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A Breath of Fresh Air

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That night, when John went home, he sat on the couch and smiled to himself, the taste of the warm coffee still lingering in his mouth.. Lingering on his lips.. He wondered if that was what it would feel like to kiss Dave for the first time.. Dave.. God, even his name was perfect. Dave Strider. Tall, blond, freckled, handsome.. He was absolutely perfect! John lay on the couch and stared up at the ceiling, stupid smile still on his face. He hadn't been this happy since the first date he went on with Karkat. Karkat.. That nasty cheater. The guy who tried to lie to his face.

Memories started flooding back, Karkat texting some guy and leaving his messages open when he left the room, making John look over when he heard something, thinking it was his phone.. Seeing the texts saying "I love you" and "Come back home so we can make out again ;)".. That's when he first started seeing the signs. Then when he came back home to his apartment to see Karkat sitting on some dude's lap, getting all sexual and lovey with him.. The same exact way he did with John.. He couldn't take it anymore. He forced them both to leave as they were, throwing any clothing or items they forgot out the door after them and slamming the door behind them before running to his room and crying.

The next day, Karkat had come over and tried to convince him it wasn't what he thought it was. That they weren't having sex. That they weren't being lovey on each other. That they didn't get past being friends. John yelled at him. Called him a "dirty liar" and a "dirty whore" before screaming at him to get out. Which he did.. Not too much later is when he met Dave. Tall, handsome, Dave.. Dave Strider, who turned his heart from a shattered mess back to it's original shape. Who turned his broken love into something he thought he'd never feel again. John had fallen completely, in love with Dave, and there was no denying it whatsoever. John loved Dave.

It was too early to be moving on already, John thought as he went to his bedroom, laying on the bed and pulling the blanket up over himself, laying his glasses on the bedside table and turning off his lamp. It was too early to think about getting with another guy.. Too early to think about even trying to fall in love again. He had just dumped his boyfriend earlier that day, he couldn't make himself look like a hypocrite by dating someone he had just met just because they made his heart feel like it was never broken in the first place. That would just be completely, undeniably, rude..

His sapphire eyes were soon closed, and he was soon asleep, dreaming of Dave and good things.. Dreaming of kissing him for the first time.. What his eyes looked like.. What he would think if he met Karkat.. If he had seen what he had done to John..

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