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Disguise Our Bondage

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As an educator of students aged five to eleven, you are primarily responsible for the classification of the next generation. It is essential that the job you do be thorough and well thought out. Do not let preconceived notions or parental pressures influence your decision. Your duty is to the child and no one else. Remember, the conclusion you come to will define the entirety of the student's life. Misclassifying a student asks them to live a lie and go against their nature for, potentially, their entire lives.
A Guide to Classification For K-Five Educators: Edition 27- Introduction


The leather chairs outside of Mrs. Graves office aren't the most comfortable. They certainly look shiny and well taken care of, just like the rest of Dalton's furniture, but they also feel too new. Blaine's body seems to slip and slide on the material that keep popping back into form, instead of moulding to fit him like the worn leather of his father's office couch. Still that doesn't stop Blaine from letting his mind wander as he waits for his turn to enter Individual Therapy.

A hand pulling on his suddenly makes Blaine jerk. It takes him a moment to recognise the soft skin as Kurt's. Blaine instantly relaxes a bit, but that doesn't stop him from looking up to see what Kurt wants. It's not like they often hold hands in the hallways. It's not exactly against the Dalton rules, but they don't want to bring any attention to themselves at all.

The look in Kurt's eye is something that Blaine doesn't quite understand. It still makes his heart speed up though, anticipation gripping his stomach and squeezing. The taller boy doesn't say anything though, just nods his head towards a hallway and drops his hand. Blaine looks around them, seeing that everyone is simply passing them by without care. Their exchange couldn't have taken long, only a couple of seconds. But it feels scorched in Blaine's mind as he tries to subtly follow Kurt.

The moment he's in the hallway, Kurt's arms are around his waist, pulling the submissive towards his chest. “You were so good, Blaine. Such a good boy, staying in class. I know it had to be hard for you.”

Blaine nods into Kurt's shoulder, feeling himself sink into the boy against him. The praise flowing from Kurt's lips is like a balm to cool the burn of D/s RI. He can't help but close his eyes, the feel and scent of his Dom lulling him into relaxation. All the anxiety of staying through his entire morning class for the first time ever, leaks out of his body. There is only Kurt and his praise.

“I'm so proud of you and I intend to show you that. When Thad is with Mrs. Graves tomorrow, come to my room. You'll get your reward then, my pet.”

Shivers run up Blaine's spine at those words, the anxiety back in full force. But this time, in a good way.

“Blaine. Blaine.” The sound of Mrs. Graves's voice broke Blaine out of his remembering. The therapist is standing in the doorway to her office, giving Blaine one of her neutral looks, as if she doesn't want him to know she'd analysing him. But he knows. He always knows when people are judging him. They can't hide everything. Not the pity in their eyes, the tiny crows feet of worry between their eyes.

He gets up anyway, though. In just a moment he finds himself sitting in his therapist’s chair, staring at the floor.

“I hear congratulations are in order.”

Blaine's heart stops, his left hand instantly flying to his opposite wrist and the leather that rests there. She can't know about Kurt, can't know that Blaine has become his. They were so careful, never seeming more than friendly in front of others, only spending time together when no one else would miss them. There's no way they've been found out.

“Mrs. Ammers e-mailed me as soon as class was over to tell me that you stayed through the entirety of your Dominant/submissive Reintroduction Class. She was very proud of you and I am as well Blaine.”

Her praise felt nice, but it had been better with Kurt. From her, it feels generic, but Kurt, it's intimate. Kurt will show him how he's done, won't just say he's done well because it's his job to do so. Mrs. Graves is paid to be supportive of him and what he does. Kurt isn't. Kurt doesn't have to own him, doesn't have to support him. But he does anyway, even if Blaine doesn't understand why someone to lovely would ever look at him.

“Thanks, Mrs. Graves.”

“Of course, Blaine. You deserve praise when you've done well.” The therapist says kindly. She isn't a bad woman, just always poking and prodding at wounds that are still so very fresh. It hurts. “Would you like to tell me about it? About what helped you stay?”

Kurt's name is on the tip of his tongue. He wants to sing Kurt's praises, tell this woman how beautiful and power the other boy is, how Blaine would be a broken, sobbing mess without him. But he can't. “I just tried to think about how the submissive wanted to be there. They were listening to their Domme and their Domme wasn't being mean.”

Blaine glances up at his therapist and finds her smiling. Apparently his answer was the right one. “Very good, Blaine! Very good. I'm glad that you're finally accepting your nature and that of others. As well as getting what that means.”

Ok, now Blaine did look up fully, giving the woman a strange look. He has always accept his nature. Even before his teachers had classified him, Blaine had always wanted to please people, wanted to help them even if it wasn't exactly what he wanted himself. He liked the feeling of being the source of someone's happiness. So when they'd announced his name and classification, Blaine had not been surprised. He'd taken to sub training classes easily and quickly, never struggling with falling into the role like some people did. He remembered a student in his seven grade class, Jenna, who'd hated crawling and kneeling. She lashed out at all their instructors and had to be taken to a special class. That wasn't him though.

“You look confused.”

“I am. I've always known I was a sub and have always respected other people's classifications.”

Mrs. Graves nodded, not disagreeing with him, but he knew she was about to try and make a point. “That's true, Blaine. You've always been a very natural submissive. It's part of what made your old Master to easily able to hurt you without you questioning him. But you said that they Domme wasn't being mean, meaning you're realising that there is a limit to what a Dominant can and can not do. They don't have absolute power.”

The boy nodded, not sure of what to say. Mrs. Graves didn't seem to be finished though.

“By accepting that, you're really accepting how a person's nature works. You will always been a submissive and want to please others, that's what makes you a good sub. A real Dominant will always want to control and take care of their submissive. And a true Switch will always want to take on both roles, eventually.”

“Always?” Blaine asked, before he could stop himself.

“Yes, that's simply how it is. That's the nature of people and that's what our government and society is shaped around. To ensure that everyone is safe and happy. That way subs are secure, Doms are educated, and Switches can have the opportunity to be both. It's not fair to ask anyone to go against their nature.”


As usual, Blaine knocks on the door to Kurt's dorm four times. It's sort of their signal. They have to be careful. After only a second, Kurt tells him to come in and Blaine does as he's told. When he walked in, Kurt was sitting against the headboard of his bed, a textbook resting in his lap. He looked beautiful, so calm and in control. At peace.

“Hello, dear one. How was Mrs. Graves?”

“Fine.” Blaine said, walking over to the bed and dropping to his knees on the side nearest Kurt. The other boy's soft hand immediately moved to rest on the top of his head, fingers playing with his loose curls. Blaine let himself enjoy this moment, enjoy Kurt giving him everything, he wanted before looking up at the man. He looked happy to be petting Blaine, happy to be looking down on him.

Surely this is what Kurt wanted.

“I'm glad. I'm sure he was very happy about you staying in D/s Reintroduction, just like I am. And I think you've waited long enough for your reward. What do you say?”

Blaine shrugged, looking down again. “If you say so, Sir.”

“Hm, I do. I definitely do. I've been thinking about giving this reward to you all day.” Kurt said, sliding off the foot of the bed and coming around to Blaine's side. “Stand up. Are you wearing underwear?”

The sub nodded.

“Ok. Pants and shirt off.”

There was no denying that the younger boy rushed to comply with the command. His blue t-shirt was on the floor in seconds, where his cropped jeans quickly followed. Soon he was standing before Kurt, nearly naked. He could feel himself getting hard just from anticipation, arousal swirling in him as he thought of all the things Kurt could do to a half-naked Blaine.

“Good. Such a beautiful boy. Beautiful pet.” Kurt walked closed to him, hands feeling like delicious burning as they touched his chest and slid down his skin. The hands didn't stay in anyone place for long though. His chest, his stomach, brushing up the back of his thighs, gliding up his back to land on his shoulders and slid down his arms.

“Beautiful.” Kurt said into his neck, before giving the skin there a soft kiss. Then he stepped away from Blaine and the boy moaned. “Undress me. Just my shirt and pants, as well.”

Blaine couldn't help that his hands shook as he reached for Kurt. They'd never been this close to naked around each other before. Blaine had been stripped of his shirt a few times and just once, Blaine had been able to see Kurt's chest, but never had he been able to see any more. Rarely had he been able to touch.

Vest gone. White button up gone. Blaine took a moment to look at the beauty that was Kurt's chest. He wasn't defined, but he wasn't flat either. He was toned, very subtly. Kurt said it was nothing, just the result of a lifetime spent helping his dad work on cars. But Blaine thought it was incredibly sexy. The longer he looked, the harder he felt himself get.

Time for the jeans to go away. He moved his hands to the button there, popping it open then reaching for the zipper. Kurt hissed and that's when he felt it. Kurt was hard too. Hard for him, just from seeing him strip and having Blaine strip him. It made Blaine's heart race a bit more. His breath come out a bit more shallow. As he pushed down the jeans, he dropped to his knees to pull them all the way off, ending up with his face right in front of Kurt's erection.

Blaine longed to reach forward and lick. To cup the hard flesh and feel it beneath his fingers. Or to have it between his lips. Pushing against the back of his throat as he swirled his tongue along the veins. He wanted, he wanted, he wanted.

“Good boy. God, do you look good right there, like that.” Sir said, clearly breathless and wanting. “Get on the bed.”

He rushed to comply with the order, climbing into the bed from his knees and laying down with his head on the pillows. He looked up at Kurt to see what the other boy had in mind, but he didn't have to wait long. Sir straddle his hips, staying raised above him by just an inch. If Blaine wanted, if he was bold enough, he could lift his hips and their nearly bare cocks would touch. But he wouldn't do that, not without Kurt's permission.

No matter how much he wanted it.

“You're such a beautiful boy, my pet. So hot. Just seeing you nearly naked is enough to make me so hard. Can you see that you make me hard?” Sir asked. “Can you feel it?” The boy on top lowered his hips till they were touching. The feel enough to make Blaine moan and throw his head back.

“Can you feel it?”

“Yes. Yes, Sir. Please.”

“Hmm, so good. I love it when you moan, it makes you even prettier.” Kurt said, between the kisses lips placed along his collarbone. “I wonder how you would sound if I touched you for real. If I stripped you naked and jacked you off, gripping your cock just like I want. Would you like that Blaine?”

“Oh God Oh God, yes.”

Kurt kissed him on the lips, surprisingly softly for how dirty he was speaking. “I want to, but not yet Blaine, it's too soon. But I can do this.” With those words, Sir rolled his hips down adding pressure to where their cocks touched. He repeated the motion, over and over until they dissolved into full blown grinding. It felt wonderful, Kurt's weight above him, the feel of them wherever their bodies made contact. Blaine felt like he had never before. This was fantastic, he didn't know that intimacy could feel this perfect, that he could feel so much pleasure.

But was Kurt enjoying this? He was hard, yes, but surely he wanted to have someone push him down on the bed and make him feel so special. Surely he wanted someone to Dominate him and make him feel precious and wonderful. Instead he was expending so much energy just making Blaine feel good and it wasn't right. Blaine wanted Kurt to feel everything he wanted and surely, as a Switch, Kurt wanted to submit every not and again.

It wasn't right to make someone ignore their nature.

A lump formed in his throat, but Blaine swallowed it down. He could do this. It was for Kurt.

With a large shove upward, Blaine switched their positions. Kurt looked shocked beneath him, confused, but Blaine didn't allow him to speak. He touched their lips together in what he hoped was a brutal, domineering kiss, pushing downward into Kurt. But the other boy wasn't reacting, wasn't kissing back or pushing up. He was only shoving his arms against Blaine's shoulders.

“What are you doing?”

“Shush, don't worry about it. I know you need this. I want to give this to you. I'll do anything for you.”

“What are you talk...” Blaine cut him off with another kiss, pushing down the part of him that felt that this was wrong. But Kurt was having none of that. He shoved hard against him till they flew apart. Blaine nearly fell off the bed, but caught himself in time. “Stop, Blaine.”

He didn't listen, even though his body told him to kneel at Kurt's feet, he had to do this for, Sir. Had to. He tried to push Kurt back down onto the bed, but Kurt got up instead.

“What the hell are you doing? Answer me.”

Blaine swallowed thickly. Wrong, this was all going so wrong. He just wanted to give Kurt what he needed. He needed to be Dominated sometimes and Blaine wanted to give him that. That's all, he wanted Kurt happy, to be happy with him instead of going to someone else to give him that thing he was missing. Blaine just wanted to be his everything, like Kurt is all he needs.

“You're a Switch. You need to be Dominated every once in awhile. I just.. wanted to give you that.”

Kurt took a deep breath, clearly trying to sooth his anger. It made Blaine even harder, the view of Kurt so powerful and full of emotion. It was beautiful. He wanted Kurt to make him pay, to throw him over his knee or make him deep-throat him and drink all his come. Anything.

“You do not have to do that for me, Blaine. I am the Dom in this relationship, so I decide what you do and do not give me. Do you get that?”

Blaine nodded trying to agree, but his mouth didn't get the message. Mrs. Graves's words still in his head. “But you're a Swi...”

“Nevermind what I am, damn it.” Kurt said, his eyes flashing with of anger, but more so with annoyance. “I don't care about being Dominated, I don't care about anything but taking care of you.”

“Yes, Sir.” Blaine agreed, finally trying to leave the subject alone. Something about the way Kurt said that hurt him. Not because Kurt was angry with him, but because he sounded hurt. Whatever he was thinking was bothering Kurt and Blaine didn't want to make it any more. So he just kept his head down. He did, however, get off the bed and move to kneel at Sir's feet, where he belongs. It felt right down here.

Kurt looked down at him once he was in place. “Now that's much better. But you broke the rules, pet. You disobeyed a direct command and you made yourself feel uncomfortable. I can tell, don't deny it.” Blaine didn't even bother trying. “That means you'll have to be punished.”