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The Other Side of Someday

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I first started contemplating this story in January of 2011. And then on September 30, almost ten months later, I finally wrote those two little words, "The End." There were a few times I wasn't sure I would make it, but thanks to some wonderfully amazing people who didn't let me give up, I did it. I wrote the longest story I have ever even considered writing and I am so, so proud of what I did here. Even if no one reads this, I'm just so happy that I actually finished this.

To my tumblr dash for putting up with my ramblings and cryptic posts about this epic thing I was writing, well, this is it! Thank you for putting up with me and cheering me on when I needed it. I love you all more than you will know.

To everyone at kurt_blaine and beyond_dapper, I have never felt more welcome in a fandom as I have in this one. And believe me, I've been around long enough to know. The encouragement and comments on all my previous fic endeavors really helped me believe I could do this.

Thank yous
theemdash for filling in all the gaps of my lacrosse knowledge. Which are admittedly many as I know nothing about lacrosse.
oddwritesstuff for the fashion chats and links. Kurt's wardrobe was pretty much the third main character in this story.
rainbowmcgee09 for being an amazing sounding board and beta. She let me talk at her and work out my problems and this fic is so much better for it. She also came up with most of the other song titles for Blaine's album, so all appreciation should go to her on those.
To brihana25 for being an amazing friend and cheerleader. I've rambled at you I don't even know how much during the writing of this and your feedback and comments have been invaluable.

Additional Story Notes
Charlie's physical appearance is based partially on that of Jon Hall, aka beatboxing!Warbler. He was always one of my favorites and then hearing the stories of his and Chris' epic bromance on the tour over the summer combined with this gif pretty much sealed the deal on that one.

I have compiled a short soundtrack of the songs referenced in the story, including those that are on Blaine's album that actually exist. You can download Blaine's album here and the other songs here.
NOTE: As of 8/25/17, the downloads above are not available. I am looking for somewhere else to house them. Blaine's album:


The scholarship Kurt is awarded does actually exist. You can read about that here.

Pictures and Videos
Since Blaine is not actually a popstar, I had to borrow some things from Darren. But they are the things that I think are very much Blaine, too.

The first pictures of Blaine that Kurt finds on his website are these. The Live pictures are from Darren's show at The Roxy. The pictures with the various musical accoutrements are here.

The videos Kurt finds on YouTube are also from Darren's show at The Roxy:
Don't You
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Teenage Dream

In my head the version of Teenage Dream that Blaine sings at his concert to Kurt, is actually rather similar to this one that Darren performed at the Festival of New American Musicals on 12/4/11.

The inspiration for Me, Myself and Lies on Blaine's album was taken from here and the inspiration for the original song Kurt writes with Blaine is from here.

If you want to see what some of the clothing Kurt wore throughout this story looks like, I've compiled a small gallery here.