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Hungry Like the Wolf

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Scorpius’ perspective

“And Welcome to Hufflepuff vs Slytherin Quidditch match.” Nick’s voice cuts through the wind and rain to where Rose, Al and I are huddled together under an umbrella. “Now this should be an interesting match as each side is very different from the other and have everything to prove. A recap of last terms matches.” Nick likes to remind us of what has happened in previous games which is great if you’re watch but can mess with you if you’re playing, even if he does try to keep his judgement even. “Now Hufflepuff were annihilated in the first match of the year against Gryffindor. However, they shouldn’t be counted out of the game as Gryffindor are a proven winning team who have had lots of time to practice together. During the first match the Hufflepuff chasers seemed to attempt a few interesting plays” I’ll say if Rose, Al and I weren’t so practiced they would have scored. “And I can’t wait to see how the fair against a less practiced team. Now Slytherin won their last match but I hope they haven’t been complacent. They won their match 170 – 40 thanks to a quick snitch catch but their chasers had a hard time defending their end from the Ravenclaw chasers. That may have been due to their keeper taking a nasty bludger to the head early in the game but we will see today.” I’m not sure we will see much today honestly the weather is terrible and only people supporting the playing teams and die hard Quidditch fans have bothered to leave the castle. “As I’m sure you guys in the stands are aware the conditions aren’t they best for Quidditch.” Thunder rumbles overhead. “And it has just gotten worse. We are likely looking at a long game today as these conditions are awful for finding the snitch.” Understatement. “Ok, the teams are ready and heerrrrrreeees Hufflepuff! Captain and chaser Jim Manley! Fellow chasers Rory Darvill and Jenna Etherington! Beaters Theo Stump and Grant Ward! Keeper Mark O’Flarhety! Annnnnnd seeker Ann Griffiths! Noooow for Slytherin! We have Captain and beater Phillip Flint! And fellow beater Paul Bulstrode! Chasers Dominic Do.. Doug.. Donaghy sorry I’m calling you DD for the game again. And twin chasers Edgar and Ramona Nolan… yer I’m going to call you by your first names if that’s cool guys otherwise it’ll be far too confusing. Their keeper Antony Watson! And last but certainly not least Charlotte Bell!” Once Nick stops talking all we can hear is the howling of the wind and rumble of thunder. In the distance, we can see sheet lightening flashing.

“And we’re off and Slytherin have the ball and they’re moving up the pitch DD passes to Ed. Who passes to Ramona. Ohh! And Hufflepuff have stolen the ball. They are moving up the pitch very quickly. And Darvill dodges that bludger brilliantly! And he makes his way to the hoops oh but it is saved by Watson. He passes to Ed who passes to Romona, to DD oh no the quaffle has slipped through his hands. Not sure is that was due to the weather or not. But Hufflepuff have collected the Quaffle” the rain is falling heavier than before and it’s hard to see mare than coloured blurs “I can’t see who that is but they pass to Etherington. She’s moving up the pitch. She’s at the hoops annnnnd SHE SCORES! That’s 10-0 to Hufflepuff.

The match has been going for a few hours now with no sign of finishing, the score is 60-30 to Hufflepuff. The crowd has thinned out to only the really die hard quidditch fans and people who can cast an umbrella spell. So, far Hufflepuff seem to be dominating the game, due to their strong chasers. However, Slytherin has been able to block a few of their attempts with bludgers. Slytherins problem is that Hufflepuffs chasers aren’t afraid to trust each other and take risks. This is probably since they have the same line up as last year, whereas Slytherin have a new chaser, Dominic, this year.
“Guys!” Al shouts through the rain “I’m taking Rachel in. She’s feeling a bit sick.”
“Ok see you later.” I shout back, I look up to the sky to see Hufflepuff score again. “I hope she’s ok.”
“Rachel will be fine. She enjoys Quidditch but when it’s weather like this she’d rather be warm, especially if she doesn’t really care who wins.”
“You’re not too cold, are you?” knowing Rose she would stay out for the entire game in spite of feeling sick.
“A little cold but fine otherwise I’ll be fine.” I can’t help but frown I know Rose and she will be down playing how cold she really is. She is currently stood in front of me so I quickly open my coat and pull her into my chest before closing my coat round us both and wrapping my arms round her.
“What the fuck Rose! You’re freezing!” I exclaim. I can feel all my body heat vanishing.
“I’m not that bad.” She defends
“Not that bad! I bet you’re blue under your clothes.” If I wasn’t as worried as I am I would have probably been distracted by that mental image. However, all I can think is that I’m glad to see some colour in her cheeks as my comment has caused her to blush.

The score is 80-30 to Hufflepuff but I really don’t care. A couple minutes ago Rose started to shake. On top of that I’m now chilled to my bones.
“Rose, I think we need to go inside and get warm.”
“No. I’m fine.” She stubbornly refuses. She’s started to shake violently now, and pale as snow.
“Rose I’m freezing, your shaking let’s get inside. Please.” Rose sighs and nods
“Ok let’s go.”

We’ve made our way out of the stadium and walking back to the castle when Rose starts swaying dangerously.
“Rose, are you ok?” she is clutching onto my arm swaying. “Rose talk to me!” I wrap my arms around her waist to give her some support.
“Scor...” her knees buckle and she collapses into my arms.
“Rose!” I shake her a little “ROSE!” She doesn’t respond. Carefully I shift her so I can put my arms under her knees and round her back. I’m shaking with cold but I can’t help but be grateful for the upper body strength that Quidditch has given me. If it wasn’t for all those drills Emma has make me do I doubt I’d be able to carry Rose all the way into the castle and to the Hospital Wing with these shivers. The closer to the castle I get the worse the pounding in my head gets.

After what feels like an hour I finally make it to the Hospital Wing. I push open the door backing into the room so I can make sure that I don’t hit Rose’s head. But when I turn around I’m faced with a room full of people. It’s incredibly loud, all the beds are full and people are just standing around talking. As I stand there I can see a few people almost running around the room, moving from bed to bed. In the middle of the whirl wind of running is Madam Pomfrey directing people. I readjust Rose in my arms and make my way through the crowd to Pomfrey. As she sees me approach she stops before quickly pushing her way to us.
“How long has she been like this?” she demands
“Not sure, I’m not feeling to great.” I’m starting to sway and when someone moves to take Rose from me. I gladly hand here over as I’m starting to fear that I might drop her. I feel a hand on my arm pulling me towards an empty bed at the back of the room. As I’m helped into my bed I see Rose being tucked into the bed next to me. As I’m encouraged to lie down the room starts to spin around me. I look over to Roses bed and everything goes black.