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Hook did indeed succeed in not frightening Wendy anymore. In fact, he managed to be so patient and charming that Wendy found her wedding night unexpectedly pleasant, even thrilling. She felt no hesitation when he fell asleep with his arms around her, but lay her head quite contentedly on his chest and fell asleep as well.

This could have been the end of the story. The Captain, exceedingly pleased with his own conduct and Wendy's reaction to it, had every inclination to treat her well in the future. Wendy, despite the rather disastrous wedding, had found her wedding night very agreeable and had somewhat resigned herself to the notion of being married to Hook. Though certainly not the best foundation for married life, it was still much better than any of them had expected. But what had happened between them had nothing to do with love. Hook didn't love Wendy, though he didn't consider that a problem. He had never loved anyone and saw no point in it. Wendy's pretty face and alluring body were convenient and his greedy mind rejoiced in owning her. He had riches enough, so if he couldn't take advantage of her stories anymore, he thought he could be well satisfied with having her in his bed. In fact, the idea of settling down somewhere and enjoy what he had amassed seemed more and more tempting. Wendy certainly didn't love the Captain. She loved Nicholas, or at least, she thought she did. Despite that, Wendy and Hook could very well have come to a balance in their life and managed to live with each other. However, that was not to be.

Nicholas, who had managed to stay away from the men Hook had sent after him, neared the Jolly Roger in the last darkness before dawn. He was not quite such a paragon of virtue he had pretended in front of Wendy but rather a young man who had no taste for violence, but not much of morals either. He went through his life charming or tricking the women he met to give him money, but he was not an evil man and not without higher feelings. He was genuinely worried about about Wendy's fate as he climbed up the ornate woodwork outside the Captain's windows. Nicholas had expected his Wendy crying and distraught, but when he peered through the glass he could see that she was sleeping. Not only that, she lay in Captain Hook's arms and as the last rays of the moon fell on her face, Nicholas could see she was smiling.

Human nature can be a curious thing. Although Nicholas had worried, had pained himself imagining what horror Wendy must have had to endure with the Captain, he felt no relief to see she was clearly unharmed. Nicholas would never have admitted it, but in that moment he would rather have seen her abused and terror-stricken. Hook was not alone in the ability to feel jealousy. At that moment, Nicholas resolved to take Wendy from Hook, whatever the cost may be. To have seen her unhappy would have grieved him deeply, but to see her not so was unbearable.

Hook hadn't come to Fortuna solely for Wendy's sake. He also had the supplies renewed, his liquor stock updated, and he visited his tailor. Repairs too difficult to conduct at sea were also done and the pirates made sure to have a good time. The Captain now had the additional task to find Nicholas and make sure the young man saw the end of his days before he would be ready to leave again. So the next day the Captain left his bride to make sure everything went smoothly to ensure their imminent departure. Wendy fretted a little; she had not been allowed to go back to her house. Instead she had to tell Mr. Smee to make sure the belongings she needed were packed and delivered to the ship.

The Captain had a busy day and though night had fallen, he had not yet returned to the ship. He needed to end the contract with Morris for Wendy's keep, and as Morris was not very pleased to lose this steady income, Hook was made later than he had hoped for. He had to ply Morris with the best rum along with the last payment. When at last he made his way back, he found an empty cabin. Wendy was gone, an opened window and her discarded clothes were all that remained. And there, on the the bed, the last thing Hook noticed before rage consumed him, was a small sapphire ring, it's stone twinkling mockingly at him.

The first man Hook came upon when he emerged from the cabin didn't live long enough to notice the Captain's fury. Mr. Smee, who responded to Hook's bellowing, wisely kept his distance from the claw. He watched the Captain's eyes, red with fury, and it didn't take him long to figure out what had happened. Smee was a loyal man and as Hook wasn't really in control of his thoughts at the moment, Smee quickly made orders to search for Wendy on the Captain's behalf. At the time Hook calmed down enough to be prepared to listen, Smee could present him with the news that the Mermaid had sailed for London, just a few hours previously and though it was not certain Wendy was on it, Smee had learned that Nicholas was on board. Despite being unprepared, the Jolly Roger left Fortuna as soon as the Captain had digested Smee's words. Hook had been able to catch up with the Mermaid before and he had little doubt that he could do it again, but he knew where the ship was headed. Hook smiled and it was a smile that didn't bode well for his errant bride and the fool who had helped her.

What had happened was this: When dusk came, Wendy heard a faint knock on the window. When she opened it, Nicholas had jumped into the cabin. It scared her a great deal, knowing that the reaction from Hook, if he was to discover it, would be awful.

"Wendy," Nicholas began, speaking hurriedly as he was well aware of the danger he was in, "I've spoken again with the captain of the Mermaid. He is as willing to take us from Fortuna now as he was last night. He is ready to sail at once; we will be long gone before Captain Hook discovers it."

Wendy hesitated. Nicholas had come for her, despite the threat he was under, and that touched her quite a lot. True, the wedding night had far surpassed her expectations and she was more inclined to think of Hook in a more favourable light. For all she knew, however, it was not a sudden change of heart that had made Hook treat her well. She had heard it in his voice and in his words, small glimpses that made her aware of how thin the veil was that separated her from his vicious side.

"We could go to London, Wendy. When we're there, I'm sure we could find someone who could help us annul this marriage. It was a travesty; you were forced; surely there must be some way for you to be released from him."

London. A sudden and unexpected wave of home-sickness engulfed Wendy, though she know that the London Nicholas was talking about was not the London she had grown up in. As Wendy had discovered when she left Neverland, this world was so much more than the island. Very often the geography had the same name as in her own world, but they were not quite the same. Though Wendy did not know it, she had helped to change them when the Captain had asked her to tell the stories. It may sound strange that she never had an inkling of what she did, but how could she? Who believes they have the power to create worlds? The places Wendy had told tales about places she never had visited.

Nicholas's words tempted her. Only last night she had been fully prepared to leave with him and if she could get the marriage annulled, then she would be free to start life anew somewhere far away. A sudden glimmer of hope rose inside her. Neverland was still there somewhere and there were her brothers. If she could find her way back to the island, she would have them back! Her eyes started to shine at that happy thought and Nicholas, who was quite convinced that they shone for him, smiled and clasped her hand.

"Come with me, Wendy. You don't want to stay here. Remember what a monster he is? I had to hide all night to avoid the goons he sent after me. He wants to kill me."

Wendy was startled. She had believed Hook when he had said that Nicholas could go if she married him, but she could not doubt Nicholas. Indeed, it was not at all incomprehensible Hook could do such a thing. In that moment the scale tipped over in favour for Nicholas. The Captain was after his blood and it was her fault. She could not stay.

"I'll come with you."

Wendy quickly dressed in the men’s clothes Nicholas had brought with him. She paused when she noticed her ring, but though she had carefully packet all her other trinkets, she could not bear to take the ring with ehr.

“Throw it away?” Nicholas said, but instead she carefully placed it on her discarded clothes. Then she climbed out of the window and with a last glance at the cabin, jumped after Nicholas into the dark water.