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Life Sentence by Astolat [Podfic]

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Cover art by lyonie17

Title: Life Sentence
Author: astolat
Reader: Rhea314
Fandom: Fast and Furious Series
Character: Brian/Dom
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: chose not to use archive warnings
Summary: “Sit down,” the doctor said. He took blood, three vials filling up dark red. “Any medical conditions?”
“No,” Dom said, and then his mouth kept going and said, “What if I want to volunteer for bonding?”
The doctor peered at him over the glasses. “Do you want to volunteer for bonding?”
It hung in the air. Dom felt it like a noose around his throat, squeezing. Twenty-five to life. “Yeah,” he said.
Text: here
Length 01:58:22
Link: here