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Prompts of Hotgear

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There was always this constant feeling of being watched whenever Richie went somewhere. It didn’t matter where he went or with whom he was with. The feeling never stopped.

He looked around for the 5th time when Virgil glanced at him.

“You okay man?” He asked.

Richie gave a shrug, “yeah I just feel like somebody is just-“ He paused not sure how to finish. Looking around once more he lowered his voice and finished, “watching.”

Virgil gave him a look, “now you’re just paranoid. Do you think this watcher can buy us some food?” He joked and threw his head back in laughter.

He looked at his friend in distress, “I’m serious!” He exclaimed now glaring away from Virgil. He just knew someone was stalking him.

They stopped at a red light when Virgil sobered up and simply looked at him. Richie didn’t know what his friend saw but he hoped it was enough to convince him that he was telling the truth.

Instead Virgil caught him off guard.

“News flash Rich,” he lowered his voice to a whisper, “you’re not the superhero here so you have nothing to worry about.” After he finished he started walking again leaving Richie there alone.

Anger filled his veins at the thought of his best friend always thinking of himself lately. It was either Static this or Static that. He tried to put up with it, he really did but enough was enough.

He angrily went back in the direction they came from. Anger was the only thing he felt except when a strong arm grabbed his middle from behind and another held a cloth up to his mouth. Only then did a sense of dread fill him.

But by then it was already too late.

He woke up to the sound of a door slamming. Groaning he lifted his head and looked around. Everything was out of focus until he remembered what happened.

Moving to his feet he glanced around squinting into the darkness only to see a door on the other side of the room, a toilet on the opposite side and a mattress that lay in the corner.

The sound of banging shook the walls and Richie moved to the door only to find it locked. He walked around the room to try to see anything else that could help him when he heard a crunch right under his foot.

Bending down he picked up his glasses and sighed in frustration. Now left blinded and in the dark he could only resort to touch.

At first he tried counting the seconds that went by but after he passed 621 seconds he soon gave up and went to sit on the bed. Static would come for him soon. Sure they had their differences but in the end Virgil and he were inseparable.

At least that’s what he told himself as he sat waiting patiently in the dark.

Soon what must have been weeks passed and the only interaction he had was from a rectangle slot in the door. Food and water would be passed along there for him to get and return. He started waiting desperately by the door for his next meal because he wasn’t sure if it would be his last.

He recited the pi numbers and when he ran out of numbers he used his fingernail to do the math on the wall which was covered with his blood from digging his nails into it constantly.

“HELP!” he screamed out into the darkness one day or night, always night, only hearing his echo yell back at him. He didn’t stop yelling until his voice became hoarse and nothing more than a throaty whisper.

Seconds after he stopped screaming he heard the door click and he stiffened curled up on the floor. Footsteps were heard coming inside and the sound of the door closing back up. The footsteps headed towards the mattress and the person sat there.

Richie glanced at the shadow figure that seemed to be glowing with a red-orange outline. Hesitantly he started crawling towards the glowing figure thinking it was an illusion of his own mind.

Looking up at the figure he saw a black shadow move and with the faint glow he saw an arm reach out to him. He flinched but stayed put entranced by the light. The arm yanked him up onto the mattress. The moment sent him tumbling into the shadow persons lap.

“Foley.” A voice growled out and he tensed in surprise. Richie could feel waves of heat leave the others body as small streaks of light disappeared into the air around them.

He cleared his throat, “th-that’s me?” His voice was still scratchy from yelling and it came out as a question. In truth he didn’t know anything anymore besides the darkness.

The shadowed man turned him so Richie’s back was to his chest and his body was cradled between the stronger man’s powerful thighs and muscled arms.

A shadow passed in front of him and once again he realized it was a hand that was palm up. Before he could question it a small flame appeared in the palm and he jerked back in surprise.

A lone tear rolled down his cheek as he settled back into the only thing that could keep the darkness away.

The monster that could thrive while shrouded in darkness.