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Walking On to Magic

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Allen Walker: appearance of 20, white long hair that reaches his shoulder blades, a red pentacle that runs down the left side of his face, the 14th Noah, the Noah of Destruction, the Musician, immortal, and alone. Well, not alone. Nope, he still has trusty Timcampy by his side.


Allen has been wandering around the world for over 50 years. 50 sufferable years. It had been so long since the end of the Great Holy War. Apparently, Cross was still alive, keeping to the shadows and appearing when the 3rd side of the war had begun. That annoyed not only Allen, but also Neah to great ends. The Heart was found, and Allen’s fellow exorcists have joined with him at the third side of the war, successfully defeating the Noah family and claiming the title of the Millenium Earl himself. All akuma disappeared, for Allen had ordered them to have their souls saved by allowing the exorcists exercise them. The Black Order and the Vatican dispersed, leaving the exorcists and other members to do whatever they want in their lives.


Peace was granted to the world. Allen and Neah had come into terms of agreement to share the body, despite Allen had recovered his memories from 35 years ago of agreeing to completely allow Neah to take over the body. The Heart was placed deep inside the secrets of the Ark, where only Allen and Neah have access to. As much Allen was happy about this, his joy didn’t last long. The cost of being, not taken over, a Noah and becoming the Earl was having eternal life.


As years passed on by, Allen saw people he knew age, eventually passing away in front of Allen’s eyes. First went Bookman, causing Lavi to leave the ex-exorcists, claiming that he needed to find a new Bookman. This led many in grief. Allen insisted that Lavi carried a golem, but Lavi refused. It will be the last time Allen would see of him and of any of the Bookman line. Leverrier went next, although not much tears were shed in his place. The ex-generals were next in the order of Tiedoll, Sokaro, and Nine. Kanda even had shown emotion for General Tiedoll. It would be the last time, too.


As for his friends, Kanda went first, right after Cloud Nine. Spending his life force in exchange for great power from Mugen during the Great Holy War has led Kanda not a quite so peaceful death, coughing and hacking quiet a hefty amount of blood. He died with a smirk on his face. Krory was next. Hosting a parasitic Innocence took a toll on his body, just like Kanda. He died while murmuring, “Eliade, I’m coming now.” Marie went next, although he was content with his life, having married Miranda. It took all of Allen and the rest of his surviving friends to prevent Miranda committing an exaggerated suicide. She died a peaceful death two years later. It went on to Komui, the rest of the Main HQ Science Division, Lenalee, Link, Chaoji, Bak, the Asian HQ Science Division, and so forth.


It had finally gone down to Timonthy, who died of old age. Allen gathered up everyone he knew and buried them where the rest of the Black Order members were buried. As for their Innocence, Allen used his Noah powers to crush them, making sure that there were no more except his and a certain someone….


Unfortunately for Allen, there was one person who was still living on: his master Marian Cross. Due to his knowledge of magic, the ex-general lived on, completely leaving Allen alone with Timcampy, Neah, and the Ark. Well, due to Allen’s stubborn insistence, Cross carried a black golem, named Pandora, which Allen created in order to communicate with each other once in a while. Allen didn’t complained too much after his master’s disappearance, now that he’s free from his master’s debts, although the debts during his apprenticeship were paid back due to the immense wealth of Sheryl Kamelot that Allen nabbed when he became Earl. There was still plenty left, as Allen said so himself.


Completely free and not knowing what to do, Allen followed the simple motto that he always followed: “Don’t stop. Keep walking.” Allen kept on his namesake. He explored new places through the use of the Ark, the advice from Neah, and guide of Timcampy. There were times when Neah create a solid form so he can see the area himself. Allen traveled with his signature brown overcoat, white buttoned up shirt, a black vest, black pants, light brown boots, white gloves, a red ribbon around his neck, and another red ribbon that supports his ponytail. It was one of his journeys that he came upon the wizarding community.