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Hungry Like the Wolf

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Scorpius’s perspective

I don’t want to get up. If I get up then I’ll have to go to breakfast. If I go to breakfast then my dream is sure to come true and I really don’t want that to happen. I really need Ginny to let me move in to her home, I can’t stand another summer of barely seeing Rose or Al, and I don’t know what to do if they says no. So I’m just never going to leave this bed. Thank god exams are over and l don’t need to be anywhere.
“Scorpius! You lazy sod! Get up I bet mum and dad will have replied by now. And if you don’t move there won’t be any food left.”
“Hmm nope not a good enough reason!” I reply. Al frowns then says the one thing I didn’t want him to say
“If you don’t come down to breakfast Rose will think something is wrong and then she’ll come up here and you end up acting like an idiot or start daydreaming...” I hate it when he knows what to say. So I get up and go for a shower while I’m waiting for it to heat up I look at myself in the mirror. When I first started Hogwarts I looked like I tiny version of my farther with white skin and bleach blonde hair. But as I’ve got older I have begun to look less like him. I’m tall around 6 foot 1 with a slim but muscular build (the perfect build for chaser which I play with Rose and Al on the Gryffindor team). My hair which was once pure white is now a soft golden colour, and my skin has also gained some colour from being out in the sun while playing quidditch. But other than that I don’t think that I’m anything special and I definitely don’t see why a group of girls insist on following me around, giggling and interrupting conversations when they aren’t in lessons. I just don’t get it. I quickly have a shower and get dressed in jeans and a t-shirt that Rose and Al bought me for my last birthday from a muggle shop and my shoes before heading down to the common room with Al. Rose is already waiting for us, she is sat on the sofa talking to her dorm mate Emma Wood, she plays keeper with us on the quidditch team. The two of them sat talking has drawn lots of guys eyes. They both have slim toned bodies thanks to quidditch. Emma is the shorter of the two at 5 foot 7 when Rose is at 5 foot 9. They are both very pretty, though I think Rose beats Emma easily. It’s just that Emma’s straight brown hair does not have the vibrancy that Rose’s curly red hair does. Her brown eyes just don’t shine like Rose’s blue eyes do.
“OW!” Al just punched me in the arm.
“What was that for?”
“For gods sakes just ask her out already!” I try to act confused
“Ask who?”
“Rose you idiot!” I roll my eyes
“For the last time I don’t fancy her!” well ok so that is a bit of a lie but I don’t know quite how I feel about her and until I do I shall just deny everything.
“Well then either stop ogling her or admit it already!” I take a deep breath and then my saviour arrives
“Come on I want to get a bacon butty and at this rate there will not be any food left to eat never mind the bacon!” Rose then grabs Al’s hand and mine and proceeds to drag us all the way to the Great hall.

Luckily for Al and I there were plenty of bacon butties left for Rose to devour at an impressive speed (apparently she inherited the Weasley appetite). There are only four days left of the school year, you can see it on people’s faces they can’t wait to get home to see family, and friends. From high above I hear a screech of an owl. I look up to see them all flying in I look down at my food. I haven’t eaten anything yet I’m too nervous. I hear an out land nearby. Then Al says
“I told you they would be fine with it. We don’t even have to share my room so we’re great, though dad says he wants to talk to you before we go and get your stuff from the manor” I kind of zone out of what he is saying. They are letting me move in with them I can’t believe it. I’m free. I have a way to escape not that my family would care or try to get me to come back. When I zone back into the conversation they are talking about what we can do together this summer.
“Oh we can finally all go to the beach together!” Rose exclaims. I grin at this I have always wanted to go to the beach with them. But as my parents had forbidden me from leaving the manor during the summer and would check up on me or get one of the servants or house-elves to check on me for them. So l have never had the time to go with them before, and I can’t wait.
“So how are we getting my shit out of the manor?”
“How are you supposed to be getting home? By floo again?” Rose asks.
“Yep apparently the staff are too busy collect me.”
“Perfect“ Al exclaims “then we will just floo to your place help you pack and then we can floo your crap back to mine no problem.” We are all grinning widely by this point
“So what are we doing this fine Tuesday?” I ask.
“I want to go to the library and I need to start packing if I want to get everything back off Lily.” Rose says Al and I look at each other and sigh we both know that if we don’t also start to pack Rose will nag at us until we start.
“Fine we will start packing but all are exams are done why do you need to go to the library?” Al asks.
“To get a book.” She replies
“Well no shit Sherlock but you already have a billion books why do you need some more?”
“I just want to get some light reading.” I roll my eyes at the thought of Rose’s idea of light reading, which is in fact a thousand page book on some dull subject or other.
“Ok well we will go to get started on packing then and you can go and get some huge book to break your back with.” I say with a grin. This causes us to burst out laughing before we get up and head off in our own directions.


We have been ‘packing’ for an hour and all that we have actually done is find old food and lie on our beds.
“How much stuff will we have to collect from your place?” I look over to where Al is led on his bed
“Well I have my own clothes cos I don’t bring it all with me here then there are some books, and things I don’t want to leave and there is probably some other things I have forgotten but off the top of my head that is it.”
“Hmm how many times do you think we will have too floo?”
“I don’t know four maybe five.”
“Well I’m coming you obviously we won’t be able to stop Rose or dad and if we want your stuff in any kind of order we will need mum do you think that’s enough?” I don’t have a lot of stuff but with five people I think it will be enough.
“Yer I think that will be enough” As soon as my stuff is out of that place I am never going back, ever. I return to daydreaming when Rose burst into the room
“Right I’ve got the books I wanted and packed everything I can. So how much have you done?” I look around the room I have been fairly self-contained this year as my stuff is only in my trunk, the bathroom or on/ under my bed. Whereas Al’s stuff is spread across the room. My eyes return to where Rose is standing with a frown on her face. Hmm she is the only girl I know who can frown and still look pretty. Wait why is she frowning?
“What?” ah Al has such a way with words. Rose’s frown gets worse
“You two haven’t packed at all have you!”
“Actually Rose I reckon I could pack everything in a quarter of an hour whereas Al he’s gonna take about three days”
“Dude you could not pack all your stuff in 15 minutes!”
“Yes I could!”
“I’m sorry Scorpius but I have to agree with Al on this one!” betrayed!
“What do you want me to prove it?”
“Go on then!”
“Fine!” Shit! I look over to Rose who is grinning
“Ok I will time this you start on the count of three. One…”
“Wait what do I get when I win?”
“What about the winner gets to use the loser as a slave for a day?”
“So if I win both you and Rose will be my slaves for a day? Any day I want?” Rose nods in agreement
“But you’re gonna lose”
“Alright” I shake both their hands and get ready
“One… Twoooo… Threeee… GO!” Rose shouts. I spring to action and run to the bathroom. I grab all my stuff there isn’t much in there so I quickly run back and throw it all into my trunk. I then grab the things on my bed and throw them in as well. Then I dive under my bed only to find that Rose’s pure white cat Bast is asleep and has made a nest under my bed out of my things. I start by working around her but she is lying on most of my stuff. Now don’t get me wrong I love Bast and I am the only other person she will let touch her aside from Rose but if you wake her up you are in big trouble! I slide her out from under my bed with great caution. I look up to see that Rose has conjured a clock to show how much time I have left. I have five minutes. As carefully as I can I pick Bast up and place her on my bed she doesn’t stir. Thank god. I quickly dive back under my bed and grab everything else. By the time I have got everything out from under my bed I have minute left. I start throwing everything in to my trunk, it is a mess but I will have to do. Twenty five seconds. Everything is in the trunk but I need to close the lid for it to count. I slam the lid down but it does not close. I sit down on the lid to try and force the lid closed. It still is not fully closed. Twenty seconds. I climb on to the lid and jump up and down on it. It shuts. I jump off the trunk and it partly opens. Fifteen seconds. I quickly get back on the trunk and it closes again. Ten seconds. I kneel on the trunk and reach down to buckle it shut, I close one. I move on to the second. Five seconds. I put the strap through the buckle clip the bar in to the hole, thread the strap through and look up. Too see the timer has already hit zero.
“Got to admit it Scorpius you were close. But luckily for us not close enough.”
“I am only going to be your slave for a day Al and you have to share my services.”
“Actually Scor you failed to specify that before shaking our hand and I thought that Al and I were getting separate days! Didn’t you Albus?”
“Yes I did think that Rose.”
“Now Scor” Rose smirks as she walks towards me “Are you going to be a slave and do as you’re told for me and Al separately?” I take a deep breath and try not to imagine some less than innocent things she might ask me to do as a slave. I release my breath, when Rose wants something from me she always gets it.
“Fine separate days! You win. But as it was so close please can the two days be before the end of the summer. I really don’t want you to hold this over my head for ages.” Al and Rose look at each other before they both agree. What have I gotten myself in to?


“Alright would you rather… change sex every time you sneeze or have your feet on backwards?”
“Feet on backwards! God imagine if you sneezed during sex! It would just be awful”
“Yer I’m with Al, Rose you can live with your feet on backwards but randomly turning into a girl. No I could not do that.”
“Yer I guess you’re right. Ok Scor you turn.” We are eating dinner in the great hall and five minutes ago Al started a game of would you rather.
“Would you rather be mute or deaf?”
Rose starts “Hmm hard one… I think would want to be mute, because if you can’t hear it is so hard to learn at least if you couldn’t speak you could get by with wordless magic.”
“No I would want to be deaf, I like talking too much. Ok from now on shall we play one at a time and that the option you choose you have to do.” Leave it to Al to turn an innocent game of would you rather in to something with lots of potential for blackmail and personal damage.
“Ok” Rose is grinning and of course I grin and say
“Let’s do this! Al it’s your turn.”
“Ok Rose would you rather stand on the table right now and shout ‘I love rock an ‘roll’ or go and sit at the Slytherin table and when people ask you why you’re sat there insist that you it’s the Gryffindor table?”
“Hmm I think I’ll shout ‘I love rock an ‘roll’ because at least I won’t be suspected of having concussion.” I grin
“Well then Rose the table is yours.” Rose grins back, she stands on the bench then on to the table still grinning and shouts
“I LOVE ROCK AN ‘ROLL!” In response some people shout back
“Wow! Looking good Rose”
“I’ll be the rock to your roll!”
“I’ll rock you world”
“You rock!” these cause me to frown especially when I hear a seventh year Ravenclaw called David say
“I don’t care what she loves but I know I would love to have her go down on me!” luckily Fred hears and shouts
“Piss off David you arsehole or do you want me to tell everyone what Dom caught you doing last year!” David sensibly does not make further comments.
“Ok it’s my turn now!” Rose has an evil grin on her face
“So Scor would you rather walk around in Slytherin colours for an hour or turn your hair Weasley red for a day” rather than respond I take out my wand and mutter a spell to turn my hair the same shade of red as Roses.
“Now Albus.” He is grinning but I can see the fear in his eyes. “Would you rather kiss Rachel Longbottom or tell James that is was you who took his last box of fireworks?” his face suddenly becomes void of colour and I watch as the wheels turn in his head. He comes to a decision and walks over to Rachel. He taps her on the shoulder and when she turns around he kisses her.
“Thank God! I don’t think I could have stood another day of him looking at her longingly!” I grin at Rose
“Same I was so close to just locking them in a room together”
“Well he was never gonna tell James so I just made sure that he did something.” We both look over at Albus and Rachel, and they are snogging now. Al has his hand in her dark brown hair and the other on the small of her back. While Rachel has her arms wrapped around Al’s neck. I can’t stop myself from picturing what it would be like if I the one kissing a girl as though my life depended on it. Her hands running down my arms and chest, pulling me closer. A hand on her lower back, the other in her bright red hair. STOP! I shake my head to clear the image and look over at Rose she is also lost in thought. As I watch she runs her tongue over her lips, I just want to leap across the table and lick them for her, bite them, kiss them. Whoa stop it Scorpius you cannot afford to think like that.
“Well I guess the game is over then.” Rose is still staring off into nothing. Lets’ poke her. “Rose!” Poke “Rosie!” poke still no response. I know I lean in really close and whisper in her ear “Rose” Nothing “Rosie” still nothing “ROSE!” I shout. This causes her to jump and glare at me.
“What was that for? I think I’m going to be deaf now!”
“I was trying to talk to you and you weren’t paying attention!”
“Well, what did you want?” she smiles.
“Well I was saying that as Albus is now otherwise occupied that I guess the game is over. Unless you want carry on with just us?” Rose opened her mouth to respond but was cut off by the sluts. Who are the sluts, they are the group of girls (and one incredibly gay guy) who for some unknown reason decided that they all wanted to date James, Albus, (any guy in the Wotter clan) or me (I really don’t understand why if I’m honest!) and that the way to make this happen was to ambush us at random times during the day. Whilst shagging as many guys (girls and each other if the rumours are to be believed) as possible. I swear that between them their IQ barely reaches double figures! I can’t stand them. Christina a Slytherin starts off by sitting nearly on my lap and pressing her chest up against my arm while saying
“Hey Scorpi! We saw that you were all alone and thought that you might want some company” oh they also act like they can’t see Rose! And blatantly ignore her.
“Yer Scorpi we can’t believe that Ali left you to go and snog that ugly cow!” next Daisy who pushes Rose out of the way so that she can sit on the other side of me, her voice slowly rising as she gets angry about Al not snogging her. They have also given each of us ridiculous nicknames that we all hate!
“We think it is so unfair that you got left alone!” they all talk so quickly that there is no way to get a word I edge ways!
“If there is anything we can do to make you feel better!” there is no escape! With Christina and Daisy either side of me and Eliza, Tasha, Lucy, Sophie and Lewis behind me pressing in on me
“Seriously Scorpi anything!”
“Yer anything!“ Lewis whispering that I my ear while running his hand down my arm is the last straw and before they can get any closer I quickly move under the table and out the other side away from the sluts. I look at Rose our eyes lock, she looks angry but I can also see I hint of amusement at how far I will go to escape them. She quickly stands up and we rush out of the great hall. I look back and see that the sluts are following. We look at each other and grin before we break into a run.


We reach the common room and collapse on the couch in front of the fire. We look at each other again before we burst out laughing. After about five minutes the laughter dies down
“Ahh why don’t they just leave me alone!”
”Well if you don’t say anything they will just think that you are just shy or something.” I turn my head to look at her. Her face is serious but her eyes are dancing with merriment, then she bursts out laughing “Oh Godric! I can’t believe that you thought that climbing under the table was a better plan than telling them to just go away!”
“Hey have you ever tried to talk when all seven of them and talking!”
“What happen? Normally you can with stand much longer than that.” I shudder
“Lewis offered to ‘do anything’ while running his hand down my arm!” I shudder again and look at Rose. Her expression is a mix of disgust and laughter.
“No wonder you got out of there quickly!”
“Ugh I can’t stand them I wish they would leave me alone! Thank Merlin it’s nearly the holidays at least I’ll get some peace from them!”
“You may get peace from them but you’re not going to get any peace while staying at Al’s”
“I can’t wait! These holidays are going to be amazing!” Since being put into Gryffindor my parents have shunned and ignored me. Rose rests her head on my shoulder
“And there is about four separate birthdays including Uncle Harry’s so you are not going to get any peace!”
“Well it is still better than the manor” I smile down at her and watch as her eyes start to close. “Hey you should head to bed if you’re tired”
“No I’m fine. I’ll stay up till Albus gets back cos I want to hear the gossip.”
“Ok I’m sure they won’t be much longer. I mean they are both Gryffindors so they have to come back here at some point.” I turn my head to look down at her only to find that she had fallen asleep on my shoulder but the movement of me turning to look at her caused her head to slip off my shoulder and slide down my chest before coming to rest in my lap. I froze this is not help policy of not thinking about her. My hand naturally gravitates to her hair, and gently stroke her soft curls. A soft smile spreads across her face as she moved her head closer to my hand and sighed. Before I could stop myself a grin spread across my face which is of course when Al, James, Fred, Rachel and Emma walked in from behind the sofa they couldn’t see Rose.
“Has Rose gone to bed?” Rachel asked.
“Emm no but she has fallen asleep” I say sheepishly.
“What! Where is she?” Al asks. The group moves closer and they see Rose asleep with her head on my lap, and my hand in her hair. Grins spread across their face.
“Having fun Scorpius?” James asked smirking at me. I rolled my eyes at them
“Shut up! She just fell asleep and her head slipped into my lap it was an accident. Now Emma, Rachel could you take Rose up to your room and put her to bed?”
“Sure but you are waking her up we’ve been on the receiving end of her hexes enough mornings no know that you don’t want to be the one to wake her up!” Rachel responds.
“That’s our Rosie!” James says.
“However it has improved my ability to doge flying curses and objects why do you think I hardly ever get hit by a bludger?” Emma supplies. At that comment I notice Fred’s smile get wider as he looks at Emma with adoration.
“I’ll wake her up then you two can take her to bed”
“That’s fine with us but if you get injured in doing so don’t say that we didn’t warn you!” Rachel and Emma both grinned evilly. I gently shake her shoulder and brush her hair out of her face
“Rose. Wake up. Rose you need to wake up.” She slowly begins to stir but she moves her arm over her face as if she is trying to shield herself from the world “Rose. Come on Rose wake up.” She made a moaning groaning noise before stretching and slowly sitting up.
“Where am I?” she yawned.
“In the common room you fell asleep. Come on Emma and Rachel are gonna take you up to your bed”
“Okay” she stood up and slowly made her way over to the girl’s dormitories closely followed by Emma and Rachel who are sharing looks of surprise and amusement. The rest of us headed up to bed once the girls were out of sight. Once in bed I fall asleep quickly and dreamed of a summer with no parents or restrictions.