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It’s hot. That’s the only thing Hinata can process. The whole trip and greeting his distant relatives all became a blur while being surrounding in this heat. He could hear his family chatting away in the living room while he was lying on the floor trying to feel cool from the ceiling fan. He couldn’t remember if he was at his grandparents' house or a very distant cousin’s house.


Luckily for him the house did have electricity but there was so little there might as well not be. Hinata wouldn’t say he’s technology dependent but the lack of A/C and no television wasn’t fun. He spots an old radio from the corner of his eye it looks like it’s not even connected. Hinata sighs out loud and stretches himself.


He reaches into his pocket and pulls out the marble he received. Will he really meet anyone in this kind of place? Now that he’s actually here the possibility seems all the more unlikely. He puts it back and rolls on the floor.

Just then his parents called for him telling him to come join them and eat. Right away Hinata can hear his own stomach growling. Oh yeah I haven’t even eaten yet today he thinks silently to himself. “I’m going.” He replies as he gets up.




 The next day was just as hot as yesterday. There isn’t much he can do to kill time. He still has his unfinished summer homework but Hinata wants to save that as a last resort. He feels someone tapping on his shoulder and when he turns around it was his mother signaling to look in front of him.


“Hajime-chan it must be quite boring for you here. Especially since there’s no TV or internet for you to use.” Hinata’s grandmother says softly.

“Ah it’s alright. I don’t really mind it’s not like I use those things often ahaha.” Hinata laughs nervously the stare his mother was giving him hurt.

“Oh I'm glad I thought it would be boring for you.” She lets out a sigh of relief smiling. “Well if you don’t have anything to do you can always take Mamoru out for a walk.” As soon as she said that she lets out a loud whistle.


Immediately a small white shiba inu came running towards them. The white dog stops right in front of Hinata striking a pose.


“This is Mamoru. We don’t have the time to take him out on walks as much anymore. It'll be a great help if you could walk him once in a while.” Hinata's grandma pets Mamoru who looked very happy getting petted.

“Leave it to me. I can handle Mamoru.” Hinata proclaims as he places a hand over his chest.



After a week Hinata fell into a routine. Wake up, help with breakfast, cleanup, start a small portion of his homework, take Mamoru for a walk, and finally come home and eat dinner. It wasn’t too bad he sort of liked his schedule. He also found out the hard way just how strong Mamoru was. For such a small dog he had a lot of energy and if Hinata wasn’t careful Mamoru would try to escape his grasp.

Once he finished tying his shoes Hinata grabs ahold of the dog’s leash and heads outside. Mindful of his grandparents' advice he doesn’t go out too far but just enough where he knows his way back. The scenery wasn’t too bad.

Nothing but green grass and tall trees that gave him much needed shade. It took a while to get used to all the green but now he doesn’t mind it. He walks absentmindedly too busy focusing on what to eat later on that he finally notices the scenery was getting unfamiliar.


I guess it’s time to head back he thinks. “Alright Mamoru lets go home.” He tugs on the leash trying to get the dog’s attention. Maybe he spotted a rabbit or a squirrel but Mamoru had no intention of letting his prey escape.


Running at lightning speed Hinata lost his grip on the leash and in a blink of an eye lost sight of Mamoru. Panic hits him right away. There's no way he can go home or even return without him. Plus he couldn’t face his grandparents if he lost Mamoru.

He runs as fast as he can heading for the direction he thought Mamoru was heading. He’s getting more and more lost he thinks as the scenery soon becomes fully unfamiliar. Hinata can feel his sweat start to cling onto him.

It’s when he spots a mansion looking completely out of place that he stops running. The mansion itself looks well-kept and it even has a rose garden. It was really stunning to say the least. The more he stares at it he notices the front door was wide open. An idea popped into his head.


Did his dog run inside? He won’t deny he is somewhat tempted to know what the inside is like. Hinata looks around his surroundings before he makes his way in. As soon as he took one step inside Hinata could feel chills down his spine.


It was so cold almost like someone set the A/C all the way up on high. The difference between the inside and outside was like night and day. Besides the freezing cold the room was incredibly dusty. It had a lot of open room but was still properly furnished.

He walks around seeing dust particles as far as the eye can see. Now that he’s looking closely it feels like he’s in a different era. It was as if he was stepping on a movie set. There was a fireplace, two sofas perfectly across each other, the carpet was eye catching, and there seems to be a door next to the fireplace. With each step he took the floor eventually starts to squeak.

It seems like there was only a first floor. Unfortunately his dog didn’t seem to come in here. If that’s the case why was the door wide open? Fear starts to slowly overcome him. What if this was trap? Someone probably planned this.


With his heart racing Hinata starts running towards the exit. Just when he was almost home free a sudden loud noise came from behind him. Too shocked Hinata trips on the carpet and falls to the ground. Immediately he covers his face up with his arms.

“Woof woof!” that familiar barking made Hinata raise his head up fast.


It was Mamoru barking at him with his tail wagging happily. All the remaining energy Hinata had left seemed to disappear. He didn’t even have the strength to get angry. After he gets up and dusts himself off he takes ahold of leash and leaves.



Even after he left the mansion he had no idea how to go back home. He just started walking aimlessly hoping that he’ll come across something familiar. As if he could read minds Mamoru eventually took charge and lead them both home.

Hinata expected to get scolded when he got home especially since he came home later than usual. But as soon as he came back no one said anything and carried on as normal. After he finished dinner he went straight to the room he was staying in and went inside his futon.

He started thinking that maybe what Gundam told him was true. If he waited any longer perhaps he would have run into someone. Unconsciously he reaches inside his pocket looking for the marble given to him.


After the 3rd attempt of searching for it Hinata realized that the marble had gone missing. Right away he starts recollecting the last place he had it. The memory from earlier on came back to him. He fell down in that mansion pretty hard. It could be that the marble fell out his pocket at that time.


Hinata tugs slightly on his hair. He definitely doesn’t want to go back there but he can’t just leave his present there. Scratching his head he makes the decision to go back there once more just to look for his present and never head back. Happy with his decision he goes to sleep.