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It began the day Shun saw him in the courtyard. That smirk as he made eye contact with kicked another boy in the stomach. It should have been disgust. It should have been fear and yet… all Shun felt was fascination, it was as though Shun couldn't stop staring at him.

His friend had nudged him harshly in the ribs after and asked him why he wasn't moving. As Shun slowly turned around he could have sworn he felt predatory eyes trail after him.

Shun always wondered if a day would come when the empty seat in the back of the classroom would be filled. It never was and for a few weeks, Shun completely forgot about the boy in the courtyard.

This is it, I'm going to die here. I can't believe that didn't work.

Shun screwed his eyes shut, waiting for the cat's giant claws to sink into his flesh. But all he heard was the sound of the bell slamming into the hoop and the feeling of those familiar eyes boring into his soul.

That smirk again. And Shun found himself once again unable to tear his eyes away from the (horrid) scene of Amaya stabbing his (ex) classmates with a crazed grin on his face and a killer look in his eyes.

Shun wondered if not feeling hatred for Amaya made him insane as well.

Amaya locked eyes with him and slowly licked the freshly splattered blood off his face.

Shun shuddered.

As if I'd let you die that easily… Takahata Shun. You're mine.

White rooms, white walls, white floors and death. Shun narrowly avoided it and he found himself vaguely wondering if Amaya had too. He heard footsteps approach and some small part of him wanted it to be Amaya.

The three keys slid across the floor.

Hand clutching a nameless near dead boy Amaya came strolling in like it had been nothing but a breeze.

Bloodthirsty eyes locked with his once more, like this was a show just for him, Amaya snapped the boy's neck like a toy and cast him aside.

Brushing past Shun to pick up his keys he whispered into his ear hotly "I don't need him anymore, Shun. I only need you."

His warm hand left a bloody handprint on his shirt.
"WHO IS THE LIAR?! I HATE LIARS! If you don't fess up- I'll… KILL YOU ALL!!!"

Amaya laughed and laughed and pointed fingers like a game but never at him, never at his precious Shun. His Shun couldn't die. Not when he was so perfect to watch the world burn besides him.

"Do you like Takahata Shun?"


Amaya grinned. He knew he hadn't lied.

Shun refused to acknowledge the race in his pulse at his low husky tone.

Amaya knew from the beginning that none of them lied but each one that died meant one less to fight for his Shun's affection. Especially her! Oh how much joy and satisfaction he felt as her blood sprayed into the air like a cool crimson mist, the metallic smell lingering in the cold air.

Really he should thank the bear. Now all that was left was the blondie, but she could be dealt with later. Right now all that mattered was him and Shun. He knew he had nothing to worry about. His Shun was just like himand would have no problems keeping up.
What a stupid girl.

Was what Amaya really wanted to say. So self-sacrificial. So… unbelievably idiotic.

What was the point in dying for love? How can you love if you die? Better to kill, survive and continue to love than to die and never see Shun again.

When he caught her, he wanted to kill her right then and there. It would have been so easy to snap her pretty, pale, fragile neck. But then Shun would have nothing to fight for, nothing to win for. And he needed Shun to win.

It had almost been too easy to predict his Shun would've been the last to be found. Or should he say even if he hadn't been he would still have pursued the others first. After all, the others were useless, disposable- there for his and Shun's enjoyment. But Shun was not. Shun was special.

"I'm not coming to look for you Shun~ I already have three prisoners. I've already won. Or should I say we've won?"

That was likely to draw his unpredictable Shun out. Amaya knew that his Shun liked to pretend he wasn't like him. That he actually cared.

What Amaya didn't know was the lengths his Shun would go to, to 'pretend he cared'.

That's okay- Amaya thought to himself as he strained to pull up his Shun's drowning body from the sea.

If you die I'll just have to go down to hell and drag you back with me. Amaya licked his lips. He loved challenges. His Shun truly excited him like nothing else in the world.

Not even killing.

He was sorely disappointed when the matryoshka declared no one would die from losing the game. He was so sure he would be able to get rid of the annoying leech at his Shun's side.

Just who did she think she was? Making date plans with his Shun…

Amaya let his disgustingly cold milk block fall to the ground. His eyes lit up at the little black characters on the end of his stick.

"You live."

His tongue licked out to lick the rest of the sweet sticky liquid off his popsicle stick.

He closed his eyes and savoured the grotesquely sweet flavour of the milk. It was the sweet taste of victory.

He knew the God wouldn't fail him.

Soon he and his Shun would be together.
"I told you we were the same didn't I, Shun? We are the chosen ones. The children of God."

"…" Shun looked at Amaya's grinning face briefly and then glanced down at their entwined fingers.

"Aren't you glad? It's just us now. No more irritating outsiders who don't understand us. Who aren't like us."

Shun hesitated for a moment as Amaya gently brushed away his salty tears and happily licked them off his fingers.

"…Yeah I am, Amaya. All I need is you."

Amaya smirked and pulled Shun into an aggressive bruising kiss. Bodies pressed against each other tightly, with no room left between them.

No one would ever get between him and Shun again.

Because Shun belonged to him.