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A Story

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Hook dragged his new bride through the streets of Fortuna. Wendy stumbled; the only thing holding her upright was the iron grip around her wrist. Hook paid little attention to her while they walked, for he was still angry and did not trust himself to speak. Wendy's mind was full of disjointed thoughts. She was terrified of what would happen to her at their destination. Had she been given the slightest chance, she would have bolted and run without a second thought. All too soon they reached the Jolly Roger and the Captain pushed the breathless Wendy into the cabin. But instead of following her, he locked the door and left her alone.

Hook leaned against the door for a while, trying to calm down and collect his thoughts. Damn the woman to anger him so! He could not go into her until his anger was gone, otherwise there was a very real danger he would be unable to control his actions. To relieve some of his fury he gave orders for Nicholas to be found and brought to the ship. Hook had never intended to let his rival go unpunished, he had just not wanted Wendy to know about it.

Comprehension was slowly dawning to Captain Hook, finding himself with a new problem to grapple. As long as he had kept Wendy at a distance, it had been easy to maintain his power over her. He had always taken care not to overuse her talent, never giving her a reason to think the stories she told him were anything more than mere tales. In his eagerness to have more of her, he now realised he may have lost this advantage. After all, Wendy was his mistress, even if she did not know it. How was he to hide that from her if they were to live close together? She was not stupid and it would only be a matter of time before she put things together.

In the cabin Wendy was doing her best to calm down as well. The whole day had been full of turmoil, and her emotions were in such a whirl it was hard to overcome them. Her legs were shaking so badly she had to sit down. She sat there for a long time, forcing herself to breathe slowly. After a while she had calmed down enough to look around. Her surroundings looked much the same since she last saw them, giving her a strange feeling of coming home.

She didn't look at the large bed that loomed in the corner. Even when she only saw it from the corner of her eye, it felt like a threat. She knew she was going to end up there, though she had tried so hard not to. The only thing she had succeeded in was to get here sooner than she would had to if she had not tried to evade it. She thought about the Captain's angry face and the brutal way he had handled her. Tears welled up in her eyes. This night would be a nightmare.

Wendy swallowed hard.

"I am not going to cry," she said severely to herself. "I will not cry!"

Curiously enough the lump in her throat disappeared and after another minute or two, she felt well enough to get up and make a more detailed inventory of her prison. She realised quickly that the windows offered her one possibility of escape, as they were large enough to accommodate her. However, if she were to jump into the water fully dressed, she knew her skirts would become so heavy with water that she would be in danger of drowning. As she contemplated removing her clothes, the door opened and Captain Hook came in.

Wendy turned and met his gaze, trying very hard not to shake. Hook eyed her with some discomfort. He had bedded many women and, as he was a pirate after all, had not always been concerned if they were willing or not. Wendy was another matter altogether. It would have been easier if he had just had to regard his own pleasure in the encounter which lay ahead of them, but he knew that was not the best option.

The Captain sighed. Being an essentially selfish man, he had never cared for virgins. He had no patience to coax them into willingness, and he was too intent on having his own needs fulfilled to be prepared to explain them to a young girl. He had understood, however, that he needed Wendy's consent in this, and her scared face told him that she was not expecting any gentleness from him. Hook’s decision was undoubtedly more pleasant for Wendy, but completely selfish on Hook's part. He was concerned that if he scared or hurt her, he would be unable to take advantage of her stories. It may have been too late to do that anyway, but he was not willing to take that chance.

Wendy was completely unaware of this. She saw only that his height and bulk surpassed hers by far, and she was fully prepared that Hook would assault her. Therefore, it surprised her when he seemed reluctant to even come close to her.

"Wendy," Hook began, faltering a little. "You need not look at me with such frightened eyes. I don't seek to hurt you."

Wendy didn't acknowledge his words and for a moment Hook was totally at a loss as to how to proceed. He could see how his statement would sound laughable in her ears. Bruises were already forming on her wrist as a memory of their hurried walk from the chapel. He took a step toward her and Wendy stiffened a little, her eyes darting from his face to his claw, before she looked away with a shudder.

Hook looked down at his claw. He didn't think much of it, not anymore. He had grown used to it and it rarely hampered him in his actions. Sometimes it was even was a help. The constant pain had grown into a part of his life. Always there, sometimes stabbing him, but most often just a dull aching. He stretched out his arm and moved the claw so the light caught it, and Wendy gasped. The Captain glanced at Wendy, seeing that she was now staring at his claw. An idea came to mind.

He had to do it anyway, he thought, so why not now? The only person he had ever allowed to see him without clothes was Smee, but he could hardly expect to never undress in front of his wife. In a small flash of anger, an anger he quickly suppressed, did he remember that she was the real cause of his mutilation. The first time this thought had crossed his mind, Wendy had luckily already been left in Fortuna. Had she been near, Hook thought he would have foregone all resolves to let her live. At that moment he had not cared if the world he lived in would meet its doom if she died. He had wanted to revenge himself for the pain he had to live in.

He'd had time to calm down, long before he returned to Fortuna. Now he had to ignore an anger Wendy could not be made aware of it. With a small smile of satisfaction he turned away from her, calling for Smee to come help him out of his clothes.

Wendy's eyes widened a little at the sight of the heavy garments discarded for fine linen and then the Captain's naked torso. As she had lived in Fortuna for many years, she had grown used to see men working in the heat with their upper bodies bare, but she had never considered that very interesting. She eyed Hook with some interest. It was evident that his handsome face had its equal in his body and Wendy admitted to herself that he looked very striking.

Then there was the harness. At first it perplexed her. It was not immediately clear to her that this was a device to keep the claw attached. She watched the leather straps cutting into his skin and she wondered why a man would seek to torture his body in such ways. When his shirt was fully removed she could see how the straps continued down his right arm, ending in the heavy socket of wood that held the claw. Mr Smee unbuckled the harness and the red mark it had left on the Captain's skin made it clear that it was indeed strapped around Hook's body with a vicious strength.

When the harness was completely removed, Hook rolled his shoulders and rubbed at the mark across his chest. He did not look at Wendy, because he knew that she would see his arm for the first time. He didn't want to see her revulsion, knowing that if he did, that would make his anger rise again. So he ordered Smee to remove his boots and stockings as well. Hook watched the first mate leave before he turned back to his wife.

Hook had sought to use his injured arm as a means to get a reaction out of Wendy, and he succeeded admirably. At first she watched with horror. The arm ending so abruptly into nothing was a terrible sight. Even more terrible was that she had never thought it must be there. She knew his hand was gone. Peter had cut if off a long time ago. For the first time it occurred to her that losing a limb was something awful. A vivid picture of the Captain bleeding and unconscious came to her, so real that for a moment she thought she really saw it.

"How much does it hurt?"

Hook was surprised at the question. He had not expected Wendy to perceive that this kind of injury never healed properly.

"All the time, more or less, but usually not so badly."

"Oh!" Wendy's eyes filled with involuntary tears and she blinked. "I wish that there were something I could do."

The temptation to ask her to do so was almost too much for Hook. For a brief moment he contemplated throwing himself on his knees in front of Wendy, begging her to do something. To at least take the pain away, or even tell a story where his hand had never been cut off at all. He did not do this, however. he was not going to be fooled into revealing his secret. Instead of pouring his heart out to her, he sat down on the bed and motioned to her.


Not without hesitation did Wendy obey him and she sat down at the side of the bed. She was not very close to him, but not out of reach either. Her heart was beating quickly and she was less scared, but her nervousness had escalated instead. That she would be made to share the Captain's bed was something she had lived with since he had told her his intention to marry her. She had known she couldn't deceive him forever into believing she was a child. Now when her deception had ended, Wendy, being of a pragmatic mind, decided to make her best of her situation.

The Captain had, so far, not hurt her since he came into the cabin. He had said he wasn't going to do so and somehow Wendy was inclined to believe him. Added to that, the sight of his arm had softened her heart in no small amount. He seemed a bit less frightening to her now. Lastly, Hook was not unattractive to her, though she had so far been much too upset to pay much attention to that.

Now as she sat beside him, she gave herself the task of accepting the Captain. She tried to recall everything Veronique had ever told her about men, about the things a man and a woman could find agreeable to do with each other. She gave Hook a rather shaky smile and then she stretched out her hand and lightly touched his cheek. Hook, in turn, was very pleased with this small step from Wendy and he smiled.

“You don’t have to be afraid of me Wendy. I promise you I will do my best to make this as pleasurable for you as possible.