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You'll Always be mine

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“Are you sure this vill vork Bobby?” Kurt asked staring at the fake ID the other had given him. He wasn’t so sure this would work as easy as he made it sound.

Bobby looked at Kurt like he was stupid, “Of course I am. Why would I bring you all here without being sure?” He practically whispered as loud as he could.

Somewhere behind them someone squealed making him turn around, “Kitty are you alright?”

“I’m so excited let’s go inside already!” She moved past everyone to the front.

When she got to the man standing out front she waved her fake ID to the bouncer and he let her in. She turned around and giggled while sticking her tongue out.

“Well I’ll be damned.” The southern accent drawled slowly before his friend, nicknamed Rouge, also walked up and flashed her ID before going inside.

This club was said to be the best in the whole city and his friends wanted to go so badly. However the age limit to enter was 21 and he and his friends were mostly 16 or 17.

That being said, Kurt was still nervous as it became his turn to go up.

He tried not to let his surprise show when the man let him go in. Once in he found that his friends had scattered around leaving him to stand there awkwardly by himself.

The music blasted around him making him shuffle back and forth not knowing what to do. He bit his lip and decided to go sit down at the bar.

The bartender came to him with a raised eyebrow and he internally slapped himself for coming to the bar.

“Uh vater please.” The bartender nodded and turned around filling a cup with water before placing it in front of Kurt who nodded his thanks.

He took some time to look around at the lights flashing throughout the room practically beaming down on the people dancing underneath.

He didn’t know what he was doing here and felt so out of place. After he drank the water he got up to find the others and tell them he was going to leave early.

He looked around until he spotted Kitty dancing against some guy and started to make his way to her.

The music suddenly picked up and along with it was the amount of people on the dance floor. He kept bumping into people as he tried to zip in and out the gaps until he collided with a hard chest.

Kurt would have fallen but a strong arm wrapped itself around his waist holding him up.

“I’m terribly sorry.” He mumbled into the muscled chest he collided with in embarrassment. He got an answering grunt in return and looked up to see the person he bumped into.

The guy was staring down at him with sharp amber eyes. The stranger was taller than him and he had to lift his head all the way up to look at him this close. This was his first time seeing a person that much taller than him in America.

His hands rested on the business like suit where he could feel abs bulging out. He would have thought that someone in a suit like that would not be in a place like this but this person looked as though he belonged here.

“Are you alright?” He tried once more after he found his voice. He couldn’t stop paying attention to all the blond hair that was slicked back which made Kurt want to run his hands through it.

He’s pretty sure his fingers twitched at the thought of that.

He couldn’t help but to blush when he realized his hands were still on the muscled chest in front of him and he hurried to properly get his footing.

When he finally gained his footing he didn’t know what else to say. People still danced all around them. Music blasted louder than before. It became harder to breathe.

Memories of his past started flickering through his mind.



All followed by pain.

“You good kid?” A deep husky voice questioned, more like grunted out. Then it just became them two standing and nothing else mattered.

After blinking several times Kurt realized that he unintentionally leaned back into the warmth radiating from the well-toned body in front of him.

He was so flustered that he zoned out and he couldn’t speak so he settled on nodding instead.

Only did he get a deep hmm that sounded from the strangers chest did he look back up into those piercing eyes.

“KURT!” Kitty’s voice called out to him causing him to look back in the direction he was previously heading.

“S-sorry I must go.” He fumbled over another apology and excuse to leave.

He ended up walking around the man and towards Kitty. When Kitty saw him come close she fully turned to him and waved him over.

Chuckling he obliged and finally made it over to her, “I’m going to head back first, could you tell the others?” He informed her once he was close enough for her to hear him.

She looked at him with concern, “Is everything alright?” She asked him twisting away from the guy who was still trying to dance with her.

“Yes,” He said quickly to calm her nerves, “just feeling tired.” He gave her a weak smile then turned and left.

Once outside he took deep breaths to calm himself down. The noise brought back memories he longed to suppress.

He loved talking with people but not large crowds such as that. If they were a crowd of kids he would be fine considering he grew up in the circus over in Germany.

Sometimes he really missed the circus and the laughter that came with it. Every day he learned something fascinating like how to swallow swords or juggle fire balls.

Most of all he’ll miss his mom who raised and loved him. She was his foster mom but to him she will always be his mom for giving him everything he could ever dream of.

When he got back to the private high school he went to go see if the principal was still there. Some people that went to the school stayed in dorms because they either couldn’t afford to live on their own or things were too bad at home.

That being said he was one of the people who couldn’t afford anything especially coming from Germany all alone recently.

He knocked on the door and surprisingly heard a call from within, “Come in!”

He opened the door to reveal his principle sitting behind his desk still doing work.

“Vat are you still doing here this late Professor?” All the students called him Professor or Professor Xavier because Principal just seemed too formal when the man himself was not.

The Professor looked up, “Oh hello Kurt,” he glanced at the clock on the wall. “Oh dear I didn’t know how late it was.” He said as he started packing up his things for the night.

“I just stopped by to let you know I’m back” He felt he should tell the person who offered him a place to stay when he got back and left. He owed him that much for bringing him out of living in an abandoned church.

“Where did you go?” The older man questioned.

For the second time tonight he internally slapped himself for walking into this and replied, “Oh…um there was a study session and…” he trailed off not wanting to lie further.

Taking pity on Kurt the Professor nodded and gave an all knowing smile as though he knew exactly where Kurt had been.

He always seemed that way with everyone as though he could read their mind.

“Well goodnight Professor.” He turned and left the room.

“Do rest well Kurt.” The professor’s voice rang from the other side of the door.

With a sudden realization Kurt sprinted to his room. He had nearly forgotten his train of thoughts due to the stranger’s presence and in his haste to make it to Kitty.

However now it was all he could think about. He picked up the pace to his room where he could think better.

Once he was in the room he took off his shirt and pants to look in the mirror. He saw dark eyes with a tinge of yellow stare back at him.

Before he looked to scan the rest of his body he felt an ache everywhere.

He felt like it was the first time he acquired the scars that scattered his body. They served as a life lasting reminder of what happened to him before he came here.

Oh how he was truly a fool to think that they would ever fade away.

Kurt wandered over to the dresser and grabbed his cross and then climbed on his bed where he proceeded to curl in himself with it tightly pressed to his heart.

He recalled the fleeting feel of a muscled chest under his palm and a moment after he felt his breathing even out while his grip loosened just before sleep claimed him.