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Just before the latest episode of Orange is the New Black began to air, the lounge was suddenly bathed in blackness. Mikasa, who was snuggled up nicely on the couch with a bowl of cereal in hand and a blanket around her shoulders, stiffened for a moment before relaxing and letting out an irritated puff of air.

“Seriously?” she exclaimed, eyes rolling. “Fucking Eskom.”

Just as she was about to enjoy one of her favourite shows the electricity had to go out. She could already hear the thumping of angry footsteps above her, and the low rumble of complaints to her left. Her neighbours were pissed, and rightfully so. It was only seven-thirty in the evening. Some people were only returning from work now, exhausted and ready for a nice evening meal. That meal was no longer possible, unless they ordered pizza. Which actually sounded like a fantastic idea.

After swallowing the last of her milk, the cereal now long gone, Mikasa stood and expertly weaved her way around her dark living room. Even though she could not see a thing, she had enough of a picture in her mind of the layout not to knock into something and smack the floor with her face. Mikasa found her torch hanging on the wall in the kitchen and switched it on with one press of a button. A pale shaft of light spilled out from the small device, and Mikasa squinted for a moment until her eyes adjusted. She then went over to the cutlery drawer and bent down to rummage around in the lowest, looking for one of the Domino’s Pizza menus she had.

Twenty-three minutes later Mikasa sat in the lounge, alone, surrounded by darkness, chewing on delicious peperoni pizza. The cheese simply melted in her mouth, and she blushed at the sensual moan she released after her latest bite. Hot damn, their pizza was good. And as her mouth continued to spasm in utter pleasure, her phone vibrated much the same in her lap. Mikasa picked it up and tapped it with interested, wincing when the bright light hit her right in the eyes. It was a message from a certain short individual, and Mikasa smiled around another slice of pizza.

Annie (20:01): Looks like ‘Eks Dom’ is at it again. Are you scared of the dark?

Mikasa (20:02): No. Let me guess, you are, right?

Annie (20:05): Pfft, no.

Mikasa (20:05): Oh you totally are.

Annie (20:06): Am not.

Mikasa (20:08): My mouth is in ecstasy right now btw.

Annie (20:13): Wait what?

Mikasa (20:14): Pizza. I’m eating the best pizza known to mankind.

Annie (20:15): Domino’s?

Mikasa (20:15): The one and only.

Annie (20:16): So your mouth orgasms just with decent pizza?

Mikasa (20:18): Hey, Eren loves the crap Debonair makes, so I never get a chance to taste heaven like this.

Annie (20:19): Oh lord, I feel for you.

Mikasa (20:21): I appreciate the feel that you feel for me, Shorty.

Mikasa (20:21): I mean Annie ;)

Annie (20:23): You’re playing a dangerous game here Asian.

Mikasa (20:26): I’m ‘Asian’ now? Wow, racist much.

Annie (20:27): I am rolling my eyes so hard right now that I literally just saw my brain. Ha ha.

Mikasa (20:29): That sounds painful.

Annie (20:31): It was, trust me.

Mikasa (20:32): So what are you doing besides gazing into your own grey matter?

And so their conversation went for the next hour and a half, jokes and teases, genuine questions and amused remarks. Time passed by so quickly that Mikasa blinked blindly in surprise when her TV blasted back to life and the lights around her broke the darkness. The rowdy laughter from the TV invaded her gentle quiet, and Mikasa quickly scrambled to switch the damn thing off before her eardrums burst. She collapsed back onto the couch when silence filled the room again, and then she felt her phone vibrate and she sighed.

How had the time gone by so quickly, just from talking to a stranger?