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Disguise Our Bondage

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Abusive acts towards submissives and Switches is something that we as a society work very hard to prevent. Many of our laws were written with the express desire to prevent abuse and the educational process that children partake in is designed to foster respect and understanding amongst the three classifications. However, there are always exceptions, cases where laws and education did not protect a citizen. It is then that you come into the picture. By taking this sacred oath, you become the protectors of some of the most vulnerable members of society. By taking this oath, you become an Agent of the Department of Abuse and Safety.
Department of Abuse and Safety: Agent Handbook Introduction


The feel of Kurt’s hand on his head as he leaned against his legs was familiar. It was comforting; except for the eyes he could feel on him. It seemed as if everyone was staring at the two of them, wide-eyed and scandalized, as if they had done something wrong. Well, perhaps they had, as Dalton had clear rules, but Blaine refused to accept that there was anything wrong with the two of them being together. He wanted Kurt, he needed Kurt and they couldn’t take him away.

They just couldn’t.

“Blaine.” Mrs. Graves said, but the boy just closed his eyes and turned away from her. Instead he turned his head into Kurt’s leg, nuzzling there a bit. The scent of his Dom washed over him like a soothing balm, calming some of the prickling anxiety that had built up all evening. Some, but not nearly all.

“Will someone please explain what is going on here?” A voice Blaine didn’t recognize asked. It was then that his mind caught up with him a bit and he remembered that the teachers and Kurt were not the only people in the room. Mr. Hummel had caught his eye for just a moment before, but there were also two other men. Tilting his head a bit, Blaine opened his eyes to look at them. Both were wearing suits and serious expression while standing near the headmaster’s desk. And they didn’t look very pleased.

“Well it’s clear isn’t it,” the voice of Mr. Hummel said, sounding a bit exhausted. “My son has claimed Blaine as his.”

Kurt’s hand moved to his shoulder, giving it a gentle squeeze. It made Blaine feel brave and he turned his head to up to look at Kurt’s father. The man didn’t look upset like the others. Quite the opposite really, he was looking at Kurt like he was happy for him, even if lines shown on his face from some obvious stress.

“Displays of Dominance are against the Dalton rules,” one of the suit men stated.

“Yes, and misclassification is supposed to have been eradicated from our school system.” Burt certainly didn’t sound happy now, as he provided his counter-argument by pointing out one of their society’s greatest shames.

Mr. Danada seemed to sense that things were beginning to get out of hand. “Clearly we all need to take a deep breath and learn more information about the situation. I would like to suggest that we talk to the students separately and hear what they have to say, before we jump to any rash conclusions or decisions.”

“That sounds very fair, Headmaster.” Mrs. Graves said, clearly trying to sound neutral. Blaine looked at her and saw that she was smiling down at him. It was the same smile she wore in therapy sessions, the one that either set him at ease with its desire to help, or set him on edge with his need to run away. For that smile meant only one thing: she wanted him to talk.

“No.” Blaine said firmly, wrapping his arms even tighter around Kurt’s legs. He didn’t even wonder if his grip was too tight, he just wanted to keep holding on. He didn’t want to leave Kurt, not now, not ever.

“Blaine, I have to insist.” The woman said, clearly trying to be Dominating, but Blaine just ignored her. Instead, he turned his face into Kurt’s leg again, taking deep breaths as if he were trying to commit the scent to memory forever.

“It’s ok, Blaine.” Kurt finally said, moving his hand back to his hair to pet him gently.

The younger boy looked up at Kurt for the first time. He could see the clear worry in his eyes, the anxiety that mirrored his own. But there was also an odd amount of peace in those orbs. The green was more prominent right now, a neutral, soothing colour, making Blaine feel a bit surer. “Go on and speak with her.”

“Are you sure?” Blaine had to double check. He didn’t want Kurt to be angry with him later for telling them something that was supposed to be between them only. Then again, how much more damage could he do at this point?

“Yes, I’m sure. But remember, you don’t have to tell her anything you don’t feel ok with sharing. Make sure you feel comfortable.”

Blaine nodded up at him, smiling slightly as he felt Kurt lean down to kiss him on the forehead. He took another moment to enjoy the feel of being on his knees next to Kurt, but finally got up. He tried his best to avoid looking at all the people in the room, not quite sure of what to expect or how he’d handle their reactions. So he keeps his eyes down, only looking at the pumps on Mrs. Graves feet to guide me as he is led out of the room and into another door nearby.

“Take a seat, Blaine.”

The boy looks up at the woman to see her standing next to a large, leather chair pushed into a conference table. She's gesturing at the numerous other chairs in the room, waiting for him to choose. He's stuck suddenly with a fear that he must do everything perfectly right while he's in this room, lest he ruin the beginnings of what he and Kurt have built. It felt like the first day at Dalton all over again. Where every look he received felt judged, as if their eyes were poking and prodding him to try to reveal his deepest, darkest secrets.

Should he sit in the chair closest to her, to show that he is not afraid? (Of course he's afraid, they want to take away the only person that makes him feel safe.) Or would a chair farther away be better? Show her that he doesn't need her support, that he's fine on his own and not some broken ragdoll. Show that Kurt has not hurt him or made him even more vulnerable. (Kurt hasn't hurt him, but that doesn't mean he's not broken. There will always be cracks where the scars line his skin, seeping into the soul that creeps beneath this skin.)

In the end her eyes watching him make him act without consciously making a decision. He finds himself sitting only a couple of seats down from her. The placement weighing on his mind. He isn't sure how to place his hand. On the table perhaps? How should his legs me arranged? Was crossed a good idea?

“Please don't be scared, Blaine. You aren't in trouble right now.”

Blaine looks up to see Mrs. Graves looking at him with those eyes. He knows she means well, he really does, but sometimes he just wishes she wouldn't bore into him like that. He feels naked and vulnerable in these moments.

“We simply need to know what Kurt has done.”

“He hasn't done anything!” Blaine shouts. He didn't remember telling his mouth to do that, but he was glad he did. Why was everyone looking at them like they were wrong. Wasn't one of the points of their society's set up to help a person meet someone they were compatible with? For the submissives to meet someone they felt safe with? Then why did they want to separate and analyze he and Kurt?

“Blaine he Dominated.”

“Yes, he did. But only because I asked him to.”

That made Mrs. Graves close up quickly. She looked at him with her brow furrowed, those eyes trying to bore into him, but they didn't feel so bad right now. He was too frayed, to upset over her words and their implication to care about her eyes. It felt like the woman was trying to say that Kurt had somehow hurt or forced him, when it had been the exact opposite. Kurt hadn't even wanted him until Blaine had begged and pleaded. Kurt gave up his chance to be with someone that could Dominate him like he would need sometimes, just to be with Blaine.

If anything, they should be mad a Blaine, not Kurt.

“Why did you ask him?”

Blaine opened his mouth to answer, but found the words clogging his throat. All of his praises for his Dom wanted to rush out of him at once, getting tangled and twisted inside him. How could he make her see how beautiful Kurt was? He was everything that a Dom needed to be. Gentle, caring, powerful, firm. His words were like a leash that pulled tight when it needed to show control, but didn't choke, never choked. Kurt was patient and kind. And good. He was so good, too good, especially too good for Blaine.

Maybe Kurt should leave Dalton, leave him behind and be with someone more worthy of him. The thought made his heart ache, made his eyes threaten to tear up, but he held it in. Nearly without himself realising it, his left hand moved to cup his wrist. His fingers traced the ridges of the stones, feeling each groove as a reminder of the touch of Kurt's fingers on his body. Each swirl reminiscent of the way Kurt would twine his hand through Blaine's curl as they lay together, silent, but together.

“I trust him.” Were the only words he managed to get out.

Mrs. Graves nodded, brow still furrowed, but a smile playing on her lips nonetheless. “Why?”

“I...he... he's never hurt me. He's wonderful.”

“Has Kurt ever punished you before?”

Blaine nodded, looking down at his own hands to watch his fingers caress his bracelet. But he didn't look down in fear. No, it was shame. He was so ashamed to have disappointed Kurt. His actions had broken a rule in their contract, had broken their trust, but still Kurt had forgiven him. Blaine had gone through his punishment and come out at the other end entirely absolved of his wrong doing.

“What did he do to you?”

“Do to me?” Blaine asked, looking up again. His eyes locked onto her brown ones and saw fear and worry shinning in them. It looked as if she thought Blaine might start crying, as if she expected to see bruises beneath his clothes. As she continued to stare at him, Blaine could feel a new emotion creeping up in him. It coiled in his belly along side the anxiety and worry, twisting, spinning, twining itself into him until he felt like he was bursting with it.

There was no way he could keep it in. “He didn't do anything to me. I was the one that messed up, I broke our contract and he was so understanding, so kind about it all. I was the problem, not Sir. And you can't blame him for this.”


But the boy didn't hear her, he was too busy speaking, letting out the pile of feelings that had been growing in him ever since he saw David hit the floor that morning. Or maybe since the day he got here, and saw that he was being treated like a specimen. Perhaps all of this has been rising in him since the day that he burnt that toast and Master kicked him to the ground. All these emotions, building, rising, growing until he felt like he was reaching the breaking point.

“And he didn't do anything wrong with David, either. Kurt just wanted to help him, wanted him to calm down. He'd never Dominate someone without a good reason, and he'd never hurt them or make them do something they didn't want. Don't make him leave because of that!”

“Blaine! I hear you, Blaine.” Mrs. Graves nearly shouted. Blaine suddenly got quiet, looking around him and noticing that he was on his feet. Looking up, he stared at his therapist and wondered why the woman was being so loud, until he realised that he had started yelling first. He could barely remember the last time he had spoken above barely even a whisper.

“We aren't having Kurt leave because of what happened in Group Therapy today. Kurt is being taken out of Dalton because he was misclassified. His true nature, is that of a Dominant.”

The feel of the leather chair against his back didn't register to Blaine. Nor had the fact that he had fallen back into his seat. His mind was too busy running the words around in circles. Kurt. Dominant. Misclassified. Dominant. Kurt. Dominant. Dominant. It made so much sense that it almost didn't make sense.

“I don't care about being Dominated, I don't care about anything but taking care of you.”

“Really?” Blaine had to ask, almost not believing it.

“Yes, Blaine. Kurt is really a Dom, which explains why he wanted so much to take care of you.”

Blaine couldn't help but smile. Which was wrong, of course, because misclassification was one of the worst things that could happen to a person. It meant a person was forced to live a lie. But more than that, it meant that he could really be Kurt's. People may frown at a Switch collaring a submissive, but never at a Dom and a sub. He could be Kurt's, Kurt could really claim him. But they wanted him to leave Blaine.

Without thinking about it, Blaine felt himself start biting his lip as he followed Mrs. Graves back towards the Headmaster's office. It seemed she had gotten everything she needed from him and it was time for him to hear his fate. As they got closer to the office, Blaine make out the voices in the room speaking. Some of them didn't sound very happy.

When the two of them re-entered the room fell silent. All the men in the room watched the two of them entered, even as Blaine lingered for a moment in the doorway. The first time he had entered this room he had rushed, unthinkingly, only wanting to be close to Kurt. He hadn't known or cared about what he was walking into. But now he knew that the men in this room had the power to control the only thing that had made him feel content in many months.

A part of him wanted to run away, but then he glanced up and saw Kurt looking at him. His eyes looked just as powerful and sure as always, as if whatever future these adults were deciding for them was not of any real consequence. Blaine knew he wouldn't be running away at all. Because while running would get him away from facing something difficult, it wouldn't take him to what he needed. Which is why he found himself again kneeling next to Kurt's legs, hugging the other boy close to him.

The two of them sat in silence, Dominant and submissive together, as the adults quietly chattered at the desk. Blaine didn't even try to listen in. Instead he focused on what could be his last minutes with his Dom. He took deep breaths of the unique scent that only Kurt could emit. The scent wasn't that of any cologne or soap, just the pure essence of this strong, wonderful boy. He reviled in the feel of Kurt's hand running through his hair, the fingers soft and smooth. Sure. Gentle. Possessive.

If this was the last time he'd get to be Kurt's, he'd at least know what it was like to be cared for.

“Thank you for your patients, Mr. Hummel and Mr. Anderson.” Mr. Danada's voice finally said. Blaine looked up to see that the adults were breaking up and taking seats around the room. Apparently their fate was decided.

“This situation is not an easy one to work within and...”

“Mr. Danada, if I may?” Kurt said, sounding as if he really didn't care if he had permission at all. He was going to speak his mind no matter what. “I just want you all to know that it doesn't matter what you decided. Blaine will always be mine.”

Said boy felt his heart clench and he looked up swiftly to see a new expression on Kurt's face. A look of pure determination. Never had Kurt looked more powerful or more sure. It made tingles run up and down Blaine's spine and he couldn't be bothered to be ashamed of having that reaction at such an inappropriate time. He was too busy being entranced by the glorious view before him, by the words that went straight for his heart.

“In just a few months I'll be eighteen and Blaine will be eighteen soon after. At that time, you can't stop us from being together. I'll show up at Blaine's doorstep at the strike of midnight on his birthday and beg him to be mine, if that's what it takes. So you can separate us for now, but for as long as he wants it, Blaine will be mine.”

The room fell silent after that declaration. Blaine couldn't have said anything in response if he tried. Instead he looked into Kurt's eyes and felt like, well like he was the most precious thing in the world. Treasured and desired, instead of like a charity case because Kurt was bored.

“I'm very happy to hear you say that Mr. Hummel.” The Headmaster said, smile clear in his voice. “As I was saying, this situation is quite different from any that we have seen before. Dalton was created to provide a safe haven for abused submissives and Switches that needed to be kept away from Doms in order to heal. We have had many successes but we would remiss to think that our way is the only one that can help the healing.

“Which is why we have come to the joint decision to allow you all a chance to remain together. It is clear to everyone in this room, from myself, to Mrs. Graves, to our D.A.S Agent Liaisons that Blaine has had the more progress while paired with Kurt.”

Blaine could barely believe what he was hearing. He looked at the Headmaster as if he was some sort of wish granting wizard. He could still be Kurt's?

“Don't look so surprised you two. All any of us want is for our students to be happy and safe. So we are more than willing to work outside our usual parameters to achieve that. Blaine's parents will have to be spoken to, and arrangements will have to be made with the Department of Abuse and Safety. And Mr. Hummel will still have to leave Dalton and go through a bit of his own re-education, but if you two are willing to work with us, there's no reason that you should be separated.”

The words didn't sound real to his hears, it was too much to hope for, it was too much to take in all at once. None of it felt entirely real. He was too scared to believe that this was actually happening, that something was actually working out well for him. But Kurt's lips on his felt real enough. And they would feel real tomorrow as well. And the next day, and the next, so long as Kurt would have him. Because Blaine didn't worry that he'd ever get tired of Kurt. Sir was his everything he wouldn't ruin this opportunity; pet will do anything it takes to make this work.