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A Story

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Every time something happens, there is always another possibility when something else could have happened. This story is about such a possibility. So far the story had been the same as it always was. The boy who was forever young lures the girl and her brothers to a wonderful island, far away from everywhere, a place where the most wonderful adventures existed. And the most terrifying dangers.

Then the story differs. On the ship's deck where the last battle between the boy and the pirate stands, it is not the boy who comes out victorious. No, instead an iron claw slashes down, there is blood everywhere and then a lifeless body of a child on the rough wooden planks. The girl screams, the rest of the children stare in shocked silence. No one ever thought this would happen. Peter is dead and the pirate captain casually kneels to make sure it is so. He wipes the claw clean on the leaves the boy is clad in, leaves that has already started to wither and die.

The pirate looks up and stares into the eyes of Wendy. She screamed once, but now her voice is gone and so are her feelings. She stares at the man and right now she doesn't know who he is, or why he looks at her with a mixture of triumph and sadness. For a moment she has forgotten her brothers and their friends, she doesn't even notice the little fairy weeping in the air above her.

James Hook regards the girl and thinks it will be best to kill her. He feels a pang of regret, but what use is she for him? He will, however, do her the courtesy and do it when they are alone, so her body doesn't have to be gawked at by his unwashed men. The Captain takes the short step that separates them and takes her arm. It's the first time he has actually touched her and it feels like a bolt of lightning goes through him when his hand touch her flesh. Suddenly he can see who she truly is, to him and to everything else in this place. And he understands that he cannot kill her, lest the world around them should crumble and fall to pieces. In his hand he holds the most precious treasure he could ever hope to win and he thanks whatever forces he recognises that he has not managed to kill her before this day.

So he gives orders to get rid of the body and lock the rest of the boys away. Hook is suddenly weary and doesn't want to think of what he is going to do with them now. That leaves the girl and still holding her arm, he leads her with him back to his cabin. Wendy follows him without resistance and the door closes heavily behind them.