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The next day Mikasa arrived home much like she had the previous night, though it was absent of the headache and the waiting mess inside. She was relieved to finally step into her home, and felt a slight pang of loneliness that Eren’s bright smile wasn’t there to greet her, or Armin’s big blue eyes. So she slipped her phone out, entered the kitchen and stuck her head into the fridge, mid-SMS. After lazily pulling out some ingredients and then heading over to the stove, she hit send and placed the phone down on the kitchen counter.

Mikasa (19:54): Hey Eren. How is the holiday going? Don’t keep Armin up too late! And please remember to wear sunscreen. Let me know that you guys are still alive and breathing. Love, Mikasa.

She busied herself by making her dinner but kept an ear out for her phone. It didn’t take long for it to ring with a message, and the brunette quickly wiped her hands off on a dish towel before grabbing her phone and tapping on the message.

Unknown (20:01): Mikasa, I’m beginning to feel like you’re intentionally sending me these messages. Are you hitting on me? Wrong number, again, by the way.

Mikasa sputtered and slammed her palm against her forehead. “Again?” she yelled to no one, to herself. Her cheeks went red and warm and it took a long moment before she could look down at the message again. Part of her wanted to simply delete the message and act like she hadn’t just embarrassed herself again, but another part felt compelled. This stranger was certainly being amusing. Normal people would have just ignored it, or simply said it was the wrong number, perhaps with a hint of irritation. Instead this woman—if Mikasa’s guess was correct that it was a woman—was engaging in the conversation with smart comments. It made Mikasa itch in the worst way—like when Eren acted like a child and she had to resist the urge to violently flick his forehead.

With a sigh—and with dinner forgotten—Mikasa hopped up onto the counter and then typed up her response.

Mikasa (20:03): Well, I’m beginning to feel like the universe is insisting that I continue to unknowingly harass you. Seriously, why is your number one digit away from my brother’s?

Unknown (20:04): Blaming the universe, huh? My phone was stolen a week ago so I had to get a new sim. Totally wasn’t intentional on my part. Wait. Are you hot?

Mikasa blinked rapidly, flushed, and then a slow grin spread out on her face.

Mikasa (20:05): Smoking hot.

Unknown (20:05): Hmm, gay?

Mikasa (20:07): Hella gay

Unknown (20:10): Okay, then this is all totally intentional. I’d be smart and ask for your number, but…

Mikasa covered her mouth as she barked out a short, surprised laugh. No one was around to witness it, but she still glanced quickly around the room before composing herself and clearing her throat.

Mikasa (20:11): Ha ha.

Unknown (20:12): Come on that was legitimately funny.

Mikasa (20:13): The attempt was, maybe. But the delivery left much to be desired.

Unknown (20:15): I bet that’s how you get all the ladies into your bed.

Mikasa (20:15): I’m going to change the topic. You know my name, but I don’t know yours.

Unknown (20:16): Too bad, Mikasa.

Mikasa (20:16): You aren’t going to tell me?

Unknown (20:16): Why would I? This is fun. Leave me shrouded in mystery, like an unattainable desire, that which is untouchable.

Mikasa (20:17): That was so gross I might puke rainbows.

Unknown (20:19): Oh but that’s simply how /I/ get all the ladies into my bed.

Mikasa (20:20): Bad puns and half assed jokes? And bad poetic lines?

Unknown (20:21): Basically.

Mikasa (20:22): You sound positively charming.

Unknown (20:22): Is this revenge for yesterday?

Mikasa (20:25): Maybe. Tell me your name.

Unknown (20:25): No.

Mikasa (20:27): Alright, I’ll simply call you The Unattainable Desire. How about that?

Unknown (20:28): *gasp* Sounds perfect, Miss Murder by Underwear.

Mikasa (20:30): It’s Mikasa.

Unknown (20:31): Mikasa a.k.a Miss Murder by Underwear.

Mikasa (20:31): You are so annoying.

Unknown (20:34): I already know this.

Mikasa realized that much time had passed, so she simply abandoned the thought of having a proper dinner and snagged a breakfast bar from the cupboard. She headed to the lounge, tearing the wrapper with her teeth and typing away with one hand.

Mikasa (20:35): Seriously, what’s your name?

Unknown (20:37): You’re persistent, aren’t you?

Mikasa plopped down on the couch, switched the TV on just for background noise and then snorted softly in amusement. She swallowed a mouthful of the nutritional bar as she considered her response

Mikasa (20:39): I tend to usually get what I want.

Unknown (20:39): Not this time. I’m not telling. So is Eren your brother? Or Armin?

Mikasa (20:40): Eren and Armin are my foster brothers. Eren is the one that I wanted to murder yesterday.

Unknown (20:41): You sound like a mother hen.

Mikasa (20:42): Eren will choke on his own tongue if I don’t watch over him.

Unknown (20:44): Note to self, Mikasa is disturbingly protective, to the extreme.

Mikasa (20:47): You’re a stranger. I don’t have to put up with this.

Unknown (20:51): Hey, I’m hot and gay too, if that helps. Totally worth putting up with. Not much to put up with though.

Mikasa (20:55): Does that mean you’re short?

Unknown (20:59): That is not what I meant.


Mikasa blinked slowly and squinted at the loud, angry response. Her heart pattered once, hard, and then her lips spread apart in a grin and she found herself laughing. She had just discovered something vital. Her mysterious stranger definitely was short, and she had a complex about it. This was getting good. It didn’t even occur to Mikasa that she had spent an entire hour chatting to a complete stranger.

Mikasa (21:00): Okay, fair enough. I’ll call you the ‘Tall Mysterious Stranger’ then, yeah?

Unknown (21:01): I am going to hunt you down and find you, Mikasa.

Mikasa laughed again, loudly, and collapsed onto her back. Oh really? she thought in amusement.

Mikasa (21:03): I’d like to see you try, Short Stuff.