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You'll Always be mine

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It’s been two weeks since he and his friends went to that club. The next day they told him how much fun they had. Kitty went as far as asking him if he was really okay since he ran off on them. He just smiled at her and told her he was fine.

Of course everyone would want to go to the very same club again this weekend. None of the teachers gave out assignments and nor did any of them have chore duty around the dorms.

He didn’t want to go back to the club but he also did not want to worry his friends so he reluctantly agreed to go.

Someone knocked on his door then Rouge’s voice called out, “Kurt are ya ready ta go?”

He got up from the bed and opened the door only to be yanked forward, “Well come on we’re losin’ daylight!” She didn’t let go of him until they were all piled into the car and on their way.

They arrived shortly after and the others bounced in the line in excitement with their fake ID’s ready to flash.

Kurt reached in his jacket pocket only to grasp lint. Alarmed he tried his other pocket only to find it empty. His jean pockets came out the same too.

He didn’t want to alarm his friends so he turned to them and shrugged, “Actually I think I vill take a short valk to get more fresh air before I go in.” When everyone nodded he set out to retrace his steps.

About fifteen minutes into his search for his ID he stopped and ran his fingers through his hair in frustration. He still hadn’t found the card and he was getting hungry as time passed.

He started kicking the rocks that were at his feet but then stopped when a rock landed on a strangers shoe not that far away.

“Oh my apologies, I did not mean to…” He trailed off when he looked up into those same amber eyes that haunted his dreams late at night.

The man from the club grunted in greeting before briskly saying, “Lose somethin’?” Before flashing the very object Kurt had been looking for at him.

Before he could thank the man he turned away and started walking throwing a look over his shoulder compelling Kurt to follow.

He trailed behind the man for what seemed to be hours when they finally came to a stop outside a fancy bar. He had never been to a bar and he doubted his fake ID would be enough to get him in since you have to be older to get in a bar versus a club.

Kurt skidded to a stop beside the man while leaning slightly into him to remind him of his presence. The man stiffened before he slowly started to relax and throw an arm around Kurt’s waist. Kurt looked towards the long line in dismay of the wait.

However this didn’t stop the man as he walked past the line and towards the guard at the door while lightly tugging at his waist for him to follow. When he approached the guard looked at Kurt then back to the man before stepping aside to let them in.

Kurt looked surprise that the guard let him in but did not comment on it as the man whose hand rested at his hip kept steering them past the bar and into the lounging area. The stranger led him to a table that had 2 chairs on opposite sides of the table so as he took a seat he faced the man as he settled in.

Once he was comfortable he looked at the man in front of him again and was pleased to see that he still looked as he remembered. He wore a gray suit this time with the first two buttons undone and his gaze blazed with unknown heat directed towards him which made Kurt shift in his seat.

He cleared his throat, “Um my name is Kurt…It’s nice to meet you.” He meant to ask for his ID back but something in him wanted more time with this handsome stranger. He probably seemed nuts for following a guy he barely knew but the way the man looked at him made his worries fade into the background like melting chocolate.

His stomach rumbled making its presence known which in turn made him blush. The man nodded towards the menu on the table and Kurt reached out to look through it. His eyes widened as he took in the prices and cursed himself for not bringing more cash with him.

He did not even have enough money for the cheapest non-alcoholic beverage on the menu including water. He glanced at the picture on the top of the menu of an expensive looking steak and he could feel his mouth water.

He put down the menu and was about to let the other know he wouldn’t be getting anything when a waiter came to them.

He opened his mouth only to hear a deep voice interrupt him, “Steak, medium well with water” he nodded over towards Kurt. “Vodka.”

Kurt was confused at the man’s order but the waiter wasted no time and left to get their order in leaving them two by themselves.

When Kurt looked around once more he noticed that everyone who had been in the lounge area had left so now it really was only them.

He looked shyly back to the man and confessed, “I don’t have much money to pay for anything.”

“I know,” the deep voice softened just a little as he continued, “I hope you like your steak medium well.”

Kurt looked at him to see if he was joking but once he saw no trace of laughter he hastily said, “I do, but I cannot afford it…” the man gave him a look that told him that he was going to be paying for it so he added, “no I cannot let you pay.”

The man looked amused before he looked over Kurt’s shoulder and schooled his features. Curiously he looked behind him to find the waiter coming with their order. He watched as the waiter put the water down in front of him and the glass of vodka in front of the man.

He really needed to ask for his name instead of referring to him as ‘stranger’ or ‘man’. The said stranger looked at Kurt with concern and he realized that the steak was in front of him but he was simply staring at it.

He picked up his fork and knife and started to eat. When he cut the steak steam came out and he beamed as he put a piece in his mouth. He was not able to indulge in eating such food so often in his life. When he did it was always when he saved up for weeks on end.

After licking his lips he looked up to see the man staring hard at him and blushed. He paused chewing on his lip while thinking only to see the man’s eyes trace the movement. He cleared his throat and asked, “Vat is your name?”

The man looked uneasy for the first time and he looked away with a slight frown. Kurt immediately felt as though he crossed a line and went back to cutting a piece of his steak. He looked up again only to see the man once again looking at him.

That’s when it occurred to Kurt that maybe he wanted some of the steak. “Would you like a piece?” Picking up a piece on the fork he raised halfway out his seat and leaned across the table holding the fork out.

When the man still didn’t react he blushed and started to pull back until a large hand wrapped around his wrist holding him in place. He felt warmth from where the man touched him and could feel it spread throughout his body leaving behind a tingling sensation.

Lips touched the fork and Kurt couldn’t look away from his eyes pinning him down like prey. Once he was able to he looked down at the mouth that now had the piece of meat in it and yearned for more.

That startled him because he had no idea what it was he yearned for but he knew it had something to do with the man in front of him. Maybe if he reached out with his other hand to-

“Victor.” That same deep growly voice interrupted his thoughts.

“Victor?” His thoughts were still clouded with thoughts of the other man to know what he was talking about.

The man chuckled, “My name…is Victor.” He let go of his hand and leaned back down in his seat leaving Kurt still reaching out.

Kurt blushed for what seemed to be the millionth time that night and sat back down. After that they, or rather he, finished the meal in a comfortable silence.

After they were done Victor got up and started walking back towards the exit so Kurt scrambled up to walk beside him. The waiter came out moments later to collect the dishes and Kurt was confused because Victor didn’t pay for anything.

Catching his train of thoughts Victor spoke up, “it’s on my tab” looking at Kurt and back at the table. Kurt let out a relieved sigh and leaned back into the warmth he missed as wrapped an arm around his waist making room for him.

“You have to go back to your friends.” Victor stated what would have been a question.

Seeing no point in verbally answering he nodded his head and yawned. He walked back to the club his friends were in while snuggled beside the man the whole time. They arrived in front of the club and stopped.

“Thank you for valking back with me.” He whispered feeling sad to part with Victor.

The older male grunted before slowly letting Kurt go. He immediately missed the warmth it brought him but stayed where he was as Victor simply turned a he walked away.

He was left standing there until he went to the door. Upon realizing he had yet to get the ID from the other he stuffed his hands in his pockets. Then did he notice that his hand grazed an object that was his card.

A smile made its way onto his face when he also saw a paper with a number sprawled across it in neat handwriting. Thinking back on it, it’s been a while since he’s felt this safe with another human being.

If only he knew that safe wasn’t under the vicious claws of a predator that would change his life, whether it is for the best or worse.