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"No seriously, I know you can't let it go, but this song is actually really cool."

Annie sighed deeply on the other end of the line. "If you make one more damn Frozen pun, Mikasa, I will freeze your ass."

Mikasa laughed outright and then lazily kicked the lounge blanket off of her legs. She was in the lounge, rolled up on the couch. Day 6 without Eren and Armin and she had yet to lose her mind. Mikasa didn't want to exactly admit that having Annie's company, be it over the phone, really helped. It took her mind off of the state of things, especially now that Mikasa had decided to go on early leave and would be at home for the next two weeks. At least her brothers would be home the next day, and all would return to normal.

"Annie, I found this song on YouTube. Seriously, go listen to it. Makes 'Let It Go' pretty bearable. And come on, the original song is really nice."

"Really nice my ass," Annie growled. "I have lost count of the amount of toddlers and dumb adults that have screeched that song."

"Have you seen the movie?"

"Of course I saw the damn movie. Reiner nearly ate my face off until I agreed to go with him."

Mikasa nibbled on her lip and took a short, shallow breath. Reiner, huh? This was the first time Annie had mentioned a name, and Mikasa assumed that Reiner was one of her two roommates, since Annie had expressed that she hated people in general. All the time.

"Reiner?" Mikasa asked, trying not to sound as jealous as she was. "He your roommate?"

Annie went completely silent, and then she let out a soft chuckle and Mikasa felt her cheeks warm. "Yeah," Annie answered. "He's the big blonde guy that always posts on my wall on Facebook."


"Jesus Mikasa, stop sounding so thirsty."


"Like I can feel your claws already."

"I do not have claws."

"Mikasa, you're jealous."

"Am not."

"You are so fucking into me, aren't you?"

Mikasa's face turned a darker shade of red. "Annie, I swear."

"If I came to your flat right now would your face be red, hmm?"

Mikasa laughed nervously and sat up on the couch. "No."

"Oh really?"

There was a knock on the door.

"Annie?" Mikasa choked out, terrified. She heard a chuckle over the line and her heart sped up. Her ears rushed with the sound of her rapid heartbeat, and suddenly Mikasa forgot how to work her mouth. She opened it, left it like that, suspended, and then sucked in a deep breath.

"Mikasa?" Annie asked, sounding more amused than she should have been. "Why do you sound like you're dying?" She was teasing.

Mikasa licked at her dry lips and hesitantly headed over to the door. Annie was speaking again, but Mikasa didn't focus. Was Annie on the other side of the door? If she listened carefully, could she hear Annie's voice from the other side instead of from the phone? When she opened the door, would icy blue eyes stare up at her in amusement, with a cocky smirk below them? Mikasa wasn't sure what the answer would be, and her hands shook badly as she reached out and grabbed a hold of the door handle. Her heart lurched, her stomach fluttered, and then she ripped the door open and inhaled sharply.

"Mikasa! Jesus, you look like you've just seen a ghost," Eren exclaimed, a hand at his chest. "Dude, are you okay?"

"Mikasa?" Annie spoke frantically on the phone. "Mikasa, where the hell are you? Who spoke just now? Are you seriously dying?!"

Mikasa remained frozen, and then she relaxed and covered her face with a hand. Annie still yelled in her ear and Eren began to yell in the other. Armin stepped carefully into the flat, his arms full with their bags. He gave Mikasa a soft pat on the shoulder, though when Mikasa caught his gaze, it told her that he wanted to know exactly why she had looked so frightened.

"I'm fine," Mikasa finally said, to both Eren and Annie. The former relaxed and finally entered the room, while the latter fell silent.

"You sure? I was just joking, you know. About dropping by."

Mikasa laughed softly, almost ashamed with herself. "Annie, tell me what number your flat is."


Mikasa inhaled sharply. "Annie," she said sternly. There was no hint of amusement or playfulness left. "Tell me, right now. I just had a near panic attack because I thought you were at the door."

"And your immediate response is to threaten information out of me?" Annie barked back, surprised. She went silent as Mikasa did, and then she sighed softly. "128," she answered softly.

"Are your roommates out?"


Mikasa's heart lurched again, but she tightened her hold on the phone and straightened her shoulders. "So, pizza or sushi?"

"Are we having fucking dinner or something?"

"SMS me when you've decided. I'll be visiting within the hour. See you soon, Annie." Mikasa quickly ended the call before Annie could protest, and then she turned to see Armin standing and staring. "What?"

"That sounded odd," he told her, eyes narrowed in suspicion. They stared at each other for a long, silent moment. Mikasa wasn't ready to tell him about her new favourite stranger. Eren was already lumbering down the hall towards them. The sound of Eren's steps must have brought Armin back to himself, since his stern expression fell away to amusement, and then he shrugged. "But then again that's none of my business."

Mikasa opened her mouth to respond, but was cut off my Eren's voice.

"Oi, Mikasa where are my socks?!"