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9 minutes, 47 seconds

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Groaning in that groggy morning style that Cosima had made her trademark, she rolled over onto her side and faced the bed side table. She went to grab her glasses, instead she just felt the wooden surface, her hand patted all along on it but could not reach them. She groaned again and rolled onto her back, seeing it as a sign that she should get back to sleep. But there was a niggling feeling of something being really really wrong. She tossed in her bed and then decided she needed coffee. Getting up she put her feet at the side of the bed and was expecting to feel her plush rug underneath her bare feet, but instead felt the cold floor beneath. Odd. What had she done the night before? She took once last time to look for her glasses, her eyes super wide in some attempt to be able to see better, it didn't work. It was still blurry. Giving up she walked through her bedroom and out into he office come living room, come kitchen, come reception area. Although this was different too. No longer was it warm and homely, it felt weird, odd and she didn't understand. She brushed it off as her tiredness, it was probably really early and her mind was playing tricks on her. Walking to the kitchen side, she didn't feel the chipping counter surface but a smooth almost granite one. Now she was a little weirded out, maybe she was still high? Being high made all of her senses strange, it could make her believe her house had changed. It could also be that when you wake up you forget who you are for about 60 seconds before you can remember and get on with life.

Before she knew she had even done anything she had a coffee in her hand and she was making her way to her living area, she could make out the sofa and TV and took a seat right in the middle of her sofa, cushions comfortably on either side of her. She took a sip of her coffee and placed it on the coffee table. Beside it she found her glasses and put them back on. Suddenly everything was as sharp as the edge of a cut diamond.

“Whoa.” She said and nudged them up a bit farther, had someone cleaned her glasses from all the finger prints and marks for the first time in as long as she could remember? Sitting back a bit she managed to find the TV remote and flicked it on, almost immediately and faster than she had anticipated the screen was alive. Many different channels all on at once, in different boxes on the screen, the most important one, the news seemed to be the biggest box. Did she upgrade her subscription? She selected the biggest box and it took up the whole screen, a man in a neat and tidy suit sat electrified, information was buzzing in behind a desk reading fast over story after story from 'around the world'.

“Wait what was that?” Cosima attempted to pause the TV, but nothing happened instead the TV became faded and a single question read out loud in the middle in white letters. 'Would you like me to source information to your question?' It said, Cosima was a little more awake now from the coffee although she swore she was still dreaming. Testing it out she asked; “Yeah, uh, go back to the date. What is the date today?” She waited a second, unsure whether her TV even had voice command, although the technology was everywhere she was pretty sure she did not have it. The TV did not react straight away, it just did nothing for a second or two. In the time Cosima picked up her coffee and took a sip, it was the perfect temperature already, so she kept it in her hand. The the TV reacted the news report seemed to rewind and again the presenter read out the date and time of his pause between 'live stories'. Cosima blinked at the screen when she heard the date. She was right it was early....but it had also been 12 years since she had went to bed the night before. Her coffee involuntarily fell out of her hand in shock, it hit the ground on its edge and shatters, splashing hot coffee over herself. Her hands come to her face and she takes in what she had just heard. From the immediate shock her sceptical mind kicks in, she tries to change news channel, get some where else, look for a way her TV or their could just have been wrong. Every channel she searches including FOX.extra (which is 100% true all of the time) says the same date. Shaking her head she looks around her apartment. Aside from the very seat she was in now, her whole apartment was just not hers. The walls were painted, fashionable, if you could call it that although what fashion she had no idea. They were painted a steel grey on some and a pearl white on others. The kitchen was 'modern' black and startling white, with as she had suspected dark granite work tops. The floor was not even hers. Jumping up she hit her legs on the coffee table, but she didn't care she looked all around this place. It was not hers, but at the same time it was. It had all the same dimensions, all of the same space that she had known so well, but it was re-made. It was modern but it even seemed aged as if it had all been this way for some time. Cosima looked down to her wrist watch and saw the same date the TV if it could be called that (with its almost non existent flat dark glass surface and no noticeable stand, floating just above the table) had. Shaking her head again, she started to smile. The one thing that was constant over her whole view of the apartment was the logo stamped all over it; 'DYAD'. Cosima had some friends, some 'hilarious' friends who would have loved to freak her out after a drug trip. She tried to find her phone from where she had left it but she didn't know where that was.

Suddenly as if she had pre-empted it, something began to buzz in her pyjama pants pocket. Her hand nervously picked it out, a flat glass piece with an illuminated screen. 'Dr. Cormier calling' it said. She freaked and dropped it onto the floor. A few seconds and some heavy breaths later she picked it back up and attempted to answer it. She didn't say a word, she just put the mobile device up to her ear and waited.

“Cosima I am coming up, I couldn't wait anymore, I know you are sometimes late but not to call at all?” Cosima didn't recognise that voice. If it wasn't for the hot French accent and the way the impatient words flowed she would have been scared. “Cosima?” The voice said again and it was evident this person was moving, their breathing had changed and Cosima could hear noises rushing past. What, who was this person and how did she know her name? Cosima dropped the phone again to the floor and it hung up. Taking a step back she hit the back of the sofa as she heard footsteps outside fast approaching her apartment. A key fiddled in the lock and the soon the door was opening. In the last few seconds Cosima didn't know what to do, this person obviously knew her and she had no idea who she was. The person dropped their handbag onto the reception stand next to the door and walked over to Cosima. Their expression went from one of impatience and frustration to curiosity and sympathy, their eyes darting from something that was on the TV back to her face.

“Ohhh Cosima I told you not to watch such horrible tales, there is little we can do, the ice caps have melted and they have no where else to go, we are giving them a new life.” The women came towards Cosima with her arms wide as if they were going to hug. Cosima didn't exactly move away, this women was stunningly beautiful. And so for a few long seconds they connected, Cosima unsure of what to do, her arms attempting in the last moments to hug back. “TV off.” The women commanded and the TV thing shut down. “Come on we are late.” She said in an accented way that made Cosima forget that she was having the most realistic trip of her recreational drug use life. The women took Cosima's hand and then paused on turning to the door. Cosima blinked and wondered what was wrong. The women let go and looked at her own hand. “You're sweating. Are you ok?” The women was questioning. Cosima didn't know what to say, this felt all too real. She wiped her hands on her pyjama top and let them fall by her side. She couldn't muster words she was still in shock, she looked again at her watch, although the minutes had changed the date had not. 12 years. “We have no time for your games Cosima.” The women went to go again, her sharp grey suit tailored perfectly to fit her elegant figure. Cosima wet her lip and was about to speak when the women was suddenly right in front of her, her warm delicate hands on either side of Cosima's face. Cosima's eyes widened, she didn't know what to do, she just let wherever this trip was taking her, take her. The women was so close, Cosima could feel her light breath on her, drying her wet lips. “Have you been taking drugs again?” The women questioned, she lent in and took a deep breath. Then tilted her head a little. “You seem very odd.” Cosima just remained still, her face encased in the pale gentle fingers of the women in front of her. For a second they just stared into each others eyes. Cosima's heart was beating fast, this women was beautiful and they were so close. If this was one of her trips it was either going to end in really hot incredible sex, or the women was going to grow 18 massive limbs and strangle Cosima to death. With this women she was willing to try the risk.

“Yes, I've been taking drugs.” Cosima says but immediately the words she says shocks he women. The women takes a step back and looks down at her quizzically. Cosima notices the bright brown eyes and height to this women and she feels small. The women looks her over one more time and then a hand comes to her face. Cosima is confused, and takes a step forward, wanting to pursue the type of trip she was hoping this way.

“You're not Cosima.” Dr. Cormier whispers, and shakes her head. “Honestly, I should have known, I mean you are nothing like her!” The women turns and walks to lock the door. “Now we are going to be even more late for the conference!” Cosima is freaking by now and watches the women lock the door.

“Hey, what's going on, what do you mean I'm like not myself? Now who's tripping?” Cosima jokes, she honestly had no idea, and in these times (which were rare) Cosima just had to keep going and find as much information as she could. The women walked straight past her and over to the kitchen that Cosima did not believe was hers. In an instant a coffee pours itself from a 'DYAD' machine and it is in the Doctors hands, she sips it and leans on the edge of the counter staring at her.

“Don't worry...” The women was very frustrated and annoyed, but visibly trying to keep her cool. “It's not your fault.” With one pale elegant hand she stroked her temples and sighed. Cosima not really sure what to think now, walked over to her, getting a little closer than she would normally. This was a dream after all.

“Dude please tell me what's going on. What isn't my fault?” Cosima went out to touch her arm but the women slapped her away. Cosima furrowed her bro. “Ok, I am guessing I am not tripping now. What's going on, who sent you?” Cosima stepped back and looked all over the apartment for cameras. “So what Scott is out in some van filming this whole thing or something?” Cosima jumped up on the sofa and stared into a corner of the kitchen. “Well done Scott, you got me. Now come out dude.” Cosima waited for some big reveal, but the women and the room were deadly quite.

“Half of me wants to put you out of your misery now. I would very much like my Cosima back now.” The women finishes her coffee and walks over to the door, staring at her watch. “You would think in 12 years we would have been able to stop the interference...Mon Dieu.” Cosima gets off of the sofa and is annoyed now, her theory of a trip isn't panning out.

“Seriously what's going on, I'm starting to get pissed.” Cosima heads over to Dr Cormier but as soon as she takes even a few steps her head starts pounding. Her hands reach up and holds onto her head, the pain is searing! Knives being repeatedly driven into her head over and over, like there was a massive pressure that was trying to get in and one trying to get out. “Owwwww!” Cosima falls to the floor, the woman just watches her, tapping her watch and waiting. In the pain Cosima manages to get to her hands and knees, and look at her watch. 9 minutes had passed since she had got up, in 9 minutes she had had the worst trip. Her head crippled her once more and she was flat out on the floor, the pain seeming to get harder and harder. Like the most intense head ache she had ever head, pounding blood gushing all through her veins as if they weren't big enough. As she felt she was about to burst the women spoke.

“I should have known sooner. Come back to me Cosima.” And in that instance, 47 seconds past 9 minutes, Cosima flats out on the floor.