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Chapter 7

“I called Happy to come pick us up,” said Tony, “He’s my driver by the way.”

“Huh?” said Harry.

Tony laughed.

“Calm down babe,” he advised, pulling Harry back on to the sofa. Harry went, his body boneless as his mind raced at high speed; thoughts battling each other for dominance.

“I can’t” Harry admitted, horrified to find himself trembling, “It’s just…can you believe it? Someone at that school may have known me. This is huge.”

“It is,” Tony replied, knowing how important it is for someone to find their identity, “But you stressing about it now really won’t change anything. Take a deep breath. Happy will be here soon and we can leave.”

“What about lunch?” Harry asked, suddenly remembering the time. Although he wasn’t really hungry, he was afraid Tony may have wanted to eat.

“Don’t worry,” Tony smiled, “We’ll grab something on the way.”

“Ok,” Harry said softly, looking down at his clenched fists. “Ok.”

Happy made his appearance 10 minutes later, dressed in a dark suit and wearing a big smile.

“It’s nice to meet you Mr. Liam,” he said, shaking Harry’s hand, “Our introduction is long overdue.”

“Harry is a little out of it today,” Tony told Happy as Harry mechanically shook the man’s hand. “Please don’t take offense.”

Happy seemed to understand.

“Don’t worry,” he opened the door for them, “We’ll meet properly once everything is over with.”

Harry climbed in first, Tony after him. Once the door was closed, Happy pulled the car in to drive, manoeuvering it effortlessly in to the main road.

Harry let out a trembling sigh.

Tony glanced over at his pinched expression before coming to a decision. He quickly tapped the button to bring up the privacy divider between the back and the front, confident that Happy won’t be able to hear what he had planned for Harry.

If Harry won’t relax, Tony was going to distract him from his worries.

Harry blinked in surprise when he felt Tony’s hand grab him by the arm and pull him closer.

“Tony?” he asked but Tony just smiled, innocent even as his gaze darkened.

“Come on,” he encouraged, “Straddle me.”

Harry’s eyes widened.

“Tony!” he protested, gaze drifting to the front of the car.

“It’s soundproof,” Tony assured him, “Come on, you’re enjoy it. I guarantee you.”

Knowing that Tony would probably not give up until he complied, Harry moved from his seat and with some maneuvering, he managed to straddle Tony’s lap.

“What now?” he wanted to ask but Tony didn’t even give him the chance. The moment he was in place, Tony surged forward, capturing his lips in a fervent kiss. They kissed passionately a few minutes until Harry felt the distinctive bulge of Tony’s hardening dick against his ass.

“Tony,” he moaned, deliberately rolling his hips to press down on Tony’s emerging erection.

“Shit,” Tony cursed, his hands tightening around Harry. “Come on Harry, take your pants off.”

Harry laughed, breathless with lust as he quickly made way with his belt and pulled down his pants and underwear. With that done, he resettled himself on Tony’s lap, moaning as the roughness of Tony’s jeans scrapped against his tender skin.

“Here,” Tony handed him a packet of lube, which Harry took. He tore open the packaging and poured lube all over his fingers. Using his legs as leverage, he pushed himself of Tony’s lap, just high enough to finger at his hole.

“Shit,” Tony repeated, eyes glazed. Harry smirked as he introduced one finger inside himself, the feeling strange but pleasurable at the same time. He introduced a second finger as Tony quickly undid his own pants, letting his cock free of its denim prison.

“No underwear?” Harry asked breathlessly as he moved his finger inside himself, trying to get touch his prostate. “Been planning this?”

Tony didn’t reply. Instead, he reached over and grabbed hold of Harry’s arm, using them to turn Harry around so his back was against Tony’s chest.

“I don’t have a condom,” he hissed in to Harry’s ear, “I’m clean.”

“I haven’t slept with anyone before you,” Harry gasped as Tony nibbled his ear, “I’m clean.”

“Ok,” Tony used the remaining of the lube on his dick and helped Harry in to position. Trembling, Harry lowered himself on Tony’s shaft, his abused hole taking in the new intrusion with some protest. But with Tony’s murmured encouragement, Tony was ball deep inside him in no time.

“Fuck,” Harry gasped as Tony bucked beneath him, his cock finally hitting that bundle of nerve Harry had been looking for.

“How do you feel?” Tony asked even as his hands started to jerk Harry off.

“It feels,” Harry moaned, “Fantastic.” The vibration from the car made the sensations 10 times stronger. “You feel so full inside me. God, Tony.”

Tony groaned, biting down at the crook of Harry’s neck and sucked hard. If Harry was in his right mind, he would have protested at the obvious hickey it was going to leave.

The car suddenly slowed down before the whole interior shook momentarily as it rolled over a speed bump. Tony’s hip bucked a little in response and Harry let out a breathy sigh as the head of his lover’s cock nudged his prostate once more.

“Tony,” he bit his lips, clenching in around Tony’s dick.

“Fuck,” Tony buried his face in Harry’s neck and bucked a few times before Harry felt something warm splatter inside him. The sensation was enough to trigger his own orgasm.

They cleaned up as best they could considering the circumstances.

“I can’t believe you convinced me to do that,” Harry pouted. He was back in his jeans, looking as prim and proper as before. His nervousness was entirely gone, Tony noted with satisfaction.

“Not a lot of convincing needed,” Tony reminded him.

Harry laughed.

“Thank you,” he said softly, “I was freaking out. Not I’m just too fucked out to care.”

“I’m glad.”

They stayed silent for a few minutes, simply cuddling in the back seat, until Harry asked: “Have you ever been to Princeton before?”

“Once,” replied Tony, “I was there for work though; the Faculty of Engineering asked me to deliver a lecture. I was only too happy to oblige.”

“Aww,” Harry smiled, “You care about the kids.”

“Actually, some of the students were older than me,” Tony laughed, “It was a little weird.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Harry glanced over at Tony, taking in his half-smile before looking away once more, his heart thumping for some reason, “I bet you were marvelous.”

“Your faith in me is incredible,” Tony commented, taking Harry’s right hand with his left. It felt pretty nice for both of them.

Excluding the time they stopped for lunch, it took them exactly 1 hour 50 minutes from Tony’s penthouse to reach the front gates of Princeton University.

“I’m nervous,” Harry said, rather abruptly at that.

“Don’t be,” Tony told him soothingly as Happy expertly pulled in to one of the reserved visitors slot, “Come on, let’s go in.”

They got out of the car, assured Happy they won’t be long and made their way inside. They walked past a gargle of students gossiping near the entrance and followed the signs towards the Undergraduate Secretariat.

“Do you really think I was a student here?” Harry asked softly, looking about himself in interest.

“We won’t know until we ask.”

Luckily, there wasn’t any line to see someone at the office so Tony strode up to the counter and pasted on his most charming smile.

“Hello there.”

The woman manning the counter blinked, eyes widening as she recognized his face.

“Mr. Tony Stark,” she gasped, “How…How may I help you?”

“I’m going to ask you a question that might seem weird,” he grabbed Harry by the arm and pulled him over, “Do you recognize this man?”

If possible, the woman’s eyes grew even larger.

“Oh god, oh god,” she repeated, standing up abruptly. A moment later, she was out of the office and right in to Harry’s personal space, “Oh god, it’s really you.”

“Ehh,” said Harry, half elated that someone seemed to have recognized him and half confused regarding the etiquette in this sort of situation.

“Harry Potter,” the woman’s eyes watered, “We really thought the worse when you were abducted right in front of the school gates.”

“I was kidnapped?” Harry asked, voice uncertain, “By who?”

“You don’t remember?”

“He has amnesia,” Tony added quickly and the woman nodded in understanding.

“Oh, Oh, then you don’t remember me at all. My name is Muriel.”

“It’s nice to meet you again Muriel,” Harry smiled.

“Anyhow,” Muriel blinked, trying to get herself under control, “MI6 and the FBI are both at loss regarding the who part.” She sighed, rubbing her eyes. “But it doesn’t matter now, you’re here and you’re alive. Your parents have been worried sick.”

“Will they be disappointed that I don’t remember them?” Harry said but Muriel laughed.

“They won’t care, sweetie,” she said, “They’ll be delighted just to have you back.”

“Muriel,” Tony interrupted, “If I may ask a question, why did the kidnappers want Harry?”

“Oh,” Muriel blinked before smiling, “Don’t you know? Harry here is European Royalty.”