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Disguise Our Bondage

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The contract is the foundation of a collared pairing. To be recognised by the government as a collard pair, one must present a contract to their state's Department of Pairing Relations within thirty days of collaring. A person is not eligible for collaring until the age of sixteen. Any contract involving a minor (under the age of eighteen) must have parental consent.

A contract must include the following minimum requirements to be legal:
*Residency Plans (Minors must have parental consent to move in with older Dominants.)
*Limits, both Hard and Soft
*Party Roles
*Punishment Guidelines
*Safeword(s) Guidelines
*Alteration and Termination Policy

Domination Constitution- Article B, Section Three: Contracts

“I really don't even get what you're saying.” Jeff said, staring at David like had a second head or three eyes. “It just... no.”

“What? Don't look at me like that.” David gave Jeff his own strange look, glancing at the other boys around him at the dinner table, looking for support. Thad and Nick shrugged in response, as if to say that they really weren't involved in this little spat. David shook his head, but took a deep breath and powered on. “I don't know what's so hard to get. Clearly Batman was the superior Super Hero.”

“No, just no.” Jeff said, his blond hair swaying a bit as he shook his head. “First of all, Superman can fly.”

Blaine was only half-paying attention to the conversation going on around him. His hand moved nearly on its own accord to feed him dinner, while his mind was a day in the past, a dorm room away.

“We have to keep this quiet. If the teachers find out, they'll make us stop.” Kurt said, his voice soft. As if speaking too loudly would immediately bring their therapist into the room to find Blaine on his knees, head resting in the other boy's lap, as Kurt combed his fingers though Blaine's curls. He didn't seem deterred by the gel in the way, his hands working steady. The fingers moved rhythmically, in a way that would be calming if Blaine wasn't so hyper aware of every place where the two of them were touching.

“Batman has gadgets though. Explosives and ziplines and throwing weapons. It makes him more versatile. Anything he can think of can be created for him to use in his arsenal against criminals.”

“Yeah, but when he runs out of gadgets, he's not much, now is he? Superman is always super, no matter what. Not to mention, he can fly?”

“We won't be able to just jump right in. The things we really want will have to wait until we establish trust.”

“I trust you already.” Blaine found himself saying without really thinking about it. His cheeks heated up in embarrassment, but he lifted his head to look at Kurt anyway when a hand tapped his jaw. The look Kurt was giving him made Blaine's breath catch. The blues of Kurt's eyes sparkled with such tender care that it was nearly startlingly, while the green flecks shouted awed happiness, as if Kurt couldn't believe that someone was saying that to him. As if Kurt thought he was something special, and not the other way around.

“I'm glad. But I want to earn your trust, just as you'll earn mine.”

“Flying is really not all that great.” David countered, rolling his eyes as if he knew from personal experience just how great the ability to fly was. “Batman doesn't need to fly in order to save the day. He has a badass car that gets him from place to place.”

Jeff just steadily shook his head, so much so that Blaine would have been worried he'd give himself a headache soon if the boy had been paying more attention. It was a wonder that any of the food he was eating for dinner was making it into his mouth. “I'll concede that that is one awesome car, anyone would want to have that car, but a real super hero is super. Batman just has lots of money.”

“Superman isn't super, he's an alien. On his planet, he's pretty normal, really. He's only super in comparison to humans. And so is Batman, he's super compared to most people, in that he's doing super things. Really, that makes him better because he's choosing to become something more. Clark Kent was just born special. Bruce Wayne made himself special.”

Jeff floundered for a response for a bit, his mouth opening a closing as David smiled on smuggly.

”A contract is necessary, we have to know what is and isn't alright.”

Blaine opened his mouth to speak, but Kurt cut him off with a finger on his lips, face stern as he looked down at the boy in his lap. Blaine shut his mouth right away. “I'm very serious about that part, Blaine. This has to be something we're both comfortable with every step of the way. You're here at Dalton for a reason, someone hurt you.”

Kurt paused, taking a deep breath. The expression on his face was one of carefully controlled anger, as if the idea of someone hurting Blaine, hurting what was his, was incomprehensible. Blaine could feel where his Dom's body was going rigid, and nuzzled a little into the thigh he was resting on. He was here with Kurt, not at Master's house. Another deep breath released some of the tension from Kurt and the older boy smiled down at Blaine. A soft finger ran along his cheek, making Blaine's eyes flutter.

“I don't want to hurt you.”

Before Jeff could recover himself enough to try to form a counter argument, a giggle interrupted them all. It even made Blaine look up from his nearly finished food. He recognised that laugh.

“Hey, don't laugh, this is serious.” Jeff said, sounding like a five year old. “Then who do you think was better?”

“Well I think they both needed a lesson in fashion, spandex, really? No one can truly pull that off. Beyond that don't look at me. I was a Power Rangers kid.” Nick gave him an odd look, as if he didn't believe Kurt had really liked such a show. “What? I had all the figures. They got married in more combinations than the cast of True Blood. But I always fell back onto Billy and Zach. No one ever realised how great they were, too busy looking at Jason and Tommy.”

“I...” Kurt trailed off, and it was the only time during their entire conversation that Blaine had heard him truly stumble. Pause to gather his thoughts? Sure. But actually be worried about what he was going to say? Not once. It made something in Blaine's stomach tighten in anticipation, his back straigthening.

“I know we don't have a contract yet and that it might be soon...”

Again, the older boy trailed off. Though this time he gently lifted Blaine's head off his lap and got up from his desk chair. Blaine watched, body suddenly feeling colder and tighter without the feel of Kurt against him, near him. Whatever Kurt was going to suggest must be a very big deal or he wouldn't be worried like this. Did he have another kink he wanted to add to their list? Did he want Blaine to reconsider asphyxiation? He thought he'd seen Kurt's eyes light up before Blaine had said no, maybe he wanted to do breath-play. Blaine could do that as long as he blocked out the memories of Master.

Blaine's thoughts ran away with him, his teeth worrying his bottom lip as he watched Kurt fiddle in a drawer for a second. He came back to Blaine a minute later, something held tightly in his hand.

“I know it's not traditional; we can't be traditional right now. But I'd be honoured if you'd wear this.” Kurt opened his hand to reveal a thin leather bracelet. Small pale blue and barley-there-yellow rhinestones covered it in swirling design. It wasn't extremely elaborate, but it was unique. Distinctive.

Blaine thought he might cry.

Finished with his input into childhood shows, Kurt turned away form the conversation. Instead he grabbed his glass of water and lifted it to his lips. But not before winking at Blaine across the table.


Finding time to meet up was a lot more difficult than one might think it'd be. Sure, the two of them were in the same location, but so were all the hundred or so other students, the rest of the Group and the majority of their teachers that lived on or near campus. In other words, there were always people around. They had to be careful to make sure no one saw the way that Blaine looked at Kurt, like he was the sun and moon, or the way that Blaine suddenly started popping up in all the same locations as the other boy.

They were sneaking around to put it bluntly. Only able to subsist on a few whispered commands and lots of meaningful looks. It should make Blaine feel dirty and wrong, since he has to pretend me something he's not, when in fact he loves this. The fact that they have to work so hard, the fact that Kurt is willing to take this risk for him, makes him feel like he might not be so broken. He has a long way to come before he's worthy of Kurt, but he wants to be, longs to be. He'll do anything.

Thank goodness Thad is having trouble with his upcoming Latin exam and has decided to take up residence in the library all of Thursday night, a week later. Which means that Blaine is able to finally see Kurt without anyone around.

He shouldn't be this nervous about knocking on a door, Kurt told him to meet at his dorm room at seven sharp, so Blaine is supposed to be there. But that doesn't make it easier to raise his hand. What if Kurt sees him on his knees and decides that he isn't as pretty as he thought? What if whatever Kurt tells him to do, he can't follow through, and Blaine is left in shame at being unable to fill another Dom's request?

The thought of disappointing Kurt, of not being good enough for him makes Blaine ache all over, as if every cell in his body wishes only to please this beautiful young man. And Blaine can't do that if he doesn't walk there on time. So, swallowing a bit of his apprehension, he knocks on the door identical to his own, yet so very different.

“Come in.”

Blaine does as he's told, opening the door and closing it behind him quietly. He doesn't walk any farther in though, because he isn't sure he's allowed to. It's the first time they've really been able to have a scene since that first night, and there are still so many things they haven't discussed or figured out. The uncertainty of it all makes Blaine's stomach squirm. It would be so simple for Kurt to rip his bracelet off pretend like none of this ever happened. Then Blaine would be alone again.

“You brought you homework, good. Shoes off please, then walk over here.”

Simple commands, but the younger boy rushes to comply to them. It feels good to be following along to what he's told. Soon his loafers are next to Kurt's by the door and Blaine looking down at Kurt where he sits on his desk chair. Without even thinking about it, Blaine falls to his knees. Now able to look up at Kurt and he likes this view better. Kurt looks so much stronger this way. Not that he ever looks weak, but there's something about how Kurt has to look down his nose at Blaine, has to tilt his body downward to really see what's going on down there, that makes him even more gorgeous than usual.

“Good boy.” Kurt says, raising a hand to cup Blaine's jaw. Unconsciously, he leans into the touch, the soft hands feeling like silk on his skin. A deep breath leaves his body, taking with it a knot of apprehension from his stomach.

“To start, I just want to work on our homework. We can't get behind. After a bit, we'll talk, ok?”

Blaine nods, opening his bag to pull out his book for English. They're reading Black Boy by Richard Wright and while strictly speaking, they aren't required to read the second half, he thinks it'll be a good idea to do so anyway.

“You can sit on the bed, if you'd like.”

Startled, Blaine looks up. He sees that Kurt is looking at him with a worried expression and Blaine decides that a frown never belongs that his lovely face. “I don't want you to be uncomfortable.”

Oh, was that it? Blaine can feel the blush creeping up his cheeks as he glances down to view his position. It's a standard submissive kneel, nothing special, but he'd fallen into it naturally. His knees ache in protest, yelling that they haven't done this in quite some time. They also don't like the fact that Dalton dorms have hardwood floor. His shins can feel the chill from the wood even through the slacks, but overall it feels wonderful, natural. The burn is a reminder of his place.

“I like being on my knees.”

Kurt smiles, petting Blaine's face again. “That's fine, but please move if your legs start to hurt, ok? And you can lean on me again if you'd like.”

There's no denying that Blaine's face lights up like the sun at the opportunity to touch Kurt again. When his head landed in Kurt's lap, the boys hand immediately moves to his hair, petting him again. His hazel eyes close for a moment, and he thinks that if he were a dog, his tail would be twitching from the treatment. As it were he's a human being, a student no less, and books don't read themselves. Much as he'd like to revel in the feel of being at Kurt's feet, his Dom told him to do his homework, so he will.

In the end, Blaine isn't sure how long he reads about Richard's involvement in the Communist Party. But at some point, Kurt stopped his humming and instead tapped him on the shoulder. “Blaine, are you at a place where you can stop?”

The boy nodded, putting his bookmark in and setting his pen on the floor next to him before looking up at Kurt. The other boy was smiling down at him, though there was something a bit off about his smile. Blaine wasn't sure what it was, but he wanted to help. He nuzzled into Kurt's lap a bit, smiling up at him. “Yes?”

Kurt moaned then, eyes closing for just a moment, as if he wanted to imprint the sight into his memory. When he opened his eyes again, the strange quality was gone. He instead looked sure, eyes blue like steel in a way that made Blaine shiver. Want coursed through his veins, his own eyes falling down naturally in response.

“I took what we discussed the other day and wrote us a rough draft of a contract. If you feel as if it's too early for a contract, I understand. But I feel that having clear guidelines would benefit the both of us, so I would have to insist you at least look this over.” Kurt's tone was no nonsense, nearly business like. Which made some sense. They grew up about collared pairs, learned how a contract affect a relationship from the age of eleven. In was a standard part of the collaring process, it's what makes a legal pair.

They can't be legal, of course. Not here at Dalton, but it'll feel real, it'll be real for them. “I'd like to see it, please.” Kurt smiled at him, handing down the papers. Trying to keep his hands steady, Blaine took them and began to read.

The Contract of Collaring and Pairing for Kurt E. Hummel and Blaine W. Anderson.

Party Roles
Dominate: Kurt Hummel (henceforth known as Sir)
Upon signing this contract, he agrees to take on the role of Dominant of the submissive. This includes, but is not limited to, caring for the physical, mental and emotional well being of the submissive. Further, upon signing, Sir agrees to always respect his submissive, their mutual limits and the safeword.

submissive: Blaine Anderson (henceforth known as pet)
Upon signing this contract, he agrees to take on the role of submissive to the Dominant. This includes, but is not limited to, caring for the physical, mental and emotional well being of Sir, according to Sir's wishes. Further, pet must always remember to respect Sir by observing their mutual limits and the safeword.

Safeword Guidelines
Safeword: Dolphin
Saying the safeword instantly pauses any scene or play. Either party may use the safeword at any point they feel uncomfortable or need a break. Upon using the word, the user must state their reason and needs to the second party. The two may discuss the situation and decide to suspend play for some time or start back up, on a case by case basis.

Both parties are residents of Dalton Academy: For Submissive and Switch Rehabilitation

* asphyxiation
* water sports
* enemas
* exhibitionism
* blood-play
* animal-play
* scat-play
* polygamy

* pain-play
* edge-play
* cross-dressing
* age-play

Punishment Guidelines
Punishments will be earned for misconduct in a scene or during play. Misconduct can be defined as failing to fulfil a command, not listening to a command or forgetting the roles during role-play. Before giving a punishment, Sir must explicitly explain the reason for and nature of the punishment to pet. Punishments are to be decided upon on a case by case basis, by Sir, but will never include any of the hard limits listed.

The safeword may be used during punishments as well and will not earn further punishment. Once punishment is over, either due to the scene ending or the safeword being used, the transgression is forgiven and forgotten.

Alteration and Termination Policy
Alteration of the contract is available at any time. Both parties must be in agreement for any changes to be made, and a minimum twenty-four hours must be waited between the discussion and the official change. Alterations call for a resigning of the contract by both parties.

Termination of the contract is also available at any time. Again, both parties must discuss the reason for termination and wait the minimum twenty-four hours before it becomes official. However, both parties do not need to be in agreement to end the contract. One party's dissatisfaction without resolution is grounds for termination.

Dominant Signature: Sir ___________

submissive Signature: pet ___________


It took a moment after reaching the end to realise why his face was wet. He was crying. Blaine was crying as he read this contract, as he noticed all the details that kept him safe. Noticed that asphyxiation was not only listed under a hard limit, but it was the first one. It was too much, it was more than Blaine could handle.

“Are you ok, Blaine?”

It took a moment before Blaine could answer, he just stared up at Kurt like he wasn't sure what he was seeing. Was this man real? How could he be? So beautiful and smart and perfect. Caring too, and patient even when Blaine was bumbling along like an uncouth puppy. Kurt was too much, too good for Blaine. But apparently he wanted him, if his signature already sitting on the line next to Sir was any indication. And boy, oh boy did Blaine want him too; more than he'd wanted anything for a long, long time.

Scrambling, he grabbed the pen he'd left on the floor before, singing his name in the blank next to 'pet'. “Everything is perfect, Sir.”

Before he could even put the papers down, Sir's lips were on his. Taking him, claiming his in a forceful kiss that spoke of things to come. A part of Blaine screamed that this was too good to be true, that he was only going to screw it all up soon and he should run away and not take Kurt down with him. But the rest of him simply melted, falling into Kurt and feeling good for the first time in longer than he could remember.