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Engie and Scout Make A Porno

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That night, the two spent the rest of their time together exploring one another, talking about the project to come, and generally hanging out. It was still quite odd to Dell that the two of them would come together like this, but none the less, he was happy, and it would seem Jim was too.


There were some preparations that needed to be made before the main event could take place. After hashing it out for some time, the two of them had decided that the kitchen and the living room would be their playground for this little escapade. Of course, they would keep the Daddy kink, and they’d put those pretty little panties to good use again.


They’d planned for the weekend. This would provide them with the benefit of having no obligations to attend to. Dell found himself thinking about the day throughout the week, to the point that he was distracted and generally had to check his work more than once. He wondered if it would be a regular thing, or if this was just a one time deal. The prospect of other scenarios had him daydreaming a little too often.


Ultimately, he was glad for the weekend. On Saturday, he’d helped Jim set up the camera and lights, although the younger man knew much more about all of this than he did. And then it was time to get into costume. For the most part, Dell stayed in his clothes. A suggestion from Jim had left him without his boxers under his jeans. Jim, on the other hand, had dressed himself in one of Dell’s aprons and naught but panties. No socks or shoes. Just the panties and the apron.


The sight had been so amusing that Dell had burst out into laughter almost the instant he’d seen it, and the subsequent takes with the camera were full of the older man’s giggles, which only deteriorated into the two of them laughing through their lines like mad men. They had regrouped with a round of foreplay to get their minds settled, and had started the scene over once more.


Jim is still breathing a little bit harder from their forceful makeout on the table to get their blood pumping for their third take. Third try is the charm, they always say, and this time when Jim hears Dell’s boots walking up behind him, he feels a shiver of anticipation run up his spine.


He whirls around, gripping the counter behind him, and shyly tugs the short apron down, but it already barely covers his crotch as it is. They’d meant to go for a coy young man seducing his sugar daddy with a sexy getup, but Jim is suddenly struck with inspiration so forcefully, he’s almost already getting hard in his panties thinking about it, and he can only hope that Dell will get the hint and go along with it.


“Mr. Graham!” he gasps out the first name he can think of, still tugging down the front of his apron. “Y- You said you weren’t coming by until tomorrow, I swear I’ll get that rent to you, honest!”


“Tomorrow?” Dell asks, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. This was definitely not what they had planned, but he’ll roll with it. He cocks his head to side and crosses his arms. “Well now, I just don’t know if that’ll do.” Taking a step closer, he draws his fingers along Jim’s arm, trailing them up to his face. “I reckon you could pay now.”


Jim’s breath actually hitches. This doesn’t feel forced or scripted, it feels organic and very, very dirty. He backs up a little tighter against the counter, tucking his chin in with a little whimper as goose bumps crawl up his body.


“Come on, man, just one more day, I swear,” he says, his voice trembling a bit. “I don’t even have any money right now, it’s coming tomorrow.”


Dell takes a step forward, his boots making a heavy thud on the floor as a short silence stretches between them. Both hands fall to Jim’s hips. He presses his whole body against him, letting him feel his gut and just how hard his prick is. “I can think of a different way you could pay me.” Dell slides a hand down between them and cups Jim’s package.


“Oh god,” Jim moans, his voice shaking even harder. This is less like porn and more like roleplay, he barely even remembers the cameras are there as his hips jerk involuntarily up into Dell’s touch. “B- but that’s- this is- ” he gasps, he can’t even think of anything clever to ad-lib, he’s so hot for Dell’s touch. Biting his lower lip, he pulls his thoughts together enough to force out a few more words. “S- Sure thing, if that’s what ya want Mr. Graham... h- how do ya want me?”


He had come into the scene with the intention of having Jim on his knees to get him nice and hard, but he’s already raring to go. “Don’t call me Mr. Graham, it’s so formal.” Dell rumbles, his voice a silky purr against Jim’s throat as he kisses along his flesh. “Call me Daddy.”


Jim curses quietly, his breath sawing in and out of his body already. “You got it, Daddy,” he says, his voice completely dry. He’s feeling dizzy he got so hard so fast. His cock is straining at the front of his panties, bulging out through his apron, pressed tight against Dell’s gut as he rocks his hips forward with a whimper.


“How do you- I mean, how does Daddy want me?” he tries to sound tentative, like it’s his first time saying it, like a sweet little lamb about to be demolished by a giant dick- in all honesty, he is somewhat nervous. He’d prepared himself as much as he could in the shower, first with an enema to clear out and then as many toys as he could fit, but Dell’s cock is so big he can’t help but be nervous.


It’s a good kind of nervous though. He shyly grabs Dell’s collar, rubbing forward against his belly and panting through his nose.


Dell’s heartbeat jumps up into his throat when he hears that word drip from Jim’s lips. Taking a step back, he gestures to the table and nods his head. “Get up on the table, pretty boy.” As Jim heeds his words, he gives him a good swat on the backside. The older man follows him, and as soon as Jim’s hopped up to take a seat, Dell gets in close for a kiss. Before their lips meet, he instructs: “Get my cock out.”


He’s forgotten entirely about the camera. In this moment, he’s living every fantasy he’s ever had about Jim. Mind focused on just this instant, he has no time to worry about lighting, angles, or being watched. When Jim unbuckles his belt and takes down the zipper of his pants, Dell sighs as his cock is freed.


“How do you like Daddy’s cock?”


Jim is breathing open-mouthed at this point, panting and gasping as he closes his hand around Dell’s prick. “Fuck, you’re so huge,” he says, pushing back on Dell’s shoulder until he takes a half-step back, so the camera can see just how thick his cock is in his hand. He wants to suck him again, he wants it so badly, but it’s pointless since he’s blurring their faces anyway. “Daddy’s so huge,” he repeats, leaning forward to press a kiss hard against Dell’s mouth.


His own cock is pulsing in his panties, aching to get out, to be touched. He lifts the end of his apron up and pinches the hem in his teeth so the bulge straining at the front of his red panties is shown off.


“What d’ya think, Daddy?” he asks, trying to sound as shy as he can through clenched teeth. He curls his toes, pointing his feet daintily beneath the table, trying to appear as innocent and destroy-able as possible.


“I think you’re a dirty boy.” Dell drinks him in, running his fingertips along Jim’s inner thighs. He stands back to really admire the sight for a space, eyes locking with Jim’s when they’ve finished roving up his form. “I am going to fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk for days. That’s a promise. Lay back.”


When Jim complies, he feels his cock give a twitch at the sight of him laid out on the table. He looks so vulnerable. Dell hooks his fingers into the waistband of Jim’s panties and yanks them down his legs. It’s a shame to see the dainty things go, but damn it’s good to see Jim in all his glory. The apron is still done up around his waist, and it’s so cute that Dell leaves it for the time being.


“A very dirty boy.” The older man takes Jim’s cock in hand and gives it a few lazy pumps, swirling his thumb across the head. That same hand moves down, cupping Jim’s balls on its way, and before he goes any further, he licks his fingers and slides a digit into Jim’s prepared hole. A second finger, and he begins to scissor him open, just to make sure he’s prepped properly.


“Oh god!” Jim throws his head back, his thighs spread and trembling, suspended in midair as his hips twitch against his will. He shudders from head to toe, clapping both hands over his mouth as his back arches and he rocks his hips down, hard.


He should have expected this. He knew from the start that they were going to have sex when he agreed to this. But that seemed like a dream, a fantasy more than a reality. He didn’t really prepare himself for the sensation of being actually touched inside. His hands shake a couple inches in front of his face, his voice warbling out of him like he’s being shaken by the throat. It’s so embarrassing, and probably so fucking obvious that he’s a virgin, but there’s such an enormous difference between a toy, his own fingers, and Dell’s fingers.


“Fuck, fuck, Daddy, oh fuck, oh my god,” he babbles, his thighs trembling and his toes alternate being clenched and spread apart as pleasure shoots up and down his spine like a bullet train. He feels like he’s been gutted like a pumpkin, he can barely take a breath in. He knew he liked assplay, but this is getting ridiculous. “Daddy wait!” he gasps, reaching down to grab Dell by the wrist with both hands. Dell instantly stops, almost looks worried, but Jim just shakes and moans on the table. “You’re gonna make me come too early, you’re too good with your fingers.”


Dell watches Jim shiver under him, even after his fingers have left him, and in that moment he realizes just how much control he has in the situation. It’s exhilarating and frightening all at once. Right now, he could make Jim come with his fingers, he could refuse to touch him and make him beg for it. The older man’s tongue slides out to wet his dry lips.


Jim had slipped him some lube before they’d started. He takes the little bottle from his pocket and squirts a generous amount into his palm, and with the same hand strokes along his cock until the stalk is entirely covered. For good measure, he applies another dollop to the head of his cock, and guides the tip to Jim’s body. Leaning out over him, he presses inside, groaning at how absolutely tight he is. “Oh lord have mercy . . .”


He keeps an eye on Jim’s face, watching the change in expression from needy to overwhelmed. As his mouth opens and his lips form a delicate O, Dell closes his mouth over Jim’s throat and sucks hard enough to leave a red spot. Jim’s body arches up into his, his toes curl, his calves tighten. Dell thrusts to the base of his cock, until their hips are at last together and he growls against Jim’s throat. “Goddamn boy . . . you’re beautiful.”


His mouth captures Jim’s in a deep kiss, one which lingers a while. Dell feels a swelling in his chest, like he’s soaring. He’s dizzy with desire. This moment, he wants it to last forever, but that’s not why they’re here, he reminds himself. Lips parting from Jim’s, his hips move back, emptying Jim of his cock, nearly leaving him altogether, until he thrusts deep inside once more. The pace starts slow and picks up as Jim’s keening voice urges Dell on, their bodies rocking the table on its legs.


Jim can’t form words. His head is tipped back, mouth open around a long string of incomprehensible noises. He can’t believe how good this feels, how incredibly different it is from fucking himself with a toy. He’d figured it would be so similar he wouldn’t be able to tell much of a difference, but fuck was he wrong.


Maybe he and Dell should have fucked once before this, so he’d be prepared and he would know what it felt like. The way Dell’s cock is burning him alive, the friction between his cock rubbing against his insides has gotta be a fire hazard. He’s hard as diamonds but soft at the same time, more yielding than plastic or latex, and the heat of his skin is unreal.

He claps a hand over his mouth again to stop himself from accidentally shouting out Dell’s name, and reaches a hand over his head backwards to grip the other edge of the table, pinning himself in place so Dell’s cock can reach him deeper.


“Oh, fuck!” he finally finds his words, curses punched out of his body with every sharp thrust from the older man. “M- Mr. Graham!” he finally manages to get his fake name out, and reaches out to put a palm on his shoulder. “Wait, wait, I want- fuck me on my belly, please, can ya flip me over? You can fuck me even harder that way- ”


“Alright.” The word is ripped from Dell’s mouth as a hoarse growl. He pulls out of Jim and strokes his thighs lovingly before he pats his ass. With the young man’s help, he’s flipped him over onto his tummy, and he pulls him to the edge of the table, his legs resting against Dell’s upper body.


The older man guides his cock back inside and notes immediately how much tighter the fit is. He moans aloud, his head falling back against his shoulders as he starts thrusting once again. “Thrust, boy.” Dell commands, swatting Jim’s ass hard with one hand, the fingers of the other wrap around his ankle, pulling him back with each hard thrust forward.


Jim lets out a wail as he’s pummeled by the thick cock pressed inside him and he rocks back on his elbows obediently. Their skin slaps together as Dell pounds him into the tabletop, and his fingers scrabble dumbly over the wood, trying to find purchase to hold onto and ground himself in reality. He’s slowly losing his mind as Dell fucks all common sense right out of him.


The neighbors can probably hear him at this point. He lays his head down on the table, letting the sensations of being properly fucked wash over him. He’s never felt so good in his life, he’s going to come way too early.


“Fuck, fuck, fuck, Daddy, fuck, oh fuck,” he sobs, feeling nearly sick with pleasure. Nothing he’s ever experienced in all his years of jacking off ever prepared him for this. His breath is coming in short hiccups as he jerks his body back to try and meet every one of Dell’s thrusts. “You’re gonna make me come Daddy, you’re gonna make me come, fuck-”


“That’s th’idea, son.” Dell rumbles breathlessly as his hand comes down again. The sharp sensations ripples through Jim’s ass, through his legs and his dick and his skin is made red hot and stinging under that strike. Dell spanks him again, and again, until his sharp cries come hoarse in his throat and he’s panting. Just to tease him, the older man trails his fingers gently over the spot he’s spanked crimson and delights in the way it has Jim shaking.


He gives his other cheek the same treatment all the while fucking him through each firm blow. “Mister Graham” can feel a coil of heat tensing in his own belly, but he’s going to last long enough to fuck Jim through his own orgasm. Once he’s spanked both cheeks absolutely raw, he takes hold of both of Jim’s ankles and pulls him back against him, fucking himself with Jim’s body.


“Come for me, boy. C’mon.” He leans out over the young man’s body, pinning him down with his forearm and rasping into his ear, “Come for me.”


Jim didn’t need to be told twice. He comes with a shout, his orgasm splattering over his belly and the tabletop. They have to eat at this table at some point in the future, and he knows both of them will remember this ordeal every single time. He wails his pleasure, beating his fists gently into the tabletop in bliss as he’s fucked right through his orgasm, pleasure fracturing his senses.


When he feels Dell come inside him he whimpers, sobbing with need. He can feel the man’s cock pulsing inside him, spurting thick ropes into his body. He wants to hold them there for hours, release in the shower tonight and feel it trickle hotly down his leg.


Finally Dell’s thrusts cease and they’re both left in the muzzy aftershocks, a fog of sex condensed around him. Jim groans as Dell pulls out and he rolls over tiredly onto his back, reaching up for Dell needily. Pulled upright he curls into the older man’s chest and lifts his head to give him a kiss.


“Okay, you can stop the camera now,” he pants, nuzzling his neck. “I’ll edit it and post it tomorrow.”


Dell goes to do just that, and when he returns to the table he lifts Jim right up. “C’mon, let’s go take a bath.” He kisses him softly on the forehead as he heads off with him. The older man runs a nice hot bath for them in the tub, and they relax in relative silence, basking in the happiness of their afterglow.


The rest of the day carries on as if nothing happened. The only vestiges of their dirty act is the tape itself and the way in which they both look away from each other and turn red whenever they catch the others eye. Dell is still a little nervous about having their little escapade up on the internet, but Jim continues to reassure him that with a blurred face, no one will recognize him at all.


They eat dinner that night at the table wearing grins from ear to ear. Memories of the event remain with them well into the night. They’re closer for it, there’s a lot of cuddling on the couch before bed, Jim even gets adventurous and goes to bed with Dell and the two of them fool around a bit more.


The next day, Dell doesn’t see much of Jim as he spends several hours editing the video. When he finally does come down, he reports that the preview has already gotten five hundred views in the past half hour. There’s no telling how many more will actually buy the video.


They get heaps of comments-- praises, adoration, suggestions, requests, and a fair few people moaning over the fact that they didn’t get to fuck Jim. The pair of them make just shy of ten thousand dollars on their one video alone, which knocks a huge dent out of the debt Dell owed on his shop.


“We’re totally gonna have to do more,” Jim tells him excitedly. “People loved you, Daddy. You’re a hit.”


They make plans, preparations, promises for a series and they pick out requests to fill. It’s strange, the life of an amateur porn star, but exciting at the same time. It makes Dell feel young again, sexy and desirable, and the jealousy that Jim experiences every time he sees comments praising Dell for his sex appeal is an added bonus.


So maybe it’s not the most graceful or dignified of careers, and it’s certainly nothing to write home about. But it makes Jim happy, it makes Dell happy, and equally as important, they’re making money out their ears. They buy a car for Jim so he doesn’t have to run to campus every morning anymore, they pay off Dell’s truck, and start saving up for a new set of furniture, all within a couple months.


Their sex life off the camera is just as good, even if Jim can be a little insatiable at times. He’s nearly impossible to satisfy, but Dell has a fun time trying, wringing three or four orgasms out of him most nights. And the cuddling afterwards is to die for, with all of Jim’s whispered, hoarse praises.


So what if it took Dell this long to really, truly be happy, and so what if it’s unorthodox. He wouldn’t trade out any part of his life right now for the world.