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Do You Know What Fanfiction Is?

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~ Do You Know What Fanfiction Is? ~

"NOOOOOOO!" Mimori cried out. "What is this? UGH! Kyoko's fans are as weird as she is! Ew!"

Kyoko, who was calmly eating her lunch at her desk, outwardly ignored Mimori's outburst although her curiosity was piqued both by the fact that she apparently had fans and that said fans had apparently had done something strange.

"What did they do?" one of Mimori's friends asked.

"Looook at thiiiiiiiis~!" Mimori wailed, shoving her cell phone into her friend's face. "I was looking for fan reactions to the Prisoner promo clip online and one of the search results was on a fanfiction site. I was excited for a fanfic about Angel Mimori and Devil Sho-chan, but when I clicked on the link it was this! THIS!" Too worked up to actually say what the thing was that she had found, the girl waved her phone under her friend's nose.

Kyoko didn't remember the name of Mimori's friend, but she watched the two of them out of the corner of her eye as the friend grabbed Mimori's wrist to make the overly-excited girl hold her arm still so the friend could read whatever was displayed on the phone's screen.

"No, are you serious? That's so creepy!" the girl squealed.

"I KNOW, RIGHT?" Mimori shouted, stamping her foot to punctuate her frustration with the whole situation.

By the time school ended, Kyoko was dying of curiosity over what the super creepy fanfic might contain. (And she sincerely hoped it was not her angel and Devil Sho being paired together... just the thought of it made her shudder.)

She had a bit of time before she had to be at the Dark Moon set, so she stopped at an internet cafe to look up the thing that Mimori had found earlier. There was only one search result for "Prisoner fanfiction", so that had to be it, right?

When Kyoko clicked on it, she saw that it was a crossover with Dark Moon in which Mio's guardian angel was the Demon Angel from Sho's promo clip. It was marked as being a "Mio/Demon Angel" pairing. Kyoko was almost afraid to read it. Curiosity won over caution, and once she'd read the story she wished she hadn't. At first it seemed like it might have an actual plot and some interesting character introspection for both the angel and Mio, but the first scene was just a setup for several pages worth of explicit sex between Mio and the Demon Angel, at the end of which they were somehow both miraculously "purified".

On the set of Dark Moon, Director Ogata approached Ren and said hesitantly, "I'm sorry to ask this of you, Ren, but can you please find out what is making Kyoko so distracted? I asked her myself already but she just brushed it off, saying it was nothing... I know you two are friends, though, and she would be more likely to talk to you..."

"Of course," Ren answered, smiling. He'd been wondering the same thing himself.

Beside Ren, Yashiro snickered. "I don't know how you're going to manage that. She's been purposely avoiding you all day."

Ren ignored his manager's taunt, and walked over to where Kyoko was sitting. Kyoko, lost in her own delusions, failed to notice him approaching until it was too late to make her escape without being rude.

Without premable, Ren asked her directly what was bothering her. Kyoko just stared at him in shock for a few moments and he could tell from the expression on her face that she had been avoiding him because there was something that she didn't want to have to tell him.

"Ummm," Kyoko began hesitantly. "Do you know what fanfiction is?"