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I Could Never Say No to You

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It was one of those scorching hot summer days where everyone was either chilling by a pool or seeking coverage by a freezing air-conditioned house. Brittany and Santana had chosen the latter, eager to get away and finally have a private moment to themselves during the summer.

Classes had just ended and with it being the summer before the glee club parts ways, Rachel Berry was taking it upon herself to organize as many activities as possible, to make sure they saw each other enough before they all left Lima. In Santana's opinion after the first day, that was one day too many. However, she kept going purely because Brittany enjoyed being around the now broken up club. And maybe she was actually going to miss the glee kids. You'd only hear her admit that when she was under the influence of alcohol or in one of those moods where Brittany could get anything out of her.

Currently the two girls were comfortably curled up on the huge couch – named the orgy couch by Brittany – in the den of Santana's moderately sized house. The girlfriends were having one of their long forgotten movie day/nights. Whenever they would plan these days, the girls would take turns in picking a theme for both movie and food.

Today's theme was 80's and Chinese takeout.

"Yeah, Britt?"

Santana turned her attention from the random movie that was presently playing and faced her girlfriend. Brittany had that look on her face. The one where Santana knew she was either thinking of an amazing plan or was really confused about something.

"Can I blow you?" Brittany's question was as innocent as she could have made it. No seriously, it sounded like a six-year-old had said it to her father after hearing her seventeen-year-old brother ask his girlfriend to do that to him.

Santana's jaw dropped from the sheer bluntness of Brittany's inquiry. "Uh-I…wha-Huh?" Obviously Santana hadn't heard right. Sure she was used to Brittany's off-hand comments and the occasional blunt question. But she'd never really been as forward with sex as Santana.

Oh don't get me wrong, Brittany could dominate Santana better than Santana could Brittany, but she was never one to use words…

"Can I blow you?" the blonde repeated.

Santana definitely heard correctly. "S-sure?" She quickly coughed away her uncertainty. "Uh, I-I mean, sure. Go ahead."

The appendage between her legs was twitching in anticipation. The off-hand comment had done nothing but make the blood in her body rush to the junction of her legs.

"Yay!" the overly excited dancer cheered before leaning down. She was moving at an exceedingly slow pace and the Latina was ready to die from eagerness. The bulge between her legs was slowly growing with every inch the blonde leaned down.

Santana could sufficiently see the cleavage she adored from the top of Brittany's cami. Underneath the bright purple material was her tiny bikini top securely tied around her neck. Her dick twitched at the sight.

She looked at the blonde hovering over her lap and noticed the same expression written on her face as before.



Santana didn't know what to do or say at this point. She was so turned on and Brittany was just hovering over her, not doing anything. Her mouth was so close to being where she so needed it to be, but Santana couldn't think straight enough to place her hand on the blonde's head to guide her there.

Brittany carefully started to inch Santana's tight cami up her stomach before turning her attention to the waist band of the Latina's barely-there shorts. No matter how many times the girls have had sex, Santana still found herself being self-conscious of the huge bulge in her shorts. Was it Brittany's blatant stare?

Wait a second…

Before Santana had any chance of stopping her girlfriend, Brittany leaned down.

She placed her lips on Santana's taut stomach and blew.


Was it possible to die of humiliation? Because that was exactly how Santana was feeling right now.

Her face was as red as it could be and she just wanted to groan as her erection was growing flaccid once more.

"Briiitt…" the frustrated teen whined. "What the actual fuck?" Santana looked at the blondes face and sighed heavily at her expression.

Brittany's face held a smug smirk. No, Brittany was not dumb. There was always a reason for the things she did. Many a time it was solely to frustrate the hell out of Santana, such as what she'd just done. Instead of answering her girlfriend, Brittany snapped back up to her previous position and ran her index finger lightly across the contour of Santana's clavicle. She continued down dipping her finger under the top of her cami and drug it back up between her breasts.

Both girls felt the low moan echo through Santana's throat.

"But seriously, can I blow you?"

Santana sat dumbfounded, watching her girlfriend with a confused face. She couldn't tell if Brittany was actually being serious or not this time. She obviously fell for what she thought was serious, but she didn't know if she wanted to fall for that again.

Brittany just looked at her with those eyes though.

The ones that made her go to every outing that Rachel Berry planned.

The ones that made her weak in the knees and hard between the legs.

The eyes she was constantly submitting to.

Santana's mind was aggressively telling her not to give in to her girlfriend, fearing that she'd be played once more. But the growth between her legs once more was fighting back just as hard.

Brittany was counting in her head. How long was it going to take her girlfriend to give up her 'not-turned-on' façade? Obviously she wasn't hiding it well. It was kind of a giveaway when Santana was growing bigger by the second.



Two and a half…

"Fuck! God Brittany if you don't blow me right now, I'm going to explode!" Santana gave in.

Brittany smirked even wider before she rose and climbed off the couch.

"Stay right here, I'll be back…eventually…"

And Santana fell for it again. She groaned once more as Brittany skipped out of the den while singing out, "and don't touch yourself!"

Santana's head thumped on the back of the large sofa as she tried her hardest not to relieve herself. She was going to get Brittany back for this…

One minute passed, no Brittany.

Santana probably couldn't tell you how many times she'd just recited the alphabet; in both English and Spanish, forwards and backwards.

Two minutes.

Santana was now counting backwards from 1000, seriously hoping her girlfriend would appear before she reached one.

At 372, Brittany came skipping back into the room.

Santana's jaw dropped at what Brittany was wearing…or not wearing, well…

Where did she get that?

"Remember how I asked if I could blow you?" Santana numbly nodded. "What I really meant was could you blow me?"

Cue the painful throb in Santana's groin.

"Wh-where did you get that, Britt?" Santana asked. Currently placed so delicately on Brittany's hips was a harness and dildo. "And why do you have it?"

"Well you always look sooo turned on whenever I go down on you, and I wanted to know how it felt…"

"Baby, it doesn't work that way. You're not going to feel what I feel," the Latina tried to explain.

"Yeah, duh, Sanny. I know that! But that doesn't mean it won't turn me on any less!" Santana hadn't really stopped staring at the new part between her girlfriend's legs. "Plus, remember when you said we should try new things?" Santana nodded again. "Well, I thought that maybe I could, ya know, fuck you."

"Britt, babe…I was thinking we should do it in my pool or play a little with role-play…" Really, where did Brittany get the idea to buy…to buy that? And why did the thought of being fucked by Brittany turn Santana on more than a fifteen-year-old, pubescent boy in a strip club?

"But Sanny…"

Oh god, not those eyes again.

"I love when you fuck me." Oh shit, she's using her seductive voice. "The way you stretch me so well, fuck me so well."

The idea of that thing dangling off Brittany fucking Santana sent the girl's pain receptors in a frenzy.


And at that request Santana knew she was going to give in. The pleading, yet sexual look in Brittany's eyes was something Santana could never say no to.

The Latina thrust her hand out and grabbed the DVD remote and turned off the movie that had still been playing. The girls would have to watch it again since neither of them had actually paid much attention in the first place.

She threw the controller down on the couch and jumped up. She roughly grabbed Brittany's hand and dragged the smug girl through the house and up the stairwell never letting go until they were in Santana's bedroom.

She shoved the blonde down on the bed and climbed on top of her while seeking out the girl's mouth with her own. At the feel of the hard rubber pressing against her own clothed, hard member, Santana let out a small whine.

She hastily ripped her shorts and cami off and sighed in relief as her erection popped out of its previous confinement.

"God, Britt. I need you so bad right now," Santana said as she started to kiss down Brittany's neck. The blonde hummed in response and tangled her fingers through Santana's long locks.

Slowly both girls began to grind their hips into each other.

Santana kept thinking how odd this felt, rubbing up against a fake dick, but she couldn't stop herself. She was too far turned on to care. Her dick was slipping through the wetness that was leaking out of the slit of the harness at Brittany's pussy. She could feel what her member considered home and entered Brittany's wet heat.

Brittany called out as she felt the familiar tightness as her girlfriend entered her.

It always felt like Santana was stretching her walls further and further every time the girls connected physically.

Santana's hips were moving fast, eagerly searching for the release she'd been hoping for.

In and out.

In and out.

Brittany was letting out small noises at every thrust. And when Santana roughly grabbed the fake phallus and pushed down, Brittany reached her climax from the stimulation of the the dildo on her clit.

Santana wasn't far behind.

The blonde's walls clenched so tight and at the feeling Santana let go. The massaging of Brittany's clenching and unclenching inner walls milked Santana until both girls were over the tremors of their orgasms.

Santana withdrew her softening cock and flopped down on her back on her bed. Brittany curled into her girlfriend, both trying to catch their breath.

Santana had her fingers in Brittany's hair and was lightly massaging her scalp while Brittany was drawing random things on her girlfriend's stomach. When the dancer wrote out the words 'I love you' Santana smiled and placed a soft kiss on blonde hair.

Without having to say anything, Santana pulled her way out of Brittany's arms and inched down her body leaving open mouthed kisses in her wake. She dipped the apex of her tongue in Brittany's naval and lightly circled it afterwards.

She was stalling.

Brittany's hands were in Santana's hair again and she was gently pushing down, urging her girlfriend to the fake dick. Santana stared at it for a while before tentatively opening her mouth and licking at the tip.

It felt weird. And didn't taste much better…

The Latina moved up one of her hands and dragged her fingers through her girlfriend's wetness. And Brittany let out a surprised moan at the unexpected sensation.

She eagerly began coating the phallus in Brittany's delicious juices before placing her mouth back onto the dick.

She grabbed the base and pushed down so it pressed down on Brittany's clit again and again. Santana was trying to make her girlfriend feel as good as she possibly could.

Brittany canted her hips up and simultaneously grabbed Santana's head and pushed down, sending the phallus to the back of her neck. Santana gagged and quickly drew her head back and off of Brittany.

"Britt…easy," Santana commanded as she sat up.

She was trying to calm herself down and regain the courage to go back down.

"Sorry, Sanny, but that felt so good when you were pressing down…" Brittany looked sheepish and her voice was laden with guilt.

"It's okay baby, just be careful next time," Santana warned. Brittany fervently nodded her head and Santana started to lean back down.

Did she do that to Brittany every time the girl gave her head?

Santana could get rough at times but she didn't think she heard Brittany ever complain about it. She was stalling again and this time Brittany could tell something was wrong. Santana was staring at the strap on with a frown on her beautiful face. The frown was out place and Brittany knew her girlfriend was about to get upset. Something was making her upset.

Was it because she was too rough with her hands? Brittany loved when Santana would push her head down so she could further take her big dick in. But maybe since Santana was new to this thing, maybe that's what has her upset.

The blonde sat up and placed one of her hands on Santana's cheek and slowly guided Santana back up the bed. "San, tell me what's wrong, baby," Brittany requested after placing a tiny kiss on Santana's bruising lips.

"Do…do I hurt you?" Santana's voice was so low in volume that Brittany had just barely heard her. "I mean, you were just doing what I do to you when you go down on me. But do I ever get too rough with you? Because that was really terrifying and I didn't want to throw up on you because that would be gross and I just felt like I was going to choke to death and that wouldn't be good either because then not only would I die in bed, which would be totally embarrassing, but I'd leave you to go through life without me and I never want you to go through life without me. You never-"

Brittany's hand was still on Santana's cheek and she brought the other to rest on the other cheek as well.

"Sanny, you don't hurt me…" Brittany quietly interrupted. "I love when you get rough, when you lose control of your hips and start fucking my mouth. But baby, I'm sorry. It can be scary the first time, I know I was scared the first time I even attempted what I just forced you through. I-I didn't mean to get so rough, baby." Tears were forming in Brittany's eyes from hurting her girlfriend. How could she be so thoughtless when Santana did the complete opposite during their first time?

Santana reached out to grab Brittany's face. She pulled the other girl forward and placed a few small pecks on her lips.

"Don't cry…," the Latina pleaded. She placed another kiss on Brittany's lips, this time longer and fuller. "Fuck. Can you say mood killer?" Santana tried to joke.

Brittany let out a forced laugh as a tear fell down her cheek anyway. Santana wiped away the liquid and stroked her cheek before shimming out of her embrace. She made her way back down to Brittany's crotch.

"Babe, you don't have to continue that…"

"I have to get it ready if you're going to fuck me, right?"