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Disguise Our Bondage

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Classifications are an essential part of what makes up a person, but they are not the entire person. As such, not every submissive is suited for every Dominant and vice versa. Just as not every personality type is suited to pair up with another. In that same way, not ever submissive will respond to every Dominant's displays of control. A submissive will, however, always respond to the displays of Dominance of a compatible Dom. The higher the compatibility, the greater the response.
Dominant and Submissive Relations- Chapter Two: Compatibility

“Are you sure? I don't understand why we can't just do Churchill, or Chamberlain, if we want to be a bit different.”

Kurt asked, giving Blaine a strange look as he tilted his head. The look wasn't bad, so it didn't make Blaine feel the need to backtrack and apologise. But it didn't stop Blaine from looking down and sputtering a bit as he tried to respond. They were just discussing their selection for their History class.

“I just think that most people are going to do their projects on the Allies. It'd be interesting if we picked an Axis Leader.” Kurt didn't respond right away, just kept looking at Blaine in that same odd little way. “We don't have to, if you don't want. Churchill is fi...”

“Blaine, I think it's a great idea. Hideki Tojo it is. Good job.”

The moment those words hit into his ear, Blaine felt a blossom of warmth form in the pit of his stomach. A glow rolling into his blood stream, pushing farther through his body with each pump of his heart. The horrible lighting of the library couldn't hide the blush he had to be sporting. In fact, he had probably been blushing the entire time. At least from how hot his face had felt for the past hour. Then again, Blaine felt like he blushed whenever he spoke to Kurt. The other boy must think it's his natural state of being.

“So, how do we want to do this? What sort of presentation do we want to do?”

The rest out their discussion didn't take too long. All they could do for now was sort of how they wanted their presentation to go, as well as begin to split the work. In the end, they decided on a Powerpoint Presentation with accompanying speech, as this was supposed to also serve as a study aid for their peers. Before long, the entire afternoon had been whittled away slaving over their books and laptops.

“Alright, I think I'm done for now.” Kurt said, closing the book he had and stacking it with his pile to check out for later reference. “I'm just going to e-mail our choice to Miss Kellye, check these out, and then head to dinner.”

Blaine nodded along, glancing at the time. Past five o'clock already. When did that happen? Feeling strange to have had time run away with him like that, Blaine started to clear up his own side of the table. Somehow he had spread his books well beyond his half, his binder ending up sitting next to Kurt's laptop. Great, now Kurt was going to think he was messy and inconsiderate. The younger boy barely contained the urge to sigh and shake his head at himself, not wanting to draw attention to himself. Instead, he just placed his laptop cord in his bag.

“I think our project is going to be really good. It was a really good idea to pick someone on the Axis side. He's actually pretty interesting.”

Those words caused Blaine's hands to pause as they attempted to stack his re-shelves a little neater. “Really?”

“Yeah. I'm not a history buff or anything, but it's not completely boring for once. So that's an improvement.” Kurt said, standing and swinging his bag onto his shoulder. “What about you?”

Blaine followed suit, grabbing his own items as he thought about his answer. “No, I'm not a particular history fan, or anything. I like math.”

“Math, why so?” The tone of voice the taller boy used displayed some shock, but thankfully didn't sound judging. More so curious. Which gave Blaine the courage to answer.

“I'm good with numbers. It's all sort of.... soothing. Rhythmic. I know that's silly.” People told him that all the time, so often he was just used to the feeling of deflating that came with people's oddly disappointed tones when he told them he'd like to study math in college, instead of something more 'practical'.

It took a moment before Kurt finally responded. By that point, each boy had checked out his books and they were nearly at the door to the library. When he finally did say something back, it was enough to basically make Blaine's day. “Good. Keep at it then, it's important that you stick to things you enjoy.”

Overall, it had been a great afternoon. The sort of afternoon that left Blaine feeling oddly light. His steps felt stronger, less hesitant or shuffling. Dinner even tasted better than ever, somehow. The conversation with his friends flowed easily, chock full of laughter and silly, wild gestures. The high of the night rolled right along with him through the evening as he did his calculus homework and even into bed with him, where his covers felt soft against his skin.

Blaine wasn't stupid enough to think that his good mood would last long. It'd probably be gone in the morning. And even if it managed to return, there was no way it would be able to last him all the way through the weekend. Not with Friends and Family Day the upcoming weekend. But for now, Blaine would take what he could get.


“Hands and knees.”

Though the tone was not raised, the voice clearly left no room for argument or negotiation. The sound of it sent a thrill up Blaine's spine, his naked skin tingling as he rushed to comply. In just a second's time, he was on all fours, ass high in the air, even as he kept his head down. “Yes, Sir.”

“Good, pet.”

The compliment sent a twinge to Blaine's cock. Though it was hanging towards the ground, the blood rushing to it had it steadily rising upward. Sir hadn't said he could get hard, but He hadn't said not to either. Honestly, there was simply no helping it, not when Sir was giving him short, soft commands, leaving him literally shivering in anticipation.

Blaine wasn't sure how long he stayed like that, simply watching the ground as he waited for his Dom, until... Finally, finally, a hand touched his skin. Starting from the base of his spine, a single finger ran gently along his crack. Not with enough force to push the cheeks apart, but hard enough to speak clearly to Blaine.

Mine. But only when I say so. All Mine.

Finally, the finger began to complete its journey by circling his balls, an action which made Blaine begin to shiver. He didn't move any more though. Sir didn't tell him to be still, but he'd do it anyway. Make Sir proud. But that was not all, though. The finger finally reached his cock, now nearly fully hard, and it ran up and down the length of it, slowly, especially as it ran circles over his slit. Blaine loved that and Sir knew it, but he wouldn't buck forward into the touch, no, he wouldn't.

“Such a good pet, staying so still for me.” Sir said, whispered into his ear from behind. The hot breath from Sir's mouth felt scolding on his shivering bare flesh. So hot it took his breath away and he could only nod in response.

The gentle strokes continued up and down his cock. Only one finger, not enough to make him come, but enough to drive Blaine absolutely crazy. He was fully hard now, hard and barely keeping his body still. There was no helping his moans at all, the little needy whines and whimpers that escaped his throat. He didn't even attempt to keep those quiet because he wouldn't have been able to. Plus, Sir said he loved the sounds.

“And you're all mine, aren't you, Blaine?” Sir asked, accentuating the question by grasping the submissive's cock in a firm fist.

The hand was still, but it squeezed and gave such delicious pressure that Blaine just moaned in reply. It took a minute before he could formulate a response. “Yes, Sir.”

“This cock is mine.” The hand began to move. Dry and slow, but wonderful.

“This ass is mine.” Sir's other hand began to kneed his cheeks. “All of this is mine.”

Blaine moaned louder, shivering from the sensations. More than the physical ones, it was the words that Sir was saying. He loved the feeling of being owned, of being so fully Dominated by such a strong and special person. Sir was the only one for him, the only person he had ever really wanted in his entire life. Just being in his presence made Blaine want to drop to his knees, no matter where they were.

“Say you're mine, pet. Say my name and tell me who you belong to.”

The hand on the pet's cock started to speed up, the other hand going between his cheeks to tease his hole. The unexpected duel sensations caused Blaine to loose his breath for a minute. His response barely came out as words, just breathy half-English.

“Louder.” The hands moved faster, pushed harder, showing no mercy. Blaine was completely captive between the hands on him and the words being ordered into his ear.

“I'm yours!” The submissive finally got out, nearly shouting it. There was no one around to hear him other than Sir, so it was ok. And even if there was, Blaine didn't think he would be able to find it in himself to be embarrassed by his actions. Sir was just so good to him. “I'm all yours Sir, all yours, Kurt!”

At the sound of the much needed words, Sir placed a gentle kiss on his cheek. “Good, pet. Such a good pet. Now come.”

And Blaine did. Heart pounding, body drenched in sweat and unable to catch his breath. His body shook, even as he shot up in shock. Though he couldn't tell what was more shocking, the come staining the inside of his pajama pants, or the fact that he had just dreamt of being Dominated.


Blaine hadn't been able to get back to sleep that night. Instead he spent the time watching his digital clock gradually increase in number. 2:49, 4:07, 5:31, 6:52, all the way until David's clock was starting to blare in his ear. But even then he didn't move. He let David get up and gather his things to head to the bathroom first. Even though the dry come was uncomfortable and itchy against his skin. Blaine was nearly afraid to clean up the mess. It would be like washing away the lingering power of Kurt from his skin.

He wasn't stupid, he knew that Kurt wasn't his Dom, and that he couldn't be. Switches are so rarely paired with anyone other than a Switch, unless in a polygamous collaring, which Blaine could never be part of again. Besides, he doesn't want anyone else to touch him. Even if only in the picture show of his mind, the feel of Kurt over his body was absolute. There would be no room for any other person in his world if he had Kurt to control him.

Which he can't. Because he's a Switch, and because they're at Dalton. Displays of Dominance are forbidden. It could hinder the healing process. Besides, someone like Kurt deserved only the best. If he were to Dominate someone, it should be someone perfect. Not broken, not a screw up or failure like Blaine.

But still, just the memory of how solidly sure Kurt's voice had sounded...

Blaine groaned, his back beginning to arch off the bed a bit, as if Kurt's body would be hovering above his.

“Oh, you're awake. Morning.”

The sound of David's voice stopped the rest of his moans from reaching his throat. He sat up quickly, glad for the pile of covers he slept under that could hide his half-erection. It wouldn't be the first time one of them saw the other with morning wood, no matter what they've been through, they are still teenage boys. But this one felt so very different. Those erections had been random, attached to snippets of already forgotten dreams. They belonged to no one. This one belonged to Kurt.

“Good morning.”

David smiled at him, but didn't say anything more. He just went over to his own wardrobe and began to pull out his uniform. Blaine tuned away, not wanting to creepily watch his friend get dressed. Instead he pushed his covers off and stumbled awkwardly off the bed. Between being half-hard and still sticky with come, he couldn't manage too many comfortable steps. Finally, he had his uniform and towel in hand, ready to enter the bathroom. He never changed in the room.

Once he had the shower the correct temperature, Blaine stepped under the spray and nearly sighed in relief. The warm water began to clean off his mess, while the pressurised shower head seemed to massage his cock. Blaine barely bit back a groan, hand coming to the base of his dick to squeeze and prevent himself from coming. He'd already done that once today, and while it felt great, now the hallow feeling in his stomach was making itself known. The guilt of using someone that could never think of him that way, the guilt of feeling good when he hadn't done anything to earn it, all pulling him down. Stepping away from the direct spray of the shower, Blaine rested his forehead on the cool shower tile, taking deep breaths until the problem went away.

Now he could get ready for the day.

A day which would prove to be just as horrible as any other Monday morning. D/s Reintroduction starred a female pair today, something that always made Blaine a little squeamish. But that wasn't the problem today, because for once instead of wanting to run from the feelings of loneliness that welled up in his stomach, he wanted to shove the two woman away and drag Kurt to the middle of the floor. He wanted Kurt to force him down on his knees, to command him to unzip Kurt's perfectly tailored Dalton slacks with his teeth and show them how a good submissive pleased his master.

Blaine's hands gripped the leather strap of his bag, twisting as he looked down at his own feet to try and will his mental images away. Even as he wished the praises from the Dom's lips were in a more angelic voice, masculine, even if high. Whispering in his ear, hot and heady.

If he had his say, Blaine would just watch the floor all of class, not thinking about any of this, but an inexplicable pull caused his eyes to raise. From across the room, distinctive eyes were locked on him. It lasted only for a moment, just a few seconds that made Blaine's knees quake with the desire to hit the ground. Even when the eyes left him, Blaine still felt his body stirring, his desire from this morning still humming in his veins.

So he did the only reasonable thing: he ran. Mr. Brawner gave him an odd look that morning. As if able to tell that Blaine wasn't here for his usual reason. But the kindly old nurse didn't ask. He just threw a thin blanket over the student's body, where he lay curled up on a cot. The feelings rolling around inside his mind were starting to give him a headache.


“Ok, so let me get this straight. The Second Sino-Japanese War was really its own war, that just eventually got swept up into the greater World War after Pearl Harbor?”

“Yes, that sounds right.” Blaine answered, glancing over his notes again. He and Kurt were in the library yet again, having decided that the easiest way to get the project done on time would be to make sure they were worked on it every day between classes and dinner. Together, to make sure they didn't have any unanswered questions for each other.

“And Tojo was Chief of Staff then, and ordered several attacks on China.” Kurt himself was flipping through notes, making a couple marks as he spoke.

Blaine wasn't sure if Kurt was really speaking to him at all, or if he just needed to say this aloud to keep it all straight, but Blaine answered anyway. “Yes.”

The two continued on in this vein for a while, making sure they had their timeline perfectly straight, so that for the next two days after classes, they could get their Powerpoint created and speech written. They only had a couple of days left to really get this done, since it was already Wednesday. And Saturday hardly counted as a day to work since it was Friends and Family Day. Not only was that a time-consuming distraction, but it was bound to leave Blaine in a far less than ideal frame of mind. Meaning Sunday would be their last day to practice and perfect, before giving their presentation in class on Monday.

They were wrapping up for the night though, since dinner would be starting in just a couple of minutes. Then they'd each have their other homework to focus on for the rest of the night. Blaine got his books and laptop in order, putting everything in its proper place. He was standing and putting his bag on his shoulder before he noticed that Kurt didn't look ready to leave. The history books were put up, but a math textbook had replaced it.

“Are you... not going to dinner?”

Kurt looked up from his text, already looking exasperated. It made Blaine take a tiny step back, thinking he'd done something wrong. “I wish, but this is due tomorrow and it's bound to take me hours to finish. I'll just have to snack on something from my room later.”

“What are you working on?”

“Trig, the bane of my existence.” The taller boy glared down at his textbook, before giving Blaine slightly crooked smile.

Blaine worried his bottom lip for a second, not sure if this was the right thing for him to do or not. But it had to be right? Kurt needed help and Blaine could help him. He wanted desperately to help him. “I took trigonometry last year. I could do it for you if you like.”

“Much as I'd love to get rid of this, I can't let you do my homework for me, Blaine.” The shorter boy instantly felt himself wilt at the slightly mocking tone he heard. “But you can help me if you like.”

He looked up instantly, seeing that Kurt was smiling at him. “I'd love to.”

“Great, now sit back down and make these numbers do what they're supposed to.”