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Mikasa pressed a thumb against her throbbing temple as she opened the front door and tiredly trudged inside. She merely shoved the door closed with a foot, tossed her bag onto the ground and then flipped the light switch. She paused when she saw the state of the lounge, and shut her eyes for a full minute before blowing out a curse and tapping wildly on her phone for Eren’s number. She decided to send an angry message his way, because her brother had promised that he would clean before leaving for his weeklong vacation with Armin and the boy hadn’t done so. Either he had forgotten to, or he had “forgotten” to. Mikasa felt like throwing something, but an angry sms would do. Huffing, she plopped down on the couch where one of Eren’s boxer’s lay strewn and kicked it away with a grimace after sending the message.

Mikasa (19:42): I swear to god I will choke you with your underwear when you get back. Don’t even try to make up an excuse for this.

She felt like elaborating on what she was upset about was unnecessary. If Eren had forgotten, Armin would remind him, no doubt. So with the message sent, Mikasa felt her headache ease slightly and she switched the TV on. The latest episode of Orphan Black was about to begin and Mikasa would be damned if she missed it. It was just getting interesting when Mikasa felt her phone vibrate with a message, and she grinned to herself, thinking it was Eren. It wasn’t.

Unknown: (20:02): Surely there is no excuse for whatever was done. You sound upset. Make it look like a suicide, not a murder. Oh and this is the wrong number, by the way. Good luck choking whoever pissed you off.

Mikasa straightened in her seat and furrowed her brows. She checked her sent messages, wondering how in the hell she had gotten the wrong number, and flushed when she realized that she had, in fact, mixed up the end digit. She had sent that message to a complete stranger. But Mikasa wasn’t one to freak out over a dumb mistake. With a slight shaky inhale, she typed up a response and hoped that this stranger was partial to amusing, weird conversations.

Mikasa (20:04): Hmm, that’s a good idea. I’ll make it seem like he tripped and swallowed his sock. Sorry for the weird message, by the way. I’m tired and I pressed one wrong button.

She waited a minute and received a response, fairly quickly, too, which was odd. Was the stranger waiting for her reply?

Unknown (20:05): You sound positively charming.

Mikasa frowned.

Mikasa (20:06): You don’t even know me. You’re a stranger.

Unknown (20:07):  I was being sarcastic.

Mikasa (20:08): … I knew that.

Unknown (20:08):  Of course you did. So who pissed you off, Miss Murder by Underwear?

Mikasa (20:10): How do you know I’m a miss? And it was my brother, not that you should care. You’re a stranger

Unknown (20:11): I assume a lot of things and usually I’m right. Plus, you messaged me by accident. You started this.

Mikasa (20:11): Dude you continued it.

Unknown (20:13): Oh no, did I piss you off too? Please don’t murder me with my bra.

Mikasa’s cheeks heated up slightly—clearly this stranger was a woman, too. It hadn’t really hit her yet that she was actually having this conversation with a complete stranger.

Mikasa (20:14): Ha ha. I’m laughing so hard.

Unknown (20:15): Oh I can hear the laughter. But really. Did he mess the place up? Leave his underwear all over?

Mikasa (20:17): How did you even... okay you know what? I don’t really care. This is pretty weird. Sorry for interrupting your evening.

Unknown (20:18): Hey, wasn’t the weirdest text I’ve gotten. We should probably stop responding, yeah?

Mikasa (20:19): Yeah. Again, sorry.

Unknown (20:20): No problem, Miss Murder by Underwear.

Mikasa left the conversation at that, chuckling lightly under her breath. She decided to finish the episode of her show and then head to bed. Strangely, thoughts of choking Eren were far from her mind as she lay in bed later on. What had her wondering was what the stranger had been thinking, and perhaps what she looked like. Mikasa imagined someone snarky, persistent. Someone that would probably piss her off easily. Mikasa fell asleep thinking of the stranger.