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It takes a moment for Hinata to process what he just heard. Immediately once he's finished he lets out a surprised shout. Komaeda only tilts his head looking at Hinata confused.

“What’s wrong screaming out of nowhere? You don’t want to know then?” Komaeda questions him curious by Hinata's sudden reaction. His bangs began falling down covering his eyes. He tries to blow them away but to no avail.

“Ah wait that’s not what I meant.” Hinata shakes his head rapidly. He tries to calm himself down. His reaction was too overblown. It was so unexpected for him. There are so many questions Hinata wants to ask him. Hinata isn’t sure if he remembers all the questions he wanted to ask. But to spill all his secrets to someone who’s technically a stranger Hinata can’t help but worry a bit.

“If that’s not it then what's the problem?” Komaeda asks him again still not satisfied with the response he’s been given. Why can’t Hinata give him a simple yes or no answer? It’s really not that difficult.

“Well ah are you sure? Shouldn’t you at least keep some secrets to yourself? I think it’s a bit reckless to spill all your secrets at once.” He gives Komaeda a look while scratching his hair smiling softly. Hinata speaks his mind and voices his worry to the vampire.


Komaeda gives him a puzzled look then laughs once loudly. With a grin plastered over his face Komaeda uses his hand to run through his hair. Before he answers he lets out the remaining giggles. “Ahaha it’s alright Hinata-kun. Telling you my secrets isn’t such a big deal. Though I appreciate your concern thank you.” Komaeda stands up and wipes off some dust clinging onto his clothes. Hinata gets up as well with him and does the same.

“This will probably be a long conversation. So it’s best we moved somewhere comfortable.” Komaeda informs Hinata while he eyes around the room looking for a place to chat.

Hinata nods in agreement and leads Komaeda into his own living room. It wasn’t spacious but it was more than enough space for two people. As they walk inside the living room the two of stop both staring at the same item.


The kotatsu took a good chunk of the room. Hinata smacks his forehead he forgot to put it away. He uses it to help him sleep since it gets really chilly at night. It’s not safe to fall asleep in one but it’s not like anything bad has happened before.

“A kotatsu? It’s not even winter yet. You must really love the heat.” Komaeda teases Hinata a bit and takes a seat inside the kotatsu.

“I don’t. It just gets really cold at night. Wouldn’t you rather be warm than cold?” Hinata retorts getting into the kotatsu as well making sure he's sitting across from Komaeda. He feels slight embarrassment at being caught using one. He shouldn’t be self-conscious about it but sleeping with a kotatsu is something only little kids would do.

“Certainly I’d like to be warm but unfortunately that’s not an option I get to have.” Komaeda comments more like mumbles to himself but the other still heard him. The atmosphere in the air quickly turned sour.


“Well well let’s get the interview started. First question what happens to the food I eat? The answer is simple. Any guesses before I reveal it Hinata-kun?” Komaeda claps his hands together loudly. Then he points at wagging his finger at Hinata eager for his response. His overenthusiasm was such a sudden change from before Hinata was dumbfounded.

“…you don’t digest it?” From his tone it was more of asking a question than a response. Hinata scratches his head still trying to think of answers. He was asking the vampire because he didn’t know this was a setup.

“Tsk tsk 50 points. You weren’t wrong but you weren’t right either. It was half correct.” The vampire clicks his tongue before he shrugs his shoulders shaking his head slowly. “Do you want one more guess?” he asks but with the huge grin on his face it came off more sarcastic than he intended.

“Just get on with it.”

“Okay okay well I actually can digest regular food. But the rate it takes might as well be nonexistent. Think of it as you eating cardboard. You can swallow and eat it but it’s not beneficial at all. Also it’s not very tasty so there's nothing to gain from eating it.” Ignoring the glare he received Komaeda hastily explains hoping his answer will calm Hinata down.


“Oh I see.” That was all the teen replies with. The answer was surprising normal not what he imagined. Wait if he said it’s not tasty at all then that means…

“If regular food isn’t tasty to you why did you say that cake was delicious?” Hinata interrogates Komaeda using his index finger towards him once again. He knew a vampire couldn’t find anything other than blood delicious.

“Hahaha relax Hinata-kun you could poke someone’s eye out with that. Even if food isn’t something I can eat anymore I can still taste.” The vampire stares at the accusing finger with amusement then turns his head to the side.

“Oh really?”

“Yes really.”

“How much?”

“If I had to guess its point zero one percent.”


Immediately Hinata let his body drop feeling way too tired all of sudden. Also he was feeling a tad too hot. He considers adjusting the warmth level.

“No need to be so down. If I could taste properly I’ll give the same response. Well anything else you want to know?” Komaeda switches the subject hoping it’ll fix the current mood.

“Yeah there is. Tell me some vampire weaknesses.” Hinata says as he adjusts the kotatsu’s temperature. He still feels warm maybe he was getting sick?

“Ah for that it really depends on the type of vampire.” Komaeda tells him while rubbing his chin in thought.

“Type of vampire? So there's more than one?” Hinata asks the intense curiosity in his tone totally obvious. Komaeda gulps the new look in Hinata's eyes intimidating him.


“Y-Yeah there's only three types. First are the original ones. In terms you'd understand they are the original vampires or purebloods. They’re the ones actually weak to the sun. But since they’re practically extinct it doesn’t matter.” Komaeda shifts his sitting position and raises up one finger explaining.

“The second type is the average everyday vampire. Anyone who becomes a vampire thanks to a pureblood falls into this category. By the way I'm also in this category. This becomes a bit tricky to explain properly.” Komaeda pauses his explanation to yawn. His fatigue from earlier might have returned.

“Are you okay? You look a bit pale.” Komaeda places a hand over Hinata's forehead feeling his temperature.

“Don’t worry I'm fine. Keep going for once your explanations are interesting.” He weakly fends off Komaeda’s hand.

“For once? How cruel Hinata-kun.” Komaeda pouts but clears his throat and continues talking.


“Since there's so many of these vampires it makes sense that there's some variety to them. Each one has a generation gap. The earlier generations can’t stand anything sweet. That’s why they often hunted and scared humans. According to them blood is better bitter.”

Unconsciously Hinata let out a small gulp. He could feel his condition worsening. The real thing really doesn’t live up to expectations. Vampires are scarier than he imagined. Fed up with the heat he turns off the kotatsu and removes the blankets away from himself. The vampire gives him a concerned look but he tells him to keep going.

“And then the modern and current generation of vampires love sweets and hate anything bitter. That’s probably why vampires are so fetishized in today’s time. Arousal makes the blood taste that much sweeter. There's an endless supply of humans willingly giving up their blood. So there's no problem finding food.” Komaeda taps his fingers harshly on the kotatsu. His face scrunched up looking disgusted when mentioning humans giving up their blood.


“So which type are you? Do you like blood bitter or sweet?” Hinata asks him quietly almost as if he was scared to know the answer.

“I'm more in the middle of the two. I don’t have any preferences for blood. If anything I try not to eat any.” The vampire turns his head away making sure his expression was hidden.

Feeling he was about to touch a taboo subject the teen asks about the final type of vampires.

“The half-bloods. In short they are vampires born between a human and vampire. No one really knows much about them. They're usually looked down upon but I’ve heard they're really tough. For weaknesses no one but them knows. They're not ones who like interacting with others.” He laughs a bit almost like he was reminiscing.


“So how do you become vampire? From what you’ve said there has to be a lot of them out there.” The teen inquires dragging himself closer to the kotatsu. He leans closer to Komaeda intent and ready to listen.

Komaeda stares at him for a while then opens and closes his mouth. He presses his lips into a thin line. Finally he makes up his mind and speaks.

“Luck.” Was the only word he spoke.

Hinata waits for Komaeda to say anything else. When he realized that was it he speaks up with another question.


“So becoming a vampire requires luck?” the teen questions skeptical with that answer. He raises one eyebrow eyeing Komaeda with confusion.

“Exactly. If people could turn into vampires so easily the world would quickly crumble. It’s a fifty-fifty gamble.” Komaeda lays his head on top of his hand. “So any more questions?”


A ringing noise blasts into Hinata's ear. He groans covering his ears. Hinata blinks twice his vision blurred by wet tears.

“Hinata-kun!” the vampire rushes to his side.

Hinata tries to get up but stumbles after the first step. He was caught in the nick of time and carefully placed down. Hinata tries to keep his eyes open but after he shuts his eyes he drifts off to sleep.