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Hungry Like the Wolf

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Scorpius's perspective

I hate Mondays for lots of reasons, it's always so hard to get up for school after the weekends, I don’t have any free periods and the weekend feels so far away. But the main reason I hate Mondays is that on Friday and Saturday nights Rose tends to sleep in my bed with me, but as we have school, she insists on sleeping in her own bed on Sunday to Thursday nights. I sleep so much better with Rose in my bed and the feeling of waking up on Monday mornings after having Rose in my arms for two nights is just the worst, my bed just feels awful, empty and cold. And to make matters worse I think I destroyed my sleep schedule with the party this weekend, Rose and I were up till around 3am then slept in till lunch. Needless to say, I really want to go back to sleep. Knowing I have to get up soon if I want to get any breakfast before lessons start, I peel my eyes open.
“WHAT THE FUCK!” I shout. Well I guess I know why my bed feels worse than usual. The Wolf has done something to Hogwarts. I don’t even know how to describe what’s happened. All of the walls are red and maroon with gold paw prints dotting the walls, and sort of bulging. Looking down at my bed I find that it too has changed into the bright bulging thing. It feels like it’s made of plastic. Climbing out of my bed I stumble and fall to my knees. The ground is also bulging in sort of repeating bumps and shifting as I step.
“Scorpius why are you yelling?” looking over at Al I see that he still has his eyes closed along with the other guys, I’ve always been an early riser to them.
“Open your eyes and look.” Al slowly rubs his eyes before sitting up and blinking a few times and looking round the room with a look of confusion.
“What? No, it’s too early for this shit.” he rubs his eyes again and yawns “Well, let’s get dressed and see what else is in store for us today. Walking around the room is harder than I expected to sort of have to bounce walk to get anywhere. Once were dressed, we leave our room to find that the stairs have been changed into a slide with a knotted rope to help us get back up. Yeah today is going to be hard work. Once we’ve gotten down to the common room, we find a few people wobbling around looking confused while others are bouncing around.
“Hey Scor!” Rose bounds over to Al and I, giving me a quick kiss. “I can’t believe that the Wolf has turned Hogwarts into a literal bouncy castle!”
“Oh, that’s what this is! I’d forgotten about them!” Al is grinning now wide awake.
“What’s a bouncy castle?”
“It’s a muggle thing. They inflate structures and then kids go on them and bounce around. Uncle Harry got one for James’s birthday when we were younger. But Grandad started poking it with his wand and it exploded, so we never got one again.”
“It’s going to explode!”
“I doubt it. Bouncy castles aren’t supposed to.” Rose doesn’t look convinced which is a little worrying
“Rose do you remember the section of the bouncy castle that was like an obstacle course. Do you think the Wolf will have added that?” Al asks with a laugh
“Well there’s only one way to find out.” With that we leave the common room. The Fat lady is still there but kind of sunken into the wall. The corridor is just as bright as the common room if not brighter with yellows, pinks and blues splashed everywhere. After a short section of open space there is a wall part way down the corridor that we usually take to get to the Great hall. In it are a bunch of holes some near the ground and some higher up.
“Well I guess that answers the question about obstacles.”
“So which tunnel shall we take?” Rose asks
“I don’t know.” Al pauses and a grin flashes across his face. “Race you both to the Great Hall! Last one there buys the first round at Hogsmeade next weekend!” Al shouts already bounding towards the wall. I turn and grin at Rose only to find that she’s taken of running too, the bastards. I quickly run after them both though it’s hard to do with the floor being bouncy and uneven. I dive through a different tunnel to either of them and start crawling. It’s not long before I come out only to be faced with a sea of these inflatable things that are standing upright in the air. I steadily push through them only to find an open space with no obstacles except that this corridor unlike yesterday is windy. Oh, I am so going to get lost. I run down the corridor as quickly as possible only to come to the top of a huge slide with a climbing net up the side. I slide down and take of running assuming that it is the set of stairs I usually take, then I need to turn left. I run down the corridor only to be brought to a halt. In front of me stretching as far as I can see down the corridor is lots of plastic balls in-between the balls there are some platforms at the ground height which makes me think that the balls are filling a pit. So, if I want to get to the Great Hall first, I cannot risk falling into the pit. I slowly start making my way across the platforms they aren’t very stable and some of them involve me leaping across to the next one. I’m about three quarters of the way across when disaster strikes, and I miss the platform and fall into the ball pit. It's deeper than it looks, and it takes me longer than I thought to swim across to the nearest platform and climb onto it. I take it much slower after that and make it to the other side. Merlin, am I exhausted, this is worse than some of Emma’s training sessions and that girl is obsessed with running drills. I find the next slide and make my way down it grateful to not have to climb over things. I think that I’m close to the Great Hall braised on the view from the windows. After climbing under and over some horizontal inflatable tubes that stretch the corridor I am faced with a climbing net. Why a climbing net! I just want food! I eventually make it to the top only to be faced with another slide, this one however ends in a ball pit. The slides are great but I thin k I hate ball pits. However, it does look like the entrance hall, which means that food is near! After dragging myself through the ball pit into the Great Hall I find that Rose is sat at the table smiling but Al is nowhere to be seen.
“You made it!” Rose laughs, a few people have made it form each house, everyone seems to have a smile on their faces, a tired smile, but a smile none the less.
“Where’s Al?”
“I don’t know I guess he got lost. Serves him right for running off without any warning” I start dragging food towards me, after that work out I’m going to need a lot of food.
“Why do muggles like these? They’re so exhausting!” I'm still out of breath. Thank Godric all of the Quidditch matches are over or I could see Emma getting us to run drills through the corridors to build up our stamina.
“Well they’re never this big for muggles, and they’re more for young children with lots of energy.” We fall into a comfortable silence while we eat and wait for AL to arrive.
“Do you think our lessons will be on today? I mean finding the classrooms is going to be impossible.”
“I don’t know. I’m not sure that the fifth and seventh years can afford not to have their lessons. Exams are almost here and after the disease we’re all behind on our work.” Rose reminds me. We’ve been pushed hard by all of our teachers for weeks now and it’s only getting worst the closer we get to exams. But rather than think about it I continue to tuck into my breakfast, which is precariously balanced on the inflated table.
It is another ten minutes before Al arrived.
“You made it!”
“What took you so long?”
“Ok so you know the initial tunnels we took.” Al asks
“Well the tunnel I took went on for ages. And it turned out when I got to the other end had doubled back on itself.”
“You mean you had to start all over again?”
“Exactly! Then I fell into a ball pool. It was ridiculous!”
“I fell into a ball pool to! Did yours have these wobbly platforms dotted through it?”
“I think you took the same route I did.”
“Well my route was fairly obstacle free.” Rose laughs.
“Are you serious!” AI whines
“There were some pillar things to push past. And a few hills to climb. But generally, fairly easy.”
“Do you remember the way back? Because I doubt that lessons will be on with the school like this!” Al grins
“I hope not! We’re already behind on our lessons.” Rose frowns before turning to look at the teachers table. Almost all of the school and with the exception of Professor McGonagall, Professor Slughorn and Hagrid all the teachers have arrived. Just as I think that, Hagrid walks through the door. As he moves to his place at the top table, everyone in the Great Hall feels a ripple as their chairs rise into the air and back down. With nothing to hold onto it causes people, including myself to fall off the benches. After picking myself up off the floor I turn to see Hagrid sit down next to Professor Flitwick causing Flitwick to shoot up into the air and out of sight behind the table.
“Fucking hell!” Al mutter. I think pretty much the entire school saw that, based on the noise.
“I hope Flitwick’s ok!” Rose
“Of course, he will be the floor is cushioned and he’s resilient.”
“Scor, he is pretty old now he’s not as strong as he used to be.” Flitwick then appears back in his chair with a grin on his face
“Look he’s smiling. No harm done.” Suddenly the room starts to quieten down. Turning to the door I see that Professor McGonagall has arrived. I don’t know how but somehow; she is still graceful as she walks between the tables.
“As I’m sure you have all realised this is the work of the Wolf, and if anyone has any information about their identity then please come and see me or any of the other teachers.” McGonagall reminds half-heartedly, I’m starting to think that McGonagall doesn’t want to catch the Wolf. “Due to the illness we cannot afford to waste any time, so lessons will go ahead with as little disruption as possible. The layout of the school, as I’m sure you have realised, has changed, but please do your best to get to your lessons on time. Now enjoy your breakfast.”


“Honestly, it was hilarious Patterson was so mad and so sure of herself! All ‘Move out of the way children I can fix this idiocy.’ And then she waved her wand and the room started to deflate around us! After she’d gotten over the shock that she was wrong she fixed the room and dismissed us. Man, she was pissed!” James laughed
“Fuck, we’ve got her last thing she’s going to be so mad!” Rose groans, Patterson is a strict teacher on the best of days never mind if the school has been transformed.
“Yeah, you’re fucked. I think she’s got first years next too.”
"James!” Lily suddenly pushes between me and Rose interrupting our conversation “Why didn’t you tell me that you are seeing someone?” looking past a clearly pissed off Lily, to see her friends Skye, Anneka and Jemma laughing behind her back, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw respectively. It’s amazing how well their friendship works considering that they’re in different houses.
“What are you...”
“I have been hounded all day about it!” Lily seethes
“Who is she?” Rose smiles
“About time you started dating again!” Al nods
“You’re dating?” I would have thought we’d have heard about it sooner, but I guess having your own room provides some extra privacy.
“Guys! I’m not seeing anyone!”
“Don’t fuck with us James!” Lily huff’s “It’s all over the school.”
“Lily, I swear on my broom that I’m not dating anyone!”
“You’re seriously denying this?”
“Yes!” James takes a deep breath “Who is it that I am supposed to be dating?”
“Ashley Saunders, Ravenclaw, she’s saying that the reason that she got back to her dorm soon late on Saturday night was because she was with you."
“Ashley Saunders...? Wait, brown hair, about this tall?”
“Ah now you remember her.”
“And you can’t deny it because you were seen near the Ravenclaw tower.”
“That’s because I walked her back to her dorm because she was upset. Nothing happened!”
“Well she seems to think something did.” Anneka adds
“Ugh well at least this explains all the looks I’ve been getting this morning. I thought it was because people thought that we’d done this.”
“What because the giant paw prints on the walls didn’t give that away?”
“So, what actually happened maybe she got the wrong end of the stick or something.”
“Trust me the way she’s talking about what happened there’s no wrong end” Jemma muttered
"Well, I was still in the Room of Requirement making sure everyone went to bed. There were a couple of guys left who I sent on their way, then all that was left was Ashley. she was upset and working herself up. So, I sat and chatted with her. Then once she'd calmed down, I walked her back to the Ravenclaw dorms."
"And then?"
"I showed her a trick for getting through the door and went back to my dorm.”
"With Ashley."
"What no she went into the Ravenclaw dorms, I went into my dorms. Nothing else happened."
"You didn't snog her then take her back to your dorm?" Anneka asks
"Does that really sound like something I would do?"
"Well, I guess not. But everyone else believes her." Lily sighs
"Ugh why!" James groans and drops his head onto the table.
"She was very descriptive” Skye smirks, “and there hasn't been any decent gossip since Reid and Graham got together and even then, that was an anti-climax as everyone could see that coming a mile away. This whole year has been pretty short on gossip. But James Potter and a fifth-year. Scandal! It’s no wonder it spread as fast as it did."
“Out of ten how screwed am I?” James mumbles into the table.
“Eight, yeah eight out of ten. But if you ask nicely, I might be able to get that down to a five.” Lily smirks
“Lily you know you’re my favourite sister.”
“I’m your only sister.”
“No, there’s Al as well.”
“Anyway, you know you’re my favourite, so please will you try to fix some of this?”
“I’m feeling generous. You give me a no questions asked favour to be used at any time and do not question my methods of killing the story and you have a deal.”
“You’re on!”
“Come on ladies we’ve got a job to do.” Lily, Hugo and Skye head off to try and slow the spread of gossip. It is probably impossible at this stage, but if anyone can manage it, it’s Lily.
“You need to talk to her James or she will just keep on spreading this.” Rose says softly.
"JAMES! I have had the best idea” Fred announces appearing out of nowhere, pushing Rose and I apart again “What happened?"
"Some girl has been lying and saying she and James hooked up on Saturday." Rose says causing James to groan again.
"And she said you were shit?"
"No, but we're leaving Hogwarts in two months and then Witch Weekly can write whatever they want to." James huffs. Shit, I hadn't thought of that. After the war a law was created so that you couldn't write gossip or slander about a minor, or until they're out of Hogwarts. It was started after magazines started saying that children of pureblood families were being turned into death eaters. There was no truth behind the stories, but people got scared and it did cause some real problems. They said that I had a dark mark, I was a year old at the time, people tried to attack the manor. It ended after Rita Skeeter decided to write a similar piece about James when he was three and how he was rebelling by turning to the ‘dark side’. Afterwards, she was blacklisted by every publication, but recently she's been creeping back into the bi-lines. Everything is going to be bad enough when the ban of writing about James is lifted, after all he’s the first-born son of Harry Potter. Al will also have trouble as he looks so much like Harry and Rose will be attacked for dating me when we both leave Hogwarts. The whole situation is a fucking mess.
"Ohh, you're fucked."
"Well luckily for you, I have something to take your mind off it." James glances up at Fred. "A Giant Slip and Slide!" immediately I can see James perk up and a grin spread across his face.
"Ok, plan of action. First, I deal with Ashley, then slip and slide."
"I like the sound of that. You find the girl I'll gather the supplies." with that Fred runs of only pausing to lean over a group of first years and steal a plateful of sandwiches.
"Al, do you have the map?"
“James you can’t do all that now. What about your lessons?”
“I don’t have any lessons on a Monday afternoon. Now, I solemnly swear that I am up to no good. Alright, where is she?” after a couple of minutes James has apparently found her and quickly closes the map and runs out of the room.
“We’re following him, right?” I ask
“You think I’m not going to be there to witness this shit show?” Al grins quickly getting up. “And I have the cloak!” Al then proceeds to charge of after James causing a ripple effect around the room. Rose and I follow Al as quickly as possible while trying not to disturb people. Once out of the Great Hall we quickly catch up to Al who has slowed down so James doesn’t notice him. After a couple of minutes of following James, Al motions for us to stop and pulls the invisibility cloak from his bag and throws it over us. Slowly we turn the corner to see James approaching a group of giggling girls.
“Anyone got an extendable ear?” Rose whispers
“I think I do.” I pull Rose towards me to give us more room under the cloak. I quickly dig through my bag and pull out my ear and hand it to Rose, she’s always been the best with them. Steadily Rose feeds the ear out of the cloak towards where James has pulled Ashley away from the group.
“Look Ashley”
“It’s ok James, I know what you’re going to say.”
“Thank Merlin.”
“And yes, I will go out with you.”
“Afterall, it’s about time we made it official.”
“Now you know that classroom is empty we could go… have some fun.” Ashley purred while trailing a finger down James’ front.
“Ashley no!” James exclaims batting her finger away “You need to stop spreading this. Nothing happened!”
“Jamie, don’t be silly. We had such great fun, especially in your room.”
Don’t call me Jaime and stop lying. You have never been to my room! You have never even been near it!”
“Stop calling me Jaime!”
“You didn’t mind the other night.”
“For FUCKS SAKES. Alright if you did go to my room, what’s my guardian? What was the password?”
“Your guardian is a portrait of an old man smoking a pipe.”
“And the password?”
“I don’t remember we were a bit distracted at the time.”
“Wow, she is not backing down.” Al mutters
“Really, you know I actually thought you were nice yesterday. I can’t believe you’re a liar like all the rest.”
“Don’t call me Jaime. So, go on what’s your plan? Wait till you’re of age then sell your story to the press. Get your fifteen minutes of fame?”
“Of course not! I’d never do that to you Jaime!”
“Then what’s your endgame? Simply to cause me trouble once I’m out of Hogwarts?”
“No! I just wanted you to notice me! You are so amazing and I love you so much! But you never even noticed me until last night. Then you were kind and helped me back to my dorm and I thought that as you were drunk and if I said that we had been together you’d notice me.”
“You thought that telling the entire school we hooked up was likely to make me want to go out with you?”
“Well it has been a while since you’ve had a girlfriend and I thought I might have a shot. Jaime, I love you and I would do anything for you.”
“You don’t love me!” James just looks confused about how this conversation is going.
“I do! Let me prove it! I’ll do anything! I’ll stand on one of the tables in the great hall and shout it out for all to hear! I’ll tell everyone that I was lying! I’ll do anything!”
“Tell everyone that you were lying. No suggestion that there is anything going on and I won’t speak to a teacher.”
“Nothing else, Jaime?”
“So, do we have a deal?”
“Alright but if you ever need someone, even just for a night.”
“Please don’t finish that sentence. I’m going to leave now. Bye.” James then turns and starts heading back towards us.
“Quick back up!” Al whispers, we shuffle back around the corner as Rose reels the ear in. We around the corner and press ourselves back against the wall.
“You guys are idiots; I have the map I saw you following me.” Al pulls the cloak off us.
“Sorry, but hey that could have one worse.”
“Yeah, well we’ll see. I got some crazy vibes off her.”
“Did you Jaime really?” Rose says sarcastically
“Ugh, I hate you all.” James grumbles causing us to laugh “But at least I don’t have any more lessons today. Have fun with Patterson, I’m off to find the perfect slip and slide spot. Later.”
“Dick, what time is it?”
“You have five minutes to get to class on time.”
“Shit! Ok so we need to get to the entrance hall. Who remembers the route?” We are so fucked.


We made it to our lessons on time, just about. The green houses had been turned into giant dome bubbles, so merlin knows what Al had to deal with in potions. Not everyone made it on time but Neville wasn’t too worried. Apparently, he got lost five times getting to breakfast this morning. The same can’t be said for Professor Patterson, who even though we arrived on time and are sat quietly, looks like thunder.
“Ok sixth years, I know you’re all excited because the castle has been turned into… this… ridiculous monstrosity. But we still have work to do. While we have almost finished all of the theory you are all far behind where I would expect you to be with your practical work. So, books away and wands out. Now today we’re going to be practicing our non-verbal magic, focusing on blast curses, and duelling.” Well this will be interesting. “Now the desks and chairs can’t be moved so we will be incorporating them into our duels as something for you to duck behind.” Ok today is going to be intense. “Break up into pairs. I expect to see you using Impedimenta, Ventus, Confundus and Protego charms but don’t limit yourself to them. I don’t want to hear a single spell muttered or otherwise!” Patterson then turns around and sits down at her desk, pulling out rolls of parchment form her bag and starts to read them. Al and I split off into a pair, while Rose joins with Olivia Clearwater.
“Ready?” I ask
“I thought I said non-verbal magic! No talking!” Patterson then returns to what I assume is marking as she is pulling a face like she thinks whatever is written is incredibly stupid. Al rolls his eyes at me and raises his wand. I quickly cast a shield charm only to feel a spell it from Al. I quickly send an Impedimenta at Al. but I am blown back by a force into the wall behind me. Getting up I see that I’m not the only one who has been knocked over. Theo Stump is struggling to stay up right as he keeps stumbling on the uneven floor, while Andrew Douglas is weirdly blending into the walls with his skin still changing colours, though how he has managed to get stuck at the top of the wall I don’t know. But fair play to him he is still firing spells at Emily Kershaw. What makes the whole situation all the funnier is that the only noise in the room is practically silent. Once back on my feet I turn back to face Al. He once again nods to say that he is ready. I quickly shoot a Petrificus Totalus that he dodges and throw up a shield charm, then follow through with Confundus. Al doesn’t even move just flicks his wand and I’m send flying into the air again, but this time the force comes from below me. Jumping back to my feet, I charm the floor under Al to ripple and shift to knock him off balance and duck behind a desk. Popping out from the side, I quickly fire a Ventus towards where Al was, but he isn’t there. I hide back behind the desk and poke my head out the other side only to see a stream of red light shooting towards me. Ok that’s it! It’s on! I leap up and fire a blasting curse at Al and drop back behind the desk. Popping back out I spot Al land on the floor after hitting the wall behind him. While Al’s still getting up, I move to behind the desk to the left of the one I had been behind. Al now on his feet is still aiming towards the desk I was behind. Thank Merlin these inflatable desks are solid and big enough to hide behind. Moving along the length of the desk I get into position and send a full body-binding cure towards Al.


“You’re dismissed.”
“Thank Merlin! I swear every time someone caused her to bounce, she turned more purple!” I laugh.
“I know I thought she was going to explode!” Rose laughs.

Ahead of the corridor is packed with people shouting, intentionally bouncing to cause people to fall over. Everyone seems to be shouting and laughing, which is not going to improve Patterson’s mood. The further down the corridor we go the louder the shouting is. Until we get to the stairs and find that this is where Fred and James have decided to put their slip and slide. It’s one of the longest and the widest staircases in Hogwarts, and there’s a ball pool just after the end of the staircase.
“You made it!” Fred yells from the top of the slide where he is watching James pour some green liquid down the slide into the water that is running down the slope. They have both changed out of their robes and into swimming trunks, they are surrounded by people some look excited others irritated.
“Fred! You two are ridiculous! Do you really expect to get away with this? It’s a main staircase!”
“Well, no teachers have come this way yet, so fingers crossed!”
“Honestly I think they are all hiding in their offices, so they aren’t seen falling over or having fun.” James adds
“Well, they do have to remain in control.”
“Where’s the fun in that? Ready James?”
“I think it’s time for the test run.” James says with an evil grin before jumping down the slide. The crowd pushes forwards to watch as he slides, pretty quickly, down before crashing into the ball pool. He disappears for a second only to burst out of the balls with a whoop, causing a cheer to erupt from the crowd.
“Well I guess it works then.” I laugh
“Geronimo!” Fred yells before following James down the slide.
“I guess we need to go get our swim things then.” I say, I am not missing out on this, but I don’t want to accidently ruin my clothes.
“But the dorms are so far away!” Al moans
“Well, then you should be grateful that I am so awesome then.” Rose smirks, before reaching into her bag and pulling out two pairs of trunks.
“Merlin, I love you!” I exclaim swooping down and kissing Rose.
“You are the best!” We both grab out trunks, and dart into an empty classroom. We lock the door and quickly change into our trunks while Rose strips off her uniform to reveal a black bikini she was wearing underneath. Fuck, she looks hot!
“Ok Scorpius, put your eyes back in we have a slip and slide conquer!” Al the unlocks the door and dashes off. Before Rose can follow him, I wrap my arms around her waist and press my lips to her neck. We quickly move from teasing kisses to something more passionate.
“Scor, we can’t. Not here.” Rose mumbles causing me to groan and bury my face in her neck. “Come on let’s go on the slip and slide before Al comes looking for us. Then later I’m sure we can sneak away.” Rose grins evilly giving me a quick teasing kiss. I dart back in for a quick kiss before grabbing her hand and dragging a giggling Rose back to the slip and slide. When we get there there’s already a queue of people waiting for their turn down the side luckily, Al has somehow manged to get to the front of the queue.
“Finally!” Al shouts, waving us over “I was beginning to wonder where you got to.” He waves us over. We push our way over and find that Rachel and Emma have joined him, both already in a swimsuit and bikini respectively. Emma seems a little distracted looking over at the slide where James and Fred have made it back up to the top and are pouring more of the green liquid down.
“Sorry, I had a little trouble with my bikini.”
“Sure, you did.” Rachel smirks, causing Rose to shoot her a quick warning glare. While Al knows that we do more than kiss, we don’t particularly want the whole school to know, it would only be a matter of time before it made it to our parents.
“Fred we able to go down yet?” Rose yells, ignoring Rachels comment. Rose’s shout causes James to look over.
“Almost, it wasn’t slippery enough the first time.” Fred says still looking down the slide.
“Not slippery enough? You flew down there!” I exclaim.
“Don’t worry we’ve sorted it. Now we’ll really slide.” James grins evilly. We’re going to die. James nudges Fred causing him to look up and spot Emma. He immediately freezes and turns bright red, mouth agape.
“Are you ok Fred?” Emma asks, before Fred can respond James pushes him backwards down the slide.
“Ahhh!” Fred zooms down the slide twice as fast as he did before and lands headfirst in the ball pit.
“Definitely ready!” Al laughs, before Al can finish the sentence has James dives headfirst down the slide after Fred.
“Come on Scor!” Rose laughs as Emma follows James whooping with delight on the way down. Rose then sits down at the top of the slide and gestures for me to side behind her.
“Ready?” Rose asks turning to look up at me. I wrap my arms around her and brush a kiss a cross her lips
“As I’ll ever be.” Rose then starts shuffling towards the edge of the slide. At the bottom I see Fred helping Emma out of the ball pit. Then we tip over the edge the air rushes past us and it feels an awful lot like diving on a broom, except with less control. All to quickly we reach the bottom of the slide and take off into the air, leaving my stomach behind, before plunging into the ball pool.