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The smell of food being cooked managed to sneak its way into Hinata’s room. Soon the aroma engulfed the room causing Hinata’s nose to twitch. It took a few minutes before Hinata regained consciousness and realized he was in his own room.

The feeling of panic and awareness was delayed as he was more focused on the source of the smell. He was home alone there shouldn’t even be anyone cooking. His stomach growls and the sense of hunger got stronger. He tries to get up but fails since he was still feeling groggy from just awakening.

Forcing himself to get up he leaves his room. As soon as he steps outside his room the smell of cooked food became even stronger. Hinata thinks about who the person cooking could be. It had to be either his mother or grandmother. Both his father and grandfather can’t cook and were banned from the kitchen. But they weren’t supposed to come back until two more weeks. Did they come back early?


Once he makes his way into the kitchen Hinata freezes. The person who was merrily cooking and humming to himself was the self-proclaimed vampire he ran into. Komaeda seems to have noticed him but didn’t say anything as he was too busy pouring something into the pan. Once that was finished he turns to face Hinata smiling.

“Ah good morning Hinata-kun! Or should I say good night? Its 7pm right now. I must say that was quite a shock. I didn’t know you would faint. My little teasing went too far and for that I apologize.” Letting that mouthful out Komaeda bows his head slightly.

“…A-Ah it’s okay. Please lift your head up I feel awkward.” Hinata scratches his head confused and still trying to input what Komaeda just told him. Did he say it was 7pm? If that was true he was out for quite a while.

Komaeda lifts up his head and waits for the rest of Hinata’s sentence. When nothing was spoken he looks over to where Hinata was staring. 

“Oh this? I'm making spaghetti. It’s one of the few foods I'm good at making.” The vampire smiles shyly even though there was no blush Hinata could feel it present.

“You cook? I thought you know…you guys don’t eat food.” Hinata says looking at the boiling water amazed at how delicious the noodles looked.

“I used to back when I was a human.”



After he finished his meal Hinata lets out an involuntary burp. He blushes when Komaeda giggles at him. “Excuse me.” He mumbles reaching for a napkin and wipes his mouth clean.

He pauses momentarily amazed at seeing Komaeda eat his food. It seems everything he does has an elegant grace around him. Even the way he slurps his noodles is so clean and refined. Finishing the reminder of his meal Komaeda also reaches for a napkin and wipes any remaining sauce on his mouth. Though there doesn’t seem to be any.

“Now then after we both filled up our stomachs. Time to get down to business. Hinata-kun you can ask those questions you’ve been holding back on.” Komaeda states while he takes a small sip from his glass of water.

“…” Hinata stares at him amazed. He tried to hold back his thoughts the whole time he was eating. Maybe his real identity was true. Hinata coughs twice to clear his throat and starts speaking.

“How did you find my house? I never mentioned to you where I lived.” The question that had Hinata baffled for a while finally came out. He hopes the latter wasn’t keeping tabs on him. He has been a bit paranoid while out on his walks.


Sensing his fear Komaeda smiles at him calmly. “No need to worry Hinata-kun. I wasn’t watching or stalking you. It’s your smell. You might not be aware but each of you humans has a unique smell. If I had to describe yours it would be like sunflowers ahaha.” Another one of his lame jokes came out making Hinata grimace which stopped Komaeda's laughter.

“I smelled your scent and just followed the trail. Nothing more and nothing less.” Komaeda raises his hands like a prisoner surrendering.

Feeling more relaxed the teen lets out a small sigh of relief. He knows Komaeda could be lying but for some reason he feels as if he could trust him. He hasn’t done any harm to him either.


“Okay let’s move onto the main event.” Komaeda states and right away he pulls out a sharp kitchen knife.

Surprised Hinata immediately moves away from the dining table. Just what does Komaeda think he’s doing?

“Haha please relax Hinata-kun. I don’t mean to cause any harm. In the end I never got to hear you admit what I really am. So I wanted to show you absolute proof.” Komaeda gets up from his seat and walks over to Hinata and places the knife in his hands.

“Please try to stab me.” With that said he rolls up his sleeve above his elbow and exposes his arm in front of Hinata.

The teen stares at the knife in his hands and the exposed arm right in front of him. This was too much. Komaeda may be a stranger and slightly annoys him he would never dare harm him on purpose. It just wasn’t in his nature to harm others.


“No need to worry. I'm a vampire it won’t even hurt me. Trust me.” Komaeda extends his hand towards Hinata’s and squeezes it in a reassuring way. Even with that Hinata still hesitated and couldn’t move his hand.

Taking matters into his own Komaeda takes the trembling Hinata’s hand and forces the latter to grip on it tight. When that was done the tightly held shaking hand hovers over his wrist and in two seconds the once sharp knife crumbled into many pieces.

The sound of the scattered pieces snapped Hinata out of his daze and he looked at his hand and the floor. The only thing that remained was the knife handle and the rest was on the floor looking like unfinished puzzle.

The only thought in his was Ah so Komaeda really is a vampire. He lets his back touch the wall and collapses thankfully Komaeda held onto him making sure he didn’t have a harsh fall.


“You really are a vampire.” Hinata states as he puts the knife handle on the floor next to him.

“I told you. But even so I'm surprised at how calm you are.” Komaeda squats down and matches eye level with Hinata.

“Really? Why so?” the teen asks curious about the other’s thoughts.

“Well most of the time when that rare occasion happens when someone finds out my identity most of them usually cry and beg me to spare their lives.” Komaeda places a hand under his chin looking a bit bored explaining this to Hinata.

“The fact that you haven’t done neither is very refreshing and easier for me.” He giggles looking Hinata straight into his eyes.

“W-well it may be strange to say but I don’t find you intimidating. Plus you even cooked me dinner I doubt you're a bad guy.” Hinata stares at the floor feeling embarrassed by what he just said.


Wordlessly Komaeda stands back up the expression on his face was unreadable. “Hinata-kun is a pretty nice person. But still you should be careful. I'm still a stranger to you.” Komaeda gives him a warning and makes his way towards the exit.

“Goodbye.” With those words said Komaeda closes the door and leaves the spaced out Hinata all alone.