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Wendy sat for a long time in the garden, thinking through the morning's events over and over again. Three days were not much time and she had never thought things would move so fast. Her first impulse was to leave the house at once, to escape. But she had done several attempts over the years and they have all ended with her be caught.

Veronique had told her years ago what would happen when a man slept with her and though the older woman had assured Wendy that it was quite a pleasurable thing, Wendy still thought it sounded more frightening than anything else. Especially if the man in question was to be Captain Hook. Somewhere in her mind she still bore a notion from her childhood: that the man she was to marry one day would be someone she loved. Not this pirate who, Wendy was sure, had no more warm feelings for her than she had for him. Why he wanted this she had never understood, not even now.

"He is old," she said aloud, but in the same instant, it dawned on her that he was not. She had thought so as a young girl, because for a child all grown-ups are old, and she had continued to think he was, out of habit. For the first time ever did she thought of Hook not as the pirate who had taken her from everything she loved, but as the man he was. Now when she recalled his shape, she could clearly see what she had never really seen before and was surprised to find his form didn't disgust her. Closing her eyes, she could envision him: a man with excellent bearing and looks. For a brief moment Wendy wondered what he would look like without the heavy layers of clothing. She opened her eyes and shook her head to get rid of this unwelcome but strangely tantalising picture. She was blushing now, ashamed she could think such thoughts about this monster who had so cruelly shaped her life around his wishes. Wendy rose from the bench, swiftly coming to a conclusion; she was not going to take this, she had no choice but to do her best to escape Captain Hook.

Wendy found her maid in her room, where Em was tidying up and she asked her to take a note for Master Nicholas. It was not a new thing, Em had brought him notes before when Wendy had requested it. Thus, the maid asked no questions, especially since no one in the house had noticed Hook's arrival and departure. That was what Wendy had counted on, and she quickly sent Em away. Wendy had no means of getting away on her own, so she sent a note to Nicholas, begging him to come to her rescue.

Nicholas was more than eager. When Wendy's note arrived he read it and hastened to make the preparations she had asked for. No one fought in Fortuna, those who couldn't keep themselves to themselves were heavily fined by Morris, and, if they persisted, they were forcibly banned. This did not mean you were among friends when you walked the streets of the town. The man Nicholas set out to see was certainly no friend of Captain Hook, having had his ship raided by the pirate. He was therefore more than pleased to assist, though the money Nicholas brought him certainly helped as well.

Nicholas made some other preparations, something Wendy had not asked of him, but that he found an excellent idea nevertheless. As evening came and darkness set in over the island, he set out, heading for Wendy's house. She had been waiting for him, pacing her bedchamber nervously. Claiming a headache, she had gone to bed early, begging herself free from any attendance. In the safety of her room she had packed a small bag, carefully including a few coins and every piece of jewellery she owned.

Nicholas alerted her by throwing some pebbles at her window. As silently as she could, she crept down the stairs. It was much easier than she had anticipated to get out of the house, but that didn't relieve her. Instead she felt small nagging doubts in the back of her mind.

"Wendy," Nicholas said, when they had walked for a while. He took her hand in his. "I've been thinking. And I think that the best thing is to get married."

Wendy stopped dead. "What?"

"We will travel together. Wouldn't it be so much easier if we could do that as man and wife instead of brother and sister?"

"Nicholas, Hook is the most dangerous man I know. I feel bad enough as it is to drag you into this. If he finds us, he will kill you, you know that. If he finds us married, it will be even worse."

"But Wendy, I don't care about the danger! Haven't I already proved that? I love you!" When Wendy didn't answer at once he added, sounding a bit petulant. "I thought you loved me as well."

Wendy felt uneasy. She had not expected this. Of course she loved Nicholas, she just hadn't thought about marrying him just yet. She frowned. To be absolutely honest, she had not even thought about marriage at all. She thought about Nicholas, his fresh face, his youth, the way he made her laugh. Sometimes he reminded her of someone. perhaps Peter, but she wasn't really sure about that. It had all been fun, but now, in this deadly serious situation, she didn't feel like she altogether trusted him. It was a horrible thought. Here he was risking everything for her, surely she loved him, and why shouldn't she accept this honourable offer?

Reluctantly she nodded. "I'll marry you." Nicholas smiled and tried to kiss her, but Wendy had already started to walk again. "We're in a hurry, Nicholas. Let's go."

Nicholas had spoken to a priest he knew was trustworthy and now he showed Wendy the way to a small chapel, not very far from the harbour. He had asked his best friends to meet them there to function as witnesses, but he had not told them that the intended bride was Wendy. He had hoped that by keeping it all a secret he could prevent Hook and Morris from hearing about it.

Nicholas's plan would have worked very well. The priest was indeed trustworthy, and so were his friends. What neither he nor Wendy had accounted for was the Captain himself. Hook was a man of cunning mind and he was aware that Wendy was not a willing bride. Though Morris had wisely kept quiet about her previous attempts to escape, Hook knew it was not unlikely she would try to fool him. Unknown to Wendy and everyone else in her house, Hook had put some of his men to guard it, and when Wendy left, she and Nicholas were followed.

Sadly, every bad feeling Wendy had over this venture were soon confirmed. That Hook arrived just minutes before the priest had finished the wedding ritual, and not after it had been completed, would have one important consequence, as that saved Nicholas life, at least for the moment. As Wendy knew, had the ritual been completed, it would not have stopped the Captain anyway. Now the door burst open, the lock broken and useless. In a few short steps he had reached the altar, and before anyone had had time to react he grasped Wendy's wrist, tugging her away from Nicholas. Hook's eyes burned red that night and if Nicholas had found him terrifying in the morning, he now realised it had been nothing compared to this sight.

Nicholas was not without courage, though it can be noted that between the two of them, Wendy probably surpassed him by far. To be fair, he would have tried to fight Hook, had he been given a chance, but in Hook's wake several pirates followed, and Nicholas was soon bound along with his friends. Hook would have killed them at once had Wendy not been present. Though Hook wouldn't have had any qualms about killing someone in front of her, it did not serve his purposes this night. Hook could be patient when it suited him. Then and there, it suited him very well.

I am sure that it comes to no surprise for anyone in learning that Wendy's wedding to the Captain was hastily brought forward in time. Hook was not inclined to let a moment like this slip through his fingers. Wendy could not refuse when several guns were directed at her would-be-husband and neither could the priest, who had almost fainted dead away when Hook appeared.

A very sorry wedding it was. The bride was almost incoherent with terror and the groom so furious he could do barely more than hiss the words required. Hook was angry, but he also felt humiliated and that was not a good combination. Wendy, who knew him best, if Smee was not to be counted, was aware of that and the panic she felt could only be equalled to her feelings the moment Peter had been killed. When the ceremony was over, Hook turned to his new wife and smiled. That served no purpose in calming Wendy, because his eyes were still quite red. He had not freed her wrist from his grip, but now he did, pulling her closer to him. With his claw pressing into the back of her neck Wendy was quite immobilised and she had to endure his kiss with the wicked tip pressing into her tender skin.

It was a kiss intended to torture Nicholas more than it was for Hook's pleasure. Even so, the Captain took a wicked delight in running his hand over Wendy's body as he kissed her. Then he broke it off and without any words he once again seized Wendy's wrist and dragged her with him into the night.