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Hungry Like the Wolf

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Scorpius perspective

It's the first day of lessons and a Monday. I really don't want to get up. Al, Rose and I stayed up quite late last night waiting for Fred and James to arrive so we could find out what they were asked to stay behind about. However they didn't arrive and eventually we were forced to go to bed. I drag myself our of bed grab my uniform and get a quick shower to wake me up. When I leave the bathroom I find Al still in his bed but with his head where his feet should be. He is currently trying to gather all his uniform together without leaving the warmth of his bed. A noble endeavour but unsurprisingly unsuccessful as he falls out of bed landing on his face. As graceful as he is in the air on the ground he is forever falling over himself. After I have finished laughing at Al I finish getting dressed. I grab my bag and put all my books in it as I don't know what lessons I have yet.

After hurrying Al along I finally made it down to the Great Hall. We found Rose as usual sat part way down the Gryffindor table, she always gets up early when at school, don't ask me why. As soon as I sit down I start putting food on my plate, after spending the summer with the Wotter clan has given me an appreciation for grabbing food straight away.
"Have you found out where the seventh years disappeared to?" Al asks Rose.
"Nope. None of the Gryffindors have appeared and I don't know any of the seventh years who have!" She huffs. I can tell she is really irritated that she doesn't know what is going on, normally she has the answer to everything. The sound of laughter catches my attention and I glance at the door to see Fred and James walk through laughing and joking. I point them out to Al and Rose who instantly wave them over.
"Where have you been you didn't come to the dorms last night!" Fred and James smirked at each other and started to pile food onto their plate, waiting for Rose to finish her rant. "Where were you?" She finishes and takes a deep breath, momentarily distracting me.
"Well now you have finished ranting. We will tell you." Fred grins.
"You see Rosie dearest. Due to the seventh year being so amazing." James continued
"So spectacular!"
"So trustworthy!" This causes Al, Rose and I to snort, Fred and James trustworthy, that'll never happen.
"The teachers have decided to honour us be sparing us the horrific task."
"The gruesome task."
"Of dealing with all you little ones."
"Do you want us to tell Emma you called her gruesome Fred?" Rose asked sweetly
"NO! Please don't!" Fred said, looking scared
"Well then get on with it." Rose smiled
"Basically all the seventh year has been split into pairs at random and given rooms similar to the heads dorms to stay in."
"Why have they decided to do that?" Al questioned
"Apparently it is to encourage school unity between the houses." James explained with a shrug.
"Did you like you new rooms boys?" I turn to find Professor Longbottom stood behind me.
"They're great thanks." James replies
"The room's great I just can't believe I have to share with Audrey!" Fred grumbles. James starts laughing at Fred causing Fred's frown to get deeper. "Stop laughing just because you have a roommate who doesn't hate everything you stand for, doesn't give you the right to laugh at me!"
"Anyway boys I need to sort out your timetables. What subjects are you taking this year?" Neville interrupts.
"Care of Magical Creatures, Defence, Herbology, Potions and Muggle studies" Fred lists. Neville nods and taps the sheet in front of him before handing it over to Fred.
"Charms, Defence, Potions, Transfiguration, and Advanced Potions." James says grinning at the look of horror on Longbottom's face at the double potions. After rubbing his face Neville taps the sheet and hands it to James, before turning to me.
"Care of Magical Creatures, Defence, Charms, Transfiguration and Herbology." This gets a smile out of him, over the years we have gotten to be friends as I have a way with the plants. I remember one particular lesson in fourth year I left the lesson looking like I had just gone for a walk while the rest of the class looked like they had just stepped out of a war zone.
Rose rolls her eyes at me before telling Neville what she is doing this year. "Defence, Ancient Runes, History of Magic, Charms, Transfiguration and Arithmancy." Once again Neville looked horrified no one ever continued History of magic unless then hated themselves. However Rose somehow was able to pay attention and enjoy those lessons, Godric knows how.
"Charms, Defence, Potions, Transfiguration and Herbology." Al says Neville nods. When most people hear what Al is taking they assume that he wants to be an Auror but really he wants to become a healer. And he will be great at it, he's really calm in stressful situations.
"Well. Have a nice day." Neville smiles then moves onto the next group of students.

Rose then grabs our timetables so she can compare and see where we share lessons while Fred and James do the same. They only share Potions and Defence but between them they have covered every subject they could possibly need to take over WWW one day. Everyone knows that it's what they want to do, and after six years of mayhem what else could they do.

"Come on you two we have Transfiguration first." Rose tells us.


It's the last lesson on the day. I am currently sat in Defence in between Al and Rose and for the fourth time today I'm having to sit through a lecture on how important this year is and how we have to work harder than ever if we want to succeed. Safe to say it has been a dull day where I haven't learnt much. This lesson is nearly over and I am already so hungry.

Finally Professor Patterson dismisses the class I quickly pack up. Al, Rose and I quickly make our way down to the great hall.
"So Scor you were saying how you started learning about Dobhar-Chu."
"They are actually kind of gross"
"Well then maybe don't tell me when I'm about to eat." Rose interrupts. Rose is a bit squeamish about some things.
"Well as Rose can't stand anything gross. So guess what we did in Potions today?" Al askes. I shrug. I never enjoyed being cooped up in the dungeons with potions boiling.
"We got to smell Amortentia. In fact we got to take a cotton bud dipped in the potion so we can write an essay on what we can smell and why we think we smell those smells. Anyway do you want to take a sniff?" Al grins and starts rummaging in his bag before pulling out the bud. He holds it out allowing Rose to take it. She takes a sniff and blushes, before handing the bud to me to smell. I take a breath and sniff. I can smell sugar quills, the salty air you get off the sea, but the strongest smell is strawberries. I can't stop myself from blushing as I know exactly why I smell strawberries and I can't help remembering the end of school feast last year.
"Well." Al clearly wants to know what we smell. "Personally I smell lavender, cake baking and freshly cut grass."
I clear my throat "Well I smell sugar quills, a sea breeze and strawberries." I feel my blush deepen. We walking to the great hall and sit down at the Gryffindor table.
"I smell ink, leather and cinnamon." Rose says. Helping herself to food.
"What you three on about" Fred asks. I wasn't paying attention when I sat down and look up to see that we have sat down next to Fred and James.
"I got a swab of Amortentia in potions today and wanted to know what these two smelled." Al says looking a bit irritated.
"Hand it over I want to see if it still smells the same!" James says holding his hand out for the cotton bud. Al passes it over allowing Fred and James to smell it.
"Same for me." Fred says "I still smell broom polish, leather and freshly baked bread."
"And I've told you Fred these guys are too young to understand why you have a thing for leather." James teases causing Fred to hit him round the head.
"I thought it was because he fancies Emma and she always has the smell of leather around from her Quidditch padding and from the quaffle." Rose says looking confused by what James had said.
"Well I guess that makes more sense. Fred I didn't know you were capable of such feelings!" James laughs earning him a punch from a blushing Fred.
"What about you James?" Al asks
"Chocolate, Burning matches and Citrus." James says. "Still the same."
"Even after Megan?" Rose asks
"Yer I never really loved her and those smell never related to her." He shrugs. James and Megan had been pretty serious until James found her pressed against a wall by a Slytherin, though he never did say who it was. Turns out she had been cheating on him for over half of their six month relationship. Less than a month later she was begging James to take her back, but he point blank refused to do so.

Dinner is quickly over but we all wanted to see Fred and James' new rooms so we all headed up to the seventh floor to a wing of the school that I have never been in. We decide to see Fred's room first as his dorm mate is a stickler for rules. We approached a portrait of a mermaid.
"Kelpie." Fred says. The mermaid twists and giggles at us, before the portrait swings forward. The five of us walk to the common room. The room is decorated in a mix of Slytherin and Gryffindor colours in such a way that the whole room just makes me think Christmas. There is a small fire place, a red sofa with green cushions on it. There's a table for them to work at and three doors. It's nice but the mix of red and green gives me a headache.
"What are you all doing in here? Fred I said that I didn't want any of you family in here! I am not having my perfect record tarnished by you! Now all of you out!" Audrey shouted while we had been inspecting the room she had appeared through the portrait behind us. Rather than get in to an argument we simply piled out of the room.

Once the portrait closes behind us we all burst out laughing, well, everyone but Fred.
"Oi! Stop laughing! I have to live with that! I swear by the time the year is over one of us is going to be dead." This just makes us laugh even harder. "And the colours in there - looks like Christmas threw up!" Fred continues to whine, causing us to laugh even harder.

Once we have all calmed down James leads us further down the corridor up to a portrait of an old man.
"I love rainbows." James says blandly.
"Do you now. You don't sound very enthusiastic about them. And what about the others. Do they love rainbows too?" The old man grins as he says this. This guy is hilarious.
"I love rainbows!" James exclaims sarcastically.
"Nope not good enough. More energy." The old man chuckles. I look at James he's trying to look irritated by this guy and failing.
Finally James tries again he puts his hand on his heart "I love Rainbows." The emotion seeping from his voice. "In fact Rainbows are the reason I get up in the mornings" his voice cracks at the end causing the old man to wipe fake tear from his eye and swing the portrait open for us. This common room is designed very similarly to Fred's only it's decorated completely in Gryffindor colours. In my opinion this room looks much nicer, it looks like a mini Gryffindor common room.
"Seriously James! Seriously! I get the never ending Christmas, and the Grinch. And you get Gryffindor and a roommate who is cool with us hanging out here and plotting! How is this fair?" Fred then collapses on to the scarlet beanbag.
"Can we see your room?" Al asks
"Well, the door is warded so only I can get up that way but we can try and go through the bathroom" James suggested. We followed him up a short flight of stairs and into the bathroom. As I walk through the door the shower is on my left and a cupboard is on my right. On the opposite side of the room is a large bath under the large window. The view from the window is of the forest. On the right side of the room is a sink and toilet. On either side of the room is a door the one of the reading James the other reading Maya.
"Who's Maya?" I ask.
"My year, Gryffindor, very tall." James responds
"Oh I know who you mean." Al exclaims "Really tall, great pair of ti... eyes." Rose is glaring at him I'm just trying not to laugh. However his helpful explanation does mean I now know who she is.
"Anyway I haven't spoken to her since we first moved in here." James said ignoring Al's comment.
"Do you share any lessons?" Rose asks. James stops to think for a bit before responding.
"Actually, I think she is most of my lessons. I haven't really noticed before, well apart from in potions. She is pretty good at potions."
"Please James she is better than you at potions. She isn't in Defence though, she has Herbology with me." Fred adds. I shake my head at the pair.
"Well are we just going to stand in your bathroom all evening or are you going to show us you room?" I ask
"I'm not sure you'll be able to actually entre the room but feel free to have a try." James says while opening his door and walking through. Fred immediately tries to enter James room and is surprisingly successful. "Ha I knew there would be a loop hole!" We quickly follow them into the room where James is lounging in his bed. Walking round the room I can't help but feel jealous. The biggest downside to Hogwarts is having to share a room with three other guys, and now James had a whole room to himself. And it's a really nice room as well. He has space to spread out. And even though he's left his dirty clothes on the floor, he has somewhere to put his clean ones. He has two desks to work at, one pushed into the corner which he has already has a cauldron bubbling on. The other desk is under one of the windows and covered in rolls of parchment. We return to the common room and chat till it’s nearly curfew before heading off to our respective dorms.