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some nights

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It amazed Polnareff how many times it actually happened. How even after almost losing Abdul, after finally accepting that nothing can bring his dear, little sister back, he still dreams about that day. Sherry’s sweet voice thanking him for the umbrella, her warm smile that reminded him of his dead mother, and quick goodbyes while she was rushing to catch up with her friend. And then everything suddenly changed, sunny weather was replaced with heavy rain, cheerful voices turned to screams and everything went dark.

He was startled awake by someone shaking his shoulder. He lunged, not entirely awake, and bumped into something big and heavy and fell off the bed with dull thud. He heard a grunt of discomfort and raised himself on his arms, fully prepared to fight against another enemy stand user only to look down at Jotaro’s face. They stayed like this for a short while, looking at each other, until Polnareff’s brain finally decided to start working. He scrambled off Jotaro, mumbling quick apologizes only to be silenced by a hand on his shoulder. “Are you okay?” Jotaro asked softly, his eyebrows furrowed in worry. Polnareff closed his eyes for a short while to calm down before smiling shakily.

“Yeah, sorry for waking you up.”

“ Don’t apologize, I wasn’t sleeping anyway.”

The Frenchman looked at the younger’s male face and felt his lips twitch into a smile. His hair was ruffled, eyes struggling to stay open, clearly he had woken him up. He hadn’t said anything though, it was nice of Jotaro to try to make him feel better.

“Okay, okay. Anyway, I’m going back to sleep.” he said and stood up. The other male didn’t reply, he was just looking at him. Polnareff coughed and tried to ignore the feel of Jotaro’s eyes on him. He lied on the bed and pulled the covers over his head. He muttered a quiet goodnight and closed his eyes. It was silent for a few minutes and he started to feel drowsy only to flinch when he remembered the reason why he awoke. He tensed when he felt the bed dip next to him.


He wondered if he should pretend to be asleep but decided against it. “Yeah?” he said, his voice muffled by the pillow.

“… move a bit.” replied Jotaro and before Polnareff could say anything he lied on the bed next to him.

“H-hey, Jotaro, what are you doing?”

"Isn't this obvious?"

Well, he was right, it was obvious. Jotaro's strong arms hugged him from behind, his entire body pressed to the older man's back. Polnareff shuddered when Jotaro's breath tickled his neck, they've never been this close. Friendly touches became a common thing between them among the journey, but this? Even though it was unusual Polnareff started to relax. The warm body next to him provided comfort he longed for. Jotaro wasn't good with words, so he showed his affections with actions instead and Polnareff was fine with it. He learned how to read the other man's expressions, even when they seemed the same to everyone else.

"Thank you, Jotaro." he murmured silently, his lips tugging into a gentle smile. He felt the other man tense for a second before he got a reply.

"Just go back to sleep."

And Polnareff did just that. He didn't need to share his worries with Jotaro because he knew the other man understood him anyway, words weren't needed when it came to them.