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“Hinata-kun you listening?” Nanami asks slightly tilting her head towards him. A few seconds pass before Hinata realizes that someone was talking to him. He blinks twice before he composes himself.

“Ah sorry Nanami I was thinking about something else. What did you say?” Hinata asks her wiping away some eye crust that refused to go away.

“We were talking about after school plans Hinata-san. Especially since this will be the last time we’ll see you for a while.” Sonia chimes smiling brightly at him. Of course always being capitated by such a smile Souda tunes in with his own comment.

“Yeah that’s right poor old Hinata is gonna be so bored hanging out in the countryside. Don’t worry we’ll make today’s memory be so great you’ll forget about how bored you’ll be. Right Sonia-san?” Souda pats Hinata's back a bit too rough his eyes focusing on Sonia.


Sonia gives a small smile in return. It’s obvious to anyone to know how uncomfortable she was around Souda but the latter forever remained oblivious. “Ah Tanaka-san will you accompany us as well?” Sonia calls out to the passing by Gundam.

Gundam takes a quick look at everyone before he turns away throwing his scarf back. “Fufu unfortunately the dark devas of destruction and I already made plans. We have no time to give to mere mortals.” He chuckled ready to leave.


“Oh I see. That is quite a shame.” Sonia says letting her shoulders fall down looking a bit sad.

Gundam saw her reaction and coughed. “If and only if we do not spend so much time I can put off my plans for world domination just a little bit longer. I want to give you mortals a fighting chance after all.” He closes his eyes and linking his arms together above his waist.


“Tanaka-san thank you!” Sonia's eyes light up and clap her hands together. Gundam opens one eye and immediately blushes and uses his scarf to cover it. The look of disgust Souda had made Hinata crack a smile.



 The group consisting of Hinata, Nanami, Sonia, Gundam, and Souda went to the arcade center and spent a few hours there. It was hard to keep Nanami off all the machines. Eventually it was Hinata's stomach that made everyone decide it was time for a break and eat.


On their way to a fast food joint Sonia and Nanami spotted a photo booth. The two of them secretly managed to get the guys to join them to take a group photo. After that was over the girls were chatting happily with each other overjoyed with how the photos came out. Behind them walking slowly the boys stared down on the floor looking tired and out of energy.

All of them decided to eat at the closest fast food place they found. Once they found a good table the biggest obstacle that came their way was the seating order. 2 girls and 3 guys with this uneven group and the fairly small table how would they make this work?


Much to Souda’s and Gundam’s dismay the final seating arrangement was Nanami, Sonia, and Hinata squeezed in the middle. While on the opposite side was Gundam and Souda huddled together the two of them both had the look of disgust plastered on their faces.


“This is totally unfair! Why does Hinata get to be in the middle?” Souda shouts a bit too loud making a few people look over at them.

“Silence! Hinata-san is the guest of honor today. If you don’t like it then you are free to leave.” Sonia states making the group slightly shudder her authoritative tone was just like royalty issuing a command. Souda was slightly dejected but quickly made a comeback by whispering to himself “it’s not so bad getting yelled at."


Sensing the atmosphere was getting a bit tense it was Nanami who changed the subject about the food. “This burger is really good. Right Hinata-kun?” As soon as she finished talking the tiniest bit of ketchup got stuck on her cheek. Unconsciously Hinata grabbed a napkin and wiped it off her. It wasn’t until he heard whistling that he noticed how close he was.


“W-What’s that whistling for?” Hinata stutters the blush on his face turning redder by the second.

“No reasooon.” Souda tells him chewing on his fries staring back and forth between Hinata and Nanami with a given up on life look.


The rest of conversation promised to be quite lively.



 It was after everyone finished eating that once again Souda destroyed the silence and brought up the reason why they’re all here. “Ah still it’s gonna be a bit lonely without you Hinata. Your whole summer vacation basically wasted visiting relatives from the countryside.” He sighs placing his hands behind his head. 


“I also agree. Visiting your family is important but your presence will be missed.” Sonia says collecting all the garbage. Hinata gives the both of them a weak smile. Hanging out with them actually made him temporarily forget that he was leaving tomorrow. It was a family decision he couldn’t really refuse not to go.

“But noneless you should use this opportunity wisely. This can be your chance to spread your terror and make your power well known. Perhaps you’ll even have a fateful encounter.” Gundam tells him smiling smugly.


“Hah with Hinata’s luck I wouldn’t be surprised if they ended up being a werewolf or a vampire.”

“Ohh that would most definitely be so exciting! Vampires! Werewolves! Witches and wizards! Ah I would love to meet them at least once.”

“Um Sonia-san that was meant to be a joke.”


Hinata laughed he was glad that Gundam tried in his own way to cheer him up. But his words left an impression on him. Would he really meet someone that would change him? Despite how unrealistic Souda’s words were a part of him wondered if he could be right. Once he stood up everyone decided that it was time to head home.



“Well then everyone see you again at school.” Sonia bid farewell to her friends and went inside her home.


The next one to say goodbye was Nanami. “Haa I’m sleepy. Goodnight Hinata-kun, Tanaka-kun and Souda-kun. Next time let’s bring more money for the arcades.” She yawns and rubs her eye while using the other to wave goodbye.

The trio after finishing walking their female friends home decided to spilt up and go home separately.


“Well I'm outta here. It was fun hanging out with you guys. Next summer vacation for sure I should have my car running and ready to go. I’ll take you guys on a wild adventure.” After saying that he shook Hinata’s and Gundam's hands and went off. It was only Hinata and Gundam left.


“Hinata there is something I wish to give you.” Gundam reaches into his pocket and pulls out what appears to be a clear marble.

“This is the all seer. I fear that your journey will involve you meeting with some unpleasant folk. With this you’ll be able to know who to avoid.” He places the marble in Hinata's hand. “My fellow comrade I believe you will return safely.” He laughs loudly making Hinata’s ears hurt a bit but still Hinata laughed with him. The two of them shake hands firmly and wave farewell to each other.




Maybe just maybe this year’s summer vacation won’t be too bad Hinata thinks to himself.