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Three Bricks Shy Of A Load

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For Heliopause, who started it all with the prompt, Narnia, the Kangaroo, any (but maybe especially how come there's a kangaroo in Narnia?)

The Rainbow Serpent felt when her young brother sang his new world into being. Happy for his new creation, she sent him a congratulatory present through the void. She would have never gifted a mob of kangaroos with speech however; that was Aslan's idea and one he soon regretted.


 "The Trickster suggested the platypus but now our sister the Serpent has escalated and sent bunyips in return," Aslan sighed, rubbing his throbbing temples with a velveted paw. "At least the Marsh-wiggles like them, and yes, I've learned from my mistake with the Mob and did not give them speech."

"You aren't creative enough, brother, or devious enough, frankly," Tash replied unsympathetically and, with a maniacal gleam in his beady eye, added, "I have just the thing -- many types of them, in fact-- and our sister the Serpent will not be able to refuse this gift."


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Éowyn and Peter; Lucy and Aragorn


The Riders thundered down on to the plain, and their swords were bright and their spears long and strong for warriors and horses tempered and hardened against the fell Oliphants of the Battle of Pelennor Fields did not fear Ettins now. And the beleaguered Narnians were bolstered and the two armies, of the White Horse and Red Lion, sang and slew and drove the giants back across the River Shribble. And so at length, Éowyn and Peter met in the midst of the battle, and they leaned on their swords and looked long upon one another and were glad, and Éowyn said, “Thus we meet again, High King, though all the hosts of Ettinmoor lay between us; did I not say it might be so when we last parted?”


“So you said we would meet again,” Peter replied, “but my hope has often deceived me and I knew not the manner nor time of your coming. Narnia is indebted for your timely deliverance, Lady.”

“And Narnia is welcome though it is my own hope, High King, that your gratitude might be expressed to me by yourself alone.”



Hearing her demand for a song, he murmured, “Lady, I have not the gift of Elf-minstrels of old, who could make the things of which they sang become real.”

“My lord,” the Queen said, a teasing lilt in her voice that matched the gentle touch he knew to be her fingertip tracing the pulse points of his throat and a soft kiss upon his brow. “All you need do is sing of what you desire and then open your eyes and so your desire shall be real.”


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 Because I'm never going back to the who Luke Should Marry Board, EVER



Han guzzles a Corellian brandy the size of a satellite, and says, "Well, at least Chewie's back, and maybe Boba Fett's still digesting."

"Maybe our sons aren't dead," Leia says, listlessly stirring her cocktail with a finger.

"If Mara's not alive, I'm becoming celibate," Luke grumbles, "because I'm never going through that again."

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The King thought to claim my body, hoby and chariot for his feckless amusements. My hoby carried me across the line -- a labor as harsh as my own that birthed my daughters. With my victory yell, I cursed the King and for this pain Ulster shall run with the blood.

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“I remember when Christmas was fun,” Fritz grumbled, and poked a locally sourced celery stick at the non-toxic, certified lead-free paint Greenpeace sailboat (crafted from Free Trade sustainable mango wood) – there were no soldiers or swords in the Stahlbaum household.

Gnawing upon her gift of organic baby carrots, Clara wistfully remembered the holidays filled with sugarplums, candied ginger, chocolate bon-bons, and peppermints that, now, she enjoyed only in her dreams. “And Christmas tasted better before Uncle Drosselmeyer went to Dental College.”


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This is also part of the Wings But No Feet (Dragon!Sherlock) collection, here.


After many chirps and scratches, Joan finally realized what the lizard wanted. He -- She? -- he Joan decided, flapped into the sitting room and landed awkwardly on the desk next to her phone. It was painstaking but slowly, ever so slowly, the little green dragon tapped out a text on her phone with his long toe claws: I AM SHERLOCK.