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Hungry Like the Wolf

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James’s perspective

I’m James Potter. I’m the oldest son of the boy who lived Harry Potter and the lead chaser for the Holyhead Harpies Ginny Weasley. I have three siblings Albus, Lily and Teddy (who is as good as a brother) and nine cousins but I’m not going to name them all now. I am in my final week of sixth year as a Gryffindor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and right now I am putting the finishing touches to a prank for Weasley Wizard Wheeze, that Fred and I want to test before we show Uncle George. When I detonate the device it should create a swap that will not disappear for a week so it will be there till the end of the year but it is also in miniature so that it is easily hidden in your pocket. I jog to the end of the corridor and get my wand out (in the middle of a corridor! Really!). I close my eyes and wave my wand at the new portable swamp. There is a pop and I open one eye and survey the damage, I have turned the entire corridor floor ceiling and walls into swamp. Oops! I need to get out of here and quickly! I quickly walk down the corridor away from the swamp. If I make it around the next corner I will be far enough away to not be in the ‘danger zone’ where if seen you are suspected of committing the crime but around that corner they will give you the benefit of the doubt.
“JAMES POTTER GET BACK HERE RIGHT NOW!” Bollocks! I am in deep shit!

I slowly turn around to see if there is any way that I can talk my way out of this. It is the latest defence teacher Professor Smith. After a long year the curse stands strong and she is leaving due to stress. But I think that she is too lazy to teach a second year and McGonagall got tired of her, either way she is on the way out so is not worried about making herself an enemy of the Potter Weasley clan. This means that I am probably going to lose the house cup for Gryffindor to Ravenclaw as we are only ahead by fifty points, there are four days left till term ends. And Professor Smith looks extremely mad. I am so screwed!

I head calmly towards her while I frantically wrack my brains for a way to get out of this.
“So Mr Potter what are you doing in this corridor? That is yards away from a huge swamp? Which has filled an entire corridor?” Smith is trying to do the intimidating quiet voice and failing, she sounds like she has something stuck in her throat.
“I’m just heading to the library Professor to do some work” I try for innocent until proven guilty as there is nothing to link the swamp to me. Smith does not look impressed. Then a clear voice shouts
“FOR MERLINS SAKE JAMES! HURRY UP!” From around the corner that I was about to head around steps Maya a fellow Gryffindor in my year. She marches up to me glaring not even looking at Professor Smith. “We need to get this work done now it’s due tomorrow! And you haven’t done your bit! I will not lose marks because you are too lazy to do anything so hurry up!” She steps so that her back is to Smith then flashes a smiles at me. I frown but play along as it is my only shot at not getting a detention.
“I’m sorry Maya, I was coming! But Professor Smith here wanted to talk to me!” Maya let out a squeak her eyes go wide and she quickly turned to see Professor Smith looking confused.
“Oh! Sorry Professor! I didn’t see you there James and I have a joint assignment together and it’s due tomorrow but he hasn’t done his work.” She is really going for this if I didn’t know any better I would have believed her. “If he doesn’t do it now he will never do it! To get him this far I had to frog march him all the way out of the common room! I looked away for a minute and he was gone. So I assumed that he was returning to whatever it was he was doing before.” She huffs; I look at Smith to see if she is buying this. She is looking at Maya with sympathy and I stop myself from grinning and instead try to look ashamed. “Sorry for yelling down the corridor but we need to get this done Professor, but do you mind if I take James so we can get the work finished?” Maya politely asks her eyes are wide and innocent.
“Of course you can and don’t let him leave until it is done. In fact...” Professor Smith takes a piece of parchment and a quill and quickly scribbles on the parchment “give this to Mr Davis when you get to the library and he’ll let you stay as long as you need” Professor Smith smiles and walks past us. We walk slowly down the corridor and into the library.

The place is nearly empty but Maya walks to the back and puts her bag down on a table. She turns to look at me and says
“I don’t care what you did or why you did it. But next time either be more subtle or plan longer it’s only four days till the end of the year and for once Gryffindor is in the lead. We can win the house cup for once! Please don’t do anything stupid!” I nod my head and she turns away from me I take this as a dismissal and start to leave the library, I turn back to look at her. She is stood on her tiptoes to grab a book off the top self. Her long dark blond hair falls to half way down her back in soft waves. She turns around once she has got the book she turns around and leans her slender figure against the bookcase. Her long slender legs stick out of the skirt. Her brow is furrowed as she reads the page in her book. Her face suddenly seems to light up as she finds what she is after. She turns and replaces the book back on the top self. Not many people can reach the top shelf, however as she is six foot tall in flats she can reach if she stands on tiptoes. The fact that she is so tall stops most guys from coming near her. The rest are scared off by the fact that she seems untouchable, unreachable, the fact that they know nothing about her. Sure she talks to people but only if spoken to first but never anything serious. Other than her name Maya Moody, her house Gryffindor and that her accent is Lancastrian, nobody knows anything about her. I can’t even remember what subjects she takes. As far as I know no one knows anything about her, nothing at all. Yet she just lied straight to Smiths face and acted like she is a good friend of mine! As I watch she goes back to her things and I turn and head back to the Gryffindor common room.

As I leave the library my mind goes back to the swamp instantly. It is supposed to expand and fill the floor of the corridor and only be able to be removed after a week but it should not create a swamp tunnel, though that is a good name for it. But why did it create a swamp tunnel? It was at least four times its intended size. It could be to do with is shrinking its original size. I don’t know I need to discuss this with Fred He will probably have some ideas...

I finally made it to the portrait hole after taking the long route back. I give the Fat Lady the password and enter the common room, only to be pounced on by Fred. Literally pounced on!
“SOO! HOW DID IT GO? It did work right!”
“Get off me Fred! And it works but not how we expected.” Once Fred had gotten off me he dragged me up to our dorm so that we would not be disturbed while we talk.
“Ok James how did it go?”
“Wellll. It created a swamp. We’ll have to wait and see how long it lasts though.”
“Ok what’s the problem then?”
“It turned the entire corridor in to a swamp. And I don’t mean just the floor of the corridor I mean the floor, walls and ceiling are swamps!”
“Seriously! That is brilliant! Wait till we tell Dad! He is going to love this! But we need to name it before we show him, but we should test another to make sure that it wasn’t a fluke.”
“Yer, that’s true and as to the name I thought the ‘swamp tunnel’ but I’m not sure about it”
“No I like it ‘swamp tunnel’. Yer it has a good ring to it. Where should we retest it?”
”What about the abandoned corridor on the seventh floor?”
“That’s perfect come on lets go test it now! Come on!” Fred leaped up off his bed and dived under it to look for the other ‘swamp tunnel’ that we had created so we could test it. Five minutes later he emerged with cobwebs in his hair and the ‘swamp tunnel’ is in his hand along with a half-eaten chocolate frog, and some pumpkin pasties.
“Hey! Have you been holding out on me? Where did you get the food?” Fred shrugged
“I think they were from Christmas. Want some?” He held the food out for me. I take one on the pumpkin pasties and sniff it; it smells all right so I take a bite. After careful consideration I decide that it is ok and stuff the rest in to my mouth and head out of the dormitory.
We quickly arrived in the abandoned corridor. And set the swamp tunnel up and ran to the end of the corridor. Fred took out his wand and waved it. There was a pop and once again a corridor had been turned in to a swamp tunnel. Fred and I turned and grinned at each other, it works! I can’t wait to tell Uncle George. He is gonna love this.


“Ohh what about her”
“Well her chest is alright but come on that nose is huge!” After testing the swamp tunnel we had returned to the common room and of course Fred had decided to observe and judge the girls of our house based of course on their looks. So far we have judged around half a dozen girls and none of them have met either of our high standards. Then Emma Wood walks in, she is in the year below 5’7”, amazing figure from quidditch, with perfect straight blond hair and I’m almost certain that Fred has a thing for her. I’ve seen him looking at her during and after quidditch practice as well as whenever he passes her in the halls. However I am yet to get him to admit it so I think it is about time he did.
“Ok I know, what about Emma?” I look at Fred and grin. He gulps and says
“Which Emma?” as innocently as he can and my grin gets wider.
“You know which Emma I’m talking about. She plays keeper, blond, 5’7”, you always seem to be looking at her when she is near…”
“Shut up will you, she might hear you!” I laugh
“So what!” Fred snaps at me.
“So you have said what you like and dislike about every girl in here apart from Emma so spill! What do you like about Emma?” Fred groans
“Fine! Fine I think she’s pretty but that’s it. I’m not gonna ask her out or something. So stop smirking at me.” I raise my hands in surrender I can tell that he’s not gonna budge on that point so instead I look around the common room.

On the other side of the room my cousin Rose is sat reading while my little brother Albus and Scorpius Malfoy argue. Yes I know what you thinking a Malfoy in the Gryffindor common room but actually he is a Gryffindor. And is really good friends with Albus and Rose. Over the years I have gotten to know him quite well and he is a good guy. It’s just his family who are arseholes. Since he had been sorted in to Gryffindor his parents have practically disowned him. They even sent him a howler when they found out he was in Gryffindor, luckily Victoire was around and cast a Muffliato so only Scorpius could hear his parents. When he is at home they ignore him, and nine months after he was sorted his mother Astoria gave birth to another son Pisces Malfoy. He hasn’t spoken to his grandparents at all since becoming a Gryffindor and he doesn’t ever get to spend much time with Pisces.

As I watch an owl taps on the window behind their table. Rose goes to open the window while Al and Scorpius continue to argue. She takes the letter and the owl flies away. Once Rose returns to the table she gives Scorpius the letter. He puts it down and I watch as he persuades her to stop reading and talk not that it took much. If you ever want Rose to do something get Scorpius to ask her. From what I have seen Scorpius and Rose both have a serious thing for each other but are oblivious to the others feelings. It is so maddening however if they get together at school next year before Christmas then Fred will win the sweep stake the family has going at the moment the prize is around sixty galleons. I personally think that they will kiss at Christmas time but only get together around New Year’s Eve and I want to win it. Suddenly Scorpius lets out a growl of frustration which causes Albus and Rose to look at him as he screws up the letter and throw it across the room. Albus and Rose share a look before they both shuffle closer to him and try to get Scorpius to talk to them. After a few quiet words from Rose, Scorpius starts to talk. As Scorpius talks Rose gets more and more upset while Albus just becomes angry. Once Scorpius has finished talking his face just seems to be broken. Rose immediately hugs him for all she is worth, Albus says something and suddenly he is being dragged into a group hug by Rose. After the hugs have finished Scorpius stands and goes up the dormitory stairs.

I continue to look around the room when Albus and Rose stand up and walk over to me.
“So what was that all about then?” I ask. Rose opens her mouth to reply only to have Albus cut her off saying
“Scorpius’s family are utter gits. They have just sent and owl telling Scorpius that they have gone to Venice and will not get back till after the holidays have ended!” Rose who has been glancing at the stairs to the boy’s dormitory since coming over here sighs
“I just don’t get how they can be like that.” Al and I look at each other and ignore the comment. Then Al says
“He wants to get out and suggested that he just do what Sirius did and leave them. So I said he could move in with us. It’s not like we don’t have any space and his family won’t mine. I don’t think Mum or Dad will mind will they? Do you think it is ok?” Al looks at me as he knows that if he wants to persuade dad that this is the best option he needs me on his side. So I grin and say
“Well what are you still standing here for? Go write to Mum and Dad!” Al and Rose grin and rush up the stairs to the boy’s dormitory. I hope mum and dad let him move in because he has really got a terrible family and he deserves better. Seriously though what kind of parents cut their son out of their lives because of what house he gets put into! It’s just plain wrong! Looking back around the common room I see that it is mostly empty I turn to look at the clock and see that it’s nearly 11:30 so I head up to bed with only four days left of the year there is loads to do but I can’t wait for the holidays.

When l reach my dormitory find Al with his head in my trunk searching for something, while Scorpius and Rose sit on my bed together quietly talking to each other Rose has her legs in Scorpius’s lap and he is absentmindedly stroking them, and none of them have seen me, so of course I want to make them jump.
“Can I help you?” Al jumps and hits his head on the lid of my trunk, and Scorpius and Rose jump and move further apart causing me to grin.
“Where’re the cloak and the Map? We need to go to the Owlery to send this letter to mum.” Al says.
“Al move I’ll get them” he’s hopeless at finding things. I hand them over and shove them out of the room so that I can head to bed. Everyone else is already asleep, so I quickly have a shower put on my pyjama bottoms and get in to bed and go to sleep.