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The Awkward Girl and the Gentleman

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Tsugumi’s braids flapped in the wind as she and Akane flew down the street on Soul’s motorcycle. She was anxious about where Akane was taking her, but the ride was relaxing nonetheless.

Snapping out of her own little world when Akane stopped the bike, she looked up at her surroundings.



“Where are we?”

In front of them was a field of grass. They had taken a side road and were now far from streetlights and urban activity. The only sounds to be heard were those of nature.

“I thought we could go stargazing before we went home,” he said. He walked forward and sat down, motioning for Tsugumi to sit with him. She plopped down next to him. He shook his head. “No, not there.”

Looking confused, she felt two hands under her arms, and before she knew what was happening she was being lifted. She was set back down in Akane’s lap. He wrapped his arms around her and rested his head on top of hers.

She was glad it was too dark to see her blush.

They both stared up at the sky, which was dotted and dashed with star after star. Tsugumi sighed contently and relaxed in Akane's embrace.

“We can stay out here for a couple more minutes,” Akane said, “and then we’ll head back home.”

“Mmm,” Tsugumi confirmed.

Akane glanced down at his watch. The illuminated numbers read, “11:30”. He tapped Tsugumi’s shoulder. “Stand up. We should start heading back.”

“Okay,” Tsugumi stood and stretched her legs before following Akane back to the motorcycle. They got back on and headed back to the DWMA girls’ dorms.




They pulled up to the front of the dormitory, and Akane swung his leg over the side. He noticed Tsugumi slumped against him, and turned around to see that she had fallen asleep. He smiled and picked her up bridal style. He opened the front door and headed up the stairs and toward her room. He knocked on the door three times, and Anya opened it. She gasped when she saw Tsugumi.

“What did you do to her?!” Anya screeched.

Akane laughed. “Don’t worry, she’s just asleep.”

Meme came to the door behind Anya. “Eh? Tsugumi-chan?”

“I brought her back safe, as promised,” Akane said almost proudly. He leaned down and kissed Tsugumi’s forehead before walking in the room and setting Tsugumi on her bed. He took one last look at her before heading back into the hall. “See you later,” he said to Anya and Meme, and made his way back down the stairs.

Meme closed the door and climbed into bed. “We’ll hear what happened in the morning,” Anya said, and turned off the light.




Tsugumi was first to wake up. She opened her eyes slowly. “Akane-kun…?” she mumbled. She sat up and saw that she was in her own dorm. “Awe, I must’ve fallen asleep…”

Anya was next. She sat up and yawned. “Good morning, Tsugumi-san. How did you date go?”

“Good, actually!” Tsugumi smiled. “It was really nice.”

“You’ll have to tell us the details when Meme-san wakes up,” Anya grinned.

“I’m awake!” Meme bolted upright in her bed suddenly.

The girls giggled, and Tsugumi began telling the tale of her magical night with Akane.