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Disguise Our Bondage

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The bond between a submissive and Dominant is as strong as one allows it to be. Compatibility certainly plays a key role, but more important than that is the effort each party puts into making the relationship work. Just as one must put forth effort in order to achieve a good grade or succeed at work, so too must one work to make a pairing successful. Few things in life come without effort; a happy pairing is definitely not one of them.

But a pair that does take the time to respect the other and learn from their past mistakes will find themselves stronger than ever. You must persevere through the bad times in order to attain the good.
Of Pairs and Pains: Chapter One- by Joyce Hiller


“Stand up.”

Blaine obeys. The tone that Kurt uses is one that he’s never heard before. There’s anger in it, but also disappointment. The mixture makes Blaine feel ashamed. Even once he’s on his feet, he keeps his head down, not sure if he can look at Kurt. Kurt is Sir, not Master. But the sub can remember what it was like with Master all too well. Even on the best of days looking at Master was a dangerous thing do to.

Besides, he wasn’t sure he wanted to look at Kurt right now. If his expression was anything like his tone, it wasn’t something he wanted to see.

“Do you know why you’re in trouble?”

The younger boy nodded, his body beginning to shake a bit. Trouble was bad. He was always in trouble, always screwing up something. Why couldn’t he ever just do something right? No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t make anyone happy. Blaine was a failure.

“Look at me.” It took every ounce of the boy’s willpower to bring his eyes up. But at the same time, there was no way he wouldn’t have. What he saw was just as he expected. The steely look of Kurt’s eyes made the boy want to drop onto his knees to beg for forgiveness. Maybe he should. Maybe if he pleaded enough, pleased Kurt enough, Sir wouldn’t be too mad anymore.

“Stop begging. You sound pathetic and it’s not like I care what you have to say. You deserve this, boy. Learn to please your Dom.” The lesson was driven home with a smack across the face.

Kurt was still looking at him steadily. Not moving. “Explain it to me.”

“I disobeyed a command and allowed myself to be uncomfortable.” Blaine forced out in a whimper.

“Yes. Now, I want you to go stand in the corner over there.”

Blaine followed Kurt’s pointed finger. Sir was pointing at the corner next to the bathroom door. There was only a couple feet of room, as the wardrobe was on the adjacent wall, but he could easily fit there. Blaine bit his lip and started towards his designated corner, keeping his eyes down all the while.

Maybe Kurt was going to whip him. Maybe Kurt just didn’t want to look at him anymore. Maybe… the boy’s mind raced with possibilities as he got to the corner, arms out and braced on the two walls in preparation for whatever was to come.

“Put your hands down at your sides.” His hands dropped.

“Now, a couple of more things.” Kurt was closer now, his voice just behind Blaine’s ear. A single finger ran down the length of his spine, soothing Blaine, even as he was still on edge. “I want you to stay in this corner and think. Don’t worry about Thad coming back, he told me he was going to Nick’s room to play games.”

“H-h-how long, Sir?”

The finger ran down his spine again. “Until you’ve learned your lesson. But remember, if you feel as if you can’t handle this, you can still safeword. I won’t be upset. But I do want you to try. It’s clear you need to think Blaine. Just say my name when you’re ready.”

The submissive nodded, even though he really didn’t understand what he was supposed to be doing. He felt, more than heard, Kurt walk away from him. It was just Blaine and the wall, a boring, blank strip of white wall in Kurt and Thad’s Dalton dormroom. There was nothing exciting about this wall, nothing stimulating in the least. It was just a generic, run of the mill wall.

It was so white. So clear. So plain.

Maybe that was the punishment, to make Blaine see that he was nothing, just like this wall. He could feel every second as it passed by him as he looked at the wall. But each moment felt so long, like eternity as he stared into the reflection of himself. Nothingness.

Exactly a minute later, the light movement of the mattress springs told the sub that Kurt obviously had sat back down on the bed. Blaine imagined that the older boy was lying with his back propped up, a copy of some fashion magazine in his hands. He probably wasn’t even looking at the sub in the corner, not even thinking about him at all. Surely Sir had better things to think about.

This wall was really white.

Blaine wanted to close his eyes, but he felt like that would be disobeying as well, even if it hadn’t been specifically stated. It was a punishment, he was meant to suffer. That was working well thus far. His body kept fidgeting, his eyes threatening to close as his mind tried to run away. But no, he needed to be here, in this moment. Kurt had told him to think.

But think about what? Blaine already knew he screwed up, even without being told so. He was a fool to think he could Dominate, there was no one more submissive than him. All he wanted was for Kurt to be happy and satisfied though, for Kurt to have all that he had. But Kurt needed more than him. Kurt needed better than him. In fact, Nick would be a better match for Sir than Blaine. Another Switch would be perfect for him.

Not Blaine.

He’d said he wanted Blaine though. That he’d thought of what it would be like to have Blaine on his knees, cock hard between his lips. The thought of that made the sub shiver. Maybe he should have offered that to Kurt to make up for his mistake. Master had always liked it when Blaine had showed him just how desperate he was for his approval. Kurt could be as rough as he wanted, Blaine could take it; he had before.

Sir isn’t Master.

Sir wants different things. Like for Blaine to be happy. For Blaine to listen. For Blaine to feel comfortable in whatever they experienced together. It was all in the contract, even if he didn’t know why the wording is so gentle with him and what he wants. Without being a stern hand, Blaine is only more likely to mess up.

But Kurt just wants pet to listen so they can both be happy.


“Yes.” His voice is neutral, which worries Blaine all the more.

“I think… I learned my lesson.”

“Turn around and tell me what that is.”

Blaine does as he’s told and immediately is caught up in Kurt’s eyes. The boy wants to look down, but Sir’s power of him is absolute. He couldn’t look away from him even if a teacher walked in and told him to. “You… you are the Dom. I’m supposed to listen to you. But I didn’t. I tried to take control and made us both unhappy. I should have listened to you ‘cause you’d tell me if you wanted something else from me.”

Kurt doesn’t reply to him. Instead the taller boy gets up from the bed and walks over to him. Blaine tries not to flinch, but he’s so worried. He doesn’t want Kurt to be mad at him anymore.

Kurt’s arms are rising. And they land on his shoulders, pulling Blaine into his chest. “Good boy, very good my pet.”

The stress on his muscles begins to leave Blaine’s body at the praise. “You did very well. I just want you to be safe and happy, Blaine. And I’ll tell you how you can make me feel the same way. I appreciate that you care, but it’s my place to make these decisions. Got it?”

Blaine nods, taking a deep breath and soaking up Kurt’s scent. He got it right.


“Thank you very much, Thad. Kurt would you like to go next?” Mrs. Graves said, moving from one boy in the circle to the next. It was another group therapy session, and today Mrs. Graves wanted them to talk about the first time they felt abused by their old Doms.

“No thank you.”

Everyone in the room looked at each other again, wondering how their therapist would take that. Usually you needed a valid reason not to share, or she’d poke and poke until you bled. It was her job, but that didn’t mean they had to like it. All the boys were shocked when the woman just stared at him for a moment, head tilted to the side as if questioning, then moved onto the next person. “David?”

Blaine couldn’t resist looking at Kurt to see his reaction. The boy was clearly shocked, both eyebrows raised in question as to why that was so easy. Kurt seemed to shrug it off though, so Blaine let it go as well. Besides, he’d be after David, so he needed to focus on keeping his breathing even and calm.

“Sure.” The tall boy fidgeted in his seat, clearly uncomfortable. Blaine lowered his eyes to afford the boy some measure of privacy when being stripped so naked.

“I guess the first time was when… well Mis-she, she was just getting home from class. Biology 101, I think, and I…” Blaine didn’t need to be looking at David to know he was taking a deep breath, trying to keep himself under control. “I had a fever that day. A hundred and one degrees, I had tried to tell her before she left for class, but she left too quickly.

“I went to school as usual even though it was hard. My teachers kept asking me if I was ok, but I didn’t want Mistr-her to be upset with me. So I stayed in class. Once I was home, I was supposed to do chores, but I barely even made it to the couch.

“I just wanted to lie down for a second.”

There was another pause, this time David’s breathing could be heard by anyone. It was clearly labored, as if he was remembering how horrible he felt then. “I m-must have fallen asleep-p. When Mistress came home she was mad. Yelling. I wanted to explain, but she h-h-hit me.

“She wouldn’t stop. Why wouldn’t she stop? I asked her to, begged her to, but she didn’t. She just kept kicking me. It hurt. It hurts so bad. Please stop.”

Oh no. Blaine thought. His eyes shot up to check if his worry was right and was greeted with the sight of his friend curled up in his seat, hands clutching at his ribs, digging into this sides.

“Please stop, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, Mistress.”

“David, I need you to calm down.” Mrs. Graves said, voice firm. It was her Dom voice, the tone she used whenever she needed to claim control of one of them. “Your old mistress isn’t here.”

The boy fell out of his seat, curling up on the floor and putting his arms over his head. He was trying to protect the vital parts. “It hurts. I’ll do better next time. Please stop, I’m sorry!”

“David, calm down.” Their therapist tried again, finally leaving her seat and dropping down onto the floor next to the boy. She tried to put a hand on his shoulder, but David just screamed louder, as if the gentle touch had burned like the pain of a punch. “I need you to calm down.”

“I’ll do better, I’ll do better. I’M SORRY.”

“David, cal-“

“Oh you are not helping at all!” Blaine’s eyes left the pained form of his friend to see Sir a couple seats away. His Dom left his seat as well, but instead of kneeling, he stood up, straight and strong. “David.”

The shouting quieted.

“Your old mistress is not here. Now you need to calm down and you need to take deep breaths. Do you hear me?”

It was barely noticeable, but the boy nodded. David nodded and last of his whimpers turned into labored breaths. The rest of the students looked at each other in wonder, not entire comprehending what just happened, but Blaine got it. Kurt had just Dominated their classmate.


The sight of David curled in a ball on the floor stuck with Blaine for the rest of the day. He’d barely been able to pay attention in any of his academic classes. Surely this must have annoyed his teachers, but they didn’t say anything. Maybe Mrs. Graves had emailed them all to let them know about how spectacularly horrible their group session had been.

“Come to my room after class.” Kurt whispered to him as they entered their last class of the day. Blaine just nodded in reply, not even bothering to worry about how they’d play with Thad around. Even if he only got to be near Kurt, that’d be enough to help him.

The memory just wouldn’t leave his head. Not even as he knocked four times as he was supposed to. Not even when Kurt’s voice told him to enter. Not even when he walked in and realized that Thad had mentioned staying the night in the library until he finished their biology lab. It wasn’t until Kurt met him half-way into the room, arms circling around him, that Blaine thought of anything else.

“Are you ok, pet?”

Blaine opened his mouth to say he was fine, but stopped the words on the way up his throat. He wasn’t fine. “I just keep hearing him scream. He looked like he was in pain.”

Kurt’s hand rubbed his back soothingly. “He was, sweetheart. But he’s safe now, and you are too. Safe right here with me where you belong.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

“You never have to thank me for taking care of you. Now, let’s just lie down for right now, ok? I want to hold my pet.”

Blaine nodded, all too happy to obey that command. Before long, they were lying in bed, Kurt’s arms wrapped tightly around him. The lean chest of his Dom served as the submissive’s pillow and he couldn’t have asked for a better one. The steady thump, thump of Sir’s heart was soothing. Kurt was there. Kurt was taking care of him. He’d be ok.

The boy wasn’t sure how long they laid there, but he wasn’t going to complain. Eventually dinner time would roll around and they’d have to go, otherwise someone could come to check on them to make sure they ate. But for now, it was just Sir and pet, together.

A knock on the door interrupted that though. For a moment Blaine thought they had indeed missed dinner, but a quick glance at the clock told him otherwise. It was only a quarter till five. Dinner wasn’t till 5:30.

“Kurt, can we come in?”

It was Mrs. Graves. The boys looked at each other for a second before springing apart. Blaine sat in the desk chair, grabbing the first magazine he saw to use as a cover. Kurt himself got up and went towards the door. They glanced at each other again, Kurt smiling, before opening the door.

“Hello, Kurt. And Blaine.” The therapist added on upon seeing him. Blaine tried to smile at her innocently, but he wasn’t sure if he achieved that. He was too shocked by the person behind her.

“Hello, Mrs. Graves. Headmaster.” Kurt said to each in turn.

“Yes, hello to you as well, Mr. Hummel.” Mr. Danada said, looking serious. But Blaine had never seen him look any other way. “I’d like it if you could come with Mrs. Graves and me to my office.”

Blaine had been pretending to read his magazine, but that quickly stopped. They wanted to see Kurt? Was he going to be in trouble for Dominating David? They did have a strict policy about that. But Kurt hadn’t done it to try and control David. He just wanted to calm his friend down. Blaine would testify on his behalf if he had to. Maybe he’d be able to tag along.

“Of course. I’ll see you at dinner, Blaine.”

He didn’t see him at dinner.

He didn’t see him in his room an hour later.

He didn’t see him at the library or the kitchens or the recreational room.

He didn’t see Kurt at all and it was nearing seven o’clock. Was Kurt in that much trouble? Surely they had to see that he had done a good thing by displaying Dominance. They couldn’t punish him too badly. Maybe Blaine would go speak on Kurt’s behalf. Yes, definitely. He’d just go to the Headmaster’s office and tell them how scary David’s breakdown had been and how Kurt had helped not only David, but all of them. If David had kept crying he surely would have triggered another one of the boys.

They needed to see that.

Feeling like he had a purpose, Blaine left the living area of Dalton and headed towards the east wing, where all the administrative offices were. Mr. Danada’s was in the farthest corner, but Blaine still remembered where it was from his trip there upon being enrolled. Soon the large oak door of the office was in front of him. The plaque reading Daniel T. Danada: Headmaster stared him in the face. The boy was about to raise his hand and knock, but words caught his attention instead.

“… a tragedy really.”

Uh, what? Were they talking about David’s breakdown?

“Some re-education will necessary.” Mrs. Graves spoke.

“Yes, naturally. There will certainly be an adjustment period.”

Ok, Blaine was really confused. He shouldn’t be listening in at all, but that wasn’t the point. None of what they were saying made sense. David and all of them were already being re-educated and given the time to readjust. That was the point of Dalton Academy.

“And, of course,” Mr. Danada’s voice said, “Mr. Hummel will have to leave the school.”

Mr. Hummel will have to leave the school

Leave the school. Leave. Leave. Leave.

The word twirled around his mind, dancing and laughing at him. Blaine felt his entire body tense up, mind practically shutting down except for the loop of leave, leave, leave. Kurt couldn’t leave Dalton, he just couldn’t. Blaine needed him. He needed Sir. They couldn’t take him away from him!

Without thinking about it, Blaine opened the door, barging in. “No, you can’t take him away.”

All of the eyes in the room turned to look at him, but he was mindless of them. Desperation filled his entire being. The thought of being let alone again, of losing Sir, was all he could think about. Not even the strange look Kurt’s father was giving him really registered in his mind. He couldn’t let them be separated, he just couldn’t.

“Blaine.” Mrs. Graves said, but he ignored her too. Her attempt at Dominating him proving useless as he rushed over to Kurt’s chair. He barely even recognised the shock on everyone’s face when he dropped to his knees and from of Sir and clung on for dear life.

“Please don’t leave me, Sir. Please!”

There was a moment of silence in the room, of utter stillness. All the submissive could feel was the pounding of his own heart as it pumped fear further and further into his system. He remembered the nights he woke up screaming, the food he barely even managed to get down, the floors he stared instead of looking at anyone’s face. All before Sir; he needed him!

A gentle hand, Kurt’s hand, landing on his head stopped the thoughts in their tracks. “Oh, my pet…”