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Disguise Our Bondage

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Submission can come in many forms. Sexual gratification is one way in which a Dominant may ask a sub to display their submissiveness, but that is not the only way. It is also possible, and quite likely, that your future Dominant will wish for you to serve him or her in other ways. Such as domestic services, financial support or simple companionship. No two Dominants are alike, as you are not just like every other submissive.
The Submissive Nature: Introductory Video One


“Lie down on the bed. Comfortably.”

Blaine felt his body start to tingle in anticipation at the change in Kurt's tone. Outside of these walls, they were still just Kurt and Blaine, two students going about their days. They went to classes and therapy sessions and ate dinner with the the Group as always. In that way, little had changed.

But inside these walls, when Thad was stuck studying in the library, or went to Nick and Jeff's room to play video games, they could finally be themselves. They could be pet and Sir. These were Blaine's favourite times. Even if all they did all night was sit and watch a movie, Kurt lying on his bed, Blaine curled up by his feet, hands bounds behind his back, he was happy. This would be the best Thursday night ever.

“Arms spread.”

“Eyes closed.”

Each order was followed immediately, without question. Blaine couldn't help but feel a bit exposed right now. Even with his uniform shirt and pants still on, he could feel Sir's eyes locked onto his body. It was like having two laser sights on him, pinning him down into his position on the bed. They moved slowly, along his body, making him want to squirm for something more than just eyes, but he didn't dare ask.

He wanted though. God did he want. At the very least he wanted to see Kurt as well. To take in his beautiful features and know what his thoughts were. Those glasz eyes were always so expressive, Blaine could see so much in them. All the power that Kurt held, the knowledge the strength. He wanted to see them, but he had to keep his eyes closed. Sir had told him to.

“Ah!” Blaine yelped, nearly jumping out of his skin when he felt a pair of hands on his shoulders. He hadn't been expecting that.

“Shush. Trust me.” Kurt's voice said by his ear. The younger boy shivered at the feel of the hot breath on his skin, shivering more when he felt the bed dip, then a leg swing over his hip.

The weight of Kurt above him was enough to make Blaine want to moan. He bit his lip to stop the noise. Oh god, oh god. Kurt was on top of him. And even if he wasn't putting his full weight on Blaine, it was still enough to drive the sub wild. Someone was on him, above him, pushing him down into the mattress, keeping him in place. Blaine felt his eyelids start to flutter, a sliver of light leaking into his eyes before he could stop himself.

“Eyes closed.” Sir reminded.

The fluttering stopped.

“I could blindfolded you with something, to make sure you kept them closed, but I want you to trust me. Can you keep your eyes closed for me, no matter what?” Kurt's hands massaged his shoulders as he spoke. To anyone else that would be calming, but for Blaine it just put him more on edge. Kurt's hands were on him.

“Yes, Sir.”

He heard and felt Sir hum in response, clearly happy with the response. The hands massaged a little lower now, kneading where his shoulder started to turn into his upper arm. As if the hands wanted to start roaming.

“What a...” Blaine shut his mouth immediately. His teeth bit into his lip again, keeping himself silent. Stupid, stupid. It's a Dom's place to plan things and make decisions. Blaine was just supposed to do what Kurt wanted, not open his mouth. Blaine squeezed his eyes shut tighter, not because he was worried he'd open them, but because he felt everything in him tighten. Even his lungs, the air trapped inside him as he waited for what Sir would do to him for speaking out of turn.

“What were you going to say? It's ok to ask me questions.”

The breath that had been stuck in his throat raced out, muscles loosening as well. “Wha...” Blaine tried, but his voice broke off, sounding more like he was a thirteen year old and not someone nearly seventeen. He tried again. “What are you going to do?”

The hands on his shoulders stopped, moving up to his cheeks to clasp them instead. Blaine felt breath hitting his lips and knew that Kurt was leaning close to him. “That's a very good question. You deserve to know what we're going to do.”

Blaine opened his mouth to protest, but a light kiss stopped him. “I just want to see what's mine. Do you think you can be still for me while I do that?”

He could be still, maybe, but his heart certainly couldn't. It wanted to race out of his chest and be closer to Kurt, just like every other molecule in Blaine desired. The submissive felt himself nodding before he even thought about what his answer would be, clearly a yes though.

The hands left his face moving down to his shoulders again. They didn't stay there for long though. Instead they tiptoed down his arms, leaving Blaine's skin tingling. They moved in little zig-zags, a pattern being drawn on Blaine's body, leaving him feeling marked for all to see. Soon the hands touched his own, fingers intertwining with his and squeezing. Whether to comfort or remind, Blaine didn't know. But it felt divine.

Even better, when Kurt lifted his right arm and placed a kiss just inside the wrist, just above the bracelet. It felt hot, like a brand, making him hyper aware of the leather against his skin. His collar, the item that marked him as Kurt's and Kurt's alone. That let Kurt do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted and Blaine would let him. Oh god, he'd let him.

Sir put his arm down, unlacing their fingers, which made the sub whine in protest. Kurt chuckled lightly at him, but Blaine wasn't worried that his Dom was upset or mocking him. “Patience, precious.”

Blaine moaned again, just as desperate for more, please. This time the hands answered, landing on his chest. Down they slid, barely brushing over his hard nipples and instead gliding over his abs and around his sides. Then right back up again. Kurt repeated the process. Once more. Twice more, each time lingering just a bit longer on his stomach. Until, finally, on the last trip up, he reached instead for the buttons of Blaine's dress shirt.

“Oh, god. Oh, god. Oh, god.” The submissive mumbled to himself as Kurt's fashion savvy fingers made quick work of the simple buttons. Soon his shirt was open, pushed to the sides of his chest. The cool air of the room hit his skin and made Blaine gasp. The cold was such a shock after the burning heat contained in Sir's gentle, exploring hands.

“So beautiful.” Kurt told, leaning over him again to whisper the words against Blaine's own lips.

It wasn't long before they were kissing. Or rather, Kurt was kissing Blaine as the sub laid there and took it. Kurt's tongue was delicious and hot in his own mouth. It traced paths and explored all the crevices of the younger boy's mouth, as his hands lingers on each and every abdominal, making the muscles quake and shake.

Blaine had basically turned into a mess of shaking, wanting need. He couldn't help but moan when Kurt sucked on his tongue, while twisting his nipple at the same time. Every part of him felt hot, alight with fire and desire. It was a foreign and new concept for him to take in. Master had never devoted the time to getting to know Blaine's body. The older man had just taken him, right over the spanking bench with Cheyenne and Sean watching. Blaine had been hard then, yes, his body responding automatically to the stimuli of his Dominant's arousal, but never before had he been so turned on by just another person's hands on him.

It made his stomach twist and shake even more, even as his hips shot upwards into the empty air.

Kurt stopped.

“You have to be still, pet. I won't tell you again.”

The sub just whined again, barely keeping his hips in the bed. “But, but, I need. Please, oh please.”

“What do you need?”

“Y-you. Need you, please.”

Kurt moved his lips attention to Blaine's neck for a moment, nibbling at the skin beneath his ear before finally answering. “Oh I want the same thing, my pet. I want it so much.” Kurt let some of his weight rest on Blaine, the feel of the other boy on him made the sub keen. More, it was more and... oh dear, sweet Jesus. Kurt was hard. Hard right against him. Blaine wanted, but his body kept shaking and his heart was stuttering, skipping beats.

“I want you so much, can you feel how hard you make me? I want to take you right now, but we can't.”

“Why?” God, why not?

Kurt's lips stopped their random nibbling and the older boy sat up. “Open your eyes.”

Blaine complied. The first thing he saw was Kurt didn't look upset, just concerned. Well, concerned and lusty. “Because you're shaking, dear. You aren't ready yet. No, don't argue. Just listen to me.”

A direct order. There was no way that he could disobey that. So pet just nodded, taking a deep breath to try and calm himself. Kurt smiled down at him and moved to lay down next to him on the bed. The room was more or less silent then, as Blaine tried only to get his mind to shut up and his body to listen to him.


Breakfast the next morning was much the same as usual. Well, aside from the fact that Blaine being at breakfast so many days in a row was unusual unto itself. Kurt had told him that eating three meals a day was important, so he'd been making an effort to set an extra alarm to ensure he got up in time to eat with everyone else. If David or anyone else thought the boy's change in habits was odd, none of them said anything.

“We should probably head to class. Don't want Mrs. Ammers to glare at us for being late.” Nick said, rolling his eyes as he cleaned up his tray.

The rest of the boys moved to follow, gathering their empty bowls and half-finished juices without complaint. Blaine was a little slower to follow, his hands unsteady as he tried to balance his morning food items. It was like his body was screaming at him not to go to class. Which makes sense, as D/s Reintroduction was just going to cause him to puke up his breakfast in about twenty minutes. At least he'll be able to see Mr. Brawner.

The tray wasn't in his hand anymore. Blaine looked up to see Kurt standing next to him. The sub opened his mouth to say something, but Kurt just shook his head and smiled. Blaine found himself smiling back automatically and followed the older boy. Soon he and Kurt had arrived at Interaction Room A. The rest of the guys had gone inside already and Blaine stopped to take a deep breath.

“You'll be fine.” Kurt said, grabbing his hand to give it a quick squeeze.

Blaine couldn't help but feel a little bit better. Braver. So he went into the room with his head held as high as he could manage. Which wasn't that great, as he still spent more time staring at the ground as Madame Marge led her submissive Sophie through her paces. He heard every one of the younger girls whimpers, cringed whenever she wasn't as fast as Master would have wanted.

But he stayed. Even though the doorway was at his back, calling him to leave this room and all that it was making him think about... he stayed.

Mrs. Ammers smiled and nodded at him as he left. David and Thad patted him the back, while Nick and Jeff flashed a thumbs up. But Kurt's reaction was the best though. The boy didn't smile, he didn't touch him or show any sort of overt gesture, but his eyes... they spoke volumes. It made Blaine tingle, his heart soaring with each step towards history class. Kurt by his side.