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clasped hand to hand as holy palmers kiss

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i knew then/now/then when you grasped my hand that last day/when you followed me home, god that was the bravest thing I'd ever seen/just shy of 17 (again) I would hold a little tighter/a little less afraid/those lazy evenings, two hours on the phone/missing the way bathroom fixtures weren't the same/and how much we missed the cherry blossoms/ and the way I walked the long way 'round to class/it was a dance dance revolution/in my long skirt and shimmery top (too naive to realize it glowed through in black light)/and everyone thought we were engaged that one day (isn't it ironic?) I remember you so fondly, my only regret/ that i was not old enough to know/what we could have been/we could have been a love story/you flew in and I couldn't parse/ the flicker flame of hot confusion and shame/but I could kiss you/as holy palmers kiss/in thanks/for getting lost with me that night.

(thank god that Ellen rescued us).