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Hungry Like the Wolf

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James perspective

"EXTERMINATE!" My eyes burst open to be confronted by a screaming Dalek.
"SHIT!" I shout before leaping from bed and tripping over something. I turn and find Fred collapsed on the floor tears streaming down his face as he laughs silently. I look at my bed and see that he has just put a poster of a Dalek across the roof of my bed.
"H..h..happy Birthday!" Fred laughs "Oh Merlin your face! That was the best one ever!" He falls about laughing again. As I calm down and wake up I realise what's going on. It’s my birthday! And it's Halloween!
"Shit! That was a good prank I'll give you that! Crap! But it’s your birthday tomorrow and I'm not gonna hold anything back now." I grin. I have to say that he did well. The Dalek did honestly scare me shitless. I reach up and rub my face only to come into contact with a foreign object under my nose. I have a moustache. I rush to the mirror to see what Fred did. My moustache isn't a pathetic wispy thing, it’s thick but not too bushy. "How long will this be here for?" I ask Fred with a grin. He is still laughing but is slowly calming down.
"Only twenty four hours don't worry."
"Great now piss off. Everything is set up for today we only need to cast the spell. And I want to go back to sleep." I glance at the clock to see what unholy hour Fred deemed acceptable to wake me up on my birthday at. It's 2:30 am. Pillock. The house elves aren't even up yet or I would have my birthday presents at the bottom of my bed. I turn to see Fred still led on the floor almost calm now. He takes a deep breath before dragging himself to his feet.
"Alright I'm going. See you in a few hours." He walks out of the room. I dive back under my duvet and look up at the roof of my bed and see the dalek again, causing me to jump. Shaking my head I stand up to pull the poster down. That bastard has glued it down! Fantastic. I grab my wand and cast a camouflage spell so it blends into the wood behind it. Before collapsing onto my bed and burrowing into my pillow, and drifting back to sleep.


It's a Friday so I still have lessons. But my first period is a free followed by transfiguration, then Alchemy and Potions to end with. So it is actually quite an enjoyable day. Especially as it is Halloween so, we have the Halloween feast to look forward to. But the highlight of the day will be the pranks, and this year Fred and I have concocted a brilliant one. I make my way down to breakfast with my bag of books over my shoulder, normally I would have a lie in but I don't want to miss setting off the prank. I've only brought my bag as I will undoubtedly ended being lectured by McGonagall for my entire free but oh well when she starts lecturing she sometimes forgets about punishments.

When I arrive at breakfast most of the school is already there so I quietly slip in and sit down next to Fred.
"Are you ready?" I whisper. Fred nods and carefully draws his wand. I glance round the room before quietly counting to three.
"Veste mutata" Fred and I say together our wands in perfect sync. There is a beat when suddenly a thick fog starts to appear from the walls, filling hall. I turn and see Fred disappear and silence falls on the school. The fog starts to clear and I look at Fred. He is dressed like a knight out of Merlin. Instead of his uniform he is wearing a long sleeve chainmail shirt, with dark brown trousers and strong leather boots and a scarlet cloak. But the most interesting thing is hanging off his belt is a sword. When we choose this spell we didn't think that it would cause us to have swords. I'm dressed the same as Fred in a scarlet cloak with gold lions embroidered on the material, the only difference is that my chainmail shirt is short sleeves. And I have to say I think we look pretty cool. As I look around I can't stop a huge grin spreading across my face, the whole school's clothes have changed from school uniforms to medieval clothes, even the teacher's clothes had changed. What is surprising is that while most people’s clothes look like clothes people would have worn in court, some first years have squire's outfits, and others are dress more simply in servant’s outfits. Daisy (one of the sluts) is dressed in a bar maids outfit with her boobs bulging out of her top, no doubt she is quite happy about this. As I look down the Gryffindor table I spot someone in a full suit of armour. The different houses have other guys dressed like Fred and I but their cloaks and the colours and animals of their houses.
"Potter! Weasley! Are you to blame for this?" McGonagall calls, silencing the school. Her robes have change into a regal dress. The dress is the same colours as her usual tartan with sensible sleeves and a simple skirt. But upon her head sits a simple golden crown anointing her Queen of the school. I glance at Fred before we both stand up.
"Yer Professor." I say calmly
"It was us." We grin and shrug as the school starts to cheer and take a bow.
"I guess it’s the Wolf's turn then." McGonagall says the smallest hint of a smile on her face. "Now, would you both grab any breakfast you want and follow me." She starts to walk towards the exit of the hall and I hurriedly gather food into a napkin. I see Fred doing the same and quickly make my way to the Entrance Hall. "Come on, my office." She sets off walking at a brisk pace towards her office. After the war when the castle was being rebuilt they created a new headmasters office as many people didn't want to use the original office out of respect. So the old headmaster’s portraits were copied and placed in the new office.
"Robert Burns" McGonagall say causing portrait of how the school originally looks to swing out and reveal the stairs to her office. Upon entering her office I see that not much has changed since we were dragged in there the morning after our glue prank. "Take a seat." McGonagall moves round the table. She waves her wand over one of the cabinet turning the glass in to a mirror. She blinks and turns from side to side looking at her new outfit. "Well boys, I must say I am very impressed." She waves her wand turning the mirror back to glass. She sits down looking every inch the queen she is dressed as. "Before we start when is your first lessons?"
"I've got Herbology first." Fred say
"But I've got a free then Transfiguration." I say with a smile. McGonagall glances at her watch.
"Well we have ten minutes before Fred has to leave for his lesson. Don't let me stop you eating though." I flash a grin at McGonagall before taking a bite out of my bacon, sausage and egg butty. "If we hadn't been in this position before I would be almost impressed that you managed to create that butty so quickly." McGonagall says shaking her head. "Now to business. You have undoubtedly caused some disruption in the school due to the change in clothes especially for the Ravenclaw and Gryffindor first years who have flying lessons today. However, I am very impressed by the pair of you. What spell did you use?" Got to love McGonagall while some teachers would punish us for what we did McGonagall will try to understand how we did what we did before punishing us.
"Well we were in the library and I was looking through an advanced Transfiguration book and I came across this spell. It changes every person’s clothes to a time period of the casters choosing." I explain
"For a while we were torn between making everyone be dressed in sixties or medieval clothes. But we’re sure that if we went with sixties we would have the muggle sixties as that was what we were wanting.”
“Also medieval is much more Halloween-ie in my opinion.” I add. "And its Nick death day so he'll probably prefer to have everyone in his traditional dress.
"So what spell did you use exactly? And how long will it last for?" McGonagall asks clearly very interested. "Oh Fred you need to get going if you’re going to get to Herbology on time."
"Cheers Professor. I'll see you at break." He then gathers his things together and walks out of the room leaving McGonagall and myself alone.
"The spell we used was 'Veste mutata'. It'll only last till the end of the day though." McGonagall nods with a smile.
"I must say the pair of you and the Wolf are a pain to deal with but you do impress me. Which makes it that much harder to punish you for disrupting the school." She sighs.
"What would you do I you found out who the Wolf is?" It's something I've always been curious about.
"I don't know. I suppose it depends on when I found out. If it was after the cup had been awarded I would probably just have a talk with them. Especially after the last end of the year feast. That was very impressive magic. But otherwise I have no idea. But back to business I can't bring myself to take house points for such an impressive piece of magic, so you shall serve detention every evening for the next fortnight discounting weekends. Seem fair to you?" I had honestly thought I would be for a month so I guess we really did impress her.
"Yep. It seems fair to me." I reply
"Good now before you go did you know that the spell would give you swords or not?"
"No Professor we never even considered that that could happen."
"I thought so. Now you can go enjoy your free period." I grin, gather my things up and head out of her office.


"How you two managed to not only transform the entire schools clothes in to medieval fashion and then not lose any house points, I'll never know." Archie laughs
"Well my dear fellow that is because McGonagall loves us." I respond, grabbing some bread to put on my plate. We are currently sat in the Great Hall eating lunch.
"Yer whatever" Archie laughs
"What I want to know is why only James has been given a moustache?" Alex ask
"Well it’s his birthday. So I gave him an extra special surprise." Fred smirks. This I then followed by a chorus of happy birthdays.
"How does it look?" I ask. I didn't get a very good look this morning.
"Like it’s missing something. It needs a beard." Jack decides
"Hmm." I pick up a plate and make it levitate in front of my face before making the surface into a mirror. I point my wand at my face. As I watch a matching beard steadily grows until I have enough of a beard not to look wrong but not so much that I look ridiculous. I return the plate to its original state and lower it back down to the table.
"So what do you think?" I ask
"Yer that's better. You look less of a dick now." Jack says bluntly.
"Hahaha yep much better. Sadly you still have the same face." Alex jokes
"Well I still get more girls that you." I retort, laughing.
"So when do you think the Wolf will strike?" Jack asks. Putting an end to out banter, knowing that we can go on for ages if we want to.
"Well we can never know for certain but as they haven't set it off yet I recon it will be at the feast this evening." Fred says.
"Well I guess that makes sense. But I do have one question. Why are you two dressed as knights when I'm dressed as a jester?" Alex exclaims.
"Well you do entertain people. But honestly we're not sure." I say
"I hadn't even thought about jesters. I mean kings, queens, knights and princess sure but jesters not once." Fred says shrugging. I look at Fred whose attention seems to be diverted. He is looking down the table to where Emma is sat unsurprisingly. She is dressed like a lady of the court, her dress is a soft pink, and makes her look even more beautiful than usual. No wonder Fred is distracted. Rose is sat next to Emma. Her dress is very similar to Emma's except that it is a bright clear blue that matches the Weasley blue eyes perfectly. Scorpius is just as distracted as Fred if not more, he keeps looking at Rose, blushing and diverting his attention only to look at her again a few seconds later.
"One thing I will say is the girls all look great in these dresses. I don't think I've ever seen some of them dressed up before." Archie says trying and failing to subtly look down a girls dress. I slap him round the back of his head to stop him staring.
"Dude! Quit it would you!" The food disappears signalling that it is time to head off to lessons. "Right I'll see you in Potions Fred." I gather my stuff together and leave the Great Hall. I have Advanced Potions next and I don't want to be late, especially as I have already caused some mayhem today. When I arrive only Oscar and Charles aren't there.
"You two are completely ridiculous! You do know that right!" John says as I walk over and unpack my bag.
"I have no idea what you’re talking about!" I say sarcastically. John is wearing a simple shirt, trousers and boots, the sort of thing knights would have worn when they weren't about to fight someone. "And I anyway this is one of the least disruptive prank we have ever done!"
"True. We're brewing today aren't we? I mean we finished the Polyjuice last week and we've done all the theory around it."
"Yer hopefully, I hate the theory it's so dull." Oscar and Charlie walk into the room dressed lavishly in clothes lords would have worn. I look over at the girls, Chloe is in an intricate yellow dress with black detailing around the bodice and long billowing sleeves (and considering that she is in Hufflepuff it is very apt). Around her forehead a thin gold band sits anointing her as princess of the school (no doubt this is because she is head girl). Next to her is Maya who in stark contrast to Chloe’s vibrancy is dresses in a simple grey dress with a cut into the skirts fabric revealing the scarlet material beneath. She has a sleeveless fur coat hanging off her shoulders.
"Good morning everyone!" Slughorn says as he walks into the classroom. He is dressed similarly to Oscar and Charles in Slytherin green with silver and black detailing. Only Slughorn has a medallion hanging round his neck which is in the shape of a serpent. "Before we begin I have to say James my boy you have really out done yourself this time. But I hope you didn't get in too much trouble for it. Anyway today we are covering a new potion. This potion is an interesting one it allows to drinker to watch their last dream. But don't worry I'm not going to ask you to try any. The reason for this is because to be able to brew it we will need the whole lesson. So turn to page fifty one in your text book and off you go. I open the book and turn to John.
"If I get you the extra ingredients can you get my cauldron warming?" I ask. It'll make it easier.
"Sure no problem." John says. I move over to the store room to collect the ingredients only to find Maya knelt down on the floor muttering to herself.
"Are you ok?" She really seems irritated about something.
"Oh great. I'm just great. Do ye know who I love? People who don't put things back where they're supposed t'be. And now thanks t'those wonderful people I'm stuck on floor because someone." She glares at me. "Thought 'hmmm' I know I'll make everyone dress in medieval clothes! So now I can't breathe thanks to this bloody fucking corset!" She takes a deep breath (or as big as she can in her corset) which causes her breasts to heave, momentarily distracting me. "Now give us a hand up seein’ as it's your fault!" Wow I don't think I've ever actually heard Maya say so much in one go. I quickly pull her to her feet.
"Sorry I didn't even think about the girls having to wear corsets." She brushes off her skirt and shrugs. "By the way I never properly thanked you for the Hangover cure. That stuff was amazing I felt brilliant the next morning!"
"It's alright. I just got out wrong side'a bed this morning. So I'm a bit grumpy." She says rubbing her eyes tiredly. "Anyway best get brewin." She grabs the ingredients then walks out of the room. I can't help but stand there for a couple of seconds to just process what happened, before I shake my head and move on.

When I get back to the desk I find John standing by the cauldrons not even paying attention to them. Instead he is looking over at the girls table, more specifically at Chloe. "Mate! At least try to be subtle." I say as I lightly hit his arm to pull him out of his trance.
"Sorry! But did you have to have her in such a bright dress?" John whines
"Look we didn't know what anyone was going to get only the time period." John glances once more over at Chloe, takes a deep breath and gets on with the potion.


"Pass the chocolate cake will you!" Fred shouts down the table. We have finally made it to the Halloween Feast after a day filled with sword fights, sleeves getting burned in Potions, the teachers trying to act unamused. Even the ghosts have go into the spirit of the day, especially Sir Nick as it's his 529th death day and everyone is dressed in clothes from his era. Throughout the day the ghosts have been bursting into classrooms and disrupting lessons and just generally getting into the spirit of the day. Quite frankly it’s been one of the best birthdays I've ever had. I also got a great haul of presents this year. Grandma Molly and Grandad Arthur sent me a huge box with homemade fudge, a lemon drizzle cake and a small box of fireworks. Uncle George sent me a massive box filled with as many different W.W.W. products as he could fit. Mum and Dad sent me some books on hexes, chocolate and more fireworks. I got a broom maintenance kit and a new pair of gloves for Quidditch and a few more presents on top of those. Overall it’s been a great day.

The food on the table suddenly disappears and the school quietens down and turns to look at McGonagall. However instead of standing up ready to make a speech she just looks confused. From out of the Entrance Hall piano starts playing followed by the voice of a woman singing "Ahhh" it’s in this moment that I recognise the song its 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough' by Diana Ross. Just as I recognise it, the doors to the Great Hall burst open and four lines of statues and suits of armour skip into the room in unison forming two circles, one round all the tables the other round just the centre two tables. Once in position the two circles started to skip in opposite directions round the room. Before stopping once more and swaying in time to the music.
"If you need me, call me" in sync the armour and statues point into the centre of the room before moving their hands up to make the call me gesture.
"No matter where you are," the circles start to move, spinning in opposite directions.
"No matter how far
Just call my name" the statues and armour put their hands up in a call me gesture.
"I'll be there in a hurry
On that you can depend and never worry

"No wind, (no wind)" the statues and armour raises their arms (in some of the statues cases arm) and wave them from side to side.
"No rain, (no rain)" they slowly lower their arms mimicking rain with their fingers as they go.
"Nor winter's cold" they wrap their arms around themselves.
"Can stop me, babe
(Oh, babe) baby (baby)
If you're my goal" they point to the centre of the room.

"No wind, (no wind)
No rain, (no rain)
Can stop me, babe
If you wanna go" they repeat the moves from earlier. Some of the statues and armour are really going for it and shaking their hips. It’s hilarious!

"I know, I know you must follow the sun" their hands follow an imaginary sun across the sky.
"Wherever it leads
But remember
If you should fall short of your desires
Remember life holds for you one guarantee
You'll always have me" they point at us before quickly pointing at themselves.

"And if you should miss my lovin
One of these old days
If you should ever miss the arms" They all stretch their arms out towards each other.
"That used to hold you so close, or the lips" they each raise a hand and rest it on the others face.
"That used to touch you so tenderly
Just remember what I told you
The day I set you free" they step apart arms still stretched towards each other.

"Ain't no mountain high enough" in perfect synchrony they all stamp into a power stance and point to the ceiling.
"Ain't no valley low enough" then all move to a knee and point to the ground.
"Ain't no river wide enough" back into a power stance with their arms stretched out.
"To keep me from you" they sweep their hands together pointing at the whole room as they go.

"Ain't no mountain high enough
Ain't no valley low enough
(Say it again)
Ain't no river wild enough
To keep me from you" they repeat the actions but with every move the take a step inwards tightening the circle.

"Ain't no mountain high enough" the each get one foot onto the bench in front of them.
"Nothing can keep me
Keep me from you" they climb onto the tables (including the teachers table) there are eight on each of the house tables and six on the teachers table.

"Ain't no mountain high enough" in their pairs one is lifted into the air.
"Ain't no valley low enough" the 'man' of the pair dips the other one.
(Say it again)
"Ain't no river wild enough" the 'woman' is spun out.
"To keep me from you

Ain't no mountain high enough" the pairs all do different lifts of varying difficulty. The pair on the centre of the teachers table are doing the dirty dancing lift.
"Nothing can keep me
To keep me from you" they hold the positions for a bit before one by one lowering themselves back to the table. As the song ends the light in the room fade till the room is black.

The silence spreads through the room, then from the dark this familiar music that sounds like its being played on a violin and a flute or some similar instruments begins to be played. Candles come to life illuminating around two statues. As the music picks up the pace the statues start to dance. There upper bodies are perfectly still but their legs are flying through the air in perfect unison. Their feet hitting the table with sharp clicks. As the song increases more dancers are revealed. There are two different groups, each group is in perfect sync with each other. However in spite of the steps being different their feet tap out the same rhythm. Its then that I realise that they are river dancing and that the song is lord of the dance. Suddenly the song swells and all the candles light to reveal that while we had all been focusing on the dancers on the tables more statues and suits of armor had entered the hall and were now dancing in unison. They moved and form this spiral around the halls and over the tables. They stop and in time with the music, almost in a Mexican wave they all click their feet and cross their arms. When it gets to the end of the spiral they then reverse the process back down the line, before all linking together and dancing harder than ever. Their legs all kick at the same height and their feet click in perfect sync. As suddenly as the whole thing started the song ends with a final click of their feet and once again the hall is plunged into darkness with a Wolf's howl to remind us who we have to thank for the sceptical. When the candles relight the room I empty of statues and suits of armour, the only proof that they had ever been here, the look of shock and awe on everybody’s faces. After a beat of silence the whole school including most of the teachers erupt in cheers, myself included because that was brilliant. The choreography of the first song was simple but so well executed that it worked like a flash mob. But the second song was a master piece!

"Well that was very entertaining and I would like to thank the Wolf for leaving a note on my desk suggesting that I don't worry about the entertainment for the feast. I have to say I'm not sure I could have booked anything that would top that. Now the food has returned eat up then it’s off to your dorms." McGonagall sits down and everyone goes straight back to their conversations.

"Wow. I didn't think there was a chance of the Wolf beating you after this morning but that... It was brilliant I honestly don't know which was better." Emma says.
"It was so impressive! I mean it took us weeks to plan out our prank. But that I don't even know how they did that. And it must have taken ages to prepare." Fred says. I nod in agreement. It was a very impressive prank.