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Hungry Like the Wolf

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Scorpius’s perspective

I jerk awake when someone shouts in my ear “MORNING SUNSHINE!” after gathering my bearings I find Rose on the floor laughing.
“What was that for?” I ask. I glance at the clock to see what time was, it’s seven thirty am. “WHAT THE HELL ROSE!” I take a deep breath and calm down “Rose why am I awake at seven thirty in the morning?” Rose is giving me and evil grin causing my stomach to clench “What?”
“Well, Scorpius you should know that slaves don’t ask questions.” What slaves don’t ask question?

“Now Scor” Rose smirks as she walks towards me “Are you going to be a slave and do as you’re told for me and Al separately?” I take a deep breath.
“Fine separate days! You win. But as it was so close please can the two days be before the end of the summer. I really don’t want you to hold this over my head for ages.”

“So I’m your slave for the day then. And you wanted to get your days’ worth.” I can’t help but think of ways that I could serve her… NO STOP IT NOW! As I watch Rose gets up and starts looking though my cloths before pulling some out and threw them at me.
“Get dressed. In those.” She then walks out the door and I hear her thump down the stairs. I drag myself out of bed and head to the bathroom for a shower. I glance into the mirror as I get in to the shower and see that my face has a huge grin spread across it. I shake my head if I’m going to survive today I had better get a better grasp of my facial expressions. Like that will happen, I have no control when it comes to Rose. After a quick shower walk back to my room I pull on a pair of boxers and pick up what Rose threw at me. She threw my favourite pair of jeans and the t-shirt she saved from my house. I shake my head again and pull them on the t-shirt is tight but not uncomfortably so I move to the mirror to see how it looks. It’s very tight across my chest but it doesn’t look too terrible, I swing my arms about and nothing rips or feels super uncomfortable, I shrug my shoulders and head down stairs.

“Ahh. You’re finally dressed. Now you can make me some breakfast, I’m thinking an omelette?” I grin at her and start making her an omelette.
“If I’m your slave for the day does that mean I have to call you Master or would you prefer Mistress?” she laughs at that
“No Scor you don’t have to call my anything unless you want to. As long as you do as I tell you that is.” I smirk at her and tip the cooked omelette on to a plate before
“Well then here is your omelette my Queen.” I grin as I say this “So what’s the plan for today?”
“Scor we are doing one of your favourite things… Shopping!”
“Noooo! Please Rose anything but that!” I hate shopping.


We have been in Flourish and Blotts for about an hour a half during which time Rose has given me seven hard back books to carry. She is currently checking out a history book on Egyptian curses, she adds it to the pile and gives me a grin.
“Well I think that should do it for now. Come on lets go pay.” We struggle to the counter to pay. As we wait I can’t help but think that so far today hasn’t been that terrible, apart from losing all feeling in my arms from carrying books it has actually been quite fun. We started the day by going to Roses favourite second hand book shop where she likes to find lots of old strange books with peoples old scribbles in. where some people hate seeing people writing in books Rose thinks they give them character. Personally I don’t mind someone writing in a book but I couldn’t ever do it myself. The girl behind the desk gives us an odd look but doesn’t make a comment. Picking up the new bag of books, I can’t believe how heavy the bags are.
“Ok let’s go get something for lunch then we’re heading to a couple of muggle clothes shops because I want some new clothes and you need to some more things as well. But I need to stop at Gringotts to exchange some Galleons for pounds.” I’m not sure if this afternoon is going to be fun or not I’ve never been into Muggle London before so I can’t help but feel excited.
“So where are we eating then oh glorious Queen of all?” she smirks
“You know I like that. Any way I was thinking the café round the corner.” I smile in response before following her out the door.
We are currently walking down the streets of muggle London. When we had finished eating we the headed over to Gringotts to exchange our galleons for muggle money before heading into muggle London.
"Ok, where are we going first?" I ask
"Well, you need to get more casual clothes and it will probably take less time to get you kitted out so I was thinking we would sort you out. Before we go shopping for me." She says with a grin.
I roll my eyes "Well then which shop are we going to?"
"I was thinking Next, M & S, Fat Face, Debenhams and Top Shop. Well for you it's Top Man but it's the same shop just for guys. Anyway thinking about it maybe it would be easier to just do it one shop at a time. Don't worry though I'll help you." She is rambling while dragging me along.
"So which shop are we going to first then?" I ask
"Next. It has really nice stuff there and the guys section is decent. Plus we're very close now."
Soon we enter a big shop with a glass front and Next in big white letters above the door. As we approached the doors slide to the side.
"How did it do that?" I exclaimed doors don't just move by themselves.
Rose laughed “The doors have these sensors which can tell when someone is near. And then will slide the doors open. Most muggle shops have them." I nod and follow Rose inside. She leads me over to the side of the room to what look like stairs except the steps are moving. But not like the moving stairs at Hogwarts the individual steps are moving upwards. I come to a stop and continue to stare at them. Rose soon realises that I'm not walking by her and turns around to find me, before laughing at me. "Come on it's just an escalator." She grabs my hand and drags me onto the 'escalator'. I grip tightly onto Rose’s hand as well as the banister which moves with the stairs. Once we get to the top we step off and walk into a sea of clothes. "Ok, so you need some new jeans the ones you have are frayed and too small. You also need some t-shirts and probably a jacket. If you want you can get some shoes. Is there anything else you want?" I think for a moment. Thanks to an aunt on my mother’s side who die before I went to Hogwarts I don't need to think about money. "I could do with some jumpers but other than that I think your right." I smile down at her before being pulled into the clothing.


I'm not sure how long we have been shopping for but I don't think I can last much longer. So far I have got six or seven t-shirts, a couple of jumpers and some trouser, a pair of trainers and some shoes. As well as some shorts and other things that I can't remember. Rose on the other hand has got a couple of dresses, some tops, some skirts and shoes all of which she tried on and asked my opinion on. And all of which she looked amazing in. God I wish I could tell her just how good she looked. Actually I wish I could do more than just tell her... NO Scorpius stop now.
"Well I think we are done." Rose decides
"What?" I missed whatever Rose just said. I can't believe I just did that!
"I said that I think we're done. Unless you want to carry on shopping?"
"No we can head back." I quickly reply which causes Rose to laugh.
"I thought you might." I am currently carrying all the heavy bags (like shoes). We make our way back to the Leaky Cauldron and floo over to Rose’s.


“We’re back.” Rose shouted.From out of the room a reply is shouted
“Did you have a good time?” Hermione then walked through the door. "Hugo's at Lily's by the way."
"I had a great time. And I've got loads of new stuff so should be set for the rest of the summer."
"What about you Scorpius? Did you enjoy today?" Hermione asks
"Well it was tiring. But I did enjoy seeing what muggles have done in order to live without magic." I replied I can't help but think of their doors which open by themselves.
"Well I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. Are you staying for dinner?"
"I'm not sure. Ginny is probably expecting me to be eating at hers."
"Well if you want I can floo her for you and ask. I think Hugo was wanting to eat at hers anyway so it will be like an exchange” she smiles.
“Yes. Thank you I would love to stay for dinner.” Rose grins and pulls me back to the fireplace.
“Come on. I’ve bought a lot today and you get to carry it all up to my room.” I roll my eyes before picking up all her bags and taking them up to her room. When I return find her in the Lounge shoes off looking exhausted.
“You look knackered.” I say as I enter the room. She gives me a sleepy smile.
“My feet feel like they’re about to drop off!”
“What do you want me to do about it?”
“Give me a foot rub?”
“What’s the magic word?”
“Give me a foot rub slave?” I laugh before moving to the other end of the sofa that she is collapsed on, and moving her foot into my lap. I gently work my thumbs over her foot eliciting wonderful moans from her. God I REALLY want to kiss her right now… No SCORPIUS STOP IT! I take a deep breath before I move her other foot into my lap and start the whole tortuous ordeal over again. I had just finished with Rose’ other foot when Hermione walked in.
“So I’ve just spoken to Ginny and she is fine with you eating here tonight. Especially as Hugo is staying at hers and he could eat for England, so is grateful to have one less mouth to feed.”
“Thank you for asking Hermione.” I smile.
“No problem. Scorpius maybe you can show my husband correct table manners.”


“So Scorpius what did you think of Muggle London?” Ron asked. While Ron is no longer openly hostile to me, he still doesn’t trust me and will occasionally ask questions to try and prove that I am a pureblood fanatic. However this holiday when I have spoken to me he has seemed much more trusting.
“It was really interesting. I mean their moving staircases are much more practical than the ones at Hogwarts.” I take a bite of the Lasagne “They are so weird though, I don't think I would ever get used to doors opening by themselves.” I take another bite of food before adding. ”This food is amazing.”
“Thanks” Ron smirks
“Thank god Ron inherited his mother’s talent for cooking, I’m terrible.” Hermione added with a smile. Once dinner is finished I help Rose tidy up the dishes. We head to the Library after to put all of Roses new books away. Once we’re done I look around the room Rose is sat on the sofa with one of her new books.
“Scor will you read to me?” she is smiling but looks ready to drop, and. Even if I wasn’t her slave for the day there is no way I could have said no to her.
“Of course I’ll read to you.” I sit down next to her. Rose moves so her head is rested on my shoulder. In order to be more comfortable I move my arm so it is round her waist before opening the book on the first page. The book is told through two perspectives one a blacksmiths daughter Viola and the other a son of a Lord called John, who gets memory loss after being hit round the head whilst checking for survivors on a battle field. It is filled with fighting and we are only into the third chapter. At some point in the second chapter I end up with my head rested on top of Rose’s. I’ve just started the fourth chapter when I realise Rose has fallen asleep. Rather than wake her l decide to just carry her up to her room. Keeping my arm round her waist I move my other arm under her knees. I slowly stand up keeping a careful grip on her, as I exit the room Ron spots me and gives me a small nod and a smile. I make my way to her room and place her on the bed before removing her socks and necklace. I pull her duvet up and before l can stop myself I press a kiss to her forehead. I close the curtains, switch off the light and close the door. I thank Ron and Hermione before heading back to the Potters.