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Right after he finished his breakfast Hinata decided to go back to that mansion right away. The sooner he goes the faster he can come back. He gets up from the table and lets his family know he’s going to take Mamoru for a walk again.

His grandparents looked pleased but his parents just looked at him curious. Hinata couldn’t blame them he never takes a walk this early and that’s all he’s been doing lately. He whistles summoning Mamoru and puts the usual collar and leash on.

Once he opened the door the bright sun greeted him. “Ugh it’s hot.” Hinata mutters sourly. Surprisingly Mamoru doesn’t rush out the door like normal. He waits for Hinata to walk out the door first and trails behind carefully.

The two begin their routine walk and Hinata pays close attention to his surroundings. He tries his best to recall yesterday’s memories. It’s after he reaches a certain area that he stops. This is where I lost Mamoru for sure. But which direction did I take? Hinata rubs his chin trying to recall what path he took.

Hinata figures he was taking too long because all of sudden he hears barking. He looks down and sees Mamoru looking at him with disappointment. Hinata feels a surge of embarrassment. Who does he think he is? He thinks somewhat upset.

“Fine if you know where that house is then you lead the way!” Hinata points at Mamoru who in return looked like he was smiling. The white dog turns around elegantly and starts walking his tail wagging extra excited.



“Okay I’ll admit it you’re pretty amazing.” Hinata compliments the shiba inu.

“Arf!” Mamoru barks once happily. Hinata looks up at the mansion. It still looks the same as yesterday. A part of him was hoping that it was all a dream. If he had to point out any differences it was that the door was shut this time. Taking a small breath Hinata walks up to the door his heart pounding and palms sweating.

It feels different this time. Yesterday was an emergency but this time it’s almost as if he was an intruder. He grabs the doorknob and slowly twists it. The door wasn’t locked which surprised him. I guess this place is abandoned?


“Whoa!” he feels a push from behind and almost trips entering inside. Immediately he turns around and sees Mamoru giving him a ‘hurry up’ stare. Man this dog isn’t cute at all. He composes himself rapidly and steps inside.

As soon as he enters the cool air surrounds him completely. He shivers wrapping his arms around himself. Hinata glances briefly around the room. Nothing has changed at all. The tinkering of Mamoru’s collar made him look down and he saw paw prints and handprints. Ah this is where I fell down yesterday. He thought wiping away the evidence.

Hinata coughs from all the dust spread into the air. Ugh I want to find that damn marble soon. He rubs his eyes full of energy ready to search and leave.


The first thing he does is look down on the floor. It would make sense that if it fell that it'd be on the floor. Next was looking under the sofas, and chairs. When he was finished with that he wiped some sweat that formed on his forehead. The only possible place left would be around the fireplace. Hinata goes over there and carefully inspects the area.


When he finished he let out a sigh of disappointment. It wasn’t there. He looked all over and still couldn’t find it. If he lost it during one of his walks he doubts he’ll ever see it again. Stretching his arms over his head he notices Mamoru in front of the door next to the fireplace.


By the way he was acting it seems like he wanted to go inside. Hinata didn’t get to inspect inside that room. The curiosity was killing him but at the same time fear nagged at him. What if something that he can never take back happens? Mamoru’s scratches on the door only made Hinata more and more curious about what's inside.


He walks over and grabs the doorknob not moving. His hand wouldn’t move at all. Paranoia starts to build up inside. Anything could happen he should turn back now while he has the chance. The sounds of Mamoru’s scratches start getting louder. It started getting hard to concentrate.


“Ah whatever!” Hinata shouts out in frustration. He swings open the door only to be greeted with darkness. He was half expecting this he takes a small inside to search for a light switch. He feels his hand come into contact with something and suddenly he's blinded with bright lights. Hinata opens his mouth unconsciously taken aback with what he sees.

A library bigger than what he’s ever seen at school and his local library combined was right in front of him. Nothing but bookshelves packed to the brim with books was right before him. The floor wasn’t a carpet but a hardwood floor. Then that’s when he notices his marble right in the middle of the room.

He goes over to pick it up and inspects it for any damages. It looked just fine and he was very relieved and puts it back in his pocket. He hears the sound of something falling. Not wasting a second Hinata turns only to see Mamoru looking scared and a very heavy looking book right in front of him.


Hinata laughs then goes over to put the book back. Once the book was safely returned to its previous position Hinata takes another look at the giant library. He wouldn’t call himself a bookworm but this room was pretty incredible. He grabs a book and starts flipping through it.


The cover was so old but yet the insides didn’t have too yellow as Hinata thought. Hinata walks out the room and takes a seat on the couch reading through the book more carefully. Mamoru follows him merrily and rests in front of his shoes.


It was when he noticed the sunlight start to fade that Hinata realized that he spent way too much reading. “Oh no we’re going to be late!!” He shouts and puts the book down rapidly. The sudden noise woke up his dog that started barking away. He runs to the library and carefully places the book back. Afterwards he shuts the lights off and closes the door. He grabs Mamoru’s leash and starts rushing out the door fearing the future scolding he's going to receive.



During the middle of dinner it was Hinata’s mother who spoke up.

“You know Hajime you’ve been coming home late a lot recently. Is there any reason why?” his mother interrogates watching him like a hawk.

Hinata stops chewing and looks up at her trying to mask his fear. It’s not like I can mention that I've been hanging around an abandoned mansion. He digs his nails into the ground trying to come up with an excuse.

“Now now Mayumi there's no need to be upset. Hajime-chan is just trying to get used to the area. Isn’t that right Hajime-chan?” his grandmother gives him a wink as she came to his defense.

“Yup that’s exactly right! I just like to investigate the area here hahaha.” He laughs scratching his head.

His mother didn’t look convinced at all but she didn’t say anything more.


Everyone carried on eating in silence when this time it was Hinata’s grandmother who spoke again. “I'm quite glad that Hajime-chan is getting used to the area. It’ll come in handy when we leave tomorrow.” She says reaching for seconds.

Hinata stops eating in mid bite. Who’s leaving? He wonders.

Sensing his confusion his father speaks up. “Ah we were going to tell you later but there’s some business that needs all of us. But someone needs to watch over this house. So you’ll be here for at least 2 weeks by yourself.” He tells him wiping his mouth with a napkin.

Hinata nods his head understanding. So he’s going to be home alone for two weeks. 


The rest of meal was spent in silence.


Two days being by himself was driving Hinata mad. They even took Mamoru so there goes any companionship. He actually almost finished all of his summer homework he was running out of things to do fast. His mind starts to wander towards the library he discovered.

It was cold and there was plenty of books to read so there’s a guarantee he wouldn’t be bored. It sounds like a bad idea but he was so bored with nothing to do. Hinata gets up from the mat and heads to his room looking for a sweater to wear. Finding a random one he puts it on and heads out.



Entering the house for the 3rd time Hinata feels like he's an experienced home robber. The cool air doesn’t affect him as much like it did before. It does look like the room got less dusty. He keeps that in mind as he goes straight towards the library.

The lights make him close his eyes for a bit before he starts wandering. He wonders the type of person who owns this room is like. This place looks better maintained than the previous room. He continues wandering looking around for a book to read.

After passing by what seems to be the 5th bookshelf Hinata spots what seems to be a book that wasn’t pushed all the way in yet. He grabs it and inspects the front and back of it. The condition of the book seemed well the cover wasn’t worn out like the other one he grabbed before.

He opens it and right away pictures fall out. Ah so it’s a scrapbook. Hinata picks up the fallen photographs and takes a peek at them. All of them seem to be photos of a very pretty boy. The thing that stuck out the most to Hinata was the person’s hair. If he had to describe it their hair was the equivalent white cotton candy.

How did this person style it in the first place? He wonders staring at the photos some more. They wore a different outfit in each photo. But each one seems like it was a different moment in time. Curious he starts flipping through the book. Hinata was surprised. A majority of them were in black and white but there was very few in color.


Hinata finds that most of the photos are of random strangers all of them were a mix of males, females, and even some children. Whenever he spots the boy with the cloud hair he finds himself staring at his pictures the most.


This is probably a family album he deduces. Their article of clothing seems to change each time but the people posing in the photos still look the same. It was when Hinata saw the pretty boy’s photo for the 12th time that he realized something was off.


He looks exactly the same in each one. His clothing may differ but there’s no mistaking that smile and the sad look in his eyes. Immediately Hinata flips through the book faster looking for the photos containing the white haired boy. “…the same he’s exactly the same in each photo.” Hinata says out loud bewildered by his discovery. This isn’t real. It can’t be after all its impossible. If it was true then that means that person would have to be not human.


Determining he had enough Hinata puts the scrapbook away when he pushed it all the way in a small click sound was heard. The floor itself started rumbling and the room wobbles slightly. He can hear a very loud grumbling noise coming from nearby. Leaving the room the first thing he sees was what appears to be an unstable pair of stairs. At this point Hinata only lets out a groan. He doesn’t even bother considering not checking it out. He’s already in too deep not to go.


Shrugging his shoulders he takes a closer look at the stairs making sure how stable they are. He puts a small amount of pressure on it but nothing happens. Thinking it was safe enough he takes an experimental first step. There was a small creak but nothing else. Hinata walks the remainder up the stairs.

Hinata stops to stare at the new surroundings. It was an exceptionally huge hallway. He stretches out both his arms and there's still room for him to move. This person must be incredibly rich. He starts moving again staring at the walls noticing the framed paintings. He recognizes a few of the people from the photographs he saw.

He notices there was a door next to each painting. Still feeling curious he tries to open one but it was locked. Huh that’s surprising. He tries another door but it was locked as well. Somewhat relieved but let down he continues his stroll down the hall. Hinata figures he finally reaches the end of the hallway when he spots a dead end.

The biggest painting he’s seen compared to the ones hanging on the walls intimidated Hinata. This painting was easily twice his size. The person in this portrait was easily breathtaking and stunning. It was a woman with pigtails smiling. Hinata feels as if he can spend a large amount of time just gazing at her portrait.


He notices there was a name plate below it. “…shi?” a majority of the name plate seemed to be scratched out. Hinata could hardly make out those three letters. He wipes his hand over it trying to see if he could make out anything else. Unfortunately he just managed to wipe away some dust.


Determining he had enough Hinata turns away ready to call it a day. Walking through the large hall again Hinata finds himself looking at the doors still curious to know what’s behind them. Out of the corner of his eye he spots a slight opening out of one of doors. Right away he doubles checks to make sure he wasn’t seeing things.


There was a door slightly opened. This is too convenient. It reminds him of a book Sonia let him borrow once. The protagonist ends up dying in the end because he went into an obvious bad end. Hinata swallows the salvia caught in his throat. He notices his hand shakily reaching for the doorknob.

He does nothing to stop it and shuts one eye as the door slowly opens. The room was somewhat bright. The light from the window was the only light source. But the thing that stole all his attention was the large coffin right in the middle of the room.


No way no way! This had to be a joke. The photographs in the library and now this huge coffin all of it had to be someone’s elaborate joke. Hinata inspects the coffin trying to find a loophole. It had to be fake. There's no way someone would leave a real coffin here.


Wait is there someone in there? Hinata holds his breath his eyes never leaving the coffin. He puts his hands on it he notices his hands were shaking. He had to test out his theory. Summoning all his strength Hinata tries to lift off the top.


A loud bang fills the air and Hinata’s breath stops. The coffin was empty. He sighs with relief and shuts the coffin closed.


“Is there something wrong with my coffin?” a voice whispers next to his ear.