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Say You'll Remember Me

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“EH!? You’re PREGNANT!?” The food Oikawa was eating had grossly spilled out of his mouth and back into his bento. Yuck. He discreetly picked it out and let it fall to the ground for the birds to eat as he tried to calm down.

Meanwhile, Iwaizumi next to him was pounding on his chest, after sending his food down the wrong pipe at the announcement. Oikawa took pity on his husband-to-be, and slapped him hard on the back to clear his airway.

Sugawara beamed at them over his salad. “Yup! I’d been feeling oddly queasy and tired for the last two weeks, so I went with Daichi to the physician yesterday to make sure.”

Iwaizumi coughed a bit more, then smiled. “Congratulations, Sugawara.”

Sugawara grinned wider. Oikawa had dubbed him ‘Mr. Refreshing’ in high school, but who knew he’d be this radiant years later?

“How did Sawamura take it?” Oikawa asked.

Sugawara snickered. “Daichi cried on the spot. He was so happy. He kept thanking me over and over, and sobbing.” Sugawara’s expression turned soft and warm. “I’m happy too. I can’t wait to meet whoever is growing in here.”

Oikawa watched Sugawara’s hand over his stomach with a pang in his heart. His own pregnancy years ago with Seiji had been filled with so much dread and anxiety, he hardly enjoyed it.

“But, you and Sawamura aren’t married, right?” Iwaizumi asked.

Oikawa stomped on Iwaizumi’s foot. “Neither are we! And we have a toddler! Be a little sensitive, Iwa-chan!”

“Our circumstances are different!” Iwaizumi shot back. “And we would have been together a lot sooner if someone wasn’t so stubborn and dramatic!”

Oikawa felt a vein throb on his forehead. “What did you say, you gorilla? Whose fault was it that I got pregnant in the first place?”

Sugawara laughed. “Now, now, don’t fight you guys!” They looked over and Oikawa noticed that Sugawara’s salad was already finished. “We’re actually planning our wedding! We told our parents our intentions after the baby announcement. Of course, they’ve been expecting this for years, but probably not in this order!”

Same here, Oikawa couldn’t help but think, glancing down at the ring on his left hand.

“But don’t worry,” Sugawara continued. “Our wedding won’t happen until you two have yours. We wouldn’t want to steal the spotlight, after all.” He finished his statement with a wink.

Iwaizumi chuckled. “How generous of you.”

Oikawa pouted. “Return your wedding invite. I can’t have your pregnant belly detract from my special day.”

Sugawara laughed and skipped out of Oikawa’s grabby hands. “No way!” He dumped his empty salad container in the trash a few feet ahead, and turned back to call over to them. “Oikawa, Iwaizumi! I hope this kid of mine will be a good friend to Seiji when they’re born!”


If Oikawa had known things would turn out this way, he would have booked a flight to Las Vegas and gotten hitched to Iwaizumi in a neon chapel and had their honeymoon right there on the strip. Hell, he’d probably tattoo the date next to a heart with ‘Iwa-chan’ in the center on his ass for good measure.

“Oikawa-san,” Iwaizumi’s mother gritted through her teeth. “The cake should be light and appeal to everyone’s taste.”

But he had felt guilty. Oikawa had made so many decisions about his and Iwaizumi’s relationship without including any of their families that he wanted to make it up to them by letting them have a part in their wedding. Though, maybe letting both his and Iwaizumi’s mother plan the whole shebang was not the wisest decision.

“It should be rich, sweet, and decadent!” Oikawa’s mother shot back. “A bland cake is asking for a bland marriage!”

Then again, running off on his own to have Seiji wasn’t the wisest decision either, but it all worked out in the end. Oikawa could only hope this situation would too.

Currently, Oikawa was stuck at a cake tasting, watching his mother and soon to be mother-in-law bicker over flavors. Oikawa hoped things wouldn’t escalate to the point where they’d actually start throwing cake samples at each other.

Iwaizumi had gone off with Matsukawa and Hanamaki to a vineyard to sample the wine and champagne for the reception. Oikawa opted out, as he hadn’t been a fan of alcohol since Seiji’s conception.

Though he really wished he did go. He could use a drink right about now.

Seiji was seated on his lap, inhaling all the leftover samples with the force of a high power vacuum. Oikawa couldn’t even find it in himself to care about the impending sugar rush as a headache was beginning to form between his eyes.

“H-How about we let Seiji decide?” Oikawa piped up.

Both his mother and Iwaizumi’s whirled on him with a glare, and Oikawa shrank back in his seat.

Seiji looked up from the piece of cake he was shoving in his mouth and grinned through a thick layer of frosting. “I like all the flavors!”

Oikawa wanted to bang his head on the table. His and Iwaizumi’s mother had been at each other’s throats since they supported different wedding themes. Iwaizumi’s mother thought they should have a traditional, small affair. Oikawa’s mother wanted a big, modern wedding. Oikawa had made the mistake of saying he liked the appeal of both ceremonies, and Iwaizumi hadn’t cared as long as they got married in the end. Since then, neither woman backed down from making her distaste with the other’s opinions on the wedding heard.

Oikawa swallowed the lump in his throat as he spoke up to cut into their argument again. “How about we make each layer a different flavor, hm? That way everyone wins?”

The mothers glowered at him, each reluctant to compromise and admit defeat, before finally agreeing with the idea. Oikawa sighed in relief and called a worker over to finalize flavors and designs.

At this point, he’d be happy with a pyramid of milkbread instead.


Oikawa plopped face first into the mattress and groaned. He blindly opened and reached into his nightstand drawer, looking for his trusty ibuprofen bottle. Before his fruitless rummaging ended, another hand reached in and shook the bottle above him.

Oikawa turned his head and squinted at an Iwaizumi badly trying to conceal a smile.

“I figured you were looking for this with the state you’re in.”

Oikawa squinted harder. “…you’re not drunk, are you?”

Iwaizumi rolled his eyes, but the smile stayed. “They have us spit out the wine to prevent that, you know?” He sat on the edge of the bed and ran a hand through Oikawa’s hair. Oikawa purred and melted into the mattress. “I picked out a champagne, along with a red and white wine. I brought bottles of each home so you can try it too.”

“That’s nice,” Oikawa murmured. If Iwaizumi kept scratching behind his ears, he’d become one with their bed.

“Do you want to tell me how the cake tasting went?”

Immediately, Oikawa’s dreamlike state popped, and he groaned again.

Iwaizumi chuckled. “That bad, huh?”

“Iwa-chan,” Oikawa whined, turning over to curl around Iwaizumi’s back. Iwaizumi hummed and continued massaging his scalp. “They won’t stop being at each other’s throats! I don’t even get to be a bridezilla with our mothers filling in the role all too well!”

“What a shame,” Iwaizumi cooed, pinching Oikawa’s cheek.

Oikawa swatted his hand away with a pout. “You know what I mean.”

Iwaizumi’s face softened in sympathy. He and Oikawa had been trying to get their mothers to see eye to eye on the wedding for months now, to no avail. It didn’t help that neither of their fathers wanted to help, lest they face the wrath of their wives.

“Where’s Seiji?” Iwaizumi asked instead.

Oikawa snorted. “I let him polish off all the cake samples and left our parents to deal with his sugar-high as revenge.”

Iwaizumi laughed. “You’re evil.”

“They deserve it!” Oikawa defended. “Why can’t we just run off and get married without all this nonsense?”

Iwaizumi didn’t say anything, but got up, leaving Oikawa to curl around the empty space he left. Oikawa frowned and sniffed as a tear rolled down his cheek.

Iwaizumi came back with a glass of water and two pills in his hand from the bottle. He offered them to Oikawa, and Oikawa sat up to take them. Once he finished chugging the remaining water, Iwaizumi put the glass on the nightstand and tugged Oikawa onto his lap. Oikawa wrapped his arms around his neck, and Iwaizumi wrapped his arms around his waist. Iwaizumi kissed the tear track left on Oikawa’s face.

“You know we can’t do that,” Iwaizumi finally said. “It would break the hearts of our family and friends if we ran off. They’ve done so much for us and Seiji that they deserve to be a part of our ceremony.”

Oikawa kicked his legs where they hung off Iwaizumi’s lap. “I know,” he sighed. Oikawa really did know all too well how much it hurt the ones he loved to run off and do something life-changing when he found out about Seiji. He’d never make that mistake again “It just sucks.”

Iwaizumi kissed Oikawa’s forehead. “I know you’re feeling overwhelmed. Especially because our mothers bombard you with their ideas and don’t even care to tell me. But you don’t have to stress out by yourself, Tooru. I’m here if you want to vent or cuddle out the stress.”

Oikawa raised a brow and moved to straddle Iwaizumi’s lap. “Are you sure venting and cuddling are the only things we can do to relieve stress?” He wiggled on Iwaizumi’s lap suggestively to drive his point.

Iwaizumi grinned, lifting Oikawa as he stood to turn around and lay him on the bed. Oikawa stared up at Iwaizumi in breathless anticipation as Iwaizumi licked his lips and undid the buttons on his cuffs to roll his sleeves up. Oikawa could barely hold back a squeal as Iwaizumi was quick to rest above him, biceps flexing.

“You know I’d want nothing more than to take you apart,” Iwaizumi whispered. Oikawa loved when Iwaizumi’s voice got husky, and shivered when Iwaizumi nipped his ear. “But we should probably wait until the honeymoon. It’d be such a scandal if you were pregnant at the wedding when we already have one kid out of wedlock.”

Oikawa smashed a pillow into his fiancé’s face. “Iwa-chan!” he giggled.


Iwaizumi and Seiji were playing in a field before him. Oikawa realized that the field was the same one near his and Iwaizumi’s homes, where they used to catch bugs and practice volleyball together before joining school clubs.

He looked around, trying to find their old neighborhood, but the field stretched endlessly, and the edges felt hazy, like pavement under the hot summer sun.

A glint of light drew Oikawa’s attention back to Iwaizumi and Seiji. Iwaizumi had Seiji lifted up in his arms, and Seiji spread his arms and legs wide, laughing. The flash came from the sun reflecting off a gold band on Iwaizumi’s finger.

Huh? Oikawa thought. But Iwa-chan and I haven’t had time to get him a ring yet? Between all the wedding preparations, their full time jobs, and looking after Seiji, Oikawa and Iwaizumi hardly had any time to breathe, let alone ring shop. Iwaizumi assured Oikawa he hardly cared for one, but Oikawa wanted to make sure those nurses at the hospital quit gazing at his fiancé so hungrily.

Oikawa lifted his own hand, just to make sure he had his own ring on, when a tiny, chubby hand reached up and grasped his thumb.

Oikawa gasped, and looked down in shock to see he was wearing his old baby sling, and that an infant with wavy tufts of black hair and hazel eyes was giving him a drooly smile.

Oikawa’s heart started beeping loudly and...wait, beeping?

Oikawa peeled his eyes open and turned his head to stare at the glaring alarm clock. He shifted to shut the alarm off, but Iwaizumi hugged him tight around the waist in sleep, and was drooling into his shoulder.

Oikawa sighed, tossing his free arm over his eyes and willing the clock to shut up.


Oikawa worked in a daze. He didn’t want to admit it, especially amongst the insanity of dealing with his family and planning a wedding, but it was getting hard to ignore.

Ever since Sugawara had invited Oikawa to join him and Iwaizumi during their lunch break a few weeks ago, Oikawa has had baby fever.

His dreams of holding an infant, watching Iwaizumi cradle a newborn, and helping Seiji support his baby sibling had been relentless.

Oikawa groaned into his desk. This could not come at worst timing. Not only were his mother and mother-in-law driving him insane, but he and Iwaizumi needed to be saving. The wedding budget was still fluctuating because their mothers were still fighting on finalizing details, and more importantly, they were hopefully trying to move out of their apartment and into a house.

A baby would complicate that. Not to mention be a huge expense in and of itself. Oikawa chewed his nail nervously as he also thought about how they haven’t gone shopping for what they were wearing for the ceremony either. A potential baby bump growing meant that he would have to get the suit or dress he picked altered before the wedding, which was an additional cost.


Oikawa couldn’t forget the warmth and floaty feeling of every dream he had, or the face of every baby he held. He wanted to actually enjoy a pregnancy, like Sugawara seemed to be.

And most of all, he wanted to have Iwa-chan with him, every step of they way. From conception to big-ass belly, Oikawa wanted to watch Iwaizumi cry in gratitude and smile in absolute joy at their child growing inside him. He also wanted to watch Seiji’s eyes light up in excitement over a sibling to play with.

He let his head drop to his desk with a thunk.

“Oikawa-san?” Oikawa looked up to see one of his assistants staring down at him. “Are you feeling alright?”

Oikawa gave her a sheepish smile. “I’m ok.” Before he could continue, his phone rang.

His assistant peered over to check the caller ID. “Ah, is that your husband?”

Oikawa blushed. “F-Fiancé, actually!”

His assistant giggled. “Sure Oikawa-san~” She started walking away. “I’ll leave, so feel free to flirt.”

Oikawa sighed and picked up the phone. “Iwa-chan?”

“Ah, Tooru, I was worried you were away from your desk. Is now a bad time?”

“No,” Oikawa responded. “I was just talking to one of my assistants, but I’m just about finished for the day. What is it?”

“I’m actually leaving the hospital early today. Can I come pick you up?”

Oikawa smiled. “Sure, Iwa-chan. Wanna go on a date?”

Iwaizumi’s pause was so long Oikawa was about to speak up again. “Sorry Tooru, I think we should just head straight home. I have something to talk to you about.”

Oikawa tried to ignore the ice spearing and stopping his heart. “Ok, Iwa-chan. I’ll be waiting for you.”

“I’ll be leaving now, then,” Iwaizumi responded.

Oikawa swallowed the lump in his throat. “I-I love you! I love you, Iwa-chan.”

There was a pause, and then a laugh. “What’s with the sudden confession? I love you too, Tooru.”

Oikawa sighed with relief as he hung up and started tidying his desk up. There was no need to worry. His and Iwaizumi’s relationship was rock solid! As rock solid as Iwaizumi’s name! Before he knew it, his phone vibrated with a text.

I’m here.

Oikawa tired to shake his nerves on the way down to the lobby. When the elevator doors opened, he saw Iwaizumi leaning against the wall near the entrance doors, scrolling on his phone. His hair was a bit windswept, and his scarf and coat fit him perfectly (Oikawa should know; he picked them out). The cool air outside also gave Iwaizumi a pink tint to his cheeks and nose.
As Oikawa stepped off the elevator, Iwaizumi happened to glance up, and their eyes met. He smiled, the rare type of smile that lit up his eyes and Oikawa knew was reserved just for him.


Just with that, the anxiety icing his heart melted away. Oikawa ran across the lobby and threw himself at Iwaizumi. Some of the people working or milling about turned to look as Iwaizumi caught him with a small ‘oof.’

“What’s wrong?” Iwaizumi chuckled, as Oikawa clung tighter.

“I love you. I really love you.”

Iwaizumi continued to laugh. “I figured. You’re wearing my ring, aren’t you?”

Getting home was difficult when Oikawa insisted on remaining an octopus. In the end, Iwaizumi had to shove him off, but before Oikawa could whine about it, Iwaizumi wrapped an arm around his waist and kept him close.

Once they got home, they found Seiji napping across Hanamaki’s lap. Matsukawa was cleaning up in the kitchen.

“Thanks again for picking him up, guys,” Oikawa greeted.

Matsukawa shrugged. “We weren’t really doing much else.”

Hanamaki grinned, and ruffled Seiji’s hair. “Maybe kids aren’t so bad.”

A dish clattered as it slipped from Matsukawa’s hands into the sink.

“Smooth,” Oikawa whispered over a snicker.

Iwaizumi scoffed. “You only think that because it’s our Seiji. Other kids aren’t like him.”

Hanamaki’s face wrinkled. “Ew. Don’t become a boasting, doting father now. It’s gross.”

Oikawa chimed in. “Also, Seiji’s a pretty well-behaved toddler. All kids start out as babies.” Oikawa hated how hard this conversation was hitting close to the thoughts he had earlier.

Hanamaki’s face wrinkled further. “Ugh. Nevermind.”

After Matsukawa and Hanamaki left, and Seiji was tucked into bed, Oikawa sat at the table across from Iwaizumi.

“So, what did you want to talk about, Iwa-chan?” Oikawa began.

Iwaizumi fiddled with his thumbs for a minute. “Well, my rut is coming up.”

“Oh.” Oikawa wasn’t sure what else to say. He was aware of his eyes widening to the point of probably looking like complete circles, but he wasn’t sure how to stop.

“...How do you want to go about this?” Iwaizumi hedged.

“Huh?” Oikawa asked.

“I mean, we’re a couple. And ideally I’d like to share my rut with you. It’d make things...easier.”

Oikawa relaxed a bit. “Of course, Iwa-chan. You helped me with my heat, so it’s only fair Oikawa-san returns the favor right?”

Iwaizumi smiled for a second, before turning somber. “But...I don’t think we can keep Seiji for the week. My ruts have always been pretty intense, since I’ve been single for so long and I don’t use medication or tools to help. I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep my aggression and possessiveness in check...and I’m worried about scaring Seiji.”

Oikawa laid his hand over Iwaizumi’s. “Iwa-chan, it’ll be ok. Our parents or friends can watch Seiji. Are you sure?”

Iwaizumi stared at their hands for a while, and then nodded. “It’s gonna be miserable to be apart, but I’d feel more assured.”

Oikawa smiled. “Whatever makes you more comfortable.”

Iwaizumi smiled back and shifted his hand so their fingers could lace together.


Oikawa frowned as both his mother and Iwaizumi’s mother put picture after picture of venues to get married. Thankfully, Iwaiuzmi was by his side this time, running his thumb comfortingly across Oikawa’s palm and lifting his left hand to kiss the ring there. It helped Oikawa relax, if only fractionally.

“Well, mom,” Oikawa began, “and mother,” he said, addressing Iwaizumi’s mother, “it was kind of you both to bring up suggestions, but I think Iwa-chan and I will handle finding the venue.”

Oikawa wasn’t particularly a fan of the fact that all the venues their mothers brought up were wildly outlandish and wildly out of budget. It was obvious they were trying to one-up each other, and Oikawa was tired.

Iwaizumi frowned at the pictures too. “Okaa-san, what’s with these locations? Tooru and I can’t afford this.”

Iwaizumi’s mother smiled magnanimously at them. “Not to worry. I’ll pay for it.”

Oikawa resisted gritting his teeth. “I appreciate the offer, but that isn’t quite what we agreed on.”

When the wedding plans had begun, Oikawa and Iwaizumi’s parents had given them a lump sum to add to their own budget, and had agreed to help then plan things out. But at this point, they were just meddling.

“The boys are right, Iwaizumi-san! You can’t force the boys into an expensive hall just for nice photos!” Oikawa’s mother said.

Iwaizumi’s mother glared back. “What about your suggestions, then? They’re just as expensive!”

“Well, naturally, if the boys needed it, I would help pay…”

“That’s what I said earlier!”

Oikawa tuned them out as best he could while feeling his own blood pressure rise. Iwaizumi continued to hold his hand and squeeze it reassuringly, but it hardly helped anymore.

“Tooru, what do you think?” Both mothers asked.

“I don’t care,” Oikawa sighed.

Everyone in the room seemed to freeze and stare at Oikawa.

“Tooru...what do you mean?” This time it was Iwaizumi, sounding a little scared.

Oikawa suppressed a growl as he stood up. “What I mean is, I don’t care what you two do anymore! You don’t care about my or Iwa-chan’s feelings, given how many time you’ve both bulldozed over them! And our fathers don’t have any spine to intervene! I’m tired of this! Do whatever you want!”

Oikawa stormed out of the house without waiting for their reactions and sniffed in the chilly air. He stomped into the field by their house and stared ahead. This was the same field from his dream, and it made him feel worse. He sniffled again, and his eyes felt watery.

“Tooru,” Iwaizumi called behind him.

Oikawa turned to see a breathless Iwaizumi, holding a teary-eyed Seiji.

Oikawa turned back around and grimaced. “You probably think I’m being a brat.”

Iwaizumi moved to stand next to him. Seiji reached up and Oikawa took him into his arms, where Seiji clung like a koala.

“I don’t think you’re being a brat. I think this is stressing you out too much. I told our mothers we were going home for the day. Are you alright?”

Oikawa looked over and noticed Iwaizumi was carrying all their things. He looked back into Iwaizumi’s concerned hazel eyes, and gave a weak smile.

“Yeah. I think I just need a break. Let’s go home.”


There was a wolf whistle as soon as Oikawa pulled back the curtain of the dressing room.

“Shut it,” he snapped at a grinning Hanamaki, who was obnoxiously spreading himself on the ‘entourage’ couch.

“Somebody’s testy today,” Hanamaki laughed as Oikawa stomped onto the pedestal surrounded by mirrors.

“You look nice, Oikawa-san,” Akaashi said pleasantly.

Kenma was curled on the couch next to him, and nodded in agreement.

Oikawa sighed and turned from them to look in the mirror. He was wearing a fitted three piece suit, and the jacket had long coattails that added some flare.

Oikawa adjusted the light blue vest he was wearing, and turned about the pedestal a bit more. “You don’t think my waist looks too small in this?”

“It looks fine, Tooru,” Kenma yawned. “You look great in everything.”

Oikawa soured, not wanting such flattering, useless feedback. He wasn’t sure if he should expect any better from Kenma, though.

“The pants really bring out your ass,” Hanamaki supplied.

Oikawa was on the verge of killing him in this godforsaken wedding apparel shop.

Akaashi, quick to pick up his mood, changed the subject. “Have you decided on a tie or bowtie?”

Oikawa sighed, looking back at his reflection. “No. We’re not even sure what colors we’re going for. It’s definitely a shade of blue, but we haven’t picked from the entire spectrum of powder blue to teal…” He glanced back at them. “Plus, Iwa-chan and I have to match. Probably.”

Oikawa’s mother and Iwaizumi’s mother had finally come to an agreement, of sorts. A modern wedding, but carried out as traditionally as possible. Meaning, Oikawa and Iwaizumi weren’t allowed to see what they were wearing to the wedding until they met each other at the altar. So, Iwaizumi was off across town at another wedding garment shop, with an entourage of his own.

It sounded like a big waste of time and effort to Oikawa because after all, they had done so many things non-traditionally, and he grumbled as much, but Iwaizumi had elbowed him to not ruin their mothers’ cooperation.

Kuroo was keeping Oikawa updated on Iwaizumi via text, and Kenma was doing the same with Iwaizumi. Oikawa went back into the dressing room and pulled out his phone to ask Kuroo if Iwaizumi found a blue shade he liked yet. But Kuroo had texted him first.

Let me see what dresses you’re trying on, cutie ;)))

Oikawa resisted the urge to gag and rolled his eyes.

Not a chance. Iwa-chan might see.

In response, he got a text full of broken hearts and crying emojis. Then, another.

You almost done, though? Think your hubby-to-be is about set over here. How do you feel about a baby blue, with undertones of green as the wedding color?

Oikawa squinted at the text to make sure he was reading it properly.

...did you just describe light teal?

His phone pinged back almost instantly.

I prefer the term, seafoam green ;)

Oikawa sent a selfie with a middle finger in the frame, careful to leave the suit he was wearing out of it.

Kuroo replied with a picture of a tie in the color he had described.

Oikawa looked at the mirror in the fitting room, and brought the phone up to his face to see how it looked with his complexion. He shrugged.

Tell Iwa-chan that color is fine.

Roger that, captain ;) looks like me and the boys are done here. Kuroo texted back.

Oikawa tried not to sigh at the fact that he’d probably be stuck in this shop for at least a few more hours. His sister was running late, and Sugawara was still in the restroom after volunteering to take Seiji.

He turned to the other suits that were hanging up in the dressing room with him. Maybe they should have done a shinto style wedding instead. He’d have less indecision about what he wanted to wear.

He began unbuttoning the suit he was wearing, when the curtain behind him began to rustle.

“I swear to god if that’s you again, Makki…” Oikawa warned. But looking back, he actually saw a small hand lift the curtain from its end, and Seiji duck underneath.

“It’s me!” he declared.

Oikawa laughed, pausing in undressing, and turning around to pick Seiji up. “I can see that. Where’s Suga-chan?”

Seiji grinned proudly. “Left in the dust!”

Seiji must have learned that phrase from one of his hero shows, Oikawa thought, just as the curtain was ripped open, and a panting Sugawara stood there.

“There…! You…! Are…!” Sugawara gasped.

Seiji giggled, jumping from Oikawa’s arms and dashing away again.

Sugawara groaned, and Oikawa leaned out of the dressing room. “Seiji! Don’t run off and make trouble for Suga-chan or the workers here! Sit quietly on the couch with your uncles!”

“Ok!” Seiji called back, and Oikawa hoped one of the other three wrangled him onto the couch. Then he set his attention on Sugawara.

“You ok, Suga-chan? You’re looking a little ragged,” Oikawa asked.

Sugawara wiped sweat from his forehead and had his other hand braced on his slight baby bump. “Yeah, I’m alright. Your little terror of a son ran straight out of the bathroom and started pulling dresses! I asked an employee for help catching him, but she misunderstood.”

Before Oikawa could ask how she misunderstood, the employee appeared behind Sugawara.

“Are you Seiji-kun’s mother?” the employee asked with a bright smile.

Sugawara politely stepped aside, and Oikawa realized his shirt was half unbuttoned, exposing his entire chest.

He cleared his throat to hide his embarrassment. “I am.”

She clapped her hands. “We’ll bring the dresses into your dressing room.”

Suddenly, three other girls popped out from behind her, each with a heap of dresses piled on their arms. One by one, they went in, hung dresses, took the remaining suits, and hung more dresses. It wasn’t until the last one, that Oikawa realized that the original employee had left to get her own heap, so now Oikawa had four heaps of dresses piled into his room.

He turned back on Sugawara accusingly.

“D-Don’t look at me!” Sugawara exclaimed. “Seiji picked them! Not me!”

Oikawa continued to glare.

“O-Ok, I might have picked a few…” Sugawara admitted.

Oikawa was about to call an employee over to take at least half these dresses away, when his sister burst into the store.

“Am I late!?” Oikawa heard her yell from the store entrance. “Please don’t tell me it’s over!”

“No,” he heard Hanamaki answer her. “Your brother’s been holed up in his fitting room for a while now.”

Then he heard his sister’s stomping coming closer. “You’ll want to head back to the couch,” Oikawa warned him. “If my sister catches you distracting me, she’ll bite both our heads off.”

Sugawara nodded and rushed away. Just as he vanished, Himari rounded the corner to the dressing rooms. She brightened when she saw her brother.

“There you are! I was worried you were already finished!” she said before sweeping Oikawa into a hug.

“Uh, no, just tried on a few suits…” Oikawa admitted.

His sister pulled back and looked at him like he was a stranger. “Suits? You’re not wearing a dress? You, Tooru, who used to ‘secretly’ raid my closet every week?”

“Mom told me I could take the clothes that didn’t fit you anymore!” Oikawa protested.

“Tooru, what’s wrong?” Himari asked.

“Nothing!” Oikawa said, perhaps a bit too quickly. “I like suits too! And Iwa-chan doesn’t care whether I wear skirts or not anymore. Why should I force myself to wear a dress on our big day?”

Himari raised a brow at him. “If memory serves, you were wearing skirts way before you and Iwa-chan got together.”

“Yeah, but…” Oikawa started.

“AND,” Himari continued, “I’m pretty sure you did it for yourself. Because you liked wearing them, and no one else’s opinion mattered.”

“Well, things are different now,” Oikawa mumbled.

“How?” Himari asked. She pushed Oikawa back into the dressing room, and yanked the curtain closed behind her. She took stock of all the dresses hanging in the room and raised her brow higher. “How?”

Oikawa felt cornered. “It’s...It’s just...I think maybe I wore skirts too often after Iwa-chan and I met again, and we were, uh, pursuing each other.”

“You mean that stupid near year you spent dancing around each other because you’re both terribly, emotionally constipated?” Himari corrected.

“Yes,” Oikawa whispered.

Himari sighed. “And you think Hajime is desensitized, or something?”

“M-Maybe,” Oikawa admitted. “I think he just doesn’t care, so why should I bother anymore? We’re a couple now, he’s the only person I’m going to be dressing up for.”

Himari sighed louder. “Tooru. Of course you can wear whatever you like to your wedding. A suit would look great on you. But don’t you feel you’re forcing yourself, just a bit?”

“A white dress wouldn’t suit me. I’m not a blushing bride after all,” Oikawa argued.

“So pick one that isn’t pure white,” Himari countered. She was already sifting through the dresses and pulling out the offensively white ones.

Before Oikawa could bring up a counterpoint, Himari was leaning out of the curtain, calling for an employee to take the dresses away.

“Nee-chan, I really don’t think this is necessary. I’ll just match Iwa-chan and be done with this whole thing.”

Himari paused. Then she turned around and met Oikawa with a knowing look. “I see what it is. You’re tired.”

Oikawa was confused. “Yeah, I guess?” It had been a long day for him, he supposed.

“No, that’s not what I meant. You’re tired of the situation,” Himari said. “Our mother and Hajime’s have been giving you the runaround. You’re feeling insecure with Hajime. You just want to to skip ahead to the part where you’re married, right?”

Oikawa tried to come up with an argument against that, furrowed brows and everything, but he drew a blank and felt tears dripping down his face before the gravity of his situation really sunk in. Himari wordlessly pulled him into a hug, and Oikawa sobbed into her shoulder when he discovered, he was exhausted. He just wanted to be happy, settled, and married. Not...not all of this nonsense his family was putting him through.

When he was finished, Himari had a huge wet spot on her shoulder and Oikawa’s eyes were a swollen red. Himari said nothing about the dampness she was now sporting, but kindly dabbed his eyes with a handkerchief.

“Alright then,” she said with a gentle clap. “Let’s get you in these dresses.”

“How did you know?” Oikawa asked, after Himari zipped him into the first dress. It was more or less a beige ball gown.

“That you’re miserable?” Himari snorted. “Please Tooru, I got married before you. Our mom fought with my mother-in-law too, but she isn’t half as willful as Hajime’s mother.”

Himari spun him around and marched him out and onto the pedestal. Oikawa didn’t get a chance to really look at himself in the mirror, so he fretted with the ruffles of the skirt as he awaited judgement.

There was a patter of feet and then small hands also grasped at the skirt. Oikawa saw Seiji’s face light up, and eyes sparkle.

“You’re pwretty, Mommy!”

Oikawa laughed wetly, and took Seiji’s hands into his. “Thanks, Sei-chan.”

“Now there’s a smile!” Hanamaki cheered. “First one I’ve seen today.”

Akaashi and Kenma nodded in agreement and smiled as well.

Oikawa swiped at his eyes. “I get it you guys...thanks.” He looked back in the mirror. “I don’t think this one is it though.”

Himari held her hand out, and helped Oikawa down from the pedestal and back into the fitting room.

They steadily worked through the dresses hung up, from poofy princess dresses, mermaids, trumpets, and some classy fitted styles. Everyone pitched in for commentary, but it was a bit of the same problem from the suits: Oikawa looked good in everything.

Oikawa was starting to get worried that he wasn’t going to find his dress that afternoon.

“No one finds their dress immediately, Tooru,” Himari soothed, pulling another dress out of its cover.

Oikawa pouted. “Iwa-chan already found his suit though…”

“Hajime always knows what he wants,” Himari said. “You’ve always needed a bit more time.”

Oikawa pouted harder.

Himari patted his shoulders to get him to turn around. “Quit whining. Lift your chin, this dress has a cape.” Oikawa felt something tickle his neck and tried not to squirm. Himari stepped back when she was done and gave a little laugh. “This is very obviously Seiji’s choice.”

Oikawa looked in the mirror in the dressing room. The first thing he noticed was the cape. There was delicate lace wrapped around his neck, embroidered with colorful flowers and petals. From that collar descended a long cape of the same lace, but otherwise plain of design. Oikawa figured this was to showcase the dress.

The neckline of the dress plummeted down to the bottom of his sternum, showing off a lot of chest. Oikawa had to admit he liked the diamond cutout illusion the neckline and cape gave coupled together, like a keyhole to his heart.

The dress itself was stunning. It was a stark white a-line, but on the dress were vibrant flowers embroidered like the collar of the cape. It was as if a field of wildflowers exploded onto this dress, every color Oikawa could imagine in a flower bursting on every inch. Some of the flowers and leaves crept off the dress at the neckline, giving the illusion of the garden growing up onto Oikawa’s skin, towards his heart. He traced the stem of a flower on the skirt as he turned around to get a full view of it.

“It’s beautiful,” Oikawa breathed.

Himari smiled. “Want to show the others?”

Oikawa nodded in a daze, unable to take his eyes off his reflection.

Himari pushed him out of the fitting room and onto the pedestal. The first thing Oikawa heard was a gasp.

“WAAAH!” Seiji said and jumped to his feet. “Mommy! You look like a superhero! Amazing!!”

Sugawara put his chin in the crook of his forefinger and thumb. “A cape fitting the Grand King, huh?”

Oikawa gave him an incredulous look. “Don’t go quoting Chibi-chan...I feel like he’ll suddenly appear, and where he is, Tobio-chan is never far.”

“The flowers suit you, Tooru,” Kenma smiled.

Oikawa looked over to thank him but the unnerving sight of a sweet, smiling Kenma that was furiously typing on his phone without even looking made the words die in his throat.

“The highneck of the cape suits you as well,” Akaashi agreed.

Oikawa struck a pose for him and Akaashi clapped.

Hanamaki grinned. “I particularly like the boob window.”

Oikawa stuck his tongue out at him. “Iwa-chan will, too.”

Seiji was wiggling with excitement, obviously waiting for his turn. Oikawa laughed and crouched on the pedestal, arms open for Seiji. Seiji rushed into them.

“What do you think, Sei-chan? Should I get this dress?”

“Yeah!” Seiji hugged Oikawa around the neck. “Mommy is my superhero!”

Oikawa hugged Seiji closer and laughed with him. Picking Seiji up, Oikawa turned around to gaze at their reflections in the mirror.

And the rest of the world melted away. Oikawa could see it now, as if the chapel was reflected in the panels of the mirror, and he could almost make out Iwaizumi on the edge of them, holding his hand out for Oikawa to take. The light streaming through the chapel windows, Iwaizumi’s smile warm like the sunlight in that field by their houses. His hazel eyes glowing like the sun they played and raced under.


“Tooru?” Himari’s voice cut in, shattering his daydream. “Are you ok?”

“This is it,” Oikawa answered. “This is the dress I’m marrying Hajime in.”


Iwaizumi’s rut was something Oikawa couldn’t prepare for if he tried. He knew ruts cycled less frequently than heats, and that most bonded or mated pairs had synched cycles. Otherwise, Oikawa knew nothing except the few times he remembered Iwaizumi vanishing for a week and then reappearing like nothing.

Oikawa fidgeted nervously in the bathroom, staring willpower into his own reflection. He had spent nearly two hours in the bathroom, thoroughly brushing his teeth, gargling mouthwash, and showering. For all his nerves, he managed to make his gums bleed and scrubbed himself pink.

Sawamura and Sugawara had picked Seiji up earlier in the afternoon, because after hearing about Oikawa and Iwaizumi’s predicament of not finding a sitter, they insisted on needing the practice for at least the duration of Iwaizumi’s rut. In hindsight, Oikawa thought they probably should have picked Seiji up the day before, since Iwaizumi nearly bit Sawamura’s head off for brushing hands with Oikawa on accident. Sugawara would have been on thin ice too, if his pregnancy hormones weren’t incredibly soothing.

Now, Oikawa was stalling. Despite sharing heats with Iwaizumi, he was nervous to be intimate with his fiancé, dumb as that sounded. For one thing, they had only gone all the way once, and both he and Iwaizumi hardly remembered it. And while his last couple heats since becoming a couple were fantastic, Iwaizumi never let Oikawa reciprocate. Oikawa understood why, but it didn’t mean that it frustrated him any less. On top of all that, whenever they tried to get frisky between heats, Seiji or wedding planning got in the way.

Oikawa felt horribly inexperienced and out of his element. He didn’t even know what Iwaizumi liked in the bedroom. Oikawa wasn’t even sure he had seen Iwaizumi’s dick hard outside of his underwear.

Oikawa wanted to die.

He got tired of looking at his rapidly paling face in the mirror, and glanced at the offending box on the bathroom counter. Iwaizumi had bought a box of condoms in preparation for this week, in case they wanted to make the cleanup easier. From what Iwaizumi had told (more like warned) Oikawa, there was going to be lots of cum.

Oikawa picked it up and resisted the urge to drop it in the trash can. It was stupid, he knew it, but his jealousy had flared seeing Sugawara today. He wanted a baby.

No, he needed a baby.

Oikawa knew omegas couldn’t get pregnant outside their heats, but there were rare cases when ruts triggered heats, especially in bonded pairs. Just the thought made Oikawa slick in anticipation.

A knock interrupted Oikawa’s thoughts. “Tooru? Are you ok in there?”

Oikawa shoved the box back into its spot on the counter in surprise. “G-Give me just another minute!” he called through the door. Oikawa could see Iwaizumi take a step back in the crack under the door and shuffle his feet.

Oikawa took a deep breath and slapped his cheeks. Enough overthinking. He reached under the sink and pulled out his secret weapon: a lace bodysuit. It was a sweet mint color that reminded Oikawa of his high school team colors, and he thought it would bring out the brown of eyes and hair nicely. Like mint chocolate, or something.

He had seen it in the ‘honeymoon’ section of the store he had tried on wedding attire, and thankfully he knew his size well enough to not have to try it on in front of all his friends and son.

Oikawa stepped into it, and slipped it up his legs, relishing in the feel of the lace on his bare skin. It was a halter top that emphasized his shoulders, and ended with a clasp around his neck. His entire back from the clasp down to his lace covered ass was exposed.

Oikawa frowned at the freckles on his back in the mirror, and didn’t notice the doorknob turning until he saw Iwaizumi’s reflection in the mirror too.

He gasped, but Iwaizumi said nothing, pulling him into a hug around his waist, and breathing deep into his skin. Oikawa could see his face heating up in the mirror, and Iwaizumi’s hazel eyes open halfway, over his shoulder.

“I got tired of waiting,” Iwaizumi offered as explanation, but his voice was so deep he could have said anything, and Oikawa’s knees would be just as weak.

Oikawa watched Iwaizumi’s eyes follow the line of his shoulder up to the choker clasp at the base of his neck.

Iwaizumi’s arms tightened around him and Oikawa felt Iwaizumi’s boner slot against his ass. “I like this.”

Oikawa could hardly breathe, let alone say anything before Iwaizumi licked up the length of his neck. He yelped. Iwaizumi’s lips brushed Oikawa’s ear, and Oikawa shivered in delight.

“Are you done getting ready?” Iwaizumi asked.

Oikawa could only nod. God he was so wet. His hole was soaking.

Iwaizumi ground against his ass insistently, and Oikawa finally found his voice.

“I-Iwa-chan...shouldn’t we take this to the bed?” Not that sex in the bathroom was unappealing, but Iwaizumi was pushing his half-hard cock against the sink, and it hurt just a bit.

Iwaizumi stepped back and moved his arms away, enough for Oikawa to notice he was actually holding things in both his hands. Oikawa cautiously turned around.

“Whatcha got there, Iwa-chan?” he asked.

Iwaizumi opened his first hand, which has hiding a butt plug. But not just any plug; Oikawa recognized it from his toy collection. The other hand opened, revealing a folded up white leather collar. Judging by the width of it, Oikawa guessed it could cover up his whole neck.

“So I don’t accidentally knot or bite you,” Iwaizumi explained.

Oikawa felt his heart sink. So there wasn’t going to be any baby-making or mating at all this week, huh?

Oikawa wanted to sigh and pout, but reined it in. This was Iwaizumi’s week to feel catered to. Oikawa wasn’t going to be selfish about it.

Oikawa thought to reluctantly agree with him, but Iwaizumi was already pulling the lace on Oikawa’s ass aside, and slipping two fingers between his cheeks. He stiffened in surprise, and jolted when Iwaizumi poked at his entrance.

“You’re already so wet,” Iwaizumi growled.

“I-Is that a bad thing?” Oikawa asked nervously.

Iwaizumi said nothing, shoving the entire plug straight in. Oikawa gasped, gripping Iwaizumi’s shoulders as he adjusted to the sensation of full, but not enough.

“Th-That was mean!” Oikawa complained, squirming on his feet.

“Sorry,” Iwaizumi said in the most unapologetic voice, using the fingers still in the cleft of Oikawa’s ass to push at the plug and grind it against Oikawa’s insides.

Oikawa felt the plug just brush his prostate, and almost cried. He moaned, aware of a bit of spit spilling out of his mouth, and scratching at Iwaizumi’s bare back.

“You’re not being fair!” Oikawa whined. Another push of the plug made a shock of pleasure shoot up his spine, and his front was sticky with precome. The lace was practically plastered to his dick. “Stop teasing!”

“My bad,” Iwaizumi said in the same nonchalant tone.

Oikawa almost felt like yelling at him, but Iwaizumi pulled his hand away from his ass, and kissed Oikawa sweetly on the side of his neck.

Oikawa was so relaxed after this, he didn’t realize Iwaizumi had slipped the collar around his neck until it was fastened.

“Eh?” Oikawa asked. The collar wasn’t too tight, but because it covered the entire length of his neck, it did feel a bit constricting. The white color did compliment the light mint of his bodysuit nicely, though.

Iwaizumi wordlessly picked Oikawa up, and Oikawa yelped in surprise, wrapping his legs around Iwaizumi’s waist. Iwaizumi dumped him on the bed, and before Oikawa could complain about the harshness of it all, Iwaizumi was already fitting himself between Oikawa’s legs, kissing him quiet.

“Tooru,” he rumbled between kisses, nips, and licks. “You’re mine.”

“Of course, Hajime,” Oikawa said, trying not be overwhelmed by Iwaizumi’s pheromones, his muscles, or his worn, gray sweatpants that hugged the very obvious bulge between his legs, and had no business hanging so low on Iwaizumi’s hips.

Oikawa felt Iwaizumi’s teeth press around his neck through the collar, and drew a sharp breath.

“I want you,” Iwaizumi whispered, sounding so vulnerable and even a little scared.

Oikawa smiled up at him. “You have me, Hajime. I’ve always been yours, ever since we met. Your best friend, your lover, yours.”

Iwaizumi relaxed his weight on top of Oikawa and Oikawa wrapped his arms around him. Iwaizumi was breathing against his ear but not moving, so Oikawa kissed the skin in front of him. After making a hickey, Oikawa turned his head.

“Are you awake, Iwa-chan?”

Iwaizumi kissed him in answer. His tongue slipped in, and Oikawa moaned into Iwaizumi’s mouth, letting Iwaizumi cup the back of his head to kiss deeper.

Iwaizumi’s other hand palmed down his front, appreciating the lace, before moving to pinch a nipple through it.

Oikawa squirmed, feeling his hole clench and dick ooze precome as Iwaizumi continued rolling his nipple between his fingers.

“I-Iwa-chan, I told you they were sensitive!” Oikawa gasped when Iwaizumi gave him space to breathe.

Iwaizumi raised a brow at him, and then dipped his head to take Oikawa’s other nipple into his mouth. He bit it first, then soothed it with his tongue.

Oikawa screamed. His back arched, and his dick bumped into Iwaizumi’s. In response, Iwaizumi growled around the nipple in his mouth, and ground down on Oikawa mercilessly.

Oikawa was pretty sure he was leaving a wet stain on the groin of Iwaizumi’s pants, and his bodysuit was bordering unsalvageable.

When Oikawa let out a weak sob, Iwaizumi switched his mouth and hand so each nipple could be teased red, fairly.

Oikawa was starting to feel dizzy from the tingling numbness of Iwaizumi’s bites on his chest, and all his blood rushing to his lower half to be pressed and rubbed against Iwaizumi. He was so distracted, he hadn’t realized Iwaizumi had stopped cupping the back of his head, and the hand was creeping down his side, and behind, to flatten against the small of his back. Iwaizumi used this hand to lift his hips up, and pull Oikawa right into his lap.

Iwaizumi’s dick was pressed against his ass, and Oikawa desperately wanted it inside. Fuck the butt plug. Oikawa had half a mind to rip it out. He blindly reached back there, but only succeeded in grabbing Iwaizumi’s dick by mistake. Oikawa froze.

It’s hard as a rock! Oikawa thought. He experimentally reached a bit more. And it’s huge. How did this thing not split me in half when we were eighteen?

A snarl interrupted his thoughts. Oikawa yanked his hand back and looked up to see Iwaizumi’s eyes bleed alpha red, his teeth bared and gritted. Oikawa shrank back a bit, feeling his own eyes begin to glimmer omega gold in response. Unconsciously, he tilted his neck, offering Iwaizumi freedom to mark his scent glands, if it wasn’t for the collar.

So this is alpha dominance, Oikawa thought in the back of his mind.

Iwaizumi leaned back, pulling his sweatpants down low enough to let his dick bob free, and Oikawa watched it bounce with wide eyes, like he was watching his first porno and the top had just whipped it out.

Iwaizumi’s other went to Oikawa’s neck, and gave it a brief squeeze. Then, he started pumping himself, squeezing Oikawa’s neck in time to his thrusts through his hand.

Oikawa was surprised to find that he really liked this light asphyxiation. It made his head floaty, but wasn’t so overwhelming that he felt he might faint. Oikawa was able to enjoy this sensation, while watching Iwaizumi’s hand move steadily, precome leaking down his length and over his fingers from the flushed head. Oikawa licked his lips, wishing for a taste.

“So good Hajime,” Oikawa said, voice sounding far away to his own ears. “I love this. Love you.”

Iwaizumi shuddered through a sigh, giving Oikawa’s neck one last squeeze as he gripped the based of his dick, where the knot was already forming.

“Tooru,” Iwaizumi murmured, the want in his voice making it rough. “Turn over.”

It took a bit of team maneuvering, since Oikawa was propped on Iwaizumi’s lap, and also shaking like a baby deer from sensitivity. Iwaizumi ended up lifting Oikawa’s leg up over his head, which almost made him come, and flipped him over. Then, Oikawa was pulled back onto Iwaizumi’s lap.

“Ah, Iwa-chan,” Oikawa groaned, breath puffing against Iwaizumi’s neck. “I don’t think I can take much more of this. I’m really gonna come.”

Iwaizumi kissed his temple soothingly. “We’ll be done tonight soon.”

‘Really?’ Oikawa wanted to ask, but he got distracted by Iwaizumi fitting his dick in the cleft of his ass. Oikawa felt the head rub against the base of the plug, and keened a desperate whine.

Suddenly, Iwaizumi’s hand was on the back of neck, pressing him down into the mattress. Oikawa gasped as Iwaizumi rocked forward, letting his dick slide between Oikawa’s cheeks and tease at the plug nestled there. Oikawa gripped the sheets helplessly, as he let Iwaizumi rut against him, his dick tugging and pushing the plug in agonizing ways. The plug kept tapping at his prostate with every thrust of Iwaizumi’s hips, and the heat of his dick made Oikawa want to melt.

Inside! Inside! Please, Hajime, just put it inside! Oikawa wanted to scream.

“Babe,” Iwaizumi grunted. “We can’t. You’re going to get pregnant. I can’t grab the condoms now.”

Apparently he had been screaming that. Oikawa looked back over his shoulder, and Iwaizumi met his heavy gaze. He didn’t even think about the words he said next.

“Then do it. Make me pregnant.”

Iwaizumi bit harshly into the meat of Oikawa’s shoulder. Oikawa felt the teeth pierce his skin and stilled, moan cut short into a gasp, body so tensed he was worried his hole would snap the plug inside of him. Oikawa felt himself come, dick spurting against his abdomen and dripping out between the lace, and slick leaking around the plug. It made Iwaizumi’s dick slide faster against him, and soon, Oikawa heard Iwaizumi moan low and deep, shuddering as he came all over Oikawa’s back.

Oikawa collapsed bonelessly against the bed, and the last thing he saw before he passed out was Iwaizumi licking his blood from his teeth.


Oikawa really let the door slam behind him this time. It gave a satisfying bang as Oikawa continued to stalk away from the house. He wanted to tear his hair out. Really? Really!? Could his mother and mother-in-law not get along for at least ten minutes? They were never like this before the engagement! Did they really just suggest to postpone the wedding, just because they weren’t getting along?

Well, I’M not having it! Oikawa wanted to yell. He was going to march straight to city hall, fill out the marriage registration, and be done with this whole mess! Forget the ceremony! Forget his no-good family!

His mothers fighting all the time, his fathers looking like speechless idiots. Himari, telling him to just let it blow over.

IT’S BLOWING ME OVER! Oikawa wanted to scream. He felt like he was about to fall apart at the seams, shaking with rage and sorrow combined.

He swiped at his eyes and nose. They could go to hell for all he cared. Oikawa was getting married with or without them, preferably without.

In his anger, Oikawa had wandered into the field by his neighborhood, and sighed in frustration. He was never going to get to city hall in time. He let his feet carry him, kicking any stone he saw on his path.

As Oikawa looked up, he noticed that the trees felt familiar. Going further down the path, Oikawa discovered the little alcove he used to hide in when ‘ran away from home’ as a kid.

It was much smaller than he remembered. ...He wondered if he could still fit. Oikawa crouched down, hunched, and folded himself, and it was still a squeeze. He couldn’t help but laugh, with leaves brushing his face, branches scratching his sleeves, and trunks close around him. Oikawa couldn’t even lift his head, so he was forced to stare at his hands.

The sun filtered through the gaps in the alcove, and reflected off his ring. Oikawa looked at it, admiring the way it shined, until tears blurred his vision, and he started crying.

It was ugly crying too, Oikawa could tell from the way his chest was heaving and his nose was completely snotty. He didn’t care. Everything was ruined now.

A crunch of leaves underfoot broke through his wails. He saw knees, and then a head dip down to peek at him.

“Thought I’d find you here,” Iwaizumi smiled.

Oikawa sniffled and frowned. “So? Is the wedding off now?”

Iwaizumi stopped smiling. “What? No, of course not. Why would you think that?”

Oikawa wanted to burrow further into his hideaway. “Because our moms…”

Iwaizumi sighed. “Ignore them, Tooru.”

“I can’t!” Oikawa burst out, shocking Iwaizumi to wide eyes. “I can’t just ignore their feelings! I already did that when I had Seiji, so I can’t betray them again! But it sucks! Nothing is working out and I’m just sad and frustrated all the time! I hate everything! ….Mostly myself.”

It was a while before Iwaizumi spoke. “Tooru? Will you come out of there?” Iwaizumi didn’t wait for Oikawa’s answer, and reached gentle hands in to pull him out of the alcove, and up to his feet. Then, Iwaizumi pulled out a handkerchief, and wiped Oikawa’s face with it.

“Iwa-chan carries a handkerchief? How unexpected.” Oikawa remarked.

Iwaizumi pinched his nose. “Shut it and blow.”

Oikawa’s nose honked as he did so. Iwaizumi rubbed his nose so clean, it was raw. Then he pocketed the handkerchief, and grabbed Oikawa’s head, swiftly pulling it down.

Oikawa recognized that look in Iwaizumi’s eyes, and shut his eyes, bracing for impact. But instead of a headbutt, Iwaizumi gently tapped their foreheads together, and let them stay touching.

“Tell me,” Iwaizumi said into the small space between them, “why you hate yourself?”

Oikawa teared up again, and found himself spilling everything to Iwaizumi. The frustration with their families. The tiredness of all the hoops just to get married. The irrational insecurity about their relationship. And especially, the baby envy.

“I’m sorry,” Oikawa sobbed when he was finished ranting. “I know we can’t.”

Iwaizumi raised an eyebrow at that. “Who said we couldn’t?”

“But during your rut…” Oikawa began.

“That’s before I knew you wanted one,” Iwaizumi said. “You should have told me, Tooru. If you want a baby, let’s have a baby.” Iwaizumi lightly knocked his forehead against Oikawa’s. “Instead of worrying about everything on your own again, just talk to me. We’ll make things work, babe.”

“But we already have Seiji…” Oikawa argued.

“So? He’s gonna be our only kid?” Iwaizumi laughed. “Hate to break it to you babe, but I’m planning on having a whole litter with you. Seiji deserves some siblings, don’t you think?”

Oikawa blushed to the roots of his hair. “Iwa-chan! You can’t just say that!”

Iwaizumi grinned. “Say what? That if I could, I’d keep you pregnant until we have a whole volleyball team of kids?”

Oikawa pulled back and covered his face with his hands. “Hajime!”

Iwaizumi moved Oikawa’s hands away, and kissed him. “I love you.”

Oikawa pouted. “Me too, you big bully.”

Iwaizumi took Oikawa’s hand in his. “I’ve said this before, but you’re not alone. We’re a team. Marriage makes us a team forever, so you never need to get stressed on your own again. From now on, we handle all our problems together, ok? Promise me.”

Oikawa sighed, resting his forehead against Iwaizumi’s with a smile. “I promise.” Oikawa looked back towards their neighborhood. “I guess we should head back home now.”

“Not yet,” Iwaizumi replied. “I promised to distract you for another half an hour while they’re putting together an apology dinner for you.”

Oikawa snorted, and Iwaizumi snickered with him. They stayed outside, holding hands and huddled close, as the clouds disappeared, and the sun finally set.