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Love Will Never Forget [Yukine x Reader]

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It was a day like any other; the sky was a pleasant soft blue with stray streaks of white tastefully painted across, people of all ages were strolling along the streets of Japan. Young people were dressed casually on their day off, groups of friends gossiping while window-shopping. Cafés and shops were busy as usual. People smiled cheerfully at one another and carried on with their lives.
Yukine couldn’t help but feel a hint of loneliness tugging at his heart. He sighed. Yato and Hiyori were walking ahead, admiring the weather.
“It’s such a nice day today, isn’t it?” Hiyori said. Yato nodded.
“It’s a sign! Heaven is telling us that we should go to Capypa Land!” Yato exclaimed. Sometimes he was more of a child than Yukine could’ve ever been. The blond took off his beanie and ruffled his golden locks a bit, trying to get rid of the flattening effects the white hat had on his hair.
“Oh. My. God. Did you hear about Mariko and Kosuke?” he heard a very feminine voice squeal from behind him. Nothing unusual there. It was just another gossip story some teenager was telling. Yukine shrugged it off, not really caring about such boring rumors. He was more interested in the video games that the boys were playing at the café on his right. They seemed to be having a competition.
“No, I haven’t really heard anything,” replied a sweeter voice. Yukine turned his attention to the girls. That voice… It seemed so familiar yet so foreign to him. It made his heart flutter a bit. But was it him or did the girl sound somewhat disinterested?
When he looked at the group of girls, for some reason, he immediately knew who had spoken. He had this itching feeling that it was the girl with neatly placed [h/c] hair and somber [e/c] eyes. She had a beautiful complexion and a soft smile. She was so intriguing to him. Yukine felt as though he knew those gorgeous eyes and the fruity scent of her hair like the back of his hand. Yet he couldn’t discern from where or how. Perhaps he was just imagining things.
“Oh, [Name]-chan, brighten up! I know it’s been hard for you, but just try to smile more, okay?” Yukine stuffed his hands in his jacket’s long front pocket. He saw the girl known as [Name] weakly smile for a split second and take a sip from her chilled glass of water. Everyone else had cherry sodas.
“Sorry,” she mumbled. Yukine had to really focus on her to hear what she was saying. A crowd of businessmen passed by, all on their phones. “It’s just…I really miss him.” She wasn’t crying, but her tone carried an ocean of emotions.
One of her friends took her hand. Instinctively, Yukine clenched his right fist. He didn’t know why, but he felt as though it should be him holding her fragile hand. His fingers felt warm to the tips. He longed to hold her hand.
“It wasn’t your fault,” a friend said. “No one knew about his situation.”
“I did,” [Name] whispered. “But I didn’t think it was that bad.” It hurt the boy to see her face succumb to such sorrow.
“But, you know, he’s in a better place now. He’s safe.” To that, the girl nodded slightly, wanting to believe every word. She didn’t even know if he had even liked her. But her sitting beside him in class each day made her world complete.
[Name] gazed up, watching the people walk by on the sidewalk. In the midst of her scanning, she noticed a boy staring at her from outside of the café, a boy she knew all too well. She could never mistake that blond bed of hair or those bright fiery eyes. He wasn’t wearing their school uniform; instead, he wore jeans, a light blue hoodie, and a creamy knit hat with pompoms on the top and dangling from the sides. It suited him, she thought. The boy broke eye contact with her and started walking away to catch up with his overzealous friend in a jersey who was happily chatting with a brunette girl. Her eyes followed him until he was out of sight. She felt empty inside; she missed his cheerful beam and his warm laugh. But most of all, she missed him.
“[Name]? What’re you looking at?” A hand waved in front of her face. She blinked.
“I thought I saw…” her voice trailed off. Her lips curled into a small smile. “Nothing. It’s nothing.”
If only the boy could’ve seen how her [e/c] eyes now brightly sparkled, knowing that her wish had been fulfilled by a certain jersey-wearing, self-proclaimed god: all she wanted was to see the boy one last time and to know that the love she felt for him was real. But what she would never know is that he felt the same. And now, he's just another memory, yet she could never be his.