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Hungry Like the Wolf

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James’s perspective

Last day of term is finally here. I get up and go for a shower in the morning the showers always take a bit to heat up. So I while I wait I brush my teeth and look in the mirror. My hazel with flecks of green eyes stare back at me, I look at my six foot four body. As I play beater on the Gryffindor Quidditch team I have developed some muscles, not stupid over large muscles that look ridiculous but well defined muscles that generally cause girls to drool when I take my shirt off. I know most guys would love to be drooled over and I’m not gonna say that I don’t enjoy the attention but sometimes it can get a bit ridiculous (especially the sluts). It was bad enough when I was younger and people tried to be friend me just for who I’m related to. Sometimes it can hard to tell if people are real friends or just friends to get to your parents. It’s even worst with dating now don’t get me wrong it’s not like I have never had any girlfriends but the rumours that I have dated and broken the hearts of my entire year and the year bellow is ridiculous in fact I’ve only had four girlfriends. Only one of those was serious we dated for six months. I lost my virginity to her and less than a month later I caught her pressed up against a wall with her skirt up around her waist by some Slytherin (that was earlier this year). Well that's what i told everyone, in reality it was the Michael Bennet the Captain of the slytherin Quidditch team. After the incident she insisted that it was a mistake and that she was sorry but I have never forgiven her. Since then I’ve not really dated but it has not stopped girls from trying to push themselves on me. The sluts are the worst and most forward. They see the line and they don’t cross it unless they have somehow managed to get me alone and after one incident I make sure that it never happens again. I reach a hand up and run my fingers through my messy red black hair that is somewhere between mums hair and dads, before I jump in the shower.

By the time I get out Fred is up though no one else is. It is early but we want to check on the prank Fred and I have prepared for the end of term feast. Ever since first year we have done something at the end of term feast once the house cup winners have been announced (so we don’t loose any extra house points). And each year the pranks have got bigger and more elaborate. However we have competition each year a mystery prankster known only as the Wolf who pranks every major feast (except the start of term feast) and at random times during the year. No one knows who the Wolf is or even if it is just one person. All we know is that each prank leaves a calling card. Be it “the Wolf” written somewhere or more often wolf paw prints on the walls or furniture. There are lots of rumours about the Wolf and each house claims that the wolf is from their house. Others say that it is a different person each year that is the Wolf; some say that it is one person who is amazingly talented and others say that it must be a teacher because no lower school pupil could perform the level of magic that the Wolf has been doing for the past six years. Some even think that it is Fred and I pulling the pranks both sides of the competition. Which is ridiculous if I had pulled those pranks I would want to take credit for them. The first time the Wolf struck was a month in to my first year at Hogwarts. Fred and I woke up and headed down to breakfast as normal but when we reached the entrance hall it had been transformed in to a jungle. Now being the hungry Gryffindors we are, we decided to brave the jungle so we could get some breakfast. The air was humid and the vines that hung down from the ceiling were thick and dripping with moisture. We tried to head to the Great Hall but we found ourselves by the front door on completely the wrong side of the hall. We turned around and tried again. This time we ended up just to the left of the doors to the Great Hall. When we entered the Great Hall there were only around twenty people there most of whom were Gryffindors. But above the teachers table there were words on fire and floating that read ‘The Wolf says Hello’ nothing more and nothing less. Later that day I overheard two teachers discussing the Wolf and how they doubted that any one bellow fifth year could perform magic that well. Since then both the Wolf and Fred and I have pulled many pranks. But at some point in third year the whole thing turned in to a competition between the two of us. And it all comes to a close at the end of year feast when it is decided who wins. Before we return the next year with bigger and better pranks and this end of term feast is going to be the biggest and the best. Fred and I have spent hours working on the prank for this feast and it is going to be awesome.

We head down to breakfast checking our prank took longer than expected and now the whole school is downstairs eating breakfast already. Fred and I sit down in the middle of the Gryffindor table. I never can resist people watching not in a creepy way or anything but it is just so fun. As I look around I see all the usual groups sat together. The sluts are all crowded together on the Ravenclaw table pretending to eat while they pose and stick their tits out. I think they look ridiculous but as I look around the room I can see quite a few guys drooling over them, in their short skirts and tight shirts. I roll my eyes and continue to look around the room. Emma Wood and Rachel are sat together chatting as I watch Al, Scorpius and Rose walk in. Al instantly heads over to Rachel and sits down and they immediately start to snog. Now I’m not one to judge cos I know that he has liked her for an irritatingly long time but people are eating. I’m eating! The poor first years will be scared for life. I look at the rest of the group and see them roll their eyes. However I can’t help but notice the envy in Scorpius and Rose’s eyes. They so want to be Al and Rachel right now.
“Oi would you quit people watching! We have more important things to look at.” Fred grumbled. I think he saw Al and Rachel too is jealous that he can’t be doing just that with Emma.
“So Fred what is so important?”
“What else trying to guess who the Wolf is this year.” Ah I should have guessed every year at the end of year feast we end up guessing who the Wolf is. Not that we will ever know if we are right or not but it makes good entertainment. You see Fred believes that the Wolf is a new person each year and the title gets handed down. Whereas I believe that it is the same person this whole time. The problem is that we cannot prove it one way or another. So we just guess.
“What about John Gornall?”
“No way! He may have the brains but he does not have the guts to pull something like this off… what about… Herbut Rosier?”
“Well he is definitely cunning enough but a prefect? I’m not sure.”
“Scor and Rosie are prefects and they still break the rules.”
“I suppose but I’m still not sure.”


Scorpius’s perspective

Rose, Al and I are sat eating at the end of term feast. I am currently trying not to stare as Rose devourers a bowl of strawberries, one by one. And god damn it if that is not the hottest thing I have seen in a while. NO Scorpius don’t think like that! Finally she finishes the bowl, sits back and sighs.
“Are you happy now?” I ask.
“Oh yer. That was exactly what I needed.” Rose grins. The food then disappeared causing the school to turn and look at Professor McGonagall.
“The End of another year has finished. And after a hard years work, it is time for the house cup to be awarded.” The cup had been close this year but towards the end of the year Gryffindor started to pull ahead. Gryffindor hasn’t won the house cup in years, some say it’s mainly the Weasleys fault but whichever way you stack it we haven’t won in nine years. “Now in fourth place with three hundred and seventy five points is Slytherin, in third place with four hundred and six points is Hufflepuff, in second place with four hundred and thirty three points is Ravenclaw. Which means Gryffindor wins with four hundred and forty five points.” The whole hall erupted in cheers some louder than others, but none as loud as the Gryffindor table who were jumping up and down, banging our goblets up and down, I find myself hugging Rose.

Bang. Suddenly my feet leave the ground. I looked around only to see everyone in the hall floating towards the ceiling along with us are the empty plates and goblets.
“I guess this is James’s and Fred’s doing.” Rose giggles. I look at Rose, my arms are still wrapped around her as we move around. She nods at the ground, I look down and see that the floor was now covered in thousands of gold F s and red J s. I start to laugh and am soon joined by most of the Great Hall. Slowly we start to fall to the ground before being gently deposited where we had previously stood. I smiled down at Rose before quickly letting go of her and sit down.

I look down at all the Fs and the Js and as I watch some black paw prints appear across the letters. The Wolf is here. The Wolf’s prank has begun. I nudge Rose and point at the paw prints, slowly the Great Hall falls into a pregnant silence. The plates, goblets, cutlery and napkins in front of us start to shake and rattle. Slowly the items all rise above our heads before they all fly in different directions. The cutlery flies towards Ravenclaw, the goblets towards Hufflepuff, the plates towards us at Gryffindor and the napkins towards Slytherin. Before our eyes the items cling together above their respective tables and form giant animals. A giant eagle of cutlery flies above Ravenclaw flapping its wings. A huge badger of goblets prowls above Hufflepuff. A massive snake of napkins slithers above Slytherin. But the largest of them all is the Gryffindor lion who stalks above our table. Each animal is magnificent. Then from the walls around us came a growling voice saying
“The Wolf is loyal.” At this the badger jumped down from the air and landed on the Hufflepuff table. “The Wolf is cunning.” The snake then landed on the Slytherin table. “The Wolf is smart.” The eagle swoops down and lands on the Ravenclaw table. “And The Wolf is Brave.” The lion lands in front of me with a thump. The animals move down their respective tables to the far end of the hall they keep moving closer and closed until they are just a mass of plates, goblets, cutlery and napkins. The mass swirls for a few moments before it takes shape as a huge wolf. The wolf slowly makes its way towards the teachers table. “The Wolf IS Hogwarts.” The wolf suddenly springs towards the teachers table only to fall to pieces and swirl around the hall until the item is returned to its original place. There was a beat of silence before a round of applause started.
“Did that sound like Liam Neeson to you?” Al asks.
“Who?” I ask only to be interrupted by Professor McGonagall.
“Well… Once again as this spectacle took place after I have awarded the house cup I shall not dock any points. However I do feel that I must congratulate Mr Weasley, Mr Potter and of course the Wolf in their impressive works of magic. It is a shame that we do not know who the Wolf is…” as she says this she looks around the hall. I think she is looking for a reaction so that she can finally find out the Wolf is. Whether she would congratulate or punish I do not know but everyone wants to know.
“No. No one going to come forward? Well its late time you all headed to bed.” With that everyone started talking.
“Rose was it just me or did the voice sound like Liam Neeson?”
“Who’s Liam Neeson?”
“He’s a muggle actor, and actually Al I think your right. I mean if the wolf is smart enough to enchant all the plates in to a lion then they must be smart enough to not use their own voice.”
“Yer the Wolf is not that stupid. Anyway the big question which prank was the best?” Ah Al asking all the important questions.
“Hmm good question. Well I think that the Wolfs prank was the better one. I mean did you see the detail in those animals! They were amazing!”
“Yer but to get everyone in the hall to float! That is some really hard magic I am seriously impressed by those two.”

We reached the common room to find Fred and James being congratulated on their impressive prank by most of the house. We move and sit down by the fire, Rose and Al take the sofa while I take an arm chair.
“So here’s the plan tomorrow after we arrive at Kings Cross we are all going to drop our stuff off at home.”
“Wait I’m going too. You can’t stop me!” Ah Rose never one to be left behind and even if you tied to she would simply slip out and follow you anyway.
“Rose we were never going to stop you from coming.”
“Oh ok. Who else is going?”
“Well you, me, Scor obviously, Mum to organise, Dad because he will insist and that’s it though James and Lily will probably insist on coming but mum may insist that they stay at home I guess we will see. Any way once we have everything we will drop it off at home before heading over to Grandma’s for the start of holiday get together. Don’t worry about coming there as there are so many of us now that Grandma might not even notice that you’re there. Rose how many of us are there now? Including boyfriends and girlfriends.”
“Well let’s see including Dom’s Girlfriend and Lorcan who’s apparently coming and you of course Scor there should be ... thirty of us. And apparently we are all staying the night.” As the family grew Mr and Mrs Weasley (the only two to use this title) have extended their house to hold them all. They haven’t given each of their grandkids a room to themselves but they like to have spare rooms due to the size of their family and so added five rooms. At the moment the whole family fits but once all the kids get married there is no way we are all fitting into that house then.
“Well that’s gonna be entertaining. You have no idea what you’re letting yourself in for Scor seriously.” While I have met pretty much all of their family I have never ever seen them all together in one place so this is going to be a whole new experience. Suddenly Rose stands
“Guys the train leaves at ten so I’m heading off to bed. Sleep well.” She smiles at me before turning and heading up the stairs to the girls dorm.
“Well I think that I’m gonna turn in too. Al?”
“Yer I’m coming too” We head up to our dorm change into out pyjamas and get into bed.