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Hungry Like the Wolf

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Scorpius’s perspective

I’m sat on the train heading back to kings cross we’re nearly there now. Harry wants to talk to me, and I know that he is going to tell me that he doesn’t want to have me in his home and that I have to pretend that it was my idea. And I’ll still be stuck at the manor. No Harry is nice he wouldn’t do that. Would he?’ These are the thoughts that are circling my head. I look over at Albus and Rose they are both smiling and laughing. They turn to me and as I watch confusion cloudy their faces.
“What’s wrong Scor?” Al asks I look away I can’t bring myself to explain what I’m worried about.
“Scor?” Rose softly says her hand placed on my arm.
“It’s nothing” they look disbelieving but they let it drop. Roses hand is still on my arm. I turn and look out of the window as we enter London. I have been very quiet this journey. When I’m heading back to the manor I’m always subdued but I guess they were expecting this time to be different as I wasn’t returning to the manor.


The train pulls into platform 9 ¾ and as we wait for the train to come to a halt we pack up our things and get our trunks and pets down from the racks. The train stop and we make our way off the train. I bump in to someone and find a girl who I think is in Gryffindor I give her a hand up. Once she is standing she is taller than me, before I can apologise she turns and moves away without a backwards glance. I head out and spot Al and Rose with their family. Whenever I see them together on mass they always seem so loud and happy. I take a deep breath and walk over to them. Ron notices me first and elbows Harry. Now while to say that at first Ron was unhappy to find out that Rose and Al were friends with me would be an understatement. But after a couple of spectacular arguments and an incident involving Rose, Al, the Whomping Willow and me, Ron warmed up to me. Harry smiled and waved me over. Slowly I make my way over to them, and as I approach Harry separates himself from his family.
“Scorpius how are you? Did you have a good year?” I smiled this is what it should be like.
“Not too bad. Though the O.W.L.s were awful. I thought they would never end!” Harry smiles before sobering up.
“Look Scorpius I know that your parents have given you a tough time since coming to Hogwarts but I just wanted you to be sure that this is what you want. Because once you walk away and leave them it will be harder to go back. Scorpius you are more than welcome at my home and if you are certain that this is what you want to do then I will help you every step of the way. But I just want to make sure that in a few year that this won’t be something that you regret.” I take a deep breath here I was expecting Harry to be telling me that he didn’t want me anywhere near his house when in reality he was just making sure that I didn’t make a mistake that I would later regret.
“The only thing my parents buy me is clothes and even then that is only because ‘a Malfoy can never be see in less that the best clothes’. I have barely spoken to them since starting Hogwarts. And don’t even get me started on my Grandparents. Both sides are Slytherin obsessed pureblood fanatics. Oh and they have already disowned me so it’s not exactly like I’m going to lose out on anything. The only reason I would stay is for my brother and I never get to see him. So you’re asking if I’m sure about this. Yes. I am certain that this is what I want to do.” I take a deep breath to calm myself
“Ok.” I look at Harry. He has this sad smile on his face. “Well ok then. Let’s drop everything off at mine and then we can head over to collect your stuff.” We head back over to the rest of the Weasley clan “Right, lets drop everything off at home than head over to the manor to get Scorpius’s things.“ Harry announced.
“Who’s going?” Hermione asked. They all turned to look at me.
“Hey don’t look at me it’s Al who has decided who should come.” Every one turned to look at Al only to find him snogging Rachel again.
“Al would you quit it for ten minutes we are trying to work out a plan to get Scor’s stuff!“ Rose yelled at Al. After the pair finally separated after a bit more kissing, promises to owl every day and some glares from Professor Longbottom.
“So Al now that you have finally joined us who do you think should becoming with us to collect Scorpius’s things?” Ginny asked exasperatedly.
”Well I thought that besides Scor obviously, I would go, Rose would insist ongoing, Mum should go as she is the best at packing and probably dad as Uncle Ron would on insist that at least one auror goes.” Al supplied.
”I agree with Al that seems fine James can look after Lily . . . or maybe they should go over to yours instead Hermione? I don’t think I can bring myself to leave James in charge of the house.”
”How are getting to the Manor? And how are we getting everything out?” Harry asked.
“Well if I was actually going back would be using the floo network to get there so it should be open to use.”
“Ok well that seems fine then let’s go.” The entire clan made its way over to the nearest free fire place and started flooing back to their homes calling out that they would see each other tonight for the end of start of holidays family get together when we finally made it to the front of the queue Ginny went first followed by Al. I was next to go so grabbed some floor powder and stepped into the fireplace, dropped the floo powder into the grate and calling out ‘Potter House’. I quickly fall out of their fireplace with my trunk I Al gave me a hand up and Ginny dusted me off. Am quickly followed by Lily, James, Harry and the rest of the luggage.
“OK Scorpius I thought that you might like the spare room next door to Al, Al show him where it is. James help Lily get her things up to her room. WITHOUT blowing anything up.” Al and I headed up the stairs towards his room. While I have been to his house before, and seen his room I have never looked around his home properly. When Al opened the door to the room next to his I am greeted by a bright room with a huge window. The room was furnished with a large wardrobe, a desk, a double bed and two side tables.
“Rose normally stays in here but I guess mum figured that it would be best to have us next door to each other.” Al says as we enter I grin in response as I move further into the room.
“Well I’m going to put my stuff next door I’ll leave you to get settled in.” he smiles and closes the door behind him. I drag my trunk further into the room, and place my broom over near the window. Rather than unpack now decide to wait till l have all my things so I head downstairs. By the time I arrive Rose is there chatting with Lily, Harry and Ginny. I smile as I enter but can’t help but feel apprehensive about going back to the manor even if it is just to get my things so l never have to see that place again. Yet at the same time I can’t wait to finally have all the strings cut and never have a reason to see them again. We hear Al and James before we see them as they charge down the stairs.
”All right let’s go.” James says.
“I thorough we were staying here?” Lily says.
“James, Lily you are not coming.” Harry states.
“Please!” they beg. “Al gets to go. Let us.”
“If they want to go I don’t mind” I say.
“Fine. You can come but you had better behave.” Ginny says.
“Right I’ll go first you guys can follow.” I say. Rose gives me an encouraging smile and l step into the fireplace “Malfoy Manor” I call and Rose disappears from view.


I shoot out of the fireplace in the visiting room at the manor. The room has big windows with the sun pouring in, but I just feel cold. Harry shoots out of the fireplace quickly followed by Al, Rose, James, Lily with Ginny arriving last. Once they have all dusted themselves off, I mutter
“This way”. On the journey everyone is silent apart from James who is muttering to himself about how he expected the place to be gloomier and more like the Slytherin common with more silver, green and less light. We finally arrive at my room and I open the door to reveal my sanctuary while at home for the summer. There are three huge windows, and Quidditch posters are hung all over the Slytherin green walls along with Gryffindor banners and photos of Rose, Al and I at school over the years. Other than a big bed and a chest of draws my room is sparsely furnished. When you look closely you can see that the room hasn’t been well cared for.
“Ok, Scorpius where do you want us all to start?” Ginny asks.
“Well want everything that’s on the walls and I’ll sort through my things. And someone can sort through my clothes if anyone has any questions just ask.”
“Ok well then. James, Lily strip the walls Harry watch them. Al help Scorpius, and Rose and I will get started on your clothes. Alright let’s get to work people.” I moved over to my bed and pulled a trunk from under it. I couldn’t help but smile on seeing it.
“So l guess we’re taking whatever is in here then?”
“Yer this is coming.”
“Ok well there’s some stuff in the draws by my bed that I want but other than that we’re done. I take most of the things I care about to school so there isn’t really much left for us to do. I’ll go and see how Rose and your mum are doing.”
“Ok I’ll go and help Dad, James and Lily.” The walls are half cleared now Harry and James are taken things while Lily is putting photos and banners into boxes and the posters into tubes so not to damage them. I head over to Ginny and Rose they have the wardrobe and the chest of drawers open and they seem to have spread everything into three piles.
“So do you need any help?”
“Well we split everything into three groups, clothes we like and think will still fit you, clothes we are not sure on and clothes that will either be too small or should be burned.“ Unsurprisingly the clothes that are going to be burnt is the largest pile.
“Well I’ll look through the piles and change anything that I think needs changing.” As I look at the piles I see that they have put most of the clothes into the right piles. I move some tops into a keep pile from the unsure pile, but most of the stuff I just put into the toss pile. I turn to the pile of clothes that Ginny and Rose think will fit me and they like.
“Erm Rose why did you put this t-shirt in the keep pile?” The t-shirt I’m holding up is at least one size too small.
“Well I think it would look good.” She says not looking me in the eye.
“Fine I’ll take it and try it when we get back but if it looks stupid I’m not wearing it. Ok!” Rose grins at me and something inside me purrs happily at her smile.
“Well we’re done over there how are you guys doing?” I look up to see Al standing there the walls behind him are bare.
“We just have to pack these up then we’re done.” Ginny says. “Alright then James, Al, Lily start taking boxes down to the fireplace, Scorpius, Rose help. Harry watch those three in case they get lost, blow something up or something.” It doesn’t take long before we are all packed up I grab the largest box while Rose and Ginny grab the two smaller lighter ones. Once we get back to the fireplace we find the rest of them waiting for us. One by one we step into the fireplace before whizzing off to Potter House. Soon there is only me left. I pick up my box take one last look around before I too whiz off to the others.

I shoot out of the fireplace in the lounge. A hand appears in my vision to help me up. I reach out and grab it I look up and my eyes meet two very blue eyes. I instantly recognise those eyes, Rose. Once I’m on my feet I realise how close we are stood and quickly take a step backward.
“So I’ve got to head back or Dad will think I’ve been kidnaped or something. But I’ll see you tonight.” She says.
“What’s happening tonight?”
“Well at the start of every summer holiday it has become tradition for the whole family and some of the extended family all meet up at the Burrow. Then stay the night. Well the extended family tends to go home as there isn’t enough space for them. We always stay. Don’t worry though we will find some where for you to sleep.” She rambles.
“So yer, I will see you tonight.” I suddenly find myself wrapped in her arms
“Ok I’m off now. Bye” She steps into the fireplace and calls “School House” and vanishes into the green flames.


“Alright, has everybody got their pyjamas, their tooth brush, clothes for tomorrow?” Ginny asks.
“Of course”
“I don’t have my hair brush!” Lily rushes from the room, thunders up the stairs, everything goes silent before we hear her charge down the stairs and back into the room.
“Ok are you all sure you haven’t forgotten anything?” an exasperated Ginny asks. “Alright then let’s go then.”
James is calling out “The Burrow” and disappearing into the flames, Lily went next followed by Al.
“You’re next Scorpius” I step into the grate call “the Burrow”. I shoot out of the fireplace only to be once again pulled to my feet by Rose. We had arrived later than most and the room was packed with people making lots of noise. Rose leaned in and shouted “most of the kids are in the lounge. Come on.” Still holding my hand she drags me through the crowd. I have never been to the Burrow before and have no idea where l am going. The walls were covered in family photos. One caught my eye that must have been taken on Rose and Al’s first day at Hogwarts. They are smiling at the camera with their luggage but what caught my attention was in the corner of the picture. Behind them almost out of shot l am stood. I remember that photo being taken, because it was taken just after I decided that l didn’t want to be in Slytherin. In the picture I look so small and have a nervous guilty expression on my face. Rose tugs on my arm and I follow her into the lounge which is also packed full of people. Rose heads deeper into the room still pulling me along till we end up next to Al.
“So what do you think of the Burrow?” Al asked.
“Loud! But I haven’t really seen any of it” I sit down on the last free chair which is next to Al. “Well, we’ll give you the tour tomorrow but l will just tell you what here for now. All the married couples have their own rooms that includes Uncle Charlie even though he's not married. Then for when the whole family is here there are six rooms for cousins plus a spare room as we still always seem to be running out of space anyway. They just keep on adding more and more rooms that’s why there are two staircases the nearest set is the adult staircase, and the other on is ours which means we can be loud and the adults won’t know. There is also the kitchen, lounge, only three bathrooms which when you see how may are staying seems ridiculous.”
“Al he doesn’t want the life story of the house! Anyway where am I supposed to sit? A gentleman would give up his seat for a lady.”
“And when one turns up I will gladly do so. However right now all I see is you Rose and you are no lady.” Al replied. “And anyway why don’t you just use Scor as a chair like normal or are you too good for that now?” it is true normally Rose just sits on me not that I mind in fact I quite enjoy her sitting on me.
“Well I thought I would give you the chance to be a gentleman alas I shall now have to owl Rachel and tell her such.” She mock turns to go and Al takes the bait.
“Noooo!” Al leaps off his chair after Rose who immediately jumps into his seat smiling smugly.
“Hey you can’t just steal someone’s seat!”
“Can and did”
“Well then I guess it’s my turn to sit on Scor then!” this is normally how it plays out one of them will do something to irritate the other. Then they will be idiots while either I just sit and watch before I put an end to the fight or they drag me into it somehow. And this time is no different. However there is no way I am having Al sit on me.
“No way are you sitting on me Al!” I reach out and grab Rose around the waist and drag her in to my lap. Al grins and returns to his seat, Rose meanwhile is pouting at the result.
“Rose you look like you don’t want to be sat in my lap! I’m hurt!” I say, Rose continues to pout.
“Well then maybe this will make you smile then…” she turns and meets my eye, then I go for the kill and start to tickle her. She has to be the most ticklish person in the world and is immediately crying with laughter and wriggling all over the place. After a few
“Scor stop!” and “Please stop” and some more “Please Scor!” I eventually relent. My arms are wrapped around her now from the effort of keeping her on my lap whilst tickling her. Roses head is buried in my neck while she catches her breath. After a few minutes she turns around and sits with her back pressed against my chest with my arms still wrapped around her. I can’t help the grin that spreads across my face, I look up and see Al giving me a knowing look as he opens his mouth to speak a I hear a shout of
“About time!” Rose shouted before leaping out of my arms and racing out the room. I chuckled and followed the swarm of Weasley heading to kitchen and out into the garden where a table has been set up. Once seated I find myself in between Al and Molly with Rose opposite.


The meal had been fairly uneventful, it was very loud but by Weasley standards it was uneventful. That is until we were just starting to tuck into dessert.
“I CAN’T DO THIS!” everyone fell silent and turned to see a girl standing up. Next to me Molly leans in to whisper
“That’s Jane, Dominique’s latest girlfriend”
“Dom I’m done. You are all the most meddling overbearing nosey people with absolutely no boundaries. That I have ever met and if I never see you lot again it will be way too soon.” With that she turned and strutted back to the house to I assume collect her things and leave. The conversation quickly resumes.
“She was a stuck up bitch and I’m glad she couldn’t handle us.”
“That seems a bit harsh Mol”
“No really! She turned up this afternoon and commented on the fact that we didn’t have a house elf and barely touched her food once she found out that Grandma Molly made it!”
“Snooty cow!”
“I wonder what happened to make her leave?”
“Do you thing Grandma didn’t like her and was harsh.”
“Or maybe Granddad asked about what it was like to be a lesbian!” we all burst out laughing at that. Rose and Al have told be about the numerous times when their Granddad had been a bit too blunt for his own good. After that dessert passed quickly and soon everyone was heading to bed.
“Alright everyone you know the drill. Andromeda you’re in your normal room. Dom, Vic and Molly you’re in your usual room, Rose, Lily, Lucy the same goes for you. Ted, Fred and James are in one room. Al, Scorpius and Loran are in the next and Hugo and Louis are in the smallest room. Everyone got that. Those are the rooms. Ted and Vic I don’t want to find you in each other’s beds you know the rules.” Ginny smirked at her mum. Even I knew the stories of how after the war whenever Harry was staying over Ginny would find her way into his bed. After a few grumbles everyone headed up to bed.


“Scorpius are you and Rose dating?” Lorcan asked. Al is in the bathroom and Lorcan and I are nearly ready for bed.
“What! No!” I quickly reply.
“But you want to be dating her.”
“Why would you think that?”
“So you do fancy her then.”
“I don’t know where you get that idea from.” I reply avoiding his eyes as I climb into bed.
“Please Scorpius if you were any more obvious Ron would know. Actually I think he might know, I saw him rolling his eyes at you two. Anyway I might not know you well but even I can tell that you fancy Rose. So what I want to know is why you haven’t done anything about it yet.” It’s at that moment that Al walks into the room he looks at me then turns to Lorcan.
“What did you say to make Scor that red?”
“I’m not red!” I say at the same time Lorcan says “Rose”
“Ah… managed to get him to admit that he likes her yet?” he says before diving onto his bed
“I don’t like her.”
“I really wish I didn’t know this fact Scor but I guess I’ll be the one to break it to you but … You talk in your sleep … And in every dream that I have heard you mention a certain cousin of mine. And yes I have hear those dreams, so don’t try and say they were purely platonic cos I know that they aren’t.” I freeze at this. He has hear me when I’m dreaming of Rose. Which are never platonic dreams no matter what I try to tell myself. “Well Scor what are you going to say? Anything?”
“God Al what do you expect him to say to that?”
“I don’t know how about ‘Fine Al you are right I am in love with your cousin and I plan to snog her, ask her out right now.’“
“Guys would you just drop it even if I did like her, which I don’t, she doesn’t like me like that. And what if we did date and then we broke up I would lose my best friend”
“One of my best friends, and you would be obligated to take her side as you are family and I couldn’t do that. I can’t lose her.” I whisper the last part but I know that they heard.
“Dude you do realise that you could never lose any of us. You’re part of the family now and even if you did date and broke up, not that that would happen, we would stand by both of you.”
“Well it doesn’t matter anyway because I don’t like her like that.” Even I don’t believe myself.

“All right we believe.” Lorcan says even if his tone says that he doesn’t believe me, I appreciate him bringing an end to the discussion. We quickly settle down to go to sleep and in spite of the previous interrogation I was looking forward to tomorrow and the rest of the holiday.