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I Married You

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In his wildest dreams, he never thought his life would turn out the way it had. In the end, all the inconveniences and arguments were worth it. As he looked at the man standing across from him, he knew he would never change anything of the last six months.

“ be my partner in life. I love you with all of me. I never thought I would find a man who would make me feel the way you make me feel. I promise to support you in everything you do, in everything you are, in every lifetime we live.”

He couldn’t believe he had tears in his eyes. He never cried. Not for a long time, anyway. Looking at the man standing across from him, he knew that there would be more tears in his life—mostly tears of joy and sometimes tears of sorrow. Tears or no tears, though, he was really looking forward to sharing his future with this wonderful man.

“ partner in life. I never, in my wildest dreams, thought I’d be so lucky as to find a man like you. One who could make me laugh the way you do. One who could make me feel the contentment in my life I feel when I’m with you. I love you with everything I am and all that I have. I’m glad we met like we did; I’m glad we got to know each other during extraordinary circumstances. I promise to support you in everything you do, in everything you are, in every lifetime we live.”

As they exchanged rings, the small group of people gathered to share in this special day watched as the sun sank below the horizon. Every person there knew their story, and couldn’t think of a better match.

Looking at his new husband, seeing the love he felt in his heart reflected right back to him, he couldn’t believe how lucky he’d been.

Las Vegas is a truly magical place, if you can look past a drunken wedding and see with your eyes what your heart obviously saw from the beginning.


When he was five, Blaine wanted to marry his teddy bear. Fluffy was always there for him when he was scared or when he needed to talk to someone. Fluffy was always by his side and always well dressed. He felt connected to Fluffy with his bowtie, vest and bright blue button eyes. He would definitely marry Fluffy when he grew up.

He also wanted to marry his friend Paul. All Paul wanted to do was play in the dirt. Marrying Paul soon became a thing of the past, as did his friendship with Paul. Blaine didn’t want to ruin his clothes playing with Paul.

By the time he was eleven, Blaine had discovered Matt Damon. Until his brother Cooper found out and stalked the actor until he agreed to talk on the phone with Blaine. Cooper got his first restraining order; Blaine was embarrassed for years. He never confessed anything to Cooper again.

At sixteen he had his first kiss, with a girl (it was a dare; he was not impressed). He really wanted to kiss Sam. Sam was straight. Sam was also his best friend, still is. Sam never treated him as anything other than a friend. Blaine buried his crush under his friendship and tried not to think of Sam late at night. Usually he was successful.

Over the years, from sixteen to some future time when he would marry, he imagined many ways to meet his future husband. His husband never had a name (Blaine usually chose a random name), but he always had a look. His dream husband was always gorgeous with bright eyes, a pleasing face and a body to die for. He was always kind, had a great sense of humor, and a romantic streak to rival Blaine’s.

He dreamed of meeting his husband at a dinner party, on vacation, through his brother Cooper, or even a chance meeting on a city street. None of his imagined meetings lived up to how he actually met his husband. What happened in Las Vegas would follow him home and become part of his future.