you're better than everyone?" Tammy sneered, which really riled the pack up. Tammy couldn't help herself, she felt betrayed by Scott and Stiles. She used to be their friend, then suddenly Scott becomes athletic and starts dating the hot new girl, and Stiles gets a hot, older boyfriend and suddenly they're too good for her? Tammy felt her hands curl into fists against her own volition as she glared at the boy who used to bitch about Jackson and the unjust social hierarchy of their school with her.

"We're not a clique," Isaac snapped at Tammy, trying to force back his wolf as the girl turned her attention to him.

"We're family." Boyd stated the perfect image of calm and collected, but the Pack didn't need super senses to know that he was also close to shifting.

"We are all better than you because we don't belittle people for their misfortunes." Jackson sneered, Lydia gently placed her hand on his as she spoke.

"If I were you I'd walk away. We are very protective of our family and if you say or do anything to upset our family, we will get revenge." The redhead promised fiercely, but diplomatically.

"A month ago you didn't give any of them a second glance." Tammy stated, gesturing to Scott, Stiles, Isaac, Erica and Boyd. "Now all of a sudden they're family? What a load of bull. And I remember that Jackson wouldn't think twice about belittling anyone, now you above it?" She glared, how could they just forgive him for all the hateful things he's said over the years.

"I changed." Jackson growled, ready to attack the girl the second he had the chance, only holding back because of the witnesses, who were all whispering around them.

"Sure." Tammy drawled sarcastically. "You said soldiers in your little english lesson, right Lydia? Well none of you are soldiers or fought together, unless your little 'family' is actually a gang."

The pack looked at the girl like she had suddenly sprouted a second head. "Are you forgetting that we were abducted, injured and almost killed by Kate and Peter? Then attacked two more times by Peter? We spent time in the hospital!" Jackson sneered. "Even if we hadn't, we're still family. We all care and look out for each other, despite all the shit from the past."

"And that has nothing to do with Scott's sudden athletic stardom or Erica's slutty attire?" Tammy retorted, refusing to back down despite the murderous looks she was receiving from the leather clad group in front of her.

"Slutty?! You stupid bitch, I will rip your throat out with my teeth!" Erica screamed, now on her feet, leaning over the table to reach the girl, but was held back by Isaac and Boyd. Tammy opened her mouth to say something else, but was stopped as a loud smack sounded, shocking the cafeteria into silence. Her head snapped to the side as a red mark appeared on her cheek. She slowly turned her head to look at Allison in shock.

The brunette's hand was still raised. Her usual friendly smile was long gone, replaced by an angry scowl, when she spoke, her voice was low and dangerous. "You listen to me, bitch. You can say what you think about Kate, and how fucked up she was. I don't care, in fact I agree, but if you dare say anything about my family, I will end you. We may not have been close for long, but that doesn't change a thing. Forget everything you thought you knew about them. Jackson, Lydia, Scott, all of them, you do not know them, you do not know me. We are not who you think we are. Erica is not dressed like a slut. In fact, there's no such thing as a slut or a prude, those are insults created by bigoted guys to make girls feel bad. Are you a virgin Tammy?"


"Then by that standard, you are a prude."

"I'm not a prude!" The girl protested immediately, "I'm just not a slut!"

"So, someone who's had sex is a slut?" Tammy nodded. "So your parents are sluts? Your grandparents?"

"That's different!"


Tammy froze in shock, trying to think of a reason. After a moment she said "Because they're married and adults!"

Stiles barked out a laugh. "Tammy, your parents were sixteen and still in high school when you were conceived! They didn't get married until you were eight! Scott and I were at the wedding."

"B-but I-I-"

"Lay off it sweetheart." Lydia advised, inspecting her nails. "You're trying to sound smart, but you're just being stupid and hypocritical."

"Walk away." Danny told her. "Before you embarrass yourself further, just walk away."

The girl went to say something, before thinking better of it and stomped out of the cafeteria without another word. Everyone stared at the pack for a moment, before a glare from Jackson had them turning away. Instantly the silence was filled by overlapping conversations, discussing what had just happened.

"Well that was an eye opener." Scott commented as he lifted a fork full of cafeteria 'food' to his mouth.

"Can we kill her?" Isaac asked, semi-hopefully.

"No, no one is killing anyone." Stiles stated firmly, pausing for a second before adding. "Yet."

"Uh, no one is killing anyone ever." Scott insisted, for good measure he even put on the expression Stiles could never resist: His famous 'sad puppy' look, complete with a believable pout and his big brown eyes sparkling with unshed tears.

"What if someone was attacking one of us," Isaac asked, causing Scott to look at him, for the first time ever Scott regretted looking at his mate. Isaac had turned the tables and pulled out his own 'sad puppy' look that utterly destroyed Scott. He knew instantly that he wouldn't be able to argue anything Isaac said next. "and the only way to save our Pack Mate meant that the person attacking them would get fatally injured?"

"That's different, that's self defense." Scott defended his view point. "It's another thing entirely to attack and kill her in cold blood."

"Hey, you're the one who said no killing ever." Jackson reminded the crooked-jawed wolf, a smirk on his lips.

"You knew what I meant." Scott glared playfully at Jackson, flashing his eyes so quickly, it was barely noticeable to the wolves and not noticeable at all to the humans.

After that, it was easy for the pack to regain a steady flow of conversation.

"How's Derek's first day at work going?" Danny asked Stiles as the boy locked his phone.

"Pretty good, although he's complaining about being stuck with paperwork. I'm glad though, I'd rather he be bored at work than be shot at. Even if he'd be okay."

"How'd he get the job so fast?" Scott asked in confusion. "Don't you need to go to the police academy and stuff?"

"He did in New York." Stiles explained, a proud smile on his face. "He was just about to join the NYPD when Laura went missing and he dropped everything to come here."

"That's kind of sad." Allison commented. "Don't get me wrong, I'm so happy that Derek came back to Beacon Hills. Everything would have been so different if he hadn't, but it's a shame that he had to give up everything he worked to build."

"I get what you're saying, Ally, I do." Jackson said with a nod. "But I think that it really is for the best. I mean, just look at how happy he is. Sure he might have been content in his old life, but this town is where he belongs. Despite all of the tragedy that has taken place here, despite what is yet to come, he has built a new family. In doing that, he's given all of us something incredible. I thought that Danny and Lydia were the only people that I could count on. The only people I'd ever be able to count on, but now I've got all of you. Yes, I hate that we all had to go through shit to get here, but, for me, it just makes me appreciate all of you even more. It is upsetting that Derek had to give up everything, Ally, but I don't call it a shame. I call it a blessing."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Dinner with the Argents was going rather well, despite the initial, expected, tension. "So Allison." Chris started, wiping at his mouth with a napkin. "I just realised that I haven't asked yet, how are you liking living with the Sheriff?"

"It was great, but I don't live here anymore, I moved out a couple of days after everything with the Alpha." She explained with a smile, surprising her parents.

"Oh?" Victoria asked, glancing at Scott suspiciously. "Where are you staying now?"

"With Lydia." Allison informed her, taking another bite of her steak. "She offered me her guest room when she got out of the hospital. I accepted because there's only so many times I can deal with putting the toilet seat down before I snap." She teased, sending Stiles a seemingly menacing glare, but everyone in the room knew her well enough to know that it was lacking any real heat.

"Hey, it's better than going into the bathroom and drowning in beauty products!" Stiles teased back. "There is no way you need all of that stuff!"

"Yes, we do." The girls chorused in unison.

"Stiles, no matter how many products she has, it is nowhere as bad as the amount of deodorant you spray." The sheriff reminded him.

"Hey that was before I turned!" Stiles protested "I have learned the error of my ways since then and I no longer fumigate the entire place every morning."

"Not quite the correct context to use that word, but I'll let it slide." Lydia muttered under her breath so only the wolves could hear her.

"Yeah, you just replaced it with leaving the toilet seat up." Allison giggled aloud, unaware of what her best friends had said and Stiles stuck his tongue out at her.

"Anyway." Allison giggled, looking at her parents again. "Where was I? Oh, yeah, I'm staying with Lydia now, and I pay rent and everything."

"Although she doesn't have to." Lydia cut in, sending Allison a pointed look.

"If I don't, I feel like a moocher." Allison defended with a tone of exasperation, making it clear to the Argents that the duo had had that exact argument a few times already.

"You didn't pay the sheriff!" Lydia retorted with aggravation in her tone and expression, though it was overshadowed by the fond smile she couldn't manage to keep off of her face.

"Because when the sheriff tells you not to pay rent, you listen!" Allison responded.

"But not to your best friend?"


"Ugh, bitch."


"Language!" Derek stated, half teasingly.

"Sorry alpha." The pair apologised in unison, earning an annoyed glare from mrs Argent.

Victoria cleared her throat. "Allison, although I should be relieved that you aren't living with boys, I'll admit that I took comfort in knowing that one of them was the sheriff, who has knowledge of the supernatural."

"I did too,"Chris admitted. "Also knowing that the other two were mates, even if they haven't completed the bond-"

"They have." Noah told him, with a gleam in his eyes. "They completed it a few weeks ago, on the night of the dance. The Hale Pack is now established and secured, and has human members to balance them."

"Danny, right? You said members? Plural. I remember seeing Lydia get bitten, so who else is human?" Chris asked, looking at Boyd and Isaac.

"We have three human members, dad, the sheriff is human.." Allison stated, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. "And by the way, Lydia isn't a wolf."

"Then what is she?" Chris asked, eyeing the redhead warily, suddenly far more uncertain of the girl his daughter called her Best Friend.

"A banshee." Danny said simply, as he reached for his bag. "At least, I think so. I've been doing research, I was going to mention it later, but what the heck?" He pulled an old leather bound book from his bag. "And based on what you told me, the scream, her knowing that Kate was going to die, I'd say she's a Banshee. Her abilities were likely suppressed, brought forth by the bite." He opened the book to a page about Banshee's and set it on the table for everyone to see.

"What do you think?" Derek as Lydia, whose eyes were fixed on the page.

"Banshee." She said slowly, then nodded. "It feels, right? I guess. Thank you Danny, I think you got it." Danny smiled at his friend, before putting the book away.

"You can read it yourself later, but it says that the powers of a Banshee are genetically passed, so if I were you, I'd talk to your mum."

"Allison, I don't know how I feel about you living with a Banshee, if that's even what she is." Victoria protested."She could be dangerous."

"Kate was dangerous, but you were okay for me to live with her."

"That's different, had she tried something, we could have protected you."

"I can protect myself." Allison stated, holding her head high and jutting out her chin as she stared defiantly at her parents. "I grew up discreetly being trained by hunters, now I train with wolves. I sleep with a knife under my pillow and a gun under my mattress. I carry Chinese ring daggers, a folding crossbow and other protective items in my bag on a daily basis. I have a 9 million volt stun baton in my car. I have four compound bows, one in my car, one in Stiles Jeep, one here and one at Lydia's. I have a chest filled with weapons in my closet!" The look on her parents faces was priceless, but Allison forced herself not to laugh. "I'm more than prepared and if I face something or someone that I can't handle alone, I have my pack to help me."

Chris nodded in acceptance, but Victoria still looked unconvinced. "Okay, but I'd still like to help train you. All of you."

"Thank you Chris, we can arrange a time to meet up." Derek nodded gratefully.

"Great." Chris smiled, then looked around at everyone's, except Victoria's which had over half left, empty plates. Knowing that his wife wasn't going to finish the food. "How about I take these to the kitchen, then we can have dessert?"

"I'll help." Stiles offered and started stacking plates.

"So, Derek, how do you plan to support yourself and the others?" Victoria asked tensely, purposely avoiding the word 'pack' in relation to her daughter.

"I have a job at the sheriff's station as an assistant deputy." Seeing the accusing look on Victoria's face, Derek continued. "Back in New York I had enrolled at the Police Academy, I had graduated just before Laura's death. I didn't apply here immediately as I wanted to take care of the alpha first, and before I met Stiles, I planned to come here, get rid of the alpha and go back to New York. But there are far more reason's for me to stay than there are to leave."

Despite some passive aggressive comments from Victoria, the rest of the evening went well. Noah and Chris were able to arrange an informal agreement in relation to territory and hunting. There would be a formal treaty that would be written out, signed and sent to the hunters council.

"There's actually a hunters council?" Scott asked in disbelief.

"Yes, they've been around for several hundred years. Not as long as the werewolf council but-"

"There's a werewolf council?!"


"You're mean."

"So I've been told."

Stiles chose that moment to interrupt. "Children, children, enough of that. Scott, go help Jackson with the dishes."


"Now." Scott grumbled as he walked to the kitchen sink.

"You're good at this." Derek whispered into Stiles' ear as he hugged his mate from behind.

"Good at what?" Stiles looked over his shoulder at Derek.

"Being Pack mum." He whispered at a volume only Stiles would hear.

"What? I'm so not P-"

"You totally are." Derek chuckled, placing a soft kiss to Stiles' shoulder.


"Stiles! Isaac stole the remote, but it's my turn to pick the movie!" Erica's voice called as she ran towards the couple. Followed by Isaac,

"She's lying! It's my turn." Stiles pulled out his phone and tapped on the screen a couple of times. "Actually, according to this schedule, it's Boyd's turn."

"Dammit." They whined in unison.

"Yup, Erica is tomorrow, then Isaac on Sunday." He informed them, showing them the schedule on his phone.

Erica sighed, then a thought occurred to her and she smirked. "No!" Stiles and Derek said in unison. The blonde batted her eyelids innocently.

"Whatever do you mean?"

"You will not convince Boyd to select your choice!" Stiles said firmly. "You hear me Boyd? Don't let her influence you, okay?"

"Okay." Was the reply.

Allison came to the kitchen, her parents behind her. "Hey, Stiles, I'm going to pick up some stuff from my parents house, could you drive me?"

"Yeah, of course, shall we do the thing on the way back?"

"You read my mind." Allison grinned.

"What thing?" Derek asked curiously.

"Nothing." They yelled in unison.

"I'll go get my keys, put a jacket on." Stiles told Allison, then ran up the stairs. Derek looked at Allison with a raised eyebrow.

"My lips are sealed." She grinned as she walked to the coat rack, which was currently overflowing with leather. She was somehow able to find the one that belonged to her and tugged it on just in time for Stiles to come bounding down the stairs. She grabbed a second jacket from the rack and held it out for the male.

"Thanks." He smiled, tugging on the jacket.

"Uh, Stiles?" Derek asked, causing his mate to look at him. "That's my jacket."

"I know. So did Allison." The Argent nodded with a grin on her face.

"Of course." Derek sighed but then Stiles wrapped his arms around Derek's neck and pushed himself onto his tiptoes so that he could whisper in Derek's ear, low enough that nobody else could hear.

"I prefer smelling like you whenever I have to go out without you, so everybody knows who I belong to." Suddenly Derek was much more willing to loan Stiles his Jacket. He let out a low, possessive growl as Stiles turned his head so that he could give Derek a passionate, yet chaste, kiss.

"I love you." Stiles reminded Derek when they both pulled back.

"I love you too." Derek gave Stiles another soft kiss before he reluctantly let go of his Mate. "Be safe."

"I will, don't let the pups kill each other."

"I Won't." Derek promised, then decided that he had let go far too soon and pulled Stiles back in for another quick kiss.

"We'll be back in about an hour, feel free to start the movie without us."

"Please, even if I wanted to, there's no way that the others would let me." Derek chuckled.

"Fair enough, do something fun while we're gone. I'll see you soon. Love you."

"Love you." Derek replied and gave Stiles a final kiss before Allison giggled and grabbed Stiles' arm, pulling him away from Derek.

"Come on, lover boy." She teased, pulling him away from his mate.

"Okay, okay, I'm coming."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"Come on in Stiles," Chris invited, despite Victoria's glare

"Thank you, Mr Argent." Stiles smiled as he stepped into the house.

"Allison, all of your stuff is where you left it, but uh- not all of ours is?" He raised an eyebrow in amusement.

"Uh, it was to fight against the alpha!" Allison defended quickly.

"You really needed that against the alpha?"

"Look, I'm sorry, but the Katana is just so cool and-" Both of her parent's eyes widened and Allison knew instantly that they weren't talking about the Katana.

"Katana? I was talking about the smoke grenade! When did you get the katana? How did you get into that room? What else did you take?!" Chris asked urgently.

Stiles and Allison exchanged a nervous look. "Allison." Victoria warned, giving Allison a stern look that only a mother could achieve.

"Not much, just a M1911A1 Colt, some Chinese ring daggers, a few extra arrows, a tactical compound bow, a quiver, a couple flash bolts, ultrasonic emitters, tasers, silver chains and wolfsbane bullets." She listed the items they had 'borrowed' thoughtfully.

"And the Winchester!" Stiles reminded her.

"Oh yeah! And a Winchester Shotgun."

"Oh, so not much?" Chris drawled sarcastically.

Allison turned red from embarrassment "We'll return what we still have first thing tom-"

"Don't worry about it." Chris assured. "We can get plenty more easily, I'm glad that you took the initiative to think ahead and stay prepared. I'm proud of you. But, next time, ask me first, okay? Either of you."

"Okay dad."

"Okay, Mr Argent."

"Great, now go get your things, your Pack is waiting on you and you've still got that mystery task." He reminded the duo as his wife scowled at the word 'Pack'.

"Thanks dad." Allison smiled gratefully, before heading to her old room, Stiles directly behind her.

"Okay, so, the top and middle draw, the chest in my closet, the stuff in the vent and the box under my bed." Allison stated, pointing to the places in question.

"On it." Stiles grinned, heading for the closet first, he went to pick up the chest, but froze, then stepped back. "Uh, Ally?"


"That's mountain ash."

"Oh, of course it is, why wouldn't it be? I'm so sorry! Uh, it's too heavy for me alone... DAD!" She yelled out, half a minute later, the hunter was walking into the room.

"Yes, Allison?"

"Can you help me with the chest? It's-"

"Mountain ash, right. Yeah, I got it." He moved to pick it up, only to find he could only lift it about three inches high. "What the hell do you have in this thing?" He groaned as he set it on the ground.

"Books and weapons, mostly." Allison shrugged as she grabbed a thick blanket from a draw. "Okay, if you could lift it again and I'll set this under it so you don't have to carry it alone."

"What other weapons could you possibly have in there?" Stiles asked incredulously, pulling a box out from under the bed.

"Throwing knives, Nunchaku, butterfly knives, a Cobra Self Cocking Tactical Crossbow Pistol 80-lb and a couple kubatons." Allison shrugged as she and her father started to lift the chest. Stiles walked over and supported the middle, helping the Argent's move the chest.

"She went through a big self defense phase. I think it's the only phase that I was upset that she grew out of." Chris chuckled.

"Well, it's back now." Allison stated with a slight shrug. They were able to get everything moved quickly, and within twenty minutes, the pair were almost ready to leave.

"Chris!" A male voice called out as Stiles put the last item in the Jeep.

"Gerard." Chris greeted tensely.

"This must be Allison, hello sweetheart." The man greeted in an overly friendly voice. "And who's this young man? Dare I say boyfriend?"

Despite knowing that he wasn't a good man, the two couldn't help but laugh.

"God no. Not that there's anything wrong with Ally, but I'm seeing someone else, and my best friend is her boyfriend." Stiles informed the man. "I'm Stiles Stilinski."

"Stilinski? where have I heard that name before?" Gerard asked.

"My dad's the sheriff."

"Ahh yes, well it's a pleasure to meet you Stiles, may I say, that's an unusual name." He said, holding out his hand for Stiles to shake.

"It's just a nickname." Stiles explained, shaking the man's hand. "My real name is polish and impossible to pronounce."

"I see." Gerard nodded pleasantly. "I'm Gerard. Chris and Kate's father. Well, I was Kate's father. I trust you heard about her untimely death?"


"It's quite a tragedy. I was sad that I didn't see you at the funeral, Allison." Allison snorted at that, earning her a fiery look from Gerard. "Something you'd like to say?"

"I wouldn't say tragedy, so much as karma. She killed an entire family!" Allison stated angrily.

"That's merely speculation." Gerard retorted, a glare set in place.

"She admitted it to me, right before she tried to kill me!"

Gerard's look turned suspicious "And why exactly would she do that?"

"Because she's psychotic and realised that I was on to what she'd done."

"Now, with that attitude I'm not sure I want to give this to you." He lied as he pulled something out of his pocket, Stiles could smell Wolfsbane.

Allison shook her head whilst rolling her eyes, not risking a glance at Stiles, who was fighting to keep his features neutral.

"Whatever it is, I'm not interested, thanks. I'll see you around, dad. Come on Stiles, I'll drive." Stiles moved to the passenger side door. Usually he'd protest, but he didn't want to get on her bad side.

"When's your curfew?" Gerard asked, no doubt hoping to 'talk' to her when she returns.

"She doesn't have one." Chris informed him, suddenly relieved for the first time that Allison was refusing to move back home.

"I don't live here anymore." Allison said and climbed into the driver's seat of the jeep. "See you around. Love you dad, tell mum I love her too and I'll visit soon." With that she shut the door as Chris returned the 'love you' and promised to pass on the message, then the girl drove off without a second glance.

"You okay?" She asked Stiles after a few minutes of driving. "That was wolfsbane he was gonna give me, right?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." Stiles assured, even though his head was hanging out of the window as he eagerly breathed in the clean air. Being in the Argent household with all that mountain ash and wolfsbane wasn't that fun, especially given that the smell of wolfsbane was no longer confined to the weapons room and immediate area. Stiles was half convinced that Mrs Argent had added wolfsbane to an aerosol or something as the smell now coated the entire house. Not badly enough to cause him anything more than an itchy throat, but it was still annoying. "And yes, that was definitely wolfsbane. He was trying to test you."

"Great," Allison sighed in frustration as she drove them to their destination. "That's one more thing to worry about."

"Don't worry, we'll be fine." Stiles assured her, despite his own anxiety over the situation. "We have our Pack and each other, as long as we all stick together everything will work out fine." Allison smiled at him gratefully. "And we have something far more important to focus on right now." He nodded towards the building that Allison had just pulled up in front of. "This is gonna be great for the Pack, especially Derek, and it's something we can control. So what do you say that we forget all of the unpleasantness going on right now and focus on doing something nice for our Pack?"

"Yeah, let's do this!"

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

When Stiles and Allison got back, just over an hour later, the pack were waiting in the Stilinski living room. The sofa and armchairs had been pushed to the side of the room, and the pack was sprawled out over the floor, on top of cushions and blankets, chatting idly. A clear space was left between Derek and Erica, a smaller space between Scott and Isaac.

"So we met Chris' father, Gerard." Stiles announced as he made his way to Derek. "When we were getting the stuff from Argent's house, he was there. Tried to be all gentlemanly, called Kate's death a tragedy, Ally told him otherwise, which pissed him off." He nestled into Derek and pulled Erica closer to him.

"He knew what Kate had done, before it came out. I could tell by the way he reacted when I brought it up." Allison announced as she snuggled up to her mates. "I think he might have been involved, at least with the planning. I don't know why, it's just a feeling, but I'm convinced."

"Okay, we'll start looking into it tomorrow, for now, let's just enjoy our Friday night and not worry about all of that." Derek insisted, not wanting to be reminded of the horrible situation just yet, and the pack eagerly agreed. Jackson and Scott got up to grab the snacks from the kitchen now that their Pack Mates had returned. "Boyd, what are we watching?"


"I love you!" Was called out by multiple pack members, namely Stiles, Scott, Allison, Erica, and Lydia.

Then, of course, someone, Jackson, had to ask "What's Serenity?"

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Isaac and Stiles sat at the Sheriff's station on Saturday evening, waiting on Derek and Noah. The two men were meeting with a lawyer, sorting out the paperwork so that Derek could become Isaac's legal guardian. The two were also there so that Isaac would be safe if anything went wrong with Coach Lahey's transport to the county prison to await trial. Scott and Allison want to be there, all of the pack did, but Scott and Allison were both working. Allison couldn't skip because she'd only recently started. Scott couldn't because Stiles and Derek still didn't trust Deaton and wanted Scott to gather as much information as he could.

Erica couldn't be there because her parents had questions about her sudden cure, so Boyd was with her as moral support whilst she explained everything to them. Danny couldn't go because it was his sister's birthday. Lydia and Jackson offered to be there, but Isaac declined when he discovered that it was their two year anniversary.

The two sat side by side as Stiles helped Isaac with his maths homework.

"So, how long have you been..y'know?" Isaac asked, glancing up at the deputy just two meters away.

"Bi or the other thing?" Stiles asked without looking up.

"The other thing."

"Almost three months, since the night Derek's sister died."

"Really?" Isaac asked, eye's widening in surprise. "I thought it'd been longer. What about Scott?"

"The same amount of time, we were together when Peter attacked. Although he fought it at first, he's only recently started to embrace it and focus on controlling it rather than suppressing it." Stiles explained to the curly haired boy, who nodded.

"That explains it," Isaac realised, "I thought you had gone through it before him because you seem to have an easier time."

"I don't have an easier time, per se. It's always difficult, especially when you get angry or scared, but you learn to focus on other things, the things that keep you, you." Stiles told him, hoping his pup would understand what he's saying. "It was easier for me than to find that connection than it was for Scott, because of Derek. The moment I met him I felt drawn to him, my wolf felt drawn to him because it knew we were mates, even if I didn't. Being close to him made me feel at ease and helped me focus. In that regard being around Derek is more effective than Adderall ever was. We're meant to be, and being around him makes me feel complete. His scent and heartbeat keeps me grounded and stops me from getting distracted by everything going on around me or getting lost in my head, and helps me to focus on what I need to in order to stay human."

"An anchor. Right? You guys mention it a lot." He asked curiously. The pack had mentioned it and told Isaac and Boyd that they'd each have to find their own anchor's before they could hope to even be lucid during a full moon, let alone in control over their wolf side.


"What's yours?"

"Well, mine is a combination of things. It started off as my dad, Scott, Melissa, and obviously Derek had wormed his way in there, even though we'd only known each other for, like, two days. Now that list also includes the pack, including you. I don't want to hurt anyone that I care about, and I know that if I lose control, I could. But it doesn't have to be that for everybody. Derek's is anger, Scott's is Allison, and probably you now, but you'd have to ask him. Jackson's anchor is Lydia, Danny and his car." Isaac nodded, before he fully registered what Stiles had said.

"Wait, his car?" Isaac asked incredulously but before Stiles could say anything else, all of the phones in the station started ringing.

Deputies rushed around to answer the phones, everyone was talking at the same time and the shrill ringing hurt the wolves ears, so they were unable to make out what was going on at first.

Then Noah rushed out of his office, followed by Derek and the lawyer. "What the hell is going on?" He demanded.

"Sir, we have a problem." Tara told the sheriff in a hushed voice, glancing at Isaac in concern, unaware that he could hear everything that she said. "As the prisoner was being transferred, the van was attacked, no one saw by who, but by the amount of damage, it seemed to have been a wild animal."

"Were there any casualties?" Noah asked, sending Isaac his own worried glance.

"Two deputies and a state trooper were severely injured, they're being transported to the hospital as we speak. And the prisoner.. Lahey, he's..."

"Yes, deputy?"

"He's dead, sir."

With that, Derek shot to Isaac's side, as he and Stiles tried to console the curly haired boy. Isaac was frozen in shock as tears pooled in his eyes.

Isaac's father was dead. The man who had abused Isaac for years was dead. Isaac thought he should be relieved, but all he felt was grief.

Chapter Text

The Hale Pack: A New Threat

Isaac thought he should be relieved, but all he felt was grief.

The sheriff turned to the lawyer. "I know that you wanted to speak with him, but as you can see, now's not a good time."

"I understand, with you and Mr Hale both working in law enforcement, you have the clearance to take care of him. I will have to continue looking for other family members, especially now, but I'll postpone any other claims for guardianship until I've had a chance to speak with Isaac. You have my number, sheriff, call me when he's ready." She moved to leave the station, pausing as she passed Isaac. "My condolences, Isaac."

"Tara, I know that this is bad timing, with everything that's going on, but could you-"

"I'll take care of it, sheriff, you make sure that Isaac is taken care of." Tara assured and demanded simultaneously.

"Thank you, I'll see you tomorrow."

At 11 o'clock that night, the Pack were curled together in Stiles and Derek's bed. Isaac tried to insist that he was fine, and that they didn't need to come over and cancel their plans but his Pack would have none of it. For that, Isaac was grateful.

"It's too quiet." Isaac mumbled, knowing that his pack was no closer to sleep than he was. "Someone talk about something."

"Ohh, how about some funny childhood moments between Scott and I?" Stiles offered with an excited grin.

"I want to hear em." Allison smiled.

"Me too." Danny chimed in.

"Well, we weren't instant friends when we met, despite popular belief. It was the second week of pre-school. And I had this little hideout on the school grounds, for napping and hiding from bullies. I went there on a random Tuesday and found this goofy looking kid sleeping in there. I woke him up, cause I was annoyed and told him that it's my place. This punk just looked up at me and said: I'm guessing you don't want anyone else to know about it, let me nap here and I won't say a word." There was a chorus of chuckles from the pack.

"That was just the beginning." Scott announced. "We didn't really get along or know each other, we just tolerated each other for the hideout. A couple of weeks later, it was raining, and we had an argument over who got to sit on the blanket-"

"There shouldn't have even been an argument, it was my blanket!" Stiles cut in, only to be completely ignored by Scott who carried on as though Stiles hadn't even spoken.

"One thing led to another and we ended up wrestling, and well, that picture Stiles is so keen on showing everyone says it all really."

"After that, we didn't talk much, until the first grade." Stiles continues "First day, I get on the bus and there are no empty seats, except for one next to Scott. I was hesitant due to our fall out. But, I gather my nerves and walk over and say 'All the seats on the bus are taken so I'm going to sit next to you, and hope you don't hate me'. And Scotty here looks at me and goes 'Who are you?'" There was a chorus of laughter from the pack.

"After that, it was me that approached Stiles, hoping to make up for forgetting him." Scott grinned. "So after class one day, I go over to him and say: 'You're in almost all my classes, and we always end up sitting next to each other, so this seems like the perfect opportunity for friendship, wanna play Pokemon?' And he, of course agrees."

"Damn right." Stiles shook his head. "But, there were other events, like me helping him through an asthma attack. Then there's the time in 7th grade, when I forgot my umbrella and Scott offered to walk me home in the rain. See, I thought that it would be the beginning of a cute love story as I was just starting to suspect that I'm bi, but no, he's really shit at it. Seriously, never let Scott carry an umbrella for you. Oh my god, my shoulder was so wet. Seriously, it's like 'hold the damn thing properly' what the hell man!" Stiles sighed then grinned. "But I got my revenge."

"No kidding." Scott grumbled. "I was biking home from school a couple of weeks later, and stopped about half way to take a break. I'm just standing around when Stiles suddenly ran by, picked up my bike and took off." Scott exclaims and the pack is laughing again.

"That's when Scott chased after me yelling, 'AT LEAST RIDE IT YOU ASSHOLE!'" Stiles finishes and Erica almost falls off of the bed from laughing so much.

"After that, there was the case of 'I'm sorry I tried to open your locker. I thought it was mine, this must look really suspicious' and other things, but the thing that really solidified our friendship was losing a parent." Stiles told them. "At first, it was just understanding how it felt, going from one parent to two, but then it happened." Stiles stated dramatically.

"After about a year and a few talks, Stiles and I realised that we are totally shipping our parents, and have been devising a way to get them together ever since."

"Nothing has worked so far, though." Stiles pouted.

"Oh, they would make such a cute couple!" Allison gushed.

"We'll help." Lydia grinned, "Erica, you in?"

"Why not? Could be fun."

"I'm in too." Danny volunteered.

"Great, operation McLinski 2.0 begins." Stiles grinned. More stories were told over the next hour until Allison noticed that Isaac had drifted into a deep slumber at some point during the story telling. She quietly informed the rest of the pack who quietened so they wouldn't wake the young wolf. One by one, they all fell asleep, holding each other close, all of them revelling in the warmth and safety of their Pack.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

The first thing stopped the Pack from beginning their plan to get the sheriff and Melissa together was an Omega that came to town.

"I'm telling you, that guy in the parking lot was a werewolf! I could smell it!" Jackson insisted in a hushed voice during English class.

"C'mon, don't you think Derek would know if there was another werewolf in town?" Isaac challenged, raising an eyebrow at the other wolf.

"Maybe he hasn't caught the scent yet!"

As if on cue, their phones pinged. Fortunately, the teacher didn't seem to notice.

Jackson unlocked his phone to find that the message was from their Alpha.

Group Message:  Pack
From:  Alpha
Message:  There's an Omega in town. Be careful. Stick together.

Group Message:  Pack
From:  Blondie
Message:  What should we do if we find it?

Group Message:  Pack
From:  Alpha
Message:  If you find it  DO NOT ENGAGE . Understood?

Group Message:  Pack
From:  Lydia x
Message:  Are you sure? I've got mountain ash in my bag. We could go for a capture.

Group Message:  Pack
From:  Alpha
Message:  I'm sure. The Argents are already after it, do not risk getting in their way.

Group Message:  Pack
From:  Ally
Message:  But my dad said he'll keep the hunters away?

Group Message:  Pack
From:  Alpha
Message:  Chris is on our side, but the others won't hesitate to attack. They'll use the Omega as an excuse.

Group Message:  Pack
From:  Dumbass
Message: s o we're not gonna 2 do anything? Cant we try 2 help him/her/them.

Group Message:  Pack
From:  Jackson
Message:  There's only 1 Scott and it's a he.

Group Message:  Pack
From:  Hyperactive Spaz
Message:  'He' may identify 2 another gender, Jackson!

Group Message:  Pack
From:  Alpha
Message:  How do you know that it's a he, Jackson?

Group Message:  Pack
From:  Jackson
Message:  'He' was in the school parking lot this morning, going through the trash. He tried 2 talk 2 me, but I smelt what he was and walked away. I was gonna text u after class and let u no.

Group Message:  Pack
From:  Alpha
Message:  Alright, thank you. Good job for not engaging, you did well to walk away. I'll let Chris know where he is. I'm sorry Scott, but there's nothing that we can do.

Group Message:  Pack
From:  ScarfBoy
Message:  Is there anything that we can do in the meantime?

Group Message:  Pack
From:  Alpha
Message:  Just stay safe. My break's over, so I've gotta go, but we'll have an impromptu training session tonight, go to the clearing after school.

Group Message:  Pack
From:  Hyperactive Spaz
Message:  u stay safe too, don't get shot or anything. Promise?

Group Message:  Pack
From:  Alpha
Message:  I can promise to  try to  not get shot, how's that?

Group Message:  Pack
From:  Lydia x
Message:  Please don't get shot. Sure, you'll be fine, but we can't say the same for whoever shoots you. I don't know about the others, but I don't want to go on the run yet.

Group Message:  Pack
From:  Blondie
Message:  She's right, if you get hurt, some bitch is gonna die.

Group Message:  Pack
From:  Alpha
Message:  Language, Erica.

Group Message:  Pack
From:  Hyperactive Spaz
Message:  It's true though, if anything happens to you, no force on this earth will be able to stop us.

Group Message:  Pack
From:  Alpha
Message: F ine, I promise not to get shot or injured in any way. Just don't kill anybody!

Group Message:  Pack
From:  Buff Boy(d)
Message:  Deal.

Jackson put his phone away, then turned to Isaac, smirking at the curly haired beta.

"Shut up."

Jackson held his hands up in a mock defensive action. "I didn't say a word." Isaac grumbled.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Scott and Stiles ran to the lunch table with wide eyes. "Guys, we have a huge problem!" Scott gasped.

"What? Is it Derek? Is he hurt? Is it the omega?" Allison asked urgently, the rest of the pack looking just as nervous.

"No, we have a new principal!" Stiles informed them with wide eyes.

Everyone looked annoyed and Jackson bitched. "You had us worried then Stilinski-"

"It's Gerard!" Stiles pressed, and the pack mirrored his horrified expression.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"Tell me you're joking!" Derek sighed through the phone.

"Unfortunately not." Stiles frowned, "So can you and dad start looking for a way to get him fired?"

"I'll do what I can." Derek promised. "Please try to stay out of trouble, you're dad and I have a meeting with the lawyer in 5 minutes, so I'm going to go let him know now."

Stiles nodded, even though Derek couldn't see him. "Okay, good idea. I'll see you after school. I love you."

"I love you too."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

That night, things had been going rather well, Isaac and Boyd had learnt how to fully shift and had picked up self defense relatively easily.

But, of course, something had to go wrong.

"Did you hear that?" Scott asked after suddenly shifting back to human form.

"Scott, don't." Derek warned. "Leave it to the Argents."

"I can help him!" Scott announced and ran towards his clothes. He tugged on a pair of sweats then sprinted out of the clearing

"Scott! shit." Derek followed, doing the same as Scott.

The entire pack ended up chasing Scott through the woods, some members (Erica, Isaac and Jackson) opting to go naked. They caught up to him when Scott tripped a trip wire and ended up hanging upside down.

"I say we leave him there." Jackson suggested with a grin.

"I agree," Isaac hummed. "He disobeyed Derek."

"Isaac!" Scott whined. "You're my mate, you're supposed to defend me!"

"I am?" Isaac asked in surprise. "Allison, did you know that we're supposed to defend him?"

"Nope, I had no idea. Here I thought that we could make fun of him whenever we wanted." Allison sighed.

"You mean, we can't?!"

"Haha, very funny." Scott drawled. "Just, let me down, please?" The pair moved to do so, but Isaac froze and grabbed Allison's arm.

"Someones coming, hide. We'll get you down soon Scott, just wait a minute, okay?" Derek assured, then the pack scattered into hiding.

"Scott." Chris greeted, crouching in front of the wolf.

"Mr Argent."

"How are you doing?" He asked pleasantly.

"Good, just hanging out." Scot said looking down, or up, at his foot. "Is this one of yours? It's good. Nice design, very constricting." He commented casually, deciding to take a page out of Stiles' book. Having a conversation upside down really wasn't as weird as he thought.

"What are you doing out here, Scott?" Chris asked patiently, though his scent gave away that he was anything but.

"Like I said, just hanging."

"With Isaac? I've been informed that the two of you have been getting rather.. close lately."

"We have." Scott nodded without thinking. "He's my mate."

Chris looked a mix of confused and relieved. "I thought Allison was your mate." He said, clearly hoping Scott would say that they were wrong, but he didn't.

"She is. She's also Isaac's mate." Scott said, then his eyes widened as he realised what he'd just admitted.

"What?" Chris demanded, voice low and threatening as he cocked his gun.


"Dad!" Allison called, running out of the bushes she had hidden behind. "Dad, stop!"

"Is it true, Allison?"

"Yes. Yes, it's true." Allison informed her father confidently, despite her worry that Isaac would also come running out to help. That would go pretty badly after this particular conversation on any given night, but throw in the fact that Scott was shirtless and Isaac currently wasn't wearing any clothes at all… it really wouldn't go well to say the least. "They're mine and I am theirs. I love both of them, dad."

"I can't handle this." Chris sighed, rubbing his hands over his face. "Just, stay out of the woods." Chris sighed then walked away, ordering the hunters with him to do the same.

"The Preserve is Hale Property!" Allison called out in a reminder, but didn't get a response.

"Well that was fun." Scott drawled as the pack emerged from their hiding places. Scott soon set himself free. "Are we going to help him or not?"

"We can't!" Derek insisted, the pack heard another trap being sprung. "But, You all need to see something. C'mon" The pack followed Derek to an area near the lake, where they saw the omega, hung by his hands, being interrogated by Chris Argent. The omega assured that he hadn't killed anyone and was only there looking for the alpha.

"Gentlemen, take a look at a rare sight." Gerard announced, looking around at the hunters.

"An omega." Chris stated.

"The lone Wolf. Probably kicked out of his own pack, or the survivor of a pack that had been hunted down." Gerard explained. "Maybe even murdered. Possibly, alone by his own choice. Certainly, not a wise choice." Gerard chuckled, pulling out a broad sword. "Because, as I am about to demonstrate, an omega rarely survives on his own." Gerard swung the sword at full force and cut the omega in half.

Derek covered Scott's mouth with his hand, Erica hid her face in Boyd's shoulder, Allison and Lydia huddled together, Isaac winced and curled up to Stiles, who hid his face in the beta's hair, Jackson and Danny both winced and looked away and Boyd and Derek closed their eyes.

"Now do you see Scott, why I couldn't let you help him? Do you see what they do? Had I let you go, they would have caught you and done the same to you, even Chris wouldn't be able to stop them. Maybe, given more time, we could have helped him, but I will not risk the lives of my own for an outsider. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I won't" Derek whispered.

"What are they doing?" Scott asked in shock.

"Declaring war."

"We have a code!" Chris reminded Gerard. "There is a treaty with the Hale Pack that has been approved by the council! We have to leave them alone."

The hunter said. "Not when they murder my daughter." He stabbed the sword into the ground and turned to face the hunters. "No code! No treaty! Not anymore. From now on, these things are just bodies wanting to be cut in half. Are you listening? Because I don't care if they're wounded and weak, or seemingly harmless begging for their life with the promise that they will never, ever hurt anyone, or some desperate lost soul with no idea what they're getting into, or even a blood relative." He looked to Chris, whose eyes widened in horror. "We find them, we kill them, we kill them all."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Three nights later, it was a full moon.

It was easier than the last for some, thanks to the entire pack being there, but there were... complications.

Snarls and growls filled the Stilinski house. Stiles and Scott found themselves struggling slightly, mainly due to the upset of their pack mates. The pair had glowing eyes, but the others, minus Derek, were in all out beta shift.

"Calm yourselves!" Derek growled, flashing his eyes at the newer wolves. "Try to focus. pack, family, mates, whatever it takes! Repeat after me: Alpha, Beta, Omega! Say it!"

At their alpha's command, all the wolves repeated the mantra. "Alpha, beta, omega."

"Good, as you say it, you're getting calmer, okay? Again!"

"Alpha, beta, omega!" Isaac was visibly calming and stopped snarling, which helped Scott and Stiles.


"Alpha, beta, omega." Although it worked for him, it had the opposite effect on Jackson, Erica and Boyd.

"Alpha," Erica snarled, "Beta," She struggled against her chains, "Omega!" with a particularly strong tug, she broke free from her chains and tackled the alpha. This enraged Stiles and he lost all control as he began to thrash. Boyd escaped his chains next and ran for the stairs. Stiles snarled and struggled, soon breaking free from his own restraints, immediately shoving Erica off of Derek, which angered Boyd, who turned and snarled at Stiles. Scott, Jackson and Isaac broke free then and chaos ensued. There was a flurry of flashing eyes and claws as the beta's thrashed and clawed at each other, their alpha struggling to gain control.

Derek bounded into action when he saw Isaac and Stiles slam Erica into a wall, only to halt when he realised that Isaac was chaining her back up as Stiles held her in place. Turning, he saw Scott doing the same to Boyd, but he was having more trouble, so he moved to help. They soon had the teen chained up, but he still struggled, more so when a thud sounded behind them and Erica wasn't struggling anymore. Derek wasn't sure who, but either Stiles or Isaac had knocked her out.

Derek glared at them, but they just shrugged. "That's not-" He froze and looked around the basement. "Jackson?! JACKSON?!"

The door to the basement opened and Lydia came rushing downstairs. "He's gone, we tried to stop him, but he got out. I'm sor-"

"Are any of you hurt?" Derek demanded.

"No, but-"

"Then that's all that matters. We'll find him, before he hurts anyone or anyone hurts him" Derek promised the Banshee. "Get Danny to set up a barrier of mountain ash around Boyd and Erica and tell Allison to gather as many non lethal weapons as she can." The girl ran off to do so, and Derek turned to his beta's "Isaac, I know you've found an anchor, but you have less training and experience. So, I need you to stay down here, make sure Danny is safe and able to set them free if something goes wrong. Scott, Stiles, with me." Derek was up the stairs in seconds, he bounded into the living room, Stiles and Scott close behind, along the way, they passed Danny, the Hawaiian wishing them luck and promising to make sure nothing happens to the others.

In the living room, tasers, ultrasonic emitters, wolfsbane mace, mountain ash, flash bolts and other things were being packed up.

"I said non lethal." Derek growled, gesturing to the arrowheads and Chinese ring daggers.

"These aren't for Jackson." Allison promised. "They're for if we need to slow down hunters."


"Alright," Lydia announced, her voice filled with conviction, tugging her gun into a hip holster. "Let's go save my mate."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

No one was surprised to see Gerard during their search, but what was surprising was that Victoria was there and Chris wasn't. Accompanying them were three other hunters.

"Well, Derek, I see you've been busy. Is it seven beta's you have now? Or have you made more? Victoria tells me that three of them are here with you, and there are four more, boy's?"

"Three boys and a girl." Derek stated, a hint of pride in his voice. He knew that Gerard knew everything that Victoria knew about his pack, so there was no point lying about it. However, there's no need to correct them about Allison, She didn't want them to know so he wouldn't say anything.

"Two, well, including the banshee, three girls and six boys, including yourself and the human? Isn't that a little unfair."

Derek hummed thoughtfully. "Actually, we have two human males, the sheriff is Pack too. Though, you're right, I should recruit some more boy's, give them a fighting chance against these three," He chuckled whilst the girls grinned triumphantly, Lydia walking over to Allison.

"Nah, they're fine for now." Lydia stated, hip checking Allison when she reached her. "And actually, Alpha, it's three girls and a boy against the six of you. Right Stiles?"

"Yup, sorry Der. You're my mate and I love you, but we have plans to take over the world." Stiles grinned.

"Now, this is all touching, really, but I'm afraid that we're going to have to cut this short, Derek." Gerard informed him, raising a gun. "I'm guessing one of yours got out tonight, we need to put it down."

"You're not going to harm any of my pack." Derek said confidently.

"And why's that?" Gerard demanded.

"Multiple reasons." Derek stated, stepping closer to the hunter. "One, you'd have the entire Sheriff's department after you for killing one of their own, the sheriff's son, and all of his friends." He took another step towards the group, ignoring the weapons aimed at him. "Two, if you kill any of them, the hunters council will cut down your family in a heartbeat for violating the treaty." Gerard's look darkened, if possible. "Three, I've distracted you long enough for the girls to arm their weapons." The hunters all looked to where the girls were, finding Allison aiming an arrow at Gerard. Lydia had gone for a gun.

"Try anything and you'll be ripped apart with arrows, claws and bullets." Derek announced, "Now lower your weapons and go home."

Victoria glared at Stiles and Scott, who were stood by Allison. "Very impressive, Derek." Gerard complimented. "I see you've got your dogs trained." Derek snarled at the hunter. "Now, now, no need for that, Derek. Let's be civil here."

"Civil? You come to my private property, threaten my pack, call us dogs, and now you want to be civil?" Derek asked incredulously.

One of the hunters adjusted his aim fixed on Derek's head, his finger slowly pressed down on the trigger, when a whistling noise sounded and he keeled over in pain, dropping the gun. He looked to find an arrow embedded in his thigh. He cried out in pain and Victoria snapped, and she charged.

She shoved Stiles into a tree and grabbed Scott. She held a gun to Scott's head, about to pull the trigger, when a shot sounded, followed by a sharp pain in her arm. Hunters yelled in anger and another gun went off behind her, another arrow flew through the air and another hunter cried out.

Looking down, Victoria saw blood oozing down her left arm, dripping onto the ground. Lydia still had the gun fixed on Victoria, only this time it was aimed at her head. "Consider that a warning shot." Lydia growled, quite impressively, glaring at the woman.

"You don't have the guts!" Victoria sneered, preparing to pull the trigger again, only to keel over and drop her gun when Lydia shot her in the knee.

"That's two. The strikes and you're out." Lydia glared.

Victoria was livid. "No, I won't stand for this!" She screamed, letting go of Scott and pulled something out of her pocket. Then she turned and shoved it in Allison's face. Nothing happened.

"W-what? But it should have-" Victoria's eyes widened in realisation. "You're still…"

"Yes I am." Allison stated as she wiped the remnants of the purple flower away with the back of her hand. "And now, I have to go make sure that I don't have Aconite poisoning. But first, I want you to leave. Now.

"Enough!" Stiles called out. "This is your last chance Gerard. Leave. I've contacted a friend who can get a hold of the council in five seconds flat." Stiles warned, eyes glowing yellow. "I want you to leave. Now. Or else, I'll let the council deal with you."

"Well played. We'll go." Gerard conceded with a nod. "But I must warn you, if we find the other one before you do, we will put it down."

Gerard supported Victoria and ordered the other hunters to retreat. One hunter was helping the one with an arrow in his thigh, the other was clutching his arm, which also had an arrow embedded.

Once the hunters were gone, Stiles spoke up. "Um, g-guys?" He stuttered, drawing everyone's attention to him, it was then that Derek noticed the scent of blood, that didn't belong to hunters. Stiles had a hand pressed to his left shoulder, blood flowing down his arm and over his hand. "Can we hurry up with finding Jackson? My shoulder kind of hurts."

"Shit." Derek gasping, rushing over to his injured mate. A pained howl sounded through the trees as a figure charged towards them. "He can smell your blood." Derek explained, reluctantly moving so that the beta formed Jackson, could see his pack mates wound. The wolf whined at the sight, moving to nuzzle the injury, but a flash of red eye's had him stepping back.

"Jackson." Lydia called in a comforting voice. Her mate rushed over to her, burying his face in her hair. "C'mon, let's go home."

"Lydia, get the first aid kit, Allison, a bullet and a lighter." Derek ordered as they walked through the door. "Scott, get Jackson locked up and tell Isaac and Danny what happened."

The three scattered to do as they were told, Scott tugging Jackson along, Derek picked up Stiles and carried him to the couch, gently setting him down.

"Derek, like you said I'm gonna be fine. You didn't have to carry me, you know." Stiles reminded him gently.

"I didn't even notice, Stiles!" Derek growled, although Stiles knew that the anger behind it wasn't directed at him. "Before you said something, I didn't notice."

"It's a graze, Derek, you had more importa-"

"Nothing is more important to me than you!" Derek pressed, eye glowing red as Allison approached. "I love the pack and they are close second, but you, Stiles, you will always come first."

"Same here, Der bear. Sorry Ally." Stiles grinned as the girl prepared the wolfsbane.

"Don't worry about it, it's the same for me when it comes to Scott and Isaac. I really hope that neither of them are injured at the same time, because I wouldn't be able to choose who to go to. I'd probably just end up curling in a ball on the floor and sobbing." There was no skip in her heart beat as she set the wolfsbane on fire.

"I'm the same for Jackson. Thankfully, I don't have to choose between boyfriends." Lydia announced, walking over and crouching by Stiles, and started to clean the wound.

"Why are you cleaning it? It'll heal once I get the wolfsbane."

"No exit wound." Was the explanation Lydia regretfully gave him. "I need to clean it, so it's easier to find the bullet and pull it out." She set down the wipe, and picked up a pair of tweezers. "Derek, hold him still."

"Oh crap."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"Are you sure that you want to do this?" Derek asked Isaac as they stood outside the boy's old house. "I can go get whatever you need."

"No, I need to do this." Isaac said firmly, taking a deep breath, then walked towards the house.

They went to Isaac's bedroom first, gathering up books, photo's and other personal items. Isaac didn't bother getting any of his own clothes, due to having more than enough thanks to Derek. He did, however, grab one of his father's sweatshirts. They went to the basement next and Derek could smell, old, stale blood. Isaac's blood.

"I didn't think I'd still be able to smell it." Isaac commented, "I came to get some of my mother's stuff, but I might as well show you, or I'm guessing you'll come back later to find out, right?"

"Yes." Isaac set the stuff he was carrying down on the floor.

"The first time it happened was just after my mum died." Isaac explained, leading his alpha through the basement. "I was eight years old, Cam had gone off to a friends house and dad was drunk and angry. But the school had noticed my injuries, so he couldn't beat me. Instead, he dragged me down here." Derek looked down, noticing scratch marks along the floor, the scratches came in sets of five and led to a white chest freezer. Derek's eyes widened in horror as realisation hit him. "I remember not really knowing what was happening the first time. One second I was being dragged across the floor, the next I was being shoved inside there. He locked it and left me in there all night. At first it was like every other month, for a night at the most. Then it happened more frequently. Sometimes a couple of nights a week, other times, like the week before I turned, I spent whole weekends there. He'd come down and throw in a bottle of water inside each night, then leave. Usually beating me before I went in and after I came out."


"I want you to tell the Pack for me, if you don't mind?." The blonde stated, turning to look at Derek. "We've got a bit of a prank war going on and the other day Jackson locked Scott in a closet. I uh- I kinda have a thing about small spaces, so I want them to know, because once they know, they'll never do that to me. Just knowing that I don't like small spaces won't be enough to stop Jackson, but the reason will. I'd tell them myself, but I don't want to go through it again, and I thought you should know first."

"Don't worry, I'll take care of it." Derek gently pulled Isaac away from the freezer. "Come on, let's go get your things."

Isaac grabbed photos of his mother along with some of her things, such as books and jewelry and one of her black scarves. "Okay, that's everything." Isaac said looking around the living room, although his eyes lingered on several pieces of furniture.

"Are you sure? We can come back another day for any furniture, if you'd like?" Derek offered.

"Where would we keep it? There's not enough room at the house." Isaac asked with an adorable confused expression on his face.

"I have a storage locker, there's enough room for whatever you need." Derek explained and Isaac's eyes brightened. "Whether you use it or not in the future doesn't matter, but at least you know that it's there." Isaac nodded and smiled gratefully, Derek gave the pup a bright smile of his own.

Then, both wolves froze. Isaac went to speak, but Derek covered his mouth, looking behind the beta. Isaac slowly turned his head to look at who, or what was behind him.

It was like nothing he'd ever seen before. The creature, partially concealed by shadows, had glowing yellow eyes, but not like his own. It's eyes were a darker shade and slit, like a reptile's eyes. It's skin looked a dark green. And it had a long prehensile tail that looked to be about three feet long. The creature snarled at them, baring it's long sharp teeth. Isaac flinched as Derek grabbed his arm.

"Come on." He ordered as the creature prepared to leap at them. "Isaac, come on!" With that the two rushed to get out of the house, only to have the creature climb across the ceiling then land in front of them. In the better lighting, Isaac could see scales covering the creature, and the long claws. Derek stepped in front of Isaac defensively, and let out a loud howl.

The creature, clearly startled, smashed through the front door and disappeared into the night.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"Stiles, I'm not sur-"

"Derek, we all need to have some fun!" Stiles insisted as he pulled his mate towards the bleachers.

"After what we saw the other night and the hunters-"

"We all need a break from the supernatural. Quit arguing and put on your skates!"

"This is great, baby!" Erica grinned, pressing her body against Boyd's "Thank you." She gave him a hungry kiss.

"Hey, some of us are here to have fun, not watch you two do it on the ice." Jackson snarked as he and Lydia walked past. Lydia laughed as Erica stuck up her middle finger, her boyfriend only rolled his eyes in return. Lydia sat next to Stiles to put on her skates, shivering slightly.

"Could it be any colder in here?"

Stiles reached into his bag and pulled out an orange jumper. "Here."

"I'm wearing blue." Lydia said with a 'seriously?' look. "Orange and blue, not a good combination."

Stiles looked at her with an offended look on his face. "But it's the colors of the Mets." At Lydia's look, he conceded "Okay, um, maybe orange and blue is not the best. Right, you know, um, sometimes there's other things you wouldn't think would be a good combination end up turning out to be, like, a perfect combination, you know, like two people together... Who nobody ever thought would be together... ever."

"No, I can see that." Lydia smiled. "You guys are cute together." Stiles chuckled and looked at Derek with a smile.

"Yeah, we are."

"Adorable." Jackson rolled his eyes. "You wanna know another perfect combination?" Stiles pulled out multiple packs of Reeses. "Exactly. Gimme one." He reached for a pack, only to have Stiles pull it back. "Please?" Jackson sighed and Stiles handed him a pack with a grin. Lydia and Derek grabbed a pack each.

"Can I have one?" Erica called over, she and Boyd were already on the ice.

"Yeah, I brought enough for everyone. Who else wants some?" The entire pack wanted them. "Alright, you can come over and get em from my bag when you're ready. If you want any of the other snacks, ask first." He ordered and made his way to the ice, carrying Reeses for Erica. "Think fast!" He yelled and threw the pack at the girl. Erica made a graceful leap, catching the snack mid air, landing on one leg and immediately moving into a spin. When she stopped spinning, she grinned at Stiles.


Stiles rolled his eyes and started skating, Jackson skating alongside him as they raced around the rink.

Lydia was pulling off eccentric twirls and spins. Danny was helping Erica try to teach Boyd some moves, Allison, Scott and Isaac had yet to get on the ice, and Derek lazily skated around, watching his pack.

"Since neither of you have ever skated before, maybe I should give you a few pointers?" Allison offered her mates.

The two shared a look and a chuckle "Allison. Not that this is news to you or anything, but you remember the werewolf thing?" Scott grinned confidently.

"Super speed, strength and reflexes." Isaac reminded her.

Allison raised an eyebrow. "So a little ice skating should be no problem."

"Yeah." Scott stepped onto the ice "See? It's no problem." He went to move and immediately fell down. "ugh! Maybe." His mates giggled at his expense.

"Really Scott?" Isaac asked, also stepping onto the ice. "How hard can it be to- Woah!" Isaac followed in Scott's misfortune, and face planted the ice. Allison tried to suppress her giggles as she stepped onto the ice, carefully skating around her mates.

"No problem huh?" She asked as she helped them up. Derek skated over, "Mind helping me teach these two how to skate." She asked with a grin.

"Sure," Derek smiled, "I taught my younger sister and two of my cousins… When they were five." He teasingly chuckled. "Come on."

It didn't take long for Isaac to get the hang of it and start skating around with Danny. Scott took longer, hitting the glass and ice multiple times. The boy knew full well that if it weren't for his werewolf healing, he would be a walking bruise by this point, but his Mates and Pack Mates were all having a good time, so he simply kept getting up and trying again.

"Come on." Isaac said skating over to his mates happily. "Let's take a break. There's a photo booth over there," He and Allison helped Scott to the side as Derek called out.

"You might want to keep your eyes closed boys, or the flash will trigger them!"

"Oh." Scott sounded slightly disappointed.

"It doesn't matter." Allison smiled. "We can make it look natural."

The first picture consisted of all three squeezing their eyes shut, huge, cheesy grins plastered on their faces. The second had them all making 'roar' faces at the camera, only Allison had her eyes open. In the third, Scott and Isaac were kissing as Allison looked awestruck behind them. The fourth had Scott and Isaac kissing Allison's cheeks as she made a shocked face.

When the pictures came out, the trio was very happy with them. They made their way back to the ice, wanting to show their pack the pictures. When they got there, familiar music started playing from the speakers. Roar. The Katy Perry song.

"I used to bite my tongue and hold my breath, scared to rock the boat and make a mess. So I sat quietly, agreed politely." Lydia sang, skating with her hands behind her bag and a sway to her hips.

"I guess that I forgot I had a choice." Erica took over, grabbing Lydia's hands and skating backwards. "I let you push me past the breaking point, I stood for nothing, so I fell for everything"

"You held me down, but I got up, already brushing off the dust." Allison sang out, stepping onto the ice again. "You hear my voice, you hear that sound. Like thunder gonna shake the ground"

"You held me down, but I got up," Danny took over with a grin. "Get ready 'cause I've had enough."

"I see it all, I see it now." Erica flashed her eyes.

"I got the eye of the tiger," Stiles sang loudly "A fighter, dancing through the fire, 'Cause I am a champion and you're gonna hear me roar!"

"Louder, louder than a lion, 'Cause I am a champion and you're gonna hear me roar!" They sang out together, skating around gleefully. By the second chorus, Jackson, Isaac and Scott had joined in. Boyd and Derek opted to watch from the side of the rink.

"Our pack is insane." Boyd chuckled softly.

"Yes they are." Derek agreed with a smile. "But I wouldn't have them any other way."

"Me neither."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"Okay, so- wait no- uh- oh, yeah- no, that's no good- um- uh-"

"Scott!" Melissa yelled. "I think you already know what you're trying to tell me." She said, gesturing towards Allison and Isaac.

"What? No! I-I mean, yes that is a thing, we are all together, but that's not what I'm trying to tell you now!" Melissa frowned, turning worried.

"What is it sweetie?"

"Melissa, you might want to sit down." Noah advised, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"Oh, god, please tell me Allison isn't pregnant!"

"No, mum" Scott assured, and a slight chuckle escaped his lips in spite of his nerves. "Nothing like that."

"Melissa." Noah said softly. The woman nodded, sitting down on the couch.

"Okay, please don't freak out! Well, you probably will, but that's why the sheriff is here. He's been through it, so he can help you." Scott took a deep breath, looked his mother in the eyes, said "Mum, I'm a werewolf." then shifted.

Melissa gasped recoiling slightly. "W-what- h-how?"

"A few months." Scott mumbled, shifting back. "The night Laura Hale's body was found. Stiles and I were out in the woods when we were attacked and bitten. The creature that bit us was a werewolf, an alpha. Peter Hale. Laura was the Alpha, when Peter killed her, he gained the power."

"Months?! Sweetheart why didn't you tell me?" Melissa demanded.

"I was scared of how you'd react." Scott admitted sadly and Melissa walked over, hugging her son.

"Oh honey. I'm shocked and honestly a little frightened, but not of you. There's this whole world that I didn't know about! I- I'm just surprised, Scott, it'll take me awhile to wrap my head around this. It may take a while, but no matter how long it takes, I will still love you. Always."

"Thanks mum." Scott's eyes were swimming with tears of joy and relief as he and his mother hugged. The others all smiled happily at the family, before Melissa beckoned them all over.

"This is a family hug, so get in here!"

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"My son is a werewolf." Melissa said out loud to herself later that evening. "My son is a werewolf. A real life, actual werewolf."

"Welcome to the club." Noah chuckled, he handed the woman a beer and gestured for her to sit on the couch.

"Thanks." She took a large gulp of the beverage before sitting on the couch. Scott had opted to spend the night at Erica's house, to give his mother time to process things without having to worry about him picking up on her emotional state. Erica's parents wanted to meet the pack, and thank Derek for gifting their daughter with freedom from her illness. Most of the pack would be going home after, except Lydia and Allison, so it made sense that Scott stay as well. Scott would sleep on the couch and the girls would stay in Erica's room.

"It's just so much to take in!" Melissa sighed. "A part of me wants to go running for the hills."

"Well, at least you react better than I did!" Noah shook his head at the memory, ashamed at himself for saying those things to his son. "I said some horrible things to Stiles, things that I'll never be able to take back. He's forgiven me, but I just can't forgive myself."

"So who else is in the group?" Melissa asked, trying to get the conversation away from the sore subject.

"Pack." The sheriff corrected. "There's ten, well twelve including you and I. Derek, the Alpha, Stiles, the Alpha's mate and Beta, Scott, Jackson, Erica, Isaac and Boyd, all Betas, Lydia, Banshee, Allison and Danny, human."


"Apparently, according to Danny. The ability is genetically passed, but her powers were suppressed until she got bitten by Pete whilst trying to trap him in a circle of mountain ash."

"What's mountain ash?"

"Some wood that acts as a barrier against all supernatural creatures, though you can get it in actual 'ash' form, which is what Lydia, Allison and Danny carry around in their bag's daily."

"Where can I get some?" Melissa asked thoughtfully.

"Lydia, Allison and Danny have already had the house fitted with mountain ash baseboards. See that urn over there?" Noah asked, pointing at the urn in question. "It's filled with mountain ash. Mountain ash is only effective if it's a complete 'circuit' if you will. If you're ever in supernatural trouble, take a handful of mountain ash and throw at the door, or just smash the urn."

"And that'll work?" Melissa walked over to the urn and tilted it to look inside.

"Only if you believe it will." Melissa hummed, taking a handful of mountain ash and walking to the door. She took a deep breath, then threw the ash at the door. She was pleasantly surprised when it landed in a smooth line.

"Nice." She grinned, turning to high five Noah, who chuckled at her.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"Hey, mum I'm-" Scott froze as he realised he couldn't get past the doorway the next morning. "Um, I-I'm sorry, I'll just.." He turned to leave, devastated at the thought that his mother didn't want him around.

"Hey sweetie, wait, where are you going? Come in!" Scott turned to look at his mother nervously as she walked down the stairs.

"I can't." He gestured to the mountain ash by the door, that Melissa had forgotten to remove.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry sweetheart, Noah just told me about mountain ash and you securing the house last night. I was just testing it out, making sure it worked." She said hurriedly. "Uh, how do I let you in?"

"You have to break the line." Scott informed her with a relieved smile on his face.

"Really? That's it? Couldn't someone just kick it out of place or a gust of wind move it, then?" She asked incredulously as she knelt to break the line.

"No, it has to be done by a human and on purpose. Well maybe not only humans, because Lydia can do it." He explained as his mother stepped back and he was able to get into the house. "And maybe not on purpose, because that's how Kate died. Huh, I'm not really sure how it works, just that it does and wind won't blow it away."

"Interesting." Melissa commented, about to close the door, when she noticed three cars parked outside her house, faces watching from each window. "Uh, Scott?"

"Yeah?" He followed Melissa's look to his Pack. "Oh, they uh, they came to make sure I didn't get scared and back out of coming home, and also to comfort me if you freaked out."

"Ah," Melissa nodded. "Okay, well, invited them in for breakfast." The second the words left her mouth, the car doors were opening.

"They heard." Scott grinned.

"Of course they did" Melissa sighed, then began walking towards the kitchen. "That's gonna take some getting used to."

"Good Morning Mrs McCall." Allison greeted politely, "Would you like some help with breakfast?"

"Allison, please, there's no need to be so formal, call me Melissa, that goes for all of you except Scott." She said, giving her son a pointed look.

"Trust me, I've learnt my lesson." Scott assured, remembering the first (and only) time he called his mum by her first name. Not fun.

"And, there's no need, I've got my helper already, right Stiles?" She asked, turning to the boy, who was already tying an apron behind his back.

"Of course." Stiles smiled, walking to the fridge. "What's on the menu today, Mrs M?"

"I was thinking, McLinski Breakfast Buffet." She grinned, causing Scott and Stiles to whoop.

"Nice, you guys are gonna love it." Scott promised the pack with a grin. "Do you want me to call the Sheriff?"

Melissa raised an eyebrow as she turned on the oven. "I thought you werewolves had super senses? Or at least good observational skills." At her son's confused look, and his Pack Mates chuckles, she stated. "He's asleep on the couch."


"Now, be useful and make some coffee." She teased as she cracked an egg into a bowl.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

It was around nine pm when the pack started to disband to go to their respective homes.

"Hey, Jacks, can give me a ride to the garage on your way home? Dad and Derek have the early shift tomorrow, so.." Stiles asked as Jackson, Lydia and Danny walked to the Porsche.

"Yeah, no problem, hop in."

"Thanks." He looked over his shoulder to see Allison, Boyd and Erica climbing into Allison's Toyota and waved goodbye to them. He then looked to see his dad, Derek and Isaac getting into the Camaro. "See ya at home." He called before wedging himself into the backseat beside Danny.

"So how much did it cost to repair? I mean, it's been damaged a lot recently." Jackson commented.

"I actually just need him to replace the starter, the thing's been off ever since Peter ripped it out of my car. Then he mentioned something about my exhaust system and estimated $1200 parts and labour, the jackass." Stiles sighed. "I think I might have to resort to threatening him a little, or knocking him out and driving away."

"That sucks." Jackson commented, sharing a look with Lydia, then Danny.

"Tell me about it." Stiles sighed.

Jackson dropped Danny off at home first, then minutes later pulled up to the garage. "Hey, is there a bathroom in there?" Jackson asked Stiles, purposefully not claiming to need the bathroom as Stiles would know he was lying.

"Yeah, I'll show ya where." Stiles responded, completely unsuspecting of Jackson's true intentions.

"Thanks I'll be back in a minute, Lyd." Jackson promised as he and Stiles got out of the car. Stiles pointed Jackson in the direction of the bathroom as he went to talk to the mechanic.

Jackson didn't go to the bathroom, instead, he hid and listened to the guy talking to Stiles.

"It's looking more like $1500." Lie.

"Why do I get the feeling you're overestimating the damage?" Stiles asked in annoyance.

"You know what, I actually think it's more like $1700." The mechanic lied again.

Stiles sighed, practically oozing anger, but it's not like he could tell the guy that he knew he was lying because he was a werewolf who could hear the man's heartbeat. Instead, he took a deep breath and mentally began plotting ways to destroy the man without physically hurting him. "Whatever, just finish! I'll be back here," He turned and walked away muttering. "Seething with impotent rage."

Stiles made a disgusted noise at something on the door handle, and Jackson took the opportunity to approach the mechanic.

"I think you're overestimating the charge." He stated casually.

The mechanic looked down at Jackson then scoffed and rolled his eyes. "Who are you? His boyfriend?"

Jackson grinned at the mechanic. "No, I'm his friend, Jackson Whittemore. You may have heard of my father, David Whittemore." He smirked as the mechanic paled. "He's a very successful lawyer and I think he'd agree that you're over charging my friend here."

The mechanic audibly gulped, then looked up at the Jeep. "Y-y'know, I actually think that I'll be able to get some discounts. Yeah." He nodded. "It'll probably come to $1200 ."

"Really?" Jackson asked looking up at the jeep. "Cause I know a thing or two about cars and I think it'll be about $500."

"I can't do that." The mechanic glared. "A grand."

Jackson glared. "You're not getting more than $800." The mechanic looked ready to argue, but changed his mind.

"$800." He grumbled before continuing his work on the Jeep.

"Sounds fair to me." Jackson smiled, walking over to where Stiles was. "Oh, and my father will be having some check you've done it correctly, so no shortcuts." He opened the door, grimacing at a slimy substance. "Gross." He muttered, walking through, wiping his hand on his jeans.

"J-Jackson." Stiles whimpered, Jackson then noticed that Stiles was on the floor. "I-I can't move." He gasped out, a sob following his words. "I c-can't- I can't-"

"Hey, hey, calm down, okay. I'll get you out of here and we'll figure this out." Jackson promised, forcing himself to stay calm, but internally, he was freaking out. He leant down and grabbed Stiles' arm. He was able to get Stiles in front of the door when his hands went numb.

"What the hell?" he muttered, he stood up straight and tried to regain feeling in his hands. His efforts were in vain as the feeling only spread.

"Jackson, there's something on the Jeep!" Stiles gasped out. Jackson caught a glimpse of a creature cutting the back of the mechanic's neck. As Jackson fell to the floor, he saw the mechanic do the same. Whatever was happening to him and Stiles, was happening to the mechanic too, only a lot faster.

Jackson used the last of his strength to dial 911 as he and Stiles watched helplessly as the creature slashed a pipe, effectively disabling the hydraulic car lift. The wolves fought to regain control over their bodies as the seconds ticked by, listening to the mechanic scream out for help, before the Jeep reached the ground, crushing the man beneath it.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Scott walked into the animal clinic the next day, to see an unexpected patient on the metal table.

"They're coming back, so we don't have much time to talk." Doctor Deaton's voice spoke up from behind Scott, startling him.

"What?" Scott's eyes were wide and his movements frantic. "Wh-who's coming back? Why is there a dead body on the table?"

"Hunters, the Argents." Deaton stated "Someone killed one of their own and they know that it wasn't Derek or any of you."

"Okay, how do you know all this? Actually, how... How do you know anything?" Scott demanded, Derek and Stiles were right. There is something up with Deaton, but Scott had no idea what.

"It's a longer story. What I can tell you, is that I know about your kind. Your kind? I can help. This." He gestured to the body on the table "This is something different."

"Well, do you know what did it?" Scott asked, semi-hopefully. On one hand, he wanted to know so that they could stop it. On the other hand, he wasn't sure that he was quite ready to learn about more than just werewolves and Banshees, the world was weird enough as it was.

"No. But the Argents will. And this is the crucial part, they'll have a record or book. It'll have descriptions, histories, notations, of all the things that they've discovered." Deaton explained and Scott had the sinking feeling that he wanted Scott to get the book.

"All the things? How many different things are there?"

Before the vet could answer, the Argents arrived and Scott rushed into hiding while Deaton continued his autopsy.

"I'm starting to think I need to buy a more prominent 'closed' sign." The vet stated dryly, turning to face the hunters. Freezing in surprise when he saw Gerard.

"Hello, Alan. It's been a while. The last I heard, you had retired." The elder Argent greeted

"Last I heard you followed a code of conduct."

"If you hadn't noticed, this body is one of ours." Chris pointed out with a glare.

"I did, I also noticed the gunpowder residue on his fingertips and the wound on his thigh. Which, I'd say, is from an arrow, your family's weapon of choice. So don't assume I will be swayed by your philosophy just 'cause I'll answer a few questions.

"He was only 24." Chris retorted, growing frustrated with the man

"Killers come in all ages." Was the reply.

"All ages, sizes, shapes. It's the last one that concerns us." Gerard informed the vet, showing that he wanted to get to business.

"How about you tell us what you found?" Chris requested,, although it was more of a demand.

Deaton turned the corpse's head, resulting in a sickening cracking sound. "See this cut? Precise. Almost surgical. This isn't the wound that killed him. This had a more interesting purpose."

"Relating to the spine." Gerard said knowingly.

"That's right. Whatever made this cut, it's laced with a paralytic toxin, potent enough to disable all motor functions. These are the cause of death. Notice the patterns on each side."

"Five for each finger." Chris observed

"Each claw." Gerard corrected.

"As you can see, it dug in, slashed upward, eviscerating the lungs and slicing through the bone of the rib cage with ease." Deaton made an example of the movement with his hands.

"Have you ever seen anything like this before?" Gerard asked, keeping his expression neutral.


"Any idea at all what killed him?" Chris asked with an eyebrow raised.

"No." Deaton admitted, "But I can tell you it's fast, remarkably strong, and has the capacity to render its victims essentially helpless within seconds."

"If you're saying we should be cautious? We get it." Chris scoffed

"I'm saying you should be afraid. Be very afraid. Because in the natural world, predators with paralytic toxins use them to catch and eat their prey. This prey wasn't eaten. That means whatever killed him only wanted to kill him. In fact, killing may be its only purpose." Scott's heart was beating rapidly in his chest. That explains what happened to Stiles and Jackson, whatever that goo was that they mention must have been from the creature. It paralyzed them, that's why they couldn't move. He needed to tell Derek. Now.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"Okay, never go anywhere alone. Understood? After training tonight, you will all work out a schedule for school. If someone has a class alone, two people will walk them there and meet them. I don't care that this thing has only attacked at night so far, that could change at any time, so be cautious." Derek informed the pack firmly as they sat in the Stilinski living room. He held up a vial of a gooey, clear substance. "This is the paralytic agent that took down the victims, and Stiles and Jackson. The creature can apparently administer it through a cut, but also leave it lying around. It set in in less than a minute for Stiles and Jackson, but works a lot faster via cut. If you get cut inexplicably, or touch something slimy or gooey, get out of sight, contact the pack and wait it out."

"I'm not sure if it's because we got it on our hands, but Stiles and both lost feeling in our hands first." Jackson informed the pack as Lydia cuddled him closer.

"Yeah, it was like a numb feeling, then it spread until I-we couldn't move at all from the neck down." Stiles shuddered at the memory, hating every second of it. Derek took his mate's hand in his own and gave it a comforting squeeze.

"This thing is dangerous," Derek stated, rather unnecessarily but the Pack weren't about to point that out. "It doesn't seem to have any purpose other than killing, making it unpredictable and pretty terrifying." He set the vial down on the table carefully before picking up a piece of paper. "Lydia made a sketch based off of Stiles and Jackson's descriptions. Take a good look." He handed the sketch to Allison, who took a good look before passing it to Erica. "Any questions?"

Scott raised his hand slightly. "Yeah, I have one." Derek nodded at him in a 'go ahead' gesture. "Why is my boss tied up in the corner?"

"Because we need him to answer a few questions." Derek stated simply.

"Why not just ask?" Scott demanded. "Why kidnap him? He could fire me!"

"He won't," Derek said confidently, giving the vet a heated look. "not if he values his life."

"Well, he could take away my raise!"

"He gave you a raise?" Derek looked at the vet again. "How much?"

"$2.50 an hour."

Derek nodded and hummed. "Not bad," He admitted, then looked at Scott curiously "Do you want more?"

"What? No! Derek!"

The rest of the pack couldn't help chuckling at the exchange. "Are we gonna torture him?" Erica asked, smiling evilly at the vet.

"No!" Scott yelled out.

"Maybe." Stiles countered.

"It depends on how easily he gives us information." Derek stated, walking over to the vet and removing the gag. "So. Tell us what you know."

"Sure, although Scott is right, you really didn't have to result to these measures." Deaton stated with a raised eyebrow. "I take it you don't remember me, Derek?" This caught everyone's attention. "I understand that we haven't been in the same room longer than 5 minutes since you were eight years old, but I would have thought you'd at least recognise my scent."

Realisation hit Derek like a train and his eyes widened. "You were my mother's emissary."

"I was." It wasn't long until Deaton was set free and telling them what he'd learnt about the creature they were dealing with.

"As far as I can tell, Gerard knows what we're dealing with, but for some reason, he hasn't told the other hunters, at least not Chris." Deaton finished telling the pack. "I'd say the best way of finding out what we're dealing with is to get our hands on that book."

"You want us to steal a book from the Argents?" Isaac asked incredulously. "Sure, let's just walk right into a house full of hunters and pray that we don't die!"

"I can do it." Allison suggested. "Now that they know I'm still human, I have an in. Dad wants me back anyway. We can stage a fall out or something, I'll go back and get the book."

"No." Derek protested immediately. "I admire your determination, Ally but I'm not going to let you walk back into a house of killers for a book. If you really want to go back, I can't stop you, but I'm not letting you do that just for something so small, it's too dangerous."

"I can protect myself." Allison informed him defiantly, crossing her arms over her chest

"I know that you can, I've never doubted that for a second, but you're Pack." Derek assured, thanks to Deaton's presence he didn't allow too much emotion to show, but his Pack knew well enough to know that he was practically begging her not to go back "I won't risk you getting hurt over this. Your father won't try anything, but Gerard will. The other night, your mother shoved wolfsbane in your face because she thought you were a werewolf. No, we'll find another way to get the book."

Allison wanted to protest, but she understood where Derek was coming from, so she didn't. "Okay, then what can we do?"

"I have an idea." Lydia spoke up. "It's a little crazy, but I think it'll work."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Monday morning, Allison was wide awake, feeling refreshed and ready to go to school and set the plan into motion. Lydia on the other hand… Well, Lydia was still in bed. Although it was new for the girl, Allison wasn't really surprised, as when she had gone to bed at eleven the night before, Lydia was still on the phone to Stiles, fine tuning the details of the plan.

"Good morning Mrs Martin." Allison greeted the older woman in the kitchen as she prepared breakfast. "Omelette?"

"Ohh, that smells wonderful, but I'm afraid I'm on a diet." The woman protested, though she kept eyeing the pan hungrily so Allison insisted.

"Come on, you don't need to diet, you're gorgeous. But if it makes you feel better, they're egg white." Allison grinned.

"Oh, go on then." The woman conceded after a few seconds. "Would you like some help?"

"No thank you, but Lydia is still in bed, so you might wanna wake her up." Allison giggled. "I think it's her way of protesting therapy today." Mrs Martin sighed, before making her way upstairs to get Lydia out of bed.

Less than a minute later, Allison heard a horrified gasp from upstairs. She quickly turned the stove off, before rushing up. When she reached her best friend's room, she saw Lydia's sheet's covered in blood and Lydia's mother inspected the girl's bloodied hand.

"Oh my god, Lydia! What happened?" Allison rushed into the room.

"Lydia, sweetheart, what did you do? What did you do to yourself?"

"I-I don't- I-I" Lydia froze when her eyes fell on her mirror, the object was smashed and bloodied in the center,

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"How long has this been going on?" Derek asked in concern as he inspected Lydia's hand after school that day.

"S-since the night he died." Lydia admitted softly. "I didn't say anything because I thought it was just PTSD mixing with this new Banshee stuff. Now I'm.. not so sure."

"It's okay, we'll figure it out." Derek promised smiling at the girl in reassurance. Lydia smiled back sadly. "But I'm going to need you to tell me, or any of the pack, when something happens and when. Okay?"


"Good, so, how about we get you cleaned up, then go reserve the best seats to watch our pack kick ass during the game?"

Lydia laughed at that. "Sounds good to me. Thanks Derek, you make a great alpha."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"Allison, thank you for coming to see me." Gerard smiled as he left his office to see the brunette waiting for him. "To be honest, I'm kind of surprised, after the other night."

"That's kind of why I'm here." She lied with a soft smile on her face. "I wanted to thank you for calling the others off. It could have gotten really out of control if you hadn't." That was true, she was scared to think just how badly it could have gone.

"Ah, well, I think my men were the only ones injured, along with your mother." Gerard smiled in a pleasant manner, a true juxtaposition to the words that had just left his mouth, and locked the office door.

"Stiles was shot." Allison informed him. "The bullet was embedded into his shoulder blade, we made a mess getting it out. Fortunately, the scent of a Pack Mate's blood drew our missing friend back to us. He was so concerned that we had to knock him out so that he wouldn't wake the entire town." Allison chuckled at the memory.

"That sounds entertaining." Gerard chuckled. "More so than this Lacrosse game."

"Oh, I don't know, Lacrosse is pretty good." Allison smiled. "A little violent, but definitely entertaining."

"Oh, are you off to the game tonight?" Gerard asked in faux surprise.

"Yeah, five of my Pack Mates are on the team, so.."

"Ah, of course. I'll admit, when I found out what they were, I was tempted to take them off of the team, in the name of fairness of course. But, for one, they were all on the team before turning and secondly, that and the swim team are the only competition winning teams in the school, even before gaining werewolves. Tell your friends that as long as they keep their grades up, keep winning and don't kill anybody, they can stay on the team as long as they want. Even after they graduate."

Allison laughed. "Yeah, I will." She wasn't stupid, she knew that he had something up his sleeve and was only being nice and trying to get close to her for his plan. Whatever it was.

"Now, I understand if you want to sit with your friends and not be seen all buddy-buddy with the principal, but I'd really appreciate someone talking me through what's going on."

"Yeah, of course." Allison smiled genuinely, he'd just made her task easier.

"Great, but you're going to have to be patient with me, I'm going to have a lot of questions."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

During the game, Allison managed to get her grandfather's coat, and gave the office key's to Erica slyly when the blonde walked past.

"How many fingers am I holding up?" Coach Finstock asked Danny, who was holding an ice pack wrapped in a cloth to his head.


"Two, say two." Coach stated.


"Perfect, get back out there!" He patted Danny on the back and sent him on the field.

"You're still short one player coach." The ref informed him.

"Stilinski, get out there!"

"Yes coach." Stiles excitedly ran out onto the pitch. This was his first time playing since being turned and he was going to make the most of it.

"Great. Let's go!"

The whistle sounded and the match went on, only for Beacon Hills to lose another player. Coach frantically looked around, then pointed at Boyd. "You! Do you play Lacrosse?!"

Boyd looked to Derek, who said. "If you're sure you can stay in control, I don't mind. But the second you feel like you're losing it, I want you off of the field, understood."

"Yeah, thanks." Boyd grinned, then stood and removed his jacket.

"Yeah- oh, oh ho, oh oh, ohhh, we got ourselves a player!" Coach yelled excitedly when he saw Boyd's muscles.

Derek's phone pinged with a text.

From:  Erica
Message:  Nothing here.

He sighed, and continued watching the game as he waited for his Beta to get back.

On the field, Boyd took out 'The Abomination.' Gaining excited cheers from the Beacon Hills crowd.

"The bigger they are! The. Bigger. They. Are." Coach yelled, Derek turned to Lydia with a raised eyebrow.

"It's coach." Was the girl's only explanation.

Scott scored the next goal, only to be slammed into by another player from the other team. As he hit the ground, there was a sickening crunch of bone.

Isaac and Stiles got to him first, shortly followed by Allison, Jackson and Danny. Boyd however walked over to Derek with glowing yellow eyes.

"Erica," Boyd gasped "Something's wrong with Erica."

Derek took off in a sprint. He saw Erica running past the pool towards him. "Erica, what's-" Then he saw what was chasing her. The creature.

"Shit," he started running towards her as, but the creature beat him there, cutting the back of her neck. "Erica!" The blonde swayed on her feet before falling into the pool. The creature snarled at him, aiming for him next, but Derek didn't care as he drove into the pool to save his Beta. She was lying at the bottom, motionless, bubbles of air escaping her lips. Seeing the girl so helpless terrified him as he swam to save her.

He quickly pulled her up, relieved when she immediately gasped for air. "It's okay, it's okay, I've got you." He assured his Beta, his eyes were glowing red as they flickered from the girl to the creature.

"What's it doing?" She gasped as the creature circled the pool, but made no attempt to attack them.

"I don't know." Derek admitted, fighting to keep the fear out of his voice.

"Hey assbutt!" a voice called out, followed by a knife embedding itself into the creature's chest.

Derek looked towards the voice to see Lydia holding multiple throwing knives, flanked by Jackson. Derek used the distraction to move to the opposite end of the pool, when he got there, he and Erica were suddenly yanked out. Stiles was holding him, Boyd holding Erica.

"Boyd, get her out of here, we'll hold it off!" Derek whispered. "Go!"

Boyd and Erica left, then Stiles and Derek sprung into action. The fight was brief, ending when the creature saw its reflection and became confused and frightened, then it ran away.

"I know what it is." Derek announced. "It's called a Kanima."

"Uhh, that's great, but I have a question." Lydia spoke up, touching the back of her neck. "It cut me on the back of my neck." She stated, looking at the blood on her gloves. "So why am I not paralysed on the floor right now?"

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Chris and Victoria were in the kitchen, cooking dinner and drinking wine when the front door opened.

"Oh good you're back, dinner's almost ready." Victoria called out as she limped to the kitchen door.

"Great." Gerard smiled. "Do we have room for two more?" He asked as Scott and Allison hesitantly came into view.

"Hi." Scott greeted sheepishly. Chris immediately hugged Allison whilst sending Scott a glare.

"Allison." Victoria greeted tensely whilst rubbing her injured shoulder.

"Hey mum, how are your.. uh… injuries?"

"They're fine."

Dinner was tense, for the most part.

"Okay, why is everyone so quiet?" Gerard asked, looking around the dinner table. He and Chris were at opposite ends of the table, Scott and Allison were next to each other on one side of the table, Victoria on the other.

"Is it that uncomfortable that they're dating?"

"No," Victoria stated. "What's uncomfortable is that there is a werewolf in my house." Chris' eyes widened, obviously he didn't know that Victoria had told Gerard everything.

"Now, now Victoria, no need to be so harsh. I've come to.. an agreement with the Pack, haven't I Allison?" Gerard asked, ignoring Victoria's outrage at the news.

"Yup." She smiled. "Everything is okay. But, uh, can Scott and I be excused to grab some of my things from my room?"

"Yes, of course."

The two were able to break into the safe, only to find a cookbook inside. Then Allison realised something.

"I know where it is."

They quickly made an excuse to leave, Allison 'accidentally' grabbed her grandfather's coat on the way out and then the pair felt like they could breathe again as they made their way to the Stilinski house.

"I don't get it." Gerard smiled at the door as it slammed shut. "What's not to like?"

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"I've found something." Lydia announced. "It says here that the Kanima seeks a master."

"So whoever it is." Scott started, "Not only do they not know who, or what, they are-"

"They don't know what they're doing." Stiles continued. "Someones controlling them."

"Do you realise how much worse this is?" Derek asked in frustration, running a hand through his hair. "Before we were dealing with a random serial killing monster. Now, we're dealing with premeditated murders, committed by a monster, controlled by someone with an agenda that we have no idea about."

"How fun." Lydia sighed, sarcasm dripping from her words in measures that rivaled Stiles. "I'll try to find out what I can."

Chapter Text

The Hale Pack: You're Killing People, To Death!

"How fun." Lydia sighed, sarcasm dripping from her words in measures that rivaled Stiles. "I'll try to find out what I can."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"Did you see them?" Allison asked with a sigh of annoyance as she sat between Scott and Isaac in class.

"If you're referring to the security cameras all around school, then yes." Isaac informed the brunette "If you're referring to Derek and Stiles making out in the parking lot, yes again."

"I was talking about the camera's, but really?" Allison giggled.

"yeah, see for yourself" Isaac gestured to the window and sure enough, Derek had Stiles pinned against the Camaro in plain sight, as the two kissed passionately, utilising every second they had together before the bell rang to cover each other in their scent. All of the threats surrounding them had Stiles and Derek very possessive of the entire pack, but especially of each other.

"Isn't that, like, the fourth time this week?"


"And it's only Wednesday." Scott grumbled.

"Awww," Isaac teased, leaning onto Allison's desk, "Are you jealous? Would you rather it was you making out with one of us?"

"No!" Scott protested immediately, without thinking, cheeks turning red.

Isaac and Allison shared a look. "Well that's disappointing." Isaac sighed.


"Wait- no- that's not what I-"

"Maybe you and I should just make out, seeing as Scott doesn't want to." Isaac suggested.

"Hmm, sounds promising." Allison nodded thoughtfully. "Okay, but I will miss that thing that he does with his tongue."

"Yeah, me too." Isaac sighed, then grinned wickedly, "But I'm sure we can find a way to compensate."

Allison looked intrigued as Scott looked worried, eyes darting between his mates as he tried to figure out if they were being serious or just teasing him. "What did you have in mind?" Allison asked with a lecherous grin

Isaac smirked seductively then leaned in closer to whisper in Allison's ear, so that only she and Scott could hear the filthy things he said.

It didn't take long for Scott to say: "O-okay, I-I I've changed m-my mind, I definitely want to!" Isaac and Allison shared a triumphant look as the bell rang, though those looks immediately vanished when their teacher walked in. This wasn't their usual teacher.

"I'm afraid your teacher was feeling ill today" Victoria Argent stated as she walked down the centre of the classroom with a slight limp. "and had to leave early." She leant on her desk and smiled at the class. "So unfortunately, you're stuck with me as a substitute. Can anyone catch me up to speed on where we are? Mr McCall, how about you?"

Well this was going to be a bad lesson.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"So on another note," Lydia stated during lunch, after the trio told the pack of their encounter with Mrs Argent and everyone had expressed their opinions on the matter of course. "The reservations have been made."

"Oooh, date night?" Stiles asked with a smile. He was happy that his pups were making time to have fun, yet still being alert of any threats. Wait, pups? Where did that come from?

"Yup, but not ours." Jackson grinned, Stiles looked around the table in confusion, to find all of his pack mates grinning at him.

"Then who's?"

"Yours." Erica stated simply.


"We've noticed that you and Derek have been devoting all of your spare time to the pack and the Kanima and the Argents," Allison informed him, not even blinking when she said 'The Argents' as if she had no connection to them. "You both deserve to have some fun and quality couple time." She smiled.

"But clearly you weren't going to sort it for yourselves, so we stepped up." Lydia grinned. "Your date is on friday. Tomorrow night, Danny and Allison are taking Derek shopping, Erica and I will be taking you."

"I'm not getting out of this am I?" Lydia raised her eyebrows at him, causing Stiles to sigh. "Alright but you have to tell Derek."

"Your dad is going to tell him today." Allison grinned.

"Of course he is."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

After school, Stiles couldn't wait to rush over to Derek, who was waiting for him by the Camaro. The first thing he did was wrap his arms around Derek's neck and kiss him deeply.

"Hmm," Stiles half sighed, half moaned when they pulled away. "That never gets old."

"I hope not" Derek's voice was as he pressed his face into Stiles' neck but his mate heard him clearly. "How else will I keep you by my side?"

"Just keep being you, I love you Derek. Your kisses, your body, everything else, is just a bonus." He whispered into Derek's hair, as his mate breathed in his scent."You'll never have to worry about me walking away. But," He pulled away slightly to look Derek in the eyes. "If you ever hurt one of my pups, I will end you."

"Isn't that my line?" Derek chuckled, pulling away to open the passenger side door.

"Nope." Stiles grinned, sliding into the car. "I acknowledge and accept my fate." He sighed in faux defeat. "I am totally Pack mum."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

'Fake left, swing right, arms up, block, duck, don't charge in, have your opponent follow your lead. This is a dance. You must be the one to write the choreography. Don't be predictable, surprise yourself with you moves. Be graceful, yet fierce. Be a goddess of beauty, wisdom and war. Be everything you never thought that you could. Be a warrior, a survivor, you can do this.'

These were the thoughts racing through Erica's head as she trained, facing off against Jackson. She was pulling off stunts that she never thought she'd be able to do, she was flipping, gliding and twirling out of Jackson's reach.

Erica studied her fellow beta closely, hands held up to protect her face, one eye analysing Jackson, the other scanning her surroundings. Her senses were all focused. Focusing on a change in his heartbeat, a shift in the wind, any scent change that would indicate what was to come. She was focused and prepared.

She crouched low to the ground, causing Isaac to trip over her, rather than tackled her. She grabbed the curly haired beta's leg before standing. Erica spun Isaac around, full force, before releasing his legs and sending him crashing into Jackson. Before they were even on the floor, she was running towards them. She pulled Isaac off of Jackson before slamming him into the ground, pressing her claws into both of their necks. She retracted said claws then mimed slashing their throats.

"Excellent work Erica!" Derek complimented with a proud smile. "I could tell that you were focusing all of your senses, working off of instinct. I'm proud of you." He smiled as he helped the girl up. "Now boys, can you tell me what you did wrong?"

Isaac spoke first as he struggled to his feet. "I was focusing on attacking her, rather than anticipating what she would do."

"That's right. Jackson?"

"I did the same, but I also allowed myself to get distracted when she fought Isaac." Jackson shook his head at himself. "It was stupid."

"No, not stupid." Derek denied immediately, pulling Jackson to his feet. "It was a beginners mistake, don't berate yourself over it." He looked between both betas. "You're new to this, it takes a while to get a hang of all of your new senses. I don't know why, but it's easier for girls, both bitten and born." Derek told them with a shrug. "Maybe it's because girls are better at multitasking, I don't know." Derek suggested as the girls grinned in approval. "What I do know is that this is training. This is so you can figure out what you're doing wrong and fix it, or make up for it in real life situations. No one can get it perfectly. I bet even Erica, who 'won', is thinking of parts of the fight that she could have improved."

"It's true," Erica nodded. "For example, when I tripped Isaac, that could have gone wrong. He could have easily gotten the upper hand whilst I was crouched."

"Exactly." Derek agreed, "But you realised that, without any prompting or hints. You know what was good, what was sloppy and what could do with improving. That's good. Better to realise it now than out there." He smiled at all three happily. "Now, you two, go rest and heal, if anything needs setting, ask Melissa to do it. Then, when you're ready, weapons training with Chris. Erica it's up to you what you do. Weapons with Allison or hand to hand with Noah. Next up, Scott and Boyd. Let's go."

"Wait!" Danny called out from where he sat with his laptop, wide eyes fixed on the screen. "I found it! The connection between all of the victims!" The pack and Chris were by his side in seconds. "Swim team! They were all on it the same year. Isaac's dad was the coach."

"Why would someone be going after one specific swim team?"

"Because they almost killed someone" Isaac said, wide eyed. "Well, they technically did. They had just won some big thing, dad and Cam had brought them back to the house to celebrate, they had been drinking. He came round to do a comic book exchange. Th-the team, they thought it'd be funny to throw him in the pool, but he couldn't swim. He just kept sinking, no one helped. I couldn't do anything, I was locked in my room, but I could see from the window. My dad pulled him out and revived him. Then he ordered him not to tell anyone. He told him that it was his fault for not being able to swim."

"Who, Isaac? Who is he? Who's the Kanima's master?" Derek asked urgently

"Matt. Matt Daehler."

"I knew there was something about him that I didn't like!" Stiles proclaimed, drawing unimpressed looks from the pack. "What? It's true. I've always thought that he's a shady little shit, right Scott?"

Scott nodded in agreement. "It's true."

"Okay, well Ally, Lydia and I have to go do a thing, we'll be back soon." (A/N: For those of you who don't remember, the 'thing' was originally mentioned in chapter 19 after dinner with the Argents, when Allison and Stiles went to pick up Allison's things.)

"What? What 'thing'? And I thought Allison was your only partner in crime for whatever it is?" Derek asked in confusion.

"There's multiple people in on the thing, Der, but Lyd and Ally are the ones I need right now."

Derek looked around at the pack. "Who exactly is in on it?" Lydia, Allison, Danny and Jackson immediately raised their hands, shortly followed by the Sheriff. "Seriously? What the Hell are you planning?"

"You'll find out when it's done."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"No." Lydia stated as she searched through various shirts."Boyd and Jackson are watching Matt's house, Danny has hacked his phone's GPS, Mr Argent has hunters patrolling for the Kanima and your dad has access to every camera in town. We've got this covered, you are not canceling your date!"



"Try these on." Erica ordered, handing Stiles a pile of clothes, which Lydia then topped with at least a dozen shirts.

"Fine." Stiles grumbled, shuffling to the changing rooms. He came out five minutes later, dressed nicely in a pair of black skinny jeans, black and white flannel shirt with the top two buttons undone. "How's this?"

"That's a definite maybe." Erica stated, her eyes roaming his body appreciatively. They may both be mated to other people, but that doesn't mean she can't admire when he looks good. She admires all of her Pack Mates on a daily basis, and who could blame her? She's surrounded by extremely sexy people. Boyd doesn't mind as he knows she loves him and would never cheat on him.

"It does look great, semi-formal but still very you." Lydia commented thoughtfully, electing to ignore Erica's heated gaze. "But you should try on the other outfits to be sure." Stiles groaned as he disappeared back into the changing room. Half an hour later, he had finally tried on all of the clothes they had given him. Much to his frustration, the girls decided that the first outfit he had tried on was the best one for his date. They made him put it back on, along with his leather jacket, Lydia quickly snapped a picture of him and sent it to Allison. "That'll work. What do you think, Erica?"

"I approve." Lydia's phone buzzed and she showed Erica something. "Huh, that's perfect."

Stiles moved to look at the phone. "What is?" he asked as Lydia pulled the phone away from him before he could see.

"They already found something for Derek that'll match well enough that people will know you're a couple, but not so well that they think that you're one of those annoying, can't-be-apart-for-more-than-five-minutes couples." Lydia informed him and put her phone safely away in her bag, having grown tired of Stiles' continued attempts to get a look at the screen. "that you'll get to see tomorrow night. Now go get changed and then we'll find you some shoes."

An hour later, a blonde, a brunette and a redhead were sitting at a booth in the dinner, slowly munching on their food and waiting for Derek, Allison and Danny. They were allowed to put their shopping bags in the staff changing room, which they were immensely grateful for, because Erica and Lydia had decided to buy themselves a few extra outfits, along with some extra outfits for Stiles. They were halfway through their meals when the others showed up. Danny walked over to the booth as Allison and Derek went to put the shopping bags in the back room.

"Sorry we're late, Allison and I got into an argument with Derek, because he wanted to wear all black. Remember that shirt we showed you?" Lydia nodded as Derek and Allison walked over. "They had it in black too, so Derek wanted that one."

"Please tell me you didn't get it!" Lydia glared at Derek.

"No," Allison stated, sitting down. "We argued for almost an hour, when Danny noticed that they didn't have the black one in his size."

"Actually," Danny started to correct. "They did, until someone came along well you were arguing and took the last one. I didn't say anything because Derek would have chased the guy down until he found him and got the shirt."

"We ordered your usuals." Stiles announced before Derek could say anything. "Janie should be bringing them out soon. We told her that we didn't know how long you'd be, so she said that she'd get the preparation done then actually cook it when you get here."

"That's great, thanks." Allison smiled, then started to stand. "Actuall, while we're waiting I'm just gonna go check next week's schedule and see when I'm in. I'll be right back." With that Allison made her way through the 'Staff Only' door, muttering to herself about how she should have checked the schedule when putting the bags down.

"So, are you going to tell us where we're going on our date?" Derek asked Lydia whilst stealing a fry from Stiles' plate. Ignoring Stiles' indignant 'hey' of protest

"Of course!" Lydia stated as though it was the most obvious thing in the world. "At 6:30 tomorrow."

"Which will give you just enough time to get there for your 7 o'clock reservation." Erica grinned. Derek sighed, then went to grab another fry.

"Stop, they're mine!" Stiles protested, slapping Derek's hand away.

"Seriously? Come on Stiles I'm starving!"

"You should've thought about that before wasting time arguing over a shirt!"

"But you love it when I wear black."

"True, but I also like it when you wear other colours too!"

"Like what?" Derek asked, seeming to be genuinely startled by the revelation

"Grey, you know I love those grey henleys that you wear! And blue! Like that dark blue shirt you wore to meet my dad!" Stiles pointed out, he intended to point out the other colours he enjoyed seeing Derek wear, but Danny intervened before he could.

"You like him in grey, huh?" Danny asked, giving Derek a look.

"Shut up, I didn't know." Derek mumbled.

"Hey Ally, Stiles loves Derek in grey!" Danny announced when he saw the girl approaching with three milkshakes.

"Are you serious?" Allison asked as she glared at the Alpha.


-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

The next night found Stiles pacing in his room, stopping to look in the mirror every few seconds. "I don't know why you're so nervous, you're off on a date with your boyfriend, not a total stranger." Erica reminded Stiles, inspecting her nails casually.

"Because, I only just realised that this is our first real date!" Stiles flailed his arms around whilst pacing, not stopping to glance at the girls.

"What? No it isn't!" Allison rolled her eyes.

"It kind of is." Stiles finally stopped pacing and ran his hand over his hair. "That night at Lydia's party, we weren't actually dating, it was a cover story, bowling was a group date, I'm not sure if the dance counts, and any meals we have are usually with Pack, or my dad at the end of the table."

"In that case, he better bring flowers." Lydia stated. "Now come here and let me sort out your collar."

Lucky for Derek, he did bring flowers. White lillies, Stiles' mother's favourite flower. "You remembered." Stiles smiled as Derek stood in the doorway, grinning like a loon.

"Of course," Derek grinned, leaning in to kiss his mate. "What kind of a boyfriend would I be if I didn't?"

"Me. I don't know your mother's favourite flower." Stiles frowned as he made his way to the kitchen.

"That's because I haven't told you." Derek reminded him with a chuckle as Stiles found a vase.

"True. So what was it?"

"Believe it or not, wolfsbane." Stiles eyebrows shot up at that, causing Derek to chuckle. "I know, I thought the same thing when she told me. She obviously didn't keep it in vases around the house, but she said that she liked it because as much as hunters can use it to poison us, we can use it to cure ourselves."

"That is actually pretty cool." Stiles smiled, placing the vase of lilies on the table. "Well, I'm sorry, but I won't be buying you any bouquets of wolfsbane."

"Good." Derek grinned, wrapping his arm around Stiles waist. "You ready to go?"

"Yup, as soon as we find out where we're going."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Their reservation turned out to be at a nice restaurant in the centre of town. It was small and well lit, but not overly so. It was fancy enough to require better clothes than jeans and t-shirts, but not too fancy that you needed a tie. Plus, Stiles was able to understand the menu. The Pack really did choose the perfect place for them.

"So, Mr. Hale," Stiles grinned, leaning forward slightly. " tell me about yourself." Derek looked confused, so Stiles continued. "Well, this our first official date, so.."

"So it is." Derek chuckled. "Wow, over three months and this is our first actual date with just the two of us." Derek shook his head. "How did that happen?"

"I don't know." Stiles laughed. "But you still haven't answered my question."

"Right, well, my name is Derek Hale, I am 22 years old and I work as an assistant deputy at the BHPD. I live with my boyfriend, who is the most caring, thoughtful, loving, devious, hyperactive spaz in the world, and I love him more than anything." Derek smiled at his mate, who had turned red at the compliments and declaration of love, though really he should be used to it by now. "How about you?

"My name is Stiles Stilinski, before you ask, Stiles is just a nickname but my first name is impossible to pronounce. I am 16 years old and attend Beacon Hills High School. I live with my father, my boyfriend and my best friend's boyfriend. My boyfriend is incredibly hot! And I mean hot like burning! He's a couple of years older than me, but we don't let it get between us. He loves to wear black all of the time. His hobbies include running, lurking, brooding whenever I'm not around, stalking high schoolers and making me insanely happy."

"I do not stalk high schoolers." Derek protested immediately. "If anything, they stalk me!" He argued, as the waitress set down their drinks. "I come home and find a group of teenagers in my living room, or sometimes in my bed."

"Puppy piles, Der Bear." Stiles grinned and the waitress chuckled.

"You two are so cute together." She complemented with a smile.

"Thanks, Heather. I haven't seen you in a while." Stiles smiled at his childhood friend.

"I know, it's been too long, Stiles, I heard you had a hot, older boyfriend, but I didn't think it was true." The girl, Heather, chuckled. "It's nice to meet you, Derek was it?" She asked, holding out her hand for him to shake, which he took.

"Yeah, nice to meet you Heather. So how do the two of you know each other?" Derek asked politely.

"Our mums were best friends." Stiles explained before taking a sip of his drink.

"Yeah, we were really close, too." Heather smiled. "We used to take bubble baths together. It's crazy to think back on, huh?"

"Absolutely. So, are you seeing anyone at the moment?"

"Nah." Heather shrugged. "I haven't really met anyone that caught my attention and it seems that whenever I do, they're taken or not interested." She sighed and Stiles nodded sympathetically.

"It was the same for me, until I met Derek. But don't worry, you'll find your perfect someone someday."

"Thanks Stiles," Heather grinned. "Although, I may need a little help finding him."

"When I find him, I will bring him to you in a heartbeat." Stiles smiled, remembering the promise they made at the age of seven. "Because friends help you find your prince charming."

Heather smiled at the memory. "I wish I could return the favour, but you found yours before I did." She pulled out a notebook and pen. "Anyway, are you guys ready to order?"

"I like her." Derek announced after they had ordered and Heather walked away

"Yeah, me too. It's a shame we grew apart, but something tells me that our friendship could easily be rekindled."

"Yeah, I think so too." Derek smiled at his mate. "Now, back to us, this is our night, after all."

"So it is." Stiles smiled. "Right, uh, so I beat Erica at wall climbing in P.E. today."


"Don't sound so surprised!" Stiles laughed, softly kicking Derek under the table then grinned as an idea.

"No, no, it's just because it's Erica, she is the fastest in the pack." Derek defended himself with a chuckle and raised his hands in defense.

"True, but I have longer limbs." Stiles reminded him and to prove his point, he stretched out his leg once more. Rather than kicking his mate, this time Stiles began a game of footsie. "Oh, Allison beat Scott."

Derek laughed outright even as he joined Stiles in playing footsie. "Really? I mean Allison is great and damn fast for a human, I'm not denying that, but Scott is-" Suddenly remembering that they were in public, Derek grew quiet. Stiles smiled at his mate reassuringly, reaching out to grab his hand.

"I know, Allison was ahead of him, so she paused to let him catch up, he used 'admiring the view' as an excuse so she climbed again, telling him to 'admire from afar' then he used his abilities to pass her, so she kicked his foot, causing him to fall off the wall."

Derek laughed again, thankful for his mate's silent reminder that he didn't have to worry so much. It was unlikely that anybody heard his slip up, and he didn't need to stop speaking just because of it. "That's hilarious, I'm proud."

"Me too." Stiles grinned. The rest of their evening was pleasant, they enjoyed their meal and time together. Although, there was a small argument over who would pay, until Heather informed them that the food was already paid for by a 'Mr. J Whittemore'. They thanked Heather and gave her a tip, then left the restaurant hand in hand, leisurely making their way through the car park.

"So, I was thinking-" Derek began as they walked to the car, only to be cut off by Stiles.

"Uh, oh."

"Haha," Derek responded sarcastically and rolled his eyes. "Nevermind." He muttered, he successfully put on a mask of annoyance, but his eyes sparkled with mischief.

"Wait, no, tell me, tell me, please!" Stiles rushed out, turning to face Derek.

"I don't know.." Derek teased as he unlocked the car. Stiles cupped his face and turned it towards him. He pressed a soft kiss to Derek's lips. He pulled back, lightly tugging on Derek's bottom lip, with his eyes half lidded and his voice low and husky, Stiles breathed out a "Please?" that had Derek's trousers tightening.

"I was going to suggest that, since your dad is home tonight, we could rent a hotel room." Derek suggested, causing Stiles' eyes to light up."Just the two of us, all night."

"Hell yeah."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"Life's too short for shitty sex and bad relationships. So go in there and find someone who fucks you right and treats you how you deserve to be treated." Erica smirked, patting Danny on the back. The pack, minus Noah and Melissa, stood outside of The Jungle. Derek was reluctant about being there, but was persuaded by Stiles. Danny had just broken up with his cheating boyfriend, so the pack took him out to cheer him up.

"Okay, but if he is here, one of you better punch him for me." Danny stated, not the pack needed asking to do that.

"Uh, guys?" Scott spoke up, staring at the building. "We have a problem." The pack followed the beta's look to see a scaly tail disappearing through a window.

"Shit, was that-?"

"The Kanima."

"There goes our fun night." Lydia sighed.

"Not necessarily" Stiles said thoughtfully. "I mean, we can't exactly run in all claws and fangs, and we can't say 'hey, there's a homicidal lizard monster running around, so we need you all to leave so we can find him'. I say our best bet is going in, keeping an eye out, dancing a little, acting normal and keeping it from killing anyone."

Derek thought for a moment, weighing his options, before he decided that Stiles was right. "Okay, but no one will be standing alone."

Twenty minutes later, the pack was in the club. Danny was dancing with a cute guy and ignoring his ex, Isaac and Scott dancing close by. Allison, Erica and Lydia were grinding against each other, having a lot of fun as Stiles and Jackson watched on from the bar in amusement. Erica looked like she was having the time of her life between the two girls and kept sending Boyd suggestive looks. Stiles knew that if Erica had her way, the pair would be spending the night at Boyd's house. Boyd was standing next to Derek by the exit, the stoic pair watching the crowd carefully.

"That one's paid for." The bartender informed Stiles, pointing to a gentleman a little older than him at the other end of the bar. The guy in question smiled at Stiles and raised his drink and Stiles repeated the gesture.

"Won't your boyfriend get jealous?" Jackson asked with a smirk as he sipped his drink. "First you get swarmed by drag queens and given their numbers, now you've got guys buying you drinks."

"Absolutely," Stiles grinned wickedly. "when he's jealous, he doesn't hold back." Stiles winked at Derek from across the club, who looked a mix of embarrassed and annoyed, the wolf members of the pack looked grossed out, except for Erica. Stiles didn't want to think about the look on her face.

"Can you not?" Jackson practically begged with a grimace. "Ugh, it's like hearing my parents talk about sex."

"That's cause I'm totally the Pack Mum." Stiles grinned, sipping his drink.

"Huh. Yeah, I guess you are." Jackson agreed thoughtfully. "Just don't expect me to start calling you 'mum' anytime soon."

"Lighting beams." Allison's voice cut through the background noise of the club. Stiles looked up to see the kanima crawling across the aforementioned beams, glaring down at the crowd. The pack sprung into action, trying to bring down the creature. Unfortunately, it was able to paralyse multiple people, including Danny, before escaping.

"Jackson, Lydia, stay with Danny!" Derek ordered as he raced out of the club. In the alley, hunters were waiting, shooting at the kanima relentlessly.

After multiple bullets and claws cutting through it, the Kanima went down. Of course, the hunters, minus Chris, decided to turn their weapons to the pack next.

"Don't!" Chris yelled. "We have a treaty!"

"Who cares about some stupid treaty? They're animals! They need to be put down." One of the hunters stated, pointing a gun at Allison.

"Actually." Allison piped up. "I'm human. Just ask your friends, I recognise some faces from the night my own mother shoved wolfsbane in my face." Evidently, Chris hadn't been informed of that part of the story, made clear by the horrified and apologetic look on his face.

"You may be human," Another hunter spoke up before Chris could say anything, Allison recognised him as one of the ones she had shot with her arrows that night. "but you run with wolves! And you shot me with an arrow!"

"You were threatening my pack." The brunette shrugged. "The hunters council signed the treaty and agreed to peace with our pack, you're the ones who violated it. Our actions were merely self defense." During the exchange, no one noticed the kanima crawl away. No one except Erica. The blonde tugged on Stiles' arm and gestured to where the creature previously lied.

Stiles slowly pulled the girl away from the pack, whilst everyone was distracted, following a blood trail to the parking lot. When gunfire started up, they ran. They found the kanima lying in between two cars, except it wasn't the kanima anymore.

"Isn't that-?" Erica gasped in shock.

"Yeah, that's her." Stiles sighed. "That's Tammy."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Stiles' phone rang loudly as he and Erica stood in the woods around midnight.

"hey Der-"

"Where are you?!" Derek demanded, worry and anger clear in his voice. "Is Erica with you? Where did you go? Are you injured?"

"Derek, calm down. We're both fine. We're in the preserve, near the cliff. Just before the hunters started shooting, Erica noticed that the kanima was gone, so we followed the blood trail and found her. Rather than deliver her to hunters, we took her and have locked her up."

"Her? You know who it is?!" Before Stiles could reply, his dad's voice came over the speaker.

"Stiles, please tell me that you have nothing to do with the stolen prisoner transfer bus."

"Uhh…" Stiles scratched the back of his head nervously. "Do you want me to answer honestly?"

"Ah Crap." Stiles could imagine his dad running his hands over his face then looking up with a 'why me?' expression on his face. "Alright, I'll put it down to misfiled paperwork. But you better have a damn good story for kidnapping someone!"

"Who exactly have you kidnapped?" Lydia asked. "Who is it."

"Tammy." Stiles told them. "Tammy Harley."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"How's Danny?" Stiles asked Lydia the next day as he sent a text to Tammy's parents from her phone.

"He's fine, no longer paralysed. He said that the only thing that made it bearable was the fact that his ex was paralysed too." The redhead chuckled.

Before Stiles could say anything, a grumble sounded from inside the van. "Ah, our little lizard is awake." The two climbed into the van to see the girl struggling against the handcuffs. When she saw them, her expression turned from scared to annoyed.

"Seriously? Is this some sort of joke?!" She yelled at them, trying to lunge forward. "Fine, I get it, I won't say anything about you or your friends, okay? Now let me go."

"This isn't about what you said," Lydia explained, sitting opposite the girl. "This is about what you are."

"Seriously? You're friends with Boyd, who, in case you haven't noticed, is the same colour as me!"

"This isn't about the colour of your skin, Tammy." Stiles sighed. "This isn't about your race, it's about your species."

"What? Are you high? I'm human! Like you!"

"Are you sure about that?" Lydia raised an eyebrow at the girl. "So nothing has happened recently? So you haven't been bitten by anything?"

"Or anyone?"

Tanny's eye's widened. "Y-yeah. That night that you were attacked, the second time. Just before he died. That psycho Peter Hale came running out of nowhere, covered in blood, and bit me." She shook her head stubbornly. "But what does that have to do with you kidnapping me?!"

"Everything." Stiles said, "You see, that bite, it changed you. Peter wasn't human, now, you aren't either."

"Oh really?" Tammy drawled, she tried to maintain an air of indifference and hide the fear that was taking over her, but her voice quivered when she asked: "Then what am I?"

"A Kanima."

"And what's that?"

"Well, according to legends, it's a werejaguar from south America." Lydia explained, ignoring the girl's scepticism. "But your form is reptilian, like a giant lizard."

"Oh really? Like scales, a tail, all that?"

"Yup." Stiles announced, popping the p casually. "You also have this paralytic substance that's released from your claws and tail."

"Interesting, really." Tammy rolled her eyes, less frightened and more annoyed now that the pair had said their piece. "Now, if you've had your fun, can I go now?"

"You think this is fun for us?" Lydia asked incredulously. "We found you naked, I put those clothes on you, sweetheart, one item at a time, okay? Being up close and personal with your lady parts wasn't exactly the highlight of my day."

Tammy's head shot up. "Why the hell was I naked?"

"We're guessing that your clothes were shredded when you transformed." Stiles shrugged, trying to sound sympathetic, but not overly so.

"Right, of course."

"God, you still don't believe us." Stiles sighed, "This is serious, alright? You're killing people! To death! Okay?" Tammy just rolled her eyes, so Stiles flashed his eyes at her, causing the girl to recoil in horror.

"W-what are you?"

"Me? I'm a werewolf." Tammy started hyperventilating, eyes darting back and forth.

"You're remembering, aren't you?" Lydia urged. "What is it? What do you remember?"

"I-I oh God, I, I killed people! I- n-no, no, I couldn't have, this is some sort of sick trick! Y-you did something to me, I, I couldn't, I couldn't!" The girl burst into hysterical sobs. "Oh God, what did I do? What did I do?!"

Lydia immediately moved to sit next to the girl and wrapped her arms around her, temporarily forgetting the things that the girl had said about her pack. She may have said some horrible things, but nobody deserved this. "It wasn't you." Lydia whispered to the girl, who began sobbing into her shoulder. "You were being controlled, it wasn't you."

Tammy was cooperative after that, advising Stiles what to write in texts to her parents. She spoke to the sheriff when he arrived, and told him what she remembered. Unfortunately, she never saw Matt's face, so she couldn't identify him. All she ever saw was a hand at a car window and the faces of people that she was instructed to attack.

When Stiles and Derek arrived the next night to take over from Allison, Scott and Isaac, they were horrified to see the doors to the van open, hand cuffs snapped and no Tammy in sight.

They found their pups asleep in the back of Allison's car, naked. Stiles banged on the window in annoyance, startling the trio awake. "You better come see this" he snapped as they moved to cover themselves.

They apologised profusely, but Stiles was too annoyed to accept it just yet. Tammy was out there, unable to control herself while being forced to do unspeakable things. They needed to get her back and stop Matt.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"Matt invited me to a rave on friday." Allison mumbled bitterly as she sat at a table in the library with Scott, Stiles, Erica and Jackson. The five of them, along with Matt and Tammy had gotten detention. As Allison and Erica were changing after gym, Tammy, but not really Tammy, attacked them. Stiles, Scott and Jackson heard the commotion and came rushing in. The locker room was mostly destroyed. A sink was ripped off of the wall by Erica, multiple lockers were knocked over, the door was completely destroyed and at least half of the floor tiles were cracked. Matt was 'passing by' when Mr Harris was handing out detentions, and wound up being dragged down with them.

In the time that she was 'missing' Tammy, but not really Tammy, had killed two more people, a couple. The woman was pregnant, but the baby was thankfully saved. Although, the ordeal triggered Jackson into having a panic attack. Stiles talked him out of it, using methods that helped him. Afterwards, Jackson explained to the pack what happened to his birth parents, including how he had to be taken out of his mother's lifeless body via C-section. That night it had been his turn at the center of the puppy pile.

"What did you say?" Scott asked nervously.

"I told him that I am in a committed relationship and very much in love." Allison assured with a soft smile. "Then he insisted that it would just be as friends, so I told him that I'll think about it."

"It could be a good idea." Jackson said. "We can all be there to make sure that nothing happens, and maybe we can trap him."

"That actually is a good idea." Erica commented with clear surprise in her voice, earning her a glare from Jackson, then her phone pinged.

"What is it?" Scott asked urgently.

"Danny," She informed them. "A member of the old swim team is going to be at the rave, she's the DJ."

"Looks like I'll be going with him after all." Allison sighed. "Can I shoot him?"

"Not in public" Stiles grinned. Any conversation was stopped when Tammy shot up from her seat looking pale and ill, before rushing out, followed by Harris, who ordered everyone to stay in their seats.

Once he was gone, Allison stood and walked over to Matt with a smile. "Hey." She greeted, sitting down opposite him, "So, I was thinking about your offer for Friday, and I'd love to, but just friends right?"

"Right" Matt smiled, "Are your boyfriends okay with that?"

"Yeah, It's cool." Allison smiled forcefully. "Anyway, how much do I owe you for the ticket?"

"Oh, no, don't worry about it." Matt insisted, once over his shock, but the wolves could sense his annoyance and jealousy. "I'm dragging you away from your boyfriends for a night, what kind of friend would I be if I made you pay too?"

Allison giggled. "Fair enough, but, uh, Erica wants to take Boyd, so.."

"Ah, okay, well they're $75."

"Hey, Ally!" Stiles called out. "Get your butt over here, you're good at history and we all suck!" That was a lie, Erica was great at history, but it was a good excuse to get away from Matt.

"Alright, I'll be right there." Allison called before looking at Matt again. "Sorry, but I gotta go back, otherwise, they start fighting. Believe me, when they fight, history's greatest wars look like child's play."

"Ah, I get it. Besides, I have calculus homework to do."

"Damn, that sucks. We turn to Lydia with all of our maths related problems, so we're saving that for after detention."


"You better go," Matt chuckled, showing no signs of the anger rolling off of him in waves. "Before your friends go all monsterous on us."

Allison returned to her seat, just before Tammy and Mr Harris walked in.

"I don't like him." Jackson whispered. "Let's kill him."

"I'm in." Erica agreed.

"No, we're not killing him." Scott protested.

"Possibly not."


"Probably not."


"I'm just being realistic!"

"Well try to be optimistic!"

"Nah, that's your job."

"Are you two done?" Jackson snapped. "Cause you're giving me a headache." Then, two hands smacked him around the head.

"Better?" Scott and Stiles asked in unison then laughed as Jackson flipped them off.

"Am I the only one who picked up on it?" Erica asked raising an eyebrow. "He said 'boyfriends', plural. He actually said it twice, so he clearly knows. Tammy must have seen the three of you doing it in the back of the car, so Matt would have seen it though the link or whatever." Scott and Allisons eyes widened in horror at the thought of Matt seeing them like that. "I still say we kill him. Or at least kidnap him" Erica suggested as she casually inspected her claws.

"Erica!" Stiles hissed, pushing her hand down.

"Relax, Harris isn't looking!" The blonde rolled her eyes.

"No, but the camera's are." It was then the recognition hit the girl and she immediately retracted her claws.

"That's right, you wanna play Catwoman? I'll be your Batman."

"What about Derek and Boyd?" Erica teased as she leant forward on the table.

"They don't have to know." Stiles winked as Allison and Jackson rolled their eyes at them, Scott just looked disturbed.

"That's not very 'pack mum' of you, Stiles." Allison teasingly scolded him. "I expected more from you."

Stiles scoffed at that and rolled his eyes, somewhat teasingly at the girl. "It's me Ally, you really shouldn't set the bar too high."

The pack frowned at Stiles' self-deprecating tone. Jackson was about to say something when Harris got up to leave. Everyone started to do the same, when the teacher laughed and rudely informed them that they wouldn't be leaving yet. The teens begrudgingly started the reshelving.

Then all hell broke loose.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"The girls locker room and the library?! Are you completely insane?!" The sheriff yelled.

"Hey, that totally wasn't our fault! It was Matt!" Erica defended, clearly disgruntled as she held her still injured arm, but it didn't diffuse the situation.

"Matt wasn't present during the changing room incident! And he was unconscious during most of the library destruction!" Noah argued, refusing to blame anybody without hard proof.

"Yeah, but he's controlling Tammy!" Stiles argued. "He made her do those things!"

"Why would he make her knock him out?"

"To throw suspicion off of himself." Stiles flailed "He must know that we know it's him!"

"Are you sure that it's him?" Noah demanded. "There's no proof! Tammy never saw his face, we don't know for sure."

"I know dad, it's him!"

"How do you know?"

"I just know!" Stiles yelled. "Trust me on this! It's him!"

"I'm sorry Stiles, but evidence trumps instinct. Every time." Noah yelled. "You can't just make up the law, Stiles! There are procedures that I have to follow! I can't just arrest some kid because you think he's suspicious!"

"Can't you just trust me this once?!" Stiles screamed. "Come on, the guy has motive and means! People are dying, dad, he-"

"You think I don't know that?!" Noah screamed, face red in anger. "You think I don't notice people in my town dropping like flies because of an endless list of supernatural creatures?!" The sheriff took a deep breath, trying to force himself to calm down. "Just let it go Stiles. This isn't your fight." Noah stated, turning away from his son.

"Are you kidding me?!" Stiles yelled, all self control lost. His eyes were glowing against his will as he screamed at his father. "This is entirely my fight! I can't just sit back and do nothing when this, all of it is all my fault!"

"What are you talking about?" Noah demanded, tone slightly softer due to the concern flooding him at the look in Stiles' eyes.

"If I hadn't dragged Scott out into the woods that night, he would never have been bitten! Then he wouldn't have hunters on his ass! Allison wouldn't have had to leave home because her family were out to kill her boyfriends! Lydia never would have been attacked and now have to deal with Peter's ghost or whatever the hell it is! Peter wouldn't have attacked Erica and bitten Tammy out of revenge! There would have been no Kanima, Isaac's father would have been locked away, rather than killed. All of those people would be alive! My pack wouldn't be in the middle of a life or death situation, and would be able to enjoy the change! And you wouldn't be ashamed of me! So no, I can't let it go! I have to fix this!" When he finally stopped screaming, no one said anything. The pack were staring at him in shock as he stood, red faced, with tears flowing down his cheeks.

Stiles was visibly shaking as he looked at the Pack, when he realised just what he had said he tried to run out of the room, but his dad stopped him by grabbing his arm. Noah opened his mouth to say something that would assure Stiles that he wasn't ashamed of him, anything that might comfort his son, but no words came out. Stiles roughly ruled his arm from his father's grasp, but by then he knew that he had no chance of leaving the room thanks to his Pack. Feeling defeated, Stiles slid down to the floor and curled into a ball, not caring if he looked pathetic, and continued to sob. Derek immediately knelt down and pulled his Mate against him, allowing Stiles to sob into his chest, and tried to find the words to comfort him, but couldn't seem to find them.

"Are you serious?" Jackson asked after a few moments, finally breaking the tense silence. "Are you serious right now? That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard!"

"Jackson!" Derek snapped. Sure, he agreed that absolutely everything Stiles had just said was completely wrong, but his Mate was distressed and needed comfort, not to be ridiculed. Clearly though, Derek should have had more faith in his Pack as Boyd spoke next and elaborated on Jackson's point.

"No, it's true. You've got it all wrong, Stiles." Boyd agreed, crouching down in front of the boy. "It's true that Scott wouldn't have gotten bitten that night, but someone else would have. Someone who might have joined Peter! Or someone without a best friend like you to help them through it! And with Scott still human, with asthma and no heightened reflexes, he would have sucked at Lacrosse, kept his low self esteem and probably never asked Allison out. If Allison hadn't dated Scott, She, Lydia, Jackson and Danny would have never sat with you two at lunch, gone on a group date and become friends with you! Peter would have still been out killing people, Lydia wouldn't have had anyone to turn to when she saw that picture, Jackson would have continued to be a douche and Allison would have been manipulated by Kate! We all know that that's what Kate was trying to do when she started to show Allison things about the Argents. Can you imagine it? Our Ally, being trained by Kate, manipulated into thinking all werewolves are monsters? Our sweet, strong, independant Allison, being turned into a miniature Kate?" Everyone looked horrified at the thought and Allison realised that it could have happened. She doubted that she'd have had the strength to leave the Argents without a pack to lean on.

"He's right." Erica agreed, joining them on the floor and cautiously laid a hand on Stiles' knee. "Maybe Peter wouldn't have attacked me, but had Allison and Scott never dated, I wouldn't have become friends with you all, because there wouldn't have been a pack day out without a pack. I would have been lonely, insecure and wary of everyone. I'd either be human and crippled by my epilepsy, or lying in a coffin six feet underground, or a very bitchy werewolf."

"My dad wouldn't be in jail, Stiles." Isaac informed him next. "I would never have had the guts to admit what he'd done to me. Even if I had still been turned." He glanced at his mates, before looking back at Stiles. "I wouldn't be with Scott and Allison. I would have continued to be beaten every night, spending each morning trying to cover as many injuries as I could. I was so terrified of him, I dreamt of the day that I got away. I never thought that I could be so happy, and that's because of you and the pack."

"I'd still be pretending to be someone I'm not." Lydia piped up. "I'd be surrounded by fake friends, hiding my intellect and feeling miserable, counting down the days until I graduate, so I can get out of this town and go off to a great college. Now I'm so much better than who I was and so much more than who I could have ever hoped to be." Lydia bit her lip and smiled. "I never thought I'd be worried about going to college, because I never thought I'd have to worry about leaving behind so many people that I love. If it wasn't for you I'd still be that shell."

"I'd still be the 'grumpy asshole' that I was when we met." Derek finally spoke, having collected himself enough that he knew he could speak in a comforting manner and not give away the devastation he felt at hearing the words coming from his mate. "Without you I-I I'd still be living in the burnt out shell of my old home. I wouldn't be a deputy, I wouldn't be an alpha, or if I was, I'd be a hell of a lot worse. Remember that I tried teaching you and Scott about using pain to control the shift? I'd still be doing that. I wouldn't have thought of the better methods that you did. I'd be breaking bones as a lesson, using fear as a method of control. I'd be awful." Derek gently placed his index finger under Stiles' chin and guided the boy to look at him. Derek felt his heart shatter as he looked into Stiles' tear filled eyes, but he didn't allow himself to break down as his Mate needed him to be strong. "I would still be miserable. Blaming myself for my family's deaths, hating everything and everyone. I never thought that I could be happy again, Stiles." Derek wiped the tears from Stiles' cheek tenderly. "I'd have no family, no home and no hope without you. Maybe a couple of bad things have happened since the night you were bitten, but so many more amazing things have happened too. Without you, we wouldn't have our pack. Maybe you were content with how things were before, but given the choice between that life and this one, which would you pick?"

"This one." Stiles admitted softly, "But tha-"

"What about the rest of you? Be honest and raise your hand if you'd rather live that other life. The one without our Pack, without Stiles." Unsurprisingly, no one raised their hands. "You see? No one here, not even Scott, wants to go back to the way things were before."

"I don't blame you Stiles, I could have held my ground and said no. Yeah, at first, I hated it. I thought that the bite was a curse rather than a gift, but now, now that I've gotten used to it, it's one of the best things that has ever happened to me." Scott told his best friend firmly. "I have everything that I've wanted and more. I always thought that I'd never find someone who loves me as more than a friend. I thought that it'd be just you and me forever, that we'd go off to college together, live together, right up to old manhood. Side by side in a nursing home cheating at bingo together. And you know what? I still see most of that, but rather than just us, the entire pack. I can't thank you enough, Stiles. It was a stupid decision to go out that night, but it was the best mistake we ever made. And I wouldn't change it. Ever."

"What would I do without you guys?" Stiles asked, he wiped away the rest of his tears and smiled at his Pack before he stood up to hug them all properly.

"Crash and burn." Erica teased, causing the pack to look at her wide eyed.

"Erica, no! Dammit, now you have to be in the middle of the puppy pile to make sure that you don't end up on the ceiling." Allison sighed, sounding as though the blonde had just spoiled the ending of her favourite tv show. "It should be Stiles' turn, but no, you have to go and say that!"

"What on earth are you talking about?" The sheriff asked in confusion before shaking his head. "You know what? I don't want to know. And another 'puppy pile'? Really?"

"I need my pack tonight, dad."

"Right, of course. Sorry. But you and I will be having a talk tomorrow, Stiles. I don't like knowing that you're having these negative thoughts about yourself. Okay?" Noah insisted, pulling his son in for a hug.

"Okay, dad. Thanks."

When they pulled apart, Noah looked at his son apologetically. "Also Derek needs to go to work in an hour."

A soft frown took over Stiles' face as he nodded reluctantly, "Fine, but I'll be waiting up."

"We all will." Scott promised.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

It was five pm on friday night. The girls of the pack were in Allison's room, the boys and Mrs. McCall were at the animal clinic, getting supplies from Deaton.

"I can't believe I'm going to the rave with Matt!" Allison groaned, flopping backwards onto her bed. "If I was going with Isaac and Scott, I'd know exactly what to wear. But with Matt, I don't want to wear something that seems flirty, but I want to dress right for a rave, but I also need something that I can fight in. I'm supposed to pick him up in two hours! Please help." She begged as she ran her hands over her face.

"Sit up." Lydia demanded, "Erica, start on her hair, just wash it and comb through it for now, whilst I look through her wardrobe."

Erica grinned and pulled Allison to her feet, then led her to the bathroom. "Have you picked out what you're wearing Erica?"

"Yup!" Erica replied. "Although, I could use a little advice on what makeup to wear with it. It could go with either bold or subtle, so once I'm dressed, could you give me your opinion?"

"Of course." Lydia grinned, pulling a dress from Allison's wardrobe to inspect it ruther. "I'll need you guys to help with my hair, though. The style I want is not a one woman job."

Lydia picked out a nice grey dress for Allison to wear. She took it to the bathroom to show her. "This." She stated, causing Allison to open her eyes and sit up slightly and squint, trying to look at the dress but also avoid getting water in her eyes.

"Nice," Erica commented, one hand combing her fingers through Allison's hair, trying to remove the last of the shampoo, the other hand holding the shower hose. "It'll go nice with a leather jacket. I'd go with the black one with zip up pockets."

"Ooh, yeah." Lydia grinned, a thought occurred to her. "You can also wear black leather boots. Flat ones though, 'cause we'll probably have to fight tonight."

"What, you can't fight in heels? Weak." Erica teased with a grin.

"Not all of us have werewolf reflexes." Allison defended, trusting that Lydia would give a playful glare on her behalf, which she did. "And, yeah Lyd, that's all fine, except, what about weapons? All of my holsters are too bulky to be concealed by that." Allison commented as Erica started to condition her hair.

"That's right, I haven't shown you yet, have I?" Lydia asked then ran out of the room.

"Shown me what?" Allison called out, but the redhead didn't reply. Allison risked glancing up at Erica, who simply shrugged in response.

A few minutes later, Lydia returned with something in her hands. "Is that a garter?" Erica asked in amusement.

"Technically." Lydia grinned. "It's also a gun holster. That's why I chose that dress, it's long enough to conceal this." She walked over to the pair, to show them the garter/holster.

"It's a shame that I'm wearing jeans tonight." Erica commented.

"It is, because this is literally perfect for our handguns. Concealed thigh carry for up to 2 firearms and 1 magazine or it can be used to carry pepper spray, tasers, knives, money or lipstick. You can use right hand, left hand or cross-draw, the gun pockets feature magnetic weapon retention, to stop the gun from falling out while you're fighting. The garter itself has silicone "Tactical-Grip" edging, meaning that you don't need a garter belt. There's a 3-row hook & eye closure for a comfortable, perfect fit and 5″ military-grade elastic that conforms to your body!" She proclaimed happily. "Plus, it looks good. They're all black, with different laces. There's black, blue, pink and purple. I got three of each, so there's no need to worry about colour co-ordination."

"Nice." Allison whistled in appreciation. "Where did you get it?"

"A self defence website." Lydia informed her. "I got other stuff too. Other concealed holsters, lock pick sets, knives, knife sharpeners, gun cleaning sets, regular ammo. Stuff like that. I got a set of tank tops, sports bras and female boxer briefs that have concealed holsters sewn into them, so you can use one of those, Erica."

"Cool, but I got distracted by 'lock pick' and I suddenly want to learn how to pick locks."

Allison grinned, then offered "I can teach you, my dad taught me how to do it when I was eleven, but then he confiscated my old lock pick set after I used it to break into his office, steal his car keys and meet up with friends when I was fifteen."

Her two best friends laughed at that revelation. "Are you serious?" Erica gasped out as she turned off the shower.

"Yup, I wanted to go to the cinema to see the new Harry Potter movie, but he didn't want me out late" Allison explained as Erica drained her hair. "and it was the midnight premier. I did what I had to do. Funny thing is, he didn't realise I was gone until after the movie. He and mum were out on a date night and took her car. They came home early when they got a call saying I wasn't home, and ended up pulling into the drive at the same time I did."

"Okay, we need to hear the full story, now." Erica demanded as she wrapped Allison's hair in a towel. The three made their way to Allison's room again, to get dressed as Allison told the story.

"Alright, so, we'd been in town around two months and I had made sort-of-friends with a group of people in my English class. We hung out a few times and all agreed to go see the midnight showing together. I told my dad that I'd be going out. I didn't tell him what movie or which cinema, but because it was a midnight showing, he said no, but I had been waiting to see that movie since I read the book, I'd be damned if I was missing out! The thing is, whenever they go out on a night I want to go out, my dad has 'colleagues' watch the house. There are four at a time. Every two hours, they take it in turn for breaks. One will go on a break for fifteen minutes, and another will take over watching both 'sections'. When the first person came back from break, they'd take over the next person's section. Then they'd take over the next and so on. It was very routine. After my parents left, I waited an hour before getting the keys, just in case they came back for something. Once I had them, I had to wait for an opportunity to sneak out. My window was at the front of the house, so I waited til that guy went on break, climbed out of my window and hid in the car. I waited until the first guy came back and took over for guy two. I kept the headlights off and drove away to meet my friends at a cafe before guy four came to check on things. Apparently he didn't realise that the car had been there, because no one knew I was gone until guy one went to the front again and freaked out over the missing car." Lydia and Erica were cracking up over Allison's story.

"What happened next?"

"One of them called my dad and told him that I'm not home, then he called me, just as I got in the car after the film, and demanded to know where I was. I go 'Where do you think? Don't worry though, I'll be home soon' then hung up. I then drove back as fast as I could without breaking any laws, well except for driving without a licence, of course. Anyway, so, I'm driving down the street and I saw my mum's car driving towards me and I knew that they saw me too, the house was halfway between us. However, I didn't want them to corner me on the driveway for everyone to see, so I sped up, now over the limit and they started to speed up too. We were getting closer together, it felt like we were gonna crash. So I hit the breaks and made a sharp turn onto the drive, so fast I got slammed into the door and the tires squeaked so loudly, I'm pretty sure I woke up half the street. The car barely managed to stop in time, only just avoiding the garage door. So, I'm in the driveway, the hunters are standing outside the house looking at me all shocked and pissed off. I quickly got out of the car and tossed the keys to guy number one, then my parents pulled up. When they got out of the car, before they had the chance to say anything, I put on my 'confident face' and said: 'Hey guys, how was your date? Oh, Dad, you were right, the food at that cafe is great! But- uh- your colleagues aren't, getting past them was child's play, but then again, so was picking your office lock.' then I just walked inside and heard my dad yelling at the guys, demanding to know how I snuck past them."

Lydia placed a hand on Allison's shoulder, looked the brunette in the eyes and said "Allison, you are my hero."

"I'll just add lockpicking to the list of things you need to teach me." Erica grinned at the brunette, tugging on the boxer briefs/holster.

"Wormhole theory, motorcycle riding and lock-picking. I've got this." Allison grinned, as Erica threw her head back and let out a full bodied laugh.

"You've been spending too much time with Stiles." Lydia commented and rolled her eyes.

"You're one to talk." Allison giggled. "Don't think I haven't noticed you flailing and wearing plaid lately."

"Only plaid skirts!" Lydia defended

"Still plaid."

"Oh god, he's literally contagious." Erica gasped, widening her eyes in mock horror. "We're all doomed."

"Stop talking like Jackson and get your butt over here so we can do your makeup!"

An hour later, all three girls were dressed with their hair and makeup done. "So, Lyd, how come Stiles is your date to the rave and not Jackson?" Erica asked curiously as she holstered her gun.

"Jackson is still having trouble with his sensitive hearing, he's prepared to go inside if necessary, but he's not willing to be inside the whole night, but we all agreed to go everywhere in pairs, and I am not sitting out tonight." Lydia explained as she picked up a stun baton. "Besides, we have business to discuss."

"Have either of you seen my stun baton?" Allison asked as she placed her crossbow in her bag. "The collapsable one?"

"Which voltage?" Lydia asked. "950 thousand, two million, five million or ten million?"

"I was hoping for the one million?"

"It's not here"

"That's because it's broken." Erica informed them casually. "Remember when the two of you and Stiles left training early to sort out that 'thing'? Well, whilst you were gone, there was a pain tolerance test and Scott ended up snapping it in half."

"Ugh, dammit, fine, I'll take the two mil."

"Good, 'cause I've already claimed the five." Lydia grinned as she handed Allison the baton.

"Are you ever going to tell us about this 'thing'. You guys have been secretive for weeks!" Erica groaned in annoyance. "It's driving me crazy."

Lydia and Allison exchanged a look, then Allison nodded. "Okay, we'll tell you, if you promise not to say anything, not even to Boyd!"

Erica looked unsure, so Allison continued, "You'll be able to talk about it to me, Lydia, Stiles, Jackson, Danny and the Sheriff, but that's it. Deal?"


Allison beamed. "Okay, so here's the thing-"

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Allison walked into the rave with Matt by her side. The boy kept checking her out in the car and tried to hold her hand, she already knew that it was going to be a long night. Lydia was already there with Stiles, Scott and Isaac were also there. Boyd and Erica had left just after Allison, so they should be here soon. Jackson and Derek were patrolling the building, watching for hunters and waiting for the signal for Mrs. McCall and Danny to set up the mountain ash barrier. The sheriff was on duty and anxiously waiting by the phone in his office for news.

Allison faked a smile as she danced with Matt, forced a laugh when he told a bad joke and when she danced with him, she sent exasperated looks to Erica and Lydia, and longing looks to Isaac and Scott. But she knew that she needed to get through this, so she pushed thoughts of who she'd rather be with aside, and focused on distracting Matt so that they could save Tammy.

"Hey, you want a drink?" Matt asked, raising his voice to be heard over the music.

"Yeah! Thanks!" Allison replied, giving him a real smile this time.

"Okay, I'll be right back!" With that, he started to walk away, unaware of Boyd following him. Once Matt and Boyd were out of sight, the other pack members rushed over.

"Please kill me!" Allison begged as her mates wrapped her in their arms around her. The two began scent marking her, trying to get rid of as much of Matt's scent as possible.

"Sorry, Ally, but we'd miss you too much." Lydia smiled sympathetically and patted the girl's arm.

"How are things going on your end?" Allison asked, glancing around the room for Tammy. "Is she here yet?"

"Yeah," Erica confirmed. "She arrived about five minutes after you did. Jackson came inside to keep an eye on her. Mrs. McCall and Danny set up the barrier, Derek tested it, it definitely works." There was a soft frown on her face and her eyes were downcast.

"Hey, don't worry." Allison assured. "We've got this, don't worry. When is it time for Ketamine?"

"Soon, Isaac, are you ready?" Lydia asked the boy who was still nuzzling his cheek to Allison's neck.


"Remember, find a vein." Lydia reminded him. "The neck will be the easiest, so find the vein, press the needle in, then pull back on the trigger." Isaac nodded, then Stiles' phone buzzed. "Oh crap." he gasped as he read the text message, then informed the pack. "Derek just texted me, the hunters are here. Gerard, Chris and a bunch of others."

"Okay, uh, I'll go, see if I can help." Scott announced. "Maybe my mum has enough mountain ash to let me out then reseal it." He turned to his mates. "Be careful, both of you."

"We will." Allison promised, giving Scott a soft kiss, Isaac did the same, before Scott rushed off.

Stiles turned to Isaac "Okay, Isaac, go find Jackson and wait for the signal, I'll go keep an eye on the DJ and let you know if anything happens." The pack nodded in agreement.

"Be careful!" Allison told Isaac before he and Stiles took off to complete their tasks.

"Don't worry, I doubt I'll even slightly hurt her." Isaac assured as he looked at the device in his hands.

"I'm talking about you." Allison rolled her eyes. "I love you, I don't want you getting hurt."

"I'll be fine I promise." Isaac gave his mate a soft kiss before walking away.

Lydia looked at her two best friends "Right, I've been putting on a brave face all night, but it's just us, so I'm gonna say it." She announced. "I'm terrified." Allison and Erica sighed in relief, both admitting that they were too.

"God, this is insane." Allison laughed humorlessly. "We're just a bunch of teenagers, how are we supposed to handle this?"

"By sticking together." Erica told her firmly. "If we were regular teenagers, we'd lose it. But we're more than that. We're pack." She grabbed each girl's hand. "We're family, in all of the right ways. We can do this."

"Yeah we can." Lydia agreed with a brilliant smile, linking her free hand with Allison's.

"You're right." Allison nodded. "We've got this. Let's kick ass."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Stiles walked into the room that Tammy was being held in. "Woah, it's just me!" He yelled when Erica moved to attack. "Are you guys okay?" He asked his pups in concern. "Where are Boyd and Lydia?"

"Boyd is with Derek" Erica told him hesitantly "looking for Scott and Lydia."


"No one can find them." Jackson informed him in a pained voice. "Scott never arrived to help Derek, so Boyd and Lydia went to help find him. Lydia resealed the mountain ash while Boyd went to Derek, then she just disappeared."

"What about Danny and Mrs McCall?" Stiles asked urgently.

"Danny took Mrs McCall home, he called when they got there and told us that the mountain ash barrier was set up, they're both fine." Isaac informed him, eyes downcast.

"Okay, Uh… How about her?" Stiles asked gesturing to Tammy.

"Well, let's find out." Isaac stepped forward, he lengthened his claws and moved to slash at Tammy, only to be stopped by the girl's hand shooting up and grabbing his wrist. Isaac gasped in pain as he fell to his knees. Tammy twisted the beta's wrist back, Stiles made a move to help, but Tammy then let go and Isaac immediately scurried away.

"Okay, no one does anything like that again, Okay?" Stiles ordered and the three nodded in agreement. Stiles turned to Isaac. "Here let me see." The curly haired beta held his wrist out for Stiles to inspect.

"I thought the ketamine was supposed to put her out?" Isaac groaned, glaring at the girl.

"Well apparently, this is all we're gonna get." Stiles shrugged. "It's not broken, but it might be fractured. You'll be okay, it won't take long to heal. Just try to keep your wrist straight and as still as possible. Okay?" Isaac nodded as Stiles released his wrist. "Okay. Now, let's just hope that whoever's controlling her decided to turn up tonight." Stiles announced, although he was convinced that it's Matt, they needed him to think he was in the clear. If he feels secure in anonymity, he'll get confident, when criminals get confident, they get sloppy and make a mistake. They always make a mistake.

Apparently the ruse worked as Tammy's eyes flew open and her head jerked. "I'm here." She announced, but it didn't sound like her. Her voice was deeper and had a slight echo to it, like two people were talking at once. "I'm right here with you."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"I think I've stopped healing." Boyd gasped, pressing his hand to his stomach in pain.

"The bullets, they're laced with wolfsbane." Derek informed him with in pain filled hiss. "You gotta go, take the car. Get to Mrs. McCall, she can help." Derek ordered.

"What about you?" Boyd asked. "I'm not leaving you here alone."

"Don't worry about me. Okay? I need to find Scott and Lydia, I can't go yet. Besides, I heal faster than you do, I'll be okay. I promise."

"Don't make promises that you can't keep."

"I can keep this one. Do you really think I'd leave you all without an Alpha? No way. I'll be fine, just go. Go!" Boyd hesitated for a second before rushing off, leaving Derek alone.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Matt recoiled in pain, hand flying up to his bleeding nose. "What the fuck, Matt?" Allison screeched angrily. "I'm in a committed relationship! I should never have agreed to this! Stay the fuck away from me, asshole." Allison stomped away and out of the warehouse. How dare he kiss her? What a swine! Allison was pissed off and needed to blow off some steam, she started to make her way to the room Tammy was being kept in, when Derek's car pulled up beside her.

"Allison!" Boyd gasped, rolling down a window.

"Boyd? Oh my god what happened?" Allison could see dark pools on his shirt, blood. "Where are the others?"

"Derek's back there, he's alone against the hunters. He told me to go to Mrs. McCall. Scott, he- Scott and Lydia are missing. We were looking for them. Isaac, Erica, Jackson and Stiles are with Tammy. Where is Matt?"

"The asshole kissed me! And- wait, did you say missing?!"

"Yeah, I'm sorry."

"No, don't be, it's not your fault."

"I left Lydia alone! I went to help Derek and I left her alone to close the mountain ash circle!" Boyd protested, practically radiating guilt. "I left her alone and vulnerable!"

"First of all, You couldn't have known, Okay?" Allison assured. "Second of all, a woman is only vulnerable when her nail polish is drying, and even then she can still pull a trigger." Boyd chuckled and nodded, vulnerable definitely wasn't a word to describe Lydia, or any of the girls in his life. "Now, was there any blood or signs of struggle where you last saw her."

"No." Boyd frowned, suddenly confused, if Lydia had been taken, there's no way she would have gone down without a fight. There would be some indication of it. So what happened?

"Maybe something Banshee related happened." Allison suggested. "It's Scott I'm worried about. Lydia is armed and willing to fight, but we all know that Scott would try to avoid hurting someone, even if it meant getting hurt himself." Allison sighed, then her eyes widened and she noticed that Boyd's injuries weren't showing any signs of healing, and the blood was getting darker, almost black. "Oh god, you're getting worse. Shit. Do you need me to drive you?"

"No, I'll be okay, just go help Derek and find Scott." The look on his face showed no room for argument.

"I will." Allison nodded as she reached through the window and squeezed Boyd's hand, smiling at him softly before rushing away to help her Alpha. "Go to Melissa, she'll patch you up."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Stiles, Erica, Jackson and Isaac stood opposite Allison and Derek, a line of mountain ash separating them. "So, uh we kind of lost Tammy inside, but uh-" Stiles started, but stopped when he heard a pained howl, a far too familiar pained howl.

"Scott." The wolves gasped in unison. "Allison, break it!" Derek demanded, gesturing to the mountain ash as Isaac ran off.

"What? But Tammy-"

"Scott's dying! Break it!" He yelled, and Allison didn't hesitate in dropping to the ground and breaking the line, then followed Derek and Isaac, running to Scott. "Look for Lydia!" Derek ordered Jackson, Erica and Stiles over his shoulder.

Isaac got to Scott first, only to be stabbed in the back by Allison's mother. Derek arrived next and shoved the woman away from his beta. When Allison arrived and saw her mother, she was devastated, but she wasn't shocked. She ignored the fight, and rushed over to Scott, she used all of her strength to pull Scott to his feet and started pulling him out of the room. Isaac soon rushed over and helped her, once they were out, she released Scott to Isaac completely then rushed back inside, gun raised, just in time to see Derek's teeth pierce her mother's flesh.

"No!" Victoria cried, trying to pull her arm away, but she knew that it was too late. Derek let go and stepped back, looking at Allison worried. Not that she was physically hurt, but to see if she hated him. There was no hatred in her eyes, only grief and hurt. "Allison." Victoria gasped. "How can you stay with them? He's just killed me."

Allison shook her head. "Hunting killed you. My alpha was defending my mate. If your body rejects the bite, that's not his fault. If you turn and take your own life because of some barbaric tradition, that's not his fault either. I love you mum, I always will, but I won't turn my back on my pack because of you. You promised to try to accept them, instead you tried to kill them. If you decide to end your life then I will mourn you, but I won't make you into a martyr. Now, if this is who you're going to be, then get the fuck out of my life." Allison grabbed Derek's arm. "Scott needs help." She reminded him, then they left the room, leaving the bleeding woman behind. Although it broke her heart to do so, Allison refused to look back.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Lydia was completely still as she sat in Beacon Hills Cemetery, next to an unmarked grave with a dead man whispering in her ear.

"I am so sorry Lydia, all of this must be terribly confusing. You're a strong girl, personally I think you're gonna pull through this with a minimal amount of post traumatic stress and maybe a few years of profoundly disturbing nightmares." Lydia stayed silent and turned her head away as Peter continued talking, going on about some plan that he had and how she was his backup.

"Okay, this is all very interesting, are you done? Cause I want to go check on my pack." The girl snarked, hoping that her voice didn't give away any of her fear.

"Oh, please, they're not your pack. They'll never be your pack, Lydia. You see, Banshee's don't have packs. You need to stop deluding yourself into thinking that you can truly fit in with them." Peter's tone was casual, as if he were talking about the weather. "You can play the role all you want, but you will never belong with them. They'll never understand you, so they'll never be able to fully accept you."

"You're wrong." Lydia replied, without a single drop of doubt, looking at the burnt man again. "They all know who I am and they love me for it. Just like I know who they are and love them all. Maybe Banshee's don't have packs, but I am more than just a Banshee. I am a girl who runs with wolves, I stood by them before you sunk your teeth and claws into me and awoke my Banshee abilities. I may not have claws or glowing eyes or super senses, but I am pack and I will be until the day I die. Nothing you say will make me doubt that. Ever." She expected him to make a witty remark or something, instead he opened his mouth wide and screamed in her face. Her mind went blank and it was like she wasn't her anymore. Like someone else was in charge of her body. She became aware of the fact that she was holding something, so she parted her hands to reveal a purple flower.

Chapter Text

The Hale Pack: Worm Moon

Lydia became aware of the fact that she was holding something, so she parted her hands, revealing a purple flower.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"What do you remember?" Derek asked Lydia softly. Jackson, Stiles and Erica had followed Lydia's scent to the cemetery whilst Derek was dealing with Victoria. They found her sitting next to Peter's grave, staring at a wolfsbane flower. It took ten minutes to get her out of her, for lack of a better word, trance, and bring her back. The Pack was at the McCall residence so that Melissa could help with their injuries.

"I remember going with Boyd to help you find Scott and sealing the mountain ash barrier, then the next thing I know, I'm in the cemetery, holding wolfsbane." Lydia replied. "It must be something Banshee related, since I wound up next to Peter's grave." She shuddered involuntarily at the thought of the man. "But I don't remember seeing him or hearing his voice."

"Okay, if you remember anything, you'll let me know?"

"I promise." Lydia smiled. "But, I need to steal Stiles, Erica and Allison tomorrow." She grinned. "Shopping for outfits to wear at my birthday party."

"Ah, that. Uh.. Are you having it on the night of your birthday?" He asked hesitantly.

"Of course."

"Well, then, Jackson, Erica, Boyd and I won't be able to go." He informed her ruefully.

"Why not?" Lydia demanded, rising to her feet, glaring at her Alpha, thought it lacked any true anger. "I mean, I know it's a full moon, but they've all gotten way better at self control!"

"True, on regular days but not on a full moon." Derek reminded her patiently. "I'll tell you what, if they can stay under control and not shift for two hours, they can come by for an hour."

Lydia looked like she wanted to protest, but the look in Derek's eyes showed that it was the best offer she was going to get. "Fine." She huffed, "But I'm still bringing Erica shopping, if she has to miss my party, she should at least get a hot new outfit."

Derek sighed and pulled out his wallet. "Here's five hundred, get something intimidating."

Lydia smirked at him and took the money gratefully. "As you command, oh, Alpha mine."

"Be careful, okay?" Derek urged, tone serious again.

"It's just shopping, Derek." Lydia grinned teasingly.

"You know what I mean, Lydia. We don't know what he's planning, we don't know what your abilities can do or what influence he has over them and you." Derek set his hand on Lydia's shoulder and looked the girl in the eyes. "You're Pack. Family. If anything happens to you-"

"Nothing will." Lydia assured, "I'll be fine, I don't really understand any of it, but nothing bad has happened to me so far, I haven't been physically hurt. I don't think he can do anything except bug me and sometimes, make me feel like I'm losing my mind." She admitted softly. "But I know that no matter what, I have my Pack to turn to. You don't have to worry about me."

"Yes I do." Derek smiled. "It's my job to worry about all of you."

"Fair enough, but you don't have to worry about me any more than the rest of the Pack. Okay?"

"Okay, I'll try."

"Really? C'mon, isn't Stiles the one you're supposed to be worrying about the most?" Lydia asked in exasperation.

"Stiles isn't being haunted by the ghost of a psychopath." Derek gently reminded her.


-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

The Pack were sitting in the Stilinski living room the following evening, watching a movie and waiting for the pizzas to arrive. About halfway through the movie, the doorbell rang. Allison stood and began walking towards the door. "I'll get it." She heard the wolves of the Pack call out for her to wait but by then she had already opened the door, and found herself face to face with her parents.

"Allison." Victoria greeted with a soft smile, a far cry from the hostility she had shown during their last few encounters. "May we come in? We are unarmed, you may check if you'd like."

"Come on in Mr and Mrs Argent." Derek's voice called from behind her. The couple stepped into the house and Allison led them to the living room. The couch had been cleared and the Pack was scattered around the room. Once her parents were seated, Allison stood next to Derek, her mates right behind her. The girl folded her arms, held her head high and kept her expression neutral as she stared down her mother and waited for her to speak.

"I know that I have no right to come here after what I did." Was Victoria's opening line. "I know that what I did was horrible. I wasn't thinking clearly, which is no excuse, I was convinced that if I got rid of her Mate, Allison wouldn't want to be a part of the Pack anymore. I was hoping that I'd be able to hide what I'd done so that Allison would come home. I should have known better, even before finding out about Isaac. The reality of what I'd done and tried to do didn't set in until afterwards, when I told Chris what had happened. His reaction was..." She looked down in shame before clearing her throat, then she was back to being the headstrong Matriarch they all knew her to be, looking at them with a steely expression. "That's when I realised how wrong I was, how I was slowly turning into a monster. I'd just tried to kill an innocent teenage boy, and end a peace treaty. I realised that all the things I thought were wrong. I wholeheartedly believed humans were good and the supernatural was bad, but every one of you has more humanity in your little fingers than most hunters, myself included, have in our whole bodies. I see that now. I know that doesn't even begin to make up for what I've done, but I'm sorry."

There was a moment of silence around the room as everyone took in what Victoria had said.

"You're right," Stiles began, with a slight nod. "It doesn't make up for it, but what you said is a start. I'm glad that you're seeing the truth and trying to change, for Ally's sake. We will help you with shifting and controlling your abilities, but if it's a Pack you're looking for, it's going to take a lot more than words."

Victoria shook her head. "I could never ask to join your Pack after everything. However I would like to take you up on helping me control it, and ask if you could help lock me up on the full moon. We obviously have containment units available, but I fear that Gerard or the others will try something. Gerard already tried to talk me into killing myself, and I would have, had I not come to my realisation. He is under the impression that on the night, I will be taking my life, but I won't."

"Of course." Derek agreed almost instantly. "But you must know that you'll be joined by Jackson, Boyd and Erica, for at least two hours. Maybe the whole night." Victoria agreed and thanked him, as did Chris.

"I'm glad that you're not going to." Allison whispered with tears in her eyes. She meant every word that she had said at the rave, but the thought of her mother actually committing suicide hadn't really occured to her until just then, before it was just hypothetical and completely insane. Her mother was always somebody who criticised those who commit suicide, refered to them as weak. But here she was confessing that she was prepared to do so rather than become a werewolf Victoria was immediately on her feet, and wrapping Allison into a hug. The hug lasted a few minutes before they parted, and Allison wiped her cheeks. "Something needs to be done about Gerard."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"So, you think that Gerard is here to force Derek to give him the bite so he can be cured of cancer?" Doctor Deaton asked Scott in the Animal clinic the next day.

"Yes." Scott nodded as he cleaned out a cat cage. "Mr and Mrs Argent have picked up on things. Like, when Gerard was trying to convince Mrs Argent to kill herself, she said her new enhanced hearing kicked in and his heart was beating like crazy when he said that it was 'the right thing to do' and 'all hunters should do it'. Indicating that he doesn't believe that." Scott explained to the doctor as he stood up. "And even if we're wrong, we got a hold of his medical files, and Lydia says that his cancer is so severe that the pills he's taking probably won't do a thing. So what we're planning won't make a difference, at least not unless he gets the bite."

"And what exactly are you planning?"

"Swapping out his pills for mountain ash. Stiles' idea."

Deaton nodded, and looked impressed for a split second, before his expression turned neutral again. "That's smart, and Miss Martin is right, those pills won't be helping him in any way. But I fail to see why you need my help when you already have everything figured out." Scott turned slightly nervous.

"Uh, the thing is, we have everything sorted in theory, but we don't have the means to pull it off. So we were hoping that you'd be able to supply us with mountain ash, lots of it. We would ask Mr Argent, but we don't want to risk one of the other hunters noticing it missing and catching on and Gerard finding out, so it's best that they don't know just yet."

"Alright." Deaton nodded. "I'll have it all ready for you by the end of your shift."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Later that day, Allison, Lydia and Stiles were in the Argent house, in Gerard's bathroom.

Allison opened the medicine cabinet and pulled out several bottles. Lydia took a bottle from her and glanced at the label. "I was right." The redhead stated. "Gerard is past chemotherapy. These supplements really don't do much of anything."

"And yet, he downs them like M&Ms." Allison commented as she emptied the medicine cabinet of everything but aspirin and ibuprofen.

"How long do we have?" Lydia asked as she opened one of the bottles.

"At least two hours." Allison stated as Lydia poured the pills into a pile on the counter. She screwed open one of the capsules and emptied it into a Ziploc bag, then filled it with mountain ash. Lydia was holding the bottom half of the capsule still as Allison carefully filled it with mountain ash, then Stiles would place the cap on and hand Lydia the next capsule, whilst listening out for anyone entering the house. It was painstaking work, and they moved slowly.

They had filled half of the capsules from the fifth bottle, when the front door opened. "It's just your parents." Stiles assured.

"Oh good." Allison smiled, then called out. "Hi mum, hi dad!"

"Allison?" Chris called, and the three heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Stiles heard Victoria tell Chris where they were, within seconds, the couple was standing in the doorway. "What are you doing?"

"Poisoning Gerard." Allison told him casually as she continued filling the capsule.

Chris blinked at her, then he blinked at Lydia, then at Stiles. He looked at the pile of pills then he looked at Allison again, "Okay." Chris nodded. "Need any help?"

"Nah, we're good, but we could use a little extra mountain ash?" She asked, holding up the almost empty bag.

"Allison, if that was full, you would have at least a kilogram." Chris stated with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah, but we've replaced half of his medicine cabinet!"

"Really? Well done. Wait, how long have you been here?"

"Around three hours." Allison stated as she placed all of the full capsules into a tub.

"Actually, it's closer to four now." Lydia corrected, looking at her watch.

Chris gave the group a calculating look, then shook his head and left the room, but Victoria stayed.

"So the full moon is tomorrow," Allison commented. "How are you feeling?"

"A little on edge." Victoria admitted after a moment's hesitation. "Like there's an unbearable itch that I can't scratch."

"I get that too." Stiles told her with a reassuring smile. "It'll be worse tomorrow, but it does get easier. Especially when you find your anchor."

"I've heard of anchors, but I've never fully understood what it means." Victoria told him, slightly embarrassed for needing to ask for help. "Could you explain it to me?"

"Yeah, of course, uh. An anchor is what keeps you human." Stiles explained as Chris walked in with more mountain ash. "For me, I think about my dad, Derek, my Pack, all of the people that I care about, I think about how it would feel to lose them. How much it'd hurt if I lost control and did something to them. I think about my mum, watching over me. I think about how disappointed she'd be if I lost control and hurt someone." He explained softly. "And that gives me incentive to stay in control, to not let the wolf win."

"I think I have something."

"Remember, it won't give you complete, immediate control, but it will make it easier." Victoria nodded and thanked Stiles.

"If you'd like, Stiles," Chris started. "I can take over with the pills, and you can teach Victoria some self control techniques?"

"I'm fine with that." Stiles agreed. "How about you?"

"I'd like that very much, thank you." Although she refused to let it show, the Argent Matriarch was startled by how forgiving and helpful the Pack were, especially after everything she had done. She wasn't naive enough to miss the wary looks shot her way every now and then, but they were giving her more of a chance than she ever gave them. They had never hurt anybody and yet she regarded them as monsters and tried to kill them, or at least severely hurt in some cases, even her own daughter! She shoved wolfsbane in her daughter's mouth, believing it would poison her, and for what? For 'Humanity'? Principal? For the safety of others? Because it was 'the right thing to do'? No, all the reasons she had given herself were bogus and she knew that now. It was prejudice. Plain and simple. But enough was enough. No longer would Victoria Argent be hateful and vindictive. From now on, she would take a page out of her daughter's book and help people, all people. Werewolves, Humans, Banshee's, whatever. If they were good, she would protect them. If they were bad, she would stop them. If they were somewhere in the middle like her, she would try to keep them on a positive path. It was time to make a change.

And what was a better way to start becoming a better person than accepting help from somebody she once looked down on?

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Later that night, Stiles was home alone. The hunters were searching for the Kanima that night, so the Pack decided to stay out of their way. His Dad, Allison, Melissa and Derek were at work, Lydia was helping Scott with homework, Danny and Jackson were doing something together, and Isaac was spending time with Erica and Boyd. Stiles didn't really mind though, it gave him time to sort through things.

He'd just gotten off of the phone with Jackson's adopted father, and was pleased with the progress that he had made. He sat at the kitchen table with papers spread all over, his laptop in the middle, and his phone next to it. Being sat like that made Stiles feel nostalgic. Although he had never done something as big and elaborate as this, he had finalised many plans and schemes at that table over the years. Sitting there then, he missed his glasses. He missed the inconvenience of having to push them up every few minutes. He missed being able to slam his hand on the table in frustration, without having to worry about breaking it. He missed a lot of things, truth be told. He missed poking himself in the eye every single morning, trying to get his contacts in. He missed the simplicity of his life before, when all he had to worry about was school, Harris, his dad, Scott, Melissa, and making Lydia fall in love with him. He missed all of it. He missed being overly focused because he'd taken too much adderall. He missed waking up at his computer desk after a late night studying. He missed all of the little things that used to bug the hell out of him.

But he wouldn't give up his Pack for it.

Looking back, he can't remember how he got by without them. His life before turning feels like a dream. Like he wasn't really living, just going through the motions, taking all of the right steps to get to this point.

He can't imagine not having sarcasm battles with Isaac, not planning to take over the world with Lydia, or nerding out with Boyd, making fun of the Pack with Erica, talking computers and play flirting with Danny, discussing weapons and battle strategies with Allison, arguing with Jackson in a teasing, friendly manner. It's hard to picture a life without them. He can't even contemplate life without Derek.

He sighed and shuffled his papers into a pile, knowing that he wasn't going to be able to focus anymore. He placed all the A4 sheets into a manila folder, then rolled up the larger sheets and secured them with a rubber band.

Stiles then opened the music folder on his laptop, set it to shuffle and started preparing some food. He had just gotten all of the ingredients together and was about to start the preparation, when it started playing.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"Ugh! This is useless!" Scott groaned, slamming his head on Lydia's desk. "I suck!"

"No, you don't suck." Lydia assured. "You're just having a hard time focusing. Hey, I have an idea, come on." Before Scott could say a word, Lydia grabbed his hand and pulled him from his seat.

"What? Where are we going?"

"To see Stiles! He knows how to keep you focused."

Ten minutes later, the pair pulled up outside the Stilinski household "Do you hear music?" Lydia asked as they walked into the house, to hear singing coming from the kitchen. When they reached the doorway, they were greeted with the sight of Stiles dancing around the kitchen, pausing every now and again to drum on the side with wooden spoons, and singing at the top of his lungs. Lydia immediately pulled her phone out and started recording.

"-not the same boy you knew back then!" He sang, whilst drumming on the side rapidly, but in time to the song. "Cause I can break down these walls, I built around myself! I wanna fall so in love with you, and no one else, could ever mean half as much to me as you do now!" He lifted one of the spoons and used it as a microphone. "Together we'll move on, just don't turn around! Let the walls break- I can't breathe, my body's shaking!" He drummed in time to the song as he sang out the bridge, it was when he got to the chorus again that he noticed them. "Oh, shi-" He dropped the spoons, and tried to look as nonchalant as possible. "Uh- h-hey- hey guys uh h-how long have you been there?"

"Since the end of the second verse." Lydia grinned as she pocketed her phone. "Of all the All Time Low songs you could have picked, you chose the cheesy love song? Really Stiles?" The genius chuckled.

"Hey! 1) I didn't choose it, shuffle did! 2) In my opinion, that's the regular love song, the cheesy love song is 'My Only One' and 3) I didn't know you know of All Time Low!"

"Yup, but now's not the time, I need your help keeping Scott focused."

"I've got this." He grinned. "Just let me finish making food first, you guys want anything?" He asked, and the pair immediately said yes, so Stiles made enough for three. Well, in normal settings, it'd be enough for ten, but who cares. Half way through preparation, Stiles froze, a panicked look on his face and he looked at Lydia. "You're, uh- Y-you're going to delete that video. Right?"

"Ha, no way!" Lydia laughed as Scott chuckled. "Now I have something to blackmail you with!"

"Lydia! Come on!"

"Hey dude," Scott began, changing the subject. "We haven't jammed in a while, once all of this craziness is done with, we should have a jam session again!"

"You guys play? What instruments?" Lydia asked with a grin.

"I play drums, Scotty here plays guitar and sings." Stiles grinned with pride.

"Nice." Lydia hummed "I play piano and keyboard."

"Aren't piano and keyboard the same thing?" Scott asked with a raised eyebrow.

"No." Lydia stated immediately, sending Scott a firm glare. "Once everything is sorted, I will tell you the exact difference, but for now, you need to learn algebra. Let's eat, then we'll get to work."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

The next day was Lydia's birthday and it had gone on without incident, well at least without anything Kanima related. Jackson, Erica and Boyd were remorseful about having to miss a part, possibly all, of Lydia's party, Jackson most of all.

"Jackson, it's one birthday party. It doesn't matter." Lydia assured. "You have spent all day with me and gave me three amazing presents, you have nothing to be sorry about."

"I promise that I'll try to make it."

"Me too," Erica announced, from where she was perched on Boyd's lap in the Martin living room. "I'm feeling a lot more in control this time, I'm so glad I had my period last week."

Scott, Jackson and Isaac made disgusted noises, whilst Derek, Boyd, Danny and Stiles looked uncomfortable. "Oh grow up!" Lydia rolled her eyes at them. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go get dressed."

"I'll help with your makeup." Erica offered, standing up. "It's the least I can do."

"Okay, Ally, come on."

"Alright, the rest of you can go get ready for Lydia's party, but stay alert. Matt and/or Tammy may show up. Lydia, Allison, I want you armed with non lethal weapons. Non lethal. Got it?" Derek instructed firmly, leaving no room for argument.

"Got it." Allison smiled, "Although I doubt Matt will show up with a black eye." She smirked.

"I wonder who did it." Isaac commented with a smirk. "What I wouldn't give to congratulate them."

"Go ahead." Boyd grinned and gestured to Allison. "She's right there."

"Really?" Derek glared. "Why? I mean I know what he's done but we can't let him know we're on-"

"He doesn't know, okay? I had a completely separate, valid reason for punching him." Allison defended. causing the Pack to look at her curiously.

"And that would be?" Derek asked expectantly, eyebrow raised as he stared at the girl, expecting an answer along the lines of 'he was a creep' or that he'd said something shitty about the Pack.

Allison hesitated for a second, sending a worried look to Scott and Isaac. "He kissed me!" She finally announced and Derek was prepared to kill Matt himself. "We were sat talking at the rave, everything was fine, then he just turned and kissed me, knowing full well that I'm in a happy, committed relationship. So I shoved him off, punched him, then stormed out and came to find you. Then I saw Boyd, and he told me what was going on, so I forgot all about it. Kind of." Isaac and Scott were silent, but you didn't need super senses to know that they were livid.

"Can we kill him?" Isaac growled out and Scott didn't protest this time. Allison walked over to them, sat down so that she was balanced on both of their laps and wrapped her arms around them both.

"No, he's not worth it. I think a broken nose got the message across, if not, I'll let you at him. Okay?"

They begrudgingly agreed, "That goes for everyone else, too." Derek announced, causing the others to groan in annoyance. "We all want to hurt him, but we can't take the risk right now. Although Scott and Isaac are welcome to threaten him a little bit, as long as there's no eye flashing, claws, growling or mention of anything supernatural involved."

A wicked smirk appeared on Isaac's lips. "I can work with that."

"You do that, I'm gonna go get ready." Allison smiled, moving to kiss both of her mates then jogged upstairs with Lydia and Erica. Scott, Isaac, Danny, and Stiles, also went to get changed. All of them had returned just over twenty minutes later.

"Alright," Derek spoke to the Pack. "We" He gestured to himself, Jackson, Erica and Boyd, "Need to go home and get ready for the full moon. Have a good night and don't kill anyone, we'll try to come by later. Alright?" He smiled apologetically, that smile disappeared a few seconds later. "Allison, give me all of your weapons" He instructed Allison, a firm glare fixed on her.

"But you said-"

"I said non-lethal." Allison went to argue, then sighed and pulled out a crossbow, a handgun, a dozen Chinese ring daggers, and a hatchet from her bag.

"I said ALL of them, Allison!" The brunette girl proceeded to pull a pistol from her ankle holster which was concealed by her boot. Along with three butterfly knives, all in a different place on her body, and her belt buckle, which concealed a knife. She placed them all on the living room table, but Derek wasn't satisfied, and gave her a stern look. Allison rolled her eyes and pulled her favourite gun from the holster on her thigh, slammed it on the table and glared at Derek. "Stiles, could you please go grab the compound bow, arrows, rifle and katana from her car and put them in the Jeep, please? Danny, please go lock up the chest in her closet."

"Where's the trust?" Allison snapped as Stiles and Danny walked past her.

"I trust you Allison. I trust that you'd do anything to protect the Pack, but if you use lethal weapons tonight, and Matt dies, you have dozens of witnesses who know nothing of the supernatural. They'll probably think that the Kanima was a prank and you killed Matt in cold blood. If that happens, not even Noah or Mr Whittemore could protect you. I can't let that happen. I cannot lose another Pack member. I can't."

"Okay." Allison nodded, understanding clear on her face. "No lethal weapons, I promise."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Lydia handed each Pack member a glass of punch with a smile. The party had started out a little thin, due to all the recent deaths, and the fact that the Pack had often been found in the middle of it all. But then, Scott used his co-captain status to get the lacrosse team there, and Stiles called the drag queens he had met at the jungle not long before. The team had brought other people from school, and the queens had brought their own friends and the party was soon alive.

"Mmm, this is good." Stiles complimented as he sipped the drink. "Did you make this?"

"Yup, my very own secret recipe." She informed him with a proud smirk on her face. She stood in the right position to keep them from seeing the bowl, and the wolfsbane flowers floating in it, without looking suspicious. "Now, who wants to dance?"

"I do," Danny started, looking away from the group as he placed his glass down on the table without having taken a sip. "But Matt and Tammy just walked in."

"We'll keep an eye on them." Stiles announced, "But they're probably just here to taunt us. not one here is on the list. Let's stay alert and have fun."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Isaac was weaving through the crowd to get more punch, when he froze in shock.

"Isaac." Mr Lahey yelled. "I didn't give you permission to be here!"

"I'm sorry, I just-" He tried to think of an explanation, looking around for his Mates and his Pack, anyone who could help him.

"You just thought you could do whatever you want and get away with it?" Lahey yelled, grabbing Isaac's arm firmly. "Not on my watch!" He dragged Isaac away from the crowd. The next thing Isaac knew, he was in the basement. "Get in the freezer!"

"N-no, I don't w-want to!"

"I said, get in the freezer!" Lahey screamed and shoved Isaac, causing him to stumble backwards. Lahey shoved him again, and Isaac fell into the freezer and began screaming in terror, the lid was shut seconds later.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Scott and Allison were dancing, but not as carefree as they were a minute before. "Isaac should be back by now." Allison commented with a frown.

"You're right." Scott agreed and grabbed Allison's hand and led her towards the house. "I'll search upstairs, you look down here. Okay?"


With that, Scott gave Allison a soft kiss before walking away to find Isaac. Allison wandered through the house, searching for Isaac, when she noticed a woman in a black hoodie, walking with a crossbow.

"No, no, not here. Scott! Isaac!"

Allison doubled over in pain as an arrow pierced her stomach, and the woman walked over. The woman lifted her head, and Allison felt like she was looking into a mirror.

"Look at you, calling for help." Allison's own voice taunted. "Always yelling for help. It's pathetic, Allison. You have no idea how much I've been looking forward to this!"

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Stiles walked around the party aimlessly until he heard his father's voice. "Why am I wearing black? What are you, any idiot? I just came from a funeral, people wear black at funerals!"

"Dude chill! It was jus-"

"Chill? Get out of my face!" The sheriff yelled and shoved the kid that he was talking to. He then turned and noticed Stiles and raised his hand to point a bottle of whiskey at his son. "It's you." He stated. "It's all you. You know everyday I saw her in that hospital, slowly dying. I thought 'how the hell am I supposed to raise this stupid kid on my own?' This hyperactive little bastard who keeps ruining my life!" Stiles tried to fight back tears, but it was useless. Everyone around stared at him, but he couldn't bring himself to care. Not whilst his father was saying the things he had always feared. "It's you, Stiles," Noah spat the name like it was venom on his tongue. "you killed your mother. You hear me? You killed her! And now you're killing me." The Sheriff threw the bottle at Stiles' head, and the boy immediately ducked and covered his face with his arms.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

As Scott got to the bottom of the stairs, he felt light headed. He paused and leant against the wall, when he heard a noise. He looked up to see Isaac lying on top of Allison as they made out. "Oh, you found him. I thought you were looking downstairs."

Allison sighed and turned her head to look at him. "And we thought you'd figure it out by now."

"Figure what out?"

"That we don't want you, Scott." Isaac sneered causing Scott to flinch back as though he'd been physically hit. "God, I don't even like boys. I tried, because we're mates, but I just can't stand you."

"And why would I want you when I have Isaac?" Allison laughed. "I mean, he's better looking, he's never lied to me, and he's much more.. adventurous. At least I don't have to worry about him in a fight, but you're too much of a wuss to fight back. So afraid of hurting people. I had to save you from my mother for crying out loud!"

"Just go Scott, we don't need you."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Derek had gotten everyone settled in the basement and made his way to the living room, where Chris was pulling on his jacket.

"Everything okay down there?" The hunter asked.

"Yeah, they're all fine. Your wife is doing well, but she still has a long way to go." Derek informed him. "Going somewhere?"

"Gerard called, demanding to know where Victoria is." He explained. "So I'm going over there to let him know that Victoria and I will be having nothing to do with them anymore. And that once the Kanima situation is over, he and his hunters better leave town." Chris went to leave before pausing and turning to Derek. "If he's still alive that is."

"I can't imagine him leaving town before forcing me to bite him, he's gone through too much effort and planning to just give up."

"I agree." Chris nodded. "But that only makes things worse. Gerard is dangerous enough, but now that he's dying-"

"He has nothing left to lose." Derek stated knowingly, and Chris nodded. They spoke about the plan a little more, then exchanged farewells and Chris left to face his father. Derek was sitting alone for ten minutes before the door opened, and Lydia walked in.

"Hey, is everything okay? Why aren't you at your party?" Lydia didn't say a word as Derek stood and walked over to her. "Lydia?" She still didn't say anything, simply lifted her hand, opened it and blew the purple substance in the alpha's face.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Scott ran through the house, almost crashing into Allison. "Hey did you find him?" Allison asked immediately.

"No, but we have something else to worry about." He informed her.

"I'd say so." Isaac agreed walking over to the pair. "I just found myself in the bathtub, thinking I was in the freezer in my dad's basement."

"I just thought I'd been shot in the stomach with an arrow." Allison told them.

"I saw something too." Scott stated, "and I think it's because of Lydia. We need to find her."

They made their way outside, and saw the wolfsbane in the punch. They then found Stiles sat against a wall next to the pool, and Scott tried to sober his best friend up.

"Stiles, look at me. Drink the water." Stiles grumbled, still out of it. "Stiles, drink it! Something's happening and I need you to sober up right now!"

A girl from school, Danielle, walked over. "What do you think you're doing? If you want to sober him up fast, that's not the way to do it." She stated.

"You can do better?" Isaac asked incredulously.

"I can do best." Danielle grinned, then grabbed Stiles' arm and shoved his head under the water for a few seconds. "How do you feel?" She asked once Stiles was sitting up straight again.

"I think I might have to revisit my policy on hitting a girl."

"Yup, he's sober." Danielle grinned, feeling proud of herself.

"Tell Heather that all of her friends are insane!" Stiles glared.

"You're her friend too."

"I'm aware of that."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"I can't find her, and guys, anyone who drank that crap, they're freaking out!" Stiles announced when he met up with the trio again, this time with Danny.

"We can see that." Isaac snarked.

"I can't swim!" They heard Matt call out as two guy's carried him towards the pool. "No, no, no, don't I can't swim! I can't swim!" The guys ignored him and threw him in the pool anyway, apparently thinking he was lying. Matt fought to get to the surface, calling out each time he did, but he soon sank. Everyone was too shocked or drunk to help. Well, almost everyone.

Tammy reached out and pulled Matt from the pool. "What are you staring at?" Matt demanded before storming away. He stopped to glare at the Pack, before leaving, Tammy right behind him. Then, sirens sounded.

"Cops are here, party over!" Danny yelled and everyone scattered. The Pack also made their way out front, following Matt. When they got there, Matt was standing in the middle of the road, glaring at them. Tammy was in Kanima form by his feet, her tail wrapped around him protectively. Danny quickly snapped a picture to show the sheriff. Then a crowd of people ran by and when they cleared, Matt and Tammy were gone.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Derek regained consciousness as Lydia dragged him over grass. "Lydia." He called out weakly, still suffering from the effects of the wolfsbane. "Lydia. Lydia stop." She stopped once Derek was lying beside Peter's dug up grave. She dropped Derek's arm and got to work. "You don't know what you're doing." Derek gasped as Lydia placed his wrist in Peter's cold hand. Lydia stood and positioned a mirror against a gravestone. The moonlight hit the mirror and bounced to multiple others that were already in position. It didn't take long for Peter's eye's to snap open, and his claws to dig into Derek's flesh. Soon, Peter was rising from the grave.

"I heard there was a party." He grinned. "But don't worry." He smirked at Lydia. "I invited myself."

"Sucks for you." Stiles growled from a few feet away. "Because that party has a 'no zombies allowed' rule." He sneered, then pounced.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Derek was practically carried through the front door by Stiles and Lydia. "I'm so sorry, I-"

"Lydia, stop apologizing." Derek insisted. "You were being controlled. I don't blame you."

"What happened?" Allison asked, rushing over to them. "Oh, god, you're hurt. What happened?!"

"We found out what Peter wanted." Lydia all but growled as she helped carry Derek to the couch. "He used me to bring himself back to life, and I had to use Derek to do it."

"It's not your fault, Lydia!" Derek insisted as he was placed on the couch.

The entire Pack was there, watching with wide eyes. Chris was with them and only Victoria remained in the basement, seemingly unconscious. "Well I was the one who poisoned everybody with wolfsbane, dug up Peter's body and took you to him, nearly getting you killed!" Lydia argued stubbornly and uncharacteristically stubborn. "So it feels like it's my fault."

"So, he's back?" Scott asked with wide eyes.

"Yeah," Stiles frowned. "I followed Lydia and Derek's scents to the cemetery while you guys got my dad and mrs. McCall, but by the time I got there it was too late. I fought Peter off, injured him a little, then grabbed Derek and Lydia and got the hell out of there."

"Great." Isaac sighed sarcastically. "Like we didn't have enough problems!"

"But none of us blame you Lydia." Allison assured her best friend as Jackson hugged the girl. "Like Derek said, you were being controlled."

"But it was still me!"

"And it was still Tammy who killed people." Stiles stated with a shrug.

"That's different!"

"How?" Stiles challenged, raising an eyebrow in a manner derivative of Derek.

"She didn't have a choice!" Lydia argued firmly. She may not Tammy's biggest fan but the girl shouldn't be held accountable for what Matt was forcing her to do.

"And you did? You chose to poison everyone? You chose to bring Peter back to life?"

"No but-"

"Then how is it different?" Lydia froze, for once in her life, the genius was at a loss for words. "Exactly. This isn't your fault. We'll deal with Peter later and when we do, you can throw the first punch." Lydia nodded, then decided to change the subject.

"Okay, so what happened after I left?"

Isaac then explained what happened, from the hallucinations to seeing Matt with Kanima Tammy. Then Danny showed everyone the photo, starting with the Sheriff.

"Okay, but we still need to find more proof. We take this into the station and everyone thinks we're nuts or it's a prank." Noah stated, then turned to Stiles. "I'm sorry that I doubted you."

"It's okay dad." Stiles promised, then hugged his dad.

"So what did you all see?" Danny asked. "In your hallucinations? I didn't drink any punch, so I didn't have one."

"My father." Isaac informed him. "He was yelling at me, then he locked me in the freezer. Well, I thought he did, but I was actually in the bathtub."

"I saw myself." Allison frowned. "In hunter gear with a crossbow. I thought that she, I, shot me with an arrow. It felt so real."

"I don't want to talk about it." Scott muttered when everyone looked at him next.

"Me neither." Stiles stated, eyes downcast. The Pack looked at them in concern, knowing that whatever they saw really got to them.

"Wait, this is the kid who's controlling the Kanima?" Melissa asked with wide eyes as Danny showed her the picture.

"Yeah, why?" Scott asked.

"Because I saw him the day that the pregnant woman, Jessica, died. I stopped him to tell him that he was tracking mud through the halls." She informed them, causing Noah's eyes to widen.

"We have footprints outside the couple's trailer. If we can get the footage and compare the prints, we can tie it back to him! If we can't get a clear picture of his face, are you willing to come forth as a witness?" The Sheriff asked hopefully.

"Hell yes."

"So that puts him at the scene of three murders, the hospital, the trailer and the rave!" Stiles announced triumphantly.

"Actually four." His dad corrected. "When we first found out that it could be him, I checked the evidence. There's a credit card receipt for an oil change, signed by Matt at the garage where the mechanic was killed."


"Just a few hours before you got there."

"Okay, dad, if one's an incident, two's a coincidence and three's a pattern, then what's four?"

"Four's enough for a warrant."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"It's two in the morning!" The deputy commented with a raised eyebrow as the Sheriff, Melissa, Stiles, and Scott walked into the station.

"Believe me, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't extremely important." Noah sighed as he walked past her and towards his office. "Alright, do you remember what time you stopped him?" He asked Melissa as he started his computer.

"Around ten thirty." Within minutes, they found the footage, and were able to get a good shot of the foot prints. Noah printed the picture off and handed it to Stiles, along with a photo of the prints from outside of the trailer.

"Take this to the front desk, tell her to send it off for analysis as soon as possible. Scott, call Allison, ask her to come in and give her an official statement about that night at the rave, if she parted with Matt before the death, he doesn't have an alibi." Scott immediately pulled out his phone and Scott left the office. He went to the front desk, only to no longer see the deputy.

"Hello?" He called out as he looked around, and heard a muffled voice call out for help. He found the deputy, lying on the floor, completely still, and her gun was missing. Her eyes showed absolute terror as she looked at Stiles. Stiles turned to go back to the office for help, only to come face to face with a gun, which was held by Matt.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"She's on her way in." Scott told the elder Stilinski, but the man was looking behind Scott. "Sheriff?" He then turned to see Stiles walking into the room with Matt behind him, pressing a gun to his back. Matt pushed Stiles forward then lowered the gun to his side.

"Matt." Noah started cautiously. "It's Matt, right? Now whatever's going on, I can guarantee there's a solution that doesn't involve a gun."

"You know, it's funny you say that, because I don't think you're aware of just how right you are!" Matt chuckled.

"Fine, a solution that doesn't involve a gun or a Kanima." Stilinski corrected himself. "I know you don't want to hurt people."

"Actually, I want to hurt a lot of people." Matt corrected. "You four weren't on my list, but I could be persuaded. And one way is to try dialing somebody on your cell phone like McCall is doing." Scott immediately froze and took his hand out of his pocket as Matt chuckled darkly. "That- that could definitely get someone hurt. Everyone." He gestured around with the gun. "Now!" They all took out their cell phones and placed them on the desk.

A car pulled up outside. "Sounds like your girlfriend is here, McCall."

"Matt, please don't do this!" Scott begged, but Matt just rolled his eyes. "I'll tell her to go home, say that we didn't find anything!"

"If you don't move, I'm going to kill your mum first, then the Sheriff, then Stiles, then Allison." Matt threatened, gesturing with his gun to emphasise his point. "You do as I say, and I won't hurt any of them."

When Scott opened the door, Allison wasn't there, but Derek was. Scott felt a second of relief before the Alpha was thrown to the floor, revealing Tammy standing behind him. Scale covering half of her face, reptilian eyes, and claws on display.

"This is the one controlling her? This kid?" The alpha asked feigning scepticism, deliberately antagonising the boy, trying to rile him up enough that he'd become sloppy.

"Well Derek, not everyone's lucky enough to be a big bad werewolf." Matt sneered, though he kept a cocky smirk on his face the entire time. "Oh yeah, that's right, I've learned a few things lately." He chuckled. "Werewolves, hunters, banshees, kanimas, it's like a friggin Halloween party every full moon. Except for you, Stiles." He taunted. "What do you turn into?"

"Abominable snowman." Stiles smirked and gave him a look, as Scott, Derek, Melissa and Noah looked confused. Matt rolled his eyes.

"I know that you're the alpha's mate, but as far as I've seen, you're just human." He taunted gleefully. "It must really suck, being surrounded by incredibly powerful people without anything to offer of your own." He was clearly trying to antagonise Everyone in the room in one fell swoop, but all he succeeded in doing was making Stiles laugh.

"What?" Stiles laughed outright. "I guess Tammy has figured out how to keep certain things from you." Stiles shifted and glared at Matt. "I'm a werewolf. And Tammy know's that."

"What?!" Matt demanded and looked to Tammy in shock. It was then that he noticed the pained look in the girls eyes, the slight twitch in her fingers as she fought for control. Matt gave the girl a fiery glare and her hand suddenly shot up and Stiles fell on top of Derek.

"Get him off of me." Derek demanded, while he was usually very happy to have Stiles on top of him, this was definitely not the right circumstances. Especially given that in that particular position, if someone were to attack the pair, Stiles would be the one getting the brunt of it and would just not do at all,

"Oh, I don't know Derek, I think you two make a pretty good pair." Matt chuckled, then his tone turned dark. "It must suck though, to have all of that power taken away from you with just a little cut to the back of the neck. I bet you're not used to feeling this helpless."

"I've still got some teeth." Derek stated. "Why don't you come a little closer, huh? See how helpless I am."

"Yeah, bitch!"

Before Matt could reply to the pair, a car pulled up outside. "Is that her?" He asked in excitement, and Scott, Melissa and Noah had worried looks on their faces. "Do what I tell you to and I won't hurt her." Matt promised. "I won't even let Tammy near her."

"Scott, don't trust him." Stiles yelled, angering Matt. Matt reached down and roughly pulled Stiles off of Derek, he tossed the boy onto his back then stepped on Stiles' throat.

"This work better for you?"

"Leave him alone!" Melissa cried out as tears pooled in her eye.

"Get off of him!" Derek growled out, eyes flashing red as anger flooded him.

"Get off of my son!" Noah yelled, his voice overlapping with Derek's, he could barely keep himself from lunging at the teenager who dared to harm his son.

"Stop!" Scott snapped at Matt, his eyes were glowing amber but the rest of his features were still completely human. It was only the fear of Matt hurting the people he loved that allowed Scott to maintain enough composure to keep from completely wolfing out.

"Then do what I tell you to!" Matt ordered, adding more pressure to Stiles' throat

"Okay! Alright! Just stop!" Scott agreed, a pleading edge to his voice and Matt finally took his foot off of Stiles' throat. Stiles gasped for breath, tears swimming in his eyes as he did so. Derek wished that the paralysis would hurry up and wear off as he was longing to reach out for his mate. Noah and Melissa also felt the urge to check on the boy, only resisting out of fear that Matt would hurt him again if they did.

"You," He gestured to Tammy. "Keep an eye on them." He pointed to Scott next. "You. With me."

It wasn't long until Allison walked through the front door. "Allison." Scott called out hesitantly.

"Oh, hey, you scared me." She grinned, turning to face him. "Where is every-" The smile vanished from her face when she saw Matt aiming a gun at Scott's head.

"Ally, just do what he says, he promised he wouldn't hurt you." Scott assured the girl, but it didn't make her feel any better, especially when Matt smirked and nodded his head in agreement.

"He's right." Matt stated, causing Scott to turn to look at him. When he did, he shot Scott in the stomach, and Allison screamed in horror.

"Scott!? Allison!?" Melissa called out, fear evident in her voice. "What happened?!"

"But I didn't say I wouldn't hurt you."

Minutes later, Melissa was in a holding cell and Noah was handcuffed to a wall. Scott was leant against a wall, applying pressure to his wound, and Allison was forced to stand next to Matt, her hands cuffed behind her back and a gun pressed between her shoulder blades. Tammy was watching over Derek and Stiles in Noah's office.

"Look, the evidence is gone now, why don't you just go?" Scott asked with a pained hiss.

"You think the evidence is that important?" Matt scoffed. "No, I want the book!"

"What book?" The sheriff asked, drawing Matt's attention from Scott.

"The bestiary!" Matt announced as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "And not just a couple of pages, I want the whole thing!"

"I don't have it." Scott told him immediately.

"Neither do I!" Allison announced, glaring at the boy. Matt chuckled and dug the gun harder into Alison's back.

"Now, now, Allison, didn't your father teach you 'don't speak unless you're spoken to'!" Allison scoffed, angering Matt. "Allison, behave." He leant in close, pressing his face in to her neck. Scott growled and Allison tried to pull away. "Don't make me hurt you Allison. You see, I want you, Allison. I want you to be mine. And if I can't have you.." He started kissing her neck as she squirmed to escape, but Matt grabbed her chin and moved so that their lips were inches apart, resulting in the gun being moved away from her back. "No one can." He announced and leant in to kiss her.

Suddenly, the gun was out of his hand and pressed to his head. He looked to see Stiles, grinning at him wickedly. "Psych."

Allison headbutted Matt in his moment of distraction, feeling satisfied at the sickening crack of bone, and the blood running down his face. As he stumbled backwards, she immediately kneed him between the legs and followed it with a roundhouse kick to Matt's head. The boy fell to the ground, unconscious.

"Stiles, grab the keys!"

Soon, Matt was the one in the holding cell, Tammy was in human form and the sheriff, Melissa and Allison were set free.

"Wait!" Melissa called out as the sheriff was about to lock the holding cell door. "I saw something." She announced, and cautiously stepped into the cell. She crouched next to Matt, and after a moment's hesitation, lifted his shirt. His right side was scaley, the same colour and texture as the Kanima's skin.

"So that's why he wants the book." Scott commented. "He wants answers to that."

"The book's not going to help," Derek told them, he took advantage of the fact that he had regained the ability to move by holding his mate close, one hand around his waist, the other gently stroked the rapidly fading bruise on Stiles' throat. "you can't just break the rules, not like this."

"What do you mean?" Stiles asked in confusion.

"The universe balances things out. Always does."

"Is it because he's using Tammy to kill people who don't deserve it?" Stiles asked, catching on to what Derek was saying.

"And killing people himself."

"So, Matt breaks the rules of the Kanima, he becomes the Kanima."


"Okay, so that's all interesting." Noah spoke up as he locked the cell door. "How do we fix it?"

"I'm not sure that we can." Derek admitted with a frown.

"Then what do we do?!" Scott demanded.

"I don't know."

"What about me?" Tammy asked with a shaky voice. "I don't mean to sound narcissistic, but I don't want to be like this forever!"

"We'll do everything that we can to help you, Tammy." Stiles assured. "I promise! There's no cure for the supernatural, but there are ways to control it. I'll admit that it'll be different for you, but we won't give up. I swear."

Tammy nodded, a grateful smile on her face. "I believe you." Suddenly, Tammy doubled over in pain. A harsh laugh sounded from the holding cell, alerting them all to the fact that Matt had woken up.

"Tammy?" Derek called out in concern. "Tammy what's wrong? Tammy, look at me!" When she did as the alpha asked, her eyes were reptilian and scales were starting to appear on her face.

"I- I c-can't stop it!" She gasped. "I'm trying, but I can't! Please help me! I don't want to hurt anyone else! P-p-pl-please help me!" Derek tried to step closer, but the Kanima snarled at him and raised it's claws.

Tammy fought against the creature trying to control her body. It was confusing and looked insane. Then everything froze. It took a second for anyone to realise what happened, to notice Tammy's own claws digging into her stomach. It took a moment longer to register the blood pooling around her hands and dripping onto the floor. When it struck, they all rushed towards Tammy as the girl fell to the ground.

"Someone give me a belt!" Melissa yelled as she knelt beside the bleeding girl. She removed her own jacket and pressed it to Tammy's wound. The second someone placed a belt in her hand, she started wrapping it around the girl, trying to keep as much pressure on her injury as possible. "It's okay, sweetheart, you'll be okay." Melissa assured gently, stroking the girl's hair.

"I can't- I can't take your pain." Derek told her in confusion as he held her hand.

"That's because it doesn't hurt." Tammy told him softly. "It doesn't hurt. It should hurt. After everything I've done, it should hurt. I should be in agony, like they were. I should hurt."

"Tammy, that wasn't your fault, none of it was your fault. It wasn't you." Melissa told her firmly, hoping that the girl would believe it.

"It doesn't matter. People are still dead. Killed by my hands." A tear rolled down Tammy's cheek as she stared at the ceiling. "I've still said horrible things to people, I'm not a good person. This is for the best. Better me than someone else."

"Tammy, just hang in there, okay? You'll be alright, ju-" Stiles tried to assure, but Tammy cut him off.

"Tell my parents that I'm sorry and to think of me when they're lonely." More tears rolled down her face as she turned to look at her classmate. "Te-tell them that it was quick. That it didn't hurt, and I wasn't scared." She gasped out and her heart rate slowed "But I don't want to go. T-tell them that I didn't want to leave them. That I wanted to stay." She let out a heartbreaking sob. "I want to stay. Please Stiles, why- can't I- stay?"

She let out a final breath, then her heart stopped and her hand slipped from Derek's grip, hitting the ground with a dull thud.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

It was almost four in the morning when the Pack got home. Matt was being held at the station, and Noah and Melissa took Tammy's body to Deaton's office. The girl was still covered in scales, so it wouldn't be wise to leave her for the coroner to find. It was a very chaotic day and Scott was relieved to be in his bed, wrapped around his mates.

But something was wrong. He tried to ignore it, tried to push the feeling down, but it was in vain. Allison sighed next to him and sat up, Scott opened his eyes to see Isaac turning on the lamp and Allison staring down at him intensely. "Scott, we need to talk." The girl stated firmly.

Scott shot up so fast that he felt dizzy. Those simple words had his heart pounding in his chest, his mind replaying the horrible hallucination from earlier, in full detail.

"Hey, hey relax!" Isaac soothed, sharing a worried look with Allison. "Scott, you're shaking."

"I'm fine." Scott insisted, but the words sounded false to his own ears.

"Scott, please don't shut us out." Allison all but begged, running a hand over his arm.

"What was it?" Isaac asked softly. "Your hallucination. What was it?"

Scott wanted to insist that it wasn't important, that he barely even remembered it, but with their concerned looks fixed on him, and the worry hitting him in waves, he told them. He told them every detail and how it made him feel, how he was scared that they might feel that way. By the end, tears were rolling down his face as Allison and Isaac looked at him in shock.

"That's insane, Scott." Isaac finally blurted. "If I didn't have romantic feelings for you, I wouldn't lead you on. I wouldn't tell you that I love you and I definitely wouldn't have completed the bond. I love you and I love Allison. Equally. If one or both of you said that you didn't feel the same way, it would hurt like hell, but I would fight to keep you in my life, even if it's just as friends! I would never turn my back on you Scott. Ever!"

"Neither would I!" Allison insisted. "When I moved to Beacon Hills, I set a rule for myself, no boyfriends until I graduate because I move too much. Then we met, and I knew that I was going to fall in love with you. Then when I found out about the supernatural, I was shocked but I wasn't angry at you for keeping it from me, I understood why. Once Peter was gone, I thought that everything was perfect, I had a great boyfriend, great friends and no more lies, then we met Isaac. At first it scared me, I never thought I'd feel the way I did about anyone else, and I never thought that I'd fall for two people at the same time, but I did. I was terrified that I'd have to choose between the two of you, because even now, I wouldn't be able to pick. Then, you told me you had feelings for him too, and Lydia told us about having more than one one mate- words can't even describe how happy I was. Even if he only fell for you, I knew that I wouldn't have to lose you." She smiled at the memory, a gentle tone in her voice as she turned to Isaac. "Then, he fell for both of us. I would never give this up, Scott. Never." She finished firmly, looking the crooked jawed boy in the eyes. "Okay?"

Scott looked at Allison, then Isaac. "I love you both so much."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Peter stood in the preserve, waiting patiently. It wasn't long until he was surrounded by hunters and face to face with Gerard Argent. "It was very foolish of you to come out here." Gerard stated as he glared at the wolf.

"Foolish, or intentional?"

"If it's intentional, then you're an idiot. Do you really think that I am to let you just walk away, after you murdered my daughter?"

"Yes, I do." Peter said confidently. "Because you and I both want something, and we need each other to get it."

"Oh, really?" Gerard asked with a sneer. "And what exactly do I need you for?"

"A cure for terminal cancer." Peter grinned. "But my nephew would never give it to you. However, you help me capture my nephew so that I can kill him, and I will do it."

Gerard looked thoughtful, whilst the other hunters either looked confused or shocked. "Do we have a deal?" Peter asked with a grin, already knowing the answer.


Chapter Text

The Hale Pack: Showdown

Gerard looked thoughtful, whilst the other hunters either looked confused or shocked. "Do we have a deal?" Peter asked with a grin, already knowing the answer.


-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Derek stood quietly in the animal clinic, it was difficult to be in there, while Tammy's parents sobbed over her lifeless body. They had been confused and angry when Derek told them about the supernatural and what Tammy was. He didn't tell them that she was the one killing people, but they figured that out for themselves when he mentioned that Tammy was being controlled. They tearfully told Derek that they had noticed that Tammy wasn't herself, but they wrote it off to teenage drama. Derek knew that they'd regret that for the rest of their lives.

Derek stared at the ground, trying to block out the loving words Tammy's mother was whispering. "-and I love you sweetie. Never forget that." A loud gasp sounded, followed by a high pitched scream. Derek looked up and saw Tammy sat up on the table, gasping for breath. Gone were the scales and reptilian eyes, now replaced with werewolf ridges and glowing blue eyes.

"T-tammy? Sweetie?" Tammy's father called out and the girl shifted back to human and scampered off of the metal table, away from the couple.

"D-dad? Mum?" Tammy whimpered, "N-no you can't be here, you can't be!" She cried out with a sob. "You can't be here, you can't know. You can't know what I've done!"

"Sweetheart. That wasn't your fault!" Her mother assured, stepping closer to her daughter.

"But I did it! I killed people! I couldn't stop it! I tried and tried, but I couldn't. I-if you knew what I've done, you wouldn- If you could see what he made of me!" Tammy broke down, her body shook as she sobbed. Her knees gave in from under her and she fell to the floor. Her parents didn't hesitate to rush over and wrap her up in their arms. Whispering reassurance.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"So what's going to happen to her?" Scott asked once Derek had finished Informing his Pack of what happened to Tammy. "Is she joining the pack?"

"No. I offered, but her parents, understandably, want to get her away from Beacon Hills and everything that happened." Derek explained, to the packs disappointment. "But they understand that she needs a pack, so once the school year is over, they'll be moving her to south America. There's a pack there that I know and trust. Once they're settled I'm, I'll go down and introduce them, and explain to the pack why her eyes are blue, and why it's not her fault."

"Why are her eyes blue?" Erica asked curiously. "I mean, I know that your eyes used to be blue too, but I thought that it was because you were born a wolf, but Tammy wasn't."

"No, I'll tell you why, but I need all of you to let me explain before you react. Okay?" The teenagers immediately agreed, and Derek took a deep breath. "Okay, for werewolves, blue eyes are the sign of a killer. That's why Tammy's eyes are blue, because she killed innocent people, even though she wasn't in control, they died at her hands. When I was younger, my eyes were the same as yours, but when I was fifteen, I met a girl. Her name was Paige and I fell for her. We dated for a while, but I was worried about having to tell her what I am, and how she'd react. I spoke to Peter about it and he convinced me that the only way I could stay with her was if she was like us. I was young and stupid and I believed him. He contacted an alpha named Ennis and convinced him to turn Paige. At the last second, I changed my mind, and I tried to stop him, but it was too late, Ennis had bitten her." Derek's eyes were clenched shut, his hands balled into fists, and pain evident in his voice. "But she didn't turn, her body rejected the bite. She was in so much pain, I-I couldn't stop it. And she begged me to. She begged me to make it stop. I-I had to. So I told her that I'm sorry, and I'll never forget her. Then I kissed her. Then I killed her. She was an innocent, and I killed her, so my eyes turned blue." Derek refused to look up at his pack, afraid that he'd see hatred in their eyes. Within seconds, a pair of arms wrapped around him, followed by another pair, and another, and another. Derek opened his eyes to find his pack embracing him, some with tears rolling down their cheeks.

"Wai- what?"

Lydia scoffed, the sound muffled due to her head being pressed to Derek's shoulder. "What? Did you think we'd hate you or something?"

"If you'd killed her in cold blood, then we'd be wary of you," Erica stated softly. "But you didn't, I don't need super senses to know that."

"I don't know what I'd do without you guys."

"Well, don't worry, cause you'll never have to find out." Stiles assured.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

The next day was rather hectic. Everyone who worked at the station had a lot of questions about what exactly happened, rightly so. As the event was too big to cover up, the Sheriff called a staff meeting and informed everyone of the supernatural. After being shown proof, courtesy of the Hale Pack, the police of Beacon Hills accepted it. Of course, they were shocked and slightly scared, but they didn't find it that hard to believe, as they had all seen impossible things in that town.

Noah was glad that his deputies were aware of the supernatural, so that they could properly defend themselves and the citizens of their town. Chris had volunteered to give them all specialist training, supply suitable weaponry and supplied Noah with the numbers of people who specialised in anti-supernatural weaponry.

They had all been informed that the Hale Pack was strictly off limits, and there were no complaints against that. There were a few questions about Tammy, as multiple deputies had seen her face that night, but after Derek stepped forward and explained why it wasn't her fault, and why it shouldn't be held against her, they understood. Well, kind of.

"That's terrible!" Tara cried in outrage. "This Matt kid forced her to kill these people against her will! And now she's forced to live out the rest of her life remembering all of it? That poor girl will probably blame herself and have nightmares for years! Juvie is too good for Matt!"

"I agree, Tara, but unfortunately we can't do anything about it." Noah Stilinski sighed, running a hand over his face. "The only thing we can do is not say anything about her. If we bring it up that Matt didn't physically kill anyone except Jessica, his lawyer will try to get him out in a couple of years, and lock Tammy away. We keep our mouths shut, kids in juvie till he's 18, then jail for life. If anyone has a problem with that, speak up now."

"No way!" A male deputy called out. "It wasn't her fault, the way I see it, she was just the weapon, Daehler is the one who pulled the trigger. You don't blame the gun, you blame the person aiming it." There was a chorus of agreement and Noah smiled, he chose the right people for this job.

"Right, starting tomorrow, your new training will begin. Mr Argent," The sheriff gestured to Chris who stood stoically. "is a professional supernatural hunter. He will be teaching everyone how to fight against different supernatural creatures. You will then practice fighting against the pack." Noah gestured to Allison next. "Allison here will be teaching you all how to shoot a bow and arrow. Now you're probably thinking 'Why do we need to learn that when we have guns?' Well, many supernatural creatures have advanced healing, and can heal from many injuries in seconds. But, with an arrow, they can't heal until it's taken out." He made a 'come here' gesture to Stiles and Lydia, who moved to stand next to him. "Lydia will be showing you how to use mountain ash." Lydia opened her hand to reveal a small pile of mountain ash. "Now, mountain ash blocks supernatural energy, no supernatural creature can escape it. However, you have to believe that it will work, and it has to be a complete circle, trapping the creature. All you need is a handful and you can protect a whole building if you want to, or just trap one creature. Lydia, if you could demonstrate." Lydia threw the ash into the air, and the deputies were all surprised when it landed in a perfect circle around Stiles. They were even more surprised when Stiles pressed his hand against the air and a blue shield appeared. When he pulled his hand back, it disappeared.

"As you can see, I'm completely trapped." Stiles stated, "I cannot get out of this circle. The only way I can get out is if the line is broken. Now, it can't be broken by a gust of wind of anything that simple, it needs to be broken by someone human." Lydia knelt and made a single line in the ash. "That's all it takes," Stiles stated, stepping out of the circle. "A single break in the line."

"Although, in contrast to what Stiles just said, it doesn't have to be a human to set and break the mountain ash." Lydia stated, sending the lanky boy a pointed look. "See, I'm what's known as a banshee, and I was able to handle it just fine. Whereas other supernatural creatures can't even touch the stuff. Not even in human form."

"But that's because banshee's are omens of death!" Stiles argued. "They don't actually hurt anyone. Before you, I doubt anyone has needed protection from a banshee." He then turned to face the deputies. "I'm serious, do not threaten or say anything bad about our pack in front of her! She will kick your ass, then call Allison and Erica to do the same. Once they're done, you'll be terrified to ever open your mouth again, and they won't have even broken a nail."

"Okay Stiles, enough scaring the deputies." Derek rolled his eyes, walking forward.

"I was just being honest." Stiles chuckled, walking back to the rest of the pack, pausing to give Derek a peck on the lips.

"Okay, so, back to werewolves." Derek announced, ignoring the shocked looks, flickering from him and Stiles to the sheriff. Half of the deputies were expecting to see Noah shoot Derek, but the man didn't even blink. "Unlike the rest of my pack, I was born a werewolf. Almost all of my family were werewolves. The rest of my pack were bitten. Now apart from better control in most born wolves, it's difficult to tell the difference. But you can tell what rank they are by their eyes." Derek closed his eyes for a moment and when he opened them, they were glowing red. "My eyes are red, because I'm an alpha, meaning I am the leader of this pack." He gestured to the pack, all of his beta's had their eyes glowing, Allison, Lydia and Danny all looked bitter that they didn't have glowing eyes at the moment. "Their eyes are amber because they are beta's, but omega's also have amber eyes. An omega is a lone wolf, you can recognise them as being rabid. In human form, they often look unkempt and ragged and they're often confused for being homeless, then again most of them actually are. They are dangerous, driven to insanity without a pack." He blinked and his eyes were normal again. "Blue eyes are what you need to look out for. A werewolf with blue eyes is a killer, however, we have learnt that it's not always as straightforward as that. Tammy has blue eyes, she might not have been in control, but she has killed people. Even though it wasn't her fault. So if you come across a werewolf, of any eye colour, I ask that you try to trap it, rather than kill."

"So, they were all bitten? Did one turn then bite the others, or..?"

"No. Only an Alpha can turn people." Derek stated. "However, I didn't turn them all. I turned Erica, Isaac and Boyd, after telling them everything and asking their permission." Derek explained. "An alpha doesn't have to ask permission to turn someone, but most prefer to. The bite is dangerous, it can either turn or kill. Teenagers are more likely to survive. Which is why Peter, the previous alpha, targeted Scott and Stiles the night that my sister died. He also bit Jackson before he died. He turned all three of them against their will." The deputies all looked horrified, Tara especially. "Most in this situation, try to fight the change, making it more difficult for them to control it. This means that they are more likely to become out of control. The bite can either turn a person, or kill them. The only exception we know to this rule is Lydia. That night when he killed Kate Argent, Peter attacked and bit Lydia and awoke her Banshee abilities. Peter was the one who bit Tammy, but rather than turning into a werewolf, she became the Kanima as sometimes the form you take is a reflection of the person you are." Derek explained, then stepped back and the sheriff took over again.

"I trust that all of you know of Peter Hale, whom Derek was referring to?" when everyone nodded, he continued. "There's no easy way to say this, so I'm just going to say it: He is alive again." All of the deputies started talking at once and Stilinski held his hand up to silence them. "I understand that you are all upset, I am too, but this is no time to argue. Peter Hale is dangerous, he was able to bring himself back to life, for crying out loud! He is too dangerous to live, but if we kill him again, he'll probably just bring himself back. Our best option is to capture him, keep him confined until we can find a way to keep him from coming back. Now, we're not sure how to do this yet, so any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. So tonight, I'd like you all to put some thought into it."

"We have another issue." Chris spoke up, moving to stand next to Noah. "Gerard Argent. He's a ruthless hunter, unlike myself, he doesn't follow any code of conduct, he will not hesitate to kill any supernatural creature he comes across. The only reason he hasn't killed any of the pack, is because he knows that if he does, Derek won't give him what he wants."

"And what does he want?" A deputy asked.

"To become a werewolf." Noah stated. "Gerard is dying of cancer. Terminal, and he's not ready to die just yet."

"You're right." A voice called from the back of the room, near the entrance to the station. Everyone looked to see around fifteen men dressed in all black. "And he's teamed up with Peter Hale to get what he wants." The man at the front spoke again.

"How do you know this, Merrick?" Chris demanded.

"Because I was there when they made the deal." The hunter, Merrick, told Chris, a hint of shame in his voice. "So were Barakat, Dawson and Gaskarth. The others just agreed with our decision."

"And what decision would that be?" Noah asked suspiciously.

"To stop working for Gerard, we thought that he knew best, but he was just manipulating us." Another hunter named Gaskarth stated. "None of us are ready to just join ranks with werewolves, like Chris is, but we're willing to fight alongside them, to stop Gerard. We swear that we won't harm any of them"

"We'll tell you everything that we know. All we ask for in return is to be allowed to leave when it's over. Not just town, but the Argents. You'll never hear from us again, and you'll never hear of us killing innocent creatures." The first hunter spoke again.

"Alright." Noah agreed. "But if you give us false information, or break your promise, there's nowhere on earth that you'll be able to hide. Understood?"


"Great." Noah smiled. "Why don't you come up here and tell us what you know."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"What a day!" Stiles groaned as he flopped onto his bed that night. Derek chuckled as he removed his shirt.


"So tired!" Stiles grumbled, holding his arms out. "Come cuddle me!" Derek chuckled again and walked over to the bed. "You're moving too slow!" Stiles had barely finished his sentence, when he was maneuvered onto his side, a pair of strong, familiar arms wrapped around his waist, and familiar chest pressed against his back.

"Better?" Derek teased in a hushed tone, lips brushing the back of Stiles' neck.

"Much." Stiles grinned and turned his head to face Derek then gave his mate a soft kiss. They pulled away a few seconds later, and Stiles let out a content hum. "So, how does it feel to have all of the deputies fighting over who gets to be your partner?"

"Scary, I really thought that Posey was gonna shoot O'brien for a second."

Stiles laughed. "No way, their bromance is too strong!" Stiles shook his head. "O'brien might have shot Sharman, though."

"Probably." Derek agreed. "Your hair's getting longer."

"Yup, I'm growing it out."

"Do you want to? Or is it just because I asked?"

"I want to, Der. Don't worry."

Derek smiled and peppered kisses across Stiles' neck. "Alright then." He paused when he reached the faded bite mark on Stiles left shoulder. Derek had a similar mark on his own shoulder. The pair had created the marks when completing the mating bond, and they haven't faded completely, but if the lore Derek heard growing up is true, they never will. Derek pressed a soft kiss to Stiles' mark, smiling as his mate let out a soft moan. "Is it sensitive?"

"Only when you touch it." Stiles smiled. "But you already knew that." Derek didn't say anything, instead, he placed another kiss to Stiles' mark, then nipped at it lightly. "Fuckin' tease."

"What did you see?" Derek asked softly, and Stiles' immediately turned tense. "In your hallucination, what did you see?"

"It doesn't matter."

"It does to me."

"Derek." Stiles growled. "Drop it." He clenched his eyes shut, trying to force away the memory that was trying to claw its way to the surface.


Ten year old Stiles Stilinski carefully walked across the roof of Beacon Hills hospital, towards the brunette woman in a hospital gown, who was standing on the edge of the building. "Mummy?"

"Don't call me that!" The emaciated woman sneered, spinning around to face him. "You don't deserve to call me that, you monster! You're trying to kill me!" Claudia Stilinski screamed, her hair hung in ropes, deep circles were set under her eyes, her cheeks hollow and bruised. Her limbs were deathly pale and looked like bones.

"I'm not mummy, I promise!" Stiles cried, tears rolling down his face.

"Yes you are! You come to see me every day just to taunt me! Prove that you're winning! And when you're done with me you'll go after my husband!" She screamed, taking a step backwards, so that the heels of her feet were hanging off of the edge. "How is he supposed to deal with you on his own? How is he supposed to handle this hyperactive little bastard, who keeps ruining our lives?!" Stiles' little body shook as tears poured down his face. "Don't even pretend to care! You've won! You've killed me, Stiles, now you'll kill him." With that, Claudia leant backwards and disappeared from Stiles' sight, the boy screaming as he fell to his knees.

*End Flashback*

Stiles was crying in Derek's arms when Noah ran in. "What happened?" He demanded to know as he climbed onto the bed.

"I-I don't know. I asked him about his hallucination and he just broke down."

"It-it wasn't just a hallucination, it w-w-was based off of a mem-ry." Stiles sobbed, then explained his hallucination, then told them the memory that triggered it. Noah and Derek listened in horror, tears flooding both of their eyes. "I-I killed mum!" Stiles cried, finishing his story.

"No, you didn't!" Noah insisted immediately, he grabbed his son's chin and for him to look him in the eye. "You. Did. Not. Kill. Claudia. You hear me? She had a disease!" Noah insisted with tears spilling from his eyes. "What that disease made her say and do isn't your fault!" Noah pulled his son to his chest, whispering "It's not your fault." Over and over again as Derek quietly stood and slipped out of the room.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Sunday was devoted to training. Derek wanted his pack prepared for the next attack, especially now that they knew that Peter and Gerard were working together. So the hunters that weren't working for Gerard were helping out and learning to fight with the pack, rather than against them. Although Derek and Stiles were apprehensive about allowing the hunters to know where they trained. Once they knew where it was, they'd be able to find it whenever they wanted to, at least until Deaton gathered the necessary ingredients to reinforce the warding.

"Then blindfold us." One hunter, Barakat, suggested.

"Kinky!" Erica commented from the backseat of Allison's car, winking at the hunter who had made the suggestion.

"Hunters are trained to memorise routes." Derek stated with his arms folded over his chest, electing to ignore his Beta. "Even if you can't see the way, you're taught to memorise turns, distances, land textures and elevations."

"Then fuckin' carry us if you have to." Gaskarth sighed in annoyance. "I don't see any other options here! You, understandably, don't want to train at any of our facilities, but we need to train together if we want to stand a chance."

"You don't trust us. Fine. We don't trust you either, but we all trust Chris." Dawson spoke up next. "And we all want Gerard and Peter gone. There's twelve of you, not counting Chris and his wife. Four are human and one is a Banshee without any supernatural strength, healing or reflexes. There are fifteen of us. Gerard has thirty men in town, Lord knows how many more he can bring in. We need each other in this. So it's up to you, we can train where you usually do, and you can use whatever means you want to get us there, or we can train somewhere else, of your choosing, or not work together at all. What's it gonna be?"

Derek and Stiles shared a look, then Stiles nodded and they both looked at the hunters again. "Gather your men into cars then follow us." Derek stated, then turned away and walked to the camaro.

"Alright," Stiles began, glaring at the hunters. "We're trusting Chris' judgement on this, but I swear to God, whether it's tomorrow or in twenty years, if you ever hurt anyone of them, I will find you and I will pay you back for everything that you did, with interest. Be it my dad, Derek, Melissa, any one of my pups- actually, anyone in this town. Unless they have been killing, at their own free will, with evidence. If that happens, you must contact us before you come to town or make any move to harm them. Otherwise, you won't live long enough to brag to your buddies over a beer. Understood?"

The hunters visibly gulped at the fire in Stiles eyes and the venom in his voice, "Got it." Merrick agreed with a nod

Then Dawson spoke up. "Damn kid, you're scarier than my mum."

Stiles simply smirked. "That's because I'm Pack mum. Now, I believe my mate asked you to gather your colleagues. We'll be waiting in the car."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Allison smirked as she aimed her bow at a hunter, her foot on another one's throat. Lydia was just behind her, with a gun in each hand, aiming at two other hunters. A shot rang out and Allison's bow was broken. As the hunter she was aiming at moved forward, Allison threw the broken bow at him, used her right arm to grab a gun from her hip holster and aimed it at him. As she did that, she used her other hand to reach over her shoulder, put the arrow back in it's quiver then pulled the Katana from its sheath and held it out to her left in one graceful movement, just in time for the hunter that shot at her to freeze and narrowly avoids running into it.

Allison glanced around and made a mental calculation. Five with her and Lydia, three with Erica and Isaac, two with Boyd, and Stiles, Scott and Jackson had one each. That's thirteen, but no more hunters in sight. "There's two missing!" Allison called out urgently.

Immediately, Stiles subdued the hunter he held captive and dragged him over to Allison and Lydia, the others quickly followed his lead. Within minutes, the hunters were disarmed and in pairs, face to face, arms handcuffed behind their backs and their feet tied together.

"Alright, teams of two." Stiles ordered quietly, so that the hunters couldn't overhear. "Fast and strong. Alright? So: Scott and Boyd, Isaac and Jackson, Allison and Erica, Lydia, you're with me. Lydia and I will call my dad and Derek, and watch over the hunters until they arrive. Scott, Boyd, the two of you will search the grounds of the north sector, Okay?" The pair nodded in agreement. "Alright, Isaac, Jackson, south sector, grounds. Erica, Allison, I need the two of you to find a high vantage point and long range weapons, alright? Keep an eye on everything and if you see anything, howl! Or in your case Allison, tell Erica and get her to howl. Okay?"

"Quick question." Jackson stated. "What do we do if we're overpowered and they're forcing us to howl to set a trap?"

"Good thinking, Jacks." Stiles paused for a second, thoughtful. "Right, Howl twice, three seconds each. If any of you are hurt, howl as long and loud as you can. Lydia, Allison, if Erica or I are hurt and can't howl, scream. Understood?" It was a unanimous agreement and shortly after, everyone had gathered up weapons and engaged in their tasks.

Stiles pulled his phone out and dialed a familiar number. After two rings, the phone was answered. "Hey, we've got two missing hunters, the rest are all captive." He paused as the other person spoke. "Great, thanks, see you later." He hung up the phone and rang a second number. "Hey, Der, we have two missing hunters, so we need back up." He paused as Derek replied "Great, see you in a minute. Love you, bye."

"Everything sorted?"

"Yeah, don't worry about it." Stiles smiled reassuringly, then glanced around for any sign of the other two hunters. "Dad and Derek are on their way and the text should be coming through an min-" Stiles' phone cut him off, signalling a text. "-ute now."

Lydia immediately moved to look at the screen, "oh."

"Alright everyone, come back." Stiles called out

"Why are you calling them back?" A hunter asked. "There's no way you've found our men yet."

"Actually, we have." Stiles smirked. "You see, our resident techie, Danny, got his hands on these tracking devices, extremely tiny, and very difficult to see. During the fight, you each had one attached to you. Which is how we know that your men are hiding under Derek and Jacksons cars." Scott and Jackson walked into the clearing, shortly followed by Boyd and Isaac, then Erica and Allison, Derek and Noah arrived a few minutes later.

"Why are they face to face?" Noah asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Why are their feet tied together?" Derek asked, unintentionally mimicking the sheriff's expression.

"They're face to face so that they can't undo each other's handcuffs, and their feet are tied together so that if they try to stand, one of them will break the others feet." Stiles explained with a grin. "And before you ask, the last guy is hog tied because there's an uneven number of them."

"Right." Noah sighed. "Just, untie them."

"Do we have to?" Erica grinned, "Can't we draw on them first or something?"

"Ooh, in permanent marker!" Isaac agreed with an excited smile.

"I think that one would look good with a unibrow." Allison giggled, pointing to the hunter that shot her bow. "He owes me a new bow anyway."

"I want to give someone cat whiskers." Lydia stated, sending Merrick an evil smile.

"I wanna write 'assbutt' in big block letters on someone's forehead." Jackson smirked.

"Ooh, yes, I'll write 'Jerk' on another." Scott grinned.

"He looks like Sam." Boyd noticed, pointing to a hunter with shoulder length hair.

"He can be 'bitch' then." Erica decided.

"No." Stiles stated. "There will be no drawing on any of the hunters faces." He ordered, fixing his pups with a glare. "We need their help against Peter, Gerard and the others. I doubt that they'll want to go in public with any of those things on their faces, let alone help us. If they try to double cross us, or don't hold up their end of the deal, then you can draw on them. Until then, it's best behaviour. Understood?"

There were grumbles of agreement and Stiles smiled. "Thank you, now, if you'll all kindly untie these gentlemen, I'll go home and get dinner ready, we have guests tonight."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"Come on in." Stiles invited politely, stepping to the side so that the man could walk in.

"Thank you, Mr Stilinski." Doctor Alan Deaton walked into the Stilinski household with a polite nod. "Although, I am unsure as to why I've been invited over for dinner."

"To discuss territory and your knowledge of the supernatural." Stiles explained as he shut the door. "And also to determine your value, whether you're worth considering to be our emissary. You may have been loyal and valuable to Talia, but you might not be to her son, we need to find out."

Deaton nodded, looking mildly impressed. "That's very wise. I can see why you are the Pack mother, rather than just simply the alpha's mate."

"I'm also Pack mum because I won't let anything or anyone harm my pups and get away with it." Stiles stated, flashing his eyes at the doctor for good measure. Deaton didn't even blink.

"I can see that, you, Stiles, are the right kind of pack mum. I believe that had you not been turned or not been Derek's mate, you'd still have taken over this role."

"I think so too." Stiles smiled at the doctor. "Now, if you'd follow me to the kitchen, dinner's almost ready."

In the kitchen, the pack worked as a well oiled unit, Derek and all of the teens helping to prepare their feast. Scott and Jackson were setting up the table, being passed plates and cutlery by Erica as she used her other hand to stir something in a pot on the stove. Next to her, Boyd was slicing a large joint of meat, occasionally reaching out to steady the pan for his mate. Close by, Lydia and Allison were serving various steamed vegetables into bowls as Derek took something out of the oven. Danny was putting boiled potatoes into bowls, and Isaac was mashing said potatoes.

"If you'd like to talk to my dad, Melissa, and Mr and Mrs Argent, they're in the living room, I need to help my pack." Stiles informed the doctor, and listened to Chris complain about having to stay in the same house as Gerard, before walking over to the oven, where Derek was.

"Hey." Stiles smiled, as he picked up a pair of tongs. "No! You can't just stab them with a fork! They'll deflate!"

"They're just popovers, Stiles." Derek rolled his eyes and Stiles gasped in outrage, then hit Derek with the tongs. "Ow! Stiles! What was that for?!"

"They are not popovers, you heathen! They are yorkshire puddings!" Stiles announced, pinching Derek's arm with the tongs for good measure.

"What's the difference?!" Derek glared in annoyance as Stiles gestured for him to move the pan to the table.

"Yorkshire puddings are softer, and are made with hot fat dripping from roasted meat! You pour it into the center of the batter, like I did earlier, then bake them. They're made to go with roast beef and gravy! Popovers use butter and are crispier. Yorkshire puddings have fluffier centers, to help absorb the juices!" Stiles explained heartily as he carefully transferred the food from the pan to the plates.

"Wow, you really know your food." Allison commented with a soft smile.

"Yup, I take it very seriously." Stiles grinned, sending a small glare to Derek. "How's that gravy coming, Erica?" He asked once he'd emptied the pan.

"Smooth, but I'm not sure if it's too watery." The blonde commented, staring at the pot with a soft frown.

"Let me see." Stiles requested, walking over to her. Erica stepped to the side, allowing Stiles to look into the pot. He stirred the gravy, then scooped some of it up with the spoon, and tasted it. "That's pretty good." He hummed with a hard to read expression on his face. "But you're right, it's slightly too watery. Could you hand me flour, beef stock, and salt, please?" The blonde did as he asked and within two minutes, Stiles was smiling at the pot. "Here, try this." He held the spoon up to Erica's lips.

"Oh my god, that's perfect!" She smiled happily.

"You did great!" Stiles told her honestly, his voice and expression filled with pride.

"No, you did. You fixed it."

"You can't fix what was never broken, it just wasn't finished yet. Give yourself the credit you deserve." Stiles smiled and patted the girl on the back, then turned to check on the rest of the Pack's progress with their assigned tasks. "Alright, is everything else ready?"

Ten minutes later, the pack and their guests sat around the table, enjoying their meal. "This is delicious." Chris complemented with an amazed look on his face. "You all made this from scratch?"

"Yup," Stiles announced proudly. "All of the ingredients are fresh from the farmers market this morning. We had to go pretty early to get the beef too, because it took eight hours to cook."

"But didn't you have training today at nine?" Victoria asked curiously.

"Yes, but I did all of the preparation beforehand and had my glamorous assistant, Danny, put it in the oven at exactly nine o'clock, and gave him detailed instructions on what to do."

"When he says detailed, he means detailed!" Danny announced. "There were four things to do, and he took up six pages describing each and every step! With hand drawn diagrams!"

"Hey, don't mock me!" Stiles cried indignantly, flicking a fork full of peas at the teen. "Take a bite of that beef, and tell me it wasn't worth it." Stiles defended waving his fork at him.

"I can't." Danny admitted in faux defeat, wiping a pea from his shoulder,


"It amazes me how you can go from completely serious and mature pack mum, to immature, carefree teenager in two seconds flat." Melissa chuckled with a fond shake of her head.

"It's a gift." Stiles beamed at the woman. "As is the ability to cook beef so well.

"Alright, enough about the beef." Noah chuckled with an eye roll. "Although, it is good. I was worried that it'd be too raw."

"Haha!" Stiles drawled.

"Anyway," Noah turned to Deaton "we have business to discuss."

"Of course." Deaton nodded. "What would you like to know?"

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

They didn't hear anything about or from Gerard for a couple of days, but the pack didn't let their guards down. Especially with the Lacrosse game the next night, which the entire pack would be at, as would Gerard.

Erica and Boyd were running through the woods, they'd just been on a date, and had ended up arguing over who was the faster runner. So, after dinner, they skipped the movie and opted to go straight to the car, change into the spare training clothes that they kept in there and had a race through the woods. "Hurry up slow coach!" Erica laughed over her shoulder as she weaved through tree's letting out a joy filled laugh.

The sun was starting to set and the air was nicely chilled. Erica prefered running in weather like this, she found it more relaxing. But that relaxed feeling soon went away. The blonde let out a shriek as strong and familiar arms wrapped around her waist and lifted her off of her feet. "Boyd!" She squealed. "Put me down!" She demanded with a giggle, trying to pry her mate's arms away.

"Nope." Boyd grinned. "You may be faster but I'm stronger, so I think I'm just going to carry you all night."

"No! Put me down!" Erica laughed, trying to wriggle out of Boyd's grasp. Then they heard something and they both froze, and Boyd immediately put Erica down.

"Do you hear-" Boyd was cut off by the sound of another wolf howling.

"We have to tell Derek!" Erica announced, grabbing Boyd's hand. "Come on."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"There might not be any wolves at all." Chris stated. "Hunters sometimes use recordings of wolves howling to lure in omegas, or wolves who are unhappy with their current pack."

"That's awful!" Allison muttered in disgust.

"It is." Derek agreed. "But now we know that we aren't alone in the woods. So no going out there alone, alright?" The pack members nodded. "Alright, unless anyone has anything to add, that's all for tonight, so you can all go home and rest up for the big game tomorrow."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Melissa cautiously walked into the boys locker room, to wish her son and his pack good luck before the Lacrosse game.

"Good morning," Coach Finstocks voice boomed out through a speaker. "In less than an hour, aircraft from here will join others from around the world. And you will be launching the largest aerial battle in the history of mankind."

Melissa looked around the room in confusion. "What?" She asked out loud in disbelief, but none of the players seemed fazed. She noticed Stiles and walked over to him.

"'Mankind.' That word should have new meaning for all of us today. We can't be-"

Melissa hit Stiles on the shoulder, gaining his attention "What the hell is he talking about?" She asked as Coach continued the speech.

"He does this every year." Stiles sighed, shaking his head slightly.



"-We are fighting for our right to live." The rest of the team burst into cheers.

"Wait." Melissa began as realisation dawned on her, "Is this-?"

"Yeah, it's the speech from Independence Day." Stiles confirmed.

"-but as the day the world declared in one voice:-"

"It's Coach's favourite movie." Stiles explained.

"'We will not go quietly into the night!'"

"He doesn't know any sports speeches?" Melissa asked, raising an eyebrow because, surely, there were better speeches out there to motivate a high school lacrosse team with.

"I don't think he cares." Stiles replied honestly

"Today we celebrate our Independence Day!" Melissa shook her head as the team burst into cheers and applause. But it quickly died down when Gerard stepped into view.

"Well spoken Coach. I might have chosen something with a little more historical value, but there's no denying your passion." Boyd, Isaac and Danny crept closer to Stiles as Gerard spoke "And while I haven't been here long, there's no denying my pride in having a winning team for this school. I know you'll all be brilliant tonight, even with only one co-captain leading you." Over on a bench, Scott's head shot up and he stared at Gerard in shock and suspicion. "Now, I am your principal, but I am also a fan, so don't think I'll just be content for you to merely beat this team. Get out there and murder them!"

"You heard the man!" Coach yelled as Gerard walked away. "Asses on the field!"

"Coach!" Scott yelled, running over to the man. "Are you benching me?"

"It's not my decision." Coach stated solemnly.

"But I have to play!"

"McCall, you're failing three classes and you haven't made them up, like you did for the dance. 'Academics come first'." Coach Finstock stated, somewhat mockingly, with a frown. "Principal's orders."

"Coach. You don't get it, you have to let me play!"

"McCall, not tonight." Coach shook his head sadly. "Tonight, you're on the bench."

Scott sighed and turned to see his mum and pack mates were the only ones left in the room, looking at him sadly.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"Stilinski, put on your helmet and get out there!" Coach demanded, walking over to Stiles, who was sat on the bench. "You're in for Greenberg."

"What? What happened to Greenberg?" Stiles asked, looking around.

"What happened to Greenberg?" Coach laughed. "He sucks, you suck slightly less." Coach used his hands to represent scales to demonstrate the marginal difference he believed was between Stiles' abilities and Greenberg's.

"I'm playing?" Stiles asked in shock and excitement. Yes, he'd been on the field once before, but he never actually got the ball, hopefully this time it would be different. "On the field? With the team?"

"Yes." Coach laughed. "Unless you'd rather play with yourself."

"I don't need to, I've got my boyfriend for that."

"Get the hell out there!" Coach demanded and Stiles fumbled for his equipment, then ran out onto the field.

Over on the bleachers, Noah sighed when he saw Stiles run onto the field. "Oh no, why is my son on the field?"

"Because he's on the team." Melissa reminded him in amusement.

"He is." Noah stated, eyes widening slightly. "He's on the team, he's on the field." He said, standing up, then yelled "My son is on the field!" excitedly, with a smile.

"Oh dear god." Stiles whispered, looking over to the bleachers to see his pack holding up homemade signs. One for Isaac, held by Allison as she sent a sympathetic glance to Scott. A sign for Jackson was held by Lydia, one for Boyd was held by Erica, one for Danny was held by Melissa, Derek wasn't there yet as he was still working, but Lydia promised that Derek would be holding a sign for Stiles too.

"Scott, can you hear me?" Gerard asking in a low voice. Glancing to his best friend, Stiles saw Scott's head shoot up. "Ah, you can. Good. Now, listen closely, because the game is about to get interesting." Looking around, Stiles could tell that all of the wolves were listening. "Let's put a real clock on this game, Scott. I'll give you until the last thirty seconds. When that scoreboard clock begins counting down from thirty, if you haven't given me Derek, then one of my men is gonna kill someone. So, tell me Scott. Who's gonna die tonight? Should it be your mother, who so bravely came out to support you? Or the sheriff, your best friend's father? Or how about the pretty little redhead who managed to survive the bite of an alpha? Or maybe one of these innocent teenagers, with their whole life ahead of them?"

"Oh god." Stiles repeated, sensing the anger and worry rolling off every wolf, which was just adding to his own.

"Or should I do everyone a favour and kill that ridiculous Coach? It's up to you Scott, but you are going to help me take Derek down." Gerard stated confidently. "Because if you don't, I'll have my hunter cut someone's head off, right in the middle of the field, and drench everyone you love or care about in blood." The whistle sounded, making Stiles wince, then pour all of his focus into the game. Stiles was immediately passed the ball, only to be tackled.

The game continued to go pretty badly, as Stiles refused to use his enhanced abilities. People were booing him, and Derek, his dad, Melissa and the rest of the pack looked so ashamed. At some point, Scott disappeared from the bench, But then, it turned around. Stiles got the ball. Everyone else was at the other end of the field, and started to run towards him, but he ran towards the goal. He froze about a meter from it, and turned to look at the herd of players running towards him. He heard everyone yelling at him to shoot, but it wasn't until Derek's calm and soothing voice broke through the noise, gently telling him to shoot, did he do so. So he stepped back then flung the ball forward, at full force, sending it past the goalie, into the net. And the crowd burst into cheers.

"I scored a goal!" He yelled excitedly. "I scored a goal!" Then he scored again, and again, and again, until the scores were tied. Then, as the clock ticked down and he scored the winning goal, just as the timer hit thirty. The seconds ticked away as Scott pushed through the crowd to get to the field, seemingly the only one to notice the man, fully dressed in black, stepping onto the field.

The buzzer hit zero and the whistle sounded, but nothing happened. At least, not at first.

One by one, the lights went off, leaving the field in darkness, then someone screamed. The lights soon came back on, and Scott saw a group of people, gathered around a body. He ran over, to see who it was. The hunter.

Noah ran over to see the hunter dead, he felt a moment of relief when he knew that it wasn't his son, but that relief went away when he realised that he couldn't see Stiles anywhere.

"Stiles? Where's Stiles? Where is my son? Where the hell is my son?!"

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"Wait, you're saying that this hunter killed himself?" Lydia asked incredulously.

"It looks that way." Melissa told her as she, Allison and Erica waited by the bleachers for the male members of the pack to return. "There was a stab wound in his stomach and a bloodied knife in his hand."

"Why would Gerard have one of his hunters kill themselves in the middle of the lacrosse field?" Erica asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Gerard had his hunter kill himself as a diversion." Noah all but growled, rather impressively for a human, as he walked over to them,

"So that he could get Stiles." Derek growled out, far more intimidating with his eyes flashing red.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"Is that everyone?" Scott asked Isaac once Coach had left the locker room.

"Yeah, I think so." Isaac stated, not even flinching when Scott ripped the door off of Stiles locker, and pulled out a shirt. "You're gonna find him by scent?"

"Yeah." Scott nodded, then gestured to Boyd and Jackson. "All of us are. Except for you Danny."

"Of course." Danny nodded. "I'll try to trace his cell, but chances are it's turned off. If he even has it with him."

"How come you get his shirt and I get his shoe?" Isaac asked in annoyance, but Scott was distracted. By Peter.

"We need to talk." The former alpha said in lieu of a proper greeting. He was not met with a warm welcome.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Stiles woke up in a basement, hanging from the ceiling, wires tied to his wrists, electrocuting him. He tried to shift, but couldn't.

Soon, Gerard came down the stairs. "There's no use trying to struggle, Stiles. The electricity keeps you from shifting."

"What are you doing with me?"

"At the moment, just keeping you comfortable. There's no point in torturing you, you won't give Derek up. The instinct to protect your alpha and mate is too strong. But that urge goes both ways. He will come find you, and when he does, I'll get what I want."

"No." Stiles shook his head. "You won't."

"Yes, I will, Mr Stilinski." Gerard assured. "Because, for every day he doesn't come for you, I will take another of your pack. Starting with the pretty little redhead."

"Actually, she's strawberry blonde." Stiles corrected with gritted teeth.

"Is that so?" Gerard chuckled, walking over to what looked like a control panel. "What else do you know?"

"That you're going to regret messing with my pack."

"I have to disagree with you there," Gerard chuckled, then turned a dial. Stiles hissed in pain, thrashing against the restraints. "I said that there's no point torturing you Stiles, but that doesn't mean it won't be fun."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Jackson surged forward and grabbed Peter by his shirt collar, slamming him against a locker.

"Danny, get Derek." Scott ordered, and the Hawaiian rushed away to do so.

"Scott, who is that?" Isaac asked his mate in concern.

"That's Peter, Derek's Uncle. Little while back, he tried to kill us all, and then we set him on fire, and Derek slashed his throat." Scott said simply, eyes fixed on Peter watching for any sign he was about to attack. Of course, Isaac knew about everything Peter had done already, Scott mainly brought it up to remind Peter of what they were capable of. Of course, Scott usually abhorred violence and killing, but there were certain occasions where he was willing to make an exception.


"This is the guy that had Lydia bring him back to life?" Isaac asked in a tone that was somewhere in between surprise and disbelief. That reminder of what Peter had done to Lydia had Jackson snarling.

"Relax, she's a strong girl, I'm sure that the post traumatic stress is minimal."

By the time the others arrived, Peter had blood all over the bottom half of his face, and a quickly fading black eye. Boyd was now holding back one of Jackson's arms, to stop him from hitting Peter again, but he made no move to make Jackson let go of the man.

"You." Lydia sneered, she immediately pulled a gun from her bag and aimed it at Peter.

"Hello, Lydia, I know that the last time we saw each other was stressful for everyone, but there's really no need for the gun." Peter stated coolly.

"Are you serious?! 'No need for a gun'? You made me bring you back to life, poisoning my friends and hurting my alpha in the process! You made me feel like I was going crazy." Lydia seethed, stepping closer to the wolf, aiming the gun at Peters head.

"Lydia. Calm down." Derek soothed, placing a hand on the redhead's arm. "Let's not do something that we could get arrested for."

"Trust me, we won't get arrested because there will be no evidence." Lydia stated with a dark glare.

"But there are plenty of witnesses." The sheriff gently reminded her. "And we need him alive. He's working with Gerard, so he can help us get Stiles back."

"I am not actually working with him." Peter insisted "I am pretending to do so, in order to get close to him and find out what he wants, so that I can tell you what I know."

"Oh, so that's why you asked for his help capturing me, so that you could kill me and become the alpha?" Derek asked with a disbelieving look on his face.

"I only said that so that he would trust me." Peter stated, seemingly unphased that Derek knew of that particular conversation. "Do you really think that I want to become alpha again? The last time ended in my death, I am in no hurry to repeat that."

"Well, I am." Jackson stated, flashing his eyes.

"Jackson." Derek sighed. "Let him go."


"Now." Jackson sighed, and reluctantly let go off Petter, stepping back and wrapping an arm around Lydia, who finally lowered the gun. Derek then glared at Peter. "Where is Stiles?"

"I don't know." Peter stated, straightening his clothes.

"Wrong answer." Derek growled, the next thing anyone knew, Peter was being hurled through the air, and sent flying into a wall. "Let's try that again."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Just under an hour after the match, Scott got a phone call from Gerard. "He said that if we ever want to see Stiles again, I have to take Derek to a warehouse, he texted me the address." Scott explained. "He also said to go alone."

"No way." Noah stated, "you're not going alone."

"I have an idea." Lydia stated, drawing everyone's attention to her. "But it does involve some people sitting out."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Chris had just finished threatening a hunter, telling him to stay the hell away from his wife, when he got the text. The text telling him that Gerard had kidnapped Stiles. Chris told Victoria, then the lights flickered and he knew. A few minutes later, Victoria told him that she could smell Stiles' blood. It took every ounce of self control either of them had, not to run down there and let Stiles go. But they knew that they had to wait until Gerard was gone.

It was almost an hour later that Gerard finally left the house, taking all of the hunters with him. "Alright, I'll go get Stiles, listen out for if they come back.

In the basement, Stiles struggled to keep his eyes open. Sweat dripped down his forehead and it to his eyes. Gerard had turned the electricity back down, but Stiles still couldn't shift. He also wasn't healing as fast as usual. Gerard had decided that throwing knives would be fun to use. They really weren't. Neither was the baseball bat.

Stiles forced his eyes shut when the door to the basement opened, trying to appear unconscious.

"Oh my god." A familiar voice gasped in horror, and Stiles opened his eyes.

"Chris." He sighed in relief. "Thank god." The man rushed over to the control panel, and Stiles felt the electricity stop. Within five minutes, Stiles was set free and being practically carried up the stairs by Chris. "Thank you." Stiles whispered. When they got to the top of the stairs, Victoria was there and started to help support him. "Thank you." He repeated, then felt his eyes slip shut.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Scott led Derek into the warehouse with a guilty expression on his face. "What are we doing here Scott?" Derek growled for appearances. "I don't smell Stiles' scent!"

"That's because he was never here." Gerard chuckled as hunters left the shadows and surrounded the two wolves. "Thank you Scott, your assistance is greatly appreciated."

"You've been helping him?!" Derek demanded, glaring at the beta with red eyes, feigning outrage at the situation.

"I didn't have a choice!" Scott defended. "He threatened my mum and Isaac and Allison. What was I supposed to do?!"

"You were supposed to trust me!" Derek yelled.

"Now, now, Derek, no need to get angry." Gerard stated.

"Where's Stiles?" Scott demanded. "I've given you Derek, now give me Stiles back!"

"I will, Scott, don't worry." Gerard assured. "After I get what I want."

"What you want?"

Gerard rolled up his sleeve and held out his arm. "The bite."

"No way." Derek growled immediately.

"Ah, Derek you don't have a choice." Gerard chuckled. "Scott, if you want Stiles back, I need the bite."

Scott hesitated for a moment then grabbed Derek by the back of the neck. "Scott, don't!" Derek yelled as Scott forced him to walk towards Gerard. "Scott!" Scott forced the Alpha's mouth to Gerard's arm, letting go when Gerard hissed in pain.

"Thank you, Scott." Gerard smiled, once Derek let go and fell to the floor. Gerard smirked at the Alpha by his feet, then spoke to his hunters. "Kill them." He ordered predictably, but before any of them could move there was a whistling sound, then an arrow was embedded into a hunter's shoulder. Gerard looked up at the support beams to see Allison shooting another arrow, hitting a second hunter. He saw the brunette smirked at something opposite her, and he turned to see Boyd and Isaac flip off of another beam and start fight hunters. Gerard then noticed that Derek was no longer on the floor, and he and Scott were fighting hunters, side by side. Then the doors flew open and fifteen of his own men ran in, but rather than fighting the werewolves, they attacked the other hunters.

Suddenly, in the middle of all the fighting, Gerard felt light headed. He looked at his arm to see that his blood had turned black. Realisation dawned on him, and he pulled his pill bottle from his pocket. He took a pill out and crushed it in his hand. "Mountain ash!" He cried in anger, glaring at Scott and Derek, both of whom simply smirked at him.

"What? You didn't really think I'd betray my Alpha, did you?" Scott asked rhetorically, he shared a nod with Derek as the pair worked in tandem. It didn't take long for the pack and their allies to knock out the hunters. With the chaos cleared, Gerard could see that Allison had come down from the support beams, and at some point the sheriff and Lydia had arrived.

"Where's my son?" Noah demanded, putting a fresh ammo clip in his gun.

"I'll make you a deal, sheriff." Gerard coughed. "You keep me out of prison and I'll tell you. Otherwise, you'll never find him." Noah began to raise his gun, but a shot sounded and Gerard swayed on his feet for a second, before falling to the floor with a bullet hole in the center of his forehead. Everyone turned to see Chris lowering his gun.

"Stiles is at your house, Sheriff. Being patched up by Melissa. He is hurt, but it shouldn't take too long to heal." Chris informed him, and stepped towards Noah with his arms outstretched. "Do you need to arrest me?"

"For what? Self defense and saving my son?" Noah asked with a raised eyebrow, then turned to the pack. "Get home, the lot of you, make sure Stiles is okay. You can give your statements tomorrow."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

When they got home, Stiles was asleep on the sofa, shirtless, and covered in bruises and cuts. Melissa, Jackson, Erica, Danny, and Victoria stood around him. Derek immediately ran to his mate's side and dropped to his knees, gripping Stiles' hand tightly.

"He's healing slower than usual, but he is healing." Melissa assured gently. "I'd say he'll be fully healed in two days at the most."

Derek nodded and thanked her, eyes never leaving Stiles.

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Chapter Text

The Hale Pack: Home Is Where The Pack Is

"He's healing slower than usual, but he is healing." Melissa assured gently. "I'd say he'll be fully healed in two days at the most."

Derek nodded and thanked her, eyes never leaving Stiles.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"Derek, I'm fine!" Stiles insisted as his mate carried his school bag to the car for him. Again. "I can carry my own bag!"

"Stiles, you were tortured!" Derek reminded him in a pained voice. "You need to take it easy! Speaking of which, are you sure this early morning practice is a good idea?"

"I've been taking it easy for two weeks, Der! I'm completely healed, and I want to play! I finally got a chance to play, and I was good! Without using my abilities! But if I keep missing practice, Coach won't put me on first line. I want to be on first line, Der. I promise you that I'm okay, sure there's some emotional trauma, but nothing I can't handle, with you by my side." Stiles stated softly. "But it's hard to move on when you're treating me like a breakable little doll."

Derek sighed as he pressed his forehead to Stiles' "You're right, I'm sorry. I just hate that I wasn't there for you, that I didn't protect you."

"Derek, it's not your job to protect me and it wasn't your fault!" Stiles insisted, placing a hand on Derek's cheek "Sure, you could blame yourself for not stopping it, my dad could also blame himself, I could blame myself for not being alert, or, we could all grow up and place the blame where it belongs: On Gerard."

Derek nodded, and repeated. "You're right."

"Of course I'm right!" Stiles grinned. "Now give me a kiss, and give me my bag, I've got to go to school."


"Nuh uh, I've finally got Roscoe back, I am driving him today!" Stiles announced, with a determined look on his face and Derek chuckled.

"Fair enough." Stiles grinned triumphantly, then leant in to kiss his mate goodbye. Derek grabbed Stiles' hips, intending on deepening the kiss, only to be interrupted when the horn from the Jeep sounded. "Mum! We're gonna be late!" Isaac called from the passenger seat.

"I'll be right there pup!" Stiles replied, then gave Derek one last kiss and grabbed his bag. "I love you."

"I love you too." Derek smiled, then looked to Isaac as Stiles jogged to the jeep. "Love you, pup."

"Love you too, dad!" Derek smiled and waved goodbye as the pair drove away.

The mum and dad thing was fairly recent. Although everyone had accepted those two roles a while ago, it wasn't until Stiles woke up the day after being tortured that it was first said. Isaac had hugged Stiles and, in an emotional state, said: "I was so worried mum!" No one really noticed that he said it at first. It wasn't until the sheriff came home and asked why the Pack were calling Stiles and Derek, mum and dad, that it registered. They didn't mind, in fact they both liked it, but some of the pups, such as Allison and Scott, found it weird, so never called them it consciously. Others, like Isaac and Jackson, were more than happy to refer to the pair by those titles.

Derek was happy either way, as long as his Pack was happy, so was he.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"Stilinski! Get over here!" Coach ordered during Lacrosse practice. Stiles sent a hopeful look to Scott, who simply grinned at him, as he jogged over to Coach, he noticed that most of the team were grinning at him.

"Hey Coach, what's up."

"First, I have to ask, you're alright, right? I know that you were beat up by a bunch of sore losers, but you're fine now, right?"

"Yes Coach." Stiles nodded, hope taking over.

"Good, that's good. Cause after your performance the other night, I want you on first line." Coach grinned and a huge smile took over Stiles' face.

"A-are you serious?!"

"As long as you carry on playing like that and keep your grades up, of course." Coach promised with a grin. "What do you say?"

"Yes!" Stiles agreed immediately, barely containing his excitement. "Thank you, Coach!"

"Thank me by grabbing your gear and showing me what you've got!" Coach ordered and clapped Stiles on the shoulder, "Alright everyone, line up!"

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"So, Hale," Deputy Posey greeted, sitting on the alpha's desk. "What's up with you and the sheriff's kid?" He asked with a grin as the other deputies, not so subtly, turned to listen.

"He's my mate." Derek told him simply, the sheriff knew and was fine with it, so there was no point in lying. "Like regular wolves, werewolves mate for life. Most wolves only have one mate, like Stiles and I, but others can have two. Those mates are also mated to each other." Derek explained. He'd heard the others whispering about Scott, Isaac and Allison, and the trio gave him permission to tell the deputies, if it was ever brought up.

"Ah, so is that what's going on between McCall, Lahey and Argent?"


"What about the others?" Tara asked curiously. "Are any of them mates as well?"

"Boyd and Erica are, as are Jackson and Lydia." Derek explained, feeling like he was back in high school, dishing out gossip.

"Is it weird? Dating a teenager?" Sharman asked with a raised eyebrow.

"At first, yes. But once the sheriff knew and accepted it, it was less so." Derek said thoughtfully, then paused before adding. "And it doesn't really feel like I'm dating a teenager. He may have his immature moments, but those aren't very often. He's more focused on Pack, and protecting the people he cares about." A fond smile appeared on Derek's face and he momentarily forgot where he was as he spoke about his mate. "He's the most stubborn person that I've ever met, but it's not necessarily a bad thing. When I was convinced that pain and anger were the only things that could control the shift, he showed me another way. When I thought I could never love again, he proved that I could. When we all felt defeated and thought we couldn't stop Gerard, he came up with a plan. He is brave, and smart, and loyal, and determined. He made me realise that I wasn't at fault for my family's deaths. Something that my sister couldn't accomplish in six years, he did in two months. He is the best thing that's ever happened to me, I just hope I can make him at least half as happy as he makes me."

The deputies stood and stared at Derek in shock. "Wow." Posey spoke up. "Can I date him?" Derek's eyes turned red and he growled at the man. "Woah, woah, I was only kidding!" Posey defended immediately, stepping backwards, hands raised in defense, and Derek's eyes went back to normal, and he smiled sheepishly.


-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

During lunch, the Pack sat at their usual table to eat, listening with a range of emotions as Scott was bragging over how well Stiles did at lacrosse practice.

"You should have seen it! He scored four goals in a row and dodged every tackle!" Scott told the girls with a proud smile.

"Okay, Scott, you can stop now." Stiles muttered, red faced.

"No, I can't! They all got to see you kick ass at the game, and brag about it. I was busy trying to find Gerards hunter, so I missed it! It's my turn to brag." Scott defended, then continued bragging like nothing had happened.

'I have taught him well' Stiles thought with a fond smile.

"So, when's the next Pack night?" Lydia asked Stiles, blocking out Scott's rant.

"Saturday, dad said no for tonight, and Derek's working night shifts for most of the week, but he has Saturday off." Stiles explained, with a slightly sad look on his face. "But on the bright side, it means I have more time to finish working on the thing."

"True," Lydia nodded in agreement, then a thought occurred to her. "Oh, Erica knows now."

This caught the rest of the Packs attention. "What? Erica knows? Why does Erica get to know, but I don't?" Scott whined in annoyance.

"Because your a blabbermouth." Stiles stated simply, taking a bite of food. "And, besides, it's good that Erica knows." He stated, then looked at the girl in question. "What night are you free next? I need your help with something."

"Well, my parents are both home tonight, so we're having a family night, and Boyd and I have a date tomorrow, so how about wednesday?"

"Sounds good, oh, hey. Isn't tomorrow your one month anniversary?" Stiles asked with a smile, and the couple linked hands and nodded. "Congratulations!"

"Congratulations! Right, so Wednesday?" Lydia began. "Great, we can make a night out of it. Planning, make up, movies. It'll be great."

"Ooh, yeah!" Allison agreed excitedly. "We can finally watch the new Iron Man!"

Stiles chuckled, as the other male members of the Pack looked either amused or annoyed. "Who says you're invited?"

"Yeah Ally, maybe me and Batman just want some alone time." Erica grinned wickedly, winking suggestively at Stiles. She knew that Boyd wouldn't be worried. She always made it clear that he was the only person that she wanted to be with.

"We're inviting ourselves." Lydia stated. "And we're bringing food."

"Fine." Stiles jokingly conceded with a sigh. "But only because you're bringing food."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

After lunch, Stiles was excused from his fourth period class to see the guidance counselor, miss Morrell. He didn't want to, but apparently, once you've been kidnapped and tortured by a psychotic geriatric, therapy wasn't optional. At least, not when you have a sheriff for a dad, and an overprotective alpha werewolf for a boyfriend. Plus, Lydia had given the french teacher her stamp of approval, so that was something. Deaton had also informed the Pack that Morrell was his younger sister, and also a druid, meaning Stiles didn't have to hide any supernatural related details from her.

To be honest, Stiles was actually glad that he'd been forced into it. He'd never admit it though, because that would mean admitting that he hadn't mentally recovered from what happened as well as he made out to the Pack.

"You know, when you're drowning, you don't actually inhale until right before you blackout." Stiles explained, threading his lacrosse stick. "It's called voluntary apnea. It's like no matter how much you're freaking out, the instinct to not let any water in is so strong that you won't open your mouth until you feel like your head's exploding. Then when you finally do let it in, that's when it stops hurting. It's not scary anymore, it's… it's actually kind of peaceful."

"Did they do that to you?" Morrell asked calmly. "The ones who kidnapped you. Did they drown you?"

Stiles hesitated for a moment before answering. "Yeah." He admitted without her eye. "Yeah, he did."


"Yeah, uh, you probably already figured this out, but it wasn't angry lacrosse players who kidnapped me." Stiles stated, fiddling with the lacrosse stick.

"Then who was it?"

"Gerard Argent."

"Because of what you are?"

"Partially." Stiles stated, hesitating for a second before continuing. "Partially to anger Scott and Derek." Stiles sighed, not meeting the woman's eyes. "Things have been kinda tense since then. Scott told us that Gerard had threatened his mum and mates and forced Scott to work for him, we knew the second it happened, because Scott came home and told us. It's just-" Stiles sighed, becoming more aggressive as he threaded the lacrosse stick. "Derek always had a problem with it. Not so much Scott pretending to work with Gerard, because he told us and only fed him information that we wanted Gerard to know, to lead him on."

"Then what was the problem?" Morrell asked politely with a raised eyebrow.

"It's the fact that Scott felt that he had no other choice but to help Gerard. Or, at least pretend to help him." Stiles explained sadly, hating the problems within his Pack. "Derek feels like Scott doesn't trust him. At least not enough to count on him to protect his mum and mates, and that hurts Derek."

"Do you think that Scott really feels this way?" Stiles' eyes widened at that question.

"God, no!" Stiles protested immediately, leaning forward and almost dropping the lacrosse stick. "Not at all. Scott's not good with being subtle or hiding his feelings. If he didn't trust Derek, or doubted him, we would all know." Stiles told her confidently, not a single trace of doubt in his mind. "He's also not very good at picking up on other people's emotions, so he probably has know idea that Derek is worried about Scott's trust. I want to give Scott a hint and talk to him about it, but Derek would figure out that it was me and be upset, thinking that Scott was only saying things to make him happy. Even when he can hear that Scott isn't lying, and I can't ask anybody else from the Pack to talk to Scott about it for the same reasons."

"So what you need is for Scott to know, but without interference from anyone in the Pack?" Morrell asked vaguely, and Stiles could tell that the woman had an idea, and wasn't going to let him in on it.


"Okay then." Morrell nodded, then changed the subject. "How about we get back to you." Stiles looked down at that, avoiding the councilors gaze. "Stiles?"

"I'm fine." He insisted, looking up at the woman, but the look on her face showed that she wasn't buying it, and wasn't going to let it go. "Yeah, aside from the not sleeping, the jumpiness," Stiles ranted. To be honest, he was tired of keeping things in. Tired of having to pretend that he was okay when he really wasn't. Sure, he'd spoken to the Pack and his dad when everything built up too much, but this was different. He told them those things because he couldn't bottle it in any more and he couldn't stand the worried looks. Talking to Morrell was easier, she was the guidance counselor, it was her job to listen and not judge. Well, she had to judge a little in order to get an accurate read on his emotional and mental state, so he could accept that. But Pack… The Pack worry about him, they might even question his ability as Pack mum. No, they could never know how he felt about this. If he kept talking to Morrell, he could let out all of the things that were bothering him, then he wouldn't break down in front of the Pack. "the constant, overwhelming, crushing fear that something terrible is about to happen."

"It's called hyper vigilance. The persistent feeling of being under threat." Morrell informed him, no tone of judgement or pity in her voice.

"Maybe it's not just a feeling though, it's…" Stiles explained, knowing the horrid feeling from experience. "It's more than that, like with all of the supernatural mixed in. It's like I'm not even myself anymore, like I've completely changed. On one hand, I like it, I like the more mature person that I've become. I love having my Pack, my mate but.."

"But?" Morrell pushed when several moments had passed without Stiles saying a word.

"But I feel like, sometimes, they'd be better off without me. I'm the reason that all of this has happened. I dragged Scott out into the woods that night, I got all of my friends dragged into all of the supernatural craziness. More than that, I've dragged the only remaining parent I have into it. Because of me, he's in far more danger now than he was as just a sheriff. I hate the thought that one day, I could watch him die because of a supernatural creature, or because of someone like Matt. A kid who went off the handle and found the supernatural through chance." He let it all go, every deep dark thought and feeling that had sneaked into his head over the last few months. "It's like it's a panic attack. Y'know, like I can't even breathe."

To her credit, Morrell didn't bring up what he'd just said about the supernatural, which Stiles was happy about because he really didn't want to talk anymore about that. Instead, she focused on the panic attack comment. "Like you're drowning." It wasn't really a question, more of a statement, but Stiles felt the need to answer anyway.


"So, if you're drowning, and you're trying to keep your mouth closed until that very last moment… what if you choose to not open your mouth? To not let the water hit?"

"Y-You do anyway, it's a reflex."

"But… if you hold off, until that reflex kicks in, you have more time, right?"

"Not much time." Stiles shrugged, not really getting what the woman was trying to say.

"But more time to fight your way to the surface" Morrell stated.

"I guess."

"More time to be rescued."

"More time to be in agonizing pain. Did you forget about the part where you feel like your head's exploding?" He exclaimed, anger slipping into his voice. Stiles could never be rescued, not from this. "That's the difference between Tammy and I, or even between myself Isaac, or Boyd, or Erica. There is no escaping what holds me under."

"And what makes you so sure of that?" Morrell asked, not a single hint of curiosity in her voice, like she was only asking for the sake of asking.

"I have felt like he was drowning since my mum died, since my dad started drinking himself into a grave right beside her, since my own dad was scared of me because of what I am. Since I was paralysed and helpless, watching an innocent man die right in front of me. Since the pressure of the world, both human and supernatural, started to crush me because I can't handle it all. The pressure to be a good student, a good friend, a good mum, a good player, a good werewolf, one who doesn't randomly kill people. And since I first realised how little I care about myself in comparison to others. Since I realised how insignificant I am."

"Insignificant?" Morrell asked. "You see yourself as insignificant? I don't. Can I tell you what I see when I look at you, Stiles?" Stiles shrugged and the woman took it as a yes. "I see a young man with so much potential and far too much pressure. I see a young man who, even before learning about a whole other side of the world, is loyal, determined, courageous and independent. I see a young man who could have turned out much worse. A lot of people who have been through what you have, at any age, often take a different route, allowing their depression and anger at the world to take them over."

"You think I'm depressed?"

"Perhaps not at this moment in time, but I believe you were. Possibly just after your mother's death and at the start of your father's drinking. I find it highly unlikely that a ten year old could deal with all of that without suffering with a bout of depression. The trouble with depression is, once it hits, you never completely get rid of it. It cannot be cured, it's always there, in your head, lurking waiting for a chance to take over. With the thoughts and struggles that you're currently going through, I believe that it could show itself again."

"so, what? More pills? Cause they don't exactly work anymore." Stiles sighed, frustration taking over.

"No, I don't want it to progress that far." Morrell informed him calmly. "What I do want to do is see you regularly. Once a week would be preferable."



"Yeah, I know I'm not really showing it right now, but talking about all of this is helping." Stiles admitted, trying to push back his frustration.

"That's why I believe in you Stiles, so many in your situation wouldn't admit that they want help. So scared of seeming helpless, not realising that the feeling will only grow if they continue to hold themselves under. Continue to let themselves drown."

"It's just that I don't know how much longer I can handle this." Stiles stated, "The 'not letting the water in'. There's just so much agony."

"If it's about surviving, isn't a little agony worth it?"

"Maybe not." Stiles wanted to agree to make her happy, but he knew that Morrell would just see right through it, so instead he asked, "I mean, what if it just gets worse? What if it's agony now and… then it's just hell later on."

"Then think about something Winston Churchill once said:'' Morrell replied, as if she'd anticipated the question. "If you're going through hell, keep going." Stiles didn't speak as he processed the words. In a way, they reflected Stiles' own way of coping, way of living. He's going through hell, he can't breathe, he wants nothing more than to open his mouth and let the pain go away. To have peace, but he refuses. Instead, he lives with the pain, because other people need him to survive. His dad, Derek, his pups, Melissa. No matter how worthless and insignificant he feels, they don't view him the same way. In fact, they feel the opposite. Stiles doesn't know why, but he knows that it's true.

So Stiles is willing to deal with agony and the hell, because he cares about those he loves more than he cares about himself. He'll live in hell if it means everyone he cares about gets to live. He will carry on, and maybe, just maybe, he'll be able to make it to the surface. Maybe he'll get out of the water and be able to be the person he really wants to be, the person the Pack see's him as. Maybe he'll be able to breath again.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"Hello Scott." Miss Morrell smiled at the crooked jawed boy, who shuffled uncomfortably.

"Uh, hi?"

"I'm sure that you're wondering why you're here." Morrell stated, either not noticing the boy's uncomfortableness, or just not caring. "I've called you here because of something that Stiles said in our session."

"Isn't that supposed to be confidential?" Scott asked, annoyed that the woman was betraying his best friend's trust.

"Usually, yes. However, Stiles expressed wanting someone to talk to you about this, but knew that it wouldn't be a good idea for you to hear it from someone in the Pack."

Scott was worried now. Was he being kicked out of the Pack? "A-about what?"

"Concerns that only you can put to rest." Before he could ask anything else, the woman explained what Stiles had told her, assured him that Stiles didn't agree with any of Derek's fears and informed Scott that the only reason that Stiles hadn't told Scott himself, was because Derek wouldn't believe any assurance Scott gave if he had learnt Derek's fears from Pack.

"So you're telling me so that I, and the Pack, have plausible deniability when I tell Derek that all of his fears are completely wrong?" Scott asked for confirmation.

"If you choose to talk to him, I wouldn't phrase it that particular way, but yes." She stated, a hint of amusement in her voice.

"Thank you." Scott smiled slightly at her, standing up and grabbing his bag. "Any chance you can get me the rest of last period off, so that I can think over what I'm going to say?" He asked hopefully, giving the woman his best puppy dog look.

"Alright, but just this once."

"Thank you." Scott repeated, then rushed out of the room.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Once he had thoroughly thought over what he wanted to say, Scott texted Derek, asking the alpha to come over to his house to talk in private. Halfway through practicing in the mirror, for the third time, Scott heard Derek's car approaching. He took a deep breath, then walked downstairs to let the man in.

"Scott. Is everything okay?" Derek asked in concern when the beta let him into the house.

"Yes." Scott lied. "Actually no, we need to talk." Scott stated then nervously gestured to the Coach for Derek to sit down. Once the alpha did, Scott sat opposite him, everything he had thought through and planned had gone from his brain and the two sat in uncomfortable silence for a few minutes.


"Do you trust me?" Scott finally blurted, throwing the alpha for a few seconds.

"Yes." Derek said honestly. "Absolutely."

"Do you trust me when I say that I trust you?"

"Did Stiles talk to you?" Derek asked with a sigh.

"No." Scott stated honestly, and Derek listened again. "He hasn't said a word, but this isn't about Stiles, or any of the Pack, really. This is about you and me. I need you to know that I trust you. With my life, my mum's life, even my mate's lives. I didn't agree to work, or pretend to work, for Gerard because I didn't trust you, I agreed because I trusted you. I trusted that you could use it to your advantage. I trusted that you would be able to use that inside access to end what happened with Gerard and you did." Scott insisted, maintaining eye contact and being completely honest with his alpha, knowing that Derek was listening to both his words and his heartbeat. "At first, I thought that you were just acting, when we were in the warehouse and you were angry at me for working with Gerard. I thought that you were just saying those things to make it more believable for Gerard. I never thought for a second that you actually meant them, that you actually thought that I trusted Gerards word more than I trusted you. Then I thought about it over and over again, and I realised that there was no skip in your heartbeat and that I could smell the sadness and betrayal coming off of you. I hate that, I hate that I've given you reason to think those things and I promise that I will do everything that I can to prove to you that I trust you. Please, Derek, give me a chance to prove myself." Scott finished, tears in both his own and Derek's eyes.

The older wolf, simply stood up, walked over to Scott, tugged the boy to his feet then pulled him into a reassuring hug, and Scott knew. He knew that his alpha didn't hate him, his alpha believed him, believed in him. But Scott still planned to prove himself. He had no intention of giving his alpha reason to doubt him again.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Derek crawled into the bed he shared his mate later that night, feeling more content than he had in years. Stiles was already curled up, but not sleeping.

"Hey." Stiles whispered, looking over his shoulder at his mate, rolling to see him fully.

"Hi." Derek grinned and leaned forward to give him a soft kiss. "How was your session with Morrell?"

"Good, it helped." Stiles admitted softly causing Derek to smile.

"That's good." Derek smiled happily. "I'm glad. Are you going to see her again?"

"Yeah, she wants to make it a weekly appointment." Stiles admitted semi-nervously. Worried that it might make Derek think less of him, or worry about his mental state, but Derek just smiled.

"I didn't want to say anything, but I think it's good that you're talking to someone about all of this. Especially someone who knows about the supernatural." Derek admitted, burying his nose in Stiles' hair. "It's not good to bottle things up, I've learnt that the hard way."

"so have I." Stiles whispered. "Are you going to talk to anyone?"

"I do, sort of... I talk to dad a lot. At first it was a little weird, because he's your dad and my boss, but it really does help." Derek informed him, and felt Stiles grin against him. "What?"

"You called him dad." Stiles smiled, pulling back to look up at Derek, who had turned bright red. "About damn time, too. He's wanted you to since the night the two of you hung out when I was with Ally and Lydia."

Derek looked surprised at that. "Really?"

"Dude, he liked you so much, that he invited you to live with us the next night!" Stiles exclaimed. "And not just in the guest room, he let us share a room. Do you really think he'd do that if he didn't trust you or see you as family?"

Derek stammered for a few seconds, before finally speaking. "Don't call me dude." Stiles burst into laughter, burying his head in Derek's chest.

"You're such an idiot." Stiles stated, shaking his head. "Now kiss me, dumbass."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

After school the next day, Noah, Chris, Allison and Lydia were helping Victoria and Tammy with self control and teaching them how to fight. Well, mainly teaching Tammy how to fight, and helping Victoria with her technique. Derek wasn't there as he had to get ready for work, and the rest of the boys, except Boyd, had lacrosse practice. Boyd had convinced Coach to excuse him from practice for his anniversary. He had to lie and say it was one year rather than one month, but it still worked.

"Why do they still have practice if the season is over?" Tammy asked curiously, taking a swig of water.

"It's Coach." Lydia reminded her in explanation.

"True." Tammy shrugged, setting down her drink. "Okay, I'm ready."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"How are they doing?" Derek asked Noah when the man walked into the station later on.

"They're doing good." Stilinski told him with a smile. "Of course, we'll have to see how they do on the next full moon, but they've both pretty much mastered everyday control."

"That's good." Derek agreed with a nod. "How are you?"

"I've got my self control mastered. Mostly."

"You know what I meant." Derek chuckled.

"I'm good, son." The sheriff assured him. "A little stressed about the Daehler trial, next week."

"Is this the one where they determine what's going to happen to him after Juvie?"

"Yeah." Noah sighed, rubbing his forehead. "In theory, it could run smoothly. But it could also go badly." Derek raised an eyebrow in question. "He could say that Tammy did it all, thanks to Danny there's no evidence to support that, but if he mentions a Kanima-"

"They could plead insanity and get him institutionalised." Derek stated in realisation.

"Not that that's necessarily better, but depending on where he goes, he could have a better chance of escaping." Noah explained. "Or he could convince people in an institute of the supernatural, making them a hell of alot worse."

"Or there could be someone who knows of the supernatural on the jury, and they could contact hunters and send them after Tammy." Derek stated worriedly and Noah sighed once again.

"I didn't even think of that."

Derek started to speak, only to be interrupted by Deputy McDougall, who was currently working with dispatch. "Sheriff, we have a robbery in progress."

"Thanks Jenna." Noah replied as Derek stood up and grabbed his gun and badge. "We'll talk at home."

"Of course, dad." Derek nodded, then walked past the shell shocked sheriff.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"Really? Again?" Stiles sighed as Allison walked over to him with nail polish. "That stuff stinks, and I just pick it off every morning, so your efforts are in vain." He argued, shuffling backwards on Lydia's bed to put some distance between himself and the brunette.

"It's still fun." Lydia grinned. "And you won't be picking it off tomorrow because you'll be with one of us in every class, and we will stop you."

"Oh, come on!" Stiles groaned, but the grin's on each of the girls faces showed that he wasn't going to get out of this. "Can you at least make it more manly this time then? So no pink!"

"Alright." Allison agreed. "We can work with that."

"So, Erica, how did the date go yesterday?" Stiles asked, trying to distract himself from the thought of having his nails painted.

Half an hour later, Erica had just finished telling them about the date, and Stiles was halfway through painting Allison's nails, doing quite well, if he did say so himself. Allison had painted his nails whilst Lydia painted Erica's. Now Erica was painting Lydia's, Stiles prefered this to being tag teamed by two girls, then having to help paint both of their nails, so he wasn't going to complain… much.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"If you see my dad or Derek, tell them I'll be home late after school." Stiles sighed as he opened his locker.

"Why?" Boyd asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Harris gave me detention and confiscated my phone."

"What for this time?" Jackson smirked, expecting an answer like 'talking back' or 'texting in class' or something.

"For 'highlighting too much' apparently." Stiles grumbled, shoving books into his locker and pulling out his maths textbook.

"What?" Boyd growled, "That's ridiculous."

"Tell me about it."

Jackson opened his mouth to offer to threaten Harris, only to pause then ask. "Are you wearing nail polish?" He laughed and Boyd's lips tugged upwards, Stiles simply blushed.

"Blame your girlfriend!" He muttered, then looked at Boyd. "Yours too."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Stiles shuffled into his house a little after five o'clock, to find Scott in his living room. "Hey man, what's up?"

"Nothing, I just felt like hanging out, is all." Scott shrugged. "You're home late."

"I know." Stiles sighed, dropping his bag on the floor and flopping onto the sofa next to his best friend. "Blame Harris. That asshole really hates me."

Scott chuckled at his best friend. "Well I think I can cheer you up. I brought over some video games, movies and snacks. I also ordered pizza like half an hour ago, so it should be here any minute now. My treat." Scott promised with a grin.

"Aww Scotty, that's so sweet!" Stiles teasingly gushed. "Y'know, this new found chivalry is making me very attracted to you. You wanna try making out for a second?" He asked jokingly as a knock sounded at the door. "Just to see how it feels!" He called as Scott stood and walked to the front door, chuckling slightly.

He returned a few minutes later to see Stiles searching through the DVD's. "You got Star Wars!" Stiles grinned, looking over his shoulder at Scott who shrugged.

"I got sick of you going on at me about it." Scott stated. "Did I get the right one? Cause, I remember you saying that 'A New Hope' is the first one, but it says number four… So.."

"Yeah, it's the right one buddy." Stiles assured as he set up the DVD.

"Then why does it say four?"

"The numbering didn't show up until The Empire Strikes Back and then was added retroactively to A New Hope. The reason 'A New Hope' became number four, was because the other three were prequels, so in the Star Wars universe they, technically, came first." Stiles explained, looking at Scott, who nodded, but still looked slightly confused. "The numerology isn't important, just the fact that these are amazing movies." He stood and walked over to the Coach. "So sit back and relax, while you still can, because these movies will have you on the edge of your seat!"

"Okay, sur- Dude why are your nails blue?"

"Blame your girlfriend."

"Oh… My… God." Scott whispered two hours later, staring at the screen in shock as the ending credit began to roll. "That was…"

"I know, right?!" Stiles beamed.

"Dude, I wish I had gotten the second one!"

"I have it." Stiles told him immediately, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Which it kinda was. "It's in my room. Want me to go get it?"

"Yes!" Scott agreed immediately, a huge grin on his face.

"Alright, I'll go get it, you grab us some snacks and drinks." Stiles half heartedly ordered, chuckling as his friend nodded enthusiastically.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Isaac and Allison shared and exasperated, yet fond, look as Scott rambled on about how amazing Star Wars is. He was literally running off of adrenalin as he and Stiles had been up all night watching all of the movies. According to Derek, he and the Sheriff had arrived home a little after six am to find the best friend's sat on the couch, watching 'Revenge of the Sith', surrounded by empty pizza boxes and junk food wrappers, staring at the tv screen as if their lives depended on it.

"How are you even still awake?" Isaac asked incredulously, cutting off Scott's rant.

"I have no idea." The crooked jawed boy admitted with a shrug, his eyes wide as they walked into the cafeteria. "Although, I did start to fall asleep in Economics, but then Coach blew the whistle in my ear, and I was fine, apart from my ears ringing. I got over it though and-"

Isaac shook his head and shared a smile with Allison as the trio made their way over to their table.

Stiles and Lydia were already sitting at the table, talking animatedly about something, fading off when they noticed the others approaching.

"Hey." Stiles greeted with a grin once his Pack mates sat down. "So are you smiling to try to trick your body into thinking that you want to be awake, too?"

"Absolutely." Scott nodded. "I usually enjoy this new metabolism, but I hate that it makes coffee useless."

"Me too." Stiles agreed with a slight groan. "I could really do with a red eye right now."

"That's what you get for not sleeping." Lydia smirked, munching on a piece of cafeteria chicken. "It's really bad for your health to not sleep."

"Lyd, it's not just us." Stiles rolled his eyes. "Everyone's experienced the fatigue, short temper and lack of focus that often follow a poor night's sleep, or lack thereof."

"An occasional night without sleep makes you feel tired and irritable the next day, but it won't harm your health." Lydia agreed as Jackson and Danny walked over. "However, after several sleepless nights, the mental effects become more serious. Your brain will fog, making it difficult to concentrate and make decisions. You'll start to feel down, and may fall asleep during the day. Your risk of injury and accidents at home, work and on the road also increases. If it continues, lack of sleep can affect your overall health and make you prone to serious medical conditions, such as obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes." By the time she had finished, Erica and Boyd had joined them, and Scott was looking at her bug-eyed.

"Okay, so no more late nights watching Star Wars." Stiles stated with a nod and Jackson groaned.

"Really? Star Wars. What's the big deal about those movies?"

"Dude! They're amazing." Scott insisted immediately.

"They sound lame."

"Sound?" Stiles asked with an unreadable expression. "You haven't seen them either?"

"No, and I don't plan to."

"The only people in the universe who have never seen Star Wars are the characters in Star Wars and that's cause they lived them, Jacks, that's cause they lived the Star Wars." Stiles announced, flailing his arms wildly. "Yesterday I would have forgiven you, but even Scott has seen it now, you will be the next!" He looked around at the rest of the Pack "Who else hasn't seen it?" He demanded and Danny raised his hand.

"In my defence, I wanted to, but my parents hate Sci Fi and Jackson wouldn't watch it with me. By the time I could make my own decisions, I had other priorities, such as getting laid." Danny semi joked with a grin.

"Okay, you're forgiven for your crimes." Stiles jokingly sighed. "The same can't be said for your best friend."

"Well, I guess we know what the movie will be on Pack night." Erica told Stiles with a chuckle.

"Oh, yeah. It's my turn to choose." Stiles remembered with a grin, and Jackson groaned again, hitting his head against the table, regretting his confession with every fibre of his being.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Danny sighed as he and Stiles walked to Maths together, the slightly shorter boy ranting the entire way. "Are you nearly done?"

"No! That guy was-"

"Hitting on me, so what?"

"Well, A) You can do so much better than him, and B) He was talking to you like you were a piece of meat! If anyone had spoken to any of us like that, you would have yelled at them and told them to show some respect!" Stiles all but growled as they walked. "Why is it different when it's you?"

"Because I like dominant guys."

"There's a difference between being dominant and being a douche." Stiles stated knowingly. "For example, Derek is dominant. That guy was a douche."

"I guess you're right." Danny admitted, besides, the rest of the Pack didn't like him either, all of them glaring at him the entire time he stood by their table made that clear. So that guy would not be getting a date with him. "Alright, I won't go out with him. If you agree to tell me exactly how dominant Derek is." He bargained as they arrived at the classroom.

"Deal." Stiles grinned easily. He always wanted to talk about Derek's sexual side, but most of the Pack didn't want to know about it. The girls did, though Allison never wanted too many details, but Stiles knew that Danny, like Erica and Lydia, would want to know everything.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

The weeks flew by to summer break. It was exactly two months since the showdown with Gerard and now the town was almost completely cleared of hunters. The ones that were still around respected the treaty and left the Pack alone. The Pack had enjoyed the downtime and spent a lot of time together, but now it was time to say goodbye to Tammy. They hadn't gotten to see her much apart from classes and training. Her parents made her come home for lunch everyday, and tried to spend every waking moment with her. They still felt guilty over what had happened, like if they had paid more attention, they could have stopped Matt somehow. Derek tried to explain that had they figured out what was going on, Matt would have just forced Tammy to kill them, then sped up the time between kills, ending a lot more lives. Unfortunately, this did nothing to ease their guilt.

Matt's trial came and went without any mention of the supernatural or Tammy, and Matt had been sentenced to Juvie until he was 18, then life imprisonment. The Pack was very happy with that outcome.

"Okay, if you don't like the new Pack, you're more than welcome to come back here." Derek reminded the family, again.

"We know, Derek, thank you, but I really think we could do with some space from Beacon Hills." Tammy's father told him politely, as the Pack helped put the last few boxes into the moving van.

"Of course." Derek smiled. "But if you have any problems, please don't hesitate to call me." The elder man nodded at Derek's request, and sent him a grateful smile. "Alright, uuh, I'll be down in a few days, once you've settled in, and I'll introduce you to the Pack."

"Thank you." Tammy's mother smiled, walking over to the pair, having heard what Derek said. "So, just as a refresher, when we get there, Tammy needs to leave something with her scent on it, slightly buried behind the town's welcome sign?"

Derek nodded. "Yes, I know it sounds weird, but it's so that the Pack can start to familiarise themselves with her scent. Also so that if an Omega comes through before you are introduced to them, they know not to attack Tammy." The couple nodded in understanding.

"Okay, I think that's everything." Tammy's mother said with a sad smile as the final box was placed in the van. "Let's go."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Stiles was cuddled up with Derek as the Pack sat in the Stilinski living room, watching The Notebook, when his phone rang. Stiles untangled himself from his mate and went outside before answering the call. "Hello?"

"Hello." A deep voice came through the speaker. "I'm calling for… uh… Mr Stilinski?"


"Hi, I'm Jake Hardy from PCL, I'm calling to let you know that the work has been completed."

Stiles' face lit up in an excited smile. "Thank you, that's wonderful. I will come round tomorrow for inspection and payment. I understand that you and your men will be tired, so what time is best for you?"

"Is noon alright for you?" The man asked with a chuckle.

"Great. Thank you. See you then Mr Hardy, Have a good night."

"You too, Mr Stilinski."

Stiles smiled, then hung up the phone. "Yes!" He cheered, pumping a fist into the air, before heading back inside. When he got back to the living room, he found that the Pack had paused the movie and were all staring at him curiously.

"What was that about?" Derek asked curiously.

"Uh, the first part of the thing is finished." Was his reply, causing Danny to cheer. Allison and Erica followed suit, as Lydia laughed at the three of them, and Jackson rolled his eyes.

"This is great!" Allison smiled. "I am so coming with you to check it out!"

"So am I" Lydia stated, and Erica did the same.

"Alright," Stiles smiled, but the others just looked annoyed that they didn't know what was going on.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Two days before Derek was scheduled to travel down to South America, Stiles called a Pack meeting. Scott, Boyd, Isaac, Derek, Melissa, Jackson and Erica were sitting and listening. Stiles was standing in front of his Pack with Allison and Danny to his left, Lydia and his father to his right.

"Okay." Stiles started, he tried to appear confident, but you didn't need super senses to know that he was nerve racked. "So, uh, I know that you're all curious as to what it is we've been hiding from you, and why I've told some about the plans, but not others." As he spoke Lydia and Allison collected some papers and held them out to Stiles. "We've been planning this for a while, and I hope that you all like it and don't hate me." He took one of the rolls of papers from Allison and set them on the table, spreading them out for the Pack to see.

"These are the blueprints for the official records."

"Blueprints?" Derek asked in slight shock

"For the new and improved Hale house." Stiles announced nervously

"You have spoken about rebuilding it, so the Pack can have a place to hang out and relax." Allison continued happily.

"And you, Isaac, my dad and I can move in straight away, I told dad when I first thought of it and he understood that we would want to live together, but he doesn't want to live away from me yet, and I don't either, so... yeah. The others will all have their own rooms for when they want to stay over and stuff. Or if any of them want to move in permanently."

The Alpha hummed as he flicked through the well drawn plans. "Did you hire somebody to make these?"

"No." Stiles informed him, pride clear in his voice. "Lydia made them. She did a great job" The redhead preened at the praise

"Jackson's dad got us the planning permission and things. Allison and I worked on the design," The Banshee explained next, far more confident than Stiles was that Derek would be happy with their work. "Stiles thought of the layout and structure and the sheriff was in charge of making sure no one outside of the Pack and working crew knew about it, so that it could stay a surprise. Of course, we had to be wary with the construction crew, but thankfully gave us this magic herb mixture to slip into their drinks-"

"Please tell me that you didn't kill them." Derek all but begged, causing the girl to roll her eyes at him.

"No, the herbs just made sure that they can't tell anyone. If they ever try to, they will become disoriented and forget what they were going to say, instead their minds will jump to the official plans, without the secret tunnels. The same thing will happen if they ever come back to the house, it's irreversible." Lydia explained and Derek nodded, impressed at how thought out it all was. "Danny has been working the security angle and Erica has been running interference whenever you guys are on your runs, keeping you from seeing it before it was ready, she also helped with the design a little, mostly with hers and Boyd's room."

"You've done a good job." Derek stated. "I can't see where these tunnels are meant to be, though. What I do is that there are a lot of large rooms here, especially in the basement. Maybe we could make a panic room of sorts?"

Stiles, Allison and Lydia looked to each other, proud of the idea they'd had while designing the layout for the house "Like we said, those are the official blueprints," Allison stated and handed Derek the second roll. "These are the actual blueprints."

Derek nodded, looking through the plans. There were no more too large rooms, but discrete tunnels running through the house. In the basement, there were two rooms in the space Derek had thought of for the panic room, one of which was written as being made of mountain ash. The most noticeable thing was the extra page.

"Two basements?" Scott asked, speaking for the first time.

"Yes, the second one will be a panic floor, connected to twelve tunnels, but six have been filled in from the inside. They're still there, and the exits to the sealed tunnels are in easier to find places. That way, people can think that they've found a way in, only, when they get close to the house, they will be met with several layers of dirt, stone, mountain ash, concrete and titanium. The six that aren't filled in, require a member of the Pack to use their claws to access it. The members without claws will be given an alternative."

"What kind of alternative?" Derek asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Well, we've been discussing it with Deaton, and he recommends artificial claws, infused with Pack DNA and magically altered to only work for those who are actually Pack. So if they ever get stolen by hunters or something, they won't work." Allison explained with a smile we have prototypes made." She held up her hand to show off the simple silver band on her index finger. "Danny helped create them using nanotech." She used her thumb to tap the side of the ring three times in quick succession, immediately the ring morphed itself into a new shape. It coated her hand like a glove, tipping earache of her fingers in silver claws, amazing the pack members who hadn't seen it before.

"That's amazing." Derek commented with awe, turning to look at Danny. "Well done!" He then looked at the other pack members involved individually. "All of you, this is amazing."

"That's also part of why we needed Erica," Jackson stated from where he was sitting, trying to keep the joy out of his voice that was caused by his Alpha's compliment. "We needed to make sure that all Pack could get access, Stiles, Allison, Erica, Danny and I each gave a drop of blood to ensure that."

"As each of us, except Danny, are mated with someone, our blood will allow them access." Stiles explained, all traces of nervousness gone thanks to Derek's positive response, replaced with excitement and confidence. "So, my blood will give Derek, and my dad access to the tunnels. Allison's gives Scott, Isaac, Chris and Victoria access, we got some of Scott's blood, so Melissa has access too. Although, the family thing gave us a little trouble, as we had to find away to exclude Peter and any other Argents who get turned, but we got that sorted." Stiles stated, a glare appearing on his face at the thought of the former Alpha and the rest of the Argent family.

"Wait hold up." Scott jumped in. "How the hell did you get my blood?"

"Remember that time that Derek accidently cut you during training, and I helped clean the wound before it healed?" Allison asked sheepishly and Scott nodded, realisation dawning. "Yeah, then."

"I set up an electronic security system." Danny spoke up before Scott could say anything, a proud grin on his face. "It runs on my own private network and has a direct, secure line to the sheriff's station. Motion sensors, camera's, all of that. Dr Deaton did give me a little magical help, so that the motion sensors trigger a silent alarm and send an alert to the station and each of our phones the second someone who isn't Pack steps onto our land."

"Wow, that's great." Derek praised, pride clear in his voice. "When will it be ready?"

"Now." Stiles said sheepishly, and Derek's eyes widened. "The construction was completely finished on Saturday, Danny, Deaton and I have been going in for the last two days to set up the security. The girls have started up the decorating, that still needs completing once everyone decides what they want, and furniture needs to be put in, but the kitchens and living rooms are finished."

"Rooms? Plural?" Isaac asked curiously, trying to hide his excitement over having a home. His father's house hadn't felt like home since the abuse started. The Stilinski house was close to home, and he loved it there, but something just didn't really feel right. He hadn't even seen the new house yet, and it already felt like where he belonged.

"Yeah, the second basement will be kind of like a bungalow, ish, mixed with a panic room." Stiles stated an edge of uncertainty in his voice. "Sorry I can't think of any other way to describe it."

"I think that's probably the best we're going to come up with." Allison stated with a shrug. "It's split into multiple rooms." She pointed to two identically sized rooms in the center of the basement. "The one on the left will be a training room. The one on the right will be the sleeping quarters, we all talked it over and decided that because we will only ever sleep there in case of emergency, we'd all be better off in the same room."

"That's probably a good idea." Scott hummed in appreciation. "What about the rest of these rooms? I get that one is gonna be a bathroom and another is gonna be a kitchen, but what else is there? There's a lot of rooms."

"Weapons rooms, living room, library, a pantry, a theater room, a closet room and a laundry room." Stiles listed thoughtfully, trying to remember if he had left anything out. Lydia answered that for him.

"And a game room. For, you know, if we get bored." The redhead shrugged. "Depending on the threat, it might not be wise to leave the property, so we're better off having everything we could need."

"What if they cut the electricity?" Isaac asked.

"I'm glad you asked!" Danny grinned. "The second basement runs off of it's own generator and has a private phone line."

"Where will this generator be?" Derek asked, looking intently at the plans, counting the rooms. He realised then, that they had listed twelve rooms, and there were thirteen.

"Here." Stiles said, pointing to the smallest room in the north west corner. "A generator and a boiler will be in here. The boiler has a direct pipeline to the lake. The pipeline was already there, from the old house, except it previously went upwards and supplied the entire house. Now, where it used to go up, it's split into two pipes. One for the basement, one leading up to the whole house."

"When can we see it?" Isaac asked.

"Now, if you'd all like to."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

The first thing Derek thought when he saw the house was that it was big. Way bigger than the house he grew up in. Not that he minded, growing up with such a big Pack, they had always been short on space. He doubted that they'd run into that problem again. The house was three stories tall, the walls to the house were made of stone rather than wood, and painted a nice white colour. There were two curved staircases, leading from the ground to balconies on the first floor. There were two more balconies on the second floor, but they weren't accessible by stairs. There were a lot of windows, which concerned Derek slightly until Stiles spoke up. "Bulletproof glass has been used for all of the windows, double glazed."

The second thing he thought was 'of course they put in a pool' between the entrance to the clearing and the house, was a large pool, already filled with clear blue water, protected by a clear plastic covering. Comfortable looking lounge chairs were set around the pool in an organise fashion.

"A pool?" Isaac and Scott asked excitedly in unison.

"Yup," Stiles grinned, leading the Pack around said pool, towards the house. "It was Lydia's idea. Summer is coming up and a lot of people go to the public pool or the lake, by having our own pool, we can keep cool and let our supernatural sides out, without having to worry about other people seeing us." Jackson peered over the edge, into the pool.

"How deep is it?" The boy asked, this was the first he'd heard about the pool, so he wanted to know if it was deep enough to practice for swimming competitions. After all, as the team captain, he needed to stay in shape.

"Ten feet at the deepest end, three feet at the shallowest." Lydia stated, pointing to the side of the pool they were walking past. "That's the shallow end, and you can see steps at the bottom. Those steps bring you down to five feet, the there's a black line represent the start of the slope that gradually brings the pool to ten feet." She had moved her hand so that she was now pointing towards the deep end. "As you can see, we have a diving board over there, Ally's idea."

"Alright, enough about the pool." Derek snapped playfully. "Can we see inside the house now?"

"Yeah, of course." Stiles grinned. "Follow me." When they reached the double glass doors, Stiles pulled out his keys, and searched through them, before stopping on a silver key, with the letter 'H' embroidered into it. As Stiles unlocked the door, Derek found himself excitedly looking through the glass, at his new home. Stiles put his keys back in his pocket, and set a hand on either handle, looking over his shoulder at the Pack with an excited smile. "Welcome, to the Hale house."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Back in Stiles and Derek's bedroom at the Stilinski house, three hours later, Stiles closed the bedroom door, then turned around only to be shoved against said door by Derek.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Derek all but growled, eyes glowing red.

"B-because I-I I wanted it to be a surprise."

"Stiles." Derek let out, in a sort of growl/sigh combination. "I wish you had told me before you'd done it."

"I'm sorry." Stiles whispered, trying to fight back tears, he thought Derek was happy about what he'd done. He'd sure played it well.

"God Stiles, I know I said I wanted a new home, and I'm happy with what you've done, but I wish that you hadn't blown your money on it, it must have cost a fortune!" Stiles' eyes widened as realisation hit him.

"No! I-I mean yes, it did cost a lot, but it wasn't my money, not all of it at least." Stiles defended immediately, hoping to calm Derek down.

"What do you mean?" Derek asked, eyes fading back to their normal colour.

"Well, dad and I paid for the paint and flooring, Jackson and Lydia both contributed towards part of the construction cost and bought some furniture, but most of it was uh.."


"Most of it was your money." Stiles blurted nervously, looking horribly guilty. "Hear me out, I'm sorry, okay, but you said that I could use it for anything, and you've still got loads left and-" Derek cut the boy off with a kiss, and Stiles eyes went wide, before fluttering closed as he melted into this kiss. "You're not mad?" Stiles asked in confusion when they pulled apart for air.

"No." Derek chuckled, shaking his head. "Although, I wish you had only used my money, rather than your own, and Lydia's and Jackson's" Stiles looked confused, so Derek explained. "As alpha, it's my job to look after the Pack, that includes providing them with shelter. I know how you and dad struggle for money, so I didn't want you putting yourselves out, just to do something that I should do." He explained, still pining Stiles to the door. "And like you said, I've got plenty of money, and a job."

"If you're not mad, why am I still pinned to the door?" Stiles asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Because it's fun." Derek grinned, and kissed the boy once again.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Two days later, Derek was driving into a small town in South America, following the directions to Tammy's family's new house. A familiar scent was drifting in through the open car window. It wasn't Tammy or her parents, Mr and Mrs Harley, it was someone else, but it was too faded and overpowered by other scents for him to place it. It was driving him crazy.

Within twenty minutes of arriving, he had met up with the Harleys, and was now pulling into the grounds belonging to the Jardine Pack. As they got further into the grounds, the familiar scent got stronger. Derek forced himself to push it to the back of his mind and focus on the task at hand. He pulled over when he saw a proud brunette woman standing, flanked by four male werewolves. Once the car had come to a stop, he looked to the family and gestured for them to get out of the car, before doing so himself.

"Alpha Jardine." He greeted with a pleasant smile, once he was close enough, he held out his hand and bared his neck for the alpha. "It's a pleasure to see you." He stated, then stayed still as the woman shook his hand and sniffed his neck. It felt wrong to bare his neck as an alpha, but this wasn't his territory so he needed to be respectful.

"Alpha Hale." The woman greeted, then let go of his hand and stepped back.

"So this is her?" She asked, gesturing to Tammy.

"Yes." Derek nodded. "I understand that you may be hesitant to take her, especially giving the colour of her eyes, but as I said over the phone, that was not her fault. She is a good kid and deserves a good Pack."

"You don't have to worry, alpha Hale." Jardine assured him with a smile. "I know of the situation and, no offense to you, did some research to find the full extent of the situation. Therefore, I understand that this girl shouldn't be held responsible for what happened, at least that's how I see it." Derek smiled at her gratefully. "I'll admit that I was surprised to hear from you, I believed that you had perished in the fire, like most of your family."

Derek shook his head, then paused. "Most? Who are you referring to?"

"Your sister." The alpha said cautiously "Are you aware that she is alive?"

"I'm sorry but she's not." Derek told the alpha sadly, and the woman looked at him with an unreadable expression. "Laura and I lived together in New York for six years, but she passed away six months ago." The alpha opened her mouth to say something, but a fresh wave of the familiar scent hit Derek, and a switch flipped in his mind. "Cora?" He gasped, his head snapping to the side to look at the girl.

"D-Derek?" A brunette girl, who looked to be about sixteen called out in shock. "Is it really you?" She asked, cautiously walking over to him.

"It's me, Cor." The girl squealed excitedly and ran over to her brother, wrapping him into a hug. "Wow, I think this is the first time you're willingly hugged me." Derek teased as tears flooded his eyes.

"Don't get used to it." Cora teased, but Derek knew that she was crying too.

"I thought you were dead." He told her, breathing in her scent like his life depended on it.

"I thought you were." The girl replied, taking a deep breath as a single tear rolled down her cheek. "Did anyone else make it out?"

"That's a long story, I'll tell you all about it later." Derek promised. They continued hugging for a few minutes before alpha Jardine spoke up.

"I assume this will now be an exchange, rather than a drop off?" The alpha asked, a hint of amusement in her voice, rather than the anger that Derek had expected.

"Wait." Cora gasped, pulling out of the hug to look up at Derek, when the realisation hit her. "You're the new alpha? The up and coming alpha in Beacon Hills?" Derek nodded and flashed his eyes at his baby sister. Cora gasped, a huge grin appearing on her face. She then looked at the female alpha with a semi-nervous, hopeful look on her face. "Tay?"

"If you wish to go with him, you may. I won't keep you from your family." Cora's smile grew wider, if possible as she turned to look at her brother.

"How long will it take you to pack?" Derek asked, a grin taking over his own face.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"Wow, seriously?" Stiles asked in shock. His phone was on speaker on the floor of the main hall in the new Hale house. The entire Pack, except Derek of course, were there painting the walls.

"Yeah, I couldn't believe it either, but she's here, she's alive." Derek's joy filled voice came through the phone.

"That's incredible. I'm so happy for you." Allison called out, a big smile on her paint splattered face.

"We all are." Lydia stated.

"Thank you."

"Wait, we're not moving to South America, are we?" Jackson asked cautiously, causing Derek to chuckle.

"No, but Cora will be coming back to Beacon Hills with me, if you're all okay with that?"

Everyone made a sound of agreement, and Stiles stated. "As long as she's nothing like Peter, we're all cool with it."

"Alright." Derek chuckled, then there was a sound of shuffling. "Okay, I- uh I'm gonna go and catch up with Cora and help her pack her things. I may be here a little longer, but I love you all, stay safe, and don't do anything stupid. Okay?"

The Pack agreed and said their goodbyes before the call cut out.

"What do you think she'll be like?" Scott asked, wiping the back of his hand across his brow, spreading more paint there.

"Like a female Derek." Jackson chuckled.

"Hopefully less grouchy than Derek was when we met him, though." Stiles commented with a fond eye roll.

"I hope she has a better fashion sense than him." Lydia stated, a thoughtful look on her face. "Sure, his look works for the 'I don't give a damn' bad boy thing, but it's not that great, especially when it's the only thing he wears." She rolled her eyes. "Let's hope that Cora has a wider range of colours."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

It turned out that Cora had the exact same fashion sense as her brother. That was clear when the two Hales showed up at the new Hale house, four days later, wearing near identical outfits. Both Hales were wearing black jeans, but Cora's were skinny jeans. The pair wore black leather jackets, trainers and grey tops. Derek wearing a henley and Cora wearing a tank top.

"Derek, you're home early." Stiles beamed as he weaved past Stiles and Isaac who were carrying a king size mattress towards the stairs. He lept into his Mate's arms and hugged him tight before reluctantly letting go and turning his attention to Cora. "You must be Cora, I'm Stiles." He grinned, holding out his hand for the girl, who gave him a firm handshake.

"Yeah, you're Derek's mate, right?" Cora asked, taking a whiff of his scent, probably catching the still rather strong scent of Derek on him. "I've heard a lot about you. All of you." She informed them, glancing around the room, where the Pack had begun to gather to reat her.

"Yeah, that's me." Stiles grinned. "Whatever you've heard, it's all lies."

"Oh, really?" She asked, raising an eyebrow, and boy did her eyebrow game rival Derek's. Stiles could already imagine having conversations with her eyebrows, like he did with Derek. "So, you never went out in the woods to look for my sister's body, and got bitten by my psychotic uncle in the process?"


"-Or help Derek track down said uncle and get justice for Laura?"


"-Or give my brother a home when he was living in the burnt out shell of our old house?"


"Or help him open up, let go of his man pain, and finally stop blaming himself for things that weren't his fault?"



"Okay, so he may have been telling the truth, sheesh, woman!" Stiles exclaimed, flailing his arms at Cora. "And I thought I could ramble!"

"I heard about that too." The girl smirked. "I just wanted to prove that I can out ramble the rambler. Don't get used to it." She said with a soft glare.

"Wow, you are so Derek's sister." Stiles chuckled, shook his head, then gestured around the room. "We're obviously not finished yet, but would you like a tour?"


"Great, oh Derek, here." Stiles called out then tossed his mate his keys. "Could you take Isaac to your storage locker to pick up some stuff? There's a trailer attached to my jeep that you can use."

"Sure thing." Derek smiled, and turned to Isaac, "Are you ready, pup?"

"Yeah dad." Isaac smiled and started walking towards the door.

"Wait." Lydia called out, stopping him in his tracks. "On your way back, can you swing by the Locksmiths? The extra keys are ready."

"Yeah, no problem." Derek smiled, then walked over to Stiles and gave him a soft kiss goodbye. "Love you all."

There was a chorus of 'Love you's' before Derek and Isaac left, and everyone's attention returned to Cora.

"Okay, so who would you like to show you around?" Stiles asked politely. "Batman, Clark Kent, Banshee Queen, Sassy Katniss, Catwoman, Teal'c, Daredevil or Dannyboy?"

Cora gave him the second greatest bitch face he has ever seen, only losing to Jackson. He sighed and shook his head and explained while pointing to each member of the Pack as he said their names. "I am Batman, Scott is Clark Kent, Lydia is Banshee Queen, Allison is Sassy Katniss, Erica is Catwoman, Boyd is Teal'c, Jackson is Daredevil and Danny is Dannyboy, obviously. So who would you like to give you the tour, whilst everyone else continues working?"

Cora hummed as she looked around at the Pack thoughtfully, eyes lingering or Erica and Boyd, looking the pair up and down appreciatively before returning her attention to Stiles. "I'm gonna have to go with you, Batman, I want to get to know my brother's mate."

"Fair enough, follow me."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

By one o'clock the next morning, the ground, first and second floors were almost completely furnished, only the kitchen and Cora's bedroom needed completing. Cora's bedroom had been painted already by Allison and Lydia, once Cora told them what colour she wanted. The second coat of paint would be put on the next morning, then hopefully the carpet could be put down in the afternoon, then they'd move her furniture and personal effects in.

For now, the Pack, including Cora, were huddled together in a puppy pile, the air con on full blast whilst they watched Avengers Assemble. The buzz of the machinery was slightly irritating the wolves, but that was the price they had to pay for bulletproof glass.

"How are they all talking to each other?" Cora asked with a raised eyebrow.

"That is the question that the directors hoped would never be asked." Stiles stated, eyes fixed on the screen, a content smile on his face.

"I guess," Cora stated, trying to shrug whilst being wedged between Derek and Erica. "It's stupid though. You would think that with the budget they had for this movie, they'd be able to afford some small pieces of plastic to pose as ear pieces."

"Shush! We're trying to watch the movie!" Jackson whispered in annoyance, he flicked popcorn at the pair, some of which landed on Derek, who was sandwiched between them.

Derek let out a sigh of annoyance. "Children." He muttered and seconds later, was met with a rain of popcorn.

Chapter Text

The Hale Pack: Bruised And Bloodied

Derek let out a sigh of annoyance. "Children." He muttered and seconds later, was met with a rain of popcorn.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

It had been two weeks since Cora and Derek returned to Beacon Hills and things were going well. The Hale house was completely furnished, including the second basement. Cora, Isaac, Stiles, Derek, the Sheriff, Boyd, and Jackson had all moved into the house. Allison had moved back in with her parents, the family leaving their old house in favour of an apartment closer to the preserve, and Scott, Lydia, Danny and Erica chose to stay with their parent(s). Although Melissa and Scott were talking about moving but that was still undecided.

But it didn't really matter, as the members who didn't live there, still spent the majority of their time there. At that moment in time, the Pack, minus Danny who was on vacation with his family, were cooling down from the hot weather, most of them in the pool.

"Jackson!" Erica shrieked from the boy's arms. "Put me down!" She demanded, but her Pack Mate just took her further from the deck chair and sun umbrella. "Jackson! I said. Put. Me. Down!"

"Alright, as you wish Blondie." Jackson stated with a smirk, before dropping his friend into the pool. He let out a loud laugh as the blonde hit the water, sending water all around. Jackson then ran and cannon-balled into the water, just in time to splash Erica as she resurfaced.

"Jackson!" Erica seethed, flashing her eyes at her fellow beta. "You're gonna pay for that!" She growled, then pounced, rather impressively seeing as she was in water, at Jackson and dunked his head under the water.

"Catwoman!" Stiles scolded from his position beside Scott at the opposite end of the pool.

"He started it!"

"That does not mean that you're allowed to drown him." Erica sighed and released Jackson, and the boy immediately shot up and began gasping for breath, then growled and flashed his eyes at the girl. Erica rolled her eyes and swam over to Boyd and Cora, who were having a conversation and floating a few metres away from her.

"It's amazing that reminding people not to kill each other has become a regular part of our day." Scott chuckled, shaking his head slightly.

"All part of being in a werewolf Pack, Scotty." Stiles grinned as Allison and Lydia drifted past on floats, both with sunglasses on, and splatters of water decorating their bodies. "How did you not fall off with all of that splashing about?"

"Practice from spending summers at hotel resorts, Stiles." Lydia stated, without looking at him. "The amount of annoying kids there, who try to knock you into the water without touching you, is astounding."

"Eight years gymnastic, Stiles, I'm pretty good at balancing." Allison stated, a small smirk tugging at her lips, but like Lydia, she didn't look at him, just kept lounging. Until Isaac ran from the house to the pool, jumped over Scott and Stiles, landing in a cannonball between the two girls, hitting both of their floats in the process, flipping them over. Both girls gasped for breath when they surfaced, looking murderously at Isaac. "Isaac!" Allison seethed, taking off her sunglasses to give her mate a real glare. "Why did you do that?"

"Because it's funny." Isaac grinned, then swam away, over to Scott and Stiles. "Hey." He smiled, ignoring Lydia and Allison's angry cursing behind him as he kissed Scott.

"Hey," Scott greeted with a goofy smile. "You realise that she and Lydia are probably going to get revenge, right?"

"Yes, but it's worth it."

"I don't know."

Stiles chuckled at the pair, looking around at the Pack, when he noticed Derek walking over. Wearing joggers rather than swim shorts. "Der, I know that you're new to the whole 'fun' thing, but swimming is usually done in a swimsuit, not joggers."

Derek rolled his eyes at Stiles. "I'm not going to swim, I'm off out." He announced and the Pack went quiet, wondering where their alpha was going.

"Where are you going?"

"Hunting for deer to leave for you on the porch." Derek stated casually as he walked past the pool, towards the woods.

"Okay coo- wait, what?" Stiles demanded with wide eyes

"Just kidding, I'm going for a run." Derek grinned proudly, and everyone stared in shock for a few seconds, then Stiles burst out laughing, shortly followed by Scott, then Cora, then everyone else. "I'll be back soon." Derek promised.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

When Derek returned to the house, things had gone to hell. "What happened?" He demanded, looking around at his injured Pack and the destroyed pool furniture.

"Uhh," Stiles winced as Boyd helped him to his feet. "Would you believe us if we said pixies did it?"

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Stiles, Erica, Lydia, Jackson and Isaac were being supported, or full out carried, by the Pack to the hospital. Melissa was with them, as the Pack had called her to help set their injuries. However, after an hour, and no signs of them healing, Melissa insisted that they go to the hospital. Derek had protested, saying that they could heal at any time, and cause a lot of questions. Then Melissa reminded him that the entire police department knew, so the hospital staff should too, so that in cases like this the Pack, or any of their supernatural allies, could go and get the medical help that they need without having to worry. After a call to Stiles' dad and another half hour of no healing, Derek agreed and took his Pack to the hospital.

"You know, when you offered to carry me, this isn't what I had in mind." Stiles huffed from where he was slung over Derek's shoulder.

"What's wrong with this? I'm carrying you aren't I?" Derek retorted as they walked through the front door, to see the Sheriff and four deputies, talking to the head doctors, all of whom looked shocked and disbelieving. "You told them?"

"Yup," Noah stated, looking worriedly at his son and the other injured Pack members. "But they're having trouble believing, so..."

Derek sighed then shifted into beta form, the uninjured beta's did the same. "That enough proof for you?" When the doctors nodded, Derek continued. "Good, now, fix my Pack."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"Really? Pixies?" Stilinski asked in exasperation, as he and Melissa joined the Pack for dinner. They had invited Allison's parents, but they were having a date night. They had offered to help with the pixies though, but Derek assured them that their help wasn't necessary yet.

"Yes, dad, pixies!" Stiles exclaimed, waving his fork around. "But don't say that in front of them, that's what Catwoman did, and they got angry!"

"Pixies aren't friendly." Cora stated, as she picked at the last of her food. "Our mother dealt with some when I was nine, they damn near tore down the preserve."

"They also nearly tore off your arm!" Derek reminded her, glaring at his empty plate, like it had personally offended him. "and now they've tried to do it again!"

"Derek, I'm fine." Cora told him with an exaggerated eye roll. "They failed, just like last time."

"Any chance these are the same pixies that attacked you last time?" Isaac asked curiously, subconsciously rubbing his now healed shoulder.

"No." Derek and Cora stated in unison.

"Those pixies are dead." Derek told them confidently.

"Are you sure?"

"Yup." Cora grinned. "The one who injured me was the first to go. My very first kill." She smiled proudly.

"Wait if you've killed, then why aren't your eye's blue?" Scott asked, giving the girl a half curious, half suspicious look.

"Because your eyes only turn blue if you kill an innocent, and those things are far from innocent." Derek reminded him, and the crooked jawed boy nodded in understanding. "Now, back to the pixies."

"Yeah, the pixies." Jackson jumped in, angry at the creatures that hurt his mate. Lydia was still injured, due to not having supernatural healing. Luckily, her wounds weren't that bad, but she wouldn't be able to fight for a few days, at least. "How do we kill them? They may be small, but they kicked our asses earlier dad."

"Because you underestimated them." Derek told them, taking a second to look each member of his Pack in the eyes. "Now you know better, and I will teach you how to fight them."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

The next day, Melissa and the Sheriff were drinking coffee at midnight in the Hale house, cell phones and a first aid kit in front of them on the table. They were waiting for their kids to call them back, because neither boys were answering and they just hoped to god that the Pack could battle a pixie army and come back in one piece.

"Grounding?" Melissa suggested. The pair were trying to come up with an appropriate punishment for their son's. Not for fighting, that couldn't be avoided, but for not answering their phones. Sure, both parents knew that it wasn't the boy's faults, it's difficult to find time to answer your phone in the middle of a battle, but they were worried. Talking about this helped distract them from thinking the worst. "We could put mountain ash on their windows, I'll lock Scott in his room, you can lock Stiles in a guest room."

"They'd just get Allison or Lydia to let them out." Noah reminded her, a slight frown on his face.


"Oh, we could block their phones." He suggested with a shrug. "Make it so that they can only call or text us and the station."

"Yeah, but now that school's out, they all see each other everyday." Melissa stated, before taking another swig of coffee.

"Damn you're right." Noah sighed, then his head shot up. "Oh, how about-" Noah was cut off by the sound of the front door opening, followed by the sound of shuffling feet. The pair looked up to see their son's walk in, followed by the Pack. Every one of them was covered in a smelly purple goo.

"Oh my god, what the hell is that?" Melissa gagged and used her fingers to pinch her nose, trying to block out the stench.

"Pixie blood." Scott grumbled, looking disgusted. "I'm gonna go shower."

"Me too." Allison stated, turning to go upstairs.

"Me three." Isaac announced, and the trio made their way upstairs.

"Is Scott okay?" Melissa asked in concern, eyes staring at the stairs her son had disappeared up.

"He just feels guilty." Stiles assured her. "He tried to simply fight them off, but he had no choice but to kill one."

"He'll be fine Mrs McCall." Derek assured the woman, "He's strong, he'll get through it." Melissa smiled gratefully. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go get this junk off of me."

"I'll join you." Stiles stated, and soon, the two parents were alone in the kitchen again, the sound of multiple showers running became background noise. No one noticed that Boyd and Erica had gone to separate showers. Nor had they noticed that the couple hadn't spoken since leaving the hospital. Nobody except Cora.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Erica sighed as she flopped, face first, onto her bed, ignoring the sound of her parents calling her name.

"Erica, sweetie, I know that you can hear me." Her mother stated from the doorway. "With those super senses of yours, you'd be able to hear me if I was in the back garden, whispering. So, please talk to me."

"Boyd and I had a fight." She grumbled, rolling onto her back then sitting up to see both of her parents.

"What about?" Her mother asked cautiously, moving to sit next to Erica.

"Do you want me to shoot him?" Mr Reyes offered.


"What? Hayley, this boy hurt our little girl! Besides, he'll heal!"

Erica giggled, wiping the tears from her face. "You don't have to shoot him dad, I'm hoping we'll be able to get past this. We are mates after all."

"So what happened, sweetie?" Hayley Reyes asked in concern, trying to look her daughter in the eyes. "What did you argue about?"


"Cora?" Jake asked in confusion. "That's you're alpha's sister, right?"

"Yeah." Erica nodded, wiping more stray tears from her cheek.

"Did he flirt with her or something?"

"No, I did." The girl stated, her parents both looked shocked so she explained, "I felt drawn to her, the way that I am to Boyd. I spoke to him about it, and he is too. So we asked Isaac, Allison and Scott, and they explained what a triad mate bond feels like and we knew. Cora is our mate. I wanted to flirt with her, try to figure out if she could feel the same towards us, to make sure, y'know?" Hayley nodded, trying to shake off her shock and focus on helping Erica. "But Boyd didn't want to 'cause he was worried about how Derek would react. I said that he wouldn't mind as long as all three of us are happy, but he still refused. But I really wanted to, so while we were in the pool, I flirted with Cora. She started to reciprocate, but then those damn pixies attacked. Afterwards Boyd wouldn't talk to me. I finally got him to and he said that I shouldn't have flirted with Cora. I tried to explain that I did it because I want to be the kind of person who goes after what I want. I want him and I want Cora. So I will go after both. Then-" A sob escaped her lips, and a fresh wave of tears rolled down her cheeks. "Then he said that I must want Cora more, if I'm willing to do something he's not comfortable with to get her." Erica broke down in tears, leaning against her mum as her body shook.

"Oh honey." Jake sighed, walking over and wrapping his arms around her. "We all know that your mum is better at comforting than me, so how about, I go out and buy you ice cream, chocolate, pop corn, tissues and anything else you want, whilst your mum does the actual parenting?" Erica and Hayley giggled, and Erica nodded gratefully.

"Okay." Erica offered her father a watery smile. "Thanks dad."

"No problem, honey. I'll be right back."

Once the man was gone, Hayley spoke to Erica in a conspiratorial whisper, "If you want a new phone, now is the time to ask." Causing her daughter to burst into laughter. Once she calmed down, her mum spoke again. "Are you going to text him, at least say that you want to try to make things work?"

"No," Erica shook her head firmly. "No, a part of me wants to, but I'm scared that if I do, I'll go back to being who I was."

"What do you mean, sweetie?" Hayley asked in concern.

"The girl I was before I became friends with the Pack. The shell of a girl who was too afraid to defend herself." Erica explained, with a frown on her face and determination in her voice. "I don't want to be the girl who chases people anymore. I've learnt that I'm here, and I'm important. I'm not going to run after people to prove that I matter anymore. No matter how much I love them."

"That's good sweetie, and I'm proud of you"


"But sometimes, that's not the best thing. I mean, what if someone you hold close and dearly have the same mindset? Who will be the one to make the first step, if you're both too proud to do so. Chasing people who are important to you isn't weak, it's one of the bravest things you can do."

"You're right." Erica smiled at her mother's wise words. "But I'm gonna be proud for one more night. I'll text him in the morning."

Twenty minutes later, Erica was curled up on the sofa in between her parents. She felt like she was five years old again, and she loved every second of it. They were watching one of the many movies Erica had wanted to watch when she was growing up, but couldn't as they could trigger her epilepsy. Now, that wasn't an issue.

They were half way through the movie when her head shot up, and she looked in the direction of the front door with a huge smile on her face. "It's Boyd!" She announced happily, just as a knock sounded on the door. "He's here." She stood from the couch and tried to rush to the door, only to be stopped by her father.

"Uh, uh. No! I'll be answering the door. This boy hurt you, now he has to deal with me." Jake stated, then marched over to the door.

He swung the door open and fixed a glare on Boyd. The wolf was standing there with a bouquet made up of Erica's favourite flowers, dry tear streaks stained his cheeks, and a remorseful and heartbroken look was etched on his face.

"What do you want?" Jake asked in an angry tone, though it became a lot less genuine when he saw how upset the boy was.

"Please, I-I need to talk to Erica." Boyd all but begged. He absolutely hated showing weakness, he loathed it. But he was willing to swallow his pride and let it all out to get Erica back. "I made a huge mistake! I love your daughter, more than words can say, and I don't want some stupid fight to ruin everything." Boyd exclaimed, looking the man in the eye to show his sincerity. "I will do anything to prove how much I love her. I will do anything to get her back."

Jake Reyes opened his mouth to say something, only for Erica to push past him and press her body against Boyds. Erica kissed Boyd, startling him for a second, before he grinned, then kissed her back.

"Hey, hey, you two stop that!" Jake ordered, an edge of disgust to his voice. Boyd tried to pull away, only to have Erica wrap her arms around his neck, preventing him from doing so. "I said stop it!" Erica simply jumped slightly and wrapped her legs around Boyd's waist. "Aw, c'mon! I don't wanna see that!" Jake whined, and turned to see his wife leaning against a wall, awing at the couple. "Hayley! Make them stop!"

"Nah, I think it's cute." The woman smirked. "Alright you too, at least take it to the bedroom, and stop scarring my husband."

"What, no, you are not going upstairs!" Jake protested angrily, "Nuh uh, no way." He shook his head firmly as his wife pulled him into the living room.

"We'll be leaving for a hotel in ten minutes." Hayley informed the couple, who pulled apart to look at the woman. Hayley smiled at them despite her husband's protesting "Use protection!"


-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Allison spent the next day teaching Melissa how to shoot a crossbow, "Okay, no, don't squint. Yeah, that's good, alright. Focus, breath, and… Shoot!" Melissa pulled the trigger, shooting the arrow at the target. The woman was pleasantly surprised when the arrow actually hit the target, hitting the inner blue ring.

"Yes!" Melissa cheered, and Allison giggled happily, holding up her hand to Melissa, who gave her a high five.

"Great job! Are you sure this is the first time you've done this?" Allison semi-teased, handing the woman another arrow.

"Yeah, this is actually my first time with a weapon that's not a baseball bat."

"Well, you're a natural." Allison complimented, then looked over her shoulder at Scott, who was sat watching a few metres away. "Right Scott?"

"Huh, what? Oh yeah." Scott agreed distractedly.

"You okay sweetie?" Melissa asked in concern.

"Yeah, it's just this." Scott gestured between the pair wildly. "You learning how to use a crossbow. It's both awesome and terrifying." The two women chuckled, sharing an exasperated look.

"Anyway," Allison chuckled "Speaking of baseball bats, has Lydia given you the mountain ash one yet?"

"Yeah, I keep by my bed, in my car or in my locker at work so I'm never without it." Melissa explained as she loaded the crossbow again.

"That's good thinking." Allison smiled, happy that her kind-of-mother-in-law was being cautious. "Do you carry anything else? Like regular mountain ash, or wolfsbane?"

"Yes to both." Melissa told her with a smile, then aimed the crossbow at the target again. "Although, the wolfsbane is mainly for if one of the wolves are injured and I need to treat it." The woman explained, then focused on the target before pulling the trigger. This time, the arrow landed in the outer red ring.

"You're getting better!" Allison stated excitedly, handing the woman another arrow. "Is the hospital going to start stocking wolfsbane?" She asked as Melissa shot the target again, the third arrow landing right beside the second one.

"Yes, they're also fitting the place with mountain ash baseboards and keeping bags of mountain ash next to each fire alarm." Melissa informed Allison, whilst loading the crossbow again. "There's also an abandoned ward in the basement, which they're talking about renovating specifically for supernatural patients. The dangerous ones, at least."

"Really?" Scott asked in surprise. "That's a good idea, but won't it cost a lot?"

"It would, but Chris and Alan have volunteered to use their connections to help get what we need. Making it a lot cheaper and easier than it would have been."

"Wait, Alan?" Scott asked with wide eyes, looking at his mother in shock. "You're on a first name bassist with my boss?!"

"Well, yeah, Scott, he's my friend." Melissa informed the werewolf, shaking her head fondly.

"But what if you guys fall out? He could fire me!"

Allison rolled her eyes at her boyfriend. "Scott, he didn't fire you after Derek kidnapped and interrogated him, so I highly doubt he'd fire you over a fight with your mum."

"Derek did what?"

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"Hey Cor," Derek greeted his sister as she walked into his study. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, but I need to talk to you about something." Cora stated, causing her brother's brow to furrow in worry. "I've come to the realisation that I have two mates." She stated simply, and Derek's eyes widened slightly before he closed the book he was reading and set it down on his desk.

"Let me guess, one female with blonde hair, one male with dark skin, both werewolves."

"Yes. To see if they felt the same way towards me, I flirted with both of them and she reciprocated. Before I could act further, the pixies arrived. After we killed the pixies, I went to talk to them again, only to hear them arguing. She wanted to talk to me about being their mate, but Boyd didn't because he was worried about how you'd react. So, I need you to tell them that you give your blessing so that I can be with them." She told him, leaving no room for Derek to argue, not that he would anyway. He knew how important a Mate bond was and he'd never get in the way of that. Unless one of the Mates wished for a platonic bond and the other wished for a romantic one, then he'd get involved to make sure nobody did anything they'd regret.

Derek stared at her for a second, before sighing and grabbing his phone and dialed a number, after a few seconds, Erica picked up. "Hey, is Boyd with you?" He paused as the girl replied, then spoke again. "Good, I need the two of you to come to the house, it's nothing bad, I just need to talk to you. Okay, come straight to my study when you get here, see you soon." After he hung up, the two Hales silently stared at each other as they waited for Erica and Boyd to arrive.

"Uh, hey." Erica greeted cautiously as she and Boyd walked into the room ten minutes later. "Is everything okay?"

Derek finally tore his stare from Cora to look at the pair. "Cora tells me that she believes the three of you are mates." Derek stated simply, causing Erica to beam and Boyd to look nervous. "I don't care how you go about this, as long as no one gets their heart broken. Got it?"

"Wait." Boyd stated in confusion. "You don't mind us dating your sister?"

"No, as long as all three of you are happy, and I don't have to see or hear anything, I'll be fine." Derek informed him with a shrug then looked at his sister once more. "Now, if that's all that you wanted, I'd like to get back to my book."

"Of course." Cora grinned, before marching over to her mates. "We'll see you later Der." She grabbed their hands and led them to her room. Once there, she sat on her bed, and gestured for the other two to do the same. Once they did, she looked Erica in the eyes. "Okay, before we start anything, I need to ask you something." Erica nodded slightly nervously, wondering what the question could be. "We've been friends for a few weeks now, but I forgot your name the first time we met and I keep hoping that one of the Pack will say it while you're around but they all just call you weird nicknames, like Catwoman and Blondie, so seriously who are you?"

Erica stared at the brunette for a few seconds, before bursting into laughter. Seeing that the girl wouldn't be answering any time soon, Boyd chuckled and stated. "Her name is Erica."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Stiles groaned as he hit the ground, then quickly rolled away from the claws swiping at him. He tried to crawl away, but glowing red eyes surrounded him. He was outnumbered, four to one. Four alpha's to one beta. Seriously? Why the hell were four alpha's traveling together? One of them appeared to be blind, he didn't think that that was possible for werewolves, but apparently it was. The blind one chuckled as the weird monster wolf grabbed his ankle and dragged him backwards. He was flipped onto his back, then a fist met his face. Then it happened again. And again. And again. It only stopped when the monster wolf moved back and separated into two bodies, so that the woman could grab Stiles by the throat, pull him from the ground and hold him in the air, cutting off his oxygen.

"Now, now, Stiles. There's no point in running. Each one of us is faster and stronger than you." The blind alpha stated, how the hell did he know Stiles' name? "Besides, we're not going to kill you. We just want to send your alpha a message."

Stiles tried to scream as claws cut into his back, but the female alpha just squeezed his throat harder. He tried to reach up to pull her arm away, only to find himself incapable of doing so. He looked as best as he could to find the two that separated from the monster wolf holding one of his arms each. Behind the woman, the blind alpha stood smiling. Which meant that the other male alpha was the one tearing open his back.

After a few minutes, the claws left his back, only for two sets of claws to slash at his sides, then he was dropped to the floor. He didn't dare howl or call out for help, afraid of what they would do. So he just laid there. Completely still. After what felt like eternity, he heard a voice, but his ears were ringing too much to make out who it was or what they were saying. He felt himself being lifted from the ground and carried somewhere, but he couldn't open his eyes. He couldn't move a muscle. He opened his mouth to say something, ask who was holding him and where they were taking him, but a garbled noise was all that came out. It was then that he noticed the metallic taste on his tongue and the warm, sticky liquid pouring out of his mouth, down his cheek. He felt like he was choking on the blood, like it was suffocating him. His chest tightened and he felt a familiar sensation, one that only comes at the start of a panic attack. The person carrying him seemed to notice, as they started to move faster. Stiles felt more blood running down his face and it became increasingly difficult to breath. The ringing in his ears got louder, the person carrying him said something, but he couldn't make it out, the more time that passed the further he drifted from reality. The pain was too much, the ringing was too loud. Then it all went away, it all went quiet.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"Hey." Cora greeted gently as she sat opposite her brother in the hospital waiting room. "Have you heard anything yet?"

"The- uh- the wounds on his side have started to heal, but the cut on his back hasn't yet." Derek told her as the rest of the Pack, minus Lydia and Jackson who were already sitting with him, walked over. "I told them that it was caused by alpha's, and wounds from alpha's take long to heal. So, they think that it'll take an hour or so, based on how long it took the other cuts to heal."

"How do you know that it was caused by an alpha?" Isaac asked, trying not to show how scared he was for Stiles.

"Because of what they carved on his back." Derek stated bitterly, then nodded to Lydia. The girl pulled out her phone and showed them the picture she had taken of Stiles' back. It was partially obscured by the nurse who was cleaning it, but you could still make out what it was. "It's their symbol. It means they're coming."

"Alpha's?" Jackson asked worriedly. "Plural?"

"A Pack of them. We don't know how many there are, but they're dangerous. Each one of them killed their old Packs. It's a part of their sick 'initiation'." Derek growled, and the Pack, minus Cora, looked confused. "Deucalion, the leader of the alpha Pack, was the first to do it, now, he travels, searching for other alpha's to join his Pack. He makes them all kill their old Pack before he let's them join him. Rumor has it, he doesn't take rejection well, and tries to force the alpha to join them."

"Why?" Lydia asked with a raised eyebrow, trying to hide her discomfort. The redhead hated hospital, but as much as she hated being a patient, she hated being a visitor even more. "If he wanted to run off and make a new, stronger Pack he could've just left the old one; he didn't need to kill them, nor does he have to make other alpha's kill their Packs, so he must have a reason."

Cora nodded at the Banshee. "There's a rumour, although it's not spoken of very often, I only know about it because I overheard Deucalion tell alpha Jardine about it when he tried to convince her to join him, six months ago. Deucalion said that he discovered something, that extra power that can be gained by killing one of your own." There was silence as that sunk in.

"Jesus," Jackson eventually said. "No wonder they keep that quiet. No need to give your Alpha ideas."

"An Alpha shouldn't care," Derek hissed out angrily. "You don't hurt your Pack. Ever." Scott laid a hand on his alpha's shoulder in an attempt to comfort him.

"We know that you'd never hurt any of us Derek." Scott assured, trying to get Derek to meet his eye. "We know that you'll never join them."

"Now we just need to make them realise that." Erica stated determinedly. Before anything else was said, Noah arrived at the same time that Melissa walked out of Stiles room.

"He's awake."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Lydia pinned her sketches on the walls in the sheriff's station, as Derek gathered the rest of the staff working there. They were warning everyone who knew about the supernatural of the alpha Pack. Unfortunately Stiles hadn't gotten a good look at the separate faces of the monster wolf, as the only time he actually saw their faces was when he was being strangled and cut. He knew that they were males, because of their bodies, but that was all. Fortunately, he remembered all of the others.

While they were telling the station about the Alpha Pack, Melissa and Jackson were telling the hospital staff, showing them photocopies of Lydia's drawings. Noah was staying with Stiles. Derek wanted to, but he had a shift at the station, sure he could switch with someone, but Lydia needed someone to help her talk to the deputies, and it would be better to have someone on the force helping. And as much as Derek wanted to be with Stiles, he couldn't ask a father to leave his injured son.

The rest of the Pack were scattered around town. Scott, Boyd and Allison were all at work, Scott was also consulting with Deaton, finding out what he knew and finding out if the druid could do anything to help. Erica and Isaac were having a video call with Danny, to warn him, and ask if he had a way to run or create a facial recognition software that would be able to bypass the glare of werewolf eyes. Cora was talking to her old alpha, as the woman had had first hand experience with the alpha Pack, and her Pack had lived to know about it.

Everyone had a role to play. Most (all) of the teenagers had initially protested, wanting to instead hunt down the alpha's who had hurt Stiles, but Derek had reminded them that the Pack was stronger, faster and far more ruthless than any of them. He reminded them that the alpha's wouldn't hesitate to do to them what they did to Stiles, possibly worse given that none of them were Derek's mate. Scott pointed out that the alpha's should have realised that hurting Stiles would only anger Derek, and make him less likely to join them. To which Derek replied that they probably hoped it would make him angry enough to lose his temper and lash out at the Pack. Maybe even hurt one of them.

Lydia turned to face the gathered deputies. She tried to force the memory of Stiles, pale, bruised and bloodied from her mind. She and Jackson were the ones to find him. They were on their way back to the house when Derek sent out a group text announcing that something was wrong with Stiles. But he didn't need to, Lydia knew. She didn't know how she knew, she just did. Jackson tried to lead her the faster way to the house, but her body wouldn't listen, she took a long, winding route, a route that led them to Stiles.

It had to have been a banshee thing. Stiles' scent was already all over the woods, as was the rest of the Pack's, which made it difficult to track each other by scent in there. But Lydia found him. Without even thinking about it, she found him bloodied and beaten on the ground. Too scared to call out for help. When he was finally ready to, he choked on his own blood. It was a horrible and terrifying sound. Lydia had never been that scared before. Not when she fought Peter, not when she knew something was wrong in her head, when Peter was manipulating her, not when they were attacked by pixies, not even during her numerous visits to the hospital as a patient in the past few months, nor the whispering voices she heard directing her to Stiles. Nothing had scared her as much as the thought of losing Stiles. One of her best friends, her Pack mate, the person who helped her accept who she was. Lydia clenched her eyes shut, trying to shake away those thoughts. He was alive, he was fine. The voices lead her to Stiles. Not Stiles' corpse. He was fine. He was fine.

Lydia jumped slightly as a hand gently grabbed her shoulder, her eyes flew open to see Derek looking at her in concern. "I'm fine." She immediately assured her Alpha. "I'm just worried about him."

"Me too."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

The next afternoon, Stiles was completely healed and the Pack, Melissa, Noah and the Argents were searching the woods. Not for the alphas, but for Stiles' phone. Stiles had apparently dropped it the day before, and went to go get it. However, none of the Pack wanted him out of their sight, so it turned into a group expedition.

"Dad, can you call it?" Stiles asked, his eyes fixed on the ground as he walked. "I hope the battery isn't dead."

"I'll call it." Lydia stated, and hit number 4 on her speed dial. Stiles tried to protest, but it was too late. His phone had already started ringing.

"And all those things I didn't say were wrecking balls inside my brain, I will scream 'em loud tonight, can you hear my voice this time? This is my fight song! Take back my life song! Prove I'm alright song! My power's-" Before the song could play anymore, Stiles had lunged forward, grabbed Lydia's phone, and disconnected the call.

"That's your ringtone?" Allison asked with a chuckle, pulling out her own phone. "Oh, I've gotta hear that again!"

To the Pack's, minus Melissa, Noah and Scott, surprise, the ringtone was different. "I am a woman on a mission whoa, Nothing can stop me, I'm stronger than ever, I'm gonna see this through. I am a woman on a mission whoa, whatever it takes I will do what I gotta do." Allison hung up the phone, looked at Stiles, blinked, then said "I approve."

"So 'Fight Song' is specifically my ringtone?" Lydia asked with a raised eyebrow. When Stiles nodded, she grinned. "Good." Lydia called his phone again, and the Pack followed the sound, to find his phone a few meters away from where Jackson and Lydia found Stiles. "Banshee Queen? That's what you saved me as?"

"Yeah, it used to be red queen." Stiles stated with a shrug and the girl rolled her eyes.

"Of course it was." (A/N: Everyone else's names and ringtones can be found in a youtube link on my profile) Lydia sighed and shook her head.

"What's mine?" Scott asked, however, before Stiles could reply, a familiar, but unwelcome voice interrupted.

"My, my, are my eyes deceiving me, or is that Cora?" Peter asked, approaching the Pack casually. The wolves all growled at him, The Sheriff, Chris and Lydia pulled their guns, whilst Allison armed the compound bow she had brought with her and Melissa raised her mountain ash bat. Peter raised his hands defensively. "There's really no need for that. I understand that last time I saw any of you weren't exactly the best circumstances, but I'm better now, and simply ask for a chance to redeem myself."

"No way." Allison seethed angrily. "If you had only killed Kate, then maybe, but all of those other people were innocents who were manipulated into helping. They should have gone to jail, not the morgue! Then you used Lydia to bring yourself back to life and nearly killed Derek in the process."

"Not my finest moments." Peter agreed with a nod, looking apologetically at Lydia. "I regret putting you through that, Lydia. However, you must understand that I wasn't myself then. I had been in a coma for six years. Do you have any idea what that's like for one of us? It's not a peaceful sleep, you are completely conscious in a body that you cannot move or control. All that you can do is listen to your own thoughts driving you deeper and deeper into insanity."

"That still doesn't excuse what you did." Derek argued, "You could have reached out for help. You were sane enough to fake a comatose state when I came to visit you. You were sane enough to target specific people."

"You were sane enough to kill my sister!" Cora growled, flashing her eye's at the man.

"And I regret that deeply." Peter stated "But-" He didn't get the chance to finish, as Cora lunged at him, and punched him square in the face. Peter's hands flew up to his bloodied nose, only to double over when Cora punched him in the gut. She then kicked him in the face, and Peter fell to the floor. Cora immediately climbed on top of him and kept punching. "You - killed - Laura! -You Killed - my- sister - you - bastard!" She screamed in between punches. After staring in shock for a few more seconds, Derek ran forward and pried Cora off of their uncle.

"Cora, Cora stop!"

"He deserves it, he killed her!" Cora screamed, glaring at Peter. "He killed Laura! I could have seen her again! The three of us could have been together again! I could have my sister back if it wasn't for him! I could- we could- she-" Cora broke down in tears as Derek pulled her close to him.

"Go." He growled at Peter, flashing his eyes red for emphasis. "Or I'll kill you myself. Again."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

A week later, there had been no signs of the alpha Pack or Peter, and Danny was returning home from vacation. The Pack was very happy to see Danny. What they weren't happy about was the fact that he didn't smell like them anymore. Which is how Danny ended up buried beneath the rest of the Pack in the puppy pile, completely unable to see anything other than Lydia's hair. He didn't really mind though. He missed his Pack as much as they missed him. "How was vacation?" Stiles asked, his voice muffled by the layers of people between them.

"Not bad, hooked up with some guys, but I couldn't enjoy as much as usual because I missed you losers too much." Danny replied honestly, ending up with strands of red hair stuck to his tongue.

"Good." Derek stated, and Danny could hear the smirk in his voice. "You're not allowed to have too much fun without us. If you do, you might never come back."

"Please," Danny scoffed and rolled his eyes, no longer caring about the hair in his mouth. "Like I'd ever want to leave you guys. My life would be so boring."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Of course, all good things must come to an end. The next day, alerts were sent to each of their phones, notifying them that the silent alarms had been triggered by someone approaching the house. Danny immediately accessed the security cameras, so that the Pack could see who it was. Peter. Derek ran outside and growled at his uncle. "Get out of here." He ordered, flashing his eyes at the man.

"This is my house too, Derek."

"No it isn't. The land went to me after Laura died, and this house was built by my Pack for my Pack." Derek informed him, barely keeping himself from attacking Peter. "You have no claim over it."

"On the contrary, I have sentimental claims." Peter stated calmly, completely unfazed by Derek's anger, or the many eyes glaring at him from the various windows of the house.

"You have no sentiment."

"That's hurtful Derek." Peter said in mock offence, placing a hand over his heart. "I understand that you will be wary of me after what I'd done, but we're family, I had hoped you'd be able to find it in your heart to let me redeem myself."

Derek stared at the man for a few seconds, then turned his head to look towards the house, had a silent conversation with the Pack, then turned back to Peter. "We don't like you."

"Fair enough." Peter stated with a shrug, then turned to walk away.

"However," Peter paused, and turned to face Derek again. "you're on a two months probation." Derek stated, causing Peter to smile. "You can't live here yet, but that will be reviewed after the two months." He informed the man, with a heavy stare. "If you prove to be useful, and sane, we'll discuss you possibly moving in, if you want to. Until then, no coming here unless invited by myself or the Pack. You are never to be closer than five feet from Lydia or Jackson. For your safety, only. If you get closer than that, don't be surprised if you are maimed or killed. Understood?"

"Does that mean I can't use the pool?" Derek simply glared and Peter rolled his eye's "Understood. Thank you." Derek nodded, then turned and walked back to the Pack, knowing that Peter wouldn't try anything. At least, not with the Pack glaring at him the way that they were. If looks could kill, Peter would be back in his grave.

Once he reached the house, the Pack surrounded him. "Thanks." Lydia smiled gratefully. "I'm all about second chances, but I'm glad you told him not to come near me. I appreciate it."

"I hate to pry." Cora lied, cutting into the conversation. "But you never really told me the full story about what he did to you." She informed Lydia and the girl tensed slightly. "I can tell that it was more than just having you bring him back, It's not hard to see that there's a bigger back story. Do you mind telling me?"

"Yeah, of course." Lydia agreed, with a nod of her head. Cora was not only Pack, but her alpha's family, the girl deserved to know everything that they did. Especially when it came to Peter.

"Alright." Stiles spoke up. "You guys do that, I'll get started on dinner. Isaac, be my helper?" Isaac grinned and nodded enthusiastically. "Alright, the rest of you, do what you want, I'll let you know when the table needs setting."

"Who's turn is it to pick the movie?" Erica asked hopefully.

"Uh…" Stiles pulled out his phone and checked the schedule. "Cora."

"I thought it was your turn." Jackson stated with a slight frown. "I thought Danny had the last go, and we circled back around to you, and go through the schedule again."

"That was before Cora moved in." Stiles explained calmly, "She's Pack, so she should get to pick a movie too." Jackson nodded at that and Cora smiled gratefully, then the Pack separated to get on with their tasks.

"Okay, pup," Stiles began, tying an apron behind his back. "what do you feel like cooking today?"

"Umm, how about Hunter's Chicken." Isaac suggested with a hopeful smile. "My mum had a really good recipe and she taught it to me before she died." He explained sheepishly. "I have it written down."

"That sounds great," Stiles assured his pup with a grin. "How about you go get the recipe and wash your hands, and I'll get out the basic ingredients, then you can tell me what else we need, okay?"

"Okay." Isaac agreed, before running off to get the recipe from his room.

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Two nights later, Stiles and Derek were on a date, without any prompting from the Pack. They went for a picnic by the lake, and sat beneath the almost full moon, looking up at the stars. Derek had picked this for their date because it was romantic, and they were still close to Pack.

"This is perfect." Stiles announced softly, eyes not leaving the sky.

"Yeah it is." Derek agreed, and Stiles threw his head back and let out a full bodied laugh.

"Oh, thank God!"


"The second I said that, I became terrified that you were gonna go all cheesy on me and say 'yes, you are' or something like that." Derek shook his head at his mate, resisting the urge to roll his eyes.

"Yeah right, like I'd ever say something cheesy." Stiles immediately stopped laughing and looked at Derek with wide eyes.

"You always say cheesy stuff!"

"Like what?!"

"Just last night, you said: 'your lips look lonely, would they like to meet mine?' And you're saying that isn't cheesy?" Stiles asked incredulously.

"That doesn't count."

"Why not?"

"Because you asked me to tell you the cheesiest pickup line I know!" Derek reminded him, causing Stiles to roll his eyes.

"Fine, I'll let you off that one, but there's still loads more!" Stiles stated, picking up a fork, then used it to stab a piece of chicken. "Such as last week, when you asked me 'did you sit in a pile of sugar? Cause you've got a pretty sweet ass.' Very cheesy and it kinda killed the mood. Oh and at the library the other day, when Lydia was looking for something, you said to me: 'I haven't got a library card, but do you mind if I check you out?' oh, and on the way here, you said: 'your hand looks heavy, let me hold it for you.' Remember?"

"Those were jokes!" Derek insisted, his cheeks turning red. "Besides, you are way more cheesy than I am! Remember when you asked me 'Do you have a bandaid? Because I just scraped my knee falling for you.' and if you wanna talk about killing the mood, I specifically remember you telling me that I'm hotter than the bottom of your laptop! Do you remember that?"

"Yes I do, but the difference between you and I, is that I admit to my cheesiness." Stiles pointed out with a grin. "You don't."

"Because I'm not cheesy!" Derek insisted. "Anyone who says otherwise will get hurt."

"Oh really? And what would you do, big guy, huh? Punch them in the face?" Stiles asked sarcastically, with a mocking growl.

"I'm thinking about punching you in the face." Derek retorted with a blank expression, looking Stiles dead in the eye.

The lanky boy gasped in mock outrage. He knew that Derek would never hurt him, but it'd be fun to play along. He stood up and folded his arms across his chest. "Well then." He huffed with a pout. "I think I should leave." He took two steps before strong, familiar arms wrapped around his waist.

"Uh, uh." Derek mummered, a soft, commanding growl underlining his voice. "You're not going anywhere."

"And why not?"

"Because I'm your alpha, and as your alpha, I order you to stay." Derek ordered playfully, not putting any alpha command into it.

"Alright then." Stiles playfully sighed in resignation. "I guess I have to stay, then." He turned his head to look at Derek, biting his lip semi-flirtatiously. "Can I at least get a reward for being a good beta?"

"That depends," Derek hummed, maneuvering Stiles so that they were chest to chest. "What kind of reward do you have in mind?"

"Why don't I show you?"

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"Okay," Derek grinned as the couple walked back to the house a few hours later. "I agree with your rewards, but I think that they should be exclusive to you."

"Oh, good!" Stiles exclaimed with a huge grin. "Because if you did that with any of them, our relationship wouldn't go so well."

"Well, don't have to worry about that."

"Neither do you."

-Teen Wolf Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"Hey, how was the d- oh my god. Go shower!" Was what Cora said when they arrived home.

"Hi, Cora, nice to see you too." Stiles greeted teasingly with a grin. "The date was great, thanks. How was your evening?"

"Ugh, it was fine, please go take a shower." She all but begged, pinching her nose, trying to block out the smell.

"Fine." Stiles sighed, dragging out the 'i' and grabbing Derek's hand. "Come on Der. Let's go shower."

"Separately!" Cora yelled after them.

"Nuh uh, that wasn't part of the deal!"

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

The next day, Peter came for a visit, having been invited by Derek, much to the Pack's dismay. "Hello." The older wolf greeted with a smirk. "What a lovely house you have here."

"My Pack designed it." Derek bragged with a proud smile, leading Peter to the living room, where Cora, Erica and Boyd were sitting. "You know Cora, but I don't think you've been formally introduced to the rest of my Pack. This is Erica and Boyd." Derek introduced with a smile. He wasn't smiling because his Pack was meeting Peter, no. He was smiling because he got the chance to show off his Pack. "They're Cora's mates."

"Interesting." Peter hummed. "So you have two triad's in your Pack?"


"Lucky you." Peter commented, then smiled at Cora. "Hello Cora."

"Go away."

"Oh, come on, Cora, it's me. Uncle Peter."

"Uncle Peter who killed sister Laura." Cora pointed out with a heavy glare.

"Look, I am deeply sorry for that. You've already beat me and yelled at me, can we try to move past it?"


Before more could be said, Lydia walked into the room with a gun in her hand. "Hey." She smiled at Derek and the triad casually, walking over to the couch. Remembering Derek's warning, Peter stepped backwards, keeping the required distance from the girl, who smirked at his actions. Lydia didn't say anything else though, simply walked and sat on Erica's lap. No one blinked at that, Erica merely chuckled and shifted slightly so that the redhead could get comfortable.

"You know, there's plenty of space." Cora pointed out, glaring lightly at the girl sitting in her Mate's lap. "Why do you always insist on sitting in one of our laps?"

"Wolves are warm and comfortable." Lydia explained with a grin, casually loading the gun.

"Then come sit on my lap." Jackson said as he walked into the room with Danny, sending a dark glare to Peter. He sat next to Erica, and patted his lap, but Lydia just snuggled into Erica more, as Danny sat next to Cora, Boyd was wedged between the two girls.

"But I'm comfy!" Jackson just rolled his eyes and pulled Lydia away for the blonde girl, setting his mate down on his lap. "That's just mean." Lydia stated, casually inspecting her gun.

"I am mean."

"No loaded guns in the living room." Stile announced as he walked through from the kitchen. "If he tries anything, everyone will hold him off for the two seconds it takes you to load."

"Fine." Lydia sighed, taking the clip out of her gun.

"The one from the chamber, too, Lydia." Stiles demanded with a pointed look. "But if it makes you feel better, you can take out your throwing knife. Y'know, the one in the holster on your thigh."

Lydia grinned at him, "You know me so well."

"Can I hold on to my crossbow?" Allison asked politely, walking in with Scott and Isaac. Her two mates sat next to Danny, thigh to thigh, Allison sat on Scott's lap sideways, resting her legs on Isaac, Danny and partially on Cora.

"As long as it's not loaded." Stiles informed her, "But you're more than welcome to keep the arrows close by."

"Can't I get a little bit of trust?" Peter asked with a slight chuckle.

"Sure." Stiles smiled. "When you earn it. Will you be joining us for dinner?"

"Sure, I'd love to get to know you all."

"Great." Danny grinned, standing from the couch, casually lifting Allison's legs and ducking under them. and walking over to Stiles. "We're having lasagna." He announced with a grin, causing smiles to appear on their Pack's faces.

"Danny and I both have great family recipes for lasagna." Stiles explained, trying to push the thoughts of what Peter had done to the back of his mind for now. "So we're kind of doing an experiment. We're going to try to combine the best parts of each of our recipes to make the ultimate lasagna. It'll either turn out amazing-"

"Or fail miserably." Danny finished with a smile. "But, I have faith in us, so I'm voting that it'll be incredible."

"So am I." Stiles grinned. "So what does everyone want to go with it?"

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Things were going well for the Pack. They were enjoying their summer, and Peter was proving himself to be useful. They were still looking for the alpha Pack, but there were no signs yet.

At that moment in time, Derek and part of his Pack were standing in the McCall basement, watching and listening in awe. Before their eyes, four of their Pack mates played their instruments. Scott sang and played guitar, Boyd also played guitar, Stiles played drums and Erica played bass.

The group was covering the song 'What's my age again' by blink 182. Very well, if Derek did say so himself. Of course, he didn't actually know the song, save for when he'd overheard Stiles listening to it. Regardless, his Pack did a good job of covering it. When they finished, Lydia walked over to a keyboard, and she immediately launched into a new song, one that Derek didn't recognise at all. It was just the keyboard at first, then Scott started to sing. "When I was a young boy, my father took me into the city, to see a marching band-"

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"Where are you going dressed all fancy?" Stiles grinned, looking at his father with his arms crossed over his chest. Noah looked like a deer caught in headlights, his eye's darting between his son and the front door. "Did you really think you'd be able to sneak out of a house full of werewolves."

"I was hoping." Stilinski admitted uncomfortably, tugging on his tie. "But if you must know, I have a date."

"A date?" Scott demanded, swinging the front door open, bounding into the house excitedly. "My mum has a date tonight, too!"

Stiles' eyes widened and his grin turned to a huge smile. "You and Melissa?!"

"Yes" Noah admitted after an uncertain pause.


"Now Stiles, hear me ou- wait, what?"

"Finally! Scott and I have been trying to get the two of you together for years!" the lanky boy exclaimed excitedly. "Seriously, do you really think I only forgot my pillow when sleeping at Scott's the nights Melissa wasn't working?"

"And do you really think I'd constantly forget my pajamas when I come over?" Scott asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Or that I always accidentally made too much food whenever Melissa dropped Scott off? C'mon dad, you're the Sheriff, you should know better." Stiles chuckled and shook his head. "Wow, dad."

"Well, in my defence, i-"

"No," Scott jumped in, raising his hands in defence. "No time for excuses, you have a date with my mum." The Sheriff nodded and straightened his tie again

"How do I look?"

"Absolutely dashing." Lydia grinned as she jogged down the stairs, a bouquet of flowers in her hands. "Here, I ordered these for my mum's birthday tomorrow, but they sent the wrong kind. They're going to send the right ones for free, so I was going to throw these out, but you can have them."

Noah smiled gratefully, and sighed in relief. "Thank you Lydia, I didn't have time to pick any up earlier."

"You're welcome, now go! Don't keep the woman waiting."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

A few days later, Danny sat alone in the public library, flicking through an old book. It was so old that the pages were yellowed and slightly torn at the edges. It was one of the few accurate books on the supernatural, not just werewolves, but hundreds of other creatures. He had read this book several times before, but this time he was memorising it. With more threats coming after him and his Pack, learning about them and their weaknesses is a good idea. Unfortunately, due to the age of the book, he couldn't check it out. So, he had to settle for sitting in the library for a couple of hours every day. But the knowledge he got out of it made it worth it.

"So you like the supernatural, huh?" a low voice chuckled, causing Danny to look up. Towering over him, was an attractive, well muscled teenage boy.

"You could say that." He smirked, switching into flirt mode the moment he laid eyes on the boy. "I'm Danny."

"Ethan." He introduced, holding out his hand for the Hawaiian to shake. "Pleasure to meet you."

"You too." Danny nodded, then gestured to the seat opposite him. "Care to sit?"

"Sure." Once the boy sat down, Danny leant forward slightly,and asked in a quiet tone, "So.." He looked directly into Ethan's eyes, pausing for a second to be sure, then asked: "Got any plans for tomorrow night?"

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Lydia grinned as she ran. Weaving through the trees of the preserve, her earphones were blaring music. The wind was beating against her skin, dirt splattered against her legs with every step she took, her heart was pounding in her chest but she didn't care and willed her body to run faster.

Lydia had lost track of how long she'd been running, the sun had started to set and it became increasingly difficult to see. She ignored it all, and kept her pace. At some point, she decided to change her course and started to head back to the house. Mind set on a hot shower. Ten minutes later, she came to a stop. She leant forward, setting her hands on her knees , gasping for breath, opting to take a moment, before starting her cool down exercises. However, when she stood up straight, she was surprised to find that she wasn't outside of the house. Instead, Lydia found herself looking out at the lake. More specifically, the lifeless body floating in it.

Gasping in shock, she took a step back, and, against her own will, let out a high pitched scream

Less than twenty minutes later, Stiles, Jackson, the police and the medical examiner were there.

"I was running through the woods, and started to head back to the house, then suddenly found myself here." Lydia explained in exasperation. "I don't know how, but I'm guessing it's a banshee thing." Stiles placed a hand on her shoulder comfortingly.

"We'll figure this out." Stiles promised with a reassuring smile.

"We will." Noah agreed with a nod as Jackson gave Lydia his jacket. "Well, I think that's enough for tonight, but I will need you to give an official statement tomorrow, if that's alright?" Lydia nodded, brow furrowed, and narrowed eyes staring into the distance, a thoughtful expression on her face.

After Noah walked away, Derek rushed over. "How are you feeling?" The Alpha asked urgently, his eyes wide as he looked over Lydia, trying to get a read on both her physical and emotional state.

"I'm fine, just a little freaked. I'll be fine, though." The redhead assured the man with a weak smile. "But, uh, I won't be staying at the house tonight. It's about time that I finally talk to my mum about all of this."

"I'll go with you." Jackson offered, looking at his girlfriend determinedly. "Moral support, or evidence if she doesn't know anything."

"Are you sure you're up to this?" Stiles asked with a raised eyebrow. "Maybe you should postpone that talk, for tonight at least. You've been through a lot."

"I've been postponing it ever since I found out what I am." Lydia explained, shaking her head. "No, I need to do this. Tonight."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-

"Oh my goodness." Lydia's mother gasped, looking at Jackson, who had allowed his features to morph into his beta shift. "I'm a terrible person, your poor grandmother."

"Grandma? What are you talking about." Lydia all but demanded as her mother tried to wrap her head around things. It took a few minutes, but the woman eventually answered.

"As you know, your grandmother passed away in Eichen House, but what you don't know is how she got there." Natalie stated, taking a deep breath. "You may want to sit down."

Natalie then informed the teens about Lydia's grandmother, how she had predicted the death of the woman she loved, how she spent the rest of her life trying to get another prediction, even went as far as finding someone like her. Meredith Walker. Lydia listened, completely submerged in the story. Soon the world around her faded away and Lydia found herself living the story as her mother told it. She could hear the words her grandmother had said, the rain, the voices. All of it. When her mother stopped talking, Lydia returned to her living room and took a second to think, before asking to see the room. The soundproof room at the lakehouse that was meant for Banshee's.

That room is where Lydia spent the rest of her night. Watching the record spin, listening to the voices. Whispering to her, telling her things. Names. Lydia whispered, hoping Jackson could hear her, requesting a pen and a piece of paper.

Thankfully, he did hear. Once she had the items, Lydia closed her eyes, listened to the voices, and allowed her hand to glide over the paper.

It felt like an eternity before she opened her eye's, and looked down at the paper. It was a list. She had written a list, consisting of five names:

Deucalion Emery

Kali Terrell

Ennis Wade

Ethan Steiner

and Aiden Steiner

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"Are you sure that you don't want one of us to tag along and keep an eye on this guy?" Derek asked Danny, as the Hawaiian walked towards the living room door.

"I'm sure, Derek! I'm going on a date, not swimming with jellyfish."

"I think you mean 'swimming with sharks'" Scott corrected with a raised eyebrow and slight chuckle.

"Nope, I've been swimming with sharks I'd rather do that than swim with jellyfish."


"So what's his name?" Allison asked with a grin, from the doorway.

"Ethan. Ethan Steiner"

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Stiles and Isaac shared a large bowl of popcorn in the living room of the Hale House, both of them had their eyes locked on the tv as they spoke to one another. "You know, after this, we should work out a little, with the Alpha Pack, and lord knows what else, we need to stay in shape and prepare for the next attack." Stiles suggested, before shoving another handful of popcorn into his mouth.

"Okay." Isaac agreed. "That's a good idea." The pair was alone because Danny had a date, Erica, Boyd and Cora were on a date, Lydia and Jackson were talking to Lydia's mum, and everybody else was working. "Oh, did you hear that the diner is going to double as a coffee house soon? Officially, I mean."

"Huh, no I didn't know that." Stiles hummed, tilting his head slightly. "it makes sense though, they make the best coffee in town, but I know that a lot of people don't try it, because they think it'd just be bad diner coffee."

"Yeah." Isaac agreed. "I'll admit, I used to think that too. Which is why I used to always go out of my way, to get coffee from the Chamber after practice. Even though it was more expensive."

"No, no, no, you should never just go for the most expensive thing just assuming it'll be better. Maybe it sometimes works out that way but not always." Stiles shook his head at his pup in disapproval. "Sometimes things that are expensive are worse."

"Hey, I've learned the error of my ways mum, thanks to you." Isaac grinned, holding up his hands in playful self-defence.

"And you're welcome for that." Stiles smiled, shoving another handful of popcorn into his mouth. After a few more minutes of chatter, Isaac decided to ask the question that had been on his mind for the past ten minutes.

"Hey mum?" Isaac began, Stiles hummed in response to let Isaac know that he was listening. "Are we gonna turn the tv on? Or just keep staring at a blank screen while eating popcorn?"

"We're definitely just gonna keep staring at a blank screen while eating popcorn."

"Good to know."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Boyd, Cora and Erica were walking through the woods after their date, when suddenly, Cora froze."Do you smell-?"

"Werewolves. The alpha Pack." Erica whispered. "We have to go, now." Boyd nodded and the turn turned to leave, only to come face to face with a large male alpha, who had his eye's glowing red and a dark grin on his face. They looked around to see more alpha's closing in on them. They were completely surrounded.

"What we have here," The leader, Deucalion spoke up, stepping into view. "is not simply three betas. No, no they're much more than that, they're leverage."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

"Where are they?!" Derek roared the next day, pacing around the living room.

"I don't know." Lydia admitted with a worried frown on her face. "I really don't know."

"What are we going to do?" Isaac demanded, "The longer we wait, the more likely they are to kill them!" Isaac yelled angrily.

"They won't kill them!" Derek growled, "They'll try to use them as leverage, or weapons to make me join them. We will get them back before that happens!"

"How are we supposed to do that by sitting around? Huh?!" Isaac screamed. "And just because they won't kill them, doesn't mean that they won't hurt them! Boyd and Erica and Cora could be being tortured right now, and you are doing nothing!"


"Why won't you help them? You claim to love us like family, but you don't even care enough to-"

"You think I don't care?!" Derek roared, spinning to face Isaac. "You think that this is easy for me?! To just sit back while three of my own are being held by psychopaths? Psychopaths who want me to kill everyone I care about!" Isaac stepped backwards, away from the alpha, guilt clearly written on his face. "They are my Betas! Cora is my sister. I promised to take care of them, and I failed! There's nothing I want more than to run out right now, find them and bring them home, but I have no idea where they are! I have no way to track them or any leverage over the alphas to get them back safely. If I make one wrong move, they'll kill them. Just to piss me off. I wait, they'll make a move, then we can get them back."

"I'm sorry." Isaac whimpered and Derek's eyes softened, then he pulled the pup into a hug.

"No, I'm sorry pup, I shouldn't have lost my temper like that. We'll get them back, I promise."

"So what are we going to do?" Jackson asked cautiously from the doorway, reminding the pair of the rest of the Pack's presence.

"We plan." Stiles announced firmly. "Let's go to the Library."

-Teen Wolf-Sterek-Teen Wolf-Sterek-

Three weeks. It had been three weeks and nothing. The only lead they had were the names from Lydia, which lead nowhere. Of course, Danny was shocked to see the name of the guy he liked, even more surprised when said guy called and asked him out on a date. He had agreed, much to the Pack's protests. Danny wasn't doing it because he liked Ethan though, no. He did it because this was an opportunity. An opportunity for them to learn more about the alpha Pack. Yes, he was using Ethan, but Ethan was using him too. He'd picked up on Ethan, very subtly, fishing for information on the Pack. Danny doubted that he would have noticed, had he not been doing the same.

Nevertheless, it wasn't all bad. Sure Ethan was a psychopathic, murderous alpha werewolf, who could merge with his, apparently twin, brother to form a weird monster alpha werewolf. And sure, he was working with other murderous alpha's, who were planning to get Derek to kill Danny and the rest of the Pack, but at least he made for a good booty call.

Plus, Ethan had let small details slip about where he was staying. Enough so that the Pack were able to find it, and send Chris in to set up surveillance. They chose Chris because he is, officially, a security consultant, therefore had a valid reason for setting up the camera's, had he gotten caught.

That was two weeks ago. The footage had been pretty mundane, the microphones picking up pointless conversations, nothing of value. Until just minutes earlier, when the word 'Vault' was brought up. It wasn't long until it all came together. The symbol Danny had noticed sketched in Ethan's notebook, wasn't a symbol at all, but a logo.

"Beacon Hills First National Bank." Noah stated the seconds laid eyes on the sketch, via a picture Danny had taken. "It shut down a while back due to a robbery."

"It's the perfect place to keep them." Jackson sneered, every ounce of anger and hatred towards the alpha's rose to the surface. The very thought of the Pack made his blood boil.

"Gather any weapons you need then we're going." Derek ordered, and the rest of the Pack agreed, except for Stiles.

"Woah, woah, woah, we can't just rush in there without a plan." Stiles stated, stopping his mate and pups in their tracks. "They're my pups and I want them back too, but if we don't think this through, someone else could get hurt."

"It doesn't matter, we can help them." Isaac stated determinedly.

"He's right," Scott agreed, "they're Pack, we can't just sit back and do nothing."

"It's worth the risk." Allison added with a determined look on her face.

"No one gets left behind," Lydia declared, head held high.

"We're all willing to do whatever it takes to make sure they come home safely." Jackson announced.

"If something looks like it's going wrong, I'll make sure our pups all make it out and hold the Alpha's off. My life for theirs." Derek stated. The Pack looked at Stiles with confidence and determination, thinking he'd be proud, but he stared back at them, disbelieving. Unshed tears flooded his eyes as he shook his head at them all.

"You see, that's the problem. You don't care about getting hurt. But do you know how I'll feel? I'll be devastated, and if a single one of you dies, I will literally go out of my freakin' mind." Stiles took a deep breath and clenched his teeth as his mind drifted to his mother. "You see, death doesn't happen to you, it happens to everyone around you, okay? To all the people left standing at your funeral, trying to figure out how to live the rest of their lives without you in it!"

His voice grew louder as he went on, a crescendo of pain and anger, his arms waving wildly as the Pack looked on, startled by Stiles' reaction. "I mean come on, We all love Erica and Boyd and Cora, but I wouldn't trade any of your lives for theirs. I'm not giving up, I will make sure we get them back, but I'm not sacrificing anyone else to do it! Imagine what it would do to them, huh? Get out of a vault after three weeks, reuniting with their Pack, only to learn that someone they love and care for unnecessarily gave up their life for it? How do you think that would feel?" Derek opened his mouth to say something, but Stiles kept talking "What if I went out right now, stormed the vault, set them free, but died in the process, how would you feel? You've got Erica, Boyd and Cora back so that's all that matters, right?"

"Stiles, that's different, you're my mate and Pack mum, if you died-"

"If I die, the Pack would still have an alpha, and there's no wolf in this room who isn't mated. Literally everyone has completed the mate bond, yet you're all willing to die and leave your mate, or mates, behind. Allow your mate to suffer the agony and heartbreak, allow them to blame Erica and Boyd and Cora for your death, allow the three of them to blame themselves, allow the Pack to grieve and mourn." Stiles scoffed and shook his head. "No, actually, you know what, you're right, no need to waste time coming up with a plan and make sure we all survive, let's go." He walked past the Pack, heading for the front door. "What are you waiting for? Come on let's go get ourselves killed unnecessarily." Noah walked over and placed a comforting hand on Stiles' shoulder. The Pack had the decency to look abashed and regretful as Stiles' words sank in

After a few moments of tense silence, Scott spoke up.

"So, anyone have any ideas?"

"You mentioned the vault? If that's where they're being kept, we won't need to go through the front door to get to them." The Sheriff stated, then went on to explain how the robbers broke in, and how it could benefit them. As he did, Lydia and Danny sat side by side, each typing avidly on their laptop's. Danny was searching through live security camera footage, just because they had a way into the vault, doesn't mean they should take any chance with the alpha Pack catching them. Lydia, however, was learning everything that she could about the vault itself.

Once Noah had finished explaining the break in, Lydia gained everyone's attention. "Hey, I found something." Within seconds, the Pack were gathered around the redhead "According to this, the walls of the vault are made out of Hecatolite, also known as Moonstone." Lydia announced, eyes wide in shock and realisation.

The others just looked confused. "And that means?" Scott asked, his eyebrows furrowed together.

"The stone has been blocking the natural moonlight from reaching them, keeping them from transforming for these past three weeks!" The girl exclaimed urgently, and the Pack started to understand. "With this information, and lack of appearances from the alpha's, I'm guessing that they didn't want us to find them yet." Derek nodded thoughtfully, it made sense. Why else would the alpha Pack go silent for weeks when they had leverage? "Think of it like starving lions in the coliseum. So deprived of what they thrive on that they are far more vicious and bloodthirsty. I'm thinking that they planned to keep them a lot longer. Possibly as long as a few months. The pent up energy from all those missed transformations would mean Boyd , Erica and Cora would lose all control when the moonlight reached them."

"It wouldn't take much either." Stiles stated, standing up straight and looking at the Pack. "From what I've heard, Hecatolite is very reflective. All it'd take is a single beam of moonlight, and it would bound from wall to wall, until the entire room was lit up."

"Meaning they'd lose control instantly, attack a